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  • John Asperger: R.I.P. Stan G. :-( ~ I guess I am a little late here , I didn't get to a computer for 2 days , and I saw it today at Captain Comics , which , though listing him first as an Archie Artist , also mentioned his early Marvel Age super-hero coloring . Goodbye , Stan :-( .
    Today at 07:54:32 PM
  • spazaru: Comic Vine finally has the November solicits, not that we haven't seen everything already:  [link]
    Today at 03:56:49 PM
  • SaveFearow: We'll miss him.
    Yesterday at 11:11:47 PM
  • SaveFearow: Poor Stan Goldberg.
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  • PTF: RIP Stan Goldberg.
    Yesterday at 10:16:39 PM
  • Zach Ziggster: R.I.P., Stan. :(
    Yesterday at 08:07:22 PM
  • Banshee: Rest in peace, Stan. You are one of our most talented Archie artists. :(
    Yesterday at 03:32:56 PM
  • JonInIowaCity: I just blogged about "Mega Man #40" [link]
    Yesterday at 01:58:59 PM
  • mitsuhoney: I made Lego versions of Archie characters! :D Here is the link: [link]
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  • Sabrina: RIP Stan!  :angel:
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  • Original Sin: :( RIP, Stan.
    Yesterday at 02:17:12 AM
  • Steveinthecity: Sad news. An important contributor to comics and specifically to Archie.
    Yesterday at 01:42:25 AM
  • Archie Comics Collector: Rest in Peace Stan Goldberg. I will never forget your amazing art and how you got reading Archie comics again. You will truly be missed!
    Yesterday at 01:25:27 AM
  • Debbie_Anne: [link]
    Yesterday at 01:14:56 AM
  • Banshee: I'm just having burgers and salad. Food is getting TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!
    August 31, 2014, 09:28:12 PM
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  • BettyReggie: Is every one have a BBQ tomorrow?
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Think of it like Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons. Sometimes he's in Lisa's class, but in some episodes he's in Bart's class. I just go by writers have their own continuity. :)

All About Archie / Re: Explorers Of The Unknown?
« on: August 30, 2014, 05:39:57 PM »

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie and Friends in The Ice Bucket Challenge!
« on: August 28, 2014, 10:25:30 AM »
Love the Dan Parent picture. And thanks to everyone who posted and is reading. :)

Page 17

Panel one: Archie is standing off from Carla and the rest of the girls who are watching Frankie and his band as more familiar faces gather in the crowed. Frankie is taking the ALS Ice Bucket challenge on stage as Bridgette dumps the bucket of ice water on him while Maria stands in front of Frankie with a mirror so Frankie can see himself as he tries to smile, but his teeth end up chattering. While holding the mirror, Maria is playfully rolling her eyes at Frankie’s display of arrogance. Chloe is on stage taking pictures. Dilton is looking over notes as Archie talks with him.

Archie: Hey, Dilton! Getting ready for your lecture about ALS?

Dilton: Precisely, Archie.

Panel two: Archie responds to Dilton as Dilton adjusts his glasses and puts his notes in his pant pocket.

Dilton: Archie, would you mind if I ran through my speech with you before I took the stage? I’m somewhat… nervous.

Archie: I’m all ears and six freckles!

Panel three: Dilton is talking as Carla and the other girls turn around as they listen in to Dilton.

Dilton: ALS—often referred to as Lou Gerhrig’s Disease—is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

Dilton: Meaning that the motor neurons can no longer send impulses to your body to move arms, legs or even to swallow or breathe.

Panel four: Dilton continues as a large crowd has gathered around him that he has yet noticed.

Dilton: To date there is no cure, but with the help of the ALS Association, therapies and treatments have been created to help maintain independence and prolong life.

Dilton: And by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the money we have contributed today, we are furthering advances in research that will lead to improved treatment methods and hopefully a cure.

Panel five: Archie motions at the large crowed that has gathered and is clapping and giving Dilton applause as he blushes, adjusts his shirt collar with his index finger and smiles weakly as he is taken by surprise.

Archie: I think you’ll do just fine, Dilt.

Page 18

Panel one: Jughead is still at the food tables as he is eating three hot dogs in one hand and a leg of turkey with the other as Reggie—sporting a bandage across the lump on his head because of Moose-- walks by as he sticks his tongue out in disgust.

Reggie: Do you have to eat like that, you goofball?!

Jughead: I’ve eaten with my feet before. Used my socks for napkins.

Panel two: Jughead turns to look at Reggie as he points out Reggie’s bandage. Reggie rolls his eyes towards the bandage and grumbles

Jughead: What happened to you? So full of yourself you’re sprouting another head?

Panel three: Reggie puts a hand on Jughead’s shoulder and motions with his other hand’s thumb that they have to go. Jughead is biting into the turkey leg as does not like the idea of leaving all the food that he is eying from the corner of his eye.

Reggie: Look, it’s about time for The Archies to start playing, and I drew the short straw to gather you up, long nose!

Panel four: Jughead twists his shoulder as he slouches over the table and continues to eat. Reggie glowers at Jughead as he is obviously not in the mood to put up with Jughead right now.

Jughead: Can’t play drums. Eating drumstick. All that’s left of turkey. Must finish what I started.

Panel five: Reggie is dragging Jughead along by his feet as Jughead is digging into the ground with one hand and reaching for Pop Tate and Gaston to help him as they just wave goodbye with their right hands. Jughead has his tongue out on the ground as he is looking up at the food that he has not yet eaten.

Reggie: Normally, I wouldn’t want to be seen with you, but I’ve got a small blemish and a misfit like you will draw attention away from it!

Page 19

Panel one: Veronica is walking along with a bucket that Nancy and Carlos have decorated with golden $ and VL shaped and colored like money as she notices a pouting Betty standing off from everyone. Walking along is Leroy, Souphead and a bunch of other kids with identical Veronica themed buckets that they obviously don’t like. Veronica is holding her bucket so he reader can’t see if it is empty or filled with water.

Veronica: Betty, you look depressed.

Panel two: Betty is talking as Veronica listens as she is thinking about what to do for Betty.

Betty: I wanted to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but no one wants to challenge me because I’m nice!

Panel three: Betty is confused as Veronica smiles sly at her.

Panel four: Veronica holds up the bucket to show that it is filled with ice and water.

Veronica: Consider yourself challenge.

Panel five: Veronica dumps the bucket on Betty as Betty doesn’t even feel how cold the water is as she is all smiles and jumping in joy.

Betty: Yay!

Panel six: Betty hugs Veronica as Veronica notices several tangles in Betty’s hair and tries to fix them without Betty noticing.

Betty: You’re the best BFF ever!

Veronica: You just remember this moment when I steal Archie from you on a date night.

Page 20

Panel one: The Archies are back together behind the stage as Veronica and Betty join the others. The boys notice that Betty is soaking wet and surprised by it.

Archie: Betty—you’re soaking wet!

Betty: Veronica challenged me!

Panel two: The boys look over and glare at Veronica as Veronica goes wide-eyed.

