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Fan Fiction / Re: Cheryl Blossom: The True MEANs of Beauty.
« on: March 02, 2015, 03:00:26 PM »
You're seeing Tim Kennedy art!!! :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Cheryl Blossom: The True MEANs of Beauty.
« on: March 01, 2015, 08:37:40 PM »
Midge looks like how Goldberg would draw her, but Moose and Archie seem like Kennedy to me.

And the digests make a lot of mistakes. I think the last digest review I did had Fernando Ruiz's art credited to someone else.

Fan Fiction / Re: Cheryl Blossom: The True MEANs of Beauty.
« on: March 01, 2015, 07:44:09 PM »
Um, I think that's Tim Kennedy's art.

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Snow Job
« on: March 01, 2015, 10:47:43 AM »
Everybody thanks everybody and everybody welcomes everyone in turn. It's the perfect world. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Snow Job
« on: February 28, 2015, 09:15:27 PM »
Ethel's fine.

Is she what she used to be? No. I liked old school Ethel. I mean, the entire universe was seemingly against her: she's the only unattractive teenage girl in town/universe filled with super models and her one love interest is the one person in the world who
doesn't like romance. But she took it all in stride. She was so likeable because of that. And times change and now she's more quirky than unattractive (still not the most beautiful) and her going after Jughead is put on hold or downplayed. Partly because
Jughead doesn't have his own title for--wow, way to long.

And even though they were weird, Al Hartley and his Spire comics helped show her to readers. And he focused on her a good bit (probably his favorite secondary character) Do I agree with the changes he did to Ethel? Making her whiny and annoying
and crying nearly every time something goes wrong? No. But she was in print.

And she did marry Jughead in LWA Veronica verse. And I think her and Dilton were getting together in the other verse?

But she's still in a nice spot currently. She is on the occasional cover and in a story or at least appears in a story. It's not great, but its something.

And Trula isn't competition to Ethel. Trula's one of my favorite secondary characters, but even I know that in the character hierarchy she's around dead last.

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Snow Job
« on: February 28, 2015, 08:22:27 PM »
Page 5

Panel one: Jughead is almost done with the driveway as he glances over at Trula.

Jughead thinking: Only a few more feet of snow to go until I’m within claw reach!

Panel two: Jughead begins to shovel tiny bits of snow to postpone the inevitable as he begins sweating nervously.

Jughead thinking: Gulp. I’m almost at her! What is she thinking?! What does she know!?

Panel three: Jughead puts the shovel down and begins to make a poorly made snowball as he finally has come up with a plan.

Jughead thinking: I know what I’ll do!

Jughead: I’ll just scare her off. I’ll throw this snowball over her head and her natural timid female instincts will override her natural evil female instincts!

Panel four: Jughead tilts his entire body back as he acts like he is going to throw the snowball as hard as possible. He has shifted all his bodyweight on his back foot and has titled his body back so much that his front foot is sticking high in the air.

Jughead: This is your only warning! Vacate the premises or else!

Panel five: Jughead softly throws the snowball high so that it will go over Trula’s head. Trula has a sneer on her face that puzzles Jughead who is stuck in a pitcher’s motion.

Jughead: Huh?

Panel six: Trula jumps up and lets the weak snowball her in the face as Jughead looks on in confusion.


Jughead: ?

Page 6

Panel one: Trula clutches her face and holds the snow to it as she begins to act like she’s in pain as Jughead turns his head as he doesn’t know how to react. In he background the boy snow bunny is holding a wrapped sucker and pointing at Jughead as the female bunny agrees.

Trula: OW! My face! I think you broke my nose! OW!

Jughead: What—but you—but that snowball wasn’t even packed in--!!

Panel two: Mr. Jones is standing behind Jughead as Jughead rolls his eyes towards him.

Jughead has a though balloon of Trula hanging up a framed picture of himself to show that he just realized he got framed by Trula and in trouble because of it.

Panel three: Jughead turns to his father as he desperately tries to plead his case. Trula is acting like she is crying into her gloved hands, but has her fingers spread out so she can see what is happening with a smile on her face.

Jughead: Okay! I know how it looks—but she’s evil! She was standing there doing nothing—

Jughead: Er, I mean, she—I threw a snowball at her, but not really, but it hit her and—

Panel four: Jughead looks up as his father has his arms folded across his chest and staring down at Jughead as he doesn’t believe Jughead one bit.

