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  • BettyReggie: There was a story about the Riverdale in the Daily News. I wonder will it be on next September?
    Yesterday at 09:36:37 PM
  • BettyReggie: Cool I can't wait.
    Yesterday at 09:14:29 PM
  • playtape: Tomorrow's episode has talks with Robert Hack and Alex Segura from the floor of NYCC!
    Yesterday at 08:35:25 PM
  • spazaru: Comic Vine has the full January solicits finally!  [link]
    Yesterday at 01:54:05 PM
  • Original Sin: Oooh, what do I hear about this new drama series?! :D
    Yesterday at 04:45:42 AM
  • mitsuhoney: I do wish it was on ABC or CBS, but anything is better than being on CW, their shows run dry after a season and last way too long than needed...
    October 23, 2014, 11:35:13 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: Cheryl and Jason are gonna be on the show. Awesome!
    October 23, 2014, 10:46:28 PM
  • Jughead: The good news is that it's on Fox and not the CW so the quality will be better. However, with Fox's track-record it will be cancelled after one very good season.
    October 23, 2014, 10:39:41 PM
  • Jughead: I'm both scared and excited about this news. It could be a complete trainwreck or something watchable.
    October 23, 2014, 10:36:21 PM
  • BettyReggie: There's nothing on tv tonight. I'm tired. So Ill see all tomorrow.
    October 23, 2014, 09:08:25 PM
  • BettyReggie: I hope it last more 1 season.
    October 23, 2014, 08:30:36 PM
  • spazaru: good interview with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with more details on the Riverdale TV show: [link]
    October 23, 2014, 07:45:45 PM
  • spazaru: It's on Fox, BettyReggie.  It will be on at night for sure.
    October 23, 2014, 06:48:59 PM
  • BettyReggie: I wonder would be on in the day time like a soap opera? or at night?
    October 23, 2014, 06:38:46 PM
  • BettyReggie: I just watched it, That was good.
    October 23, 2014, 04:42:06 PM
  • JonInIowaCity: If only it turns out as good as this fan film trailer!! [link]
    October 23, 2014, 04:24:41 PM
  • archie 45: when is the show going to be on the air
    October 23, 2014, 04:16:37 PM
  • BettyReggie: I can't wait, I hope it's good. My brother can tape them for me. Is going be a cartoon or real people?
    October 23, 2014, 04:06:53 PM
  • mitsuhoney: So excited to see the new series: Riverdale! :D I guess Once Upon A Time wont be the only drama on my "must watch" list :D
    October 23, 2014, 03:59:38 PM
  • BettyReggie: I just found them on & midtown If I were you buy them from Midtown comics, they are 35% cheaper.
    October 23, 2014, 03:58:15 PM

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I though it was still up in the air if he actually exists? :)

Fernando Ruiz.

Oh, and DeCarlo Jr. deserves a mention for his Veronica because he probably gave her the best body language out of any artist I can think of. ...I just always wanted to mention that and this seemed like a good enough time. :)

Jughead and Midge is #124 :)

Yeah, I remember a reprint where Ethel reads a fortune cookie and chases after Jughead that she speaks with the muh mah type dialogue. :)

And for the buckteeth.

And that's also reason #125 of why I'm glad Life with Archie was canceled.  :)

I think Ethel comes close to Betty when you talk about transition.

1. Pretty much had it worse than anyone else. She's the only unattractive girl in a town of knockouts and she's attracted to the one guy who doesn't want to date--and this is old school Jughead so he was an ultra jerk.
But there's something likeable about someone who takes the entire universe dumping on her in stride and never gives up hope.

2. Then we had the religious stories with Al Hartly. Sigh, if he had only stopped there. :(

3. Then you had super annoying Ethel who constantly whined and cried about not getting boys. Pretty much the opposite of her original character and easily my least favorite phase. She also looked like Sabrina's act for the most part.

4. She pretty much gets pushed back for Debbi and Joani to a c-character and was pretty much a loser, but a good sport is the best way to describe her. Luckily, fans saw this treatment and that helped get rid of those two lousy characters. May they never be in a new story.

5. Getting prettier and boring phase where she looks okay doesn't go after Jughead like she used to. Kinda Betty like in her niceness.

6. About the same, only now she's not as pretty (She's been given buckteeth) but still has the nice act.

News and New Releases / Re: ARCHIE COMICS FOR SEPTEMBER 2014
« on: October 14, 2014, 03:37:59 PM »
Wow. I just realized what was bothering me about the Archie cover. At the title you have Cheryl with green eyes and the cover she has blue?

I'm pretty sure her eyes have always been green, right?

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty & Veronica in The Legend of Scary Mary.
« on: October 14, 2014, 01:56:28 AM »

Page 46

Panel one: Betty grabs Scary Mary’s arm with both hands to stop her from grabbing Veronica’s face as Scary Mary turns her head to Betty. Veronica lowers her hands as she focuses on Betty.

Veronica: Betty! What are you doing?!

Panel two: A close up on Betty’s face as Betty holds her ground and stares back at Scary Mary with determination.

Betty: Protecting my friend.

Panel three: A close-up on Scary Mary’s face as she tilts her head to her left as if thinking things over.

Scary Mary: Such foolish sentimentality.

Panel four: Scary Mary turns her body towards Betty and uses her free hand to put an iron claw like hold on Betty’s face. Betty has let go of Scary Mary’s right arm as she attempts to pull Mary’s hand off her face. Veronica is pulling at Scary Mary to try and pry her away from Betty. Veronica is pulling back to the point her back is tilted slightly so she can see the entry doors and the girls who look on in distress.

Scary Mary: But I must admit, you do have the better nose. 

Betty: !!

Veronica: Leave her alone, you pathetic poltergeist!!

Panel five: Veronica looks behind her as she notices that the door has opened slightly. The rest of the girls do no notice as they can only watch in horror as Betty is punching at Scary Mary’s arm.

Veronica thinking: The doors. They opened on its own while Scary Mary was distracted!

Veronica thinking: I wonder…

Scary Mary: I will make this quick. Not painless. But quick.

Page 47

Panel one: Veronica fakes being calm as she takes a step back away from Scary Mary and Betty. Scary Mary turns to Veronica and tilts her head in confusion as she becomes confused by Veronica’s sudden laissez-faire body language and attitude.

Veronica: Nevermind. I was only trying to stop you from making a mistake. But whatever.

Scary Mary: A mistake? What are you prattling about?

Panel two: Veronica continues to talk as the rest of the girls are confused as to what Veronica is doing. Betty rolls her eyes over towards Veronica as Veronica continues to talk.

Veronica: You have six of Riverdale’s most beautiful girls—and you’re only going to focus on just one?

Veronica: Accessorize. Sure Betty has the best nose out of everyone, but the best lips, the best eyes? I’m afraid not. For example, I absolutely have the best eyes…

Panel three: Veronica looks back at the other girls as she motions with one hand behind her back for Ethel to go to the doors. Chloe and the rest of the girls are beginning to understand what Veronica is planning as they smile at each other in approval.

Veronica: …And they would go flawlessly with Chloe’s eyebrows. Right, Chloe?

Panel four: Ethel takes one large back step to the door as Chloe clues in on what Veronica is doing and plays along.

Chloe: …Right. Right!

Chloe: But I don’t think my eyebrows would go with Betty’s nose…

Panel five: Ginger steps forward as she turns her head so Scary Mary can see her mole.

Ginger: But mine does!

Ginger: And don’t forget my adorable mole! It works with everything!

Page 48

Panel one: All of the girls step forward as Scary Mary becomes confused as she begins to think about the choices more and more. Veronica looks back at Ethel as Ethel is waiting for the girls to be ready for her to kick the door down. Ethel is even circling her kicking leg behind her back as she is preparing to give it all she’s got. Betty is grabbing both of her ears to show she thinks Mary should use her ears.

Cheryl: And they would be perfect with my rosy red cheeks!

Veronica: Oh, please, they wouldn’t be symmetric with Mary’s head, but mine on the other hand….

Chloe: And my eyelids! Eyelids are vastly underrated!

Panel two: Scary Mary begins to ease up on her hold as she is confused and taken back by the numerous choices and combinations she had never thought of before.

Scary Mary: Stop it. Stop talking all at once. Let me think for a moment….

Scary Mary: You are making me confused…

Panel three: Veronica, Ginger, Chloe, and Cheryl shove Scary Mary several feet back all at once, freeing Betty from Mary’s hand as Betty is all smiles and holding her still attached face in relief.

Veronica: That’s just what we were waiting for!

Scary Mary: What?! NOOOO!

Panel four: Ethel is kicking the two doors wide open as the girls make a dash for the doors. Cheryl is up front followed by Ginger, Chloe, and Betty and Veronica.


Ethel: No match for my size fifteens!

Page 49

Panel one: The girls run outside as Scary Mary begins to fly towards them with her arms stretched out and her mask eye slots shooting out small sparks of flame as she is erupting with rage.

Scary Mary: Deceitful little…

Panel two: The doors begin to close on their own to show that Scary Mary cannot leave the mansion. Through the opening of the door we can see her only a few inches from the doors where her mask begins to erupt with flames and smoke surrounds her entire body to show her rage at being tricked out of her face when she was so close.

Scary Mary: I will not forget this!

Panel three: A shot from the hill as the inside of the Delmont Mansion as the girls are running past the rusty gates of the Delmont estate as bright red, yellow, and orange flashes of flame erupts from the mansion to show Scary Mary’s rage at being denied her face by the girls. The various chimneys of the chimney erupt with smoke and ash that scatters throughout the area like snowflakes.