Panel three: Veronica points to Betty as Betty is wringing out her ponytail while looking away and whistling nonchalantly.

Veronica: She wanted me to!

Panel four: Archie motions for the rest of the band to follow him up on stage as Reggie and Jughead shake their heads in shame at Veronica as Veronica looks over at Betty angrily as Betty smiles and shrugs her shoulders slightly in a “what can I do about it”

Archie: C’mon, gang! Sounds like Dilton’s finished and we have to give the people a show!

Page 21 and 22 Double Spread

The Archies are performing on stage as nearly all of the familiar faces of Riverdale are in front of the stage cheering and celebrating. In the front row are Chuck, Nancy, Bridgette, Frankie, Maria, Trula Twyst, Ethel, Midge, Moose, and Raj. The next row is Kevin Keller, Kumi, Randy, Juanita, Carlos, Nick St. Clair, Cheryl, Dilton, and Jason. The next row is the rest of the older teen secondary characters (Nick St. Clair, Sandy Sanchez, and ect) The next row is all of the New Kids, the next is the faculty of Riverdale, and the last is the families of each main cast member along with Pop Tate, Smithers, Segarini. Couples are hugging or holding hands, Cheryl is winking at Dilton who blushes, Jason is all hearts as he focuses only on Betty. Pop Tate and Segarini shake hands to show working together for a common cause.

Archie: Thank you all for your contributions! And please don’t think the challenge ends after a splash across the back!

Archie: Continue to donate and spread the message. Each day we talk and every cent we donate, we are helping improve the lives of people affected with ALS.

Archie: And to all of the readers—consider yourselves challenged!!

All About Archie / Re: Heartwarming moments.
« on: August 27, 2014, 07:53:20 PM »
Yeah, I remember that one.

And a bonus heartwarming moment in that story comes from Moose.

He doesn't know what's going on, what started the argument, he's just walking by, sees his friend in trouble and stands up for him instantly.

All About Archie / Heartwarming moments.
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:37:58 PM »
Stories where someone did something supper nice or pulled at the heart strings.

One story had Beazly fix something so horrible that Jughead couldn't eat it and him and Reggie poked fun at her. Seeing how upset it made her, Archie ate a plate--got him sick, but he still did the right thing.


Fan Fiction / Re: Archie and Friends in The Ice Bucket Challenge!
« on: August 25, 2014, 11:17:35 PM »
Page 12

Panel one: A drenched Archie is hiding behind Carla as Carla notices someone behind her. Sandy Sanchez is watching as Chloe is taking pictures of Frankie, Bridgette, and Maria as they continue to play.

Carla: Is someone there?

Panel two: Archie stands up straight as he talks with Carla.. Carla is adjusting her glasses as Archie speaks to her.

Archie: Sorry, Carla. It’s me, Archie. Mr. Lodged hired cold blooded mercenaries with ice cold buckets to freeze me in my tracks!

Panel three: Archie is wringing out his shirt as he continues to talk to Carla.

Archie: So I’m trying to hide and keep a low profile until the Archies play.

Panel four: Archie says something incredibly stupid as he realizes it at the last few words as Carla shakes her head at the reader.

Archie: Say, maybe you can help me by being a lookout—er, oops. Sorry.

Panel five: Archie blushes as he smiles weakly as Carla kids with Archie.

Carla: You’re lucky you sound cute.

Page 13

Panel one: Jughead is walking over to the food stations as Pop Tate has a large line for his burgers and hot dogs while Gaston’s fancy three course meal (turkey, duck, and various fruits and vegetables and pastries) doesn’t have a single person in line.

Gaston: Ah, Jooghaid. You seem well, oui?

Jughead: Hi, Gaston. I’m more hungry, yes.

Panel two: Jughead begins to take a plate and glass cup of soda as he looks over at the other line and notices the discrepancy in lines.

Jughead: Say, why is no one storming the Bastille’s buffet table?

Panel three: Gaston shrugs his shoulders and throws up his hands as he does not understand it himself.

Gaston: Mayhaps Gaston has lost eez touch?

Panel four: In the line, Kumi responds as Gaston corrects her as Jughead waves his arms across his chest to signal for Gaston to stop talking. Jughead’s small plate contains a tall stack of various meats, vegetables, foods, and desserts.

Kumi: Sorry, it’s just that there is no way any us could afford that gourmet feast.

Gaston: But my young friend, zee food eez free!

Panel five: Half of Pop Tate’s line comes over to Gaston’s table as Gaston sticks his chest out in pride as Pop Tate gives him a thumbs up. Jughead is frustrated as he is now crowded with everyone reaching over and around him for Gaston’s gourmet banquet.

Jughead: Couldn’t you have waited until my sixth serving before you said that?!
Page 14

Panel one: Veronica is buying a bucket from Cricket O’Dell as Cricket sniffs the air.

Cricket: Sniff Sniff

Cricket: Veronica, you can definitely buy more than one.

Panel two: Veronica takes her bucket as she begins to leave.

Veronica: Thank you, Cricket, but I only need one.

Panel three: Cricket begins to talk to Veronica in the background as Veronica’s eyes light up as she looks around to see various other teens and adults with just one bucket.

Cricket: Okay. But it’s just weird seeing the Veronica Lodge having just one of anything just like everyone else!

Panel four: Veronica slaps down a stack of money on the counter of the bucket stand as she shouts at Cricket who fakes being impressed.

Veronica: I want fifteen more of your buckets! The very best!

Cricket: Because you deserve only the best.


Veronica: Exactly!

Panel five: Veronica is smiling to herself as she has the buckets all stacked up and placed inside on another as she struts away. Everyone stops to stare confusingly at Veronica as they have no idea why she has so many buckets. Cricket is kissing all the money she has just received as a CLOSED sign is now hung up over the front of the bucket booth.

Veronica: Lodge superiority reigns once again!

Panel 15

Panel one: Moose is helping Ginger Lopez with the ice bucket challenge as Raj films it as Ginger issues her challenge into the camera.

Ginger: Thanks! And now I challenge my papi and the rest of the chefs on Riverdale Food Network!

Panel two: Moose looks over to see Reggie talking with Midge as Midge rolls her eyes and turns her head away as Reggie is all smiles and laying on the charm.

Moose: Duh, Ginger, can I borrow that bucket of yours just for a second?

Ginger: Sure…

Panel three: Ginger and Raj look on as Moose storms off as he is swinging the bucket like it was a nunchuck.

Panel four: Ginger and Raj cringe at what they see off-panel


Raj: That’s a twist on the bucket challenge.

Panel five: Moose with Midge at his side walks up to Ginger and Raj and gives back Ginger’s bucket only it is dented in half as both Ginger and Raj look on wide eyed as Ginger begins to take the bucket back.

Moose: Thanks. Sorry if it’s a bit dented.

Ginger: That’s okay, Moose…

Panel six: Ginger and Raj look over to see an unconscious Reggie lying on the ground as he has a giant lump on his forehead.

Ginger: It’s just a bucket. It could have been worse.   