Jughead: I want a trial by jury.

Mr. Jones: I am the jury! I’m also the judge and executioner!

Panel five: Mr. Jones smiles at Trula as Trula wipes a fake tear from her right eye as she sobs and answers. Jughead turns to her and looks like he could just strangle her.

Mr. Jones: Tell me, Trula, do you and your mother have someone to shovel your driveway?

Trula: Sniff sob sob. No, Mr. Jones. It’s just my mother and I.

Panel six: Mr. Jones pushes an apprehensive Jughead towards Trula as Jughead vainly tries to use his heels as brakes. Trula smiles and claps her hands in happiness. The two white bunnies hop away hand in hand with a giant red heart over their heads.

Mr. Jones: Well you do now!

Page 7

Panel one: Jughead is just finishing up Trula Twyst’s driveway as Trula is at her front door looking on in a similar manner only with her right hand in her coat pocket. Jughead is fuming with anger as snow bits that he is shoveling over his head that land on him sizzle on his body.

Jughead thinking: Look at her! Tricking me like that and watching me this entire time!

Panel two: Jughead begins to make a snowball as he has finished the driveway and is only a few feet from Trula as Trula just watches and doesn’t seem concerned at all.

Jughead thinking: I don’t care if I have to shovel the main Riverdale highway now!

Panel three: Jughead is standing up and is packing a big snowball as hard as he can with both hands as he prepares to hit Trula at close range with the snowball.

Jughead thinking: I’m knocking that smug look off her face!

Panel four: Jughead has a thought balloon of a grave with Trula Twyst’s name on it as even he is surprised by the thought balloon.

Jughead: Whoa! A too harsh!

Panel five: Jughead grins in approval as the thought balloon image has changed to the snowball being wedged into Trula’s mouth.

Jughead: Perfect.

Panel six: Jughead prepares to throw the snowball as Trula Twyst begins to take her hand out of her right coat pocket. Jughead has his right hand all the way back as far as he can as he prepares to go full force with his throw.

Jughead: Now to give you what you deserve!

Trula: And to give you what you’ve earned.

Page 8

Panel one: Jughead lets the snowball drop from his right hand as his pose loosens and he looks directly at the three twenty dollar bills that Trula is holding out for Jughead to take.

Jughead: …60 dollars?

Trula off-panel: For shoveling the driveway. My mother had me come over to ask you to do it for us.

Panel two: Jughead takes the money as he looks at Trula perplexed at why she did what she did for no real reason. Behind Jughead we can see that the Twyst driveway is about half of what the Jones driveway is.

Jughead: Shovel your driveway for sixty dollars? That’s a lot. Almost enough for the possibility of me agreeing to do it to exist.

Jughead: So, why the manipulation? The dirty trick? The subterfuge?

Panel three: Trula tilts her head to her left and smiles as she explains herself as Jughead thinks about it.

Trula: I’m me, and you’re you. And that’s how we’ve always done things, Juggers.

Jughead: …

Panel four: Jughead, while using the now perfect Twyst driveway, is stuffing the sixty dollar in his coat pocket as he carries the snow shovel over  his right shoulder like a soldier with his rifle as he walks away. Jughead grins as he actually seems to at least accept Trula’s logic. Trula is waving goodbye from her front door. Close by the two kids are now pulling their snowmen along. The red boy’s snowman is now happy again and the blue kids’s snowman has a neck brace on under its reattached head and is smiling as well as everything turned out okay for them.

Jughead: I can appreciate the logic and happily accept dollars in my pocket.


Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Snow Job
« on: February 28, 2015, 07:49:09 PM »
Yeah, that's what I get for proof reading while babysitting...But I'm so sick of watching Frozen!!!

Fan Fiction / Jughead in Snow Job
« on: February 28, 2015, 05:42:45 PM »
Page one

Panel one: The setting is the Jones living room as Mr. Jones is pointing out to the driveway as it is covered in nearly a foot of snow as it continues to snow outside. Jughead looks blankly out the window as he tells his father what he sees.

Mr. Jones: Jughead, my son, how does the driveway look to you?

Jughead: Hard to say. It’s covered in nearly a foot of snow.

Mr. Jones: So it is.