Scary Mary from the mansion: I WILL BE BEAUTIFUL AGAIN--


Scary Mary from the mansion: ---AND I WILL HAVE REVENGE UPON BETTY AND VERONICA!!!

Panel four: The girls are past the gates safely on the street as they are all breathing in deeply as they all are bending over taking in oxygen after running full speed away from Delmont Mansion. The wind blows small specks of the ash at them as Chloe and Ginger swat them away.  Veronica looks at Cheryl as Cheryl responds with a scowl. A midnight jogger wearing a Frankenstein costume looks at them like they’re crazy as he continues on his way with his arms stretched out like the Frankenstine monster.

Veronica: Cheryl.

Veronica: You think about welching on our bet, and I will drag you by your hair back up that hill and stuff you back inside by the mail slot.

Page 50

Panel one: Cheryl is waving off Veronica as she and Ginger walk ahead followed by Chloe and Ethel as Ethel is nodding her head in response to Chloe’s question. Veronica rubs her hands through her hair and gives out a sigh of relief as Betty smiles at her friends as they talk.

Cheryl: You can have my scraps. Me and Ginger are leaving, and this night never happened!

Chloe: I think I’m going to need psychiatric help. You have Trula Twyst’s number, Ethel?

Panel two: Veronica and Betty talk as both thank the other for their individual save. Veronica is trying to act nonchalant about how much she appreciated Betty’s help while Betty is rubbing her face as she smiles and is more open with thanking Veronica.

Veronica: …Betty. When Scary Mary was going to take my face and you jumped in front of her—Thank you. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Betty: And I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. That was some quick thinking distracting Mary like that and getting us all out, Veronica.

Panel three: Veronica begins to walk ahead as she smiles and pats her forehead she is extremely proud of herself. Betty casts a worried eye towards the Delmont Mansion as the mansion has returned to normal.

Veronica: I was rather brilliant, wasn’t I?

Betty: …Yeah.

Betty: Ronnie, Scary Mary isn’t gone, and she is angry with us.

Page 51

Panel one: Veronica waves her hands at the mansion to show that she is not giving it a second thought as she is done with it forever. Betty doesn’t seem quite so sure that it’s over.

Veronica: Let her scream boo from now to eternity! We are never going back, and she can never come out!

Veronica: It’s over. Finished.

Panel two: Betty turns towards the Delmont Mansion as she begins to heed Veronica’s advice and relax. Overhead three clouds shaped like two triangles and a mouth are about to float in front of the moon.

Betty: You’re right, Ron. We went in and came back out with our faces still attached.

Panel three: Betty is all smiles along with Veronica as they begin to walk up the street to leave. Moonlight is shining brightly and everything looks super happy. The two are joking with each other as Veronica turns to Betty to show off her face while Betty teasingly rolls her eyes and points at her nose. Two black cats are walking their black kittens --one wearing a ghost costume--across the street, while an owl on a light post turns his head upside down as he watches the cats. In the sky, clouds shaped like two triangles and a mouth with the tongue sticking out are in front of the moon to make it look like a jack-o-lantern making a face.

Veronica: Plus we now know my face is prettier than yours.

Betty: That’s not entirely true. You can’t buy a better nose than mine.

Veronica: And I’ve tried.

Betty: Heh-heh. Even after everything she put us through, we both have to admit: Scary Mary has good taste.

Page 52

Panel one: A shot of Scary Mary’s right glove hand as she has Veronica’s cellphone open and is scrolling through several pictures of Archie. One picture has Archie tripping and knocking Mr. Lodge into the pool, another is Archie trying to fix his jalopy, and another is a close-up on Archie that Scary Mary is beginning to scroll over to enlarge.

Panel two: A shot of the enlarged picture of Archie as it takes up the entire screen.

Panel three: Scary Mary is rubbing the cellphone across the etched in lips of her porcelain mask as small pink lights glimmer in her mask eye slots to show that she is smitten with Archie. Pretty much make this as creepy as possible.

Scary Mary: I always did fancy boys with freckles.

The End…?

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty & Veronica in The Legend of Scary Mary.
« on: October 12, 2014, 08:14:18 PM »
Thanks. That one page is the reason why Ethel is in this story at all. Just for that joke. :) One more after this.

Page 40

Panel one: Cheryl gets up with one hand still holding her throat as she reaches past Scary Mary, grabs Ginger Lopez with her other hand, and pulls her away as they begin to run away from Scary Mary.

Cheryl: Ginger, don’t stand there! Move!

Ginger: …!

Panel two: Scary Mary holds her head down as Ginger finally begins to come out of  herk as she follows alongside Cheryl.

Ginger: You don’t have to tell me twice…!

Panel three: Scary Mary’s holds her head up as the eye slots in her mask are now have a small purple light in the blackness to signal that she is about to do something with her ghostly powers.

Panel four: Scary Mary begins to walk along the hall as Ginger and Cheryl are in the distance as Scary Mary doesn’t seem concerned at all. Along the hall way are various closed rooms, broken mirrors against the wall, and various small tables and desks.

Scary Mary: Foolish girls. This is my home. I am in control.

Panel five: The same shot with Scary Mary now taking another step as all havoc begins to break loose as the mirrors shatter even more, the doors to the rooms begin to open and slam over and over and the tables and vases and various other items in the hall begin to levitate and bash across the walls and ground to signal Scary Mary’s power.

Scary Mary: There is no escape for any of you.

Page 41

Panel one: Veronica, Betty, and Chloe find the double door to the entry room as they run towards it. It is still storming outside as rain and wind continue to pour into the room. Betty looks behind her as she notices that Ethel is no where in sight.

Veronica: Finally! The door!

Chloe: We can get out of here--!

Betty: Um, Veronica, Chloe…where is Ethel?

Panel two: Veronica and Chloe stop at the door as they both realize Ethel is missing. Veronica points at Chloe, while Chloe points at Betty.

Veronica: I thought she was behind you two!

Chloe: I thought she was behind Betty!

Panel three: Betty points behind her as Veronica goes to the door and begins to try and open it.

Betty: The only thing I saw behind me was Scary Mary!

Panel four: in the background, Veronica and Chloe are both trying to pull the doors open with all their might as it will not even nudge. In the foreground Betty is thinking back and is perplexed as she thinks back to what she glanced at while running

Betty: …And she had red hair all of a sudden and…I think Ginger Lopez was standing next to her--?

Veronica: Would you come over here and help us open the doors so we can leave and get help?!

Page 42

Panel one: Veronica, Betty, and Chloe look at their flashlights as they finally go out with only the closed windows of the main room and the skylight with the moon and storm outside as sources of adequate light. In the background darkness, two shadowy figures running side by side are coming towards the girl.

Chloe: And I was wondering how this could get worse!

Panel two: Veronica begins to throw her flashlight in the direction of the shadows as Chloe and Betty respond in kind.

Veronica: If I’m going to get my face snatched, I’m at least going to give ghost girl a headache!

Betty: We’re with you, Veronica!

Panel three: The flashlights hit the shadow on the left as the two shadows are just a few steps before running into the moonlight provided by the skylight. Betty makes a throwing motion as she is surprised how affective the throws were.


Shadow on left/ Cheryl: OW! OW! OW!

Betty: Huh. Didn’t think that would actually work.

Panel four: Cheryl and Ginger step into the light as Cheryl is clutching her head with both hands as Ginger helps the wobbly Cheryl to keep moving forward.

Chloe: That was close!

Veronica: Yeah—we could have bludgeoned Ginger by mistake.

Page 43

Panel one: Cheryl Blossom is stomping towards Veronica as Ginger tries to hold her back while Veronica responds by stomping towards Cheryl as Betty and Chloe try to hold her back.

Cheryl Blossom: Lodge, everything that has happened tonight is all your fault!!

Veronica: My fault!?

Veronica: MY FAULT!?

Betty: Um, anyone remember the scary monster girl after us…?!

Ginger: I do!

Panel two: Veronica and Cheryl are nose to nose as they glare and snarl at each other as they point a finger into each other’s chest.

Veronica: You’re the one who came up with this stupid bet—and you were going to try and scare us with that stupid get-up, you sneak!

Cheryl: You didn’t have to accept the bet! And you’re the one who probably conjured up that…that thing!

Veronica: Dummy!

Cheryl: Townie!

Panel three: Ginger and the rest of the girls try to calm Veronica and Cheryl down as they fold their arms and turn away from the other.

Chloe: Um, can we all just blame the both of you after we're safely outside? Because those doors are not going to budge!

Ginger: Me and Cheryl came in through a window. Maybe we can pry one open?

Page 44

Panel one: Ethel has caught up with the rest of the girls as they are still trying to think of what to do. Everyone, save for Cheryl, who is rubbing her throbbing forehead, is happy to see her.

Ethel: Um, why are you still here…?

Betty: Ethel! You’re okay!

Betty: I was worried that Scary Mary might have gotten you!

Panel two: Ethel scowls and snorts her nostrils as she is still insulted by Scary Mary’s slight on her appearance. Betty and Ginger shrug their shoulders as they are both equally confused about what Ethel is talking about.

Ethel: …stupid zombie ghost girl thing…too good for me…beggars can’t be choosers!

Panel two: Suddenly hat racks, chairs, and various other furniture move over the windows to block any attempt to open or break the windows as the girls look up as the shadow of Scary Mary falls over them.