Page 16

Panel one: A news crew is with Mayor Glibb as he prepares to have a bucket of water dumped on him by an assistant as Mad Doctor Doom and Chester wait for their chance in the spotlight. Mayor Glibb has his giant cowboy hat in his hand as he exposes his balding head.

Mayor Glibb: And I say, I was challenged and by cracky-lacky I never back down from a challenge, y’all!

Panel two: Mayor Glibb shakes all over as the ice bucket of water is poured down his head.

Mayor Glibb: Land sakes! This there bucket o’ water is colder than the other side of the piller!

Panel three: The news reporter talks with Mayor Glibb as he strokes his chin as he tries to think of who to challenge. The camera focuses only on Mayor Glibb as Mad Doctor Doom is upset at being ignored, but that doesn’t stop Chester as he is about to pour the cold water on him. Betty is running up to Mayor Glibb.

Mayor Glibb: Now, who do I challenge…?

Betty: I know! I know! Me! Me!

Panel four: Mayor Glibb pats Betty cross her head as Betty looks up as Mayor Glibb talks to her like she was a child.

Mayor Glibb: Now, gal, I can’t do that. It ain’t a thing a proud Texan would do—‘sides it’s election season!

Panel five: Betty is desperate as she yells at Mayor Glibb. Mayor Glibb, with his cowboy hat back on, and the news crew begin to walk away, not paying Betty any notice. Behind her Mad Doctor Doom is chasing after Chester.

Betty: If it helps, my parents didn’t vote for you!!

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie and Friends in The Ice Bucket Challenge!
« on: August 24, 2014, 11:46:21 PM »
Thanks everyone who is reading. Sorry I haven't updated. I redid some stuff.

Page 7

Panel one: Betty has run across Ethel and Tomoko as she is ecstatic to see the two. Both of them are using a towel to dry off after both have obviously competed in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The towels are designed after Cosmo the Merry Martian.

Betty: Ethel! Tomoko!

Tomoko: Oh, hello, Betty.

Panel two: Betty is looking the two over as they explain who challenged them as she begins to hint to them that she wants to participate too.

Betty: So…you both have already been challenged?

Panel three: Ethel and Tomoko talk as Betty eagerly listens.

Ethel: I was challenged by Chunk…

Tomoko: …And in turn Ethel challenged me!

Panel four: Betty is talking as both Ethel and Tomoko are hesitant to challenge Betty as both look at each other with the same concerns.

Betty: I haven’t been challenged! So maybe one or both of you could—

Ethel: Um, er---you see it’s not that simple…

Panel five: Tomoko explains to Betty that she is simply too nice to have ice cold water dumped on her head

Tomoko: Sorry, Betty. It is simply that no one wants to be  responsible for the nicest girl in Riverdale being soaked with ice cold water.

Panel six: Ethel and Tomoko being to leave as Betty has both hands over her mouth and yells at them as everyone in the area turns to look at Betty.

Ethel: C’mon, Tomoko!  I bet Ms. Grundy hasn’t been challenged!

Betty: Wait! I like cold water! I never even drink a soda if it’s lukewarm!

Page 8

Panel one: Archie and Veronica are walking along as they both have purchased a towel from Ginger who waves goodbye; Archie is drying Veronica’s hair with the towel as she smiles ear to ear. In the background, Shrill is drying off with her own towel and much to her dismay finds that all of her make up has washed up on her towel. Simon Silverstein points and laughs at Shrill.

Veronica: Oh, Archiekins, isn’t this going wonderfully?

Archie: Yeah. As long as no one comes down with pneumonia, I mean.

Panel two: Veronica is leaning in close to kiss Archie as Archie does the same.

Veronica: Archie, if you’re cold, I know a way to warm you up.

Panel three: A close up on their lips as they are about to press against one another.

Archie: It’s summer—but it’s not like we live at the equator.

Panel four: Archie jerks his head up, clamps his teeth and his eyes roll every direction as he is splashed with a water bucket from one of the Lodge maids.

Archie: YOWZA

Panel five: Veronica is scolding the maid, but she shrugs her shoulders and we can see that several more of the Lodge Mansion staff have buckets of ice water and a professional camera man is filming everything.

Veronica: Mimi! What is the meaning of this?!

Mimi: My apologies, but Mr. Lodge said he’d donate a thousand dollars to charity plus raise our salaries if we splash Monsieur Archie.

Panel six: Veronica is screaming at the top of her lungs as everyone turns to look at her. Archie is running away as the legion of Lodge staff pursue. Shrill is wiping her hands clean as Simon Silverstein is stumbling around after having Shrill’s towel jammed into his mouth. In the background, Mr. Lodge and Mrs. Lodge are looking on; Mr. Lodge with a smile and Mrs. Lodge playfully frowning.

Veronica: DADDYKINS!!!

Page 9

Panel one: Reggie is dripping wet as he holds his head down and stomps ahead as he has his arms folded to try and get warm. Archie is looking back to see how far he is ahead of his pursuers, not noticing he’s about to collide with Reggie.

Reggie: N-n-n-no go-oo-od j-e—erks!

Panel two: Archie runs right into Reggie as their heads collide as various read and yellow pain stars surround the two.


Panel three: Reggie and Archie both begin to stand up as Archie looks nervously behind him as he holds his head. Reggie is pointing at Archie with his left hand and at himself with his right to illustrate his point.

Reggie: Watch where I’m going! That’s an honor, Andrews!

Panel three: Archie stands up as he is desperate as he clenches Reggie’s shirt and asks for his help out of desperation.

Archie: Reggie! You’ve gotta help me! Mr. Lodge has his entire house staff after me with buckets of ice water!

Panel four: Reggie holds a palm up like a boy scout swearing in as he closes his eyes and promises. Reggie has his other hand behind his back and cannot be seen. Archie is relieved as he thinks Reggie is on his side.

Reggie: Arch, don’t worry! Would a guy who just experienced the same thing wish that upon a friend?

Archie: Thanks, Reg.

Panel five: Archie begins to run as we see Reggie yelling where Archie is and using his hand to point him out; the hand behind his back we can see as he has his fingers crossed.

Reggie: Hey! Archie Andrews is heading towards where Segarini is setting up his dunk tank!

Archie: !!!

Panel six: Archie is red faced with rage as he continues to run ahead as he passes by a stand reading Samm’s Snorkels But Never Snickers!

Archie: Misery loves company! That’s the Mantle Family Motto!

Page 10

Panel one: Segarini is in the middle of setting up a dunk tank as he is frustrated to find Archie is in the tub using a diving mask and snorkel to breathe under the water. Next to the tub is sign reading: DUNK SEGARINI WIN A PIZZA (…must sign legally binding contract to never go to the Chocklit Shop to claim prize). Segarini is wearing his usual clothing with a pair of swim goggles on his chef’s hat. The Lodge staff stops in mass as they see Archie has used the water in the tub to stop them from soaking him.

Panel two: Archie is making faces underwater as he mocks the frustrated and denied Lodge household staff.

Panel three: The Lodge household staff huddles up as Archie looks on confused. Segarini looks on as he demands Archie out of his water tub.

