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Author Topic: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.  (Read 5690 times)

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Offline PTF

It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
« on: November 29, 2011, 06:50:36 PM »

(Jughead is watching TV as he eats a bag of chips on the couch. Next to him is Jellybean who is playing with a doll. Behind him his parents, after having gotten up from bed (as they are in sleep attire such as robes) are walking behind him. In the background we can see a bare Christmas Tree with boxes of declarations still sealed shut right next to it. The stockings are hung over the fireplace and various other Christmas decorations over the house.)

Jughead: Morning, Mom, Pops.

Mr. Jones: Well, what a surprise. I didn’t expect to see you up so early.

(Mr. Jones is talking with Jughead as Mrs. Jones enters the kitchen.)

Jughead: Early for breakfast, faster to a morning nap.

(Mr. Jones turns to the Christmas tree as it is still undecorated. Hot Dog is sniffing around the boxes with candy cane decorations.)

Mr. Jones: And what about that? You promised you would decorate the Christmas tree last night…after promising to get to it all this month!

Jughead: Pops, it’s just a tree we have in the house for one month and then we get rid of. Why waste time decorating if it’s only going to be here for a short time?

Mr. Jones: I could use that same argument about food in the refrigerator.

(Mr. Jones glares at his son as Hotdog happily trots away with a candy cane in his mouth.)

Mr. Jones. It’s December and it’s a Christmas tree, Jughead.

Jughead: Then why do I always see Christmas lights up all over town in November?

(Jughead goes back to watching TV as he flips the channels as his father face palms at Jughead’s lack of understanding of Christmas Spirit. Jellybean notices Hot Dog with his candy cane and licks her lips.)

Jughead: The only other holiday I might accept in November might be Halloween and only because of all the spare candy.

Mr. Jones: Please spare me…

(Mr. Jones turns as his wife screams.)

Mrs. Jones: AAAHHHH

Mr. Jones: Gladys!!

(Mr. Jones walks up to his wife who is standing and pointing into the kitchen.)

Mr. Jones: Is something wrong? Is there a fire?

Mrs. Jones: No! But our kitchen was struck by something else that consumes all in its path.

(Mr. Jones looks into the kitchen and is taken back by the sight. On the table are the remains of a feast: Chicken bones, turkey bones, ham bones, yam, pots that had food in them and empty food cans. Mrs. Jones looks into the kitchen angrily as Jughead casually walks behind them.)

Mr. Jones: !!!

Jughead: Hey, do we still have that pack of marshmallows from a month back?

(Mr. Jones turns to Jughead who pats his stomach.)

Mr. Jones: You didn’t have breakfast! You ate all the preparations for our Christmas Eve Feast!

(Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones yell at Jughead who acts calm and unfazed.)

Mr. Jones: We have relatives coming over! Even your Uncle Herman and your cousin Bingo will be here this afternoon.

Jughead: He’s not bringing his girlfriend is he? She’s an amazon.

(Mr. Jones points at the bare Christmas Tree as Jughead begins to rebut his father’s claim. Jellybean has now crawled down and is playing with a box of tinsel as Mrs. Jones tries to get her unwrapped.)

Mr. Jones: It’s like this every year with you. Don’t you have any sort of Christmas Spirit in you?

(Jughead cups his hand over his mouth as he tries to think of something as Mr. Jones becomes impatient)

Jughead: Hm…not TV because I hate those lame claymation cartoons and that movie with the kid and the BB gun….

(Jughead raises a finger to symbolize he’s thought of something as Mr. Jones looks on optimistically. Mrs. Jones is now wrapped up like a mummy in tinsel as Jellybean looks on and laughs.)

Jughead: One thing.

(Jughead rubs his stomach and licks his lips as he talks and his father frowns.)

Jughead: I’m one of the few people who love fruitcake.

(Mr. Jones continues to lecture Jughead as Jughead rolls his eyes.)

Mrs. Jones: Today is all about family and friends and being together!

Jughead: …Which is just about everyday…

Mr. Jones: You would have to live your life with your eyes closed not to see that!

(Jughead Jones closes his eyes like he normally does and smiles and points at his eyes. The Jones parents begin to fume.)

Jughead: Then I guess I’m excused!

(Jughead is in his coat and scarf as he runs out of his house. Outside is several inches of snow and houses decorate for Christmas with lights and various Christmas theme decorations like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Santa Claus.)

Mr. Jones behind him: If you’re not going to be of good cheer, then stay out for a few hours while we salvage what we can and finish the decorations.

(Jughead has his hands buried in his coat pocket as he scowls as he walks along the sidewalk.)

Jughead: Hmph. What’s the big deal? You can save yourself trouble and just order in food.

(Jughead stretches his arms to illustrate all the decorated houses and holiday figures in yards.)

Jughead: Christmas is just another day.

Jughead: I mean, why go to all the trouble with blinking multi-colored lights up and down your house. That’s just a massive electricity bill for you next year.

(Jughead begins to shiver as a wave of snow blows into his face.)

Jughead: Brrrr. Not to mention how cold it is always is around this time…

(Jughead looks down the street as, unnoticed behind his back, several children are pulling a sleigh as they race off to find a hill.)

Jughead: This year is even worse with all this snow. I don’t see how anyone can be happy about it being so white today.

(Jughead begins to walk back to his house.)

Jughead: Well, I think that should have given them enough time to cool down…

(Jughead walks into his yard as he prepares to peek through the living room window.)

Jughead: …but better safe than sorry.

(Jughead looks at his house as we can see through the window. He sees his parents and Jellybean near the tree as it’s almost decorated. The lights are already around the tree. Mrs. Jones is holding Jellybean as she passes Mr. Jones Christmas decorations to place on the tree. Jellybean is playing with tinsel with her free hand. Hotdog is curled up under the tree.)

Jughead: …

(Jughead turns his head away as he sadly walks away.)

Jughead: Look at that. Not even gone a second and everyone’s day just lights up.

(Mr. Jones plugs up the Christmas lights and they light up in various colors as Jellybean and Hot Dog both clap in approval. Jughead holds his stomach like he’s just been punched.)

Jughead: Oh, the irony is like a hot butter knife in my bread basket…

(A high angle view as Jughead is walking down the street. We can see walking down the street towards Jughead is Trula Twyst holding a present.)

Caption: Look at that guy. There’s one of these in every town. Acting like it’s another day and being a grouchy with every single person he meets.

(Trula Twyst walks up to Jughead. Trula does her smile and head tilt as Jughead becomes angry and frustrated even more.)

Trula Twyst: Jughead Jones. Just the boy I was hoping to see today.

Jughead: Trula Twyst. Just the girl I was hoping not to see any day.

(Trula Twyst holds up the gift towards Jughead. Jughead looks on untrusting of the gift. Jughead has a thought balloon of himself opening the gift as a viper comes out as an evil looking Trula looks on gleefully)

Trula Twyst: Now, Juggers, is that any way to talk to someone who is delivering you your Christmas present?

(Jughead waves Trula off as he begins to walk past Trula who looks at him at a loss.)

Jughead: Pass.

Trula: Pass?

(Jughead continues to walk away from Trula as Trula becomes agitated. Her eyebrows furrow as she glares a Jughead.)

Jughead: Pass on whatever’s in the box and passing by you right now.

(Jughead is hit by a snowball on the back of his head as he shudders.)

Trula off panel: Then you can have this instead!


Jughead: ACCCKKK!!

(Jughead is walking on a new street past as he tries to knock snow out of his hat. On the other corner is Ethel as she has some freshly baked cookies in a container)

Jughead: Sheesh! Is everyone going to give me a hard time today?

(Jughead meets Ethel. Ethel is happy to see him, but Jughead is less than happy to see her.)

Ethel: Juggie!

Jughead: Oh. Ethel.

(Ethel holds out the Christmas cookies as Jughead salivates over them.)

Ethel: I was just done fixing up the Christmas cookies for the Christmas Eve Party at Pop’s, and I thought maybe you would like a sample.

Jughead: When you think like that, you give Dilton a run for his brain money!

(Jughead begins to munch the cookies in a style similar to cookie monster as Ethel looks lovingly at him even though he is making a pig out of himself.)

Caption: Look at that guy. I’d say he should eat with his mouth closed, but he’d probably bite off his own tongue…

(Jughead looks up as he continues to devour cookies fist and mouth all at once.)

Jughead: *munch munch* You say something *munch* about a Christmas Party?