Scary Mary: I do not beg. I take what I want. And what I want is a face.

Panel three: Scary Mary is just above the skylight as the storm clouds fade and moonlight shines brighter. Scary Mary is walking in the air as if stepping on invisible steps as she approaches the terrified Riverdale teens. Scary Mary’s hair is wild and swinging as if in a wind storm. Her gloved hands are balled into a fist as it is obvious that Scary Mary is through playing cat and mouse.

Scary Mary: Like vinegar is to the teeth, ugliness is to the eyes.

Panel four: A close-up on her mask as her mask eye slots are now glowing red, yellow, and orange as smoke creep through the corners of the eye slots to help illustrate what Scary Mary is talking about with the fire that took her life and face.

Scary Mary: The fire that claimed my being taught a harsh truth. A truth, in turn, I will teach to you.

Scary Mary: And, pretty, pretties—IT WILL CHAR YOUR SOULS!

Page 45

Panel one: A shot from over the shoulders of Scary Mary as the girls back towards the doors. Ethel and Chloe are the closets to the handles of the door with Cheryl and Ginger next to them followed by Veronica and Betty. Scary Mary has her right arm outstretched as she prepares to pick which face she is going to take. Ethel is the only one not frighten as she knows Scary Mary already deemed her not worthy and is still insulted by it.

Scary Mary: Now that I finally have you all together, choosing will be much simpler.

Ethel: Sure, whatever, Ms. Particular.

Panel two: The same shot only with Scary Mary’s out stretched arm moving towards Ginger and Cheryl. Cheryl is motioning with her head for Scary Mary to pick Ginger as Ginger responds with a glare and dropped jaw in response.

Ginger: Hey!

Panel three: Scary Mary’s arm is now in the direction of Veronica and Betty as they both go wide-eyed as Scary Mary’s hand is palm up as she prepares to make her choice.

Veronica: I think we’re about to get the deciding vote on the Betty vs. Veronica debate!

Betty: I’m more than willing to leave it up to debate!

Panel four: Scary Mary’s hand begins to go towards Veronica as Scary Mary takes a single step towards her. Veronica leans back in horror and covers her face with her hands and looks out through the open space between her fingers. Betty turns towards Veronica in deep concern.

Veronica: Curse my exceptional skin care…! I always knew it would be the deciding factor!

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty & Veronica in The Legend of Scary Mary.
« on: October 11, 2014, 12:35:54 PM »
Thanks. :)

Page 33

Panel one: Veronica tries to back off and feign a smile as waves her four fingers to say hello in an attempt to make peace. Scary Mary slowly begins to reach for Veronica’s face with both hands.

Veronica: Heh-heh. Um…Mary. I-I-I really like your…it draws away from your vacant eyes…

Panel two: Scary Mary grabs Veronica by the face and squeezes her face cheeks together so Veronica ends up looking like she is puckering up her lips like a fish.

Veronica: !

Panel three: Scary Mary tilts her head to the left as she examines Veronica’s face as Veronica pulls herself free from Mary’s grasp.

Scary Mary: You keep your skin well moisturized. Your pores are exceptional.

Panel four: Scary Mary returns to looking straight at Veronica as Veronica replies while cautiously taking one giant step back as she has her hands behind her back to motion for the other girls to begin to run on her cue.

Veronica: Thanks, but myself and my friends need to---

Panel five: Veronica is leading the way as Chloe and Betty follow behind her as they make a mad dash to get away from Scary Mary. Ethel rolls up her shirt sleeves as she prepares to confront Scary Mary in the background as Scary Mary lowers herself to the ground.

Veronica: GO! GO! GO!

Chloe: Best idea you’ve had all night!

Page 34

Panel one: Ethel has her arms spread out in a “you shall not pass” pose as she sticks her neck out for Scary Mary to take, to sacrifice herself to save her friends.

Ethel: You want a face!? Fine! Take mine! All that I ask in return is you leave my friends alone!

Panel two: Scary Mary stops and stares at Ethel as Ethel closes her eyes and prepares for the worse.

Panel three: Scary Mary grabs Ethel’s chin with her left hand and tilts Ethel’s to the left to examine it.

Panel four: Same panel as the previous only with Scary Mary tilting Ethel’s head to the right to examine her right face cheek

Panel five: Scary Mary puts her arms down to her side as she stares at Ethel as Ethel closes her eyes even tighter and cringes as she is expecting Mary to attack her next.

Panel six:  Scary Mary nonchalantly walks through Ethel as Ethel stands offended by Scary Mary’s slight on her appearance.

Scary Mary: I do not perceive how it would be an improvement.

Page 35

Panel one: Veronica, Betty, and Chloe are running down the hall as their flashlights begin to fade. Along the hall various doors are open and objects such as books, lamps, and silly objects like rubber ducks and a Pep Comic are flying out to attack them as the girls twist and duck to avoid them.

Betty: Veronica, the batteries are dying--we’ll be running blind if we don’t get out of here!

Panel two: Veronica reaches into her pocket for her cellphone as she just misses getting hit be a mouse trap with a mouse clinging on for dear life.

Chloe: What are you doing?

Veronica: This isn’t an eighties horror movie, Chloe! We have cellphones to call for help with!

Panel three: Betty runs next to Veronica as Veronica frantically begins to press buttons on the cellphone as the cellphone does not operate.

Betty: Who are you going to call!

Veronica: The Ghostbusters! Moose! The Good Guys of the Galaxy! ANYBODY!

Panel four: Veronica throws the cellphone away as the three girls begin to turn a corner as Betty and Chloe look back to see Scary Mary being able to walk and stay within close distance of the girls as the various objects that had been flying around stop and make way for her.

Veronica: It’s not working! Now what!?

Betty: Run faster comes to mind!

Page 36

Panel one: Cheryl in her full Scary Mary costume leaps out at the girls as they turn the corner. Veronica, Betty, and Chloe are looking back behind them as they are not even paying attention to Cheryl. Cheryl Blossom is holding her arms up with her hands pointed at the girls as she attempts to frighten them.

Cheryl Blossom: Fear me, foolish brats! I am Scary Mary, and I will take all your faces!

Cheryl Blossom: MWWWAHHHAAA!!

Panel two: Ginger is just behind Cheryl as they both watch as Veronica, Betty, and Chloe zoom ahead and completely ignore them. Ginger films them as they go by as Cheryl stomps her left foot to the ground.

Cheryl: Hey! Dolts! I did not waste my night and dress in this stupid costume for you to already have the bejesus scared out of you!

Panel three: Cheryl turns to Ginger as Ginger stakes a step back as her jaw drops at what she sees standing next to Cheryl Blossom off panel. Cheryl is taking off her mask and letting it drop to the ground.

Cheryl: Well, at least you got them running away, and with some editing I bet we could…

Ginger: Ch-Ch-Cheryl—

Ginger: I think I know who scared them….

Panel four: Cheryl is talking with Ginger as Scary Mary is standing right beside of her completely unnoticed by Cheryl. Through the eye holes of the porcelain mask, a small red light glimmers in the blackness to show Scary Mary being upset. Scary Mary just stares straight ahead and doesn’t even turn to Cheryl’s direction.

Cheryl: Who?

Page 37

Panel one: Cheryl is startled as she jumps to her right against a wall as Scary Mary begins to talk. Scary Mary’s no longer have the small red light in her mask eyeholes and she still has not turn towards Cheryl.

Scary Mary: I do not appreciate being mocked.

Cheryl: !!

Panel two: Cheryl turns to Ginger as she wants an explanation on how Scary Mary suddenly appeared beside her. Ginger points a shaky finger at Scary Mary as she tries to explain.

Cheryl: Why didn’t you tell me she was there!?

Ginger: --She…she just appeared!

Panel three: Cheryl turns to yell at Scary Mary as Scary Mary is now facing her as she begins to slowly reach for Cheryl’s right face cheek.

Cheryl: And I don’t know who you are, but if you think you’re clever or funny, you are one hundred percent wrong! I had this night worked out, and you ruined everything, idiot!

Panel four: Cheryl slaps Scary Mary’s hand as she is becoming more enraged.

Cheryl: Back off, freak!

Panel five: Scary Mary responds by using her other hand to grab Cheryl by her neck and rams her into the right hallway wall as Cheryl eyes widen in fear as she tries to free herself from Scary Mary’s vice like grip, but cannot.

Cheryl: Gggkk!


Page 38

Panel one: Scary Mary lifts Cheryl Blossom several inches off the ground as Cheryl twists and kicks, but can’t get free. Scary Mary is doing this all effortlessly as she tilts her head as she continues to examine Cheryl’s bright red face.

Scary Mary: You are a stupid, stupid girl and you have a nasty tongue--

Panel two: A high angle view from over Cheryl’s shoulder as we can see Scary Mary using her free hand to reach for Cheryl’s face as the hand is palm up with the fingers curled inward.

Scary Mary: --But you are beautiful.

Panel three: Ginger Lopez suddenly leaps into action as she takes her camcorder and attacks Scary Mary across the head with it to try and help Cheryl who looks like she is just about ready to faint.

Ginger Lopez: Let go of her, you ghoul!!


Page 39

Panel one: The camera falls apart in Ginger’s hands from the sheer force she hit Scary Mary with as Scary Mary doesn’t even react as it has no affect on her. Ginger can’t believe that massive attack did nothing as she can only look in shock as the camera pieces fall out of her hands.