Panel four: Archie and Segarini look on as the Lodge Staff have formed a single line.

Panel five: Archie is worried as the Lodge Household staff form a fire brigade as they begin to pour bucket after bucket of ice cold water into the giant tub. Segarini sticks a finger into the water tub to check the temperature. Archie motions with his hands for the staff to stop.

Panel six: The Lodge Household staff’s plan works as water and ice cubes are overflowing as Archie is still under the water and has pulled his body in tight as he is turning blue. Segarini is shaking from how cold the water is as he has a canceled sign pasted over his sign as he walks away from the scene.

Page 11

Panel one: Reggie is motioning for Wendy Weatherbee, Bella Beazley, Chuck, and Randy, each having a water bucket, to follow him as Reggie spots Mr. Weatherbee, Prof. Flutesnout, Coach Clayton and Mrs. Beazley, who are gathered together and talking. The group is all grins as they like Reggie’s idea. Raj is filming everything.

Reggie: C’mon! This will be great!

Panel two: Reggie is up front as the others are right behind him as they try to hide that they are looking forward to this. Mr. Weatherbee looks down at Reggie and studies him and his expression. Reggie is trying to act sincere as he is having trouble hiding his smile.

Reggie: Sir we, your meager students, challenge you and the faculty to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Panel three: Mr. Weatherbee smiles slyly as he turns to the Riverdale faculty as they all smile back and in agreement.

Panel four: Wendy Weatherbee and Reggie dump water over a bent over Mr. Weatherbee as Chuck pours ice cold water over his father, Randy pours his bucket on Prof. Flutesnout, and Bella pours her bucket of water right over her mother’s head. All the students are smiles from ears to ear and snickering to one another. Raj nervously films the faculty taking the challenge.

Mr. Weatherbee: Brrr. Quite nippy.

Reggie: It’s Summer. You’ll warm up eventually. Hyuk Hyuk!

Panel five: Reggie and his gang begin to walk away as they stick their chest out and high five each other. Reggie is up front as Wendy and Randy are close behind with Chuck and Bella pulling the rear. Mr. Weatherbee and the faculty look on as they don’t seem to have a care in the world.

Mr. Weatherbee: You’re quite correct, Mr. Mantle. It is summer…

Panel six: Reggie and his gang grimace and wince as they realize that they are going to have to have problems when school starts back and Chuck and Bella both look over and glower at Reggie as they will get it worse. Mr. Weatherbee and the faculty continue to smile, only they have bad intentions in mind and Mrs. Beazley is cracking her knuckles as Coach Clayton nods his head in approval. Raj finds the trouble Reggie and his crew are in hysterical.

Mr. Weatherbee: …But it will be Fall soon enough and then the Riverdale High Academic Challenge will begin stronger than ever!

Fan Fiction / Archie and Friends in The Ice Bucket Challenge!
« on: August 21, 2014, 07:49:02 PM »
Page one:

Panel one: Inside of the Lodge Living Room as Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie are watching the Lodge seventy inch TV as it is showing Josie and the Pussycats and Katy Keene participating in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge as Madhouse Glads are toweling off after already taking the challenge. Fran the Fan is up on a step ladder as she pours the ice cold bucket of water on Katy Keene who takes it in stride. Betty, Archie, Reggie and Veronica are sitting on a sofa while Jughead is sitting on the ground eating a bucket of popcorn. Archie and Reggie are wide-eyed as they watch Katy Keene get water poured on her. Betty doesn’t notice Archie and Reggie while Veronica scowls at the two. Jughead doesn’t pay it any mind as he just watches the TV.

Betty: Wow, can you believe how popular the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has become!

Archie and Reggie: We can believe!

Veronica: Forget ice water, I know two people who will be in hot water if they don’t close their jaws and blink their eyes!

Panel two: Betty is talking as the rest of the gang look towards her as she is all smiles and points at the TV as Josie is now having the ice water poured down her back. Jughead is flipping popcorn into his mouth as he quips. Veronica sneers at him in response.

Betty: Why don’t we do an ice bucket challenge here in Riverdale?

Jughead: Because Veronica might melt.

Panel three: Betty is standing up as she pumps her fists and becomes ultra motivated as she tries to get the rest of the gang to join in on her idea. As she is talking Veronica is stretching over Reggie to kick Jughead in the back of the head as Reggie looks on with a smirk. Archie is agreeing with Betty.

Betty: C’mon, we can do it! We can round up our friends and families and do our part!

Archie: I’m with Betty. Every dollar we can raise only helps with research and to find a cure.

Page 2

Panel one: Veronica, hoping to steal Betty’s thunder, is standing up and has her right arm around Betty’s shoulder as Betty looks at the boys as they all smile and seem to be onboard. Reggie is patting Jughead on the head as he pretty much is telling who his target for the ice challenge will be. Archie rolls his eyes at Reggie.

Veronica: And we can have it right here! We can make a party of it. Food, drinks, games, and I’m sure we can think of other activities to gather up money for ALS!

Reggie: Sounds likes a good time. And I know who I’m going to challenge right off the bat.

Jughead: What else can I expect from a drip?

Panel two: Betty turns to Veronica as she is concerned that maybe Veronica’s parents might not approve of such an extravagant event Veronica is planning. Veronica laughs it off as she seems overly confident that she knows her parents will be fine with it.

Betty: But, Ronnie, this is all of a sudden and we’re planning some pretty big things. Do you think your parents will be okay with it?

Veronica: Betty, dear Betty, just leave it to me. I know how to handle my parents.

Panel three: A shot of Veronica on her knees with her hands enclosed as she is begging her parents to let her have the Ice Bucket Challenge party. The rest of the group looks on with shame at the display. Betty is face palming while Reggie is looking up and rolling his eyes. Jughead is looking at Archie in a “really” body expression as Archie feigns a smile and shrugs his shoulders up to his ears. Mr. and Mrs. Lodge look slightly amused.

Veronica: …And that’s when we decided we wanted to make a big event of it! To help donate more money to the ALS Association. Please Please Please! It’s for a good cause!!

Panel four: Mr. And Mrs. Lodge roll their eyes over at each other and smile as Veronica looks up hopefully.

Panel five: Mr. and Mrs. Lodge both nod in approval as Veronica leaps for joy as the rest of the gang celebrates with her.

Mrs. Lodge: Veronica, we think it’s wonderful that you want to help and want to involve all your friends and the community.

Mr. Lodge: We’ll help furnish the food, water, ice, and buckets, but I expect you and your rag tag crew to make up games and other events that could help raise money.

Panel six: Archie’s hair stands up on end as Mr. Lodge is right behind him and sneering at him.

Mr. Lodge: Besides, I’m looking forward to issuing a few challenges of my own, and I’m itching to try out my Artic Ice Maker 5000.

Archie: Eep.

