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Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Christmas Carol.
« on: Yesterday at 08:52:29 AM »
Yeah. Originally it was Betty as the Ghost of Christmas past, Midge as Belle...but then I kind of realized I needed kind of a smart aleck to heckle Mantle to keep the humor. And Salem is a jerk. I figured why not Sabrina?

Page 19

Panel one: Sabrina is motioning for Salem to come to her as he finishes up his snowman and dashes towards her. E. Mantle looks exhausted and defeated.

E. Mantle: No more. Just…Take me home.

E. Mantle: I don’t want to see anymore.

Panel two: Sabrina and Salem begin to fade away as does the setting as it begins to revert back to E. Mantle’s study room where they had previously been.

Sabrina: As you wish. Our time together is finished.

E. Mantle: And what was the point?!

E. Mantle: The past is just shadows of what has been! You can’t go back and change anything! I can’t change!

Panel three: Sabrina and Salem and the setting outside on the street are transparent as the study room and present are taking back over.

Sabrina: Ebenezer, the past is but a starting point of who we will be. In that regard, every passing moment is a beginning.

Sabrina: A chance to change direction in life.

Panel four: Sabrina, Salem and the outside winter setting is gone as the study has fully taken its place as E. Mantle looks on at the spot where Sabrina was.

Speech balloon where Sabrina was: Please think about it.

Speech balloon where Salem was: And try not to hurt yourself!

Page 20

Panel one: E. Mantle looks up as he feels his face as he does ponder Sabrina’s final words.

E. Mantle: “A chance to change direction in life…”

Panel two: E. Mantle’s eyes widen as he turns to the grandfather clock as it strikes one.


E. Mantle: Sigh. Time is never on my side!

Panel three: E. Mantle turns his head around to his right as nothing happens or changes

Panel four: E. Mantle turns his head to his left as nothing happens or changes.

Panel five: E. Mantle collects himself heads towards the door to leave. He tilts his head up as he yells at invisible ghosts hoping that nothing will happen.

E. Mantle: That’s right! I learnt my lesson! No need for more ghosts! I can just go to bed!

Panel 21

Panel one: E. Mantle has his hand on the doorknob as he is startled by a voice from the other end of the door.

Voice behind door: Come in!

E. Mantle: ?

Panel two: E. Mantle looks at the door as his hand is still on the door knob as he listens as the voice continues to beckon to him.

Voice behind door: Come in and no me better, man!

Panel three: E. Mantle begins to open the door as he takes a peek inside outside.

Voice off-panel: Oh come now! Look upon me! Enter and join my company, good sir!

Panel four: E. Mantle is entering a new room that is decorated in red and green with various holiday ornaments strung above the ceiling. The ride side of the room is adjourned with Christmas trees fully decorated of various silver and gold colors. On the other side of the room is a long table filled with various food and feast including turkey, goose, ham, salads, vegetables, enough to feed a nation. The table stretches off panel and seems endless.

E. Mantle: And who are you? And where is this?

Voice at the end of the table: Two questions with the same answer!

Page 22

Splash page of Kevin Keller as The Ghost of Christmas Present. Kevin Keller is wearing mostly green with a giant coat with white fur at the ends. He has a holly wreath around his head He is wearing a belt with an empty scabbard. He is sitting at the head of the table on a throne made of a grove of plants with various red berries scattered about it like rubies. Kevin has a chalice of soda in one hand and a drumstick in the other as he uses it to motion for E. Mantle to sit next to him in the empty seat to his right. His attitude is totally jovial and carefree.

Kevin Keller: Present.

Kevin Keller: I am the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Kevin Keller: Now, come sit and let us talk and enjoy a meal before we begin!

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Christmas Carol.
« on: December 20, 2014, 08:06:47 PM »
It gets worse.

Page 12 +13

Double spread with the first panel taking up the majority of the page while the next three are at the bottom.

Panel one: A shot of a giant Christmas party as there is dancing, drinks, and food. Hiram Lodge and Mrs. Lodge are kissing under the mistletoe at the top right of the corner. In the middle of the panel, Josie and Pussycats are playing. Alexander Cabot looks at Josie with hearts in his eyes. Trevor is close by as he is taping his feet. Alan M is trying to avoid Alexandra who is chasing after him with mistletoe.  Dancing to the music is Bingo Wilkin and Samantha Smythe, Zelda and Buddy Drumhead are dancing while an envious Tough Teddy looks on. Sitting a tables and eating cake is Ginger Snapp and Tommy Turner. Betty and Suzie are looking over at the end of the tables as an adult E. Mantle is sitting by himself as he gazes over at Betty. Gaston and Smithers are going around the room serving various meat and cheese treats as Katy Keene, Albert, and Pepper take one each as they stand and talk off in the left corner. Close by is a Christmas tree with Santa hiding behind it as he looks on and taps his feet.

Panel two: E. Mantle is startled as Salem leans over his shoulder

Salem. Wow. He might make you all party too hardy.

Panel three: E. Mantle tries to defend himself as Salem nonchalantly nods while smiling ear to ear.

E. Mantle: I swear, I saw him threaten a nun about a late mortgage payment!

Salem: Uh-huh. And then a polka dot unicorn gave all the bunnies in the world a ride!

Panel four: Sabrina pushes Mantle through the window and into the warehouse as Salem and E. Mantle trade insults with one another.

E. Mantle: Eat a mouse!

Salem: Pinch a penny!

Sabrina: Can we please be civil?

Page 14

Panel one: E. Mantle is looking down at Betty as Betty is looking to her right.

E. Mantle: Betty…

Sabrina: Someone you know?

Panel two: E. Mantle takes a step back as adult Reggie is walking towards Betty as he pushes his hair back.

E. Mantle: No. Nobody. Let’s move on.

Panel three: Adult Reggie offers Betty his hand to dance as she happily takes it.

Adult E. Mantle: I was wondering…could I have this dance?

Betty: But of course.

Panel four: Adult Reggie and Betty dance in the foreground while E. Mantle, Sabrina, and Salem look on.

Salem: So is she your girlfriend?

E. Mantle: No.

Sabrina: It looks like she’s your girlfriend.

E. Mantle: It doesn’t. She’s a co-worker. It’s a party. We’re dancing. There’s nothing else to it.

Panel five: In the background Adult Reggie and Betty are kissing. In the foreground E. Mantle face palms as he knows that Sabrina is going to delve into his past more now. Sabrina playfully jabs his side with her elbow. Salem looks on and rubs his hands together as

Sabrina: You shouldn’t be shy. I think you made a cute couple!

Salem: Can’t wait to see how you mucked this up!

E. Mantle: I wish I was dealing with the Canterbury Ghost!

Page 15

Panel one: A close up on Betty’s hand as an Adult Reggie is slipping an engagement ring on her hand.

Betty: Oh, Ebbie! Of course I’ll marry you!