Panel two: Mr. Jones is holding a snow shovel as Jughead cups his right hand just under his chin as he begins to think about his father’s next question.

Mr. Jones: And this is a snow shovel.

Jughead: A very nice one at that.

Mr. Jones: And when you put a snow covered driveway and a snow shovel together, what do you get?

Panel three: Jughead smiles and points to the window.

Jughead:  I got it! Since you drew attention to the driveway and you have the snow shovel…

Jughead: …That means you’ll be the one who clears off the driveway with it!

Panel four: Jughead is outside at the steps of his front door as the door slams behind him. He is wearing his coat, snow hat with his hat on top of it, a scarf and he has the snow shovel in his right hand as he looks out at the driveway.


Jughead: I deduce that I am no Sherlock Holmes.

Page 2

Panel one: Jughead begins to shovel up his driveway as he angrily grumbles to himself. He is throwing a pile of snow behind his back as he works, not noticing that a white rabbit was hidden in the snow and is happily taking a ride with the rest of the shoveled snow.

Jughead: Don’t see why I have to do this—the sun will melt it eventually!

Panel two: Jughead turns to look at the rest of the driveway to see how much he has to do.

Jughead: And why is it called a driveway when you park your car on it? Pure madness I tell’s ya!

Panel three: Jughead glares ahead at what he sees.

Jughead: And, a more important question....

Panel four: Jughead points at Trula Twyst who is on the sidewalk just ahead of the Jones driveway as she is wearing a yellow coat, green beret hat, and is silently watching Jughead with an emotionless face. Behind Trula several kids are pushing a snowman on a sled along that has a sign reading: SNOWMAN FOR RENT (Get it while it’s COLD).

Jughead: What is Trula Twyst, my archenemy, doing so close to the parameter of my stronghold!?

Page 3

Panel one: Jughead shakes a fist at her as she remains perfectly still. Behind her a pair of kids have two snowman on toboggans that are charging at each other, each snowman is armed with a giant icicle for a spear. Each kid cheers his snowman on. The kids on the right is wearing blue, the kid on the left is wearing red.

Jughead: Get out of here! Vamoose! Begone from my safe haven yon Witch of Twyst!

Panel two: Trula doesn’t respond as Jughead becomes more frustrated. Behind Trula the blue kid’s snowman has lost as it has been beheaded. The kid in red comforts the kid in blue as the kid in blue kneels down and holds up the snowman’s head like a scene for Hamlet. The winning snowman has a frown on his expression, saddened by what has happened to his snowman compatriot. The rest of the losing snowman is still on its toboggan with its wooden arms feeling where its head used to be.

Panel three: Jughead waves the shovel in her direction as if to shoo her away to no effect.

Jughead: Go away! Shoo Shoo! Go Away!

Panel four: Jughead puts the shovel down as he sees it is having no effect on Trula.

Jughead: …

Panel five: Jughead goes back to work on his second giant scoop of shoveling as Trula continues to watch silently. Jughead is shoveling one handed as he puts another hand over his mouth as he nearly becomes sick. Again another white bunny, this one female and wearing a pink ribbon is happily riding the snow pile as the other bunny looks on with hearts over its head.

Jughead: Fine. Stand there like a statue. I don’t care. I’ve got work to do.

Jughead: --Ugh. Threw up in my mouth…

Page 4

Panel one: Jughead is halfway though with his driveway as Trula is still standing like she was as she silently watches Jughead.

Jughead thinking: Sheesh! This is like having the angel of death watching over you!

Panel two: Jughead is scooping up more snow as he turns to look at Trula who remains perfectly still and is watching him. The two white bunnies are making a snowrabbit, but the boy bunny eats the carrot as the female bunny shrugs her shoulders in “oh well.”

Jughead thinking: This is weird. This isn’t like that curly haired fiend at all. She hasn’t said a word. Hasn’t moved an inch. Just watching me with those dead souless eyes…

Panel three: Jughead is eyeing Trula suspiciously.

Jughead thinking: She’s up to something…

Panel four: Jughead is shoveling more snow as he is 3/4ths of the way done as several white rabbits begin having a snow fight right behind Jughead as the boy bunny shield the female bunny who looks at him gallantly. The other bunnies come up from the snow in the yard out of no where.

