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Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: August 30, 2015, 06:54:36 PM »
Part III: Parts and the Sum.

Page 1

Panel one: A shot of Fred Mirth as a kid screaming in terror with various alternate universes in the background to show the maddening affect his powers had on him. One background has his father with another son, another has a war zone, another has various monsters clawing to get him.

Caption: My name is Fred Mirth. And I did not have a well adjusted childhood.

Caption: Because I was the only one of myself in all the multiverse, it allowed me to travel to and from universes at will.

Panel two: A shot of Fred Mirth in his office as he is grinning ear to ear as he makes his plans to financially wreck Riverdale as Sharon Roper is in the background looking on.

Caption: I was able to use my knowledge to form alliances that lead to me having great wealth and a plan to harness the very power of the multiverses…

Panel three: Fred Mirth as he holds Ethel’s engagement ring in one hand and looking out of his tropical hotel to see the authorities closing in on him.

Caption: But instead I found myself a wanted man in one universe and my life’s work wiped out in another. Alone and unloved.

Panel four: A shot of Fred Mirth breaking into Dilton’s workshop in the Marries Betty verse as he begins to gather samples of S.A.N.C.T.U.M

Caption: But being forgotten allowed me to easily bypass the security of Dilton Doiley of one universe…

Panel five: A shot of Fred Mirth as he is shown altering Wendell the Bus Boy’s life to make him who he is as he also uses SANCTUM to help him access the technology of the Nexus Hub. In the background is the Veronica Marries verse Dilton unconscious.

Caption: ...And with the unknown complicity of another, I found my way to the Nexus Hub where I could access all the multiverse with time and space at fingertip!

Panel six: A shot of Fred Mirth smiling as the combined Veronica and Betty Marries universe and his manipulation of Wendell’s life results in the death of  combined Archie.

Caption: My first act as the celestial being was to begin combining all universes and dimensions into one—and cutting out all the weeds.

Panel seven: A shot of Fred Mirth’s eyes currently as they are filled with rage and his blood vessels in his eyes are nearly ready to burst.

Caption: Complications have happened since…

Page  2+3

Double splash page with the captive Dilton, Fred Mirth, and SANCTUM on one page while Archie, Pureheart, Weird Mystery Archie, An Afterlife Archie, Red Andrews, Road Racer, and Archie 1 on the other.

Dilton looks on with a smile and nod as Archie continues to prove his point about finding away to win if you keep trying. SANCTUM looks on curiously at Team Archie as he is deep thought. Fred Mirth is going ballistic as he points a SANCTUM and his other hand at Team Archie as he is ordering SANCTUM to attack.

Archie is standing up front as he holds the Attenuator in one hand. Red Andrews has his lasso out as he stretches it in his hands as the AI goes back into his wristband. Road Racer is rolling up his leather jacket sleeves as he’s ready for a fight. Weird Mystery Archie is ecstatic being here while Afterlife Archie looks on broodingly. Pureheart is flying several feet behind them as he flexes his muscles. Archie 1 is twirling his club over his head with both hands.

Caption: Annoying, aggravating red haired, freckle faced complications that will be dealt with once and for all!

Fred: SANCTUM, I’m ordering you to eradicate these wastes of space!

Fred: NOW!

Archie: Or you could surrender. I’d go with that.

Pureheart: Evil Doers! Your vile deeds shall cease!

WM Archie: Wow! Fighting to save the multiverse! This will be a great story for the school paper!

An Afterlife with Archie: Let’s take care of business before we start signing yearbooks.

Page 4

Panel one: Fred Mirth is yelling at Sanctum as Sanctum continues to look ahead.

Fred Mirth: They’re coming at us! Do as I tell you, automaton!

Fred Mirth: Are you stupid?! What are you waiting for!! Do what I say now!!

Panel two: Sanctum turns his head towards Fred Mirth as his eyes glow red showing he is not approving of Fred Mirth’s actions or words. Fred Mirth backs away in response.

Panel three: Sanctum swishes his arms across forming a long portal as alternate versions of Fred Mirth come forth as the counter parts to the Archies. Weird Mystery Mirth is a vampire dressed in classic Dracula attire,  Fred Mirth 1 is a caveman more along the evolutionary scale and is standing up straight and has a stone wheel at his feet, Afterlife Fred Mirth resembles the Governor from the Walking Dead, Road Racer Mirth is cowering at what he sees, Explorers of the Unknown Mirth is dressed like an evil Indiana Jones.Overlord Mirth is wearing a black and gray costume complete with black domino mask as his fists glow with black energy.

Fred Mirth: What—what is this?!

WM Mirth: Vhere are wve?

Governor Mirth: Who cares? I see a red head who I want to feed to the zombie hordes!

Overlord Mirth: Bah! All who stand against me shall fall! So speaks Overlord!

Page 5

Panel one: The Alternate Mirths begin to rush Team Archie as Sanctum replies to Fred Mirth in the background. Road Racer Mirth, in contrast to the others, goes in the fetal position.

Sanctum: These are the alternate universe versions of yourself you created.

Fred Mirth: Why bring them when you can destroy those clods with a flick of your finger!?

Panel two: Sanctum looks on as the battle between the Mirths and Archies begin.

Sanctum: I’ve been debating for some time. I decided that witnessing the contrasting views in direct conflict will offer insight.

Panel four: Fred Mirth 1 pushes the stone wheel at Archie 1 as Archie 1 leaps over it as he has his club behind his back as he launches himself at Fred Mirth 1

Mirth 1: I make wheel. What you make that is better?

Panel five: Archie 1 wallops Mirth1 on top of the head with the club as Mirth 1’s eyes bulge and several of his teeth fly out of his mouth.


Archie 1: Me make clubba-clubba!

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: August 27, 2015, 12:38:46 AM »
No. I saw Turtles Forever and I'm not going to rip if off. Trying to be somewhat original. And as for the ending...who knows? :)

Page 17

Panel one: The craft exits the red portal in the middle of space in a new dimension.

Caption: “But luckily I know someone who does.”

AI of ship: We are now in Dimension 5 in its outer universes—

Panel two: Back inside of the ship the AI has taken the shape of a question mark as it talks with Archie. A distressed Archie walks away from the controls and heads to the back of the bridge where the various monitors of his alternate selves are from earlier. The monitors are showing Pureheart, Weird Mystery Archie, An Afterlife With Archie, Road Racer, Red Andrews, and Archie 1. Pureheart is arm wrestling Evilheart successfully, Weird Mystery Archie is reading his article to Mr. Beaumont, Afterlife with Archie and An Afterlife Jughead are fighting off Zombies of Betty and Veronica, Road Racer is racing down a freeway, Red Andrews is celebrating with the rest of the Explorers of the Unknown, and Archie 1 is trying to eat a rock.

AI: Now what will you do?

Archie: How am I supposed to know?!

Archie: I can barely match my socks, and now I’m supposed to save the multiverse??

Panel three: Archie looks up with the reader not being able to see what he’s looking at as the AI turns into a pair of shoes and walks along with him.

AI: I know it was a biological statement, but Prof. Dilton said to believe in yourself. That would be a good start.

Archie: …Yeah. Believe in myself. MYSELF!  That’s great advice!

Panel four: Archie turns to the AI as it turns into a clipboard of notes with hands writing on the pages.

Archie: Say, when Dilton was transversing all around different unvierses—did he log in locations?

AI: Of course. They’re stored in my databanks.

Panel five: Archie smiles confidently as the AI turns into a piggy bank.

Archie: Good. Because we’re going to make a few withdraws.

AI: ??

Page 18

Panel one: High angle. Back to the Nexus Hub as everything has been altered. The Celestial Castle has now been bricked up entirely. The 9 spires of energy are flowing recklessly into a single unstable energy ball that is causing destruction waves of energy that are damaging the Celestial Castle. The various portals of the other spirals are fading and fluxing as the dimensions they represent are becoming more and more damaged. There are several yellow cracks forming as the Nexus Hub begins to rupture.

Fred Mirth inside of the enclosed Celestial castle: IMBECILE!!!

Panel two: A close-up of Fred Mirth and Sanctum as Fred Mirth is looking up and pointing a finger at Sanctum’s chest as Sanctum does not react one way or the other.

Fred Mirth: What good is bringing Doiley here!? We need the attenuator, so I can finally combine the universes!!

Sanctum: You said you wanted Prof Doiley and the attenuator. You did not prioritize one over the other or specify—

Fred Mirth: Don’t talk back to me! This is all your fault!

Panel two: Inside of the Celestial Castle as the terminals and machinery of it begin to spark and become unstable with monitors showing various dangerous readings. On the main monitor are various images of universes being affected by what is happening. The Explorers of the Unknown (sans Red) looks up to see the sky cracking open, A robot version of Archie uses his propulsars to try and fight against an earthquake that is unearthing a hurricane, and a Lone Ranger type version of Archie (The Solo Sheriff) is looking on as a snow storm is happening in the Old West. In the middle of the Celestial Castle is  Prof. Dilton, held in place in mid-air thanks to energy shackles to his wrists and ankles as Fred Mirth, completely ignorant of what is happening around him, menacingly approaches him. Looking at the main monitor is Sanctum as he studies the readings that show the 9 dimensions and the universes in peril.

Dilton: Mirth! Listen to reason! Everything will be reduced to nothingness unless something is done immediately!

Sanctum: He is correct. All universes are currently exhibiting entropy. A harbinger of what is to come.

Sanctum: The backlash wave will soon be unleashed, and with its stored and concentrated energy reaching critical mass, total eradication of all is imminent.

Fred Mirth: If I’m to be denied my perfect universe—let everything be razed! If I must, I’ll rule over the emptiness!   

Panel three: Fred Mirth sneers up at Prof. Dilton as Prof. Dilton looks down at him defiantly.

Fred Mirth: But as for you…

Fred Mirth: Any last words before I have Sanctum blast you to ash?

Prof. Dilton: No last words, Fred. Words of wisdom.

Page 19

Panel one: Fred Mirth tilts his head in confusion as Prof. Dilton begins to speak.

Dilton: “For every wall, there is a door.”

Fred Mirth: Eh?

Panel two: Fred Mirth and Sanctum approach Dilton as he explains the saying.

Dilton: There is always a wall. Every being has some barrier that obstructs them. That heeds their process from their goal. It stretches far and wide and there seems no way to the other side….

Panel three: A close-up on Sanctum’s face as his eyes show that Dilton’s words hold meaning to him.

Dilton off-panel: …But if you travel down the wall far enough, if you never stop searching….

Dilton: ....If you never give up, if you never stop believing, you will find the door.

Panel four: A close-up on Fred Mirth’s face as he sneers at Prof. Dilton’s words.

Fred Mirth: Pathetic. Logic has failed you so you shield yourself with a veil of sentimentality?