Panel two: E. Mantle, Sabrina, and Salem are watching on as the setting has changed to a park during Christmas as an adult Ebenezer and Betty are kissing while sitting on a stone bench as the ground is covered in brightly colored orange, red, and yellow leaves. Nearby is a pine tree being decorated like a Christmas tree by a few kids who are having trouble because of their height.

Betty: Tell me, when should we marry?

Panel three: Adult Reggie pulls his head up as he is apprehensive as he has to explain his plans to Betty.

Adult Reggie: Um, about that…

Betty: What’s wrong?

Panel four: Adult Reggie turns up front as he is talking as Betty listens on.

Adult Reggie: Betts, I love you, and I want you to have the best. The very best.

Adult Reggie: But I don’t have the money. Cabot has asked me to partner up with him for a new firm and I think that we can really make it big…

Panel five: Adult Reggie grabs onto Betty’s face as he sincerely looks into her eyes.

Adult Reggie: …But I need time.

Betty: I don’t want money, I want us.

Adult Reggie: Just give me a year. One year and I promise you I’ll have everything set up. Enough money to make us both happy.

Panel six: E. Mantle looks disconsolately on as Betty and Young Reggie hug as Sabrina waves her arms as the panel begins to shift to into a room just behind her.

Sabrina: And let us see what happened the very next year.

Page 16

Panel one: The setting has changed to the inside of Mantle and Cabot III as the office is the same only everything is newer. A close-up on an Adult Reggie, sitting at his then new office desk, now wearing his more traditional attire. He is yelling at Seymour and his father as they both back away from the desk out of fear.

Young E. Mantle: You want to pay me in full the next day just because it’sChristmas!?  It’s not Christmas its Due Day! As in your mortgage is “due”, so you had best pay it or “do” without a home!

Panel two: Seymour and his father are running out the door as they nearly run into Betty who is coming inside and tilts her body to the right to avoid the two running into her.

Young E. Mantle off-panel: I.

Young E. Mantle: off panel: WANT.

Young E. Mantle off-panel: MY

Young E. Mantle off-panel: MONEY

Young E. Mantle: TODAY!!!

Panel three: Young E. Mantle is going over several papers as he stamps his signature on various deals as he doesn’t even bother to look up at Betty as she approaches his desk.

Betty: Ebbie…? Ebenezer?

E. Mantle: Yes, yes. I know you’re here.

Betty: You’ve hardly been home the last few months.

E. Mantle: Time is money. The more time I spend away from this office, the less money in my pockets.

Page 17

Panel one: Betty is talking as she looks down unhappily.

Betty: Ebenezer. Remember how you promised me a year to have your affairs in order. That was last Christmas…

Panel two; Betty looks around the room to see that there are no holiday decorations up.

Betty: …But I can see how you could forget the day. Yours is the only establishment without a single reef or decoration.

Young E. Mantle: There’s no profit in investing in trees, shrubs, and ornaments that only matter for one day a year.

Panel three: Betty stares down at Young E. Mantle as he continues to go through his paper work.

Betty: Do you still love me?

Panel four: Young E. Mantle looks up at her as he is indecisive

Young  E. Mantle: …Why are you asking me such a question?

Panel five: Betty is talking as Young E. Mantle lowers his eyes and reflects on the situation.

Betty: You’ve changed. Whenever I see you, listen to you, I can’t recognize the one who promised me his heart.

Panel six: E. Mantle goes back to his paper work as Betty hangs her head as she begins to cry.

E. Mantle: I was a boy. I didn’t know better. Now I’m a businessman and know intangible ideas lack substance in the real world.

E. Mantle: Still, I made a contract with you, and I will not ask for release from it.

 Page 18

Panel one: Betty takes off her engagement ring as she continues to cry.

Betty: I see. That’s all we have? A contract?. Terms and agreements in place of love and support?

Panel two: Betty gently lays the engagement ring on Young Ebenezer Mantle’s desk just in front of his paper work as he rolls his eyes towards it.

Betty: Then I release you.

Betty: I hope your new love brings you the happiness I could not.

Panel three: Betty runs out of the firm weeping as Sabrina, Salem, and E. Mantle are outside having watched everything that had transpired. Salem is making a mini-snow man on the sidewalk as he turns to E. Mantle to comment.. E. Mantle lowers his head as he clenches his fists in anger. The door is still open as Young E. Mantle continues to work as he rolls his eyes upward.

Sabrina: And you never say Betty again.

Salem: Wow. Even an ice cube in the North Pole would think that was cold.

Panel four: E. Mantle yells in Sabrina’s face as Sabrina remains calm.

E. Mantle: Fine! I made a mistake! I lost the one woman who loved me! Is that what you want to hear!?

E. Mantle: Why do you delight in torturing me!?

Panel five: Sabrina replies firmly as E. Mantle lowers his head in guilt.

Sabrina: As I told you, these are but shadows of what have been. The shade and hue are of your own doing. Not mine.

All About Archie / Re: Archie Andrews - new look for 2015?
« on: December 20, 2014, 07:47:54 PM »
Looks good to me. But I also thought the Titans looked good when the NFL season began, so we might need a second opinion. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Christmas Carol.
« on: December 20, 2014, 03:48:36 PM »
Page 6

Panel one: E. Mantle walks ahead as he walks past Eugene and Amani as he points at a window as Sabrina listens on. Salem rolls his eyes as he is obviously bored with Mantle going on about the school.

E. Mantle: …And that window, that’s Schoolmaster Weatherbee’s office!

Sabrina: Quite the memory you have.

E. Mantle: Hah! I could point out every nook and cranny blindfolded!

Panel two: E. Mantle is talking as he walks onward while pointing up at the school building.

E. Mantle: I mean, I was here long enough to…

Panel three: E. Mantle’s mood suddenly dampens as he reflects sadly on his childhood.

Panel four: E. Mantle walks ahead as Sabrina tries to question him, his jovial mood gone as he lowers his head and shoulders as he walks ahead.

Sabrina: You were saying?

E. Mantle: I said I had a good memory, okay?

Panel five: The trio is walking to a nearby window as Salem looks back at the path as several more parents and children are leaving.

Salem: Everyone looks to be going home for the holidays.

Sabrina: Not everyone.

Panel six: E. Mantle, Sabrina and Salem (now back on Sabrina’s shoulder) look into the window to see an abandon classroom save for Ms. Grundy as she is leaving and Lil’ Reggie as he is in the middle of the classroom all alone.

E. Mantle: Yeah. Not everyone.

Page 7

Panel one: The trio walks into the room as Lil’ Reggie is reading one of his school books as the small classroom is now empty save for them. Lil’ Reggie has drawn on his desk that shows a comic strip of him putting tacks on a fellow students chair and laughing.

Salem: Any particular reason why you’re the only one still here instead of with your family, chief?

Panel two. E. Mantle looks down as Lil’ Reggie turns a page as he continues to study.

