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Fan Fiction / Re: Dilton in Mad Scientist Love.
« on: February 03, 2016, 01:35:09 AM »
Well, it was originally neutrons then I looked it up and read protons made more sense. Forgot the extra R when I cut the word in half and filled it in.

And I just discovered that my web browser spellcheck is superior to my 2003 Microsoft Word spellcheck. So maybe that will help me in the future. :)

I am being held to standards that I don't think should exist. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Dilton in Mad Scientist Love.
« on: February 02, 2016, 11:06:51 PM »

And I'm not too familiar with Ginger and Icky. Most I remember is that she's kind of nice and a bit of a tomboy and Icky is more of a dork than a nerd.

Fan Fiction / Re: Dilton in Mad Scientist Love.
« on: February 02, 2016, 03:29:52 PM »
Page 6

Panel one: Reggie is stomping around the park as he is looking for Dilton. Reggie has his shirt sleeve rolled back and his hair messed up even more and his clothes are much wrinklier as he looks like a maniac. In the background, a penguin with a hang glider is landing on the ground striking a “king of the world” pose.

Reggie: Where is he?! Where is that little creep?!

Panel two: Reggie has his hands cupped over his mouth as he yells into the air. The penguin is startled as a woodpecker burrows of the ground in front of it.

Reggie: Dilton, you coward! I’m right here! Bring out your worse, I dare you!

Panel three: Reggie looks down as one of Dilton’s diminutive two inch robots walks up to him and waving his fists in his direction. Reggie looks down with a snicker.

Reggie: Oh. This is pathetic.

Panel four: Reggie gets down on his knees and mock fights with the diminutive robot as Reggie is in full arrogant jerk mode. The robot begins to shift its feet and punch the air as if it were a boxer as it remains defiant despite the vast size difference.

Reggie: He might as well have thrown an action figure at me!

Panel five: Reggie lowers his head to the ground as he smirks at the robot. The robot has its right hand behind its back as it is overflowing with energy.

Reggie: Tell you watch, Tonka Tom. I’ll be a good sport and let you get in the first blow.

Panel six: The small robot punches Reggie right on the nose with a tiny fist surging with energy that lights Reggie up like the 4th of July and with enough power that we can see an X-ray of Reggie that has him with a small heart and an even smaller brain.


Page 7

Panel one: The robot bird swoops down and the tiny robot jumps up and grabs is legs as furious Reggie looks on as he lunges to grab the robot, but just misses. Reggie’s hair is a complete mess and now, along with being wrinkled, Reggie’s pants and shirt are now charred.

Reggie: Why you cheap shotting spark plug--!!


Panel two: The robot is riding the bird and making mocking hand gestures at his head as Reggie is on his knees and hands as he looks up to the sky. Reggie doesn’t notice that the Butt Kicking Robot with new red boots is sneaking up behind him.

Reggie: Coward!

Panel three: The Butt Kicking Robot kicks Reggie on the rear knocking him to his feet. In the background, the squirrels are in another tree as they are passing a bag of popcorn as they are watching what is going on. Behind the tree is Cheryl who holds a hand over her mouth to stop from laughing out loud.


Reggie: YOWCH!!

Panel four: Reggie is running away from the Butt Kicking Robot as the Butt Kicking Robot gives chase.

Reggie: Didn’t I already deal with you?!

Butt Kicking Robot 2.0: I have been upgraded. Now I am wearing a size 24 titanium toed boot.

Page 8

Panel one: Reggie is alone on a grass area of the park where his is hunched over and taking deep breaths. Now his shirt and jeans are tore and he has dirt all over his face. Above him a small gray cloud begins to lower the clear blue sky and descend upon Reggie.

Reggie: Huff puff huu

Reggie: Finally lost that big footed mechanical menace!

Panel two: Reggie smiles as he feels the worse is over.

Reggie: Well, it can’t get worse than that and I’m a stronger for it!

Panel two: A small piece of hail drops on Reggie as he catches it in his hand as he looks at it bewildered.

SFX: plink

Reggie: Hail?

Panel three: Reggie looks up as he sees the gray cloud over his head as it begins to grow lumpy like a small sac filled with marbles.

Reggie: …A cloud?! He manufactured a cloud!? How do you do that?! How do you build a cloud?!

Panel four: Reggie covers up his head as he is being pelted over and over as he runs back and forth.

Reggie: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Reggie: Big whoop! You think this will make Reggie Mantle give up his date to you!? Never!

Panel five: Reggie looks up as the hail has stopped as he hears a rumbling

Reggie: It stopped! It must have run out of ice!

SFX: rrummbblle

Reggie: That sounds like thunder, but that would mean…

Panel six: Reggie looks up with fear as the cloud is giving off electricity and turns black as it is now a thunder cloud read to strike.


Reggie: Oh no.

Page 9

Panel one: Dilton is on top of a hill looking on at Reggie and the cloud. Dilton is still working the control of his remote cloud as it strikes at Reggie’s feet with a lightning bolt. Reggie swerves left and right to no avail as the cloud is right over him. Looking on from Dilton’s left side is Cheryl Blossom glaring down at Dilton seemingly disapproving of what he is doing.

Reggie: You win! You win! She’s your girl! She’s your girl!

Dilton: You bet she’s my girl, you pompous cretin!

Panel two: Dilton’s face lights up in alarm as Cheryl scowls down at Dilton.

Cheryl: I’m your girl, am I?

Panel three: Dilton is stuttering and backing away as he tries to explain himself as he hides the remote behind his back.

Dilton: Cheryl! Er, um, h-h-hello, Cheryl…! I was spending my afternoon—strengthening my eyes through…nepheloccygia!  That’s cloud watching in layman’s terms…

Cheryl: One certain little cloud in particular!

Panel four: Cheryl Blossom points a finger at Dilton’s nose as Dilton crosses his eyes.

Cheryl Blossom: Don’t you lie to me, Dilton Doiley! I know what you have been doing this entire afternoon!

Dilton: Y-y-you do?

Panel five: Cheryl stomps her left foot on the ground, barely avoiding a nearby groundhog and punches her left open palm to demonstrate as she rants at Dilton. Dilton begins to show remorse at what he sheepishly lowers his head and crosses his legs, but still keeps the remote behind his head.

Cheryl: I do!