Jughead: Must be some sort of silent treatment. Probably meant to get me to react, bring out my anxieties, spill my beans…

Panel five: Jughead points a Trula as Trula looks on still blankly.

Jughead: Well it ain’t gonna work!

Panel six: Jughead puts both hands over his mouth to shut himself up as Trula finally begins to chuckle.

Jughead thinking: …Anymore.


Fan Fiction / Re: Cheryl Blossom: The True MEANs of Beauty.
« on: February 27, 2015, 01:08:41 AM »
Um...thanks everyone for reading...? :)

All About Archie / Re: Veronica in "Riverdale Royalty!"
« on: February 24, 2015, 10:23:39 PM »
Yeah, that was really great! That was just pure fun. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead and Veronica are Best Friends
« on: February 20, 2015, 08:23:04 PM »
Glad your computer is fixed. I've had problems with mine before and that can be a pain.

And I wouldn't go total jerk. Jug and Ronnie did nearly break his jaw, and Archie just didn't tel them that Betty was now in the contest. So maybe half a jerk... :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Reggie Is A Ice Guy, Snow Lie!
« on: February 20, 2015, 08:20:01 PM »
Thanks for reading. And this story is pretty much me doing a Looney Tunes Bug Bunny cartoon. Jughead (Bugs) gets antagonized by whomever (Reggie) and responds by getting him back a 1000 fold. :)
I miss old school Bugs. :(

Page 7

Panel one: Jughead is raising the t-bone tied a string over his head and back as Hot Dog is following after the t-bone leaping in the air eight feet and is actually defying gravity and he is doing a loop to follow after t-bone as he propels himself in the air as Hot Dog, the sled, and Jughead are in the air upside down and looking to land just behind Reggie. The snow balls miss Jughead as a result of this superhuman stunt.

Reggie: !!!

Panel two: Jughead’s upside down head is right above Reggie’s  head as he tilts his head up and protests how what Jughead is doing is impossible.

Reggie: You can’t do that! That’s breaking the law of gravity!

Jughead (with the word balloon upside down like Jughead): Then write me up a ticket!

Panel three: Hot Dog, Jughead, and the sled land behind Reggie and go in the opposite direction as the streak away. Reggie bangs his head against the steering wheel as he fuming at the turn of events.

Reggie: GRRR!!

Reggie: This is like trying to fight a living cartoon!!

Panel four: A close-up on the front of the snowmobile of doom hitting a snow covered rock.


Panel five: The shock of the hit knocks Reggie forward as he rockets in the air as his hair, face, and lips are tucked back like he was an astronaut leaving earth’s orbit. The snowmobile of doom’s front is scrunched in as has smoke from the engine seeping through the hood and forming an image of a tombstone.


Panel six: Reggie is being rocketed towards a snow bank as he shakes his head and motions with his arms in the “missed a field goal” motion as he does not want to plow into it.

Reggie: No! No! No more snow! No more snow!

Page 8

Panel one: Hot Dog is finishing up his steak as he licks his lips as he begins to happily skip away. Jughead is at the sled as he motions for Hot Dog to leave as Jughead throws the stick and string to the ground, since it’s no use to him anymore.

Jughead: Well, you’ve had your treat. You go do what you got to do, boy, and we’ll head back in to get warm.

Panel two: Hot Dog is walking to the snowbank as Reggie’s head is sticking out and the rest of him is stuck and can’t free himself. Reggie is yelling at Hot Do and motioning with his head for Hot Dog to come help him..

Reggie: Mutt! You look like one of those ugly, hairy rescue dogs that save people trapped in snow in those old movies! Get me out of here!

Hot Dog: Sheesh! Hydrants don’t spout off as much as this guy!

Panel three: Hot Dog has an evil smirk across his face and raises both eyebrows as he obviously has evil intentions in mind.

Hot Dog: Hmm….

Reggie: You listening to me!? Get me out of here, and I might find you a good home after I murder you owner!

Panel four: Hot Dog has turned to his side and is raising a leg to pee right on Reggie as Reggie shakes his head in a unproductive protest.

Reggie: Don’t you think it! Don’t you do it!  No! No! No!

Panel five: Jughead is looking up as he hears a horrible noise off panel.


Jughead: That’s the most unhappy gurgle, I’ve ever heard gurgled! And I’ve heard many in my brief time on this world!

