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  • rusty: Archie was around for around 10 years before I Love Lucy, but she probably wasn't referencing the Archie character.  Jughead has been a slang term for a foolish person since the 1920s
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  • spazaru: Thanks so much invisifan and Tuxedo Mark!
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Author Topic: Jughead in Double Trouble  (Read 939 times)

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Offline PTF

Jughead in Double Trouble
« on: October 03, 2013, 01:19:38 AM »
Page 1

Panel one: “Jughead” without his crown and his eyes wide open is walking around a corner as Ethel runs up to greet him. Near a store the owner is yelling at a kid for putting up Christmas lights and decorations around his window instead of Halloween decorations he hired him to do.

Ethel: There’s my honey bunny!

“Jughead”: Pardon?

Panel two: Ethel is hugging “Jughead” as “Jughead” seems okay with the hug as Ethel grinders her forehead into the side of “Jughead’s” left face cheek.

Ethel: You’re not even running or struggling!

“Jughead”: Being hugged is nice. Especially when it’s from a cute girl.

Panel three: Ethel’s face lights up in delight and see becomes dizzy.

Ethel: C-c-cute…?

Panel four: Ethel falls in a swoon and passes out in “Jughead’s” arms as he seems confused and nervous.

Ethel: ooohhhh

“Jughead”: Oh dear. She fell asleep. She must be tired.

Page 2

Panel one: “Jughead” sadly kicks a can across the sidewalk as he somberly walks along, leaving Ethel lying against a wall as she has a wide smile across her face. The boy from earlier is angrily taking down the Christmas lights around the store “Jughead” puts one hand on his nose and another on his right ear as he seems disgusted.

“Jughead”: I bet she was sleep deprived and hallucinating.

“Jughead”: What girl would ever be interested in someone as hideous as me?

Panel two: “Jughead” is beginning to walk off panel as we can see a shadow of a hat wearing Jughead stretch across the road just before the turning the corner.

Simon: Face it, Simon Cecil, you’re the ugliest gent around and no else comes close!

Panel three: Jughead is now walking into panel as he casually notices Ethel as she is still happily asleep. Simon has now walked out completely
Ethel: Mmmm...Jughead…you’re the best hugger in the world…

Jughead: Sounds like a broken arm epidemic is plaguing Crazy Girl Dreamland.

Page 3

Panel one: Ethel becomes to come to as Jughead is about to go back on his way. The boy is done putting up the Halloween decorations, but did manage to sneak Christmas hats on two jack-o-lanterns in front of the store as counts his money and begins to leave.

Ethel: Uhhh…I had the most wonderful dream.

Jughead: Sounded like a nightmare to me.

Panel two: Ethel springs up and tries to hug Jughead as Jughead holds her off at arms length as Ethel is puckering her lips.

Ethel: Juggie, give me another hug! And a kiss!

Jughead: YIKES

Panel three: Jughead pushes Ethel off as Ethel seems shocked at Jughead’s return to his old attitude.

Jughead: Sorry, Ethel, but the only thing I’m going ever going to give you is the time of day…!

Ethel: ?!

Panel four: Jughead is running away from Ethel as Ethel looks on in confusion.

Jughead: Me getting away from you o’ clock! Set your watch to it! Same time all the time!

Panel five: Ethel scratches her head as she seems resigned to being back to the way things were. The store owner looks at the Santa hat wearing jack-o-lanterns and shrugs his shoulders with an “oh well” type attitude.

Ethel: Sigh. I guess I got him, but let go and now he’s playing hard to get all over.

Page 4

Panel one: Simon is walking down the street as Reggie is passing by and has his thumbs at his nose and waves his fingers to make fun of Simon’s nose.

Reggie: Hey, Spindlenose! Finally ditched the stupid hat?

Simon: It’s not nice to call someone you’ve never met before names!

Reggie: If that were only true!  But I know you too well!

Panel two: Reggie begins to pull at Simon’s ears and stretches them out.

Reggie: That string bean physique, ears the size of saucer plates, that stupid blank expression on your face and that forty foot pole just above your big mouth!

Panel three: Reggie flips Simon’s nose as his nose nods up and down rapidly as Reggie laughs.

Reggie: What no witty remarks, snide quips from ol’ elephant ears?