Ethel: Yeah, Archie thought it up last night and the entire gang is trying to throw a quick little Christmas Eve get together for us Riverdale teens at Pop’s.

(Ethel looks on lovingly as Jughead pats his belly. Ethel has her hands cupped at her left face cheek as she talks to Jughead.)

Ethel: Now, isn’t there something that you would like to give me in return?

(Jughead burps in Ethel’s face as Ethel’s face turns green in disgust.)


(Jughead is walking away as Ethel is bent over while waving a fist at Jughead.)

Ethel: Jughead Jones! I don’t know why I bother with you sometimes!

Jughead: Think like that all the time and we’re making progress.

(A high angle view again as Jughead is walking into town with The Chocklit Shoppe in view.)

Caption: Just like I thought. I’m going to have to call in the expert on this one.

Offline Zach Ziggster

Re: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2011, 07:00:31 PM »
Nice!  Very realistic and funny!

For some reason, I picture this story being drawn by Fernando Ruiz; I have no idea why.

Can't wait for Part 2!  :)

I have so many Archies, I've lost count!  :D

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Re: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2011, 03:31:00 AM »
LOL jug's reply to Ethel was hilarious
Archie: Betty, our Betty! Dear, sweet Betty!
Jughead: Blonde girl, cute smile, about so high...dates some guy named Mantle, right?

Offline PTF

Re: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2011, 07:50:59 PM »
Thanks, ZZ and sintah, I usually picture Ruiz when I'm writing a story. You too, sintah. I'll try and hurry up and post part three. I was going to do one a week, but things come up.


(Jughead enters Pop’s as Frankie is on a ladder hanging up a Christmas banner. Jughead swings the door and the door hits the ladder as Frankie loses his balance. Jinx Malloy is on the left of the door in his standard slump, but with a slight smile on his face.)

Jughead: Pops! My usual feast plus whatever else you guys have!


Frankie: Jughead! Hey! Watch it! I’m trying to--

(Jughead steps forward as Frankie slips as he has hold of the banner. This leads to him swinging directly into Jinx Malloy. Jughead, oblivious to what he caused, begins to look around Pop’s.)


Jughead: Hey, what’s going on? This isn’t the Pop’s I know and love.

(Jughead looks around to see the inside of Pop’s has been decorated for Christmas. Chuck and Nancy are at a window painting Santa Claus on the window closest to the open door. Kumi Tamura and Kim Wong are mopping the floor. Nick St. Clair is reluctantly holding a ladder along with Randy, dressed in a red-green version of Tuxedo Mask, as Adam is putting up paper Christmas tree decorations on the ceilings. Wendy Weatherbee is putting green and red napkins on the tables. Archie, Betty, and Veronica (both dressed as Christmas elves) are decorating a Christmas tree that is near the counter, blocking Jughead’s usual stool, Tomoko and Cricket are watching as Reggie hangs up mistletoe, Raj is filming everything being prepared, Moose is carrying a large stack of presents as Midge helps lead him towards the tree, and Dilton is frantically trying his best to supervise this late Christmas Eve party madness. Pop Tate is behind the counter looking at a Santa costume.)

Jughead: It’s just doesn’t have the same spirit like it always does.

(Jughead leaves the door open as a window blows in snow that hits the window Chuck and Nancy are working on, causing it to drip and ruin their work. On a few tables that Wendy has prepared, the napkins have blown off.)

Chuck: Hey!

Nancy: Close the door, Jughead!

Jughead: Why bother with all this once a month décor when everything was already perfect the rest of the year?

(Maria is helping Jinx and Frankie to their feet as Wendy Weatherbee closes the door as Chuck and Nancy agitatedly look at their droopy, drippy painted Santa.)

Jinx: Sorry, Frankie. I didn’t mean—

Frankie: It’s not your fault.

(The victims of Jughead all glare at Jughead as Dilton walks up to Jughead. As Jughead walks in, he is leaving muddy foot prints on the floor that Kumi and Kim had just mopped, leading to both girls glare angrily at Jughead. )

Dilton: Jughead! Great to see you! Sandy, Tono and Bridget went out for more provisions and we could use another hand.

Dilton: By my calculations, we should have everything ready just within--

(Jughead walks past Dilton as he heads towards Archie, Veronica, and Betty. In the background: Kumi watches in shock as Kim breaks the mop over her leg. Reggie has the mistletoe hung and is near the middle of the ladder as he bends down and points up at it to Tomoko and Cricket and puckers his lips as Cricket and Tomoko roll their eyes at him as they seem to be good sports about his wanting a kiss and Raj has his camera filming them.)

Jughead: Smells like food is ready, so that’s all that’s important, Dilly.

(Jughead is talking with Archie and the girls. Jughead looks disdainfully at the Christmas tree the three are decorating as it is in front of his seat. In the background, Reggie is kissed by the two girls as he smirks and winks at the camera.)

Jughead: Um, you guys do know that Christmas tree is rooted on sacred ground.

Betty: Sorry, Jughead, but this was the perfect spot.

Jughead: No. A forest is a perfect place for a tree.

Veronica: If you don’t like it, you can sit somewhere else.

(Jughead folds his arms over his shoulders as he is frustrated.)

Jughead: Bah! I bet this Christmas tree is infested with humbugs.

Archie: C’mon, Jughead. It’s Christmas Time, and we just threw this party together last minute before everyone’s families gather.

(Moose, carrying the presents, walks up to the gang. Behind him, Reggie is pointing the mistletoe out to Midge. Raj is filming the two of them.)

Moose: Duh, here’s all the presents.

Veronica: Just sit them down and Betty can place them under the tree while I help Archie.

(Betty looks at Veronica as Veronica reluctantly gives in. Moose is walking back and sees Midge about to kiss Reggie.)

Moose: !!!

Betty: “Betty can place them under the tree while I help Archie?”

Veronica: Oh fine. I’ll help with that big red one after you’ve gotten the others placed.

(Veronica strikes a pose towards Archie as Archie blushes. Betty rolls her eyes as she is putting gifts under the tree.)

Veronica: You’ll help me won’t, you Archiekins?

Archie: OF COURSE!!

(Jughead is just standing back talking as they arrange the presents under the tree and points at their costumes. Pops is listening in and not looking too friendly at Jughead. In the background, a pummeled Reggie is hanging on the ceiling as Moose and Midge kiss under the mistletoe. Raj is filming all three as he juggles the camera from his left to his right to create a shaky cam shot.

Jughead: Look at you two. It’s shameful how you dress up like that to try and win Archie over.

Betty: What?

(Jughead acts arrogant as he leans against the counter as Veronica jerks her head up.)

Jughead: I mean, Veronica. Shouldn’t you be out trying to buy him over?

Veronica: That does it!!

(Veronica and Betty stand up. Veronica is pointing a finger into Jughead’s chest, pushing him back.)

Veronica: For your information, needle nose, Betty and I were just helping out at the Children’s Hospital and just arrived here to help set up.

(Archie is putting a ladder at the tree as he holds the star.)

Archie: Yeah! They were out spreading Christmas cheer while you were probably filling your guts.

(Jughead turns away and sticks his nose in the air.)

Jughead: That’s a blatant truth.

(Archie is still angry with Jughead as Jughead doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.)

Archie: We’re all getting together before Christmas and everyone went out to buy gifts for friends…except you.

Jughead: Tell you what, Archie. Loan me ten dollars and whatever is left over from my eats goes to buying you a present.

(Archie and the girls go back to work as Jughead seems surprised by Archie.)

Archie: Look, just be quiet while the rest of us are working.

Jughead: You’re awfully touchy today.

(Pops talking to Jughead as he lays the Santa costume on the counter. Archie is climbing on a ladder to put the star on the tree as Betty and Veronica dotingly look on.)

Pop Tate: Jughead, would it kill you to help out?

(Jughead turns to Pop and smiles as Pop looks firmly at Jughead. Archie tips over in the ladder and becomes stuck in the Christmas tree as Betty and Veronica look alarmed.)

Jughead: No, but why take unnecessary chances?

(Pop Tate puts his elbows on the counter as he talks with Jughead as Jughead looks away from Pop Tate. Betty and Veronica each grab a leg as they yank Archie out of the tree. Archie is covered in tinsel, decorations and a few pine needles.)

Pop Tate: So you plan on just making one-liners, watching everyone else set the party up, and eat as much food as you can when everyone is finished?