Cheryl: You’ve been torturing Reggie! He’s your friend and you’ve shoved him to the dirt and stepped on his throat without even a hint of remorse!

Cheryl: And you took such fiendish glee in it all!

Page 10

Panel one: Cheryl bends down and gives Dilton a kiss on the forehead as his eyes light up and his glasses have neon hearts lighting up.

Cheryl: --And it was all so adorable!

Panel two: Cheryl is hugging Dilton as Dilton has a light bulb over his head as he has an idea.

Cheryl: I don’t think you can do anything that could make me love you any more than I do right now.

Panel three: Dilton holds out the remote for the cloud for Cheryl to take as Cheryl has small hearts over her heads.

Cheryl: Oh Dilly…!!

Panel four: Over the shoulder of Cheryl and Dilton as they are lovingly sitting on a bench with Cheryl’s head resting on Dilton’s shoulder as Dilton instructs Cheryl on how to use the cloud remote. They are watching as the cloud is shooting bolts of lightning just behind Reggie as Reggie jumps ahead to dodge it as he races off in the distance.

Cheryl: I wish we could freeze this moment in time forever.

Dilton: As do I, Cheryl. As do I.

Panel five: A panel within panel four that is a zoom in on a protesting Reggie.

Reggie: I DON’T!!


Fan Fiction / Dilton in Mad Scientist Love.
« on: February 01, 2016, 05:56:48 PM »
Page 1

Panel one: The setting is Riverdale High as Dilton is running towards Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl Blossom turns her head back mischievously as she pretends to barely pay attention to him. Walking out a corner of the hallway is Reggie Mantle looking on with a grin. Over his head is a thought balloon of a man wearing a name tag reading Opportunity and knocking on a door. Near Cheryl, a student cannot get his combination locker off as a straining with every fiber of his being Svenson is using a super large jaws of life to remove the lock to the student’s astonishment.

Dilton: Cheryl! Cheryl! There’s something I want to inquire!

Cheryl: Hmm. Do you now?

Panel two: Dilton is nervously talking to Cheryl as Reggie begins to strut over to Cheryl.

Dilton: Well, as you know it is Friday, and it is customary for teenage couples in a relationship to venture out for a movie….

Panel three: Reggie steps in front of Dilton and interrupts him as he points two thumbs at himself as he gives Cheryl a toothy grin that gives of a strong glare of light. Cheryl has a smirk across her face as she pretends to think it over as she shifts her eyes over to Dilton.

Reggie: Cheryl, the sun goes down, the stars come out, and you and the Reg Man should hit the town and give it a shiner tonight.

Page 2

Panel one: Cheryl shrugs her shoulders as she indifferently agrees as Reggie turns to Dilton and gives him a giant arrogant grin to showboat stealing Dilton’s date with Cheryl as Dilton tries to protest. Beside Cheryl, the student’s locker is open as the student takes out a comicbook and begins to read it much to a frustrated and sweaty Svenson’s annoyance.

Cheryl: Why not? Sure, sounds like fun.

Dilton: But…but…

Panel two: Reggie and Cheryl walk off together with Reggie talking to Cheryl as Cheryl looks back at Dilton and chuckles. Dilton’s face is red and his glasses are steaming up as he is enraged.

Reggie: Great! We’ll start with Pickens Park and head over to Riverdale Cinema and then Chez Belle Fleur where I’ll treat you like the princess you are.

Cheryl thinking: Oh, this could be really fun.

Dilton: By Bunsen’s burner! That Reggie oxidizes my patience!!

Panel three: Dilton makes a fist as he proclaims his fury.

Dilton: If I wasn’t a man of science and didn’t believe in violence I’d--I’d—

Panel four: Dilton lowers his head and drops his arms to his side as Moose is walking up to greet him.

Dilton: (Sigh) Face reality, Dilton. Reggie is the school’s top athlete…

Dilton: …and I get winded setting up a chess board.

Panel five: Moose slaps Dilton across the back, nearly knocking him over and knocking his glasses to one side.


Moose: Duh, hiya, little buddy! You got any plans for tonight with Cheryl?

Panel six: Moose has Dilton by the back of his shirt to keep him upright as Dilton adjusts his glasses

Dilton: (Sigh) Sadly no, Moose.

Moose: Why not?

Dilton: I really wouldn’t want to trouble you with my problems…

Page 3

Panel one: Moose is pointing to himself while nodding his head to illustrate his point as Dilton smiles as he appreciates Moose looking out for him.

Moose: Hah! You’re my best friend! You can tell me anything and what I don’t know I’ll just nod my head and pretend I do!

Panel two: Dilton is explaining his situation to Dilton as they walk towards Moose’s locker as he puts in his textbooks on the top shelf Moose’s locker is filled with various dumbbells, footballs, and ball bats that confuses a walking by Mr. Weatherbee. Moose nods his head as he is listening intently to Dilton.

Dilton: It’s that Reggie. He saw me about to ask Cheryl out for the evening, when he swooped in. He’s dating the woman I love, and for once in my life, I have no idea what to do.

Moose: Duh, I got an idea.

Panel three: Moose slams his locker door shut as he holds out his fist to show that Dilton should fight Reggie for her. Dilton moves his eyes towards Moose’s fist as he move his head back as Moose’s knuckles are right at his nose.

Moose: THIS!!

Panel three: Dilton pulls up his sleeve to show of his lack of muscle as Moose puts his hand on it and causes Dilton to wince. Behind Moose, Midge is beginning to walk up to be with Moose as she waves goodbye to Nancy and Chuck.

Dilton: For you, yes! But my physical prowess and muscle mass is substandard!

Moose: Yeah, your muscles are small…

Panel four: Moose smiles as he playfully hits his own head like he was knocking on a door as Dilton’s eyes light up as he realizes how right Moose is.

Moose: …But your brain’s big, isn’t it?

Dilton: …

Panel five: In the foreground, Dilton is rubbing his palms together and is hunched over as he looks at the reader with a mischievous grin as he acts like a giggling mad scientist about to awaken his creature. Midge is pointing her thumb at Dilton as she looks at Moose. Moose feigns innocence by rolling his eyes and whistling. He has both hands behind his back, out of view from Midge, as he is giving Dilton two thumbs up.