Simon: Ow! Sensitive!

Panel four: Simon runs past Reggie as he holds onto his ears and nose and ducks his head.

Simon: You mean, bully! You’ll get yours!

Panel five: Reggie is rubbing the back of his head as Jughead is walking behind him as he has his hands in his pockets as he’s just casually going about his day.

Reggie: Sheesh. What’s wrong with Jughead?

Panel six: Jughead walks by Reggie as Reggie goes wide eyed with shock.

Jughead: I ran into you on my way to Pop’s for starters.

Reggie: !!?

Page 5

Panel one: Jughead is looking back as Reggie points at him with one hand and points behind him with the other. Jughead lifts up his back leg as he mocks inspects it.

Reggie: How’d you do that?!

Jughead: Walking?

Panel two: Jughead continues to walk along as Reggie grits his teeth and balls his fists as he glares at Jughead.

Jughead: Normally, left foot, then right foot, but on occasion I feel adventurous and switch it up.

Panel three: Reggie runs up and gets in front of Jughead and stops him in his tracks.

Reggie: Oh I get it! You’re trying to show up the number one track runner! That little stunt of yours was a challenge!

Panel four: Reggie points a finger at Jughead as Jughead seems indifferent.

Reggie: Fine! I accept! Three lap around Pickens Park! An hour from now!

Panel five: Jughead continues to walk along as Reggie is in the background shaking his fist at Jughead.

Reggie: After the trouncing I give you, you’ll wish you never met me!

Jughead: I have a sack of pennies and a reserved seat in front of a well for that wish.

Page 6

Panel one: Simon is walking back to where he came from. Simon seems apprehensive as he obviously would like to avoid meeting Reggie again.

Simon: I’m lost and need to retrace my steps. Oh, but I hope that that meanie is gone.

Panel two: Jughead continues to walk along up the sidewalk.

Jughead: That dumb Reggie. You’d think he could find someone else to bother besides me for once?

Panel three: Simon and Jughead are walking past each other as they don’t seem to notice the similarities just yet. The only difference between the two is Jughead’s hat and Simon has his eyes open.

Simon: Wow. That’s a great hat.

Jughead: Thanks. Like the shirt.

Panel four: Simon stops in misstep as he realizes that he ran into someone who looks just like him as his eyes go wide and his hair stands up on end. Jughead isn’t as shocked as just tilts his head as he thinks about seeing someone just like him.

Panel five: Simon and Jughead turn around as they look at each other. Simon is more surprised while Jughead is more lax about it as he rubs the bottom of his chin with his right hand as he looks Simon over.

Simon: Wowie! You look just like me!

Jughead: If you want to take the blame for that, be my guest.

Page 7

Panel one: Jughead and Simon are talking as Veronica is walking by unnoticed by them.

Jughead: So what’s your name, pal?

Simon: I’m Simon Cecil. And yours?

Panel two: Jughead and Simon shake hands they smile at one another. Veronica looks on like she’s living her worse nightmare.

Jughead: Jughead Jones esquire.

Simon: Well, it’s nice to meet you, Jughead.

Jughead: Likewise.

Panel three: Jughead Jones and Simon continue to talk. Still unnoticed by them, Veronica is running away, terrified at the sight of two Jugheads as several people look at her in confusion.

Jughead: Haven’t seen your likes around here unless in reflective surfaces.

Simon: Oh. I’m here visiting my aunt and decided to walk from the bus stop, but I got lost…

Panel four: Simon begins to happily reflect as he remembers Ethel hugging him. Simon folds his arms around himself and smiles from ear to ear. Jughead sticks out tongue in disgust.

Simon: …And then some girl gave me a hug! Normally girls don’t even want to look at me with these ears and nose. It was really, really nice!

Jughead: The only thing worse than hearing that, is to actually see me saying that!

Panel five: Simon shakes a fist as he recounts meeting Reggie.

Simon: And then I met this rude, big mouth who picked on me for no reason.

Jughead: Let me guess: Jet black hair, sneer, beady eyes…

Page 8

Panel one: Jughead is talking as Simon responds. Jughead slams a fist into his open palm to illustrate how he and Reggie get along.

Simon: Exactly! He’s a friend of yours?

Jughead: Reggie? He’s as much my friend as a snake is to a mongoose.