Jughead: Almost. I was never planning to wait until everyone finishes.

(Jughead leans over the counter knocking the Santa costume off the counter.)

Jughead: You’re not a saint in all of this. I mean, you must be getting a pretty penny, a dashing dime, and quant quarter or two out of this.

(Pop Tate bends down to pick up the costume as it is now dirty.)

Pop Tate: No. Everyone brought there own supplies of food and decorations and promised to clean up afterwards.

(Jughead seems confused as Pop Tate dusts off his costume.)

Pop Tate: I figure it’s Christmas Time, and I might not see a few of you kids for a good bit, so it’s like me giving a gift.

Jughead: A gift?

(Jughead licks his lips as Pop Tate glares at Jughead.)

Jughead: That’s great! You can give me food for free and save yourself the trouble of putting it on my tab! My gift to you!

Pop Tate: Grrrrmmmbblle.

(Pop Tate pushes Jughead out of the Chocklit Shop. All the teens who were Jughead’s victims look on satisfactorily.)

Jughead: C’mon, Pops! It’s the giving season!

Pop: Right! Giving not taking!

(Pop Tate slams the door behind Jughead and Jughead reacts as if the force of the blow is vibrating throughout his body.)

Pop Tate: Give me a hint of some Merry Christmas or don’t come back until after New Year!


(Jughead takes a step away from the Shoppe.)

Jughead: I can’t believe I was kicked out!  Kicked out of my home away from home while a car freshener model is rooting in my spot!

(Jughead begins to look through the windows of Pops.)

(Jughead looks on sadly as everyone seems to be enjoying each others company as they work. Moose is even helping Reggie down from the ceiling after Midge prods him with her elbow. Wendy is putting the tables back in place, Chuck and Nancy try to salvage their painted Santa, Maria, Frankie, and Jinx are straightening out the banner on the floor and dusting it off, and Kumi and Kim get a new mop to clean up the floor.)

Jughead: Look at them all. They look like they’re happy without me.

(Jughead takes a step back and looks himself over.)

Jughead: I don’t get it. I haven’t acted any differently than I normally do—and I’m taking tongue lashing after tongue lashing to the point I can barely muster a syllable!

(Jughead shakes a fist as several people on the sidewalk turn towards him in alarm.)

Jughead: You live your life day by day and it’s not enough for some people!

(Another high angle view as Jughead is walking into Pickens Park)

Caption: Thanks for coming, Francis

Other caption: Have to be somewhere. You said someone had a problem?

(Still a high angle view as Jughead is walking across a bridge and looking into the flowing icy river. Several people and kids are building snowmen and playing in the snow)

Caption: No, I said someone was a problem. Down there.

Other caption: Which one?

(Still a higher angle view, but it is now focusing on Jughead.)

Caption: That one. The one with the long nose and big ears.

Other caption: Ah, the Gloomy Gus with the weird hat.

(Jughead is disheartened s he looks at his reflection in the river as it is all slushy, reflecting his day.

Caption: Actually, he’s Jughead Jones, and I think he could use a little help understanding the Christmas season. 

Other caption: Leave it to a professional.

(Jughead is staring at his reflection as he sighs.)

Jughead: Look at me, all alone. Friendless, Familyless, my stomach somewhat foodless…

Jughead: Maybe everyone would be better off if I was never born. It’d probably only make their Christmas day better.

(A breeze suddenly blows Jughead’s hat off as he turns to catch it.)

Jughead: Hey! I don’t want to be hatless much less with all the less I have that I don’t!

(Jughead puts his hat on as he is taken by surprise as someone is talking to him.)

Voice behind Jughead: Funny, weren’t you just preaching the, “less is more” deal?

Jughead: Huh?

(Jughead turns around to see a man with blond shoulder length hair wearing a trench coat over a red sweater and regular jeans standing on the bridge beam where Jughead was.)

Francis: That’s what I inferred with what you were implying with the “everybody would be better off if I was never born” soliloquy.

(Francis smiles down at Jughead.)

Francis: Want to find out?

Offline Zach Ziggster

Re: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2011, 10:46:43 AM »
Great job!  Can't wait for Part 3!   :)

I have so many Archies, I've lost count!  :D

Offline PTF

Re: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
« Reply #5 on: December 18, 2011, 10:52:16 PM »
Wait no more. :)

Part III

(Jughead is backing away from Francis.)

Jughead: Okay, I don’t know how you got there or who you are—

(Francis jumps down from the beam.)

Francis: Where are my manners?

(Francis extends his hand for Jughead to shake as Jughead eyes him suspiciously.)

Francis: Name’s Francis. And you’re Jughead Jones. Now that we go the pleasantries out of the way…

(Jughead begins to walk off the bridge as he turns his head back to Francis.)

Jughead: …I’ll be going mine.

Jughead: I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure you can find someone else to bother.

(Jughead turns his head forward to see Francis leaning against the bridge and looking at two children playing in the snow.)

Francis: Well, I seem to be doing just fine with you, so why ruin a good thing?

Jughead: !!!

(Jughead turns his head back and forth, from where Francis was (behind him) to where he is now (in front of him) as Francis seems to enjoy Jughead’s confusion.)
(Jughead points a finger at Francis)

Jughead: How did you do that?

(Jughead is talking as they walk on the path of the park. Francis is pointing towards one of the children as he is making a snow angel.)

Jughead: Are you a magician?

Francis: Well, if you really want to know, my self portrait is just about finish.

(Jughead walks over to the children as the kid stands up and runs off with the other.)

Jughead: Huh?

(Jughead eyes widen as he sees the snow angel.)

Jughead: !!

(Jughead turns back towards Francis with his face twisted in disbelief.)

Francis: That’s my best side.

Jughead: Yeah. Right. If you’re an angel, where are your wings? At the dry cleaners?

(Francis extends his arms as Jughead rolls his eyes.)

Francis: Oh that. See, angels really don’t have wings. We just flap our arms really fast.

Jughead: …

(Jughead walks away from Francis as Francis follows him with his eyes.)

Jughead: Am I having one horrible day!

(Francis is standing over the snow angel looking down at it as Jughead gloomily walks away.)

Francis: What is it with you and Christmas? Never got that video game you wanted?

Jughead: Please.  I’m not petty.

(Jughead points to the sun as Francis follows his finger.)

Jughead: The sun comes up, the sun comes down. One day comes after the other, and I eat and sleep the same in each one.

(Jughead straightens the collar to his jacket out as Francis tilts his head to his right.)

Jughead: Maybe I eat more or less at different places with different people; it’s still basically the same thing every day. Nothing will ever change.

(Francis talking as Jughead stops and waves his hands the air in defeat.)

Francis: Quite the philosophy you’ve got there.

Jughead: I realize that everyone is happier without me around and now some crazy guy making bad jokes wants to be my shadow.

Jughead: Well no thanks. I’ll just wait this rotten day out. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or however you “angels” like it.

Francis: Well, either way is showing you wishing me good tidings…

(Jughead stops as Francis’s demeanor changes from playful and witty to stern.)

Francis: Now, about not being born…

(Jughead turns around as Francis looks up slightly from staring at the snow angel. Jughead throws his arms in the air as he is tired of dealing with Francis.)

Jughead: Okay! Deal! You just go ahead with that.

Francis: Done.

(Jughead looks at himself.)

(Jughead looks around the park as nothing seemingly has changed.)

(Jughead walks away smugly as Francis goes back to staring at the snow angel.)

Jughead: Well, looks like you need to flap your arms to work your magic, too.

Francis: You not being around doesn’t increase global warming, and I said you wouldn’t be born, not disappear.

Francis: But it’s something the other guys would use as a loophole so I’d watch what I say…

Jughead: Hey, sure. That’s super advice.

(Francis is beginning to walk away as the children, each one holding their mother’s arm, walk her towards the snow angel.)

Francis: Well, looks like the educational part of our programming is just about ready to commence…

Kid one: Mommy, mommy! Look at my snow angel!

Kid two: It’s real good!

(A close up on the shocked facial expressions of the kids and the mother as they are taken back by what they see.)

Mom: I’m sure you did just—

(The kids and mom look at the snow angel as it has now changed into a detailed rendition of Francis only with his angel wings. The kid who made the snow angel points at it happily as the other kid and mom are still in shock.)

Kid one: Wow! It’s even better after it sets for a minute, huh?

Mom: !!!