E. Mantle: My father—he wasn’t the parenting sort. At least towards me.

E. Mantle: As soon as he had the money, he arranged for me to attend Riverdale Academy. And that sums up our father/son relationship.

Panel three E. Mantle is walking away as Sabrina and Salem look on.

E. Mantle: Enough of this. Here, let me give you a brief autobiography: I spent my entire childhood here and every Christmas was the same.

E. Mantle: Can we go now?

Panel four: Sabrina places a hand on E. Mantle’s shoulder to stop him.

Sabrina: Ebenezer Mantle, you are mistaken.

Page 8

Panel one: Sabrina turns E. Mantle back around as everything is nearly the same but older. Including Reggie who is now a teenager. Now drawn on the desk is the blue prints for a whoopee cushion.

Sabrina: This Christmas is much different.
E. Mantle: Wait…I remember this—

E. Mantle: Yes! This is the day that--!

Panel two: The teenage Reggie and E. Mantle turn their heads to their left as a voice calls out to them. Both Mantle’s have the same surprised facial expression.

Off-panel: Ebbie!

E. Mantle and Teenage Mantle: That voice! I haven’t heard that voice in a long time!

Panel three: Ethel is running into the room as Teenage Mantle stands up to greet here!

Teenage Mantle: Sister! But—but I thought…what are you doing here? Your letter never mentioned—

Ethel: It’s father, Ebbie! He’s changed so much the last year! He’s much kinder!

Ethel: He’s even found you an apprenticeship close to home with Mr. Lodge! You don’t have to come back here ever again!

Panel four: Ethel hugs Teenage Mantle as Teenage Mantle is taken back by the good news.

Ethel: You can come home. You can finally come home!

Reggie: Home…?

Reggie: After all this time?

Page 9

Panel one: Teenage Mantle returns Ethel’s hug and lifts her up in the air.

Teenage Mantle: Haaa Haa! I never thought I’d see home again!

Ethel: Okay, okay! But we need to hurry; father has a carriage waiting for us!

Panel two: Teenage Reggie and Ethel are running out of the classroom as E. Mantle, Sabrina, and Salem look on in the background near the window.

Teenage Reggie: How’s mother! How’s Runty!?

Ethel: You’ll see! Let’s hurry! Mother is preparing a special Christmas feast for your return!

Panel three. Sabrina is talking with E. Mantle as they watch as Teenage Reggie and Ethel are riding off in a carriage as Mr. Weatherbee, Coach Kleats, Coach Clayton, Miss Haggley, Beazley and Svenson wave farewell.

Sabrina: Your sister has a big heart.

E. Mantle: Yes. Yes, she did.

Page 10

Panel one: E. Mantle turns away from the window to talk with Salem.

Salem: Pardon my questioning--but given the company I keep— but I couldn’t help but notice the past tense verb usage.

Panel two: E. Mantle turns back to the window as Sabrina and Salem look on.

E. Mantle: She died several years ago.

Sabrina: Have you no family left?

E. Mantle: Ethel’s only child. My nephew Jughead.

Panel three: Sabrina continues to talk as E. Mantle leans his forehead against the window as he is trying to fight back tears.

Sabrina: Then you have something to remember her by.

Salem: Or did he have the misfortune of taking back after you?

Panel four: E. Mantle keeps his head hidden away from Sabrina and Salem as they pres on with their questioning.

E. Mantle: No. He’s just like his mother. Too much like his mother. It’s like looking at a ghost.

Panel five: E. Mantle turns Sabrina and Salem as they all both smile and wave their right hand or paw at E. Mantle as they point out they are ghosts.

Panel six: E. Mantle yells at the two as the two chuckle with each other.

E. Mantle: You know what I mean!!

Page 11

Panel one: The setting has changed as they are now outside of an urban area in front of warehouse window. The warehouse has a sign reading LODGE. Reggie looks around puzzled as people pass them by. It is beginning to snow as children on the sidewalk stick out their tongues to catch snowflakes with.

Sabrina: Yes. I do. You mean the past is full of pain. But why is that?

E. Mantle: Hey! You mind warning a guy when you hop scotch around his life?!

Panel two: E. Mantle looks up at the sign as he realizes where he is.

E. Mantle: The old warehouse! Old Hiram Lodge’s place of business!

Panel three: Salem and Sabrina talk as they go over where they are better. Salem holds out his left wrist and acts like he is checking an imaginary watch to see if it is still running.

Sabrina: Yes. This is where you began your apprenticeship

Salem: Somewhere in between being young and idealistic to the miser you are now 0’clock.

Panel four: E. Mantle slaps a fist into an open palm as he startles Sabrina and Salem.

E. Mantle: Hey, if you worked under that wretch, you wouldn’t polish a halo either!

E. Mantle: He was cold, heartless, and ruthless! I lost a bit of my soul each and every day I was inside that building!

Panel five: E. Mantle motions towards Sabrina and Salem to look through the window inside. Sabrina and Salem are worried about what they might see thanks to E. Mantle’s comments.

E. Mantle: Just take a look!

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Christmas Carol.
« on: December 19, 2014, 05:46:43 PM »
Someone has a favorite smiley. :)

Part 2: Shadows of the Past

Page 1

Panel one: Ebenezer Mantle is holding his arms over his eyes as The Ghost of Christmas Past/ Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Salem descend down in front of him.

E. Mantle: What manner of apparitions are you?!

Panel two: Sabrina is walking towards E. Mantle as Salem rolls his eyes as if he’s done this a million times and wants to get the show on the row.

Sabrina: I am the ghost of Christmas Past. And I am going to take you on a journey back in time to what events made you who you are today.

Panel three: Nearly the same shot as panel two only with Sabrina rolling her eyes towards Salem as Salem is using his paws to stretch out his face into a massive smile as he talks.

Salem: And I’m Salem. I lost all my nine lives on separate Christmases, but I’m still just as merry!

Panel four: E. Mantle tilts his head in confusion as Sabrina turns towards Salem as Salem turns his head away in disappointment.

Sabrina: Forgive my friend. He has a sense of humor all his own. He’s the only one who thinks he’s funny.

Salem: Maybe I’m just smarter than everyone else?

Page 2

Panel one: Sabrina is holding out her hand for E. Mantle to take as he looks at it with trepidation as he slowly moves his hand towards her.

Sabrina: Now, Ebenezer Mantle, take my hand so we may see your past Yule Time.

Panel two: E. Mantle jerks his hand back much to the surprise of Sabrina and the annoyance of Salem.

E. Mantle: I hate Christmas! Why in the world would I agree to go back in time and relive past years of it!?

Panel three: Ebenezer Mantle points to the grandfather clock as it reads a few minutes past 12.

E. Mantle: Besides, you were supposed to come at exactly at midnight! You’re late!

Panel four: Sabrina shrugs her left shoulder and Salem sticks out his chest and smiles as he points at Sabrina as he loves her response.