Ginger: What in the world are you--?

Panel two: Scary Mary turns her head as if she has finally noticed Ginger as Ginger takes a step back. As Scary Mary looks at Ginger her grip on Cheryl begins to ease up as Cheryl can fit her own fingers between her neck and Mary’s hand slightly.

Panel three: Scary Mary casually let’s Cheryl drop, completely disregarding her as she turns her attention to Ginger. Cheryl takes in several deep breathes a she clenches her neck as she begins to inhale and exhale.


Cheryl Huuhh Hhhhuu….

Panel four: Scary Mary places a hand on Ginger’s face cheek with her fingers just below Ginger’s mole as Ginger can only roll her eyes as she is so scared she has gone into shock.

Scary Mary: That is a very adorable mole.

Page 40

Panel one: Cheryl gets up with one hand still holding her throat as she reaches past Scary Mary, grabs Ginger Lopez with her other hand, and pulls her away as they begin to run away from Scary Mary.

Cheryl: Ginger, don’t stand there! Move!

Ginger: …!

Panel two: Scary Mary holds her head down as Ginger finally begins to come out of shock as she follows alongside Cheryl.

Ginger: You don’t have to tell me twice…!

Panel three: Scary Mary’s holds her head up as the eye slots in her mask are now have a small purple light in the blackness to signal that she is about to do something with her ghostly powers.

Panel four: Scary Mary begins to walk along the hall as Ginger and Cheryl are in the distance as Scary Mary doesn’t seem concerned at all. Along the hall way are various closed rooms, broken mirrors against the wall, and various small tables and desks.

Scary Mary: Foolish girls. This is my home. I am in control.

Panel five: The same shot with Scary Mary now taking another step as all havoc begins to break loose as the mirrors shatter even more, the doors to the rooms begin to open and slam over and over and the tables and vases and various other items in the hall begin to levitate and bash across the walls and ground to signal Scary Mary’s power.

Scary Mary: There is no escape for any of you.

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty & Veronica in The Legend of Scary Mary.
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Page 26

Panel one: Veronica looks around the room with a triumphant smile, completely ignoring how horrify the room is. Chloe is taking pictures of the room as Betty tip toes around a hole and Ethel looks around nervously.

Veronica: There! That wasn’t so bad, was it ladies?

Panel two: Ethel and Betty go to Veronica as Veronica takes a step away from the foot of the bed to look at them. Veronica frowns at them like they’re party poopers ruining her celebration.

Ethel: Can we go now?

Betty: Yeah. I mean, being in a room where someone burnt alive—is very creepy!

Panel three: Veronica shakes her head as she motions for Chloe, who is taking pictures of the tiara to take a picture of her, Betty, and Ethel.

Veronica: Not quite. We do need to show proof we were here…

Veronica: Chloe, if you don’t mind.

Panel four: Ethel is in the middle as Veronica is to her right and Betty is to her left as all three girls smile as Chloe gets down to one knee and squints as she takes a picture from the best positioning she can. Ethel and Betty have uneasy smiles while Veronica is grinning ear to ear and making a “V” for Veronica with both hands as she showboats.

Chloe: Oh. Sure.

Chloe: Everyone think about getting out of here and hold that smile!

Page 27

Panel one: The girls begin to leave as they walk past the dresser mirror stand as Veronica notices the melted tiara.

Betty: And that’s that!

Veronica: Hm, I guess a little more proof to throw at Cheryl’s face wouldn’t hurt…

Panel two: Veronica grabs hold of the tiara with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

Panel three: Her eyes open in pain and her hair stands up a bit as the tiara has turned red hot.

Panel four: Veronica lets go of the tiara as she jumps back and holds her right hand in pain.

Veronica: OWW!! HOT! HOT! HOT!

Panel five: Veronica holds her right hand and blows on it as Betty inspects it to see that there is redness where she burnt herself. Chloe and Ethel inspect the tiara slab with Ethel touching it with her pinky finger, preparing for the worse.

Betty: Wow. You did burn yourself. How’d you do it?

Veronica: I grabbed that miserable slab on the dresser counter!

Panel six: Betty is asking Veronica how it could burn her as Veronica shakes her hand as she tries to cool it down.

Betty: That doesn’t make sense. It’s been decades and decades in place. No way could it be that hot.

Page 28

Panel one: Veronica walks past Ethel and Chloe as she stomps out of the room. All three girls just shrug their shoulders and smile in response, relieved they can finally leave Delmont Mansion.

Veronica: Nevermind! This is stupid! Let’s just get out of here!

Panel two: Veronica stops just outside of the door as she has a look of puzzlement on her face and gasps as Betty, Chloe, and Ethel wonder why she suddenly stopped.

Veronica: Eh?

Betty:  What’s wrong?

Panel three: All the girls are out of the room as they see that everything has changed. The hall they were in is now gone and they are staring into a new wing of the mansion that stretches into different twisting hallways. Along the walls are various paintings with the faces ripped off, chipped decorative vases, various wooden chairs in disrepair, and suits of armor fallen in heaps or missing an arm or leg.

Veronica: Um, I think the house shifted.

Page 29

Panel one: Veronica and the girls begin to explore the new wing of the mansion as they are completely loss. Betty is complaining to Veronica about the situation they find themselves in as Veronica becomes annoyed.

Betty: We’re lost in an entirely new section of the mansion that wasn’t here five minutes ago! This is not some funhouse! There is something supernatural going on, Veronica!

Panel two: Veronica turns and snaps at Betty as Betty snaps back.

Veronica: Oh, be quiet so I can think!

Betty: No one can be that quiet!

Panel three: Veronica looks towards Chloe as Chloe begins to look through the image screen of her digital camera to examine previous pictures.

Veronica: Chloe, you’ve taken pictures everywhere we went. Run through them and look for anything familiar to give us a hint where we might be!

Panel four: Chloe is scrolling through her camera as she has her tongue sticking to her upper left lip as she is quickly scrolling through the pictures.

Chloe: Don’t see anything that can help …

Panel five: Chloe adjusts her glasses as she looks at the viewing screen of her camera Chloe’s eyes are a mix of confusion and fear at what she is looking at.

Panel six: A shot of the viewing screen of the camera as it shows the picture she had taken of the girls in Scary Mary’s room only with a shadow wearing the Scary Mary mask standing behind the girls and with its arms seemingly reaching for the faces of Betty and Veronica.

Chloe: That is troubling..

Page 30

Panel one: A shot over the left shoulder of Chloe as Chloe holds her camera out to show the girls. The girls are huddling up and backing away as they see someone behind Chloe.

Chloe: Take a look!

Chloe: I don’t know what this is, but it wasn’t there when I was taking this snap!

Panel two: Chloe is looking back at the image herself as looks over it again. Betty, Veronica, and Ethel close together and their faces have gone pale as they try to warn Chloe but are too afraid to even speak and Chloe is looking at the camera instead of them.

Chloe: Weird. I could swear that it looks like it’s reaching for your faces, Betty and Veronica….

Panel three: A shot of Chloe with a confused look on her face as we can see that Scary Mary is standing right behind her in full view, almost like she’s staring a hole into the back of Chloe’s head. Scary Mary’s arms are at her side as she is not prepared to take any action yet.

Chloe: Pictures don’t lie—but a ghost? That’s a little out of reach.

Page 31

Panel one: Scary Mary finally speaks as Chloe shifts her eyes towards her right and cold sweat begins top perspire down her forehead.

Scary Mary: You should not have done that.

Panel two: Chloe jumps back and drops her camera as she runs towards the other girls who are looking on in sheer terror.

Chloe: Yikes!

Panel three: Scary Mary takes a step and smashes the camera under her right shoe as she begins to approach the girls.

Scary Mary: Taking a photograph of me when I’m like this:

Scary Mary: Tarnished.

Scary Mary: Blemished

Scary: Mary: Disfigured.

Panel four: Scary Mary is standing directly in front of the girls as she raises both hands and spreads her fingers as she looks like she is prepared to rip off their faces Chloe and Ethel are up front with Betty and Veronica behind them. Chloe and Ethel cover their faces, Betty is confused by Scary Mary’s last comment and Veronica is working her nerve up as she mistakenly suspects something underhanded about Scary Mary.

Scary Mary: But my patience has finally been rewarded.

Scary Mary: Six pretty, pretties to choose from.

Betty thinking: “Six?”

Page 32

Panel one: Veronica pushes past Ethel and Chloe as she prepares to confront Scary Mary. Scary Mary lowers her hands as she focuses on Veronica’s face. Betty reaches and tries to stop Veronica from confronting Scary Mary, but Veronica brushes Betty’s hand off her shoulder.

Veronica: That’s enough! I know it’s you, Cheryl!

Panel two: Veronica is nose to nose with Scary Mary as she screams in her face. Scary Mary doesn’t react to Veronica’s tirade as she is focused completely on Veronica’s face.

Veronica: That stupid mask and wig and gravely voice doesn’t fool me one bit!

Panel three: Scary Mary suddenly rises up several inches to where she is staring at Veronica’s forehead as Veronica twists her face in confusion.

Veronica: Huh?

Panel four: Veronica takes a step back as Scary Mary is now several more inches off the ground and is looking down at her.

Panel five: Veronica looks up as Scary Mary has levitated in place several feet off the floor. The other girls look on in fright and wide eyed as they can’t believe what they are seeing. Veronica takes a deep gulp as she realizes she’s in big time trouble.

