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  • Musical_Necromancer: Fernando Ruiz Later Down the line might wish he didn't say such things about ACP when he realizes without them  He's not really getting noticed much and needs something more serious than just doodling whatever Indie crap he's got in his bag
    Today at 09:09:38 AM
  • Musical_Necromancer: Decarlo  Back Issues ANd Reprints won't keep ACP Alive
    Today at 09:07:20 AM
  • BettyReggie: Me too
    Today at 08:55:28 AM
  • JonInIowaCity: I'm looking forward to the new B&V series though.
    Today at 08:53:40 AM
  • JonInIowaCity: I'd cut Ruiz some slack. ACP cut him loose after a few years of dwindling support despite he recent high profile success at Archie/Predator.
    Today at 08:51:08 AM
  • The Downloader: i have to agree, if new is the future, im on board, same as much as i love classic, if acp is gonna die, id rather they tried to live!
    Today at 08:36:26 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: I love the classic Archie creators doing similar types of stories and characters, more than I love which company publishes those creators' work. If there aren't going to be any new classic Archie Comics stories, then all I really care about are the old ones. Reprints and back issues.
    Today at 08:34:06 AM
  • spazaru: You are absolutely right Musical_Necromancer.  No one loves classic Archie more than me.  It wasn't selling and they decided to make a change.  They're trying to save their company.  People may not like the change, but if it was my company, I'm not just going to watch it circle the drain to please the 3000 people who are buying my "classic" books.
    Today at 08:18:21 AM
  • Musical_Necromancer: comic book sales naturally decline after the first few issues  it's the way of the industry  it's not as huge as it once was so keeping steady sales is damn near impossible unless Your A Top Tier Superhero Book
    Today at 07:47:55 AM
  • Musical_Necromancer: what was unsustainable is Keeping Archie the same and expecting that to save them forever....people these days want more from their comic books and archie wasn't delivering
    Today at 07:46:17 AM
  • The Downloader: how should I organize 70,000 comics?  ideas?
    Today at 05:39:42 AM
  • daren: And sales on the reboots are slipping, I honestly wish they weren't but they are and it's probably just going to get worse.
    Today at 04:45:31 AM
  • daren: No matter how good the reboot art is in itself and no matter how well it sells at first it doesn't match the look of their 75 years backlog of comics and it has continuous storylines so they can't put the reboot stories in the digests which are their biggest source of income, also hardly any new classic style stories are being made now to renew the digests.
    Today at 04:44:53 AM
  • daren: I never saw him complain about anything except getting treated badly by ACP (which he was) and the fact that the reboot comics are taking Archie in an unsustainable direction and he's right. He didn't say Adam Hughes himself was contributing to Archie's demise, he said the B and V reboot is, I agree with that.
    Today at 04:42:09 AM
  • Musical_Necromancer: like who even does that?....wouldn't you want to preserve a better image of yourself instead of "This Crazy Guy who has a vendetta against archie comics and anyone that does anything for them now"
    Today at 01:38:24 AM
  • Musical_Necromancer: instead of congratulating Adam Hughes for getting the job  He Got All Ticked off and said he's contributing to archie's demise
    Today at 01:36:25 AM
  • Musical_Necromancer: still though some would act it's unprofessional behavior to just crap all over anyone that archie comics hires just because it's archie comics
    Today at 01:35:18 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: It's fair to say that Fernando might have some insight into the situation, compared to the average comic book fan.
    Today at 01:12:17 AM
  • Musical_Necromancer: to the point where He'll shrug off any new book announced and say it's one of the reasons archie's going to crash and burn
    Today at 12:12:19 AM
  • Musical_Necromancer: excuse me if this sounds rude but does anyone else think Fernando Ruiz has been sounding way too harsh and bitter about Archie Comics Lately
    Today at 12:11:08 AM

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