Sabrina: Would it make sense for the Ghost of Christmas Past to be early or on time?

Salem: Can’t argue with that logic.

Panel five: E. Mantle is marching out of the room as he is about to reach for the door as Sabrina motions for him to come back as Salem just yawns as he couldn’t care less about the consequences.

E. Mantle: I don’t have to argue! You didn’t come when you were supposed to, that makes this entire business null and void!

E. Mantle: I’m going to bed. You can go back to whatever fruitcake or Christmas stocking you may haunt!

Panel six: Sabrina is trying to call for E. Mantle to come back as Salem has a sinister smile on his face. E. Mantle has the door half way open as a figure is standing on the other side of the door and casting a shadow in the shape of a giant goat man that engulfs E. Mantle. The shadow is seems to be holding a rod and chains in its massive claws.

Sabrina: I think you should reconsider. Because if you don’t, I think someone else would like to have a word with you about the joys of Christmas.

Page 3

Panel one: E. Mantle is shaking and trembling as Krampus is standing outside of the door and looking directly down at him. He is around seven foot tall, five hundred pounds of muscle and fur. He has a demonic like goat head and cloven hoofs. He is holding a birch rod with his right hand, a chain in his left, and has a bag tied to his back with the words: For swishing the naughty.

Krampus: I am Krampus.

Krampus: My methods of making you into a better man is hitting you with a rod of birch, rattling my chains until your eardrums swell, and swinging you around in a burlap sac for an hour.

Panel two: Krampus leans down and smiles down earnestly at E. Mantle whose face has gone white as he eyes are as round as saucer plates.

Krampus: So whadya say?

Panel three: E. Mantle runs back towards Sabrina and Salem as a dejected Krampus leaves the room. Sabrina and Salem smile at each other as this all is going according to plan.

E. Mantle: What are you waiting for? Let’s go! Time is of the utmost!

Sabrina: Well, if you insist.

Panel four: E. Mantle takes Sabrina’s hand as she prepares to walk though a wall as E. Mantle tries to follows apprehensively.

E. Mantle: Wait! You’re a spirit! You can go through walls and fly—but I can’t! I’ll fall!

Sabrina: Just hold my hand tightly….

Panel five: Sabrina, Salem, and E. Mantle are flying high into the sky as E. Mantle clutches Sabrina’s hand with both of his hands as he looks down below in utter terror.

Sabrina: …And don’t let go.

Panel six: They are flying into the distance and the stars are shining brightly.

E. Mantle: What happens if I pull the cat’s tail?

Salem: You magically turn into a scratching post!

Page 4

Panel one: Sabrina, E. Mantle, and Salem begin to descend near a path being shoveled by Pipsqueak and Pat The Brat. E. Mantle has his eyes closed as Sabrina turns to him.

Sabrina: We’re here.

E. Mantle: Here where?

Sabrina: This is your past, you tell me.

Panel two: E. Mantle looks down as Pat The Brat and Pipsqueak continue to shovel the snow off the stone path as it takes a turn just past the  trio.

E. Mantle: Pat? Pipsqueak?

Salem: You know ‘em?

E. Mantle: Yeah. But back when I was a kid at…

Panel three: E. Mantle turns looks ahead as his eyes light up and as he looks up at Riverdale School of High Academic Achievement. The school is a mansion of dull red brick, several window align along the building. The building is two stories high. The roof has a weathercock-surmounted cupola, on the roof, and a bell hanging in it. It has a horse stable close by but it is over run with grass as a horse is using the tall grass to hide. The black iron gates to the school are rusty and broken. A few of the windows are broke and bits of the brick chipped. The stone path to the school is long and turned to show just how hard Pat and Pipsqueak had to work to clear the path.

E. Mantle: The Riverdale School of High Academic Achievement!

E. Mantle: This is where I spent the majority of my childhood!

Page 5

Panel one: E. Mantle has a tear in his eye and his lip is quivering as he looks up at the old school building.

E. Mantle: It’s just as I remember it…

Panel two: Sabrina is talking to E. Mantle as E. Mantle regains his gruff composure. Salem is hopping down from Sabrina’s shoulder as he heads towards Pat and Pipsqueak who shake their hands for a job well done as they finish shoveling.

Sabrina: I haven’t seen that expression on your face before. One would imagine you are actually happy.

E. Mantle: That’s exactly what it is. Your imagination.

Panel three: E. Mantle looks down at Pat and Pipsqueak as Salem is standing on his two front paws and is making faces at the two as they do not see him and continue their conversation.

E. Mantle: Um, wait. To them a future version of me is standing next to them with a ghost girl and her pet cat…

E. Mantle: …And they haven’t batted an eye? What gives?

Panel four: Sabrina picks up Salem by the back of his neck as he smiles back at her and tries to convince her he was just having innocent fun. The two boys are running away after their work is done.

Sabrina: These are but shadows of what has been. They can neither see nor hear us.

Panel five: Sabrina, Salem, and E. Mantle are walking up the path to the school.

Sabrina: Now, come. We have much to see and time is short.

E. Mantle: How can time be short? She’s a ghost who can manipulate time and space!

Salem: She’s a spirit. She has to be cryptic.

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Christmas Carol.
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Thanks. :)

Page 17

Panel one: Alexander uses a chain on his left to wrap around E. Mantle’s waist and drag him into the room as Mantle vainly tries to resist.

Alexander: I know it’s been awhile, but how can you forget good ol’ little me?

Panel two: Alexander is floating horizontally and is face to face with E. Mantle so to help Mantle recognize who he is.

Alexander: Surely, you haven’t forgotten your old business partner?

Panel three: E. Mantle closely examines the ghost as he is surprised by who it is.

E. Mantle: It can’t be—Alexander Cabot the Third…?

Panel four: Alexander slings E. Mantle into the chair as he extends his arms and legs out the best he can as the chains and weights restrain him.

Alexander: Right in one about the one and only! 

E. Mantle: ooophh

Panel five: E. Mantle sinks into the chair as Alexander slowly walks towards him, dragging the heavy chains as he does.

Alexander: You and me, we got to chit-chat a bit.

E. Mantle: Wh-Why…?

Panel six: Alexander is behind the chair suddenly and smiles down at E. Mantle. Alexander has used his chains to tie up E. Mantle as E. Mantle can only nervously look up at the grinning ghoul.

Alexander: To make sure you don’t make the same mistake I made.

E. Mantle: Slip on a patch of ice and never wake up from a coma?

Page 18

Panel one: Alexander begins to walk around the room and his chains drag the chair E. Mantle is wrapped up in along as E. Mantle jerks and twists helplessly.

Alexander: I was a business man. And I made all the wrong investments.

Alexander: I looked only for my own best interests and cast a blind eye towards the suffering and plight of others.