Dilton: Mwaah-hhhaaa-haaaa-hhaaa!!

Page 4

Panel one: Reggie is in the park as he is standing near a walking trail in his finest clothes as he winks over at a group of teenage female joggers who roll their eyes at him they continue along. Hiding behind a tree far away is Cheryl as she watching Reggie as she looks at her watch as if expecting something any second now.

Reggie: Look at me, I’m already amazing, but now I’m dating the hottest chick in Riverdale…

Reggie: …And taking her from another guy is ice cream with my cake.

Panel two: A strange looking robot about four foot tall, with a bucket head and two over sized lens for eyes and a exoskeleton frame pokes Reggie on his shoulder to get his attention. The robot is wearing size 18 steel toed massive boots.  Reggie is shocked at what he sees.

Robot: Excuse me.

Reggie: Ahh! What are you supposed to be??

Panel three: The Robot introduces himself as it waves hello. Reggie hears his name and smiles and sticks his chest out as he brags about himself, completely ignorant to what is going to happen because of his vanity.

Robot: I am The Butt Kicking Robot. Would you happen to be Reginald Mantle?

Reggie: Do you see anyone else amazing beyond perfection?

Robot: Oh good.

Panel four: The robot points behind Reggie as Reggie twirls around with a giant smile on his face and his eyes wide in joy and his jaw dropped with his tongue sticking out. The robot has his left foot all the way back to the back of his head as he prepares to do what his name suggests.

Robot: My, that is a physically fit female just behind you.

Reggie: What?!

Reggie: Where?! Where?!

Panel five: The Robot kicks Reggie knocking him several feet ahead. Reggie’s entire body folds as he sails in the air. Where Reggie had been should be an impact effect with various stars and rockets going off to show how painful that kick was. Cheryl stands out from her hiding space and puts her hand over her eyes as she looks up to illustrate that Reggie has been knocked miles into the air.


Page 5

Panel one: Reggie is gingerly sitting down on a park bench as he is still in pain as several pain arrows are coming from his rear. Reggie’s hair is slightly out of place and his clothes slightly wrinkled. Behind Reggie, two squirrels are racing around a tree as a fat squirrel waves a checkered flag.

Reggie: Ow! Lousy stupid springtrap bucket of bolts…!

Panel two: Reggie is beginning to think as he is striking a pose like The Thinker as he tries to think who sent that robot after him.

Reggie: Now who has a grudge against me who can make a robot?

Panel three: Reggie snaps his fingers as he realizes who it is.

Reggie: Dilton! That little spiteful diminutive pointdexter!

Panel four: A high angle view. Reggie waves off Dilton as a threat as he gingerly shifts in the bench as he leans back. Reggie has his eyes closed and smiles as he chuckles to himself. Above him is a shadow of a round bird preparing to drop a bucket it is holding on Reggie.

Reggie: Hah. Let him get a little payback.  He has a big brain; he knows not to wage war with me. I can’t even begin to think of how many pieces I could break him into.

Panel five: Reggie has the bucket of water on his head and is completely soaked from head to toe as he stands up and shakes his fists in the air. Overhead is one of Dilton’s robotic birds with a banner extended behind him reading: IT’S ON LIKE ELECTRONS AND PROTONS!!  In the distant background, Cheryl is looking on with a smile.

Reggie: Sixteen!! I’m going to break that four eyed nerd into sixteen separate pieces when I get my hands on him!!

All About Archie / Re: Jughead's Worst Nemesis!
« on: February 01, 2016, 04:19:10 PM »
Trula. She's the only character who has a winning record against Jughead.

This is how I think of the two. Jughead is Bugs Bunny, Trula is Cecil Turtle or the Gremlin. Just the one character who can think two or three steps ahead of him.

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Scary Politics
« on: January 31, 2016, 06:02:30 PM »
Thanks. :)
Are you writing any new stories?

Wrote two new ones this weekend and I have about twenty-four in storage. I was just busy this week. :)

I'll start posting a story Monday. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Scary Politics
« on: January 29, 2016, 01:39:50 PM »
Thanks. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Scary Politics
« on: January 23, 2016, 09:11:40 AM »
No. That's right. It's like "By odin's beard" type thing. But I did delete the "Y" on factory by accident. Stupid Office 2002. I really got to upgrade. :)

Thank you and glad you liked the story.

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty & Veronica in Making Amends
« on: January 16, 2016, 10:56:53 AM »
Thanks. :)

Page 6

Panel one: Veronica walks in and begins to address the majority of the girls as they all glare at her. Veronica extends her arms as she tries to get everyone’s attention. The  voodoo doll girl currently sticking pins in her Veronica doll as several girls around her beg for turns.

Veronica: Greetings, peers. It has come to my attention that I have, perhaps, by misstep or mishap, have taken action or point of view that has offended you.

Panel two: Veronica seemingly talks sincerely.

Veronica: I apologize if I have even stolen a boyfriend, bragged too much about my wealth, looked down upon your fashion. That was irreprehensible of me, and I apologize.

Panel three: Veronica holds one hand up as she makes a solemn pledge while she puts her left hand behind her back for reason shown in the next panel.

Veronica: In fact, from this point on, I promise to always be considerate of others. Moderate my wardrobe, remember that other girls want to date boys, and never turn my nose up ever again.

Panel four: Veronica and Betty step aside as Veronica still has her hand up as she twingles her fingers to wave goodbye at all the anonymous girls who are leaving and waving goodbye back at Veronica. The girl with the voodoo doll is now uncomfortably hugging it against her face. Betty looks behind Veronica’s back to see that Veronica had her fingers crossed the entire pledge.

One teen girl: Maybe we were wrong about her...

Two teen girl: We probably over reacted.

Voodoo Girl: You’re nice. Back to the dollhouse with you.

Betty: ??

Page 7

Panel one: Veronica is sitting at a table across from Sheila Wu as Betty stands up and tries to be the mediator. Veronica tapping her fingers across the table as she obviously wants to leave while Sheila Wu looks at her watch while keeping an eye on Veronica.

Betty: Come on, girls! It’s been ten minutes and you haven’t talked! And you two should get along! You’re both into fashion, let’s start there!

Panel two: Sheila points a finger at Veronica and leans towards her as Betty looks on in surprise.