Panel two: Jughead has a light bulb above his head as he has an idea while Simon is begins to pout.

Simon: It’s always handsome jerks like that who always get the girls and get the last word in.

Panel three: Jughead puts an arm around Simon’s shoulders as he leans in close to him.

Jughead: Girls I’m not interested in the least, but the last word—how about you and I split the difference?

Simon: What do you mean, Jughead?

Panel four: Jughead is whispering into Simon’s ears as Simon nods his head and smiles as he is excited by what Jughead’s plan involves.

Simon: Yeah---yeah. Wow. Yeah! That could work…really think they’d come?!…wow that’s smart!

Panel five: Jughead is waving Simon along as Simon seems to be so happy that he is skipping along.

Jughead: --Now that you know where Pickens Park is, familiarize yourself with it for a bit while I work on the attendance.
Simon: Okay!

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Re: Jughead in Double Trouble
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2013, 07:57:14 AM »
On occasion he feels adventurous and switches it up. ;D
Archie: Betty, our Betty! Dear, sweet Betty!
Jughead: Blonde girl, cute smile, about so high...dates some guy named Mantle, right?

Offline PTF

Re: Jughead in Double Trouble
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2013, 07:45:07 PM »
Page 9

Panel one: Jughead is opening the door to the U.G.A. J. clubhouse. Above the door frame is banner reading: UNITED GIRLS AGAINST JUGHEAD. Along the walls are various pictures of Jughead with drawings of Jughead defaced and marked on along with a voodoo doll of Jughead lying on the ground with several pins in it. There is also a map of Riverdale with all the restaurants marked with multiple tacks to show Jughead’s frequent stops. The UGAJ members turn away from their lab top computers and research (except one who is playing a computer game) as they look at Jughead as he swings the door open and sticks half his body in.


Jughead: Ho, evil ones. I’ll be racing Reggie around Pickens Park in about an hour, and if I win I’ll change my ways and be nice to girls for the rest of the day!

Panel two: Jughead is talking with the Twitters as they are texting the word that Jughead will like girls for a day if he wins. Jughead is puffing up his chest as he talks. Several teenage girls walking along pick up the text and look on in amazement.

Jughead: …Yep. If I win, I’ll be nice to any girl. Hugs and all will be okay for the rest of the day.

Panel three: Jughead is talking with Ethel as Ethel is jumping up in the air in joy and anticipation.

Jughead: …Right, Ethel. If I can defeat Reggie one-on-tw—er, one, you can give me, I’ll give you a hug like I did this morning…BUT ONLY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.

Jughead: ONLY.

Page 10

Panel one: Jughead (who has his eyes open to show who it really is to the reader) and Reggie are on a walking track that stretches into Pickens Park as the crowd mainly consists of random teenage girls plus the girls brought up in the previous page. Ethel has a giant banner supporting Jughead with a heart in the background of the banner. Reggie is in runner’s stance as Jughead is just standing straight up as he stretches his arms and he yawns.

Reggie: Heh. Look at this crowd. Not only are you going to eat my dust, but the females you so despise will be watching you fail and loving every second of it.

Jughead/Simon: YYYAAAAWWWN

Panel two: Reggie cheats as he starts ahead of Jughead/Simon as Jughead/Simon looks on disinterestedly.

Reggie: On my mark…

Reggie: GetreadysetGO!!!


Panel three: Jughead/Simon begins to jog along as Reggie is racing well ahead. Ethel from the crowd is cheering Jughead/Simon on as he jogs up a hill.

Ethel: You can do it, Jughead! Pace yourself!

Panel four: Reggie is sneering to himself as can no longer see Jughead behind him.

Reggie: Heh! I could hop around the world on one leg faster than he can run around Pickens Park!

Page 11

Panel one: Reggie is running right up to Jughead as Jughead begins to talk with him. Reggie is snide with him.

Jughead: You talking to me, Reg?

Reggie: No! I was talking to myself about how I left you behind, loser!

Jughead: Oh.

Panel two: Reggie’s eyes light up as he realizes that Jughead is next to him as Jughead smirks at him.

Panel three: Reggie is yelling at Jughead as Jughead points down at his legs as he is taking long strides mockingly.