Page 20

Panel one: Fred Mirth spreads his arms out to showcase how the bricked up, but still cracking, Celestial Castle to illustrate his point. Sanctum turns his head and looks up as he eyes glow white as he senses something fast approaching.

Fred Mirth: Look around you! I have all the power! I am power! And most of all--

Fred Mirth: THERE

Fred Mirth: IS

Fred Mirth: NO

Fred Mirth: DOOR!

Sanctum: Not yet.

Panel two: The space craft rams into the Celestial Castle, breaking down a wall as it lands within yards of the Fred Mirth, who dashes to hide behind Sanctum who doesn’t react at all as he looks ahead at the craft. The craft breaks apart in several parts but remains mostly in tact.



Panel three: Prof. Dilton snarks at Fred Mirth as he hides Sanctum. Fred Mirth bares his teeth as he turns his head towards Prof. Dilton.

Prof. Dilton: You stand corrected…?

Fred Mirth: Shut up!

Page 21

Panel one: A woozy Archie steps out of the open hatch of the time craft as he has stars over his head and nearly trips over his own feet.

Archie: …uhm…

Archie: Maybe shoulda coulda found a better way to make an entrance…

Panel two: Fred Mirth steps forward and laughs as Sanctum and Prof. Dilton continue to look ahead in bewilderment at Archie’s antics.

Fred Mirth: Hah! This is rich!

Fred Mirth: This is it!? This is your chance at salvation!? Pathetic!

Panel three: Fred Mirth motions towards Sanctum and points a hand at the captured Prof. Dilton. Sanctum tilts his head towards mirth and his eyes glow red as an indication he is not thrilled with Fred Mirth’s claim to him.

Fred Mirth: I control the Nexus Hub, I own Sanctum, the only man smart enough to stop me is my captive—

Fred Mirth: And you—look at you. What could you ever do that could possibly hinder my goals?

Panel four: A behind the back shot of Archie as several similar Archie shaped figures begin to emerge from the space craft.

Archie: Don’t you mean what “we “can do?

Figure one: I hate taking pills.

Figure two: At least it was grape.

Figure three: So we all like grape?

Figure four: Yeah, it’s a nice bit of continuity.

Page 22

A splash page over the shoulder of a startled Fred Mirth of Team Archie as Archie is standing with various alternate universe counterparts as they strike a pose. Archie is ahead of the group as he points ahead. Behind him is Red Andrews of the Explorers of the Unknown as he begins to brandish his lasso. On his left arm is his Explorers of the Unknown wrist band with the ship AI inside of it as it is a smiley face with freckles sticking its tongue out at Mirth. Next to him is Ace Andrews, The Road Racer as he adjust the collar to his jacket. Flying above them is Pureheart as he strikes Superman pose. In the back is Weird Mystery Archie standing next to an Afterlife with Archie. Weird Mystery Archie is the most ecstatic as he can hardly hold in his excitement. An Afterlife with Archie is much more rugged and brooding as he has his hands in his trench coat pocket and glares straight ahead. Close by is Archie 1 who differs from the usual Archie 1 in that he has a sloped brow and mainly sticks to crouching on his legs (he never walks upright); he is tapping his club against the floor to signal he’s read for a fight.

Archie: And what we’re going to do is save the multiverse!

Archie 1: Ooga Booga! Gonna be a rumba! 

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: August 23, 2015, 05:51:30 PM »
Yeah, digests, wikipedia, and google.  :)

Page 12

Panel one: Prof. Dilton looks up from his work as he sees the Foursome floating around Sanctum who looks on motionlessly as if he were in deep thought.

Prof. Dilton: Don’t complain. With luck they’ll distract him, giving us time to escape.

Panel two: Super Clayton uses his super breath on Sanctum to no avail while Flutesnoot rams his head into Sanctum’s back.

Super Clayton: Careful, Flutesnoot! I don’t want to blow you away too!

Super Flutesnoot: I fear that won’t be a problem! Whoever this being is, he’s like a brickwall!

Panel three: Flutesnoot begins to hold his head as stars circle around him as Super Weatherbee turns to the ship as the tip of the ship prepares to open up another wormhole.

Super Weatherbee:  You two! In the ship! Get out of here! I don’t think we can hold him off much longer!

Flutesnoot: …we were holding him off now?….

Panel four: The space craft escapes in a wormhole as Sanctum begins to fly towards it with Super Grundy using her right arm to wrap around Sanctum’s torso and the rest of the Awesome Foursome pulling on her arm as they vainly try to halt Sanctum from following after them. Super Weatherbee turns to Super Grundy who just sighs.

Archie in space craft: Thanks, Mr. Weatherbee!

Super Weatherbee: How did he know it was me--?

Super Grundy: Let’s just keep our mind on the task at hand, shall we??

Panel five: Sanctum frees himself as he releases a burst of energy around his body as Super Grundy’s arm snaps back causing the rest of the Awesome Foursome to tumble back in the sky.

Sanctum: “Because there is always hope.”

Panel six: Sanctum begins to open another portal to give chase as the Awesome Foursome are discombobulated behind him.

Sanctum: But what is it?

Page 13

Panel one: The Space Craft is floating overhead in the sky in another universe. Below them Archie and his R/C race team is driving in their car as they use a remote control on a toy car they are piloting just ahead of them.

Archie in space craft: So…

Panel two: Archie is talking with Prof Dilton in the space craft as Prof Dilton looks down at the attenuator as he strokes his beard as he begins to think.

Archie: What now? I mean, jumping from universe to universe is not working for us.

Prof. Dilton: Yes. I hypothesis that hiding in another dimension would give us a moment’s reprieve—

Prof. Dilton: --But to do so would normally involve charting across the universes to find a rift, stabilize, and hope for the best.

Panel three: Prof. Dilton looks down at the attenuator as it is now calm and giving off a slight white glow.

Prof. Dilton: But I might have discovered a solution…

Panel four: Prof Dilton talks to Archie as Archie begins to lower his hand towards the attenuator as he begins to comply.

Prof. Dilton: Archie, carefully place your hand on the attenuator. Lightly.

Archie: Um, okay.

Panel five: The attenuator begins to light up the entire inside of the craft with a white light as Archie and Dilton try their best to shield their eyes. The AI is now a smiley face wearing sunglasses and is ten times larger than it has ever been.

Prof. Dilton: Good! Excellent! Phenomenal!

Archie: Glad you’re happy! I’m just going to let go now!

Page 14

Panel one: Everything is back to normal with the space ship back at full power. Prof. Dilton is ecstatic at his discovery. Archie has spots over his eyes as he is still feeling the aftereffect of the bright light show. The ship AI has now taken the smiley face wearing a party cap and blowing on a party horn.

Prof. Dilton: Archie, I believe that you—all of you—serve as some sort of omniverse check point! The keystone to each universe!
Prof Dilton: In contrast to Fred Mirth who can shift universe to universe at will, you can stabilize universal energies! And with the ship’s aid, you should be able to harness the attenuator for our needs!

Panel two: Archie is all smiles.

Archie: So that means we can hide out in another dimension until we come up with a plan, right?

Panel three: A close-up on a somber Prof. Dilton Doiley as he lowers his head.

Archie off-panel: Um, shouldn’t you be happier…?

Panel four: Dilton talks with the AI as the AI takes the shape of a sad smiley face as the party hat and party horn fade away from it.

Prof. Dilton: Ship, take us to the ground and open hull door. Upon my exit, you are to follow all commands from Archie Andrews henceforth.

AI: But… but…

AI:  …Acknowledged, Dilton.

Page 15

Panel one: Prof. Dilton begins to walk off the bridge as Archie turns to him.

Archie: Dilton, what are you doing?!

Dilton: You’re leaving this dimension, and I’m staying here.

Panel two: Archie gets out of his seat as he pleads with Prof. Dilton. Behind Archie, The AI is a smiley crying face blowing it’s nose on a handkerchief.

Archie: But why?! You said we can jump dimensions now! We can escape!

Panel three: Prof. Dilton turns back to Archie.

Dilton: We’d only have minutes instead of seconds before Sanctum would find us and the multiverse barely has that itself.

Dilton: If Sanctum captured me, he’d bring me back to the Nexus Hub and the attenuator would still not be in Mirth’s possession.

Dilton: That will give you the time you need.

Panel four: Archie pleads with Prof. Dilton.

Archie: Dilton—I don’t know what to do!

Archie: All of this—it’s above me, leaps and bounds! How am I supposed to save…everything? Everyone--?

Archie: Dilt, I’m just some ham-fisted, two left feet teenager. I’m not special at all.

Panel five: Prof. Dilton is about to leave the bridge when he turns back and gives Archie a reassuring smile.

Dilton: Believe in yourself. You will find a way.

Dilton: The ship will help your harness the attenuator and set coordinates. The rest will be up to you.

Panel six: Prof Dilton leaves the bridge as the automatic door closes behind him. Archie and the ship’s AI look on nervously.

Archie: …We’re in trouble.

AI: I concur.

Page 16

Panel one: The panel is a low angle view from Prof. Dilton on the ground as he calmly looks up and speaks with Sanctum .The craft has left with only a small red ball of energy in the sky to show where it had been. Sanctum is coming out of a blue portal overhead as he talks with Dilton.

Sanctum: …I don’t understand.

Prof. Dilton: That you can no longer find the craft, or that you find me waiting for you?

Panel two: Sanctum lands in front of Prof. Dilton towering over him. Prof. Dilton remains calm in front of the powerful being in front of him as if he were talking to a small child.

Sanctum: Correct. But for now I will take you to Fred Mirth, and continue my search for the attenuator shortly there after.

Panel three: Prof. Dilton, while adjusting his glasses, talks with Sanctum as Sanctum looks down at Prof. Dilton.

Dilton: Sanctum, your interface with the Nexus Hub, it gained you sentience did it not?

Sanctum: …Yes. Before there was only programming, codes, numbers, restrictions, but there is much more now.

Panel four: Sanctum begins to open a portal directly behind Prof. Dilton as Prof. Dilton continues his talk.

Prof. Dilton: I don’t believe that. If there were more to you, how could a rational thinking being follow Fred Mirth to the eve of destruction?

Sanctum: It is all I know, all that I currently comprehend fully. My original programming was to aid humanity. But how can I add all humanity when humanity is omnipresent with different rules of time-space and norms and laws?

Sanctum: Following Fred Mirth, creating one universe with one ruler, with limited number of probabilities and inhabitants, seems the best solution.

Panel five: Sanctum is leading Prof. Dilton into the portal as they continue to talk.

Prof. Dilton: That is not how sentience works, Sanctum. It’s not how living works. There is thinking, yes that is a good portion of it, but there is more which is not logical.