Sheila Wu: Please! I design my own clothing! She buys hers from models! She wouldn’t give me the time of day!

Panel three: Veronica slams both hands on the table as she leans towards Sheila Wu in response. Betty takes a step back as she’s worried she’ll be caught in the middle of a skirmish.

Veronica: Show’s what you know! I actually like your clothing designs! They’re colorful and creative! The fabric flows!

Panel four: Veronica and Sheila go nose to nose as both are still angry for no real reason anymore.

Sheila Wu: You never told me that! Not one word!

Veronica: I shouldn’t have to! It’s obvious!

Sheila Wu: Would you like to try out my latest design?! It would look marvelous on you!

Veronica: Yes! Thank you very much!

Panel five: Sheila storms out as Veronica turns around to yell at her as Betty pulls at her ponytail as she is trying to decide if they are friends or still enemies.

Sheila Wu: You’re welcome!

Veronica: I’m sure I’ll love it!

Betty thinking: I think that was a success.

Page 8

Panel one: Veronica is talking with Ethel now at the table as Ethel turns her head and folds her arms across her chest as she seems to be steadfast in her stance on Veronica. Veronica rolls her eyes up as she seems to at least feel bad about hurting Ethel’s feelings.

Ethel: --Veronica never invites me to any of her parties! Not one! And nothing will ever make up for the constant slights!

Panel two: Veronica extends the hand of friendship as Ethel’s eyes light up in joy.

Veronica: I see I’ve made oversights, and to make up for it, when Jughead comes over to raid the pantry, I promise to call and invite you over.

Veronica: Friends?

Panel three: Ethel reaches over the table to hug Veronica as she has Veronica in more of a strangle hold than a hug as Veronica’s face begins to turn blue.

Ethel: You’re the best, Ronnie!!

Veronica: aaak…I’ll be laid to rest…if you—garrk—don’t stop choking me…!

Page 9 (All are one panels of Veronica sitting at one end of the table and another girl or person at the end.)

Panel one: Veronica fakes a smile as Wendy Weatherbee nods her head in approval.

Veronica: Yes…I’m sure Hot Topics have really nice clothes and you won’t turn out bald like Mr. Weatherbee.

Panel two: Veronica gives Bobbie a thumbs up as Bobbi has let her hair down and swishes it in the air.

Veronica: Yes! That’s much better! And tomorrow I’ll help you with your new wardrobe! More Katy Keene less Miss. Grundy!

Panel three: An angry Miss Grundy is waiting for an apology as Veronica is nervous and trying to find the right words.

Veronica: --Er, I know your hairstyle and clothing were the best during your time…

Panel four: Veronica rolls her eyes as Marcy smiles. Marcy is holding up a picture of a teen dressed like a hot zombie.

Veronica: Fine. You can have your pick of the hot nerds next comic convention you drag me to.

Marcy: Living or dead?

Veronica: You can decide which.

Panel five: Veronica has her arms folded across her chest and turns her head as she refuses to apologize to Jughead as smiles at her as he still accepts her words as an apology just to annoy her.

Veronica: I’m sorry I ever met you.

Jughead: I accept your apology.

Panel six: Betty is at the other end of the table as Veronica is becoming impatient with Betty as Betty denies Veronica’s request to save some time. Betty has a list that is ten feet long that stretches over and across both ends of the table.

Veronica: --Couldn’t I just say, “I’m sorry” and that encompass everything?

Betty: Yes. After you finish hearing the rest of my list.

Betty: Speaking off… “ #445: You took Archie on a tour of the Caribbean the day before my birthday.”

Page 10

Panel one: Cheryl sits down and playfully watches on as Veronica tries to stand up and leave as Betty is keeping her from leaving with all her strength while maintaining a strain happy demeanor.

Veronica: Oh no! The only way I’d ever extend an olive branch to her is if a hornet’s nest is on the other end!

Betty: C’mon, Veronica! You’re doing so well! Nothing is unforgivable!

Cheryl: So true. In fact, allow me to start—

Panel two: A close-up on Cheryl as she begins using one hand to count her fingers as she smugly taunts Veronica.

Cheryl: I’m sorry you’re not as beautiful as me. I’m sorry your fashion sense is dreadful. I’m sorry your boyfriends are reprobates and your friends peons.

Cheryl; But most of all…

Panel three: Cheryl leans back in her chair as she watches with sinister glee as Betty tries to pull Veronica back as Veronica tries to swipe at Cheryl.

Cheryl: …I’m sorry at how sorry you truly are.

Betty: Veronica—it was a joke! She just…has a bad sense of humor..!!

Veronica: That’s why I’m gong to break her funny bone first!

Betty: Please, Ronnie! Just try to make peace not pieces!!

Page 11

Panel one: Veronica is sitting back in her chair as Cheryl begins to apply another shade of lip stick on her lips as she is hardly paying attention and obviously just wants to needle Veronica. Betty has a hand on Veronica’s shoulder to attempt to anchor her in place.

Veronica: If she apologizes for what she said when we were kids, I might, just might, let bygones be bygones!

Cheryl: I don’t honestly recall whatever you are speaking of, Lodge—

Panel two: Cheryl leans in towards Veronica and sneers right at her face as Veronica’s pupils shrink and her face cheeks turn bright red to show how angry she is as Betty takes several steps back and covers her head with her arms like an explosion is about to happen.

Cheryl: --But if I said it, it must have been the absolute, ultimate truth!! And I’ll stand by it today three times over!!

Betty: Eep.

Panel three: Betty and Veronica are walking out of the Chocklit Shoppe as Betty is depressed and has her head lowered in failure while a calm, collected Veronica tries to cheer her up as she is pulling red hair from her fingers to give the reader an idea of what happened. Several people walking past them notice Veronica and the red hair she is picking out as one girl puts her hands over her hair to protect it.

Betty: I’m sorry, Ron. I just—well, I just wanted people to know you and get to like you.

Veronica: Well, save for one instance—you did a fine job at it. I can’t deny I’ve been inconsiderate of others.

Panel four: Betty smiles at Veronica as Veronica slaps her hands together as she has all the red hair out of her fingers.

Veronica: It’s amazing how such trivial matters can pile up. I’ll have to hire a secretary to monitor such things.

Betty: Listening to that little angel on your right shoulder would be easier.