Page 3

Panel one: A high angle view of the Lodge backyard, which is several acres, as it looks like a small carnival has been set up. From the high angle view we can see various booths and lines leading to step ladders as teens and adults wait in line to have a bucket of water dropped on them.  Next to one line ( the line having Vic, Simon Silverstein, Akira, and Nick St. Clair as Marcy is on the step ladder as Juanita hands her a bucket) is Carol Norita and Chuck as they are sitting in chairs and drawing caricatures of the splashed teens. Another line has Kumi, Ethel, Rob and a screeching Shrill as Tomoko pours the water down her back. Next to Tomoko, Raj is filming the entire thing. The last line has Harper, Wendy Weatherbee, Lonnie Eastman and a being splashed Googie Gilmore as Kevin Keller is on the step ladder doing the honor. Sherry Thyme is next to Kevin as she is doing cheers to motivate the others. One booth has Nancy and Carlos sitting at a table as they paint the buckets of Adam and Randy. Another booth has Ginger as she has a stand of highly decorative towels as a wet Bobbi Suarez and Sayid Jamall Ali pay for a towel. An ice cream eating contest booth is in place as Chunk, Jughead, and Toni Topaz are competing as The Twitters are tweeting about it to each other; each has a large bucket of ice cream that they are diving their heads into. There is a booth selling buckets for two dollars that is being manned by Cricket O’Dell (sniffing money with her free hand) as she sells one to Jinx Malloy, Jinx’s bucket immediately falls apart much to his dismay. Close by are the Blossom twins with a bucket of water and decorated buckets as they point and yell at each other. At a band set up, Frankie, Maria, and Bridgette are rehearsing as Carla Teal, Chloe, and Sandy Sanchez listen on. Close by Sheila Wu is groaning as Simon Silverstein has fake glasses and spring eyes sticking out. At a burger stand Tono and Pop Tate are flipping burgers as Moose and Midge wait for theirs; Gaston has a table of elegant food decked out on a table as no one is eating his food and he looks enviously at Pop Tate and Tono. Dani Malloy is working on connecting a water hose to Q-Tee as Trula and Dilton look on. Various family members, Riverdale faculty, and various other adults are walking around enjoying talking with one another. In other words anyone you remember imagine being there for the Ice Bucket Challenge. In the middle of it all is Archie, Reggie, Betty, and Veronica as they are really proud of all they have accomplished. Before entering the backyard is a banner hung on two large wooden poles reading: RIVERDALE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! At a booth just before entering is Smithers taking up money and welcoming guests inside.

Archie: Wow, it’s amazing what a few days and lots of friends can do!

Panel two: Archie, Betty, Reggie, and Veronica are looking around as they try to find Jughead. Archie has his hand over his eye as he tries to for Jughead as Reggie just waves him off. Veronica scoffs as she obviously has seen Jughead.  Dani and Dilton are running away spraying them with cold water and ice cubes as Trula looks on with a smile as she made it out dry.

Archie: Say, where is Jughead?  He said he’d meet us here.

Veronica: Hmph. I should have known…

Panel three: Jughead is walking way from the ice cream eating contest as he has obviously won as he has various ice cream flavors on his face and shirt. At the table Chunk and Toni Topaz are collapsed on the table and holding their heads as they have a major case of head freeze. The Twitters are using their phones to record Chunk and Toni as a wet Wendy Weatherbee and Vic look on in confusion. Jughead is proudly heading towards his friends as a winner. Archie and Betty are proud of him as Veronica is sticking her tongue out and pointing a finger into her mouth. Reggie is sneaking off panel as he has a wicked look in his eyes.

Jughead: I scream, you scream, I scream for someone to get more ice cream!!

Betty: Wow. Congratulations Jughead!

Archie: Way to go, Jug.

Veronica: Ack!

Panel four: Reggie is sneaking behind Jughead on his tip toes holding a water bucket as he prepares to splash Jughead across the back of the neck. Archie and Betty try to warn Jughead, but Veronica covers each of their mouths with one of her hands as she feigns interest in what Jughead is saying. Jughead tilts his head to his right as he knows something is up with Veronica.

Veronica: Er, I mean…that’s very quant. Tell us more about your win—while looking directly at us.

Panel five: Reggie is splashing Jughead across the back with the ice cold bucket of water as Jughead’s eyes bulge up and he begins to shake all over.

Reggie: Hah! I be all that ice cream’s got you thirsty, goofball! Have a sip of nice cold water!!

Jughead: ACK!

Jughead: Colder than a female’s kiss in the artic circle!!

Page 4

Panel one: Archie and Betty protest as Reggie tosses the bucket over his shoulder as he is proud of his work. Jughead has his arms folded over his chest and is shivering as he leers at Reggie. Veronica looks on and chuckles.

Betty: That’s not how it works, Reggie!
Archie: Yeah, you’re supposed to challenge Jughead, not just sneak up on him!

Panel two: Reggie waves them off he is nonchalant about the rules. Jughead is wringing out his hat as he scowls at Reggie.

Reggie: We shouldn’t let details get in the way of charity!

Panel three: Jughead points a finger at Reggie’s chest as Reggie scoffs as he doesn’t take Jughead’s challenge seriously as he is full of himself.

Jughead: Yeah. Well, now that I’ve done my part, I can challenge someone. And that someone is you!

Reggie: Pffft. Who would want to dump a bucket of ice cold water on the greatest human alive? I’m a teen idol, a future legend!

Panel four: Reggie is yelling behind Jughead and the gang as Harper, Kevin Keller, Kumi, Bobbi Suarez, and Lonnie listen in as they all have a bucket of water. Raj is filming the Blossom kids water bucketing the other as he looks over at Reggie.

Reggie: Hey! I just got challenged by snout nose! Can you guys believe how dumb he is or what?!

Panel five: Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead look on as Kevin Keller, Kumi, Harper, Bobbi Suarez and Lonnie Eastman begin to chase after Reggie as they all are prepared to splash him. Harper has her bucket on her lap as she speeds along in her wheelchair just behind everyone else. Behind her, Raj is following behind to film everything. Archie shakes his head while Veronica face palms. Betty winces as she can imagine that much ice water won’t fell good, while Jughead looks proudly on with a smile from ear to ear.

Archie: It is amazing how stupid some people are.

Jughead: Now, now, Arch. It’s for charity.

Page 5

Panel one: Archie and Veronica are confronted by Cheryl Blossom and Jason Blossom as they are being challenged by the twins as Betty looks on as Jughead begins to walk away unnoticed. Archie has hearts over his head as he stares lovingly at Cheryl, completely oblivious to the insult coming from Cheryl.

Cheryl: Well, well, the queen of the townies and her freckled face boy toy!

Veronica: Cheryl, it’s amazing how you can be just as dirty after a bucket of water is poured on as you were before.
Panel two: Jason points at Veronica and Archie as they reluctantly begin to follow along. Cheryl motions at Veronica to follow her along as she mocks Veronica who scowls, but does comply. Betty seems disappointed as she was expecting to come along.

Jason: Funny, Lodge. Consider both of you challenged!

Veronica: Fine. Let’s go find Raj, so it’s recorded and get it over with.

Betty: What about me? I wanna be challenged!