(Jughead is walking down a street as he has his hands in his pocket as people are going in and out of buildings or going their own way with several bags of various clothes, gifts, ect.)

Jughead: Can believe that guy? Yep. I sure don’t exist.

(Jughead looks into a jewelry window at his reflection and begins to make faces.)

Jughead: Gee, if I keep making faces it might get stuck—good thing I was never born, huh?

(Jughead stops as he sees Archie and Veronica inside. They are both wearing different clothes than before. Archie is wearing a horrible ugly sweater and Veronica is even dressed more uppity than usual, she is even wearing a real mink coat. Archie is struggling as he is carrying a stack of gifts. Veronica is at a counter buying a diamond and gold necklace. Veronica is holding up a giant stack of dollar bills as the clerk’s eyes light up in bright green $’s.)

Jughead: Well, well. Looks like the Christmas festivities are over and Veronica is wrapping Archie around her claw again.

(Archie and Veronica are coming out. Veronica leads the way as she sticks her nose in the air and Archie struggles to keep the gifts from falling. Veronica sticks a hand out to stop two small boys from crossing her path.)

Jughead: I’ll just have to put a stop to that in the name of friendship.

Veronica: Would you hurry up? We have five more shops to go, The Pembrooke mall, and you have to escort me to Daddykin’s Christmas Party.

Archie: Sure thing, Veronica…

(Jughead slaps Archie across his back. Archie is startled and confused as he drops the gifts on the snow covered sidewalk. Veronica turns around as she hears the startled Archie)

Jughead: Arch, how many times have I told you that Ronnie has servants for hard labor? How about you have me over for Christmas Dinner and we’ll let bygones be long gone?

Archie: Wha--?


(Veronica is yelling at Archie as Archie is trying to pick up the scattered gifts. Archie uses his free hand to point at a confused Jughead.)

Veronica: You freckled klutz! How dare you drop my valuables? I don’t know why I keep you around as one of my boyfriends!

(Veronica holds out her cell phone as it shows the number and faces of several different boys.)

Veronica: See them? All waiting for you to fail! The back of the line where you do not want to be!

Archie: But, Veronica, that guy with the weird hat startled me and now he wants me to take him home and have my dad feed him or something…

(Veronica is stomping towards Jughead as Jughead looks perplexed and notices Archie’s ugly sweater.)

Jughead: Hey, if you don’t know that sweater is something not to be seen in public, that might explain why you don’t know your bestest bud in the entire universe.

(Veronica grabs Jughead by his nose and pulls him so they are eye to eye.)


Veronica: Understand this commoner, my Daddykins may make me attend the doldrums that is public school, but I will most certainly not tolerate you peasants in public.

Jughead: Yow!

(Veronica throws Jughead face first to the ground at her feet.)


Jughead: OW!

Veronica: That’s your place, now stay there!

(Veronica walks across Jughead as she sticks her nose in the air and motions with her right hand for Archie to follow. Archie has the gifts stacked up again—all be it extremely wobbly—as he follows after Veronica.)

Veronica: Archiekins, I’m walking ahead of you, I expect you to keep at last one yard behind me.

Archie: Right! Right! Coming! Coming!


Jughead: !!!

(Archie is walking around Jughead as Jughead is holding his nose as red stays symbolizing pain spring from Jughead’s back. A pair of boots is walking towards the fallen Jughead.)

Jughead: Sheesh! Ronnie’s had bad days before, but that was the start of World War Three.

Person: Yeah. It’s like she’s a totally different person.

(Jughead is being helped to his feet by Francis.)

Jughead: Oh just what I need.

Francis: A helping hand, indeed you do. That’s why I’m here.

(Jughead dusts the snow and muck off of him as Francis looks on.)

Jughead: I don’t get what got into Archie. I mean, yeah, he’s whipped, but he wouldn’t stand for Veronica literally walking all over me.

Francis: Maybe if he had ever met you and got to know you, but he didn’t. You not being born and all.

(Jughead looks into the crowd and sees an angry Mr. Weatherbee walking along in a huff.)

Jughead: That’s it! I’m putting a stop to you and your dribble!

Jughead: If anyone knows me, it’s The Bee.

(Jughead steps in front of Mr. Weatherbee as Mr. Weatherbee begins to fume.)

Jughead: Hello, Mr. Weatherbee, how are—

Mr. Weatherbee: Oh, do I have to put up with more juveniles after school!

(Mr. Weatherbee storms off as Jughead is dumbfounded and Francis is right behind him smiling.)

Mr. Weatherbee: Teenagers! No respect for the faculty! Chewing gum during class! Detention and demerits do nothing! You’re all monsters!

(Mr. Weatherbee waves a fist in the air as several other people look on as he rants insanely.)

Mr. Weatherbee: I quit! I don’t love my work anymore! Those kids have ruined my life!

Jughead: Wow. I’ve seen the Bee buzz, but that really stung!

(Jughead angrily rolls his eyes towards Francis as Francis explains about Mr. Weatherbee.)

Francis: Can’t blame the poor soul. Riverdale High is ranked number one in detentions, truancy, bad grades, and bad body odor.

Francis: You try being the principal of that.

(Jughead turns and defends his friends and school to Francis as Francis holds his nose.)

Jughead:  Hey! We may smell bad, but Riverdale High School is alright! We’re good students with a super principal and outstanding teachers!

(Jughead looks over his shoulder to see Miss Grundy walking amongst the crowd.)

Jughead: Teachers like….

(Jughead waves off Francis and begins to walk away as Mrs. Grundy is walking towards them. She is carrying a small bag and her purse.)

(Jughead steps in front of Miss Grundy as Miss Grundy becomes startled. Francis leans against the jewelry store window as he seems amused by what he is seeing.)

Jughead: Hey! Guess who it is!!

Miss Grundy: Oh!

(Miss Grundy walks past Jughead as Jughead is puzzled. Francis is acting like he is looking at his manicure.)

Jughead: ?!!

(Jughead turns to Francis as Francis stretches his arms as if he’s bored.)

Francis: Hey, if some stranger just jumped out in front of me, I’d be scared too. Try introducing yourself, chief.

Jughead: Grrr!!

(Jughead leaps in front of Miss Grundy.)

Jughead: Miss Grundy, it’s me, Jughead!

Miss Grundy: Son, I’m sorry, but I can’t place your face…are you new in town?

(Jughead becomes frantic as he yells at Miss Grundy and points to Francis. Miss Grundy looks where Jughead is pointing but acts as if nothing is there. Francis motions hello by raising one hand to his face.)

Jughead: It’s me! Jughead! Forsythe Jones! You’ve been teaching me since kindergarten! Did you and the gang hire that guy to play a gag on me?

Miss Grundy: Son, I haven’t seen you until today and…who are you talking about? There’s no one there but your reflection.

(Miss Grundy walks away as Jughead looks back at Francis who has his hands on the back of his head as he leans his head back towards the window.)

Miss Grundy: I’m sorry, but I have Christmas shopping to get back to. And I’d rather enjoy my vacation time without having to deal with teenagers and their—

Jughead: No…no. I guess you wouldn’t…you just…you reminded me of someone….

(Jughead walks back over to Francis as Francis pushes himself off against the window.)

Jughead: Okay, how are you doing this?

Francis: I’m an angel. I can do a lot of nifty things. Like make myself invisible to all but you…or take you from one plane of existence to another.

(Jughead is beginning to talk as he looks over Francis’ shoulders.)

Jughead: I don’t know where the mirrors are or if you hypnotized people or—

(Jughead’s hat flies straight up in the air and he leaves his feet as he is deeply shocked at seeing Francis’ reflection from behind as his wings are visible in the reflection and only the reflection.)

Jughead: !!!

(Jughead is sitting on the ground as Francis bends down and smiles at him. Jughead nervously looks at Francis.)

Francis: Convinced?

Jughead: yep.

(Jughead is getting back to his feet as Francis steps away from the glass window and towards Jughead.)

Jughead: So, what you were saying before—about making it so that I never existed…

Francis: Yes, it’s true.

(Francis is talking with Jughead as Jughead has a worried expression as he rubs his hand through the back of his head.)

Francis: You were never born, you never came to be, you were never imagined, you were never thought of, and no one on this planet now wears that hat any more. There’s not a single person who goes by the name, title, rank, serial number, or alias of Jughead Jones.

(Jughead and Francis begin to walk up the street. Several people look confused and stare at Jughead as they are wondering who he is talking to. One man does the screw ball hand gesture and points to Jughead.)