Page 9

Panel one: Jughead is walking past a pine tree covered in snow and ice as he a hand over his eyes as he is looking out in the distance to see if Reggie is around.

Jughead: Huh. Not like Reggie to learn his lesson this quick….

Panel two: A shot in a red scope that has a small x just over Jughead as Jughead shrugs his shoulders and grins.

Jughead: …But without him bothering me, I can focus on more pressing matters.

Panel three: Jughead bends down just as a heavy duty snowball going 100 MPH zooms over his back and hits the pine tree knocking a hole straight through it and still rocketing out the other end.

Jughead: --Like are these two snowflakes exactly alike!?



Panel four: Jughead looks up as he notices the hole in the tree as a frightened chipmunk looks out and is waving a white flag in surrender from inside of the tree.

Jughead: Someone alert the Lorax! The Giving Tree has been assaulted!

Reggie off-panel: Hey, Jughead—

Panel five: Reggie is sliding down a hill as he is carrying a modified baseball launcher over his shoulder with the scope over his right eye. Strapped to his back is a snow ball making pack with a long hose attached to the snow ball launcher. So Reggie looks like a ghostbuster in winter wonderland. On the snow ball launcher is a sticker reading: SMORE SNOW POW 5000

Reggie: --Say hello to me new, li’l friend!!

Page 10

Panel one: Jughead is backed against the tree as birds, squirrels and other woodland creatures leave the tree as Reggie has his snowball launcher aimed at a scared out of his wits Jughead.

Jughead: Gulp. I’d rather say goodbye…!

Reggie: Oh, you’ll be saying that in just a few more seconds--

Panel two: Reggie reaches back and begins to modify the snowball that is going to hit Jughead is looking up at his hat as he has an idea. The nozzle and hose to the snow ball launcher begin to shake as snow is being thrust into the snowball launcher’s gun portion.

Reggie: --Right after I have a snowball the size of an Alp peak knock the stupid off of you!

Panel three: Jughead throws his hat with one hand as he waves goodbye with the other as he is obviously sad to have to sacrifice it.

Jughead: So long hat #14! I’ll never forget wearing you during the hot dog eating contest last year!

Jughead’s hat thinking: The chili stain was a badge of honor, sir!

Panel four: The hat goes into the snowball launcher right as Reggie fires as he doesn’t notice as he is grinning with all of his teeth showing as victory is within sight to him.

Reggie: Winter is coming—for you, long nose!


Panel five: The snowball launcher is plugged up as the gun begins to vibrate uncontrollably, the hose is about to burst with snow, and the pack strapped to Reggie’s back shaking violently as it’s about to explode.

Reggie: …It’s moments like this that I wish I was a good guy.

Panel six: Jughead takes a step to his left to avoid a tidal wave of snow hitting the tree as he looks ahead in amazement at the snow that bursts from the snowball launcher and knocks the clothes off of a launched in the air Reggie (ala Charlie Brown) leaving him with only his boxers and socks. The hat that Jughead used to clog the snowball launcher, a bit worn, is flying back to him and is landing on his head.


Page 11

Panel one: A loopy Reggie is trying to sit up as he has snowballs swirling around his confused and groggy head as he has no idea where he is or what he is doing. Jughead is walking towards Reggie as he smashes some snow across his chest while Reggie isn’t looking.

Reggie: Muh…whu…what…? What’s goin’ on…?

Panel two: Jughead sticks out his chest to show where the snow he smeared on his shirt is as he feigns defeat as Reggie goofily smiles up with his eyes wide in amazement as the snowballs swirling around his head are now hitting an image of Jughead across the face.

Jughead: Oh, you just nailed me with this nasty snowball. Didn’t see it coming.

Panel three: The still out of it Reggie is happily celebrating in the background and is making a snow angel that is tanking the shape of a snow devil instead as he smiles and happily celebrates while still being clearly out of it. Jughead, in the foreground is dusting off the snow on his shirt, as he looks at the reader.

Reggie: …victory!...victory!...victory!...

Jughead: What can I say?

Jughead: Even I thought he got it kinda rough in this story.


