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Author Topic: So Bay's new TMNT movie...  (Read 2649 times)

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Offline B-ko Daitokuji

Re: So Bay's new TMNT movie...
« on: March 19, 2012, 11:43:09 AM »
I don't buy this even if Michael Bay said something idiotic in an interview.  Peter Laird would never approve something so stupid.  This isn't like Transformers, which is owned by a corporation.  A person with a brain in their head actually owns the rights to the franchise.

Peter Laird sold the TMNT franchise lock, stock and barrel to Viacom not too long ago.

Ugh, Je*** Ch****.  Well, that explains why this is happening.  Laird would have not approved making the Turtles into freaking aliens.  I mean I don't blame the man for wanting to make a pay day for a nice retirement, but it's just better if the creator owns it.  For example, Don Coscarelli owns Phantasm, and when they wanted to make a terrible Phantasm remake, he had the power to shut it down.

Michael Bay is really the biggest hack on Earth.  This is not going to go over well.  The Turtles are extremely well known.  You may as well make a Superman movie where he doesn't come from Krypton.  Arrogant jerk obviously just wants to make another mindless alien invasion CGI shaky cam shlock fest.

I pray that he soon experiences a bomb the magnitude of the Dean Devlin Godzilla remake that will crater his career.  Either that or he some how gets the Poltergeist curse.  lol


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