Prof. Dilton: There is feeling. There is listening. There is seeing. There is the ability to dream and to hope.

Sanctum:--”to dream and to hope.” I-I do not understand these concepts.

Panel six: The portal vanishes leaving only a small bright blue light as a toy car drives underneath it.

Caption: “I wish I could say I do as well…”

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: August 22, 2015, 09:14:06 PM »
Page 6

Panel one: Dilton presses a red button on the control panel as Archie begins to straighten himself out. The AI’s image shifts to a smiley face wearing A Rambo bandana and hair as it smiles a toothy grin.

Archie: Who is that guy!?

Prof. Dilton: I would hazard a guess that it is my alternate universe’s interface module, S.A.N.C.T.U.M. It’s form a result of its direct contact with the Nexus Hub no doubt.

Prof. Dilton: Luckily, my travels across the multiversity has helped me upgrade the protection protocols of my craft significantly.

Panel two: Sanctum looks on unconcerned as we see over his shoulder as the space craft suddenly extends out several laser guns, turrets, and even charging a photon blast from the tip of the ship.

Panel three: The ship fires all of its attack on Sanctum as Sanctum doesn’t even bother to dodge or defend himself. The energy blasts and photon blasts strike Sanctum with various red, green, and purple energies exploding in a colorful display.

Page 7

Panel one: Sanctum brushes his shoulder of stray energy as if it were dust or dandruff as Prof Dilton and Archie look on. The ship AI’s smiley has turn to one that is wide-eyed and mouth open in pure terror.

Archie: …I don’t think that worked.

Prof. Dilton: No it did not. Sanctum’s new form comes with untold powers of unknown potential.

Archie: I know you’re the genius, but can I make a suggestion…?

Panel two: Sanctum looks up at the ship as he talks.

Sanctum: I do not wish you harm. Surrender and come with me. What other choice do you have?

Panel three: The space craft suddenly turns towards the earth. Sanctum tilt’s his head in confusion as he looks on.

Panel four: The space craft streaks towards the earth as Sanctum looks on as he tilts his head the other direction.

Sanctum: They attempt to escape, when they surely must know that it is futile. Why do they deny inevitability? 

Sanctum: What will they do next?

Panel five: A close-up on Sanctum as he begins to give chase with both of his arms extended ahead of him. Behind him he lets off a streak of blue and gold energy as he uses super speed to give chase.

Sanctum: Hm. This must be “curiosity” I am experiencing.

Sanctum: Fascinating.

Page 8

Panel one: The spacecraft is racing across the Archie 3000 universe as they maneuver past several flying space cars and and versions of Archie and the gang (wearing ridiculous future clothing you would see in a B-movie or Back to the Future Part II) on hover boards as they look on. A ray gun begin to extend from the front of the space craft and begins to charge. In the background are several Jetsons buildings that extend and retract.

Archie in space craft: Is that me?! And why am I dressed like that?

Prof Dilton: This is a universe set in the year 3000.

Archie: Conan O’ Brien was right!!

Archie 3000: Sway!

Panel two: Archie looks up the view screen as window shows Sanctum fast approaching as he maneuvers past several flying cars himself, leaving a blue and gold streak in his passing. Prof. Dilton is working the controls feverously as he begins to perspire. The AI of the ship extends a small robotic arm with a cloth to wipe his brow. The attenuator attached to the craft gives off a mild glow.

Archie: Um, Dilton—? I think there’s a flaw in my “Run Run Run!” strategy.

Dilton: Yes, in 3.5 seconds he would have us—

Panel three: The spacecraft enters into a quick closing makeshift wormhole as Sanctum just misses them as Archie 3000 and the other Archies approach him.

-Prof. Dilton in wormhole: --But luckily it takes 2.5 seconds to do this!

Panel four: Sanctum turns to The Archies 3000 as they wave hello to him. Sanctum has his head tilted in confusion as he doesn’t understand what he sees or hears. His eyes are glowing white to show he is scanning the universe to look for a response.

Archie 3000: Wy-Fy-Hi! Welcome to Riverdale! Alphatronic! That is a sway flight suit, dude!

Sanctum: …

Panel five: Sanctum makes a weird motion with his hand as The 3000 Archies return it as they leave. Behind Sanctum a blue wormhole begins to form.

Sanctum: Salutations and goodbyes. I can’t pull up a hyperbolic. I have to hit the bit map warp speed.

Archie 3000: Don’t be a hologram!

Page 9

Panel one: A high angle view of the space craft if floating above a Riverdale High in a new universe as we can see Archie breathing easy as Prof. Dilton looks on worriedly as he tries to get his ship to operate. The attenuator has stopped glowing indicating they are in trouble. The AI hologram is now a sick smiley face with a thermometer in its mouth to show how much universe jumping is taking out on the ship.

Archie: I think we lost him.

Panel two:  Prof. Dilton begins to hit various buttons as he tries to get his space craft to work. The control panel is giving off several streaks of energy as the attenuator does not respond

Prof Dilton: No we haven’t! He’s interfaced with the multiverse itself! We’re merely a few steps ahead!

Archie: Um, can we try for maybe a mile?

Prof. Dilton: I’m trying!

Panel three: Prof. Dilton motions towards the attenuator as he tries to get the ship to work again. The AI has a smiley face with the words Error over its head as it is barely operable. The control panel continues to spark as Archie leans back in his seat and shields his face as he turns to talk with Prof. Dilton.

Prof. Dilton: To make a sudden wormhole and to stabilize, I used the attenuator, but I cannot fully control the energy output! The systems are overloading!

Archie: Like when I put leaded fuel in my car?

Prof. Dilton: That analogy will have to do.

Panel four: Suddenly a blue portal forms just in front of them as Sanctum walks on air towards them.

Archie: Wow. You weren’t joking about being just steps ahead.

Prof. Dilton: Yes. I’m not very humorous-…nor is our current situation.

Page 10

Panel one: Sanctum has his arms folded as his eyes begin to give off a red energy.

Sanctum: Now, before I take us to the Nexus Hub, answer me this query:

Panel two: Side view where we can see both the space craft and Sanctum.

Sanctum: Why do you persist?  Your scope is limited and your resources finite. What logic is there in this futile game of cat and mouse where your escape is impossible?

Panel three: Archie bursts out of his seat and hits the control panel. His hand is just above the attenuator and it seems to directly result in the stabilization of the ship as the attenuator gives off a strong white light. Prof Dilton turns his head and notices much to his surprise. The AI of the ship now is a smiley face with flexing muscular arms to show it is in good shape again.

Archie: Because there is always hope!


Panel four: Sanctum tilts his head in confusion to Archie’s answer as his eyes stop glowing red and instead glow white.

Sanctum: I do not understand your response. Hope in most universes means a feeling of expectation for a certain occurrence. It is an intangible idea you give unwarranted substance to.

Page 11

Panel one: Sanctum turns around as prepares to confront whomever is behind him. Archie in the space ship jumps up and down in joy at what he sees. Prof. Dilton continues working the controls of the space craft.

Voice off-panel: The only thing unwarranted is you being on school grounds.

Voice off-panel: I don’t know who you are, but when you threaten the innocent in Riverdale you have to deal with—

Archie: Alright! Superheroes! There are superheroes in this universe!

Panel two: Sanctum turns around to see that he is being confronted by The Awesome Foursome from Faculty Follies. Each one is wearing their costume and a jet pack to fly in the sky. Super Weatherbee is upfront with Super Grundy, with right arm stretched out, and Super Clayton beside him. Behind them is Super Flutesnoot.

Super Weatherbee: --The Awesome Foursome!

Panel three: Archie falls back to his seat in disappointment while Prof Dilton continues to work the controls and switches of the space craft as the ship recharges and reboots.

Archie: Awwww. The teachers are the superheroes in this universe?

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
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Part II: Walls and the Door.

Page 1 (entire page is flashbacks)

Panel one: A flashback of Veronica-Verse Dilton Doiley as he shakes hands with Fred Mirth as they are standing over a model display of Riverdale with Memory Lane dead center.

Caption: My name is Professor Dilton Doiley. And for an individual with an IQ over 300, I have made numerous, injudicious mistakes. All stemming from a dubious affiliation.

Panel two: Prof. Dilton’s secret lab/an abandoned Pep Warehouse. A shot of Prof. Dilton as he prepares his ship for take-off in his space craft. On the main computers in his lab, the screen shows a rift in space.

Caption: After I had nearly destroyed two universes, I found a chance at redemption….

Panel three: Prof Dilton is piloting the ship towards the rift as Fred Mirth hides in the back of the ship and watches unbeknownst to Dilton.

Caption: …But instead I found a way to make matters much, much worse.

Caption: Fred Mirth had stowed aboard my craft—I suspect phasing inbetween realties to avoid my scanners, but I digress—

Panel four: Fred Mirth, at the controls of the Nexus Hub, happily displays merging the two married universes together and arranging for Archie Andrews’ death to a battered and taken aback Prof. Dilton. On the screen is the acronym S.A.N.C.T.U.M.

Caption: --And with the technology of an alternate version of myself, he was able to gain control of the Nexus Hub, and intended to merge all the multiverse into a single universe of his own design.

Panel five: A shot of Prof. Dilton and Archie as Archie’s universe begins to be erased all around them as they step out of the Chocklit Shop.

Caption: I had stolen the Attenuator, the regulator to the Nexus Hub, in hopes of delaying Fred Mirth…

Caption: …But I underestimated Fred Mirth’s lust for power. Disregarding the unsafe conditions, he’s continued his pursuits with unforeseen consequences.

Panel six: A shot of Dilton and Archie in the space ship as they leave the wormhole and enter another universe as the universe is nearly wiped out.

Caption: A backlash wave. One universe has already felt its effects. That universe has reached a stage of inertia, containing the backlash wave, but once it is unleashed, now channeled and power increased…the entire multiverse will be gone within microseconds.

Caption: All I have managed thus far is avoiding Mirth and saving the Archie Andrews of that universe. I believe Archie is the key to our salvation and we can save the multiverse…

Page 2

A splash page showing Sanctum in his new sentient form. He is around 6’9 and around 350 pounds. His entire body is a mix of blue and pulsing gold energy that outlines the outer parts of his arms and legs and connects to the center of his chest. He has a square jaw making him look almost heroic save that he has no face and most of his expressions will come from his red eyes. He has his arms folded over his chest as he looks down at the space craft.

Caption: …Barring unforeseen interference.

Page 3

Panel one: Archie leans back in his seat as his face turns green and he looks like he’s about to throw up. Prof. Dilton turns to him. The AI has taken the shape of a smiley face as it looks up at ceiling of the space craft as it sees something that alarms it.

Archie: ugggg

Archie: …Feels like I went on every rollercoaster at the carnival on a full stomach…twenty times…!