Jughead: So…how am I here talking with you?

Francis: I thought you might want to see how you friends and family are doing without you. What’s the point of wishing for something if you don’t see how it turns out?

(Jughead is talking as himself and Francis passes a window and only Jughead’s reflection is being shown.)

Jughead: What ever happened to my wish of eating the biggest pizza ever? I know I’ve wished really hard for that countless times!

Francis: Sorry, but we don’t have a wide range of selection on our menu. Just angel food.

(Jughead rolls his eyes as Francis shrugs his shoulders.)

(Jughead begins to notice people staring at him and realizing everyone is thinking he’s a loon. Francis rolls his eyes in mock disbelief)

Jughead: Um, Francis, is there any way you can make me invisible, too? I mean, I’m getting weird looks here.

Francis: With the way you dress and eat, you weren’t getting them before?

(Jughead glares at Francis who playfully relents.)

Francis: Fine, fine.

(Francis snaps his fingers as the passerbys wonder where Jughead suddenly disappeared to. Jughead begins to look himself over.)


Francis: There.

Jughead: Huh.

(Francis and Jughead begin to talk as a girl walks towards them. The girl is very tall and is wearing an overly large coat with the hood up. She has a scarf that covers her lower face.)

Jughead: So, what’s up with Archie and Ron?

Francis: You were never around to be Archie’s best friend or to keep that roving eye of his off girls. And with Veronica, you were never around to challenge her and teach her humility with your cynical remarks and stopping her when she got too domineering.

(Jughead moves out the way of the girl’s way as she hurries along.)

Francis: As it stands, Archie is a love sick puppy who will follow any girl home and Veronica has become the biggest stuck up princess in Riverdale.

Jughead: I don’t see much change with or without me.

(Francis points backwards towards the tall girl as Jughead turns back confused.)

Francis: Quite the opposite of Ethel Muggs though.

Jughead: Ethel? The girl who just past by?

(Francis and Jughead look at Ethel as he hurries along and keeps her hands at her hood to make sure it doesn’t slip off.)

Jughead: I know it’s winter and all, but she’s nearly an Eskimo.

Francis: Without you, she never gained self esteem in her looks. Now, she doesn’t even want anyone to look at her in case they laugh at her.

(Jughead looks on sadly.)

Jughead: Wow. I never knew that…

(Jughead looks over at Francis who shrugs his shoulders.)

Jughead: Hey! Hold up! How did she ever consider how I treat her as a confident boost!?

Francis: I’m an angel, not the all-knowing.


(Jughead and Francis look up as some teenage boy has been knocked over their heads with stars of pain circling his entire body.)

Jughead: So without me, the jet pack was invented?

(Francis points to a raging Moose who is scaring off any pedestrian in his way as he snorts and snarls. Jughead’s eyes go wide in shock.)

Moose: GRRRRR!!!

Francis: No. That’s just Moose. He does that to a lot of people.

Jughead: Moose?

(Jughead bends down to look at the battered teenager, as the teenager tries to gather his senses. Jughead has his mouth cupped with his right hand as he tries to understand what is going on. Moose is stalking over towards the teenager in a pose similar to an old school horror monster.)

Jughead: I don’t believe it. Sure Moose has a short fuse, but he’s mostly a big friendly giant.

(Francis takes a step back and pulls Jughead with him as to make way for Moose who’s eyes are red with rage.)

Francis: Yeah, ever since Midge dumped your BFG there, he’s been terrorizing every other guy in Riverdale.

(Jughead and Francis watch as Moose grabs the kid by his jeans and shirts and hurls him into further down the street as several pedestrians look on with fright, wonder, and small children look up and smile. Jughead jokes off what is happening as Francis shakes his head.)

Jughead: I don’t see why Midge would ever break up with Moose. She put up with him before, what changed?

(Francis explains as Jughead listens and shows a small glance of concern.)

Francis: Because you weren’t here to show him that not ever single guy was trying to steal his girlfriend away from him.

(Francis is talking as Jughead watches as the pedestrians part like the Red Sea to make way for Moose as the teenager can be seen going over the horizon.)

Francis: Without you he was too overprotective, clingy, and violent and Midge dumped him. He blames ever other male in Riverdale for his broken heart.

 (Francis motions for Jughead to follow as they continue down the street. They pass by an alley where we see Chuck, Dilton, Randy, Frankie, and Adam lying in a pile after being beaten up.)

Francis: But he has been taking anger management classes.

Jughead: Yeah. He’s managed to focus his anger into his fists.

(Jughead steps in front of Francis as Francis cups his chin with both hands as he fakes attention.)

Jughead: Francis, pal, amigo, my friend over my shoulder, I’ve got an idea on how we can wrap this up quick.

Francis: Pray tell.

(Jughead is happy as explains and motions with his hands at an imaginary wrist watch as he tells Francis his solution.)

Jughead: You just tell me what it is I’m supposed to get out of all this and we can leave it at that.

 (Francis walks around Jughead as Jughead is alarmed by what Francis said.)

Francis: You leaving it like that is the problem.

Jughead: What?

( Jughead stretches out his arms as he follows behind Francis who smirks as he seemingly I walking straight to the reader.)

Jughead: What’s that supposed to mean?

Francis: Oh, you’ll find out, Jughead. All in due time.

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Excellent work!  Can't wait for Part 4!   :D

I have so many Archies, I've lost count!  :D

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(Jughead and Francis continue to walk along in Riverdale and are at a shopping district. Pulling up near the sidewalk and in front of a fire hydrant is Reggie in his car. Reggie has longer hair and it is all slicked back)

Francis: There’s your friend Reggie.

(Reggie splashes several people carrying gifts as he parks in front of the fire hydrant.)


Reggie: Aw, don’t let the high prices “dampen” your day! It’s the holidays! Ha Ho Ho Ho Ha!!

Jughead: Yeah, but I’m not the sort to brag.

(Jughead and Francis look on disdainfully as Reggie begins beeping his horn as he is combing his slick hair. The people he got wet gnash their teeth as they walk away.)

Jughead: So he’s a bigger creep because I was never born?

Francis: You were the only one who ever put him in his place with his antics and scheming. Without you stopping him, his pranks get bigger, his ego got larger and--

Reggie: C’mon! I gave you five minutes!! I don’t like wasting time on other people! It takes away precious seconds of me thinking how great I am!

(Francis continues to talk as Betty runs out the store with a small bag.)

Francis: Yeah, he’s a bigger creep.

Betty: I’m coming, I’m coming!

Jughead: Betty!!?

(Francis and Jughead walk towards Betty and Reggie. Betty is looking at the fire hydrant as Reggie doesn’t seem to care.)

Betty: Reggie, you’re not supposed to park in front of a fire hydrant. What if there was a fire?

Reggie: Babe, the only thing hot around here is me.

(Reggie waves Betty’s worries off as she gets the passenger side of his car.)

Reggie: It’s just a stupid rule no one follows.

Betty: But—but…yeah, I guess it is stupid…

(Betty gets into the car as Reggie loans over to her and puts his right hand around her shoulder as she is uncomfortable. Jughead is angry as he talks with Francis)

Jughead: How can Betty Cooper, the moral of Riverdale say that? I mean, she was always nice, but she always stands up for what is right.

(Jughead thinks back as he has a thought balloon of Betty giving him a lecture as he looks on shamefully.)

Jughead: I once took one of her French fries and she explained to me how stealing was wrong no matter how small the fry for nearly an hour.

Francis: The way you talk about her, you’d think she was the one with the wings and golden ring over her head.

(Jughead retorts back to Francis as Francis holds his chest like he’s been mortally wounded.)

Jughead: That lecture was a slice of red velvet cake compared to what you’re doing to me now.

Francis: Ouch.

(Frances motions back towards Betty)

Francis: Anyway, you know how Betty can be around Veronica when she feels insecure. You used to help her by standing up for her or pushing her in the right direction. You weren’t here. So she lost Archie to Veronica straight out and is stuck with Mr. Personality here.

(Reggie begins to talk as he pulls out with one hand. Betty looks sadly out her window and coincidentally at Jughead who looks on sadly.)

Reggie: Oh, I’m taking Midge to the Christmas Pageant. Any chance you can sew a button back on my best tuxedo? Thanks, know I can count on you, Betts.

Betty: Sigh.

Francis: Losing Archie like she did just took the fight right out of her. 