Reggie: How’d you catch up!?

Jughead: Long strides.

Panel four: Reggie is going full speed as he bursts ahead of Jughead who stands still with his arms at his hips as he happily looks on as everything is going to his plan.

Reggie: Yeah!? You could be Stretch Armstrong and your strides couldn’t compete against my speed!

Panel five: Jughead begins to run off course into some bushes as Simon,is waiting for him. Jughead is handing Simon the hat.

Simon: Wow! This is really working!

Jughead: Like ketchup on meatloaf. Here, take the short cut and meet up with Reg. I’ll be at the next rendezvous.

Page 12

Panel one: Reggie is sweating and panting heavily as he continues to run along.

Reggie: Huff Huff. Wow. Really put everything I had into that last burst, but I know that it put me ahead of—

Panel two: Reggie’s eyes are sticking out his head cartoon style as he sees Jughead (really Simon) leaning against the statue of General Pickens and cordially waving a hand for hello.

Reggie: !!!

Reggie: JUGHEAD!!!

Panel three: Reggie is running full burst again as every leg muscle is straining as Jughead (Simon) looks on and waves goodbye as he has his left arm over his mouth as he tries to hide his snickering.

Reggie: I don’t care if my legs fall off; I’m not letting you win!!

Panel four: A shot of Reggie running along as Jughead is sitting on bench along the trail much to Reggie’s chagrin. Jughead is tapping an imaginary watch on his wrist as he mocks Reggie for not being ahead of him.

Caption: Half way.

Panel five: Reggie is going slower as he is straining just to jog as Jughead (Simon) is walking and casually whistling as he looks up at the sky and the squirrels in the branches. The Pickens squirrel are dressed up as the tall squirrel is wearing a blue shirt, the fat one the green shirt, and the middle squirrel is wearing a red cap as they are singing in chorus.

Caption: 3/4ths the way.

Page 13

Panel one. Reggie is dragging himself along as he tries to run, but his feet have become tired and heavy and his arms dangle at his side as he has his tongue out. Simon is leaving the path to switch.

Simon: Okay, he’s really tired, I think…

Panel two: Simon sees that Jughead is not behind the bush to take his hat and switch out and take a short cut to cut Reggie off. On the ground is a note left for Simon, folded up

Simon: Jughead?! Where is he?!


Panel four: Simon looks on as Reggie is dragging himself along.

Panel five: Simon looks on determined as he begins to adjust the hat on his head to show how serious and determined he is.

Panel six: Simon is running after Reggie as Reggie turns to see Simon closing in on him and begins to run a bit faster.

Page 14

Panel one: Ethel, The UGA, and The Twitters are in front of a line drawn in the sand along with the teenage female crowd. Ethel is pointing towards a hill as Simon and Reggie, running on empty, are neck and neck as they are running.

Ethel: Look! Here they come!

Panel two: Simon notices Ethel as Ethel is standing just behind the line with her arms stretched out. Reggie is sweating profusely and has his tongue sticking out as he looks to be a few seconds from collapsing.

Simon: It’s—it’s that cute girl from earlier!!

Panel three: Simon, motivated by love, zooms down the hill as Reggie falls to his stomach as he is spent.


Panel four: Simon cross the line and runs into Ethel arms as he gives her a hug and the other girls begin to swarm Simon.

Page 15

Panel one: From behind a tree from the opposite hill Jughead is looking on as he is eating a hot dog and drinking a soda. Jughead nods in approval as Simon, with heart for eyes, is being kissed by Ethel and being swarmed by girls—finally getting the girl and being a winner.

Jughead: Quite the body blow my reputation just took today.

Jughead: Normally, I try not to involve my scheming and shenaniganing having girls happy--

Panel two: Jughead is walking down the hill to let Simon have his day as Simon continues to celebrate with the girls as Reggie crawls to the girls for sympathy, but isn’t getting any at all as the girls want to take advantage of Jughead’s “promise” that he had spread.

Jughead:--But Simon has that type of face I just couldn’t stand to see sad. So necessary evil.

Panel three: Jughead feels the top of his head as he seems disgusted that his hat is being touched by girls.

Jughead: Even so…I wish I hadn’t let my favorite hat get cooties all over it. Bleh!


And thanks for everyone who is reading. :)


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