Panel five: A shot of Betty and Veronica walking away in a low angle point of view as Betty tries to get information out of Veronica as Veronica refutes her.

Betty: So what did Cheryl do to get you to hate her so much for so long?

Veronica: …I don’t remember.

Betty: Yes you do! 

Veronica: My friend doesn’t believe me. My eyes are tearing up. Sniff sniff.

Page 12

Panel one: A flashback to when the girls were kids as Betty is in a sandbox wearing a red shirt and overalls as she playfully shovels sand to make a road for her pink and white lego car in the background. In the foreground, Lil Veronica is showing Lil’ Cheryl Blossom around Pickens Park.

Caption: Several years ago.

Lil’ Veronica: …And that’s my best friend, Betty.

Lil’ Cheryl: Ew! Is she…playing in that litter box?

Cheryl: And she looks poor. You shouldn’t associate with trash.

Panel two: Lil’ Veronica glares at Lil’ Cheryl as Lil’ Cheryl sticks her tongue out in response.

Lil Veronica: I don’t care if my daddy wanted me to show you around, you take back what you said!

Lil Cheryl: No! She’s poor, stupid, smelly, and can’t tie her shoes on her own! 

Panel three: Veronica is walking past the sandbox and motioning for Lil’ Betty looks back at Lil’ Cheryl who is sitting on the ground and holding her eye as Veronica obviously punched her.

Lil’ Cheryl: You hit me! I’ll sue you! I’ll be your enemy forever, you ugly townie princess stupid head!

Lil’ Betty: What happened to her?

Lil’ Veronica: Aw, forget her! C’mon, let’s go play on the teeter-totter.

Panel four: The same identical shot save as the panel four of the last page only at Pickens park and with Lil Betty and Lil’ Veronica.

Lil’ Betty: What’d that girl say to get you mad?

Veronica: …Nothing.

Lil’ Betty: Liar liar pants on fire!

Veronica: Just for that, I’m going to make sure I’m Little Archie’s first kiss!

Fan Fiction / Betty & Veronica in Making Amends
« on: January 13, 2016, 04:20:46 PM »

Page 1

Panel one: The setting is Riverdale High School.  Betty is walking down the hall with Veronica as Sheila Wu greets Betty and only Betty as Veronica rolls her eyes at Sheila. Behind them, The Riverdale Mascot is chasing after Svenson as Svenson runs for his life. Miss Grundy is hall monitor as she looks at what is happening and reacts in alarm.

Sheila Wu: Hello Betty, how are you doing today?

Betty: Super! Thank you for asking!

Panel two: Betty notices Veronica and Sheila giving the other the stink eye as they obviously are not the best of friends.

Panel three: Sheila brushes her hair back as she walks past the two and Veronica sticks her nose up in the air as both show their disregard for the other as a confused Betty looks on.

Sheila Wu: Well, it was nice seeing you, Betty…despite the company you keep.

Panel four: Betty is talking with Veronica as Veronica goes to her locker to put several books in her satchel in her locker as several boys with annoyed girlfriends wave hello to Veronica to her amusement. In the background, Miss Grundy has a rolled up newspaper and is chasing after the Riverdale Mascot as a relieved Svenson looks on.

Betty: Um, you and Sheila Wu still not getting along?

Veronica: As long as she moves along fast enough away from me, we’re perfect.

Page 2

Panel one: Veronica waves goodbye as Betty looks on in puzzlement as two whispering girls begin to walk past Betty. Several of the other girlfriends have their boyfriends by their ears and are dragging them away.

Betty: Doesn’t it bother you when someone doesn’t like you?

Veronica: When you’re number one, all the other numbers are jealous of you. That’s just how the pecking order works.

Panel two: Betty looks over as the two girls whisper and she catches the gist of it.

Girl one whispering: …can you believe the nerve of that girl?

Girl two whispering: I know…! She has to wear designer cloths and flaunt her wealth in our faces ever chance she gets…!

Panel three: Betty begins to walk away as she thinks to herself.

Betty thinking: Huh. That’s a pretty good liter of venom.

Betty thinking: Almost makes you wonder what the other girls really think about Ronnie….

Panel four: Betty waves her idea off as she chuckles to herself.

Betty thinking: Hah! What am I going to do? Go around doing a survey, asking every girl’s opinion on Veronica?

Betty thinking: That’d be a waste of time! Silly! Crazy even!

Page 3

Panel one: A splash page of Betty talking to various Riverdale High teens and their reactions. In the center foreground is a distressed Betty looking at the results of her survey with wide-eyed disbelief. The following is the background showing Betty’s survey. Above her on the right is Betty talking with Sheila Wu as Sheila acts like she is breaking a stick in two as her response, after that is Betty talking with Wendy Weatherbee who gives Betty a thumbs down in response. At the top left Cheryl Blossom is laughing at Betty as Betty gives the reader an aside glance. At the bottom right is Ethel folding her arms at her chest and frowning as Betty is surprised as she records the result. At the lower left is Bobbi looking up from her desk as she shakes her head and gives a thumbs down as Betty looks on distressed.

Betty at center: Miss Congeniality might not be in Veronica’s future.

Page 4

Panel one: Betty and Veronica are beginning to walk into the Chocklit Shoppe as Veronica is the one opening the door as Betty looks at her with a giant smile and motions for her to enter first.

Caption: The next day.

Veronica: …So there’s a gathering in my honor you say?

Betty: You can say that.

Veronica: I’ll say it’s about time!

Panel two: Veronica opens the door with her eyes closed and a giant smile as she throws her head back as she strikes a pose.

Veronica: The guest of honor is here to bask in the much deserved admiration and praise you have for her.

Panel three: Veronica goes wide-eyed at what she is seeing off-panel.

Veronica: !!!

Panel four: Over the shoulder of Veronica view as Veronica is astonished to see the Chocklit Shoppe filled with angry Riverdale teenage girls giving Veronica a death glare. Sitting at the counter are Sheila Wu, Wendy, Ethel, Cheryl, and Bobbi. Cheryl mocking waves hello as she just loves Veronica’s reaction. Wendy and Sheila whisper to one other. Ethel is eating an ice cream shaved like Jughead’s head as she looks at Veronica. At the other tables are various Riverdale teenage girls who frown and scowl as they look at Veronica. One girl has a voodoo doll of Veronica she is slamming on her table head first.

