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  • B-ko Daitokuji: how about get the chip off your shoulder about your upperclass-typically very white-1st world hipster ideology about diet choices and next time someone points out people in your community denegrating Jews (not to mention African Americans and rape victims who get it a lot from them as well) you don't have the knee jerk reaction to say veganism deserves as much respect as Judaism as a debate point?
    Today at 09:32:39 AM
  • thegiltreys: I enjoyed your blog, Jon. I was a little disappointed they didn't explain more why they were leaving town. Also, it felt a bit like a funeral in the beginning, not a going out of town for a few months type of thing.
    Today at 09:32:06 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I'm sorry, you're going to tell me not to belittle something?  LOL
    Today at 09:32:01 AM
  • JonInIowaCity: I'd be shocked if it didn't turn up at Barnes & Noble.
    Today at 09:29:29 AM
  • JonInIowaCity: BTW: I finally blogged about the latest Betty & Veronica comic on Monday. [link]
    Today at 09:28:53 AM
  • thegiltreys: Thanks, Jon.  I wonder if places like Barnes & Noble will carry them.
    Today at 09:28:45 AM
  • thegiltreys: Maybe you need to think about the way you belittle other people's sincere principles.
    Today at 09:27:15 AM
  • JonInIowaCity: thegiltreys: I haven't seen solicits anywhere for the new Afterlife magazine. Does anyone know if they've been showing up in the Diamond catalogs? I usually don't see them these days.
    Today at 09:27:10 AM
  • thegiltreys: I wrote that when I had been awake for like 5 minutes.
    Today at 09:23:55 AM
  • thegiltreys: Neither of us are going to change our opinions.
    Today at 09:22:13 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: still you said that veganism deserves more respect than all major religions in a debate about anti-semitism and people denegrating the Holocaust? It doesn't get anymore low class than that.  I'm going to assume this self-centered, deluded POV doesn't reflect your character over all, but try to learn something from this experience maybe.
    Today at 09:20:49 AM
  • thegiltreys: I was just stating vegans' beliefs systems and how they are worthy of respect and tolerance. Vegans consider their choices an issue of morality. It is no different than people following whatever religion they like and following those moral codes. I don't appreciate being called a bigot because I choose not to support industrial farming.
    Today at 09:20:07 AM
  • thegiltreys: That was what you said to be in your initial PM that was reacting to just me saying you were generalizing about all vegans.
    Today at 09:17:20 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: so what? XDDD I didn't say anthing in that PM I haven't said in the forum before
    Today at 09:17:20 AM
  • thegiltreys: "BTW, veganism isn't a culture that needs to be respected.  It's something mostly upper white class people do in addition to their pre-existing culture.  They don't deserve any extra reverence same as goths, punks, conservative Republicans, or whatever identities people can option to take on."
    Today at 09:15:45 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: so*
    Today at 09:12:38 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: do I was complainging about vegans denegrating Jews for tactical gain, and your argument is to say Veganism deserves more respect than said religion? you really need to re-assess your logic here, it's in the garbage can
    Today at 09:11:36 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: here's my favorite quote from you "Quite frankly I think veganism is far more worthy of respect and tolerance than any major religion."  This is from a debate where I was complaining about anti-semitism in the online vegan community.
    Today at 09:09:23 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: "I'm sorry if I offended you" is code for not being sorry XD  I'm not trying to have a fight here, but give me a break
    Today at 09:05:49 AM
  • thegiltreys: Has anyone found a site that offers pre-orders on the new Afterlife magazine yet?
    Today at 08:40:40 AM

Author Topic: My New Title  (Read 868 times)

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Offline Original Sin

Re: My New Title
« on: February 20, 2012, 03:13:17 PM »
aww you are totally worthy of it
Archie: Betty, our Betty! Dear, sweet Betty!
Jughead: Blonde girl, cute smile, about so high...dates some guy named Mantle, right?


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