Panel two: Alexander turns and tugs at his chains to draw E. Mantle’s attention to them.

Alexander: Mankind should have been my business! I favored stocks, bonds, property over charity, kindness, and decency!

Alexander: And now the only stocks, bonds, and property I possess are these!

Panel three: E. Mantle looks at the chains as they loosen around his chair as Alexander has all the chains over his shoulder and strains to walk about as all the locks, boxes, the anvil, and anchor are nearly too much for him.

Mantle: That’s why you’re fettered?

Alexander: Yep. These are the bonds I forged for myself in life.

Alexander: And as you can tell—urrrkk-- it’s a real drag!

Panel four: E. Mantle stands up out the chair as he points a finger at himself as he talks.

E. Mantle: Alex, I don’t see how your problem is MY problem!

Panel five: Alexander slings the chain with the anvil at E. Mantle as he jumps to his left just in time before he is squashed flat.

Alexander: See these? You see how long and heavy these chains are? Guess what, Ebbie, your chains are twice as long and twice as heavy as mine!

Page 19

Panel one: E. Mantle glares defiantly at Alexander as Alexander uses both hands to try and drag the anvil back to him.

E. Mantle: And you’re trying to scare me straight, is that it?

Alexander: Uhhgg…yeah. Something like that.

Panel two: E. Mantle steps over several of Alexander’s chains as he attempts to go nose to nose with him as Alexander is using one hand to untie the cloth around his head.

E. Mantle: I have news for you, worm hotel! You’re going to have to do more than swing your chains to put the spook into me!

Alexander: Sigh, if I gotta, I gotta.

Panel three: The panel is from behind Alexander Cabot as he has just untied the cloth as Mantle looks on mystified.

Panel four: Same shot only now we can see that the cloth was keeping Alexander’s jaw fastened as it is now hanging out inhumanly long as a disturbed E. Mantle looks on as his lips quiver in fear and his eyes shrink.

Panel five: Same shot only with Mantle hiding behind the chair and Alexander tying back the cloth and fixing his jaw properly.

Alexander: Yeah. I don’t wear it as a fashion statement.

Page 20

Panel one: Alexander begins to walk towards a window as he drags his chains along as E. Mantle comes out from behind the chair and beckons him to help him.

Mantle: Wait! I thought you were going to help me!

Alexander: Oh yeah. I almost forgot.

Panel two: Alexander has his head turned back as he holds up three fingers as he can barely lift his right arm to be seen in panel.

Alexander: You will be visited by three groovy ghoulie ghosties.

Alexander: The first at midnight, the second at one, and the third—well, that one didn’t say, but you can figure it out.

Panel three: Ebenezer Mantle races towards the window as Alexander is walking through it and ignoring E. Mantle’s request.

Mantle: Wait, couldn’t I just get it over with all at once?!

Alexander: It was nice seeing you again, Ebbie. We may not have been friends, but you were the closest I ever had to one…

Panel four: E. Mantle is looking out the window as he is completely taken back by what he sees.

Panel five: We can see from Reggie’s eyes as Alexander is walking in the air, dragging his chains along as the night and road below is filled with various other ghosts in the same situation as Alexander. The ghosts include Mad Dr. Doom and his nephew Chester, Mikio Sasaki, Fred Mirth, and Harpo de Hoofer.

Alexander: …So just take one last look and remember:

Alexander: This is the price you pay when you take more than you give back!

Page 21

Panel one: Ebenezer Mantle jumps back from the window and closes the curtains.


Panel two: Mantle slowly opens the curtain enough to peek outside with one eye.

Panel three: A look outside now as regular people are going about their business on the street, walking or riding chariots to get home.

Panel four: Mantle walks away from the curtains in a huff as he tries to disregard the experience that had just happened to him.

Mantle: That dime store demon was a hallucination.  Like I’d ever believe that—


Panel five: E. Mantle stops as he looks at a nearby grandfather clock as it strikes midnight.

E. Mantle: ...Midnight? Isn’t that when…

Panel six: E. Mantle begins to turn his head to his left and right.

Panel seven: E. Mantle waves off the grandfather clock as a small light begins to glow from the upper right corner of the panel.

E. Mantle: Hah! I knew it! Nothing!

Page 22

Panel one: A startled E. Mantle begins to look behind him as the white light becomes brighter.

E. Mantle: Is this that electricity I’ve heard so much about?

Panel two: E. Mantle looks up as the room is now illuminated with the white light.

White light: No. Maybe some day, but I’m not the sort to look ahead

Panel three: E. Mantle looks up to see that the source of the bright light is coming from Sabrina/The Ghost of Christmas Past. She is wearing a white dress, tiara, and white fairy wings as she looks down at the petrified Mantle with a smile (In other words very Glenda the Good Witch like). On Sabrina’s shoulder is Salem who has a mischievous smile as he leers down at E. Mantle.

Sabrina: I am The Ghost of Christmas Past, and this is my companion, Salem.

Salem: And we’re talking a hop, skip, jaunt down Memory Lane!

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Wow. That's amazing!

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Christmas Carol.
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Thanks. Glad you like the casting. And I figure, the more rotten Reggie is, the more people will like his turn for the better. :)

Page 12

Panel one: E. Mantle is wiping his hands against one another as if he successfully threw out the trash out as we can see by the window that a snow covered Archie is sadly leaving as the snowbank has a giant hole where Archie had been.

E. Mantle: Poor Arch. Never learnt that family is a bad investment.

Panel two: Archie sadly walks down the street as a kid is making a snow angel while Claude and Raoul break dance next to him to get the same results.

Archie: Well, at least I came out today even.

Panel three: Archie reaches into his pockets to show that he has nothing in them.

Archie:  Zero is an even number, right?

Panel four: Archie is walking towards a broken down shack as Veronica (As Mrs. Crachit) looks out excitedly from a broken window.

Archie: Sigh, we barely saved enough for a meal, and now I have to tell everyone no presents…

Archie: Maybe no one will bring it up--?

Panel five: Veronica, wearing a cheap dress and boots, runs out of the house to greet him as Archie winces as his hopes have been dashed.

Veronica: Archiekins!

Panel six: Veronica hugs Archie and gives him a kiss on the cheeks as Archie blushes as he looks away uncomfortably.

Veronica: Where are the presents!?

Archie: Um, about that…

Page 13

Panel one: Veronica looks up optimistically as she questions Archie.

Veronica: Tell me, did you ask him about Christmas? That you can spend time with your family for one full day?

Panel two: Archie rubs the back of his head as he tries to find a way to explain the situation.

Archie: Yeah. Yeah I did.

Archie: But—sigh, but it cost me this week’s pay and double overtime the next day. There’s no money for presents this year.

Panel three: Veronica turns her head away as she bites her lip and tries not to show any sadness or disappointment. She has a thought balloon of a fancy dress that has wings and flying away.

Panel four: Veronica softly smiles at Archie.