Cheryl: Here’s the mob, there’s the pyre—

Cheryl: --And here comes the witch to set on fire.

Page 5

Panel one: Veronica slams the door shut and pushes her body against it and stretches her arms off as if to keep out some sort of animal or monster. Betty takes a step back as she senses this is not starting well. Betty feigns a smile and stretches her arms out to try and brighten up the situation.


Betty: Um, surprise…?

Panel two: Veronica turns to yell at Betty as Betty winces as Veronica yells right in her face.

Veronica: What is wrong with you!?

Veronica: I’d be better off if you tossed me into a pit filled with ravenous tigers!!

Panel two: Betty smiles as she tries to calmly reason with Veronica as Veronica rolls her eyes.

Betty: Well, I asked around, and…well, not too many of the other girls…um, like you.

Panel three: Veronica continues to yell as Betty lowers her head and pouts.

Veronica: So what?! Why should I care with that coalition of envious, poorly dressed clods think!!?

Veronica: Honestly, Betty, I have no idea what goes on in that head of yours!!

Panel four: Betty earnestly talks from the heart and somberly lowers here head. Betty has the biggest puppy dog eyes possible as she looks up at the reader.

Betty: I just want everybody to be your friend.

Panel five: Veronica looks touched and slightly guilty as she realizes what Betty’s intentions were.

Panel six: Veronica confidently begins to go inside of the Chocklit Shoppe as a perplexed Betty follows after her.

Veronica: I suppose there’s no harm in hearing them out. And if worst does come to worst, you can always be my human shield.

Betty: Sure!

Betty:--wait, what?

A few I think of is the TMNT Adventures April O' Neil May East Saga. Just try to google it and see possibly the worst art Archie every published and the story is just so stupid. I mean, it was so bad, it got reconned into a bad dream by the main staff.

And I found a later issue of That Wilkin Boy in an antique shop and...Bingo was just an average looking teen, Samantha was no longer strong or unique and just a damsel in distress, no Sampson and Willie arguing...and a jealous girl where Samantha worked as a nurse's aid.

And in case you were wondering, no I did not buy it. :)

All About Archie / Re: Are there any stories that you have tears?
« on: January 06, 2016, 07:43:58 PM »
Hm, I remember a few reprints of older Betty and Veronica stories where they tried to tell a super serious story and ending with Betty and Veronica crying.

And I think there was one for Jughead where he was falsely accused of something and remained hurt that no one believed him.

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie and Jughead in Upgrades and Downloads.
« on: January 06, 2016, 07:42:08 PM »
The Doors product name is brilliant! If what was done to Jughead by Archie was done to me, somebody would be getting out of the hospital... :D

Well, it was my own fault for leaving an idiot alone with my computer for ten minutes. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie and Jughead in Upgrades and Downloads.
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Page 7

Panel one: Archie is pushing on the Riverdale High School library door when he should be pulling as the library teacher looks at him with shame from inside. At the checkout, a nerd has a pile of books with the top one being: THE GEOMETRY OF LOVE. An attractive teenage girl looks on puzzled as the nerd gives her a wink.

Archie: Okay—uhggg—time to get—professional help…!

Panel two: The librarian opens the door for Archie as Archie enters the school library. Archie gives the librarian a one finger salute as she just rolls her eyes at his antics. The nerd is struggling to carry his books as the same teenage girl just walks past him while giving Archie a wink.

Archie: And there’s only one person I know who can figure out Jughead’s brain and how it works—

Panel three: Trula Twyst is at a table reading a psychology book titled The Mind of a Super Villain: Why Can’t They Just Be Good as she raises a hand and smiles to greet Archie.

Archie: Trula Twyst!

Trula: Hello, Archie.

Trula: You’ve come to discuss Jughead, correct?

Panel four: Archie shrugs his shoulders as he is confused how Trula knew he was coming to see her about Jughead. Behind Archie a teen playing Soda Pop Breaker gets the Jughead icon box wanting gold coins as he becomes enraged.

Archie: How’d you know?

Panel five: Trula points behind Archie as the teen on the computer is shaking the computer monitor violently as the librarian tries to restrain him.

Trula: Keen observation.

Trula: I’m also just as good a listener, so sit down and tell me what exactly started this unique brand of psychosis.

Page 8

Panel one: Archie has told Trula everything as Trula smiles as she tapes her psych book with her index finger.

Archie: …And with PCs, tablets, iphones, he’s become the ultimate cyber mooch!

Panel two: Trula jokes with Archie as Archie has a faint smile on his face as he uses his index finger to pull at the collar of his shirt as he looks back as Chunk and Lonnie Easterman give him the stink eye.

Trula: Has anyone connected the dots and realized you hold prime responsibility to their collective annoyance?

Archie: I’m getting the occasional sharpee look that put goosebumps on my freckles.

Panel three: Archie talks with Trula as Archie is confused as to what Trula is implying.

Trula: So Jughead upgraded to Doors 10 and that includes all of the apps?

Archie: Yeah, just like everyone else.

Panel four: Trula’s eyes narrow as she has a devious smile.

Trula: Including the virtual assistant?

Panel five: Archie’s face goes wide as he realizes what Trula is saying.

Archie: Yeah, but I didn’t enable it. Jughead would hate it because—

Archie: …

Panel six: Archie has a smile from ear to ear as Trula nods her head as she’s happy to see Archie knows what she’s suggesting. Behind Trula, a teen tries to act like a lunatic to get Trula’s attention as the men in white coats prepare to put a straight jacket on him.

Archie: I could kiss you!

Trula: Sorry, but I’m a psyche prodder. The more neurotic the better.

Page 9

Panel one: Jughead is entering his room as he is finishing off a sub sandwich. All around Jughead’s floor is various empty bottles and cans of soda.

Jughead: Arch! Good to see you! I’m just about to conquer level 268! Wanna watch?

Archie off-panel: Maybe later. But I’ve got a surprise for you.

Panel two: Over the shoulder of Jughead, as we can see Archie pushing Jughead’s wheeled chair from his computer desk as he crunches several soda cans lying on the floor. Archie is motioning for Jughead to sit down at his turned on computer as a red triangle is on the computer monitor over an all blue background.