(Jughead is shaking with rage as he has his back to Francis who calmly talks to him.)

Francis: So what’re you thinking?

(Jughead turns to Francis and points a finger at him.)

Jughead: I think you’re worse than all three ghosts of Christmas combined and squared!

Jughead: I hope my guardian angel shows up and gives you a working over!

(Francis begins to walk and motions for Jughead to follow as Jughead looks away in guilt and embarrassment.)

Francis: Don’t blame me. You’re the one who wasn’t here.

Francis: Besides, since the most dangerous thing to happen to you up to this point was a potato chip stuck between your teeth, your guardian angel is ninety-eight pounds wearing his halo.

Jughead: Maybe he’s wirily.

(Jughead and Francis pass a coffee shop. Inside we can see Trula Twyst reading a book.)

(Jughead stops as he begins to shiver as Francis notices his reaction.)

Jughead: BRRRRRR

Francis: Cold breeze?

Jughead: No. This is an involuntary reaction to an evil presence…

(Jughead jumps back towards Francis as he notices Trula Twyst in the coffee shop.)

Jughead: TRULA TWYST!!

Francis: Relax. She can’t see you and you don’t even exist.

(Trula suddenly looks up as if she sees something. This causes both Jughead and Francis to jump back a step.)

Jughead and Francis: ?!!

(Trula goes back to reading her book as Jughead has his hand over his heart and Francis is feeling his left arm over.)

Francis: Wow. She actually gave ME goosebumps.

Jughead: Hey, you try being that psychopath’s lab rat and goosebumps is a good day.

(Jughead looks back at Trula Twyst with a smirk. Francis rolls back down his sleeves as he casually answers Jughead.)

Jughead: So who’s the poor sap she’s trying to wrap her claws around now that “Juggers” isn’t around?

Francis: No one. She doesn’t talk, interact, or have a friend in the world. She’s just about as invisible as you and me.

(Jughead turns to Francis.)

Jughead: Oh c’mon! I don’t believe that! She’s worse than your typical girl and nothing could ever change that!

Francis: Apparently her main interest has been you and without that to motivate her to get out and meet people…

Jughead: …manipulate and scheme against me with…

(Francis walks away as Jughead shows fake bravado.)

Francis: She’s just alone.

Jughead: Well, I don’t feel sorry for the curly haired fiend! Do you know what she’s done to me!? If you ask me, the entire male species is better of now that--

(Trula Twyst begins to cry as Jughead looks on sorrowfully. We can see the book she was reading is titled: HOW TO MAKE CONNECTIONS)

(Francis is waiting up for Jughead to catch up. Jughead is slowly catching up as he looks back and moves his jacket collar over his neck.)
Francis: I wasn’t listening. You were saying something just now?

Jughead: I—I was just… just saying how all of this walking has worked up my appetite.

(Jughead is walking along side Francis as they are on the street leading to Chocklit Shop. Jughead cheers up.)

Jughead: And hey! I know the perfect place!

(Jughead begins to run ahead as he salivates. Francis tries to call him back, but Jughead runs ahead.)

Jughead: Pop Tate’s Chocklit Shop is right around this corner! I’m sure the gang has already set up for their party and a few morsels are left over for Jughead Jones, The Invisible Boy.

Francis: Um, you might not want to rush into things right now—

(Jughead is salivating as he is imagining himself eating various treats.)
Jughead: Cake…cookies…ice cream pies…

(Jughead has an expression of sheer horror as he looks ahead.)

Jughead: !!!

(Jughead is beginning to fall on to his knees as Francis approaches him.)

Jughead: You maniacs! You did it! You actually did it!!

(Jughead is on his knees as he has his fist raised to the sky and his head titled upward as he screams. Jughead is in front of a closed down, badly battered by weather and old age Chocklit Shop. Garbage is all around the Shoppe. The windows of the Chocklit Shop are cracked or broken and the door is boarded up.)


(Francis is beside Jughead as a grief ridden Jughead sobs.)

Francis: If think you’re referencing the wrong movie genre, Mr. Grinch.

(Jughead points at the Shoppe’s window.)

Jughead: What happened?! Everyone was in there decorating and having fun and enjoying each others company!! The Shop would never go down!! We’d never let it!!

(Francis talks as Jughead looks at his reflection through a cracked window as he sadly reminisces on what was.)

Francis: Everyone didn’t have you, the ultimate food connoisseur, to tell them about how great Pop’s food was. They never hung out and became dedicated to Pop Tate, and no one was here when Pop Tate closed the door.

(A shot from behind Jughead’s back as Francis’ reflection shows him being smug and just waving off The Chocklit Shop as we can see Jughead fuming.)

Francis: But hey, there’s always tomorrow, right, Juggie?

(Jughead turns around to confront Francis as Francis points up at the sun as Jughead had done previously in Pickens Park.)

Francis: How did it go—oh right. I remember…

Francis: “The sun comes up, the sun comes down. One day comes after the other, and I eat and sleep the same in each one…”

(A shot over Francis’ right shoulder as he points at the empty Chocklit Shop as Jughead follows his finger.)

Francis: “Maybe I eat more or less at different places with different people; it’s still basically the same thing every day. Nothing will ever change.”

(Francis casually waves his arms as Jughead cups his hand over his mouth like he is burping as he seems to have calmed down.)

Francis: Sorry, I know you’re hungry, and I didn’t want you to go on with an empty stomach, so I thought maybe you could eat your own words.

Jughead: Needed some ketchup, but it was tasty. Here’s your tip for your wonderful service--

(Jughead begins to run away as Francis merely watches.)


(Francis looks over his shoulder as he has a look of concern.)

Francis: That is a good tip.

(Francis starts talking to the caption box as he puts his hands in his trenchcoat pocket.)

Caption: Francis, I don’t mean to pry, but I don’t think the kid’s getting it.

Francis: Actually, I think he is. It just hasn’t hit home just yet.

(Francis begins walking past the deserted Chocklit Shop as we get a lower angle view from behind Francis)

Francis: But I think it’s just about to…

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Oooh!  Nice!   :)

I have so many Archies, I've lost count!  :D

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Re: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
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Final part. Thanks to everyone who read and hoped you enjoyed it. And have a merry christmas. :)


(Jughead is running along his street towards his home.)

Jughead: I can’t believe this! I mean, my friends…my archenemy…Pop Tate’s! What else can there be!?

(Jughead stops to where his house is only to find a much larger house, more extravagant house that is not decorated for Christmas. Even the mail box is fancier and has “Jones” written on it in cursive.)

Jughead: Is this my home?! It looks completely different!

(Francis is suddenly behind Jughead as Jughead as Jughead’s hat flies into the air in shock.)

Francis: Technically it’s not your home. Well, more like “actually” than “technically” given the circumstances and magic doings and what not.

Jughead: !!!

(Jughead adjusts his hat as he sneers at Francis as Francis shrugs his shoulder.)

Jughead: Someone should put a bell on you.

(Francis begins to talk as Jughead and Francis walk to the door.)

Jughead: How did my parents afford this house?

Francis: You were never their son, so they had plenty of money when you take out your snacks, your grocery lists, extravagant pizza delivery tips, your provisions, mini-fridge repairs—

(Jughead motions with one hand for Francis to be quiet as he opens the door.)

Jughead: I get it, I get it!

(Jughead begins to go inside.)

Jughead: And thanks for conforming how much better off my parents are without me! Able to afford a nice, extravagant home and—

(Jughead and Francis are in the living room as it is empty. An undecorated Christmas tree is in the corner with no gifts under it. The Christmas tree is the only decoration as nothing else is decorated like it was before in the beginning of the story. It looks like no one has been home for days.)

Jughead: --And apparently not living in it.

(Jughead goes to the mantle place and collects a great deal of dust on his finger as he examines it.)

Jughead: At least being here for a good bit.

(Jughead turns to Francis and motions with both hands.)

Jughead: Where is everyone? It’s Christmas.

Francis: That should matter?

(Jughead turns to Francis to confront him as Francis backs away while motioning towards the kitchen.)

Jughead: Of course it matters! We’re all together as a family at Christmas! It’s an important tradition!

Francis: I’m not a gingerbread man, so don’t bite my head off.

Francis: I’d try the answering machine in the kitchen myself.

(Jughead heads into the kitchen, as it looks much better and fancy. The phone with the built in answering machine is hanging on the wall as Jughead runs towards it as he is coming up to the refrigerator.)