Panel three: Jason has hearts over his eyes as he timidly talks to  Betty as Betty is  disappointed and confused. Veronica and Archie walk ahead arm in arm as Veronica waves goodbye at Betty. Cheryl is becoming impatient with Jason.

Jason: Gee, B-b-betty. I could never, ever have you drenched. You’re an angle—er I mean, angel and the water might dampen you…you’re wings and—you’ll fall in love…and….

Panel four: Cheryl grabs Jason by the ear as she snarls at him and his face tightens as he is in an incredible amount of pain.

Cheryl: Would you c’mon? It’s bad enough you drenched your own better-than-you sister, but you are not making me wait too!!

Panel five: Betty looks on dejectedly as she is watching Archie and Veronica kiss as The Blossom Twins each pour a bucket of water on the two. Raj is filming the entire thing as Q-Tee is using his hose to splash Mr. Adams and Ms. Lauriette as Rob is showing off his painted bucket. Danni looks on and apologizes to the teachers.

Page 6

Panel one: Betty turns around to find that Jughead is missing. Walking past her is the Riverdale Bulldog mascot carrying a giant dog bowl of ice and water on one side while Ms. Ganesh, Mr. Fine, and Ms. Ashton walk past her as Svenson is carrying a step ladder and a bucket just behind the three new teachers.

Betty: Guess I’m talking to myself.

Panel two: Betty is looking walking over to where Pop Tate and Gaston have stationed their food as she is surprised not to see Jughead. The group that chased after Reggie are getting a burger from Pop Tate as Gaston is motioning with his arms for some of the kids to come over to his table, but they do not see him. Reggie is standing off from the others, dripping wet, as he glares and grinds his teeth at Sayid who is offering him a glass of water.

Betty: Jughead not eating?

Betty: What motivation could be so great that it trumps Jughead’s insatiable hunger?

Panel three: Cut to Trula Twyst using a cellphone to record Midge as she is being splashed by Adam who uneasily looks at Moose who is cracking his knuckles and has a stern expression on his face.. Jughead is tapping Trula across the shoulder to get her attention with his left hand while his right hand has a bucket of water filled to the brink with ice and very little water

Trula: Juggers?

Jughead: Trula, you ever wonder what it feels like to be challenged to be part of something greater than yourself?

Jughead: You’re about to find out.

Panel four: Trula puts her cellphone up as she turns her back to Jughead and spreads out her arms and lowers her head. Jughead is letting ice cubes fall out of his hands and into the bucket as he is relishing ever second of this. Adam is running off as Moose looks on mushy eyed as Midge uses his shirt to dry off with. Raj is filming everything as he kneels down to get a better camera angle.

Trula: Fine. Have your fun.

Jughead: I’m living a moment I’m going to download a gazillion times on YouView!

Panel five: Trula is splashed across the back by Jughead as the bucket is mainly ice cubes. Trula’s teeth start to chatter and she begins to shake all over as she manages to keep her arms spread out.


Panel six: Trula turns to Jughead as she is wringing out her hair and smiles as she takes it in stride while she motions at the pile of ice cubes at her feet, Jughead sticks his tongue out at Trula as he replies.

Trula: My, my, I’m surprised you managed to fit in those drops of water in your bucket of ice!

Jughead: It’s a hot day and ice melts.

Archie's Friends / Re: A question about the new kids.
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:43:54 AM »
Wow. Thanks. :)

Archie's Friends / Re: A question about the new kids.
« on: August 20, 2014, 05:49:20 PM »
No. I mean, the New Kids that came over a few years ago. Vic, Chunk, Shrill, those guys and gals. :)

Archie's Friends / A question about the new kids.
« on: August 20, 2014, 12:44:51 PM »
Can anyone give me a idea what their personalities are like?

I've only seen a few panels that they've been in and I'm just curious. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Decompression Dilemma
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He has a subscription to Marvel Comics, I guess. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Decompression Dilemma
« on: August 17, 2014, 12:35:14 PM »
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you like it the story. :)

Page 7

Panel one: Jughead is at the Doiley front door as he prepares to knock. Over the door frame is an electric sign reading Doiley Resident in various scrolling colors.

Jughead: Okay, now let’s hope he’s home and not flying a rocket or in another dimension…

Panel two: Jughead’s fist barely moves as he tries to knock.

Panel three: Jughead’s fist still barely moves as he becomes annoyed and clenches his teeth.

Panel four: Jughead’s fist is almost at the door, but he gets annoyed and decides to just hurry the process up and yells for Dilton to come to the door.

Jughead: Aw forget it! Dilton! Hey, Dilt! Open the door!

Panel five: Dilton opens the door as Jughead smiles, forgetting about his fist as it heads for Dilton’s forehead.

Dilton: Jughead! Thank the second law of thermodynamics! I’ve been trying to reach the front door for hours to get help!

Panel six: Nearly the same shot only Dilton is rolling his eyes up at Jughead’s fist as Jughead looks on uncomfortably as he tries to use his other hand to stop his arm and fist to no avail.

Dilton: Um, Jughead…?

Jughead: Hate to tell you, but it’s slow, steady and not stopping!

Panel seven: Jughead’s fist knocks on Dilton’s forehead as Jughead twists his face and looks way as Dilton is getting bopped.


Panel eight: Jughead looks on apologetically as Dilton clutches his forehead.

Jughead: Sorry about that.

Dilton: How is it that I can build supercomputers and anti-gravity boots and not think to install a doorbell?!   

Page 8

Panel one: Jughead is waving his arms around as he is frantic and wants to know what is going on.

Jughead: Dilton, something is wrong! It took me too long to eat a burger so I stopped!


Panel two: Jughead has stopped talking, but his arms are still flailing about as Dilton looks on inquisitively.

Panel three: Jughead exhales as he waits for his arms to stop as Dilton is fascinated by the discovery that Jughead seems only slightly affected compared to everyone else.

Jughead: And this kind of thing has been happening.

Dilton: But not as long as it should for everyone else. And only your arms…?

Dilton: Interesting.

Panel four: Dilton is talking with Jughead as Jughead impatiently waits for his arms to stop flailing.

Jughead: I’m taking that cryptic observation of yours as a confession you’re responsible for this nuttiness.

Panel five: Jughead waits for Dilton to respond as Dilton doesn’t talk. Jughead’s arms continue to flail but are slowing down.

Panel six: Jughead leers at Dilton as he continues to wait as Dilton still has not responded.  The panel is near identical to the previous only Jughead’s arms have almost stopped flailing about.

Panel seven: Dilton finally answers as Jughead rolls his eyes and his arms finally stop flailing. Dilton is in the same pose as the previous panels.

Dilton: Yes.

Page 9

Panel one: Jughead responds to Dilton’s question as Dilton begins his explanation.

Dilton: Have you ever thought that the day has just flew by?

Jughead: Sure. In fact, if life was a comic, my day would normally cover just six or eight pages tops.

Panel two: A flashback in grey as Dilton is working on a high tech box as he is using a high tech laser screw driver on one side of the high tech box and whapping the box with the palm of his free hand on the other side. The box has a closed container lid with three off lights.