Fan Fiction / Jughead in Reggie Is A Ice Guy, Snow Lie!
« on: February 19, 2015, 11:29:46 AM »
Page 1

Panel one: A close up on Reggie as he is standing on a snow covered hill as he gazes out at the landscape of a suburban area of Riverdale with the roof tops covered in snow as the sun breaks through the gray clouds overhead and a beam of light focuses on him like a stage light. Reggie has his arms stretched out as he soaks in the beauty of it all. He is wearing a snow cap, gloves and a coat with his face on the back with #1 written just under his face. Behind him three squirrels (one fat, another tall, and another skinny) are riding white rabbits as they are using icicles to playfully joust with.

Reggie: Look at it. A snow covered landscape.

Reggie: A blanket of pure white over all of Riverdale. So serene. To think of all the individual snow flakes to make up this wonder…

Reggie: Magic.

Panel two: A close-up on Reggie’s face as he has a warm smile on his face and his eyes flutter as he is seemingly filled with warm happy thoughts.

Reggie: I can only think of one solitary thing that could surpass such a sight…

Panel three: Reggie is bent over and is beginning to make a snowball as we can see Jughead walking down just below the hill. Jughead is wearing a large green and red plaid coat, large ear muffs, his hat, and a scarf wrapped around his neck. Behind Reggie, the fat squirrel has won as the other squirrels are stuck in the snow head first as their rabbits try to dig them out. The fat squirrel pets his rabbit on the nose as a way of saying, job well done.

Reggie: --Popping cue snoot with an 80 MPH snowball!

Page 2

Panel one: In the foreground Jughead is looking ahead as he has both of his gloved hands in his coat pocket and doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. In the background, Reggie is throwing a snowball at Jughead as the snowball has small flames around it to show how hard and fast it is coming in on Jughead.

Reggie: Icy death from above, sucker!!

Panel two: Jughead suddenly twists his hips to facing the snowball as the snowball is streaking towards him. His facial expression remains vacant.

Panel three: Jughead pulls out an empty snow cone from his left pocket to catch the snowball in.

Panel four: Jughead takes his right hand out of his pocket as it has a small vial of cherry flavoring as he begins to pour it on the snowball.

Panel five: Jughead begins to take a lick of his newly made cherry flavor snow cone as he nods in approval.

Panel six: Jughead uses one hand to wave at Reggie as he continues to lick his snow cone and walk away as if what happened was a mundane, everyday experience. In the background Reggie is red face and stomping his feet and kicking up snow.

Jughead: Thanks, Reg.

Reggie: You’ll be eating more snow than just that before I’m through with you, Jones!!

Jughead: Sounds yummy.

Page 3

Panel one: Reggie is peaking behind a shrub as “Jughead” is standing in the center of a line of snowmen with his back turned to Reggie. Next to Reggie is a snowball with Jughead’s name etched into it. Each snowman is dressed different: One is a musketeer, another is a fireman, another Cosmo the merry Martian, another is a clown, and the last is an astronaut. “Jughead”’s body motion is looking like he is examing the snowmen. Each snowmen has his arm behind its back where you can’t see what might be there.

Reggie whispering: Look at that. Making idiotic snowmen. Almost makes me feel like I’m wasting my time pelting that dummy’s noggin.

Panel two: Reggie jumps out from his spot and hits “Jughead” across the back of his head.

Reggie: Almost!

Reggie: Yuk-yuk-yuk!

Panel three: Reggie pulls at his hair in alarm as “Jughead’s head falls off while the rest of his body remains perfectly still.

Panel four: Reggie is rushing over to “Jughead’s” severed head as he has a thought balloon of himself in a winter wonderland prison guarded by snow elves.

Reggie: Jughead! Say something! Eat a snack! Make a quip!

Panel five: Reggie bends down to pick up “Jughead’s severed head as he is nervous about it.

Reggie: Gulp.

Reggie: Okay, okay, Reg. You heard an abdominal snowman and you found Jughead like this. Everyone will believe you. You’re awesome!

Panel six: Reggie turns “Jughead’s head around to see that it was just a snow head that was carefully made up to look like Jughead’s head. Jughead’s scarf and hat fall off to show this. The snow head is making a face at Reggie as Reggie reacts in shock.

Reggie: What sick snow miser could have conjured this up--?!!

Page 4

Panel one: Reggie crushes the fake head in both hands as he grinds his teeth and flames are in his eye.

Reggie: When I’m done with that smart aleck, they’ll have to move to the Caribbean to defrost him!