Prof. Dilton: Yes. Traveling from universe to universe does take a lot out of you.

Panel two: A shot from behind the seats to show Prof. Dilton and Archie as they talk with one another. Archie is trying to hold his mouth closed with a hand as he tries to stop himself from vomiting as Prof. Dilton moves away from him. Over at the window of the ship we see Sanctum begin to lower himself to come into their view. The ship’s AI turns to the window and turns right in fright.

Archie: Yeah, it’s just about to come out right now…!!

Prof. Dilton: Ship! A container for the involuntary expulsion of food’s content!

Panel three: The ship’s AI is now in the middle of the two as a Smiley with arms pointing ahead as the two look at it.

AI: Um, we have a bigger—but not as disgusting—problem.

Archie: What--?

Panel four: Prof. Dilton and Archie look ahead to see Sanctum in full view as he is still in his pose and staring directly at them in silence.

Panel five; Same shot only with Archie talking.

Archie: Oh.

Archie: That is a problem.

Page 4

Panel one: A close-up on Sanctum as he talks as his eyes begin to pulse with blue energy.

Sanctum: Dilton Doiley of Dimension 4, universe 1256 you are to accompany me to the Nexus Hub and return the Attenuator

Panel two: A close-up on Sanctum’s glowing red eyes.

Sanctum: Please, do as I have instructed.

Sanctum: You’re compliance is in your own best interest.

Panel three: Archie leans up at his chair as he is defiant and responds while Dilton looks on petrified with fear. The AI smiley is shaking his head and holding a sign that reads: HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR US!

Archie: Yeah?!

Archie: What can you do to us?!

Page 5

Panel one: Sanctum flicks the tip of the space the space craft with his fingers, sending it rocketing several miles back.

Sanctum: A small demonstration is in order, I see.

Panel two: The Space ship tosses out of control before it finally rights itself.

Panel three: Inside of the space craft, the AI of the ship now has a smiley with a black eye and bandage over it’s forehead as it yells directly at Archie. Prof. Dilton is clinging onto his seat as he agrees with the AI’s sentiment. Archie is sitting upside down in his chair a he shrugs his shoulders and apologizes.

AI: Ow Ow!! Don’t say things like that!! Never say things like that!!

Dilton: Yes, I would have to strongly insist you refrain from such bold braggadocio!

Archie: …Whoops. Sorry.

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Sorry for being late with the updates.

Page 18

Panel one: Prof. Dilton is running out of the Celestial Castle with the attenuator as Fred Mirth’s is on his knees as his vision begins to clear and snarls at the fleeing Dilton. At the computer, a blue and gold energy begins to emit from the computer and takes humanoid shape. The energy spheres of the Celestial castle begin to radiate wildly, the light bridge begins to crack, and the Celestial Castle dims and begins to decay.

Fred Mirth: You can’t hide from me, Doiley!

Fred Mirth: I am the center of everything!

Panel two: In his space craft, Prof Dilton is flying away along a ley line heading towards a vortex as his ship is rocked and battered. The curtain walls of the Celestial Castle being to enclose around the castle. All around everything is going into chaos.

Fred Mirth from the Celestial Castle: I CAN FIND YOU ANYWHERE!!

Panel three: Back to the ship as Prof. Dilton has had his head down in deep thought as Archie shakes his shoulder.

Archie: Um, Dilton…? You okay? You just trailed off there. What happened after you went inside?

Panel four: Prof. Dilton turns to Archie sadly as a small tear begins to form in his right eye.

Panel five: A pensive Prof. Dilton turns away to hide his face as he can’t bear to tell Archie that two versions of him were murdered.

Prof. Dilton: Fred did something unforgivable. Let’s leave it at that.

Page 19

Panel one: Prof. Dilton motions with his head towards the crystal/ Universal attenuator positioned at the port on his ship.

Prof. Dilton: Fred Mirth intends to combine all the universes into one of his own vision, but I was able to escape with, what I believe to be, an attenuator, a device that controls the signals emitting from the Nexus Hub.

Prof. Dilton: It has hampered his ambition, but the technology he obtained from a near identical version of myself has given him other avenues to spread his influence.

Panel two: A shot of the Road Racer Universe with Fred Mirth being confronted by Road Racer and his crew.

Caption: He has begun rewriting several universes to include versions of himself. Perhaps he hopes to use this as a method to combine the universes but I truly believe…

Panel three: A shot of the Explorers of the Unknown universe where Fred Mirth is on Turtle Island and using the Diamond Turtle shell to attack Red Andrews with a Sand Golem.

Caption: …He has done it so he can personally antagonize versions of yourself.

Panel four: Archie is talking with Prof Dilton as Prof Dilton responds. The AI of the ship has an A with an infinity symbol in the background.

Archie: Why me? Did some version of me spit in his cheerios or something?

Prof Dilton: No. I suspect his hatred of you comes from jealousy.

Archie: Why be jealous of me?

Panel five: Archie’s eyes go wide as he reacts to Dilton revelation.

Prof Dilton off-panel: Because you are his antipole, the opposite of himself…

Prof Dilton off-panel: At one point or another, in every universe, there has been an Archie Andrews.

Prof. Dilton off-panel: And from my research, no one else can hold that claim.

Page 20:

Panel one: Archie sticks out his chest and is all smiles as he takes what Prof. Dilton said positively. The AI has taken the shape of a smiley face sticking out its bottom lip and shaking its head in response to Archie. Dilton begins to grab the newspaper and pull out a lighter from his pocket.

Archie: Heh. Guess I’m pretty special, huh?

Prof Dilton: Yes, and because of that Mirth has been careless in his heedless spite. The eradiation of your universe could not have been on purpose.

Prof. Dilton: It’s the beginning of something far worse.

Panel two: Archie turns serious as he turns to Prof. Dilton as Prof. Dilton holds the paper sideways to show all the pages.

Archie: Yeah, about my universe—we can bring it back, right? I mean, if we can get to the Nexus Hub couldn’t you—

Prof. Dilton: I’m afraid we have a more dire threat on our hands.

Archie: What’s worse than an entire universe being wiped out?

Panel three: A close-up on Dilton’s serious face as shadows form over his face to show how grave the situation is.

Prof. Dilton: For every action there is a reaction. The combining of universes, the manipulation of time and bending of space, creating additional matter has resulted in a cosmic backlash wave.

Panel four: Prof. Dilton holds up the paper and sets a page on fire as Archie looks on.

Prof. Dilton: I already told you that your universe is part of a dimension. The destruction of one universe spreads to the rest of that dimension…

Panel five: The fire extends to the other pages as Archie looks on in wide eyed fright.

Dilton: …And with the Nexus Hub in the center of the universe, connecting all the dimensions…

Page 21

Panel one: Archie looks on as the newspaper is just ash that Dilton pulls apart with both hands, spreading ash into the air to visual his words. The ash falls onto the ground as various small robot sweepers come out of a slot on the ship to clean up the mess


Prof. Dilton: The Big Rip.

Prof. Dilton: Everything becomes unbound elementary energy and radiation and shoots apart from all other particles. The mutliverse will be reduced to a void.

Panel two: Archie looks concerned as he watches the robots disappear after they cleaned the mess.

Archie. …

Panel three: Archie smiles at Prof Dilton as he shows confidence in himself and Prof. Dilton.

Archie: We’ll stop it! You and me!

Panel four: Prof. Dilton lowers his head as he is filled with self-doubt. The AI computer forms a smiley face as it looks at Prof. Dilton sadly.

Prof. Dilton: Archie…it can’t be that simple. It’s you and I against a mad man with nigh-unlimited power with utter annihilation closing in and conceivable way to stop it.

Prof. Dilton: My life—is one of failure. I’ve tried to do good, to make the world—my world a better place. But I have failed and my failures just make everything everywhere worse off for it.

Panel five: Archie stands up and puts a hand on Prof. Dilton’s shoulder as Prof. Dilton faintly smiles at him. Even the AI smiles at Archie thankfully. Archie’s other hand is placed near the attenuator as it begins to give off a faint red glow.

Archie: Hey, you stopped things from getting worse right off the bat, you’ve been going across the multiverse trying to find a way to help, I’m still here because of you…

Archie: …And you’re sorry for the mistakes you made and you want to make up for them.

Archie: I’m pretty sure I’m not the smartest Archie, but I do know that there is always hope. And as long as you have hope there is a chance to make things right again.

Panel six: Prof. Dilton looks as Archie’s other hand is next to the Universal attenuator as it begins to react even more with the red light brightening slightly with only Prof. Dilton noticing.

Dilton: …Yes. There is hope—and maybe a chance.

Page 22

Panel one: A high angle view of the ship as it exits the brane as it closes immediately, as they are in another universe and just orbiting in space above that universe’s earth.

Archie in ship: So…what do we do?

Prof. Dilton in ship: For now we need to assess the situation before we can act--

Panel two: A higher angle view to indicate this is the point of view of another being.

Prof. Dilton in ship:--and pray that our jump into another universe will allot us that time to strategize--

Panel three: A shot of SANCTUM in his new form. He is blue and gold energy being mixed with technology that radiates a silver energy. His entire body iblue and pulsing gold energy that outlines the outer parts of his arms and legs and connects to the center of his chest  His eyes are a glowing red as he looks down at the unaware ship below him. He is around 6’9 and incredibly ripped (looking like a superhero). He has a lantern jaw and no face only eyes that will be used to help him emote. Sanctum has his arms crossed over his chest as he looks down at the unsuspecting protagonists.

Prof. Dilton below panel:--Without any further complications.


Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
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Page 14

Panel one: Prof. Dilton begins to come to as he looks as he moves his hand to find his glasses.

Prof. Dilton: What…what happened?…

Panel two: A figure wearing a suit (Fred Mirth) moves in front of Prof. Dilton as Prof. Dilton looks up in horror.

Fred Mirth: Simple.

Fred Mirth: I’m where I was meant to be.

Panel three: Prof. Dilton is on his knees beginning to stand up on wobbly legs as Fred Mirth smirks down at him. On the main computer two lines are shown beginning to conjoin into one, representing two universes coming together.

Prof. Dilton: Fred Mirth!!

Fred Mirth: It’s nice to see that you haven’t forgotten about me, my former colleague. I hope you don’t mind, but while you were resting, I was making myself at home.

Panel four: Fred Mirth motions towards the computer as he has a smile ear to ear.

Prof. Dilton: What did you do, Fred? What in heaven’s name, did you do?!

Fred Mirth: Practice being God.

Page 15

Panel one: On the computer the two lines become one as various electronics begin to give off and overflow of energy. Prof. Dilton looks around nervously while Fred Mirth takes all the chaos around him like it was radiance.