Veronica: Um…you girls wouldn’t happen to see any strings or mirrors…?

Betty: Not a one.

Veronica: …I was afraid of that.

All About Archie / Re: Which Archie Artist's Work You Like The Least?
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Kid whose family had a catering service...and I think he had tiny robots?

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty & Veronica in The Legend of Scary Mary.
« on: October 08, 2014, 02:02:06 AM »
Thanks. :)

Page 18

Panel one: Betty, Veronica, Chloe, and Ethel are in the entry hall of the Delmont Mansion as they flash their lights and look around. The skylight is leaking water as it storms outside with the moon nearly covered by dark storm clouds. Various furniture such as chairs, couches, tables, and vases have gone into disrepair or are simply smashed. Along the walls are various paintings of men and women only with the faces of all of them ripped off. Two suits of battered armor stand next to a spiral staircase leading to up to the next floor. Various rats scatter about as Veronica’s light hits them. Chloe’s light is focusing on a painting of a woman with the face ripped off. Betty is looking at a nearby statue of a person where the face has been crushed with bits of old marble lie on the ground just under the stand to it. The walls have various holes punched into it. Cobwebs seem to be on every wall and on every piece off furniture. The skylight is leaking water into the entry hall.

Ethel: Wow, Veronica. This place is like your mansion…if The Addams Family remodeled it.

Veronica: Thank you for the keen observation and timely comparison, Ethel dear.

Betty: This is spooky.

Chloe: I’d rather it be Casper.

Panel two: Betty is examining the statue as she shines her light on it and puts a hand on it to align with the handprint that crushed the face.

Betty: Look at this. It’s like someone—I don’t know, shattered this sculpture with their bare hand.

Panel three: Chloe is taking a picture of a painting with an 1800 attire woman that has also had the face ripped off the canvas. Various cockroaches crawl from the ripped opening of the painting and scatter from the light.

Chloe: Not just that.  From all I’ve seen, all of these paintings have had everyone’s face ripped off.

Page 19

Panel one: Veronica is tip toeing past a group of rats as she tries not to get their attention as Ethel is just behind her. Veronica in avoiding the rats doesn’t see the spider web she’s about to turn her head into.

Veronica: Listen to you, girls! This place has been around forever. Probably just juvenile delinquents wanted to be cute and make it look haunted some time back.

Panel two: Veronica walks into the spider web as the rats laugh at her.

Veronica: Ach! Cobwebs! I hate cobwebs!

Panel three: Veronica tries to get the cobwebs out of her hair as the rats see a small purple orb just over Veronica’s head that causes them to run away in fright.

Veronica: This stupid wager with Cheryl isn’t worth it if my glorious, impeccable hair is to be subjected to such barbaric, deplorable conditions!

Panel four: A close up on Veronica’s left face cheek as an invisible hand pinches her face cheek hard as Veronica closes her eyes and yelps in pain.

Veronica: OW!

Panel five: Veronica turns to Ethel and holds her left face cheek for Ethel to examine. As Ethel doesn’t see a bug bite. Betty and Chloe begin to walk towards Veronica and Ethel.

Veronica: Something bit me!!

Ethel: I don’t see a mark on you face. You sure you didn’t imagine it?

Veronica: No one imagines pure pain, Ethel!!

Page 20

Panel one: Betty is flashing her light ahead as Veronica is pulling out a small mirror from her pocket.

Betty: Well gang, I think we’ve seen enough here…

Panel two: A shot of the light as it stretches up the stairs leading up to the next floor of the mansion.

Betty: …Might as well make our way up.

Panel two: Chloe and Ethel walk ahead and talk to each other as the air suddenly has turned much colder as we can see their breath.  Betty and Veronica trail behind as Betty eyes Veronica’s mirror as Veronica is looking her left face cheek over.

Chloe: Sure got really cold really fast….

Panel three: Veronica notices Betty staring at her as she asks her why. Betty smiles and adjusts her ponytail as she holds out her hand to take the mirror.

Veronica: What?

Betty: I was just wondering if I could borrow your mirror?

Panel four: Veronica gladly hands Veronica the mirror as Betty smiles and playfully shrugs her shoulders as she teases Veronica.

Veronica: Sure, but why start caring how you look now?

Betty: Oh you know. After years of avoiding reflective surfaces, curiosity got the best of me just now.

Page 21

Panel one: Betty turns around and begins to walk up the stairs backwards as Veronica looks on in bewilderment.

Betty: But seriously…

Veronica: You call this serious?

Panel two: Betty is talking and looking down at Veronica as Veronica falls behind her to better see what Betty is doing. Betty has the mirror at her right shoulder open to look behind her.

Betty: I just thought I’d try out this old urban myth where you walk backwards up stairs and see the face of the person you’re going to marry.

Panel three: Veronica shakes a fist, stomps her foot on the next step and protests as Betty just smiles and begins to look at the mirror as she takes a step backwards.

Veronica: That is my mirror, Cooper! If you see Archiekins, it’s not because of you!

Betty: Yeah, yeah—

Panel four: Betty’s eyes light up as she sees Scary Mary’s mask in the mirror.

Betty: !!!

Panel five Betty has jumped into Veronica’s arms and is clinging to her tightly as she shivers in fright. The mirror lands two steps ahead of the girls.

Veronica: I take it the future Mr. Cooper isn’t up to par?

Panel six: Veronica is walking up ahead of Betty and picking up her mirror as Betty is just behind her and using her hands to motion like a mask is on her face to explain what she saw.

Betty: It—it was horrible! It was this pale, white face with no eyes…!

Veronica: Oh, stop that that nonsense! We need to catch up to Chloe and Ethel before we get separated!

Page 22

Panel one: Chloe and Ethel are in a hallway looking at more paintings that have had the various faces ripped off. Chloe is looking on one side of the hall while Ethel is looking on the other.

Ethel: Say, Chloe, do you think Veronica was right about just someone went too far trying to make this place scary?

Panel two: Chloe responds and makes a face as Ethel is examining a painting to her left of a fox hunter with the faces of himself and all of his hunting dogs ripped out.

Chloe: Makes more sense than a ghost, right?

Ethel: Bingo.

Panel three: Suddenly all the doors along the hallway begin to open and bang shut and the paintings begin to spin around as Chloe and Ethel jump back to back as they both begin to panic

Panel four: Veronica is dragging Betty up to the next floor with both hands as Betty is still skittish about what happened as she is shining her flashlight in every direction with her free hand.

Veronica: Stop with the light, you’re going to give me a seizure!

Veronica: You don’t see Chloe and Ethel being scaredy cats, do you?

Panel five: Ethel and Chloe, with their hair stand up end, are running in a fright towards Veronica and Betty as Betty and Veronica react in surprise.

Panel six: Ethel and Chloe and hiding behind Veronica as Veronica rolls her eyes and her lips shift to her right as she has a “:good grief” expression on her face as her two trembling friends clutch her. Betty looks on with a smile as she leans across the banister of the staircase to better soak in the quirk of fate.

Betty: So do ghost cats go “meow” or “boo”?

Page 23

Panel one: Ginger and Cheryl are inside walking around and using the camera to see in the dark mansion. The only light is coming from a window as moonlight barely illuminates through the storm outside. Behind the two is pure darkness. Cheryl is wearing her Scary Mary costume, save for the mask she is holding in her hand.

Ginger: You were supposed to bring flash lights, Cheryl. How are we supposed to find the girls or our way out? This place is like a labyrinth!

Cheryl: The camera has night vision, and we can just retrace our steps! No problem whatsoever!

Panel two: Ginger looks up from the camera as she stares straight ahead as Cheryl rolls her eyes.

Ginger: Am I the only one who feels like someone is watching us?

Panel three: The same shot only with lighting flashing causing a greater spread of light to show that Scary Mary has been behind the two the entire time just standing still and watching them from the darkness. The lightning and shadows cover a majority of her features but it can be made out that Mary’s bangs curl away from her mask in a horizontal direction.


Panel four:  The girls begin to walk away as the lightning ends and the hallway goes back to the way it was with Scary Mary hidden in darkness and unseen once again.

Cheryl: You’re going to watch me leave you behind if you keep up with that drivel.

Ginger: Sorry.

Page 24

Panel one: Veronica is standing in front of the girls in the hallway where Chloe and Ethel had been only with everything returned to normal, with no hint that anything had happened. Veronica is upset with Betty, Chloe, and Ethel as all three obviously want to leave.

Veronica: What do you mean, you want to leave?!

Panel two: Ethel, Chloe, and Betty try to reason with Veronica as all three still are worried about staying in the Delmont mansion any longer. Chloe is taking a picture of the hallway as she uses Ethel as a shield just in case.

Betty: Veronica, you have to admit something weird is going on.

Ethel: Yeah! Like doors that slam on their own and paintings that spin like a top!

Panel three: Veronica smiles as confidently explains what she believes is happening.

Veronica: Don’t you girls see that this is all set up by Cheryl?

Panel four: Veronica goes to one of the paintings and lifts it up and points at the back canvas.

Veronica: Think about it: She’s the one who instigated this entire wager!

Veronica: I can picture that she-devil using her feminine charms on someone like Dilton and convincing him to whip up gadgets and tricks meant to have us running scared!

Panel five: Betty, Ethel, and Chloe are convinced that Veronica is probably right as Veronica slams her right fists into her open left palm to show how she plans to deal with Cheryl if she sees her.