Caption: I decided that I could control time dilation—the difference between occurring events observed by different parties—so time is a separate individual timeframe by containing and harnessing a gravitational field.

Panel three: Still a flashback as Dilton proudly holds up the Bendix Box.

Dilton: And for that purpose I created—The Bendix Box!!

Panel four: Dilton is walking out of his lab as  the Bendix Box turns on as all the lights of the flipped over lid are glowing brightly as a spreading gravitational field erupts from the Bendix Box. On several walls, camera monitors are stationed and pointed directly at the Bendix Box.

Caption: I left the Bendix Box set only to my lab so I can monitor the results from my lap top from a safe distance.

Caption: --But apparently the Bendix Box’s modulator was unable to regulate the flux of energy and began to constantly release a gravitational field!

Panel five: A shot of the gravitational field taking affect on Dilton as he is in his living room eating a sandwich as he sits on a high tech sofa as he is watching TV On his lap is his lap top that is flashing bright colors to show something has went wrong. On the screen of the TV is a mad scientist with brown out of control hair, a fat man dressed as a duck, and a ballerina balancing a test tube on her nose.

Dilton: I hate when an experiment goes awry during Beatman’s Universe!

Panel six: A high angle view of Riverdale as the gravitational field continues to expand all throughout Riverdale.

Caption: The gravitational field has engulfed all of Riverdale and continues to spread. Cars in the gravitational field are slow while those still outside are zooming with exhaust smoke showing them still going fast. A dog in between the gravitation field and out has his lower body still up in the air while his upper body rams into the ground.

Panel seven: A panel of the entire earth as the gravitational field has engulfed the entire planet as it glows with various fluxes of energy.

Caption: Night and day for the earth will be sunrise and sunset—but for us, it will be summer and winter!

Page 10:

Panel one: A close-up on Jughead as he stretches his neck.

Jughead: I don’t know how I should feel. I hate doing things quick, but I hate when it takes too long. I just like storing my energy.

Panel two: Dilton has a smile on his face as he comes to a realization on why Jughead isn’t affected as bad as everyone else.

Dilton: Eureka! That explains why you’re not as affected!

Dilton: We all have electromagnetic fields around our bodies, but your constant inertia has built up a charge dampening the Bendix Box’s effects on you!

Panel three: A close up on Jughead as he smiles to himself.

Jughead: If a potato can power a lightbulb, a couch potato can flip the light switch during commercials.

Jughead: So I guess it’s up to me. What do I have to do exactly?

Panel four: Dilton looks like he is going to say something as Jughead waits.

Jughead: Oh yeah. Different time frames.

Jughead: Wish I brought a Derby Dalton Triple Tripe digest with me…

Panel five: Same shot only with Jughead tapping his fingers across his leg as he sings to himself quietly as he rocks his body on his toes and heels as he waits for Dilton to finally say something.

Jughead: …Sugar oh honey, honey…you are my—take out that word and me with just candy…doo-doo…

Panel six: Same shot as panel two and four as Dilton is just barely opening his lips to talk as Jughead as Jughead anticipately motions with both arms as if trying to draw out the words from Dilton’s mouth by an imaginary rope

Dilton: …

Panel seven: Jughead waves Dilton off as he enters the Doiley house as he leaves a confused Dilton outside.

Dilton: Hurry.

Page 11:

Panel one: Jughead is in Dilton’s lab as the Bendix Box is on Dilton’s lab table with the top open as it is emitting the gravitational field energy into the air. Just at Jughead’s feet a robotic mouse is sticking his tongue out and making a face at a charging robotic cat as both are stuck in the time dilation.

Jughead: Funny. After all the Happy Meals, I never thought trouble could come from such a small box.

Panel two: Jughead is stepping over the robotic cat as it barely moves as it continues to run at the robotic mouse.

Jughead: So how exactly do I stop this?

Panel three: Jughead is at the lab table as he is scratching his chin and leans on the lab table as he tries to figure out how he should stop the Bendix Box. The robotic cat and mouse both have barely moved as it looks like the mouse is preparing to run away from the robotic cat.

Jughead: Dilton couldn’t tell me what to do.

Panel four: Jughead continues to think as he tries to decide what to do. The robotic cat and mouse still have barely moved as the robotic mouse has a small glow coming from his back.

Jughead: Okay, if a super brain caused this mess let’s think what someone on the other end of the spectrum would do.

Panel five: Jughead has just barely moved as he thinks to himself. The robotic cat and mouse have only moved and inch as the cat now has his claws out.

Jughead: And that would be Moose. What he do to solve this scientific catastrophe?

Panel six: Jughead has barely moved, but he has a smile on his face as he has decided on an answer. The robotic cat and mouse have barely moved as the robotic cat is an inch away from the robotic mouse as the robotic mouse’s back is glowing even more brightly.

Jughead: Something simple. So simple it’s brilliant!

Panel six: A shot of Jughead slamming the Bendix Box to the ground as the gravitational energy field is disrupted as the mouse suddenly spouts a jet pack and just zooms away from the confused robotic cat as it doesn’t understand why it didn’t get the robot mouse.



Robotic Cat: !!!!?

Page 12

Panel one: Dilton is running into the lab as everything is back to normal as he does a small little skip in the air.

Dilton: Jughead, you did it! The universe is no longer decompressed! Everything is back to nomal!

Panel two: Dilton enters the lab as he sadly looks at his smashed Bendis Box.

Dilton: Aw! There was an off switch…!

Jughead: Is there a button that stops you from inventing universe threatening thingamabobs?

Panel three: Dilton is enthusiastic as he grabs Jughead by both shoulders and is beaming with joy. Jughead has an indifferent expression on his face as the job is done and he couldn’t care less anymore.

Dilton: But isn’t it amazing! After the decompression, stuck between the tick and tock of time itself, I have never felt more alive! It makes me value every second of the day!

Dilton: From now on I want to live life to the fullest!

Panel four: Jughead is yawning as he begins to walk out the lab as the robotic mouse is zooming over the robotic cat, which now has a butterfly net swishing after the mouse. Dilton looks on dumfounded as Jughead remains unchanged after everything, no shared epiphany.

Jughead: Me too..

Dilton: Where are you going?

Jughead: Home to take a nap.


Fan Fiction / Jughead in Decompression Dilemma
« on: August 15, 2014, 11:11:05 PM »

Page 1

Panel one: Jughead is sitting at the counter of Pop Tate’s as a burger is in a plate is right in front of him as he begins to salivate. In the background a teenager is about to walk into the shoppe and is about to slap a high five with a friend inside.

Jughead: Burger on the plate. Empty stomach. We’re going to switch that in just one second!

Panel two: Jughead is beginning to reach for the burger as he is still focused entirely on eating the burger. In the background the two friends have hardly moved at all as they are still several inches from slapping high five. Pretty much Jughead sans his right arm is the only person or thing moving normally through the page.

Panel three: Jughead hand has only moved slightly down as he begins to notice how slow he’s moving for some reason as he looks down at the burger. In the background the two friends have only moved another inch.

Jughead: Okay. Make that a minute.