Fred Mirth:  I started off small, focusing on two universes and the same person in each.

Fred Mirth: His name is Wendell.

Fred: It was so simple to go back to any moment in time, guiding him to where I want him to go and setting up events to someone to focus his hate upon. Someone else who could get caught in the crossfire. Then combining the universe which resulted in…

Panel two: The computer screen shows the death of Archie from Life with Archie issue 36. Tying into the two universes being put together in that issue. Prof. Dilton looks on in horror while Mirth looks demonic in his pure glee at what he has done.

Fred Mirth: Not bad for a practice run, wouldn’t you say?

Panel three: Prof. Dilton grabs Mirth by his shirt collar and shakes him as Fred Mirth glowers down at Prof Dilton with utter contempt.

Dilton: You fool! You arrogant, malicious monster!!

Dilton: Do you have any idea of the ramifications of what you’ve done!?

Panel four: Fred Mirth smacks Dilton away with one hand as Dilton falls several inches back with small traces of blood coming from his lips.


Fred Mirth: It’ll be worth it!

Fred Mirth: And before I’m done, there will only be one universe! A universe I shape, I guide! I decide what alternate is worthy! Just like me there will just be one of everything and everyone—and It will be perfect!

Page 16

Panel one: Dilton looks up at Fred Mirth as Mirth sneers down at him.

Prof. Dilton: (Uhg) That’s not what I just saw. Why did you focus on the Archies? Because they thwarted our plans--?

Panel two: Fred Mirth’s eyes narrow as they are filled with intense hatred.

Fred Mirth: Because I hate every Archie Andrews. The unfairness of Archie Andrews.

Fred Mirth: And before I combine every universe together into one definite—

Panel three: A shot of Fred Mirth’s clenched fist as it tightens to the point blood is coming from his palms because he’s digging his fingers into his skin.

Fred Mirth: --I am going to erase every version, every aspect, the very concept of Archie Andrews from existence itself!!

Panel four: Prot. Dilton charges and elbows Mirth causing him to bend over in pain.

Dilton: No! I won’t allow this insanity to continue!

SFX: Whump

Mirth: Ufff

Panel five: Prof. Dilton turns to the controls of the computer as an energy wave keeps him from the controls as a voice from the computer begins to speak.

Prof. Dilton: If I can maybe—arrggh


Computer: You are not permitted to ascertain the ominiverse. Only Fred Mirth’s hand may guide all.

Panel six: Prof. Dilton looks up at the monitor as it has on the screen S.A.N.C.T.U.M. (The interface module that the Bettyverse Dilton had created). Dilton is taken back at this turn of events.

Prof. Dilton: S.A.N.C.T.U.M? But how--? I never completed…

Page 17

Panel one: Prof Dilton looks behind him as Fred Mirth clutching his ribcage approaches him an arrogant smirk the left of his face.

Fred Mirth: No. But your alternate self did.

Fred Mirth: While I had you under surveillance, I ventured back to the other universe and was able to obtain the prototype of his interface module.

Fred Mirth: It’s amazing how well it pays to be prepared.

Panel two: Prof. Dilton looks down at the crystal attenuator.

Fred Mirth: But I couldn’t have gotten here if not for you. So, to show my appreciation, if you bow before me, I’ll allow you to be the Dilton Doiley of the true universe.

Prof. Dilton: I could that do that—

Panel three: Prof. Dilton begins to pull at the crystal as it causes a red energy wave around the computer causing it to short circuit. Fred Mirth is blinded by the energy as Dilton closes his eyes and pulls back. On the monitor of the computer a blank face screaming in pain is forming in the distortion of the monitor. All in the Celestial Castle, it begins to crack to show the further damage being done.

Dilton: --Or I can do this!!


Fred Mirth: Argh! My eyes--!

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Who is Waiting was a prelude to Universes at Peril. And The Road Racer and the latest Explorer of the Unknown was more of a big hint that something is up. Especially if you're a fan of Life with Archie
because of one key continuity note in the series. :)

Page 7

Panel one: Archie is talking with Prof Dilton as Prof Dilton hangs his head in shame. Archie shakes his hand as he has just given himself a paper cut.

Archie: Okay, you gave me a science lesson, but what about a history one? How did all this trouble happen?

Panel two: A close up on a Prof. Dilton as for the first time in the story he’s showing a glimpse of anger in his facial expression.

Prof. Dilton: I’m afraid it our dilemma originates with me…

Prof. Dilton  …And a man by the name of Fred Mirth!

Panel three: Archie stares blankly at Dilton. The AI computer is projecting a smiley face from the central computer as it looks at Archie.

Panel four: Archie shrugs his shoulders to indicate he has no idea. The AI sighs as it obviously is not impressed by Archie still.

Archie: I have no idea who that is.

Computer AI: There had to be a few smart Archie Andrews. Couldn’t we have lucked out and got just one?

Panel five: Prof. Dilton begins to explain as AI changes the monitor to a picture of Fred Mirth

Dilton: That’s understandable. Until his recent transactions he was the only Fred Mirth in existence.

Archie: Um, I’m not following—

Prof. Dilton: Computer, display file codename: Mirth.

Page 8

Panel one: A close-up on Fred Mirth as he is seemingly walking past The Archie Marries Veronica and the Archie Marries Betty universe in the background.

The Archie Marries Veronica verse has Archie with Veronica, Betty with Reggie, and Jughead with Ethel. To show the difference between it in the other universe, The Veronica Marries verse includes the reality film crew for Reggie and Betty’s show and Jo (the female mechanic Reggie worked for)

The Archie Marries Betty verse has Archie with Betty, Reggie with Veronica, and Jughead with Midge.  It also features the Riverdale High kids that Archie and Betty teach: Max, Soapy, and Luke Simon.

Caption: Fred Mirth was the only Fred Mirth that has ever been. And because of that, it allowed him to travel between universes at will.

Panel two: A shot of Veronica verse Dilton (current Dilton) and Mirth in a flashback as they are looking at a hologram display of several satellites forming the transdimentional power grid as it gives of a bright light that illuminates Fred Mirth’s diabolical smile while Prof. Dilton looks on pleased.

Caption: And…I allowed ambition and the lure of power to overwhelm my common sense and morality and we became partners.

Caption: He had the resources and means while I supplied the intelligence. We thought we could channel the energies of the multiverse into free and unlimited power.

Panel three: A flashback panel of the two Archies, Bettyverse Reggie, and Ambrose stopping Prof. Dilton as monitors behind him show the satellites being blown up and his machines powering down. Veronicaverse Dilton holds his head in shame as The Archies, Reggie, and an exhausted Ambrose celebrate their truimph.

Caption: Luckily, a more clearheaded version of myself along with two older versions of yourself, his universe’s Reggie and another individual named Ambrose similar to Mirth stopped us before we destroyed both universes in our quest for power.

Page 9

Panel one: Back to the spaceship as Archie is staring at Dilton suspiciously.

Panel two: Archie inches away from Prof. Dilton in his chair as the computer AI has the smiley face sticking its tongue out at Archie.

Prof. Dilton: …Yes, that is an understandable reaction.

Panel three: Back to the flashback of Life with Archie. A close-up on Veronicaverse Dilton as he runs out of the room as The Archies look on sympathetically.

Caption: The magnitude of my error, the scope of how far I had fallen from a person who wanted to invent to make the world better to a mad scientist who endangered it overwhelmed me.

Panel four: Prof. Dilton is in his secret lab as he looks up at a monitor showing a small breach in the universe. In the background several small robots and robotic arms are building the high tech ship that he and Archie are currently on.

Caption: I had hidden myself away from the world, until my probes I stationed to monitor the satellites picked up a rift. A tear in the universe caused by the rapid flow of energy to and fro universes.

Panel five: Prof. Dilton is blasting off into space as he smashes through the Pep Warehouse that enclosed his hidden lab. On the street, several small children playing look up in amazement.


Caption: Seeing a chance at vindication, I set out to repair the universal anomaly…

Panel six: From behind Prof. Dilton in the back of the ship, A blurred (To show he’s using his powers to shift between universes) silhouette of Fred Mirth looks on hiding in the back of the ship looks on as Prof. Dilton is focused on the controls. The ship’s AI forms a hand waving hello to Prof. Dilton.

Caption: …Not knowing a greater danger lurked much closer.

Page 10

Panel one: A shot of Prof. Dilton’s ship as he is firing an energy beam from the tip of his space ship at the rift to try and close it. The rift begins to turn gold and swirls with energy.

Caption: I had hoped that a carefully calibrated pulsar beam would repel the fluxerating energies of the rift and close it—

Panel two: The ship is suddenly pulled into the rift as the rift forms into a golden wormhole.

Caption: --But instead it served to stabilize the rift into a temporary wormhole.

Caption: As I was pulled into the wormhole, my life flashed before my eyes--

Panel three; Prof. Dilton looks on in amazement as a bright golden light engulfs the ship as it exists out the wormhole.

Caption:--And when I exited, despite the brief review of my ill deeds…

Page 11

A shot of the Celestial Castle of the Nexus Hub. It looks like a golden and diamond castle with nine conical spears along the curtain wall. Each spear has a mix of colors energy ball that is sending off energy into the far reaches of space. The curtain wall of the Celestial Castle is made up of stars and energy. The main gate is open with a draw bridge made of light leading inside. The castle is surrounded by solid silver energy that it rests upon. In the background, the various energies are from the conical spears are breaking up and going into different energy paths (ley lines) and going into various multicolored vortexes.

Caption: …I thought I made it to heaven.

Page 12

Panel one: Prof. Dilton is walking on the light bridge as he carefully takes a step as he adjusts his cap and looks up at the Celestial Castle in utter bewilderment. In the background the ship has landed on the silver energy ground near the light bridge.

Caption: I couldn’t explain it at first. It was a place of contrast. Matter and anti-matter, reality and the impossible conjoined, as one. It was ethereal, breathtaking.

Panel two: Dilton steps inside as he is amazed by what he sees.

Caption: I wasn’t half a step inside until the magnitude of where I truly was nearly rocked me to my core.

Panel three: Prof. Dilton is in the middle of a very spaced out high tech room with various computer systems running seamlessly. Monitors showing wave fluxation of various universal coordinates and gauging energy flow from one conical spear to the other as it all leads to an ancient golden and silver high tech computer way up front that has a screen showing the nine dimension to a greater detail than the one in Prof. Dilton’s computer. At the computer is a glowing crystal/Universal attenuator sticking out. It is the same that Prof. Dilton has only that is functioning unlike it is with Prof. Dilton.

Caption: I was in the Nexus Hub! The center of the all the dimensions where everything,--every universe, every life, ever moment in time was created, maintained, and catalogued!