Betty: It makes sense. I mean, I can see Cheryl doing exactly that--

Ethel: You think she has something else in store for us…?

Veronica: You just let me handle her when the time comes!

Page 25

Panel one: Veronica and the girls are looking down the hallway as several doors and paintings stretch across the walls seemingly endlessly.

Chloe: So where do you think we should go?

Panel two: Suddenly the first door on the left side of the hallway closest to them creaks open as if someone is inviting them in as a reply to Chloe’s question. Veronica nonchalantly goes to the door. Betty is checking for wind or a breeze with her finger, but shakes her head no to the discontent of Chloe and Ethel.

Veronica: There. The wind decided for us.

Panel three: Veronica is looking inside of the room as she smiles assertively as she motions for the other girls to follow her inside.

Veronica: Perfect!

Panel four: Veronica steps inside of Scary Mary’s room as the other girls begin to follow one at a time. Betty follows after Veronica and looks to her left, while Ethel is looking at the right of the room, Chloe is behind Ethel and is taking more pictures with her digital camera.

Scary Mary’s room look like it had been on fire years and years ago. Her bed with pink an white sheets is dirty, burnt, and covered in ash, the floor has several burnt holes around six and five inches wide, to the right of the room is the dresser mirror stand that looks like it did before with the melted tiara now the only thing on it. To the left a shelf which has dolls that look like Blade from The Puppet Master series, Chucky, Slappy the dummy from Goosebumps, and Freddy Krueger, and a scared out of its wit Cosmo doll keeping about a good foot of empty space between him and the other dolls. The walls of the room are burnt and wall paper has been burnt has pealed from the walls thanks to time and nature. On ground is a portrait of Mary Delmont that has been ripped to shreds with the wooden frame smashed to pieces.

Veronica: Mary’s bedroom!

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty & Veronica in The Legend of Scary Mary.
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Thanks. Normally, when I do the Halloween stories, the ghost are friendly and harmless...but with Archie having Afterlife and the Sabrina series, all bets are off. :)

Page 9

Panel one: Veronica, looking straight ahead, lets go of Betty’s face as Betty nearly loses her balance as Ethel and Chloe stop her from falling.

Veronica: Can you believe the nerve of that pest? Challenging me? Well, we’ll show her, right?

Panel two: Betty, Ethel, and Chloe reply at once loud enough to cause Veronica’s hair to blow back in her face.

Betty, Ethel, Chloe: WRONG

Panel three: Betty folds her arms and tilts her neck up as she refuses to even listen to Veronica.

Betty: I can’t believe you bet our Archie, Veronica! We already split time between him and now we might not see him at all for four weeks?

Panel four: Veronica puts an arm around Betty’s shoulder as Betty turns her head as she refuses to even listen to or even look at Veronica.

Veronica: What’s the risk, Betty? We go in, take a few pictures, maybe a memento, we win the bet….

Panel five: Veronica whispers into Betty’s ear as Betty’s eyes open and have hearts for pupils as she is buying into what Veronica is saying.

Veronica: …And we not only have Archie, but some nice new hunks in between dates. Rumor is Cheryl is currently seeing Dan Diddit.

Betty: Wow! When you put it that way!

Page 10

Panel one: Veronica turns to Ethel as Ethel puts a hand on her chest to show her love for Jughead.

Ethel: Forget it, Ronnie. My heart belongs only to Jughead!

Panel two: Veronica is talking with Ethel as Ethel envisions herself dressed up in a fancy dress with three hot teenage boys talking with her as Jughead is running to her, wearing a red wedding tuxedo and holding out a small box containing a wedding ring.

Veronica: I know that. But think about it. Jughead sees you with the cream of the crop and—

Ethel: He’ll run to me!! Begging for my hand in marriage for sure!!

Panel three: Veronica begins to talk with Chloe as Chloe holds the camera out with her arms and takes a picture of herself and frowns.

Veronica: And, Chloe, you’re telling me with all the couple pictures you’ve taken for the yearbook that—

Chloe: Yeah. I get the picture. Worse, I’ve taken the picture far too often.

Panel four: Veronica, Betty, Ethel, and Chloe begin to walk off in the background as Cheryl Blossom and Ginger look on from behind a corner in the foreground. Cheryl has a sneer across her face as she adjusts the bookpack in her hands as Ginger looks on apprehensively.

Veronica: There we go!

Cheryl: --Into my parlor said the spider to the fly!

Ginger: I don’t like the sound of that--

Page 11

Panel one: Cheryl turns and tries to convince Ginger to help her as she places a hand on her right shoulder as Ginger begins to back up and walk away.

Ginger: --So you can count me out!

Cheryl: But you can’t! I need my BFF!

Panel two: Cheryl is looking at Ginger with puppy dog eyes as she tries to break Ginger’s resolve with sheer cuteness. She uses a hand and two fingers barely apart to show Ginger how small the prank is.

Cheryl: It’s just a teeny tiny little prank. Harmless, I swear.

Panel three: Ginger rolls her eyes as she caves in. Cheryl reaches over and pats herself on he back to show how proud she was able to convince Ginger to help.

Ginger: Sigh.

Ginger: Okay. As long as it’s all in good fun.

Panel four: Cheryl goes back to normal as Ginger begins to question her part in the plan.

Ginger: Okay, oh devious one, what is it you’re plotting and what do you need me for?

Cheryl: I need you to make a costume!

Panel five: A shot over Cheryl’s bookpack bag as she begins to unlatch it as we can see Ginger in the background shrug her shoulders as she doesn’t understand what Cheryl is planning.

Ginger: What kind of costume?

Panel six: Ginger is taken back as Cheryl Blossom shows her the porcelain mask from the group project that Veronica gave her as a taunt. Cheryl has a wicked grin from ear to ear.

Cheryl: Something scary.

Page 12

Panel one: Veronica and the girls are walking down a street in Riverdale as they are all planning what they need when they go into the Delmont mansion on Halloween night. On the sidewalk a gypsy has a table and crystal ball set up as she rubs her old hands against the crystal ball as it begins to illuminate just slightly. A man walking away doesn’t appreciate the gypsy giving him The Fool tarot card.

Betty: Okay, it’ll be dark in the mansion with no electricity, so we’ll need flashlights.

Veronica: Not a problem. I’ll borrow a few from daddykins’ collection.

Chloe: Your father collects flashlights?

Veronica: We’re rich. Why have just one or two of anything?

Panel two: Veronica walks ahead of the others as she is right in front of the gypsy and turns to her as the gypsy continues to conjure on her crystal ball. In the crystal ball is a smoke upon smoke with a small puff of cloud resembling Scary Mary’s porcelain mask.

Gypsy: Young ladies, continue down this path you journey, I can see only danger where you venture.

Panel three: Veronica waves the gypsy off as she continues to walk ahead and disregard the gypsy’s warning while the other girls follow. Chloe and Ethel look at each other in confusion while Betty smiles at the gypsy woman timidly and tries to apologize for Veronica. The gypsy glares at the girls as she obviously does not like her sage advice being ignored.

Veronica: Mind your own business and don’t look then.

Panel four: Betty walks up to Veronica as Veronica scowls as and rolls her eyes up as she obviously doesn’t want to apologize but relents.

Betty: Veronica, that was rude! She’s just some playing fortune teller for the holiday to scrape a little money together.

Panel five: The girls turn around and are surprised at what they do not see off-panel.

Veronica: I apologize. Would a hundred dollars be enough for your—

Panel six: The girls turn to see that the gypsy has completely disappeared from where she was. Veronica begins to walk away and disregard the ominous and supernatural element that just happened as Betty looks back at her.

Ethel: Where’d she go…?
Betty: Veronica, that’s pretty ominous.

Veronica: Pish-posh. When I see ominous, I’ll yet you know.

Page 13

Panel one: A shot of the Belmont Mansion from the point of view of someone right at the doorway and looking up at the gigantic, decrypted mansion. There are several holes in walls, the double main door to the entrance is battered by the elements for decades upon decade as the doors swing about. Several windows aligning around the mansion are broken, have cracks, or have tattered curtains blowing out the mansion. The skylight to the mansion is broken in several spots. In the sky the moon is shining bright with storm clouds flashing ominously beginning to converge over the estate.

Panel two: A reverse shot of the previous panel as it looks like someone is looking down upon Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Chloe as they stare in utter disbelief at how scary the mansion is, even more thanks to the supernatural elements at work.

Chloe: It’s like visiting a relative in Haddonfield.

Ethel: Or a sleepover on Elm Street.

Betty: So this ominous, Veronica?

Veronica: …

Panel three: Veronica turns to Betty and the other girls as she points up at the moon and the storm clouds as she boldly defies the very ominous setting on Halloween night. Betty smiles and rolls her eyes as Chloe and Ethel giggle to each other as they find Betty’s reaction to Veronica amusing.

Veronica: No, Betty! It’s weather!

Page 14

Panel one: Veronica walks ahead as she motions for the apprehensive girls to follow her. Betty looks around as if expecting someone as Ethel notices.

Veronica: It shouldn’t take us more than ten minutes to walk through the mansion and be done with it!

Chloe: How about we run and take only five minutes?

Ethel: Betty…?

Panel two: Ethel is talking with Betty as Betty is shining her light in between two bushes a few yards behind them..

Betty: I was just thinking wouldn’t Cheryl be with us or at least waiting outside to see if we won the bet?

Panel three: Veronica is at the doorframe as she looks back and answers Betty.