Panel four: Jughead looks at his other hand and wiggles his fingers as is irritated at how long it is taking for his other hand to reach the burger. The friends in the background are an inch closer and needing only two more inches before their hands make contact.

Jughead: You seem to be working fine.

Panel five: Jughead is using his other hand to try and push his right hand towards the burger faster, but he only still has moved slightly. In the background the two friends are just an inch from slapping high five.

Panel six: Jughead scratches his head in confusion as he raises an eyebrow and examines his right hand as it is only a tad closer to the burger. In the background, the friends finally high five each other.

Jughead: I could have sworn Pop Tate served fast food.

Page 2

Panel one: Jughead’s hand is finally on the burger as he exclaims in joy.

Jughead: There we go! Half the battle!

Panel two: Jughead’s hand barely raises the burger off the plate as Jughead is grimacing as he is trying to move faster.

Jughead: You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Panel three: Jughead is perspiring as he is trying to move his right arm faster but to no avail. Jughead has his feet on the edge of the counter as he is trying to pull back his right arm.

Panel four: Jughead tilts his head back and screams in frustration as he still hasn’t raised the burger hardly off the plate.


Panel five: Jughead has a light bulb over his head as his eyes light up. His right hand has only still barely moved.

Panel six: Jughead begins to lower his head at the burger.

Jughead: Fine. I’ll just meet it half way!

Panel seven: Jughead’s head barely lowers to match the speed of his right hand.

Panel eight: Jughead’s head barely lowers still and everything still is moving at a slow pace.

Panel nine: Jughead looks towards the reader as his head barely lowers and his right hand still is only moving ever so slightly.

Jughead: I hope this burger doesn’t get too moldy by the time I take a bite!

Page 3

Panel one: Jughead has the burger half way to his mouth as he looks behind him to see Betty and Veronica having a conversation.

Veronica: So he said that?

Betty: He said that.

Veronica: His words?

Betty: He said that.

Panel two: Jughead continues to look on as Betty and Veronica stop and continue their conversation that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Jughead’s burger is getting a bit closer to his face cheeks as Jughead has seemingly forgotten about it.

Veronica: Wow.

Betty: I know. Wow.

Veronica: His Words?

Betty: Syllables and all.

Panel three: Jughead is becoming more irritated as Betty and Veronica are beginning to annoy him. The burger is only a few inches from Jughead’s face cheek.

Veronica: Syllables put together to make words?

Betty: Yes.

Veronica: You sure?

Betty: I’m sure.

Panel three: Betty and Veronica continue to talk as Jughead rolls his eyes. The burger is only two inches from Jughead’s face cheek.

Veronica: I can’t wait.

Betty: Me neither.

Veronica: You can’t wait?

Betty: Can you?

Veronica: I can’t either.

Panel four: Jughead turns to yell at Betty and Veronica as they both turn in surprise at Jughead. The burger is only one inch from Jughead’s face cheek as he still does not notice.

Jughead: What is wrong with you? The sun sizzle your brains!?

Jughead: Why are you talking like that? No normal person would ever talk like that!!

Panel five: Betty and Veronica wave Jughead off as they walk off panel. Jughead is taken by surprise as the burger is up against his face cheek.

Veronica: Whatever.

Betty: Whatever.

Veronica: Definitely.

Betty: Definitely whatever.

Panel six: Betty and Veronica are off-panel as Jughead rolls his eyes towards the burger.

Jughead: Oh. You finally decided to show up.

Page 4

Panel one: Jughead is letting go of the burger as it begins to drop back to the counter.

Jughead: I hate not to eat food this close to my mouth but I need to check something.

Panel two: Jughead watches as the burger has barely moved an inch as it falls back to the counter. Jughead has stretched his arms out away from the burger as he prepares to let it fall and show normal movement.

Panel three: Jughead tilts his head to the right as the burger only moves an inch closer to the counter. Jughead is rubbing his hands together to show that they are moving regularly.

Panel four: Jughead is twiddling his finger and whistling as he continues to wait patiently for the burger to drop to the counter, but it still has only moved an inch closer.

Panel six: Jughead is elbow dropping the burger with all his might, but it only moves an inch.

Panel seven: The burger is only three inches from the counter as Jughead lowers his head and tilts it sideways as he sticks his nose where the burger should land.

Panel eight: Jughead is writing on a piece of paper as sticks his tongue out to his left cheek and is focused on his writing as the burger is two inches from landing on the counter.

Jughead …And in conclusion to this five page essay, I hope to have proven how Global Warming, reality TV, and Reggie’s ego have affected gravity….

Panel nine: Jughead is fast asleep, his upper body tilted back as he looks dangerously close to falling backwards as the burger finally hits the table.

Jughead: ZZZZZZ


Page 5

Panel one: Jughead is leaving the Chocklit Shoppe as he sadly pats his stomach as he is going to have to forget about eating. A thoughtballoon coming from Jughead’s stomach has the word ANGRY in bold, red letters.

Jughead: Sorry, boy. But if we eat that burger, we’re going to miss every other meal this week!

Panel two: Jughead has his right index finger on his nose as he tilts his head back to think.

Jughead: Either someone on a higher plane than us mere mortals needs to put a new battery in his clock…

Panel three: Jughead begins to walk down the sidewalk as puts his hands in his pockets and begins to walk away from the Chocklit Shoppe.

Jugehead: ….Or our resident super brain Dilton Doiley has been mad scientisting again.

Panel four: A shot of Jughead’s right foot as it is about to take a step.

Panel five: A shot of Jughead’s right foot as it is half way to the ground.

Panel six: Jughead’s right foot hits the ground as he prepares to take a step.

Panel seven: Jughead sighs as he looks around and realizes he has not made any traction and is only beginning to walk as he looks out in the expanding streets of Riverdale to show he has a long way to go.

Jughead: This could take awhile.

Page 6

Panel one: Jughead is casually walking along the sidewalk as Archie is in mid fall after tripping over his untied shoelaces. Right next to him is Reggie pointing and laughing. In the background are two stores the first store is Pam’s Pillow Parlor and the other is Mark’s Marker Market.

Panel two: Jughead stops as he analyzes the situation as he puts his hand over his mouth and examines Archie and Reggie. Archie has only moved maybe an inch as he falls and Reggie’s laugh pose remains unchanged.

Panel three: Jughead looks behind him at Pam’s Pillow Parlor and Mark’s Marker Market as he tilts his head to his left. Archie has only moved an inch more as he is only a few inches from the ground.

Panel four: Jughead begins to walk out of the foreground and into the background towards the two stores as Archie is almost about to hit the ground as Reggie continues to laugh as time still has slowed down fort them

Panel five: Jughead whistles innocently along as he tosses a black marker back and forth in his hands as Reggie now has his laughing face marked all over and Archie is only an inch from landing on six pillows placed to keep him from harm. Both Reggie and Archie are still reacting like nothing Jughead has done has happened.

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Season Misgivings.
« on: August 15, 2014, 09:23:20 PM »
It's the Christmas fan fic that will not go away. :)

Thanks everyone. :)

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