Veronica:--Well, you’ll be home for Christmas for the first time in years. That’ll be enough.

Panel five: Veronica and Archie hug as they are all smiles. Veronica is trying to keep positive, but Archie mentioning the dress is making it difficult as she digs her fingers into his back as a reflex.

Archie: Still, I had this perfect dress picked out for you…

Veronica: …Let’s not talk about it anymore.

Page 14

Panel one: Jellybean as Tiny Ttim walks out of the house using a small crutch under her left arm as she prepares to greet Archie. Behind her Leroy and Souphead are fighting over Souphead’s hat.

Veronica: Well, well, looks like someone has missed you!

Archie: Little Jellybean!

Panel two: Archie lifts up Little Jellybean and gives her a hug as Little Jellybean gives him a hug too.

Archie: And wouldn’t miss my favorite little person for all the world!

Panel three: Archie has Jellybean over his shoulders as he runs down the street as several of the children run along with him. Archie has Jellybean’s crutch tucked under his right arm as he saunters away. Veronica calls back to him.

Veronica: Where are you going!?

Archie: For a bit of a run! We’ll be right back after we circle the globe! How ever long it takes!

Veronica: Try to make it back before Christmas if you can!

Panel four: Veronica looks on sadly as Archie and Jellybean are in the distance. Leroy and Souphead are throwing snowballs at one another as Leroy uses Veronica as cover.

Veronica: Christmas has a way of making you forget all of your worries, just for one day.

Veronica: Only the most miserable creature on the planet would say a harsh word against it.

Page 15

Panel one: A high angle view of the mansion of Ebenezer Mantle as he is at his double doors and reaching for the door handle. The mansion is three stories tall with various windows spaced out amongst the sections of the mansion. At the top of the mansion is a weather vane, shaped like E. Mantle pinching a giant penny as Abraham Lincoln winces, is pointing in the direction of Mantle. The estate is surrounded by a dark iron gate with various signs reading: GET OUT.  SOLICITORS WILL BE CANED. CLOSE YOUR MOUTHS STARVING MASSES!

Mantle: Christmas? Bah humbug!

Mantle: I blame the card company. Who knows what other useless days they’ll bring about!  Mitten day? Hop on one foot day?

Panel two The door knocker suddenly morphs into Alexander Cabot’s face as Mantle’s hand tenses up.

Alexander Cabot III: Knock Knock—er, I mean, Ebenezerrrr Manntle….!

Panel three: Mantle takes a step back and jerks his arm back over his chest.

Mantle: !!

Panel four: Mantle uses the cane to open the door as he is visibly rattled by what just occurred. Inside we can see the house is lit up by candlesticks adjourned along the walls of the hallways and rooms.

Mantle: …Just bad Christmas pudding. That’s all that was! Skips your stomach and goes right for the eyes and ears!

Page  16

Panel one: E. Mantle is walking along a hallway as lights from the candles light along the walls show his way and leaves a giant shadow of himself behind him. Unbeknownst to him, above his own shadow are various shadows of chains, boxes, and locks. E. Mantle’s shadow notices and is pointing up in fright in contrast to E. Mantle’s gruffness.

E. Mantle: I’m not quite sleepy yet. I think I’ll got to my study and count my money. Or look in a mirror.

E Mantle: --Or count my money in front of a mirror.

Panel two: E. Mantle turns his head as he sees a pale blue ghostly light from coming from under the door to his left.

E. Mantle: Hm.

Panel three: E. Mantle opens the door with one hand and is swinging his cane around, prepared to strike the person inside.

E. Mantle: Why you no good thief! What’s mine is mine and always will be! The only thing I’ll give you is a lump on your head!

Panel four: Over the shoulders of a startled E. Mantle as we see Alexander Cabot the III as Jacob Marley floating in the air as various chains are wrapped around his arms and legs, each with locks, iron boxes, an anvil, and a ship anchor dragging along ground. The room is the study as Alexander Cabot is motioning for E. Mantle to come inside as he motions towards an empty chair for E. Mantle to sit. Alexander Cabot has a white clothed wrapped around his head from the top of his head to his jaw. In the room is a single chair in the middle, several bookcases, a giant mirror, and a window with the curtain pulled over it.

Alexander: Dudely, Bubie, long time no see! You’ve done well for yourself since I went away!

E. Mantle: Who are you?!

E. Mantle: --What are you?!

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Christmas Carol.
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Thanks. :)

Page 6

Panel one: In the background, Ebenezer Scrooge slams open the door to Mantle and Cabot III as his arms and legs are spread wide as he looks almost like a tiger that had its tail yanked. In the foreground is Archie as Bob Cratchit. Archie is at a small iron fire place with a small pipe connecting to the ceiling out to the chimney and trying to warm his hands. Next to the iron fireplace is a small bag of coal with a note reading: DO NOT USE UNTIL…NEVER USE! A small mouse is trying to warm its tail by the fire place. On the ceiling of the firm are various icicles and below them are ice stalagmites to show just how cold the building is always kept. The inside of the firm has old and broken boards and wood everywhere to show how old and how E. Mantle has refused to spend the money to make repairs. Next to the door is a hat rack that is barely held together.

Mantle: Andrews! What do you think you’re doing!? I just gave you your one piece of coal two years ago!

Archie:  Mr…Mr…Mr. Mantle--!

Panel two: Archie stands up as he points at icicles as E. Mantle tosses his hat on a nearby hat rack as the weight of the hat nearly topples over the old and broken down hat rack. Archie’s knees are knocking because of how cold it is.

Archie: I’m sorry, sir—but it was just so cold. My ink well froze up! Just look at these icicles. They’re nearly a foot long!

Panel three: E. Mantle points down to a two inch ice stalagmites.

Mantle: So what? These stalagmites are barely and inch!

Panel four: Mantle points to Archie’s beat up, three legged table as Archie hangs his head down in defeat. On the desk are two large stacks of paper that Archie has to finish. Archie’s chair is nearly as broken down as his desk.

Mantle: Now get back to work! I expect those papers stamped and filled out and another dozen or so to make up for that piece of coal!

Panel five: At the end of the room we can see E. Mantle’s desk as it is three times bigger, but is actually in bad shape itself as Mantle obviously will not spend the money to replace it.

Archie: Yes sir. I’ll get right on it.

Mantle: You do that! And no more annoyances!

Panel six: In the background, Suddenly, Jughead bursts into the firm as he is all cheer and merriment and is carrying a Christmas wreath as he happily strolls in. E. Mantle frowns and shakes his head as he looks up to the heavens as he is already annoyed.

Jughead: Merry Christmas, Uncle Mantle!

Page 7

Panel one: E. Mantle goes to Jughead as Jughead is putting the wreath on the inside of the law firm door as he uses a free hand to wave outside at Danny as he walks by outside.

Mantle: And what do you have to be merry about, nephew? You’re poor enough.