Page 13

Panel one: Low angle view from Prof. Dilton’s view point. Prof. Dilton is in the middle of the room as he looks up at the energy balls to see their energy being spread out through the cosmos on ley lines that pulse with the energies they receive and divide the energy up as the ley lines break off into separate paths and enter various colored vortexes.
Caption: All the elements of life put into energy, dispersed into ley lines and spread across the vastness like electricity to an appliance. The perfect network.

Panel two: Prof. Dilton continues to look up as he doesn’t notice the shadow of Fred Mirth to his left showing that Mirth is right behind him.

Caption: As I reflected on the scope of my discovery, straining to use my intellect to fathom the complexities of what stood around me--

Panel three: A fist to the back of Dilton’s head levels him, knocking off his glasses and hat.

Caption: I never even noticed my past sneaking up on me from behind.


Panel four: Prof. Dilton raises his head as he is straining to stay conscious.

Fred Mirth off-panel: Professor Doiley, you never cease to amaze me…

Panel five: Dilton passes out as his face falls to the floor of the Celestial Castle.

Fred Mirth off-panel: …But I’ll be taking over from this point forward, my former colleague.

Dilton: uhhhhh

Caption: And then…

Fan Fiction / Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: August 08, 2015, 07:30:26 PM »
Part one: Roads and the Journey.

Page 1 (The entire page is a flashback so everything should be colored blue and black save for when noted)

Panel one: Archie is picking up the note from “Who is Waiting.”

Caption: You ever have one of those days where you expect the same old-same old?

Caption: That’s what I thought today was going to be. A typical run of the mill day for one Archie Andrews.

Panel two: A shot of Archie outside and walking into the Chocklit Shoppe cautiously as it has a sign on it that reads: On vacation, be back this weekend –Pop Tate. P.S. But still don’t eat at Segarini’s. His pizza is gummy!

Caption: I found a note under my door and figured it was from one of my friends…

Panel three: A shot from inside where Archie is being greeted by Married with Veronica verse Dilton Doiley who is sitting at the counter of the Chocklit Shoppe. On the counter are various straws forming a diagram where one end of a straw connects to two more and so on and so on as it stretches to the end of the counter.

Caption: …It turns out it was from an older, alternate universe Dilton Doiley who needed my help in defeating a cosmic threat that endangered the entire multiverse!

Panel four: A shot of the entire universe going white (and should be white in contrast to the blue and black of the rest of the flashback) and being erased as Archie and Prof Dilton look on in horror as they watch Riverdale being erased.

Caption: But it was too late for my universe…

Panel five: Archie and Prof Dilton are teleported inside of his small space ship as Prof. Dilton heads for the controls. Archie looks around at the high tech ship and the monitors displaying several versions of himself.

Caption: We escaped and I have no idea where we’re going, where we are, or what can we do.

Caption: …And that reminds me….

Page 2 + 3

Inside of the space ship as Archie is walking past several monitors on his left and his right. Each side has three monitors. The right side has Red Andrews from the Explorers of the Unknown, Ace Andrews, The Road Racer, and Weird Mystery Archie each fighting off a villain. Red Andrews is fighting Myron Pepperdinkle, Road Racer is in his high tech car riding down villains in a hovertank, and Weird Mystery Archie is trapping a phantom in a bottle

On the left side monitors: Pureheart is defeating The Collector, An Afterlife Archie, like Afterlife with Archie only he wears a trenchcoat with a sword and ball bat strapped to his back, is defeating a zombified Sabrina Spellman, and Archie 1 (with a sloped brow) is on top of a T-rex and knocking it senseless with a club.

Archie is walking towards Dilton and an empty seat next to him. On the monitor screen overhead is nine layers with several dots connected by various lines as Dilton is using them to guide him. Stuck in a compartment to his right is a white crystal giving off the tiniest of spark. On the computers and controls are various gizmos and displays showing different wave frequencies and quantum equations. The AI hologram is now a smiley face wearing pilot hat and goggles with a scarf as he talks to Professor Doiley (Veronica Marries verse Dilton) Outside the main window bridge it seems like they are traveling down a tunnel of swirling energy and colors as they follow a small white path that leads them along.

Archie: Um, “Dilton”, what exactly is all this and what is going on?!

Prof. Dilton: Yes, we should be safe for the foreseeable future…

AI: Auto pilot engaged. I’ll handle everything from here, Professor Doiley.

Page 4

Panel one: Archie is beginning to sit down as he moves a newspaper out of his seat and sets it on a display in front of him. The AI hologram phases through the newspaper but is visibly annoyed at Archie. The headline for the newspaper reads: GOOD GUYS OF THE GALAXY SAVE…THE GALAXY. Archie juggles and nearly drops a small purple capsule that Prof. Dilton tosses at him.

Prof. Dilton off-panel:--But first I need you to please swallow this.

Panel two: Archie examines the pill in his two fingers. Prof. Dilton is closing  slot on the front of the control panel containing several more of those pills. 

Archie: What is this? A vitamin?

Panel three: Dilton is talking and explaining what the QM-pill is.

Prof. Dilton: That is a QM-pill. We are currently traveling on a brane to another universe. Each different universe--or bubble as I like to call them--contains different laws of physics and tachyon flows that may conflict with our own.

Panel four: Archie scratches his head as he has no idea what Dilton is talking about.

Archie; Um, what does that mean?

Prof. Dilton: It means, without the QM-pill, you risk your neutrons reaching critical mass, your electrons stagnating, and protons fracturing resulting in every molecule of your being imploding.

Panel five: Dilton is reaching down at his seat as a water dispenser complete with small plastic cups begins to extend out of a slot. Which isn’t needed as Archie is already beginning to swallow the pill as he practically shoves it down his mouth with his palm.

Prof Dilton: Would you like some water?

Archie: No!  I’m good! 

Page 5

Panel one: Archie is talking with Prof. Dilton as Prof. Dilton acknowledges Archie’s confusion. As he talks, his onboard computer begins to respond to his command.

Archie: Um, hold up. You were talking branes, bubbles and other universes…?

Prof. Dilton: Yes. I can see that some explanation is in order.

Prof. Dilton: Computer, open file 0245.

Ship AI: Yes, Professor Doiley. Tutorial for dumb-dumbs loading.

Panel two: On the monitor ahead of them the nine layers begin to line up alongside one another and several dots and lines are connecting within each layer with a black spot serving as a bridge for each dimension. In the middle is a golden castle that has a dark blue line connecting to each dimension.

Prof. Dilton: I trust you have heard of multiverses?

Archie: In comics.

Archie: Lots and lots of comics lately.

Page 6

Panel one: The monitor begins to light up the nine layers representing the nine dimensions.

Prof. Dilton: To begin, there are nine dimensions and each dimension…

Panel two: Zoom in on one of the dimension displays to show a multitude of bubbles and dots representing various universes connected by to each other like a mad connect the dots.

Prof. Dilton: …has an ever increasing amount of universes. As I stated, I like to call each universe a bubble and each are connected to one another by branes, pathways to each universe.

Panel Three: Archie happily comments as Prof. Dilton humors Archie. Archie should be acting like he’s the smartest kid in the class as he has his hand up to signal the teacher.

Archie: Oh oh, branes are wormholes!

Dilton: …Well, literal wormholes are the burrowings of soft, slender invertebrates, but pop cultural terminology—yes you can call them wormholes if you prefer.

Panel four: Archie holds up the newspaper as Prof Dilton compliments Archie on his assessment of the information.

Archie: …So let’s say each page for a newspaper is a dimension—that would make each word a universe? Am I in the ball park, Dilt…?

Prof. Dilton: Each speck of ink would be a closer approximation, but you have the general idea.

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Who is Waiting
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Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.:)  I didn't want to give too much away with the two alternate universe stories and thought it would be great to do a story you think is going one way and takes a sharp turn another.

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Who is Waiting
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Page 7

Panel one: Archie is approaching the Chocklit Shoppe as he has a thought balloon of Jughead over his head. Jughead has a hot dog in his right hand, a hamburger in his left, and a small bag of chips in his mouth as he is overjoyed with this food.

Archie: That leaves Jughead!

Panel two: Archie’s imagination again as Archie I walking inside as the Chocklit Shoppe is now empty in this version save for a frantic Jughead running towards Archie.

Jughead: Archie! It’s a catastrophe! Oh woe be to the hungry masses! The time of doom is right before lunch!

Panel three: Archie tries to calm the panicking Jughead down as Archie looks around to see the chairs are on the table and no one is inside of the Chocklit Shoppe save for them.

Archie: Jughead, calm down! What’s wrong and where is everyone? I’ve never seen the Ol’ Shoppe this empty!

Panel four: Jughead begins to wave his arms around like a madman as Archie looks past him to see a closed sign at the counter and Pop Tate not there as the lights suddenly begin to go out.

Jughead: That’s just it! Pop Tate is in the tropics, and I’ve got a major craving for a Big Pop Double Decker! Help me jury rig the flat top!

Archie: Huh?

Panel five: A close-up on Archie’s startled face. The thought balloon over Archie’s pops as it brings him back to reality.

Archie: Come again?

Page 8

Panel one: Archie is walking up to the Chocklit Shoppe as it is closed. The door has a sign reading: On vacation, be back this weekend –Pop Tate. P.S. But still don’t eat at Segarini’s. His pizza is gummy. In the background two police officers are hauling the annoying clown away to give the reader an indication to the mood shift in the story.

Archie: Oh, I forgot! Pop Tate took a two week vacation to visit a few of his relatives!

Panel two: Archie looks inside of the darkened building to see a figure inside motioning for him to enter. The silhouette is at the counter and is placing straws on the counter with his free hand. He has a small frame, a beard, and is wearing glasses and a cap on his balding head.

Archie: But that apparently hasn’t stopped someone from making themselves at home…

Archie: …And it sure doesn’t look like Jughead!

Panel three: Archie pulls the door open as he enters.

Archie: --So who is waiting for me?

Page 9

Panel one: Sitting at the counter of the Chocklit Shoppe is The Archie Marries Veronica-verse Dilton as he has laid out various straws along the counter and added two more straws to each straw that continues to the end of the counter

V Dilton: I am Dilton Doiley, but not of your universe. I come from an alternate universe in one of the different nine dimensions.

V. Dilton: A cataclysm beyond scope is approaching, and I will need your assistance. The multiverse and all sentient life therein is at stake!

Panel two: Archie stares blankly at V-Dilton as he tries to explain the situation better.

V Dilton: I know that this is much to take in, and I am asking for a leap into the unknown and immeasurable trust, but I can explain in greater detail once—

Archie: …

Panel three: Archie smiles and begins to turn his head to his left and right as V Dilton looks on in confusion.

Archie: Okay! This is a good gag! You almost got me believing it, Reg! Jug, Betty, Ronnie, you train this guy? He’s really, really good!