Veronica: Simple.  She’s a coward who talks from both sides of her mouth.

Panel four: Veronica walks inside as Chloe follows close behind and agrees with Veronica. Ethel runs up to catch up to them as Betty turns to the girls as she is confused if she should take what Veronica said as a compliment or a backhanded insult.

Veronica: Besides, Betty, she can just ask you knowing you would never lie.

Chloe: True enough.

Ethel: Honest to a fault.

Panel five: Betty is running to catch up and try to convince the others she isn’t all that much of a goody good. Behind one of the bushes Cheryl and Ginger stick their heads out as they watch Betty run off.

Betty: I lie! I’ve told countless children the tooth fairy is real!

Cheryl whispering: About time.

Page 15

Panel one: We see behind the bush as Ginger and Cheryl are crouched behind it as Cheryl is beginning to unzip a large duffle bag as Ginger is beginning to turn on a digital camcorder.

Cheryl: So you got the costume?

Ginger: I had to use their presentation as a reference, so I’m not sure if it’s authentic--

Cheryl: No! That’ll make it work better!

Panel two: Cheryl is looking at the costume as it consists of a pink princess dress, with puff up sleeves that end at the elbow, white gloves that extend to the elbow, white shoes and stockings, and the porcelain mask. Ginger is turning the digital camcorder on as she looks at Cheryl.

Cheryl: Wow! This is amazing, Ginger! Absolutely perfect!

Ginger: Thanks…

Panel three: A shot through the digital camera as Cheryl begins to pose as if she were a movie star as Ginger records her.

Ginger off panel: …But why bring the camcorder?

Cheryl: Just something we can all look back on and laugh about.

Panel four: Cheryl begins to zip up the duffel bag as she begins to stand up. Ginger is already standing up as she is looking up with the camcorder towards the mansion. Cheryl is smirking to herself as she thinks about her plan.

Cheryl thinking: And by “we” I mean all the people I’m going to give a DVD copy to and everyone on the Internet when I download it and--

Ginger: Um, Cheryl…

Panel five: Cheryl stands up as she looks at Ginger as Ginger is zooming the camcorder in on a broken arched window on the second floor of the mansion.

Ginger: …There’s someone already up there.

Cheryl: What?

Ginger: Yeah. I can just see—her, I think. I can just make her out.

Panel six: Ginger jumps back as Cheryl snatches the camcorder from her.

Cheryl: Let me see!

Page 16

Panel one: Cheryl squints as she looks though the camcorder.

Cheryl: What? Those girls just running room to room? Figures those chickens would take the easy way out!

Panel two: A shot from the camcorder as it is focused on the window and a closer view of the second floor window as no one is there.

Cheryl off-panel: Just as I thought--

Panel three: Cheryl tosses the camcorder at Ginger as Ginger just catches it as Cheryl rolls her eyes.

Cheryl: There’s no one up there!

Panel four: Cheryl is reaching down for the duffel bag as Ginger looks towards the mansion nervously.

Ginger: But…I could have sworn…

Cheryl: I’ll be the one swearing if you don’t stop with that nonsense and hurry up.  It’s about to pour down on us!

Panel five: From the window on the top of the mansion as a white gloved hand presses against the glass to show that someone (Scary Mary) is indeed watching. On the ground we can see Cheryl with the duffle bag and Ginger with the camcorder as they begin to run past the bushes towards the mansion. It is beginning to rain heavily as the wind blows raindrops against the window.

Cheryl: We should be able to sneak in through a window on the other side and change inside.

Page 17

Panel one: From the view point of someone (Scary Mary) looking out through the cracked window of the Delmont Mansion as her white gloved hands begin to lift from the glass. Around the window and the torn and burnt purple curtains are several spider webs and spiders crawling all about.

Scary Mary: So many pretty, pretties come to call.

Panel two: A shot of the back of Scary Mary as she levitates towards a burnt dresser drawer stand with a cracked large shattered mirror attached to the back. We see a better glimpse of the room to see it is Scary Mary’s room. Everything in the room from the curtains, floor, and bed and its sheets have been severely burnt. What’s left of the mirror does not show a reflection of Scary Mary at all. On the dresser stand is a princess tiara that has been burnt and melted from the fires of years ago and a porcelain mask that has no facial features save for etched in female lips. From the back of Scary Mary she is wearing the princess costume from Betty’s speech and has long blond hair that goes to her lower back.

Scary Mary: I must put on my best face.

Panel three: A close up on Mary’s white gloved hands as she grabs the porcelain mask and lifts it off the dresser stand. 

Scary Mary: This leaves but one question.…

Panel four: Still from Scary Mary’s point of view as she nearly has the mask placed on her face as through the eye holes we can see the images of the girls that Scary Mary plans to terrorize. On the right eye slot is Betty, Veronica, Chloe, and Ethel just stepping into the mansion as they look around nervously and the left has a wet Cheryl and Ginger climbing into an open window in another room. Around the eye slots are an ominous dark purple energy to show Scary Mary using her ghostly powers to see where each set of girls is. The rest of the inside of the mask is grey and black.

Scary: Mary: Whose shall it be?

Fan Fiction / Betty & Veronica in The Legend of Scary Mary.
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Page 1 (all black and white save for mentioned colors and the last panel)

Panel one: The time setting is the 1920s as we see from behind the head of a blond haired girl with blond hair going to her lower back and is wearing a flapper dress as she walks down a street. A teenage newsie along with a grown man in black coat and top hat stare at Mary with hearts in their eyes; the man’s wife does not approve as she is about to hit him with her purse. On the road two Ford Model T’s have wrecked but both male drivers don’t care as they look at Mary with hearts over their heads.

Caption: The story goes that Mary Delmont was the most beautiful girl in Riverdale who no one could resist.

Panel two: A close up back shot of Mary brushing her hair as she sits at her dresser stand with a giant mirror attachment. Her reflection cannot be seen as a small red, yellow, and orange light illuminates brightly in the mirror. Mary doesn’t react to it as she’s more focused on herself.

Caption. This made Mary vain. She would spend hours on end just looking into a mirror, oblivious to the rest of the world.

Panel three: A further back behind the back shot of Mary as she is dressed like a princess and sitting at the dresser stand as she is looking into the mirror and brushing her hair without a care in the world, even though we can see in the background her bedroom is on fire (including her bed). Her clothing consists of a pink and purple dress with sleeves that go to her elbows, long white gloves that cover up the rest of her arms, white stockings, and white overshoes. Her clothing covers up all of her body. On the dresser counter is a tiara  and a porcelain mask with etched in lips as the only detail in the otherwise blank white mask. The mask is propped up against the mirror so it looks like it is watching everything that is happening

Caption: At a Halloween party the Delmont’s hosted, a fire broke out.

Caption: Everyone was evacuated, save for Mary.

Panel four: A shot of the comb and mask on the drawer as the brush is burning and the mask is seemingly looking at Mary burning off-panel as bright orange, yellow, and red light reflect on the mask. The tiara is beginning to melt as a small flame melts it to slag.

Caption: And by the time she noticed the flames, it was far, far too late.

Panel five: A shot of the old Delmont Mansion as it stands up on a hill, overlooking all of Riverdale and all the grass and trees leading up to the mansion are small, lean, barren and dying as a swirling wind kicks up dead leaves and blows out the rusty, open black wrought iron gates to the mansion. The Mansion is in gothic design with arched broken or cracked windows and etched in mythical creatures all along the three floors of the mansion foundation A Delmont D Emblem over the double main door entrance of the mansion. Eight visible chimneys, a visible skylight. The foundation is brick, concrete, and limestone. Very similar to The Breakers.  The mansion has been burnt and the foundation has been heavily cracked and broken. The D emblem has been cracked in two. All the creatures etched into the mansion foundation look viscous. Four of the chimneys have broken off and remain on the roof of the mansion or fallen to the ground below. The skylight of the mansion is broken in various spots.

Caption: But it’s said that Mary is still there. Watching and waiting for someone to enter the abandoned mansion so she can replace the face she lost that Halloween night….

Page 2

Panel one: The setting is Miss Grundy’s history classroom. A shot of Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Chloe standing in front of a long wooden table with a diorama and 3/4th poster board on it. The diorama is of Delmont mansion with a three-fourths poster board around the diorama with the left side having various drawings of a teenage girl shadow wearing a porcelain mask. The middle has the title THE LEGEND OF SCARY MARY and under it various pictures of the actual mansion. The right side of the poster board has a small newspaper article and the following poem written out:

Mary, Mary life of joy;
Mary, Mary kiss the boys.
Scary Mary lost her face,
Scary Mary must replace.
Enter her home, no one to blame,
When your face Scary Mary claims!

Betty is up front of Ms. Grundy’s classroom as she is finishing up her speech while Ethel is handing out a scrapbook titled Scary Mary to Ginger. Nancy is behind Ginger and is looking over Ginger’s shoulder to see the scrapbook. Chloe is standing next to the card board and is taking a picture of it with a digital camera while Veronica is holding up a replicaof the porcelain mask as she flirts with Archie. The mask is missing the etched in lips of the true Scary Mary mask. Behind the girls, the marker reads: RIVERDALE LOCAL HISTORY WEEK. Sitting in the front row next to Ginger is Cheryl Blossom who does not look the least bit impressed as she has her elbow on her desk and rest her head on her hand palm. Ms. Grundy is standing by her desk as she looks on approvingly. On her desk is a pumpkin and an apple; both have worms coming out the top of each fruit only with the pumpkin worm sticking its tongue out to mock the apple worm. The walls of the classroom are decorated with various Halloween cut outs.  Hanging from the ceiling of the classroom are orange and black bats.