Panel two: Reggie looks up as he hears a voice calling him to attention. Reggie looks ahead with wide eyes.

Jughead off panel: psst.

Reggie: Uh-oh.

Panel three: A side view of the line of snowmen as we can see that each has a large snowball behind their back with each having a string that leads to Jughead’s hand as prepares to release the string and have the snowballs waylay Reggie. Reggie looks ahead with his face scrunched and his fists clasped as he realizes just how bad he got played and how much this is going to hurt.

Reggie: Oh, you miserable, lousy, no good---

Jughead: Butterfingers. It’s not just my favorite candy bar.

Panel four: Reggie is taking a giant snowball to the back of his head as it nearly knocks him down with the other four closing in on him as Reggie bends down and tries to shield himself with his arms over the back of his head.

Reggie: So he wants to play rough? Wants to play dirty—arrrkk!


Reggie: Fine by me!!

Page 5

Panel one: Reggie is on the roof of the Jones home as he is dumping cold water on the snow covered roof so that it will fall to the front of the house. We can see the ladder to the side of house. Through a window we can see inside of the house as a couch is in view.

Reggie: Heh-heh-heh-heh!

Reggie: When that glutton saunters outside for his usual afternoon trip to Pop’s—he’ll open the door, close it and—THOOM!

Panel two: Reggie notices that the ladder is being moved as he eyes stretch out in alarm.

Jughead below off-panel: Now who put this here?

Reggie: Ah!

Panel three: A low angle view as Jughead is laying the ladder on the ground as Reggie protests as he drops the bucket to his right side. Reggie shakes a fist at Jughead while Jughead puts a hand over his mouth to stop a burp.

Reggie: What are you doing out here, when you should be inside there?

Jughead: Building those snowmen worked my appetite early, so I rescheduled my nap and Pop Tate burgers.

Jughead: Urrrp

Panel four: Reggie is motioning for Jughead to stop as Jughead opens the front door to his house and prepares to go inside. Reggie’s footing is beginning to slip as the snow on the roof begins to slide down as bits of snow land just behind Jughead as he doesn’t react to it.

Reggie: Well—put that ladder back where it—hey, hey! Don’t do that! Don’t go in!

Jughead: Sorry. I’ve already bent my strict schedule as far as it will go, Reggie.

Panel five: Reggie and all the snow on the roof begin to tumble down. Reggie is flapping his arms with both hands hoping to fly. Just above him is the bucket as it is about to land right on him.


Panel six: Reggie is on the steps of the Jones porch as he is covered in snow and the bucket is stuck to his head as he is so angry he is actually hitting and denting the bucket as he can’t control his rage. Inside, thanks to  the window, we can see Jughead happily napping on the couch with a Derby Dalton comic over his face.

Reggie: Picture of a storm cloud, a skull, and a dagger. 

Page 6

Panel one: Jughead is back outside as he is now being pulled on a sled by Hot Dog as he stands up on the sled and is holding out a T-bone tied to a long stick to help motivate Hot Dog to continue onward. Several kids stop building their snow forts to give Jughead a wave as he responds with his free hand. Hot Dog is sniping at the t-bone as it is just out of reach.

Jughead: This is a much better way to trek in the snow.

Hot Dog: Curse my animal instincts and bottomless stomach!

Panel two: Jughead turns his head as he hears Reggie scream off-panel at him

Reggie off-panel: I’ll get you, ugly! And your fat, overweight mutt, too!

Panel three: Reggie is on a black snowmobile as he is racing over a hill and knocking down several snowmen and snow forts as the kids scatter as Reggie comes out like a lunatic. His snow mobile has a picture of a snowman’s head and cross bones. Strapped to the sides of the snowmobile are several large canisters filled with snowballs. Reggie is leaning into the wheel as he eyes flash wildly, like Cruela de Ville. One little kid looks on in amazement as he can’t believe what he is seeing. Several others run away shaking their fists in vengeance at Reggie.

Reggie: Da-da-da-da-DAH-DAH! Da-da-da-da-DAH-DAH!

Panel four: Jughead turns forward as he begins to raise the stick with the t-bone over his head as Reggie in his snowmobile of doom is just seconds from him as Reggie is already throwing snowballs that are coming at Jughead like blue, icy flames.

Jughead: Well, he’s lost what little he had left…

Jughead: Time for evasive maneuvers, Hot Dog.