Jughead: I gotta see what’s—

(Jughead stops running in mid stride and stares at the refrigerator as it is much bigger and fancier)

Jughead: …

(Jughead begins checking the answering machine.)

Jughead: Right after this.


(Jughead is listening to the answering machine as he looks at a nearby calendar on the wall.)

Answering Machine: Honey, this is Forsythe. I can’t make Christmas again. I’ll make it up to you next year.


(Jughead listens sadly to the next message.)

Answering Machine: Sweetie, this is Gladys. A new deal has just come up for my client, and I need to finish this before the window closes. Be gone a few days. I’ve got a great delivery place listed...


(Francis is suddenly beside a depressed Jughead as he motions with his hand weakly for Francis to get on with it.)

Jughead: Exposition time?

(Francis is talking as Jughead begins to look at the ground as he is searching for something.)

Francis: Your parents never had kids, so your mom never stayed home to raise you and stayed at her old/current job. Your dad got promoted and is out of town more times than not, and…
(Jughead is looking at the ground still as he is heading back towards the living room.)

(Francis eyes Jughead as Jughead is lifting up the sofa cushion.)

Francis: I’m sorry I’m a boring you?

(Jughead is scratching his head as he looks confused.)

Jughead: I can listen and look for Hot Dog’s food bowl and dog treats. I mean, if my parents are away then they must have someone looking on him to—

(Francis is explaining to Jughead as he Francis is the most serious he has ever been.)

Francis: Hot Dog was your dog.

Jughead: He’s the family dog! Even without me, there’s Pops, Mom, and Jelly—

(Jughead has a look of fright as his eyes begin to water up.)

(Jughead rushes upstairs frantically as Francis looks with his hands in his trench coat pockets.)

Jughead: Jellybean! Jellybean!!

(Jughead runs to where Jellybean’s room is. It is not decorated and is just a plain door.)

Jughead: C’mon! I know you’re at my Aunt Wilma's while my parents are away! I know that when I open this door.

Jughead: But I’ll see your little bed, your cuddly toys and—

(Jughead opens the door to see a work office and Francis in the middle of the room.)

Francis: You’re mother’s work office.

(Jughead slides down against the wall until he is sitting on the floor. Jughead is in deep shock and a tear is rolling down his left cheek. Francis is beginning to sit next to him.)

Francis: Your parents loved you. They loved being parents. They always wanted to have another child and they finally did.

(Jughead is looking straight ahead as he tilts his head up to try and hold back his tears. Francis is sitting down beside him.)

Jughead: I get it. No me. No Jellybean.

(Jughead turns to Francis.)

Jughead: I guess I mattered a lot to my friends, family, and community.

Francis: The evidence is mounting.

Jughead: And I guess you could say that about anyone.

Francis: You should.

(Jughead tilts his head downward as he shamefully thinks about how he had been acting.)

Jughead: And I must have really messed up if you had to come down, huh?

Francis: Well, we’re always here for you, but yeah. With you I had to be a tad more direct and creative.

(Jughead begins to feebly smile at Francis.)

Jughead: I didn’t really appreciate that. Even on Christmas Eve, I just went though the motions.

Jughead: Really, a guy like me has more than he deserves: Great family, good friends, teachers and mentors, a girl who overlooks me and still chases after me…and even a worthy arch-nemesis.

(Francis claps his hands and begins to stand up.)


Francis: And you got it!

Jughead: Hey!

Francis: No, I mean that in a good way!

(Francis is talking with Jughead as Jughead begins to stand up.)

Francis:  Everyone is important to someone. Everyone you make your friend, your archenemy or even your favorite food pad becomes part of your life and you become part of there’s.

(Francis smiles at Jughead who is listening intensely.)


Francis: Life isn’t about how many days you live and get by. It’s not duration and recognition; it’s donation and appreciation. Giving thanks for all you have received, and saying you’re welcome for just the same.

(Francis looks out the window as if looking an untold distance)

Francis: Everyone makes an impact in the lives of others. From a chow hound that spits out one liners…to a small babe born in humble surroundings.

Francis: Everyone matters in this world.

(Francis helps Jughead to his feet as Jughead smiles at him.)

Francis: And it wouldn’t hurt that maybe for a few days a year, you could ease up a bit and just appreciate a very special time of the year with your every day friends and family.

Jughead: Normally, I wouldn’t want to risk it, but some chances are worth it. Sure. It wouldn’t hurt at all.

(Francis begins to walk out of the room as Jughead calls him back.)

Francis: Well, I’ll leave you to it then. Later, Jughead.

Jughead: Wait!

(Francis playfully rolls his eyes towards Jughead as he doesn’t turn his body. Jughead is motioning towards the room.)

Francis: Something else?

Jughead: Well, I was thinking…you know, I know how good my life is, and I did learn my lesson so--

(Francis is at the door frame and Jughead closes his eyes tightly.)

Francis: --So turn around.

(Jughead begins to turn his head.)

(Jughead looks around to see that is in the park.)

Jughead: …

(Jughead shouts in joy as he startles everyone in the park.)


(Jughead is running out of Pickens Park with a grin on his face as weaves his way through several people as he waves at various people.)

Jughead: And I think I’m just going to go see a few of them now!

 (Jughead is running into the shopping area he was when he met Mr. Weatherbee and Ms. Grundy.)

Jughead: This is the greatest time of the year!

(Jughead sees Mr. Weatherbee and Ms. Grundy, both carrying their own shopping bags, as he runs to them. As Jughead yells at them, Weatherbee and Ms. Grundy notice him.)

Jughead: Mr. Weatherbee! Ms. Grundy!

Mr. Weatherbee: Eh?

Ms Grundy: Oh, Jughead.

(Jughead stops as he is smiling from ear to ear as they greet one another.)

Mr. Weatherbee: Son, you seem of good cheer.

Jughead: Why wouldn’t I be when I have the best principal and best teacher to look forward to when I get back to school?

(Jughead runs past the two as he goes about his way.)

Jughead: I’d love to stay and chat some more, but me and the rest of the gang are having a little party at Pop’s. Merry Christmas to you both!

Ms. Grundy: And a very Merry Christmas to you, too.

(Mr. Weatherbee is scratching his head at Jughead’s sudden change in attitude while Ms. Grundy just smile as Jughead runs off into the distance.)

Mr. Weatherbee: I never see Jughead that happy unless I catch a glimpse of him zooming down the hall for lunch.

Ms. Grundy: Waldo, ‘tis the season. This time of year can do wonders for a soul.

(Jughead is at The Chocklit Shop and opens the door wide open as everyone is eating and talking with one another at the Christmas party. Trula Twyst has her gift, Ethel is in the room just under the mistletoe, Reggie is standing around, and Archie is with Betty and Veronica near the tree.)


(Jughead runs up to Chuck and Nancy and points at their Santa artwork on the window as the two are drinking punch.)

Jughead: Wow! You guys did a great job! Not even the real Santa looks that jolly!

Chuck: Wow. Um, thanks, Jug.

(Jughead is running to Kumi, Frankie, and Wendy, shaking their hands as he zooms about the room as Archie, Betty, Reggie, and Veronica look on bewildered.)

Jughead: Nice to see you!

Jughead: Merry Christmas!

Jughead: Happy New Year!

(Jughead runs up to Reggie as Reggie has one brow raised and his left lip curled as he is confused.)

Jughead: Reggie! Are you still the same arrogant jerk you have always been?

Reggie: More or less.

(Jughead hugs Reggie so tight it looks similar to squeezing a toothpaste bottle. Reggie’s face is turning purple and his eyes are three sizes larger.)

Jughead: Less, my wonderful, mischievous prankster you!

Reggie: Acck…errkk…thanks…Jughead---ackk…

(Jughead suddenly lets go as Reggie falls to the ground as Archie and the girls look on.)

Jughead: Dilton! Hey, Dilton!


(Jughead runs towards Dilton as Dilton is taken back by Jughead’s suddenly positive attitude. Several of the other teens look on confused. The rest of the gang is checking on Reggie, who is barely conscious on the ground.)

Jughead: Dilton, we plan a Christmas Eve party, you tell me in November and I’ll get right at it!

Dilton: Um…sure!

(Jughead runs up to Ethel as Ethel acts sheepish. Jughead pulls at his shirt.)

Ethel: Juggie, I’ve never seen you so…so full of Christmas cheer.

Jughead: This is how everyone should be. Celebrating the people and places you make a part of your life.