Panel two: Jughead closes the door as he turns to his uncle and responds. The wreath is on the door, hanging from a loose nail.

Jughead: And what do you have to be dismal about? You’re rich enough.

Panel three: Mantle opens his mouth to respond and is about to point his finger at Jughead to further his point.

Mantle: …

Panel four: Mantle’s mouth closes and his hand lowers as he struggling to think of a counter argument to Jughead’s quip. Jughead grins at E. Mantle’s loss of words.

Panel five: Mantle turns away in a huff and a scowl as Jughead adjusts his hat triumphantly.

Mantle: Bah humbug!

Page 8

Panel one: Jughead puts a hand on Mantle’s shoulder to try and calm him down.

Jughead: Uncle, don’t be that way! I only came to give you your gift…

Panel two: Mantle looks at Jughead’s hand on his shoulder with disdain as Jughead licks his lips and as he thinks about the Christmas dinner party.

Jughead: …And to invite you to my house for my annual Christmas party!

Jughead:  I don’t recommend it, but you can even meet my wife.

Panel three: Mantle jerks his shoulder forward, freeing it from Jughead’s grip

Mantle: Every year you invite me and every year I tell you “no”.

Mantle: Take the hint, it’s all I’ll ever give for free!

Panel four: Mantle walks away as he heads back to his desk as Jughead pleads with Mantle once more.

Jughead: Why are you like this? Christmas is a time of family and friends getting together to share good cheer.

Panel five: Mantle doesn’t even look over his shoulder as Jughead begins to leave as he sticks half his body out the door.

Mantle: I’ll be cheerful when you leave!

Jughead: Well, even still—

Panel six: Jughead slams the door so hard that icicles fall off the ceiling as Mantle has to twist his body and jerks his left leg behind his back to avoid them as they shatter on the ground.

Jughead out the door: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Crrinnkk crraccckle

Page 9

Panel one: Someone is knocking on the door as E. Mantle angrily walks back towards the door as he checks himself over as Archie gets a broom and dust pan as he prepares to sweep up the ice.


Mantle: All of these interruptions! Can’t a miser miser in peace!?

Panel two: E. Mantle opens the door as he glares at Chuck and Nancy who are holding books and papers to write down donations for the poor, on various pages sticking out are drawings and doodles they have done during the free time.

Chuck: Good evening…Mr. Mantle or is it Mr. Cabot?

Mantle: Mantle. Cabot died years ago.

Panel three: Nancy apologizes at the sad news while E. Mantle just pats his pocket and his bulging wallet as he does not show one bit of loss or pity that his business partner is dead.

Nancy: I’m so sorry to hear that.

Mantle: Eh. I don’t have to share profits, and I was able to sell his office provisions for a pretty penny.

Panel four: Chuck opens the book as it hands a name of donations that have pledged to donate money to the poor (It can be Archie creator names). Nancy looks on optimistically as Mantel looks at the book in disgust.

Chuck: We’re here to collect donations for the less fortunate. What may we put you down for?

Mantle: Nothing.

Panel five: Chuck looks at Nancy in confusion as Nancy tries to think of an explanation.

Chuck: Nothing…?

Nancy: Maybe he wishes to remain anonymous?

Panel six: E. Mantle swishes his arms across his body like an NFL ref signaling no good on a field goal attempt as Chuck and Nancy are taken back by E. Mantle’s bluntness.

E. Mantle: No! I wish to be left alone!

Page 10

Panel one: E. Mantle prepares to close the door, but is stopped as Chuck puts his foot out to block the door for closing. As he does this, Chuck struggles to not drop the many books as Nancy reaches over to keep them from falling.

Chuck: But, good sir—what of the poor?

Mantle: I didn’t become rich by the sweat on my brow to waste money on others! Are there not prisons? Union houses?

Panel two: Nancy pleads with Mantle as Chuck sticks his foot out the door.

Nancy: The prisons are overcrowded and the union houses overworked! They’d rather die!

Panel three: E. Mantle sticks his head out and stretches his neck until he’s right in Nancy’s face as he looks at her sternly with cold eyes.

E. Mantle: Then they should do so and decrease the surplus population!

Panel four: An angry Chuck leads Nancy away as he sees just how horrible Mantle is. As they leave Mantle looks over at the Christmas wreath as he scratches his chin as he is coming up with an idea.

Chuck: Forget him, Nance! He wouldn’t offer a helping hand unless you leased him your fingers first!

Panel five: Mantel calls back to them off panel as Chuck and Nancy turn in hopeful surprise.

E. Mantle off-panel: Wait! I do have something to donate!

Nancy: Really?

Panel six: The wreath that Jughead hung up as a gift to E. Mantle is thrown at Chuck and hits him on the forehead as he closes his eyes and winces.


Nancy: Oh.

Page 11

Panel one: Archie is standing before E Mantle. E. Mantle uses his cane to close the door while he looks straight ahead.  Archie is panicky as he avoids eye contact and fiddles with his hands.

E. Mantle: What do you want, Andrews?

Archie: Well…sir—it’s near the end of the working day, and—

Panel two: E. Mantle reaches into his pocket for a very small bag of coins (that holds no more than five) as Archie continues to talk and ask his question as he wipes sweat off his brow.

E. Mantle: Yes, yes, your pay for the week.

Archie: Well, there’s that…but I was hoping that maybe you could…

Panel three: Archie covers his head with his arms and bends down as if he’s expecting E. Mantle to wallop him for asking to not work on Christmas day.

Archie:  --Can I be excused from work tomorrow since it’s Christmas?

Panel four: E. Mantle is all smiles as he places an arm around Archie’s shoulder and straightens him up as Archie is surprised by Mantle’s sudden mood turn.

E. Mantel: Why, of course. What’s one day? You’ve been a good worker. In fact, anywhere else, you’d be a partner or better.

Archie: W-wow. Really, Mister Mantle?

Panel five: Mantle is putting the small bag of coins back in his coat pocket as Archie is befuddled as Mantle is swindling him out of a week’s pay. E. Mantle’s smile turns to a sneer.

Mantle: And that’s why instead of firing you for such a stupid request, I’ll just keep your pay and you can work double overtime the day after to earn it back!

Panel six: E. Mantle shoves Archie out into the streets as he slides straight into a nearby snowbank.

Archie: But, Mr. Mantle, how will I provide for my family? I promised gifts this year!

E. Mantle: Kisses and hugs are cheap! Try those!

Fan Fiction / An Archie Christmas Carol.
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Part 1: Meet Scrooge.

Page 1

Panel one: A shot of Dilton up on a snow covered hill as he is wearing a top hat and Victorian clothing as he tips his hat to the reader. It is snowing he looks at the reader.  He has a scarf around his neck he adjusts as the wind blows snow past him. The town of Riverdale set in Victorian setting is in the distance below.