Betty: And that is our presentation on The Legend of Scary Mary.

Miss Grundy: Very well done girls.

Panel two: Cheryl turns to Ginger and chastises the presentation as Veronica looks down at her. Ginger jumps back in her seat as a pop-up of Scary Mary jumps off a page of the scrapbook and scares her. Nancy chuckles in response.

Cheryl: Yeah. Like anyone believes that there is some ugly girl wearing a mask in Riverdale!

Panel three: Veronica tosses the porcelain mask at Cheryl and quips at her as Cheryl grits her teeth and leers at Veronica. Ginger, while passing the scrapbook behind her, tries hard not to laugh while Chloe takes a picture of Cheryl.

Veronica: Here. Why wait until Halloween to make us believers, Cheryl.

Page 3

Panel one: Cheryl stands up as she slams the mask down on her desk as she points at the marker board behind the girls. All the girls react in a “well, here she goes again,” as they frown.

Cheryl: This wasn’t even the assignment!  We’re supposed to report on local history, not tell a ghost story!

Panel two: Miss Grundy walks towards Cheryl as she motions towards the diorama and the poster board as Betty and Ethel gather with Veronica and Chloe.

Miss Grundy: Cheryl, legends have basis in reality. The Delmont family were prominent fixtures of Riverdale, dating back to the Civil War.

Panel three: Ginger holds up her hand as she wants to ask a question.

Miss Grundy: Ginger.

Ginger: You said “were”. What happened to the Delmonts?

Panel four: Cheryl holds the mask near her face and mockingly acts like Scary Mary as Ginger turns towards her, slightly annoyed.

Cheryl: Weren’t you listening? Scary Mary scared them off!

Panel five: Miss Grundy turns towards Betty and the rest of her group.

Miss Grundy: Betty  maybe you and your group can shed light on this inquiry?

Panel six: Ethel points at a newspaper clipping just under the Scary Mary rhyme as it shows a picture of the Delmont mansion as it was in the 20s.

Ethel: Just this one newspaper article saying they left without warning is all we could find, Miss Grundy.

Page 4

Panel one: Nancy holds up her hand as Miss Grundy calls on her.

Miss Grundy: Yes, Nancy?

Panel two: Nancy talks to Miss Grundy as Miss Grundy puts her right index finger at her chin and begins to think about Nancy’s question.

Nancy: Miss Grundy, what is your take on why the Delmonts leaving Riverdale?

Miss Grundy: Hmm. Well, that was a bit even before my time…

Panel three: Miss Grundy talking with the class as everyone listens to her.

Miss Grundy: My grandfather told me the Delmonts had made bad investments and fled from debt collectors and the courts.

Miss Grundy: It could possibly be that living where you daughter perished was unbearable for Mr. Delmont.

Panel four: Miss Grundy looks over at the poster board and diorama as Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Chloe follow her eyes towards the left side of the poster board where the pictures of Scary Mary are.

Miss Grundy: All logical assumptions—but for the life of me I can’t help but think of one simple verse from Hamlet the more I reflect on the question--

Panel five: A close up on the drawing of Scary Mary with the main focus being the dark, black eyes.

Caption: “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, than dreamt in our philosophy.”

Page 5

Panel one: Betty, Veronica, Chloe, and Ethel are walking out of the classroom as the bell has rung to end class and everyone is making there way up and down the hall. Ethel is in deep thought as Chloe notices. Veronica is stroking her hair as she waves goodbye to Archie who is about to run into an open locker door as a teenage boy is putting up his books for the day. Betty is still pumped about the presentation and how it went as she is all smiles.

Betty: Good job, everyone! We really earned that A!

Veronica: Of course. Brains and Beauty.

Panel two: Chloe turns to Ethel as Ethel replies.

Chloe: What’s wrong, Ethel?

Ethel: I was just thinking…

Panel three: Ethel is talking with the girls as they all listen. In the background, Mr. Weatherbee and Svenson are carrying an unconscious Archie on a stretcher away to get medical help. Archie has large bump on his forehead.

Ethel: That Scary Mary is real.

Panel four: Betty, Veronica, and Chloe’s eyes light up and they try to fight off the giggles in nearly the same manner with their hands over their mouths as their cheeks are puffed out.

Panel five: Betty, Veronica, and Chloe burst into laughter as Ethel is taken by surprise.

Betty, Veronica, and Chloe: HA HA HA HA!!

Panel six:  Betty is trying to apologize as Ethel grumbles, folds her arms across her chest, and turns away from the group. Veronica is wiping a tear from her eye as Chloe is bent over clutching her ribs.

Betty: Heh. Sorry, Ethel. You (snort) just took us by surprise!

Page 6

Panel one: Ethel is defending herself as Betty has stopped laughing and is listening to Ethel.

Ethel: What about that picture that Chloe took of the Delmont Mansion?

Betty: What about it?

Panel two: Ethel shrugs her shoulders as she didn’t know that no one else noticed what she did in the picture. Betty tilts her head in confusion as Veronica looks over at Chloe as Chloe is going into her pocket for her digital camera.

Ethel: There was something looking out one of the second story windows.

Chloe: I didn’t delete the pictures, so let’s just take a quick look.

Panel three: Chloe is looking into her digital camera as the girls crowd around her to look. In the background we can see Cheryl Blossom and Ginger looking on with Cheryl seemingly far more interested. Cheryl has a small bookpack over her right shoulder.

Chloe: Just let me get to the file, there’s the picture…let’s see if I can zoom, fix the pixilation a bit. And—

Chloe: Huh.

Panel four: A close-up on the digital camera screen as it seems like a white porcelain mask is looking out the window. The picture is still blurry and distorted so some question can be asked if that is a mask.

Betty off-panel: Okay, that is kinda creepy.

Panel five: Cheryl has a smirk across her face as she walks towards the girls while giving a confused Ginger her bookpack. In the background a teenager is unhappily looking at his closed locker door that has a face imprint of Archie on it.

Veronica: What’s creepy about it? It’s just light reflecting off the window.

Page 7

Panel one: Cheryl is talking to the group of girls as Veronica turns and snarls at her. The other girls are much more cordial.

Cheryl: My, my, what are the local paranormal investigators of Riverdale High gossiping about?

Veronica: None of your business.

Panel two: Ethel, ignoring Veronica’s previous comment, cheerfully replies as Veronica groans as she knows this is going to give Cheryl fuel to continue pestering them.

Ethel: We were just trying to decide if this picture was a ghost!

Veronica: Sigh.

Panel three: Cheryl Blossom snatches the camera out of Chloe’s hands as she begins to look through the images.

Cheryl: Sounds like you need a second opinion! Let’s look at all of your pictures!

Panel four: Cheryl tosses the digital camera heedlessly back at Chloe as Chloe has to duck and dive from stopping it from landing on the floor. Veronica continues to give Cheryl a death glare as Betty and Ethel are puzzled by Cheryl’s remark.

Cheryl: I don’t know if that’s a picture of a ghost, but it’s easy to see that you all believe in ghosts.

Betty: What do you mean by that, Cheryl?

Panel five: Cheryl is stretching out her arms to show off the inside of the school building to illustrate her point. Chloe lets out a sigh of relief that she saved her camera while the rest of the girls are focused on Cheryl.

Cheryl: It’s simple. All of those pictures are from outside of the Delmont Mansion.

Panel six: Cheryl is stroking her hair and striking a pose to further bait Veronica as Veronica has her fists balled to the point veins can be seen. The rest of the girls are irritated but not to the extent of Veronica.

Cheryl Blossom: Ergo, you all obviously believe in Scary Mary and didn’t want to risk losing your face.

Cheryl Blossom: Of course some of you—Veronica—needn’t have worried so.

Page 8

Panel one; Veronica gets right at Cheryl’s face and goes nose to nose with her. Cheryl still has her confident smile and a twinkle in her eyes as she is not affected by Veronica’s declarations.

Veronica: One. There are no such things as ghosts! So there is nothing in that mansion to be afraid of!

Veronica: Two. If she were real, Scary Mary would beg to have my face! Plead even!

Panel two: Cheryl leans into Veronica’s face and challenges her as Veronica does not back down.

Cheryl: If you’re so certain, why don’t we make a little wager?

Panel three: Cheryl points at Veronica, Betty, Chloe and Ethel as she issues the challenge. Veronica stands in front of the other girls who turn to each other and do not like this challenge at all.

Cheryl: If you and you friends can go all through Delmont Mansion, I’ll give you all my boyfriends I have scheduled for the next four weeks!

Cheryl: You lose, and Archie Andrews is all mine for the next four weeks!

Panel four: Betty tries to say no, but Veronica reaches back and puts a hand over her mouth.

Betty: Our Archie! Then the answer is---mpphhhhhh!

Veronica: You’re on!

Panel five: Cheryl Blossom walks away confidently as Veronica shakes a fist in her direction as Betty, shaking her head to signal no, is trying to pull Veronica’s hand off her mouth with both arms while Chloe and Ethel look on nervously.

Cheryl: Let’s make it Halloween night.

Veronica: Fine by us!

Betty: Mmphhnn mmmphnn!!

All About Archie / Re: Which Archie Artist's Work You Like The Least?
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Had? That doesn't sound promising. I've never read too many stories with the character, but I always liked her design.

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