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in The Valentine's Day Wager.
« on: February 15, 2015, 06:39:27 PM »
Thanks. :)

And I always thought that Riverdale on Valentine's day is like Whoville on Christmas. I even half started a fan fic called How the Grumple Snatched Valentine's Day, but then I did a google search and the Simpsons beat me to the name.
And I hate going back to edit a name, so--I just kinda ditched it. :)

Reviews / PTF Reviews Jughead and Archie #10
« on: February 13, 2015, 03:26:40 PM »
PTF Reviews Jughead and Archie #10.

I just don’t get some people. I get my little cousin Spirited Away, a great animated move from Studio Ghibli, and just because I got it at a pawn shop; I didn’t care. Besides, what was I supposed to do, use the money I got this digest with for a slightly better gift? That’s just crazy talk.

The Good.

Fernando Ruiz art: Heck yeah! Two new stories buy the most beloved artist around these parts. The Feast and the Furious is about Mr. Weatherbee cultivating the tongue of Jughead to fine dining. Snack Attack has a winter field trip to a petting zoo where Jughead and Archie go about the usual business. Both stories a well done and, as always, well drawn. I prefer Snack Attack myself, but Alex Simmons penned script is still a great idea. And we even have a few older stories from Ruiz reprinted. So if you’re a Ruiz fan like me, this issue is great.

DeCarlo Jr. Poor guy never got the respect he deserved. I always felt he was great, but when your father pretty much helped make Archie Comics—yeah, you’re always going to be the guy who never lived up to his father’s potential. I just love the body language he gives all the characters. Probably one of the best of the Archie comics. It’s nice to see him get a big slew of stories.

The Vault: It’s always fun to read the older comics. Plus Jughead isn’t in full on woman hater mode so you don’t have to feel guilty about laughing at the stories. You have Jughead somehow making everyone dumber, a ro(not)bot gag that Reggie takes too far, and Mr. Flutesnott and Coach Kleats trying to trade Jughead off on the other. Plus a fun Archie story involving puppy sitting. All classic stories and all classic art.

Boldman and Lindsey. The greatest pairing since peanut butter and jelly! If you’re a fan like me, you’re going to love this as it is packed with their stories. Jackie Frost, the female embodiment of winter, has come back to visit her old friend Jughead; Jughead has to decide if a candy bar that’s a work of art should be eaten or looked at forever; Archie and Jughead’s consciences decide to swap teens; and that’s just a few of them! This harkens back to the old Jughead double double digest where you pick it up and knew you’re getting great stories because it will have several stories by these two.

Y’know what, just everything. Yeah, that’s how good this digest is. I don’t have a problem with any single story, piece of art, the one page gags are extremely funny.  Heck, the cover is great too. One of my complaints that I normally have is Archie stories without Jughead or vice versa, but there are only maybe three of those. So even stories live up the title’s name.

The Bad.

Okay, this one is going to be a little tough…

No That Wilkin Boy. One of my favorite titles isn’t reprinted. So no sage wisdom of Uncle Herman and Sampson. I’m probably going to miss that in later issues after this awesome one.

No Toni Topaz. I kind of expected her to be in a new story and had some jokes wrote out…but I’m gonna have to save them…so you know that was like two minutes of my life I lost…curse you digest…?

It should be called Jughead and Archie Jumbo Jumbo digest. I just like how it rolls off the tongue…

Fine. There’s no real bad. This is a great issue. Probably the best Jumbo digest I’ve read.

Things that I’ve learned.

.1. Hot Dog is a great artist
2 If you want to make food fancy, make it smaller.
3. Floor panels come in toffee color.
4. Never lose your signed coupon book.
5. Music and gym teachers have been at war since school was just the Three R’s.
6. Petting zoos are dangerous
7. Archie cannot distinguish an empty box from a box that actually has something in it.
8. Even if your claptrap snowmobile falls apart after you win a race—the dastardly snow mobile conglomerate will give you four brand new snowmobiles just to keep the secret!
9. Never let Archie help you. With anything. EVER
10. Ol' far you have fallen!

Anyway, this is one of the best jumbo digests I’ve read. Everything is great. Two great new stories from Fernando Ruiz, plenty of classic Jughead artists, great stories. Just buy the issue. It's excellent.

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