Jughead: Why is The Eye of Sauron on my monitor screen?

Panel three: Jughead sits down without giving it much thought as Archie tries not to laugh.

Archie: I just finished installing your own virtual voice interactive personal assistant.

Jughead: Oh. So I don’t even need to move my fingers and just tell my computer what to do? Don’t see how this could ever be bad.

Panel four: Jughead reacts in disgust as the red triangle talks with Jughead as Archie nearly trips over an empty soda can as he leaves the room.

Computer: I am Courtney. And I know what’s best for you.

Jughead: A girl?! I’ve got a girl AI in my PC!?

Archie: I’ll leave so—

Archie: --aahhwwhoops!!—

Archie: --You can get acquainted with your new friend!

Page 10

Panel one: Jughead reaches at his monitor and tries to turn the volume down.

Jughead: Well, this makes you better than the normal female.

Panel two: Jughead glares at the screen as the Courtney appears on the screen and raises the volume back up.

Jughead: Hey!

Courtney: I’ve decided that this is the best volume for this monitor. Courtney knows best.

Panel three: Jughead yells at the monitor:

Jughead: Don’t you tell me what’s best for me, you overly ambitious virus!

Panel four: Courtney grows larger on the screen as she refuses to let Jughead play Soda Pop Breaker despite Jughead’s rapid right clicking on his mouse.

Jughead: Whatever. You can be useful and tell me what moves to make on Soda Pop Breaker and—hey, it won’t load!

Courtney: That game is a waste of time.

Panel five: A close-up on the computer screen as Courtney has grown even larger.

Courtney: You need to study for your classes.

Courtney: Then you need to set out your clothes for tomorrow.

Courtney: And I’ve bookmarked several websites regarding dating and healthy food options.

Panel six: Jughead glares down at the computer.

Courtney: Courtney knows what’s best for you.

Jughead: You do realize you jumped over the firewall into the recycle bin.

Page 11

Panel one: Mrs. Jones is opening the Jones front door so Archie can come in.

Caption: The next day.

Archie: Hi, Mrs. Jones. I just wanted to check up on Jughead.

Panel two: Mrs. Jones points upstairs as Archie stumbles on the first step. Meanwhile, Hot Dog has Mr. Jones tablet in his mouth as Mr. Jones chases after him. Jellybean looks on and waves a checkered flag and a yellow flag as she looks on with a grin.

Mrs. Jones: He’s been fiddling around on his computer and complaining about some Courtney girl in between multiple, brief snack breaks.

Panel three: Archie opens Jughead’s bedroom door halfway.

Archie: Hey, Jug. Haven’t heard from you since yesterday.

Page 12

Panel one: Archie walks inside as he notices a giant white trash bag filled with various soda bottles and cans that is nearly as big as he is.

Jughead off-panel: Either I talked to low or you don’t have the big ears I have.

Panel two: Archie looks on as Jughead is at his computer as he is reinstalling Doors 7.

Jughead: But in all seriousness, I’ve been fixing up my PC a bit. Retro-fitting it.

Panel three: Jughead turns back to Archie and smiles as the computer screen is back to the green and blue Doors 7 wallpaper. Jughead is opening his disc drive as he begins to put in a CD to rip back onto his computer.

Archie: Back to your old Doors, huh?

Jughead: Yep.  Just need to put back in my music, restore my Doors Media Center and while that’s going on…

Panel four: Jughead is back to playing hearts on his computer as Archie watches him play with a relieved smile.

Jughead: Gotta get my perfect scores back.

Archie thinking: He’s a few years behind the rest of the world, but as long as he goes at this pace, the world will overlap him enough to always stop and say hello.


Fan Fiction / Archie and Jughead in Upgrades and Downloads.
« on: January 06, 2016, 12:17:45 AM »
Page 1

Panel one: Jughead is on his computer as Archie is looking over his shoulder. Jughead is using Doors 7 (like Windows 7) and on the task bar to the bottom right is a white door outline. Jughead is playing hearts as Archie points at the computer. At Jughead’s computer desk is a bag of chips he is eating and a full bottle of soda. In the corner next to his desk are various pizza boxes and wrappers nearly half the size of the desk. Hot Dog is focused on a pizza box that is moving slightly as he casts a curious look to it.

Archie: Jug, when are you going to free upgrade to Doors 10?

Jughead: I already have that many doors. And they all open and close. Not fancy, but they make walls seem less forbidding.

Panel two: Jughead continues to play as Jughead shoots the moon as the cards dance on the screen as Jughead grins triumphantly. An annoyed Archie looks down at Jughead as Jughead hardly pays him any attention.

Archie: You know what I mean!

Jughead: Oh, you mean that friendly bit of malware on my taskbar?

Panel three: Jughead starts up a new game of Hearts as Archie turns to the reader and rolls his eyes and points his thumb at Jughead.

Jughead: I don’t know. Maybe one day. Maybe not. I’ll let the tides of time wash me upon that shore when they may.

Panel four: Archie reaches over Jughead’s shoulder and uses his mouse to click on the upgrade Doors 10 icon much to Jughead’s surprise.

Archie: Well, here’s the hand of fate to push you along!

Page 2

Panel one: An annoyed Jughead turns to Archie as the computer shows that Doors 10 is ninety percent downloaded. Out of one of he pizza boxes, a mouse eating a small bit of leftover pizza flips the lid over all at once as Hot Dog jumps back.

Jughead: Do I touch your stuff?

Archie: My money.

Jughead: It stops being yours when you give it to me.

Panel two: Jughead and Archie turn to the screen as the Doors 10 blue and black wallpaper is up.

Archie: You’ll like it! It’s like everything you had before only better~

Panel three: Jughead is looking through his apps as he is angry with what he has lost. Archie is caught be surprise by how fast Jughead has found something wrong. On the computer screen life at a glance there are tiles for a calendar, calculator, twitter, aliens among us, the Macrohard Store and Z-Box.

Jughead: Where’s my Doors Media Center? And my games! All my games are gone!

Panel four: Jughead rolls his chair aside as Archie clicks on the Doors Sharp Browser and tries to calm Jughead down.

Jughead: Do you know how hard it is to get zero points scored on you playing Hearts?

Archie: Calm down, grandpa. We’ll use your new Doors Sharp browser to find your old games and download them for free.