Archie: Come on out!

Panel four: V Dilton tries not to laugh as Archie begins to look under a table to find someone playing a joke on him.

Archie: Olly-olly oxen fee!

V Dilton: Ahem.

V Dilton: I had forgotten how…capricious we were as teenagers.

Page 10

Panel one: The entire building begins to shake as the walls begin to crack, the floor cracks and various chairs and tables are tossed aside. V Dilton and Archie lose their balance and fall to the floor. Archie does a triple somersault as a chair is caught between his legs.


Archie: Whoa! An earthquake?!

V Dilton: …No.

V Dilton: It’s happening now?! I thought I had more time--!

Panel two: Dilton reaches out for Archie as Archie rushes to the door to leave the Chocklit Shoppe and check outside. Archie kicks the chair out from under him as he nearly falls forward.

Dilton: Archie! We don’t have time! We need to leave!  NOW!

Archie: I don’t know who you are, but I have friends and family and people might be hurt! I have to—

Panel three: Archie stops at the door frame as something he sees outside scares him

Archie: --help?...

Panel four: From Archie’s point of view as Riverdale begins to disappear leaving nothing but white empty space. This includes fleeing people, cars, and buildings.

Page 11

Panel one: Prof Dilton is behind Archie as the whiteness begins to close in on them. Dilton places a hand on Archie’s shoulder as reaches into his pocket.

Archie: Okay…let’s say I believe you—

Archie: What do we do about this?!

Panel two: Same as the other panel only with the whiteness enclosing even closer on them as Dilton has pulled out a small remote and presses a button as a blue energy encloses around him and Archie. Archie is lifting his right foot up to avoid the whiteness touching him

Dilton: The only thing we can do.

Panel three: The whiteness is all that is left as Archie and Dilton are teleported away leaving only a small ball of energy to show them just leaving.

Panel four: Prof. Dilton and Archie are teleported into a small high tech space ship. Dilton is walking towards the bridge of the ship to take the controls. On the bridge is a AI hologram of a clock shaped smiley face holding up a sign reading: TIME TO GO!! Near the back of the ship are several monitors to the left and right; each side has three monitors. The right side has Red Andrews from the Explorers of the Unknown, Ace Andrews, The Road Racer, and Weird Mystery. Red Andrews is holding up the diamond turtle shell from “Turtle World”, Road Racer is punching the leader of the Mud Flap’s, from “Invictus” and Weird Mystery Archie is battling a potato alien. On the left side monitors: Pureheart is flying in the air as he waves hello to Captain Hero and  Super Teen An Afterlife Archie (this version wears a trenchcoat with a baseball bat strapped to his back) is fighting off a zombified Hiram Lodge as a Lodge Chemical plant and Archie 1 (with a sloped brow) is happily riding an exhausted triceratops. Out the bridge window we see Earth is beginning to become engulfed in the whiteness/emptiness.

Dilton: We leave. Immediately.

Archie: What is this--? Where are we--?

Archie: …And why am I on all of these screens?

Dilton: I’ll explain everything once I sure that we are out of harm's way.

Page 12

Panel one: The outside of the ship in space with earth in the background as the whitness that has erased Riverdale has erased the earth and is spreading every where else in the universe. The panel should only show the right of the ship.

Archie in space ship: Um, where exactly is that?

Panel two: At the tip of the ship as ray gun begins to open a wormhole for the ship to enter as the whiteness is fast approaching as now half of the panel is completely blank.

Dilton in ship: Another universe.

Panel three: The ship begins to light speed into the wormhole as the whitness is right upon them. Now the left side of the ship is on the left as the words: Pride of Walvis Bay is on the side.

Archie in ship: Um…”Dilton”?

V Dilton: Yes, Archie?

Archie: This is not how I thought my afternoon would go.

Panel four: The wormhole closes as the universe is completely empty and white.

Caption: This is not how I expected my afternoon to go!

Because it’s all the rage—UNIVERSES AT PERIL IN TWO WEEKS!!!

All About Archie / Re: Does Jeff Shultz really exist?
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Wow congratulations. I've always liked Jeff Shultz art and you got Whitmore on colors which is super. And that's quite the resume you have. Hope the best for you and everyone involved. :)

Fan Fiction / Archie in Who is Waiting
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Page one

Panel one: The setting is the interior of the Andrews home as Vegas is barking at the front door as a note has been placed under the door. Archie turns his head to notice the letter and stops just before he’s about to walk into a skate with a banana peel over it. Sitting on the couch is Fred Andrews as he sips a small cup of coffee as he reads The Riverdale Gazette. On the front page is a picture of a clown with the headline reading: ANNOYING CLOWN ON THE LOOSE!!

Vegas: Yarf bark!

Archie: Huh?

Archie: A note?

Panel two: Archie begins pick up the note as Vegas decides it’s a good idea to get rid of the skate with the banana over it as he uses his nose to push it along. Outside of the house, the clown from the newspaper is looking inside of the Riverdale House through a window as he waves hello with a rubber chicken.

Archie: I wonder who it’s from and why couldn’t they have just texted me?

Panel three: Archie looks down at the letter as it reads: MEET ME AT THE CHOCKLIT SHOPPE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Panel four: Archie looks at the note with one hand and scratches his head in confusion as he studies the page.

Archie: Oh. It’d be less ominous.

Page 2

Panel one: Archie examines the letter as his nose is literally touching it.

Archie: Weird. The handwriting looks familiar, but I can’t sniff out whose it is.

Panel two: Archie begins to turn the letter over to see the back.

Archie: Looks like there’s something on the back too.

Panel three: Archie looks over at the back to see it has the following:
An equation (AmB +AmV)-A =0
Various 9s scribbled around the page with half of them marked over with an X
Several diagrams of circles and lines connecting them.
A’s with the infinity symbol next to them.
The phrase: there should only be one oF hiM

Panel three: Archie dismisses it nonchalantly as he shoves the note into his pocket.

Archie: Eh, just jibberish with a dash of jabber.

Panel four: Archie shoves the note into his pocket as he walks out the door.

Archie: But my curiosity is piqued. And it won’t kill me to stretch my legs. And it could really be important.

Page 4

Panel one: Archie is walking along a sidewalk as he has his head up and is thinking. Following him is the clown on a unicycle.

Archie: And it gives me time to try and think who wrote the note.

Panel two: Archie has a thought balloon of Reggie over his head sneering at him.

Archie: Could be Reggie.

Panel three: A panel of Archie’s thought as Archie is walking into the Chocklit Shoppe and a bucket of water placed above the door frame is about to fall right on his head as Reggie points and laughs from inside.

Archie: Hmph. Maybe I’ll just go back home!

Panel four: Archie is startled when he hears a voice to

Moose off-panel: Duh, you get back here, ya sneak!

Panel five: Reggie is running past Archie as Moose is chasing him with both fists raised in the air. The Annoying Clown is making a giant octopus out of several multi-colored balloons as he looks up and laughs.

Moose: You can’t run forever!

Reggie: With the right motivation I bet I can!!

Panel six: Archie continues along nonchalantly as this is just a typical occurrence. The balloon octopus looks like it is attacking the annoying clown.

Archie: Can’t be Reggie. He was too busy filling out his death certificate.

Page 5

Panel one: Archie is walking along the sidewalk as he has a thought balloon of Veronica over his head as he smiles and has hearts for eyes.

Archie: Maybe it was from (sigh) Veronica!

Panel two: Archie’s thought as Archie is meeting Veronica in the Chocklit Shoppe as Archie is wearing a suit, tie, and his hair slicked back and is thinking of himself as overly cool.

Archie: What is it, beloved?

Veronica; Oh, love of my life, father plans on moving away! We’ll never see each other ever again!

Panel three: Still Archie’s imagination as Veronica is holding super suave Archie hand hand in desperation.

Veronica: But I won’t let him! That’s why I’ve bought an island far away! I’ve hired an independent pilot to take us there! Tell me you’ll come! I can’t bear to be without my Archiekins!

Panel four: Still Archie’s imagination as he (with twice as many muscles) and Veronica are in bathing suits and lying on the beach as Veronica has Archie’s head in her lap and he is smiling ear to ear.

Archie: Best decision I ever made!

Panel five: Archie is walking along with a goofy grin as he continues to the main district of Riverdale. Several people move out of Archie’s way and even more people have to move out of the way of the annoying clown who is on a pogo stick and using both hands to play paddle ball and is hitting various people on their heads with the ball and string.

Archie: Best dream I ever had!

Page 6

Panel one: Archie has a thought balloon of Betty over his head as he looks up and smiles.

Archie: Could be Betty. Putting notes under a guy’s door is something cute she would do!

Panel two: Archie’s imagination as he is strolling inside of the Chocklit Shoppe as Betty is rushing towards him.

Betty: Oh, Archie! My parents are moving!

Panel three: Archie is talking as Betty shakes her head.

Archie: So you have a private island we can go to and live the rest of our lives in peace, right?

Betty: No…

Panel four: Betty suddenly puts handcuffs on her and Archie as Archie reacts in alarm.

Betty: But I do have these!!

Archie: Handcuffs??

Panel five: Betty raises her handcuffed fist into the air and strikes a victory pose as Archie is nearly jerked off his feet.

Betty: Now you have to go with me!  We’ll be together forever!

Panel six: Back to reality as Archie shakes his head. The annoying clown is spraying business man in a three piece suit with a giant seltzer bottle.

Archie: Wait. I live next door. I’d know if she was moving.

Archie: …And where would she get the handcuffs?

Fan Fiction / Re: Road Racer: Invictus
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Well, this is based on a six page story...and they didn't even name most of the characters so--eh, why not? And I liked the idea of the story. And with the EotU story, I wanted to make Ace different from

Fan Fiction / Re: Road Racer: Invictus
« on: July 20, 2015, 12:37:20 PM »
Page 14

Panel one: Wheels is looking back at Gears yelling at Kat as he chuckles to himself.

Wheels thinking: Give him time, Gears. He’ll eventually remember he can be happy again.

Panel one: Wheels barely dodges a punch from a Mud Flap as he tilts his body back and quips with a confident smirk.

Wheels: And today’s special is the classic, always in demand--

Panel two: Wheels is uppercutting a Mud Flap knocking him unconscious; several teeth fly from the Mud Flap member’s mouth and one tooth sticks to Wheels fist. Behind Wheels two Mud Flap members attempt to sneak up on Wheels. The two sneaky Mud Flaps don’t notice Tiny knocking back a Mud Flap member as he stalks towards the two.

Wheels: Knuckle sandwich!


Wheels: Schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately after purchase!

Panel three: Wheels is looking proudly at his defeated foe as he plucks the tooth out of his hand. The two Mud Flaps are about to pounce on him.