(Ethel looks up at the mistletoe above her head as Jughead playfully rolls his eyes.)

Ethel: I’m glad to hear. And look, there’s mistletoe and there is that old Christmas tradition of…well…

(Jughead kisses Ethel on the cheek as Ethel’s body stiffens and her eyes turn to hearts.)

Jughead: Merry Christmas, Ethel.

(Ethel faints as Bridget and Sandy catch her. Trula is walking up to Jughead. She is still carrying her gift.)

Trula: Jughead, I’ve never seen you so happy and with such an open positive outlook.

(Trula tilts her head and smiles as Jughead looks at the reader with a smirk.)

Trula: Have you gone insane?

(Jughead takes Trula’s gift.)

Jughead: This is for me, from earlier, right? Your other gift melted down the back of my neck a while back.

Trula: Yes, I thought that…

(Jughead looks inside to see a brand new hat just like his own, but in mint condition.)

Jughead: !!!

(Jughead looks at it as Trula turns away as she blushes.)

Jughead: Wow! I haven’t been able to find another of my hats! And it’s in mint condition!

(Jughead is putting his buttons on his new hat happily as Trula is talking.)

Trula: Well…as much as I’ve burnt you up, I thought your hat had too many scorch marks on it and a new one might be…

(Jughead puts his old hat on Trula who is taken by surprise as he puts the new one on his head at the same time..)

Jughead: Merry Christmas, Trula! You can put it on your trophy case or maybe you can analyze it. Me I like wearing it.

Trula: !?

(Jughead is walking towards Archie, Betty, and Veronica with his arms extended as he prepares to give them a big hug. Reggie sees this and begins to crawl away in sheer terror. In the back ground, Trula is looking up at the hat on the top of her head.)

Jughead: Veronica, rich, but tolerable; Betty, nice, but strong; and Archie Andrews, the best friend a guy could ever have! Merry Christmas to one and all!

(Jughead begins to hug all three at once. Archie and Betty are receptive while Veronica looks like she wants to be anywhere else. In the background Trula is holding her stomach like she is having hunger stomach cramps and walking up to her is Tomoko carrying a tray of chocolate fudge treats. In the background, Reggie is hiding behind Moose and Midge.)

Veronica: Archie, Betty, you three are sharing my worst nightmare.

(Archie is talking with Jughead as Jughead stops hugging the trio. In the background, Trula begins to scarf down the fudge treats uncontrollably as Tomoko looks on in awe. Moose playfully gives Reggie a noogie as Midge has a hand over her mouth as she giggles.)

Archie: Wow. You were only gone a few minutes and you found the Christmas spirit.

Jughead: Hey, a nose like this, I can sniff out the ghost of Sherlock Holmes!

(Betty and Veronica talk to Jughead as Jughead is slightly alarmed.)

Betty: So can we expect to see this Jughead from now on?

Veronica: Yes, a kinder, sweeter…less annoying Jughead Jones.

(Jughead does the incomplete pass motion with his arms as he, for a few seconds, reverts back to type.)

Jughead: Uh-uh! No way! I like eating sweets, not being sweet!

(Jughead is back to his merry self as he walks towards Pops, who is dressed like Santa. Betty shrugs her shoulders like it was worth a shot while Veronica rolls her eyes in disappointment. Archie just smiles at the girls.)   

Jughead: Hey, it may only come once a year, so mark it down, girls.

Pop Tate: Jughead, something you want to say to me?

(Jughead is talking with Pop as Pop motions with one hand for him to stop.)

Jughead: Pop, I know I’m a bum and a glutton, and I just wanted to say, I’m sorry for earlier when--

Pop Tate: Pop? Why I’m Santa Claus and for the most of the year, you’ve been a good boy…

(Pop Tate puts out a burger in front of Jughead whose jaw drops in delight.)

(Pop Tate pulls down the white beard and smiles at Jughead. Jughead winks and gives him the okay hand signal as he finishes off the burger with both cheeks puffed up.)

(Jughead is leaving and waving goodbye to everyone.)

Jughead: Bye, everyone and in case I don’t catch you—MERRY CHRISTMAS on Christmas day!

(Jughead leaves as nearly everyone stares expressionlessly at the door. Trula Twyst is continuing to eat various types of treats and Sandy is using a red napkin to try and wake up a still out of it Ethel. Reggie is trying to work a crick out of his back.)

(Veronica leans behind Archie’s back to Betty who cups her hand over the left side of her mouth as if only to talk so Veronica can hear her.)

Veronica: Betty, you don’t think Jughead got into his dad’s eggnog, do you?

Betty: I think I’m just going to consider this a Christmas miracle and leave it at that.

(Jughead suddenly runs into his house as his dad is holding Jellybean as the Christmas lights seem to entertain her with their multi-colored blinking.)

Jughead: Merry Christmas, my wonderful family!!

Mr. Jones: Jughead!?

(Jughead kisses Jellybean on her cheek as she giggles.)

Jughead: A Merry Christmas to the best little sister a big brother could have.

Jellybean: hee-hee

(Jughead hugs his dad on his left shoulder. In the kitchen we can see Mrs. Jones struggling to save Christmas Dinner for tomorrow.)

Jughead: And let’s not forget the greatest dad!

Mr. Jones: And while at times lazy and irresponsible…

(Mr. Jones returns Jughead’s hug as Jellybean leans over and kisses Jughead on his forehead.)

Mr. Jones: …I have a son I couldn’t be more proud of!

(Mr. Jones is walking towards the couch and television as Jughead walks into the kitchen.)

Mr. Jones: I think It’s A Wonderful 34th Street is on. You want to sit down and watch it with your old man?

Jughead: Like to, but I want to help mom get Christmas Dinner ready for tomorrow.

(Jughead is in the kitchen as his mother eyes him.)

Mrs. Jones: Oh, so you want to help?

Jughead: Mom, I know I didn’t start the day off right with how I was but—

(Mrs. Jones hands Jughead a mix bowl and spoon.)

Mrs. Jones: Good. I’ll let you handle the cakes and pies while I glaze the ham and start thawing out the turkey.

Jughead: ?!

(Mrs. Jones smiles at Jughead who is still dumbfounded by how forgiving his mother is being.)

Mrs. Jones: And remember to keep smiling. That makes all special feasts just a tad bit better.

(Jughead smiles as he begins mixing the cake.)

Jughead: That’s easy to do when you’re with the people you love.

(Outside the Jones house is Francis as he is listening to everything that is being said inside.)

Jughead in the house: You said Bingo and Uncle Herman was coming. I was thinking the entire family could do some Christmas Caroling.

(Francis complacently as he adjusts the collar of his trenchcoat.)

Francis: Sounds like I created a Christmas creature.

Caption: So you going to “attend” The Jones Family Christmas Dinner tomorrow?

(Francis is walking down the snow covered street, not leaving a footprint as the only illumination in the night comes from stars, Christmas decorations and light poles. Francis has his hands in his pockets.)

Francis: Have you seen that kid eat? I wouldn’t get a spoonful of yams.

Caption: Since you have the time, I think there is someone else who could use—

Francis: Say no more. After all…it is the season of giving and of miracles. And I’m all for giving miracles.

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Re: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
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Wow.  Amazing job!   :)

I have so many Archies, I've lost count!  :D

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Re: It's a Wonderful Day, Jughead Jones.
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Not too amazing, I forgot about Hot Dog. :)

But thanks anyway. :)

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Not too amazing, I forgot about Hot Dog. :)

But thanks anyway. :)

I didn't even notice that!  :)

You're welcome!  :)

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Nice!  Very realistic and funny!

For some reason, I picture this story being drawn by Fernando Ruiz; I have no idea why.

Can't wait for Part 2!  :)

I keep hearing about how different artists that drew Archie comics. I can't tell the difference, but maybe that's because I've been reading them for less than a couple weeks. So much to learn!

By the way, great fanfiction. I feel sorry for Jughead. He can be so grumpy sometimes. XD
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"The sun comes up, the sun comes down. One day comes after the other, and I eat and sleep the same in each one. Maybe I eat more or less at different places with different people; it’s still basically the same thing every day. Nothing will ever change."

My favoritest quote ever! Wow, I just finished reading the whole thing...took me forever but it was awesome. Fantastic job. You made Jughead sound like a bit of a scrooge, and he really is a nice person, but I did love the story and Jughead's comments were hilarious. XD
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