Panel five: Archie goes wide eyed as the browser is hijacked with a warning saying the browser has been infected. Jughead looks on with annoyance.

Computer: Warning! Warning! Computer affected with malware! Not a lie! We’re legit! Call this number—not the official Doors number or use another browser! Warning! Warning!

Panel six: Jughead smirks at Archie as Archie reaches back behind Jughead’s computer and unplugs the Ethernet to stop the website hijacking. Jughead has a smile from ear to ear as a flustered Archie talks with him.

Jughead: I begin to see why this was free.

Archie: I hope it ends with you keeping your lips sealed tight!

Page 3

Panel one: Archie begins to leave Jughead’s room as Jughead reaches over his computer to replug his Ethernet connection.

Archie: Just plug your internet connection back in and erase your browser history.

Jughead: How about I just never use this stupid browser ever again? That’s much easier.

Panel two: Jughead begins to look at his computer application screen as has an app for the weather, calendar, twitter, store, videos, Courtney (like Cortana), photos and finally an app for Soda Breaker Awesome Sojourn.

Jughead: It’s like I’m following Virgil down a new circle!

Panel three: Jughead clicks on Soda Breaker Awesome Sojourn as a small flash animated boy and various multi colored soda pop icons are on the screen.

Jughead: Looks like this is the only game I’ve got now. Wonder how you win?

Panel four: Jughead licks his lips as he begins to play.

Computer: SODA POP! Drink the sodas.

Jughead: I think I’m going to like this game.

Panel five: Time has passed as Jughead moves his mouse along as tilts his head in confusion at the computer screen. To show that time has passed, the soda bottle is only half full.

Jughead: …I think I’m getting it, but why is that disco ball highlighted? I’ll just match it with this weird transparent orb and--

Panel six: Jughead leans back in his seat as he goes wide eyed in amazement as the computer screen lights up multi colors to Jughead’s amazement.


Jughead: Whoa.

Page 4

Panel one: Over Jughead’s shoulder as he failed to win level 5 and save the raccoons as the small flash animation boy is on the screen and snaps his fingers in disappointment. The soda bottle is now completely empty and fallen to it’s side with small drops of soda on the desk as the mouse from earlier is drinking while looking up at Jughead as if Jughead called its name.

Jughead: Rats! Didn’t get all the raccoons out of the taffy and that was my last life!

Panel two: Jughead glares at the screen as it has an option for buying gold coins in the following:

9 gold coins: .99
20 gold coins: 2.99
100 gold coins: 5. 99
200 gold coins: 20. 99

Next to that is a clock icon showing 29:40 until the next life.

Jughead: Wait, I either have to wait half an hour for a new life or buy these gold coins for extra moves and lives?

Panel three: Jughead glares at the screen in a huff.

Jughead: Forget that! I’m no dummy! I won’t be used to make some lazy programmer easy money!

Panel four: Jughead looks at the computer screen as it now shows a box reading: Have friends send you lives and coins as his defiance drops like a ton of bricks.

Jughead: Huh. I can borrow gold coins and lives from my friends?

Panel five: Archie, on his PC, is getting a message on his screen while playing Soda Breaker  showing an icon of a kangaroo with Jughead’s hat with an option to lend Jughead coins or lives.

Archie: Guess Jughead found something he likes after all.

Panel six: Archie clicks okay and sends Jughead two lives.

Archie: I’ll indulge him a bit. What’s the worse that could happen?

Page 5

Panel one: Jughead is playing as his icon is moving along a map and stops at a new area of the map that is a different color.

Jughead: Hah! Looks like I’m going to the next stage!

Panel two: The icon stops at the edge of the new territory and a box reads: Next episode in 3 Days. Or have friends send 300 gold coins to unlock early.

Jughead: Okay, so I either have to wait three days—or mooch lots of imaginary doubloons from my friends…?

Panel three: A close up on a smiling Jughead who acts like a man with no enemies or problems what so ever.

Jughead:  Luckily, I have lots of friends who give me their undying support.

Panel four: A large panel of all the people Jughead is contacting to send him gold coins. Everyone in the panel is on their home PC or phone as they get the same identical message of Jughead’s icon and a box reading: GIVE JUGHEAD (insert money) GOLD COINS. And they all are frustrated with Jughead
Dilton is on a supercomputer as he shakes a fist at the screen, Toni Topaz is eating a cupcake with one hand and has her phone in the other as she frowns, Moose, at his computer, uses one finger on his keyboard as he donates and nearly breaks his keyboard, and Veronica, on her phone in her room, angrily types in a number.

Veronica: Ten times with this in the last hour! Here! Just take everything and be done with it!!

Page 6

Panel one: The setting is Riverdale High in the hallway.  A week later Jughead is approaching Archie as Archie is in a bad mood and has his hands in his pockets as he looks at Jughead. Jughead is much chipper than he usually is in contrast. Several students are on their phones playing Soda Pop Breaker while casting an angry stare towards Jughead. One student moves his body and shields his phone so Jughead doesn’t see him playing.

Jughead: Hey! Arch! I’m really enjoying that Soda Breaker game! You play it much?

Panel two: Archie snaps at Jughead as Jughead acts nonchalant about it.

Archie: Not since I keep lending you all my lives and coins I don’t! Does that answer your question?!

Jughead: A yes or no would have sufficed.

Panel three: Jughead happily walks along side Archie as Midge, Moose, and Bobbi glare at Jughead from across the hall.

Archie: Jug, you really need to stop bothering people when you’re playing Soda Breaker.

Jughead: How am I bothering people?

Panel four: Archie is trying to talk sense to Jughead as Jughead turns towards the computer lab on the right side of the hallway

Archie: Jug, it’s not just me. You’re borrowing so many coins and lives no one else gets to play!

Jughead: Well, once I’m a better player it won’t be so bad.

Panel five: Jughead goes into the computer lab as Archie face palms

Jughead: And the more time I play, the more that helps. Speaking of, I do have a free period…

Panel six: Archie goes wide eyed as he hears the response from everyone in the computer lab and all the students in the hall on their phones upon Jughead’s entrance. One student just slams his phone down and shatters it to the confusion of a nearby Svenson.

Giant word balloon of collected voices: GRRROOOAANNN

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