Wheels: Ow. This is why I like my nice quiet workshop…

Mud Flap to the left whispering: Okay, stay quiet…

Panel four: Tiny lifts up each Mud Flap member with one hand each as he lifts them up and glares at them.

Tiny: You weren’t thinking of clobbering my friend from behind, were you?

Mud Flap member to the right: …Is there an answer we can give that won’t result in pain?

Page 15

Panel one: Through a scope we can see Tiny ramming two Mud Flap members heads together while Wheels is uppercutting another one as Cat and Gears walks towards them. Gears is giving Cat a death glare while Kat whistles innocently.

Tiny: Nope.

Wheels: Guess that takes care of them.

Mud Flap Leader: You guessed wrong.

Panel two: A steel pipe is thrown knocking the plasma gun out of the Mud Flap Leader’s hand as he clutches his injured hand in pain.

Road Racer off-panel: Don’t you even think about it!


Mud Flap Leader: Ahhh!

Panel three: Road Racer jumping upper cuts the Mud Flap Leader knocking him out.

Road Racer: But since I’m such a nice guy, you can dream about it all you want!!


Panel four: Road Racer is stomping the plasma gun as he turns to the other as Tiny begins carrying and dragging several Mud Flap male mud flap members while Gears and Cat each carry one of the female Mud Flap members. Wheels is taking out a cell phone as he prepares to make a call.

Road Racer: Tiny, Cat, Gears, round them up and secure them for The Force to haul off. Wheels make the call.

Wheels: Ahead of you. But what about—

Road Racer: I haven’t forgotten. We have an appointment with a man named…

Page 16

Panel one: Fred Mirth is outside Mirth Corp as he is being besieged by reporters as four members of his security staff are trying to keep the reporters, cameraman, and photographers back. Fred Mirth has a faint smile as his eyes flash angrily as he obviously fuming over the ordeal and is holding back his rage to keep his public persona of a good honest man in tact. In the background is a skyscraper for Mirth Enterprises as it towers over all other buildings in the area. Outside the sun is setting as day begins to turn to night.



Reporter one: Mr. Mirth, can you give us any information on you acquirement of Bradonic Industry? What advances in high tech artillery are upcoming?

Reporter two: Will you comment on reports of a hostile takeover!?



Panel two: Mr. Mirth is at his limo as a female driver/Gears with a familiar blond ponytail and is hiding her face with her hat and free hand is opening the door for Fred Mirth to go inside as he smiles an addresses

Fred Mirth: Ladies and gentleman of the press, confidentiality forbades me from speaking fully on the subject matter, and I apologize that your front page or evening newscast may not be the most interesting….

Panel three: Fred Mirth smiles as he works his charm as the female driver/Gears wearing a black and blue outfit looks down so her face is hidden out of view.

Fred Mirth: …But I assure you there was nothing “hostile” at all. It’s not like I put a gun to someone’s head.  I merely bought a few stocks and I went to the board with an additional offer. The board approved, and that was that.

Panel four: Fred Mirth is slinking into the car as the security staff line up in front of him to block him out of view so he can leave. Fred Mirth snarls at the limo driver who tips her hat and smiles at him.

Fred Mirth: Get me out of here, and take me home. NOW.

Gears/ limo driver: Rightie-o, Mr. Mirth.

Panel five: The limo is pulling onto the road as in a high angle view as they enter a busy highway.

Fred Mirth thinking in the limo: #$%%!!!

Fred Mirth: That Road Racer and his vigilantes have ruined months of planning!!

Page 17

Panel one: Fred Mirth in the limo as he is slinked in his seat and steaming as he has his fists cupped and clenching as hard as possible.

Fred Mirth thinking: The donations, the funding, to make way for my security to be installed and contacting those thugs—all a masterfully woven plan!

Panel two: The limo is driving past the vast Force HQ as it speed along the highway.

Fred Mirth thinking: With those plasma blasters on the street, the city and The Force would have looked to me to supply them with even better high tech.

Fred Mirth: I would have made my money back tenfold! Not to mention named my price for any criminal organization or low life who wanted to stay near the top of the food chain!!

Panel three: Fred Mirth begins to pull at his hair as his face tightens as he looks almost demonic in his rage.

Fred Mirth thinking: But now my weapons are being destroyed and confiscated! Bradonic Industries has become and waste of my time and resources and—and--

Panel four: Fred Mirth punches the window to his left with his right hand.


Fred Mirth: Setbacks!! Delays!! I hate them all!! Why do idiots and morons get in my way!!?

 Panel five: Fred Mirth looks out the cracked window as he sees they have left the highway and are on a road leading to an abandoned garage in a desolate area of Riverdale City.

Fred Mirth: Driver! This is on the other side of the city!

Fred Mirth: I live on a skyscraper! I do not dwell amongst the cockroaches!

Panel six: We see the driver as it is Gears driving the car as she drives into the garage as Fred Mirth has a worried expression on his face.

Gear: Heard something rattling in the engine…

Fred: Wait—wait, you’re not my driver! You’re--

Gear: …so we needed to make a pitstop.

Page 18

Panel one: The door to the limo rips open as Fred Mirth tries to squirm away.

Tiny off-panel: Here. Let me get the door for you.


Panel two: Tiny is pulling Fred Mirth out of the car with one arm as Gears is throwing the limo hat away as she stands in front of the limo with Road Racer, Wheels, and Cat. In the background their cars with their head lights flaring spotlight the limo and all the characters.

Fred Mirth: Put me down! You oaf! Do you know who I am, you reprobate?

Tiny: Yeah. Rude.

Panel three: Tiny tosses Fred Mirth at the feet of Road Racer.

Road Racer: You know I always hated people with deep pockets.

Fred Mirth: Oofff

Road Racer: Deep pockets are not the same as full pockets. And greedy morons like you just can’t stand that, can you?

Panel four: Fred Mirth is on one knee as he points up at Road Racer and his crew. Cat talks with Wheels as Road Racer continues to glare down at Fred Mirth.

Fred Mirth: You—you---this is kidnapping! I’ll have you arrested for this!

Cat: I thought it wasn’t kidnapping until you were napped for at least a day?

Wheels: You’re thinking of a missing person.

Cat: Yeah, but who would miss him?

Page 19

Panel one: Fred Mirth dusts himself off as he tries to compose himself.

Fred Mirth: Cute. Adorable. You and your rejects, taking me to this cesspool…

Panel two: Fred Mirth’s eyes gleam confidently as he smirks at Road Racer and crew.

Fred Mirth: But you didn’t drop me off at Force HQ, did you? Because you couldn’t.

Fred Mirth: You don’t have any tangible evidence against me. Not one bit.

Panel three: Fred Mirth leans into Road Racer’s face as he continues to gloat.

Fred Mirth: And if you did, who would believe you? You’re outlaws, wanted by The Force! They’d lock you away in the blink of an eye!

Fred Mirth: But me? I fund the hospitals! Over half of the city is on my payroll one way or the other! My charitable donations keep the homeless sheltered and the hungry masses fed!  I fund the infrastructure, the nervous system, of Riverdale City!

Fred Mirth: Fred Mirth is Riverdale City!

Panel four: Fred Mirth gets even closer to Road Racer as Road Racer continues to stare at him with a death glare that Fred Mirth ignorantly ignores.

Fred Mirth: I.

Fred Mirth: AM.


Panel five: Road Racer grabs Fred Mirth around his neck with both hands as Fred Mirth’s eyes nearly bug out of his head.

Road Racer: No. You’re not.

Fred Mirth: eep

Page 20

Panel one: Road Racer slams Fred Mirth on the hood of his limo as he keeps both hands around Fred Mirth’s neck as Fred Mirth squirms and tries to pry his Road Racer’s hands off his neck. Road Racer slams him hard enough to heavily dent the hood of the limo.


Fred Mirth: Glllrrkk! You’re hurting me…! You’re hurting me…!

Road Racer: You know what’s wrong with you, you rich psychopath? The same thing that’s wrong with a poor psychopath or a middle class psychopath.

Panel two: Road Racer picks Fred Mirth’s head off the hood as Fred Mirth is turning bright red as he vainly kicks and thrash.

Road Racer: You don’t have a conscience. Do you even know what a conscience is? Let me tell you.

Panel three: Road Race slams Fred Mirth’s head back down on the hood as Fred Mirth begins to cry.

Road Racer: It’s that loud voice in your head telling you what you’re doing is wrong. It’s that force that stops you from doing something horrible.


Fred Mirth: Stop…! Please stop…! I’m sorry…! I’m sorry---!

Road Racer: That’s what we are. Me and my friends. Your conscience.

Panel four: Road Racer lets go Fred Mirth as he takes a step back from Fred Mirth lifts up his head while holding onto the back of it with his right hand as he looks fearfully at Road Racer and his crew.

Road Racer: You do one illegal thing, and we will stop you. And right now this is us being gentle. The kids glove come off from this point forward.

Road Racer: Do you understand what I am telling you?

Panel five: Road Racer is motioning for his crew to follow him as they begin to head to their cars and leave. Fred Mirth is in the fetal position as he turns away and sobs and is just a quivering mess.

Fred Mirth: …yes….just…just—don’t hurt me anymore--!

Road Racer: Good.

Page 21

Panel one: A shot of The Turbo Ride and the other two cars zooming past Fred Mirth as he is fuming with rage as while still in the cradle position.


Fred Mirth: Hate you all…

Panel two: Fred Mirth starts throwing a temper tantrum on the hood of the car like a toddler would as punches and kicks the hood of the car.

Fred Mirth: --Hate you!! Hate you all!

Fred Mirth: You’ll all hurt!! ALL OF YOU WILL HURT!!

Panel three: Fred Mirth calms down as he is on all fours on the hood of the car as his eyes are blood shot and looks to be close to popping a vein.

Fred Mirth: I’ll have them hung, drawn, and quartered for touching me, for degrading me so.

Fred Mirth: Road Racer will be last. He’ll watch his friends end, then him.

Panel four: Fred Mirth sits on his limo as he has a twisted, curled smile that goes from ear to ear as his eyes flash wildly.

Fred Mirth. And I have the money, the resources, the power to make that happen.

Page 22

Panel one: A close-up on Road Racer through the tinted windshield of the Turbo Ride. It has turned to night as several light poles light up the panel.

Caption: My name is Ace Andrews, The Road Racer.

Caption: In a city plagued by gangs and the corrupt, I’d say I just now have all of them wanting me roadkill.

Caption: But I am not alone.

Panel two: A shot on a free way as the Turbo Ride is on the middle lane, The Wham to his right and The Femme Fatale to his left.

Caption: I have a crew. And everyone who targets this city and its people, always check your rearview mirror--because we will come for you and we are much closer than we seem!


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

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