Dilton: Salutations, Scholars. My name is Charles Dickens, and I am happy to see that you would keep my company!

Panel two: Dilton is counting on his fingers as he begins to go over a brief history of himself.

Dilton: Hm, now where do I begin…?

Dilton: I was born 1812. A Friday if I recall correctly.

Dilton: I had a pet raven named Grip, who I once hypnotized to think it was a dog. Funny until he buried my favorite slippers!

Dilton: I’m a writer by trade and my other famous works include Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities…

Panel three: Dilton motions down the hill at the Town of Riverdale as we can see the streets are covered in snow and people going about their day. The roofs of all the various buildings and homes are covered with snow and are decorated for Christmas.

Dilton: …And a certain literary work appropriate considering how the current condensation lends itself to the desired chronological occurrence and combination of two literature mediums!

Dilton: Ahem. What I mean is, this is--

Page 2

Splash page: A shot of Riverdale as everyone is dressed in Victorian clothing. Along the right of the street is Pop Tate’s Tavern, Katy Keene’s New Ode to the Dress Shop, and book store called Take A Stave Shop with a sign on the window reading: Dickens Book Signing (Bring own quill). On the left is Dr. Beauman’s Curiosity shop, Matt Clark & Mary Fine Detective Agency, General Pickens General Store, and the Riverdale Butcher Shop. On the sidewalk are various benders. One is selling pastries, another is selling wooden toys, and another has a stand for imaginary toys as Danny, Juanita and Chloe look on in confusion. Nick St. Claire is coming out of Mr. Beauman’s with a whistling shrunken head wearing a Christmas hat as Bobbi, Rob and Adam take a step back. On the sidewalks are various poor people asking for money. Vic and Bobbie are giving Lil’ Jinx, Gigi, Greg, and Charley a few coins. On the right side of the street is a Christmas tree being decorated by Sherry, Sheila Wu, Ginger Lopez, Tono, and Raj. Behind that tree are several more that they are selling. Lonnie is walking down the street carrying gifts up to his head as Carla uses her cane to guide him away from a patch of ice on the street. Toni Topaz is coming out of the Butcher shop with a turkey nearly half her size as Sayid and Sandy Sanchez look on in amazement. In the background, we can see the hill Dilton/Dickens was standing on and see him as he is looking down at Riverdale.


Page 3

Panel one: Lonnie is thanking Carla as she playfully motions at her glasses. Vic and Bobbi are walking along as Jinx and the kids wave goodbye as Greg keeps the money away from Charley who sees the turkey Toni Topaz has as she walks past him. In the background we see a figure wearing a top hat, black suit, and using a cane approach as a cold wind begins to follow behind him.

Caption: Yes, Riverdale during Christmas. A time for joy and merriment for the entire community.

Panel two: The cold wind suddenly hits everyone from the other panel as they begin to shiver and shake uncontrollably while the figure (Reggie as Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t seem to be affected at all.)

Caption: Save for one person. One person whose heart has grown so cold, the temperature drops in his wake.

Panel three: The teens run away as Ebenezer Mantle is closer into view as he continues along the street. Unlike everyone else whose breath can be seen in the winter air, his cannot. The other children hide behind Jinx. We can better see that Reggie is wearing the traditional Scrooge garb but has the side of his hair white to help look older to fit the part. He is using a cane to swish away snow in his path.

Caption: A stare so frigid and bitter it would be better to be in the company of a hungry polar bear.

Panel four: Ebenezer Mantle is in the middle of the street alone as he is using his cane to smack away the caption box as he turns and snarls at it. Lil’ Jinx is walking towards Ebenezer as the other children motion for the reluctant Jinx to continue as she is hesitant.

Caption: This is Ebenezer Mantle, the meanest, nastiest, greediest, stingiest, sneak-YOW


Ebenezer Mantle: Quiet, you overly ambitious children’s block!

Panel five: In the background E. Mantle is turning to Lil’ Jinx. In the foreground the caption box has been knocked into the street and is halfway in the snow as it shivers and shakes like an actual person would if it was freezing.

Lil’ Jinx: Um, excuse me, sir…

Caption: J-j-j-jerk!

Page 4

Panel one: Ebenezer Mantle looks down at Lil’ Jinx as Lil’ Jinx fiddles with her hands as she tries to find the right words.

Lil’ Jinx: Me…my friends and I—we don’t have money. Can you spare a bit of change? To help us pay for food or maybe even cloth for the cold nights?

Panel two: E. Mantle begins to walk away as he couldn’t care less about Lil’ Jinx and the rest of the orphans.

E. Mantle: Your parents should have thought of that before they decided to be poor.

Panel three: Lil’ Jinx calls back to E. Mantle as E. Mantle continues to walk ahead, not missing a beat.

Lil’ Jinx: But—but our parents are gone!

Panel four: E. Mantle continues to look on as Lil’ Jinx looks on sadly while the rest of the kids look like they could just kick Mantle as he continues onward. Charley is trying to throw a snowball but Greg stops him.

E. Mantle: In that case, you should have thought of that before you became orphans.

Page 5

Panel one: Ebenezer Mantle is walking in front of the Christmas tree as Sherry and the rest of the decorators look on as they continue to put on decorations. Raj is motioning towards the other Christmas trees.

Sherry: One, two look at me! Three, four, now the tree!

Sherry: Pretty great, huh?

Panel two: E. Mantle looks at the group and the tree in disdain.

Panel three: E. Mantle looks straight ahead as a dejected Sherry and angry everyone else looks on.

E. Mantle: If you had half a brain amongst you, you would chop up those trees for kindling and make a profit.

Panel four: E. Mantle is walking along as he looks up in alarm at a building with a sign over it reading Firm of Mantle and Cabot 3rd (the last name is crossed out with a black X) and he sees a small trail of smoke coming from the chimney. Mantle reacts to it like it’s the end of the world.

E. Mantle: Ack!

E. Mantle: How dare that carrot top take advantage of my absence like this?!

Panel five: E. Mantle is pushing past The Madhouse Gladys and nearly knocks Fran The Fan down on the street as the group looks at E. Mantle with contempt.

E. Mantle: I’ll pluck him freckle by freckle.

E. Mantle: I’ll boil him in his own pudding!

E. Mantle: I’ll call the cops! The Parliament! The King!

All About Archie / Re: Archie Andrews - new look for 2015?
« on: December 16, 2014, 10:32:40 PM »
Great to hear. Can't wait for the digests. :)

12're too long winded. :)

All About Archie / Re: Archie Andrews - new look for 2015?
« on: December 15, 2014, 04:22:43 PM »
Is it wrong that I think Archie's hair is hilarious? :)

All About Archie / Re: Archie Andrews - new look for 2015?
« on: December 14, 2014, 09:33:09 PM »
Change scares me, that's why I avoid werewolves. :)

Honestly, as long as the fun element remains, I have no problem with this.

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