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Fan Fiction / Re: Betty & Veronica in Monday Night War.
« on: Yesterday at 07:09:24 PM »
Oh, there's more, but I normally wait for a reply or fifty views. That--and I posted this a week early. Kinda shows how excited I am about WrestleMania this year. :)

Page 6

Panel one: Betty is surprised at how far she was able to bend Veronica back as Veronica’s body is shaped like a C and her feet are just inches from the back of her head. Betty’s ponytail is in reach as Veronica tries to reach behind her back to grab it.

Betty: Wow. You are limber.

Panel two: Veronica is able to grab Betty’s ponytail and pulls her back to break the hold.

Veronica: Thanks for the compliment! And thanks for this!

Betty: Yowch!

Panel three:  Veronica has Betty in an ankle lock as Betty is using her arms to keep her stomach off the ground as she begins to pull herself and Veronica to the couch and reaching for it like ring ropes.

Betty: Ow! You’re twisting my ankle!

Veronica: Boo-hoo! You nearly broke me in half!

Betty: You started all of this!

Panel four: Veronica tightens the ankle lock as Betty uses one hand to cover her mouth and the other hand to reach for the couch as she is just inches away.

Veronica: Tap, Betty, Tap! 

Betty: Never, Veronica, Never! 

Page 7

Panel one: Betty is climbing on the couch to gain some leverage as Veronica tries to pull her off.

Veronica: Oh, you’re not going anyway, Cooper!

Betty: You’ve got that right…

Panel two: The couch tips over as it sends Veronica rocketing ahead of Betty. The bag of popcorn sails in the air and popcorn bursts out of the bag like pyro.

Betty: …You’re the one who’s going somewhere, Lodge!

Veronica: Whoa!

Panel three: Just behind the tipped over couch, Betty has the Yeslock on Veronica.

Betty: Say Archie’s mine! Say it!

Veronica: What!

Betty: Archie!

Veronica: What!

Betty: Stop that! I hate when the audience does that after someone finishes a sentence!

Veronica: What!

Panel four: Veronica begins to roll herself and Betty off-panel.

Betty: That’s it! I’m finishing this feud once and for all!

Veronica: Fine by me! Loser leaves town!

Page 8

Panel one: Veronica and Betty are in the figure four leg lock as they both are glaring at the other as they both are acting like they put the move on the other. Veronica’s is raising an eyebrow while Betty is sticking her tongue out like Road Warrior Hawk.

Betty and Veronica: GRRRRR

Panel two: Betty and Veronica begin to each scream in pain as if the move actually is hurting them. Veronica tilts her head back dramatically while Betty lies on her back and trashes her arms.

Betty and Veronica: OW OW OW!

Panel three: Betty and Veronica both are confused as they lost track on who is winning and who should be the one in pain.

Betty: Wait. Did I put the figure four on you, or did you put it on me?

Veronica: I lost track myself during the tussle.

Panel four: They are both standing up and fixing the couch as they act like nothing has happened.

Betty: Well, the commercials are over, so we’ll just call it another draw.

Veronica: Fine by me.

Panel five: Veronica and Betty are talking and are excited as they pick up popcorn around the couch as they continue to clean up their mess. Both are looking up at the TV as they do as it shows A masked man vs. a cowboy.

Veronica: Oh, and remember WrestleCraze starts an hour early this weekend!

Betty: I’ll be here! Too bad we can’t be there live or attend any other wrestling shows--

Veronica: Oh! Good news! Daddy’s lawyers did make some headway! It’s now one lifetime ban instead of two respective bans!

Betty: Great! WrestleCraze 76!


All About Archie / Re: Who would you like to see Jughead with?
« on: March 22, 2015, 06:49:28 PM »
Yeah, I think it is the finger puzzle one.

And I wish Archie comics would reprint her intro story in Jughead and Archie digest.

Okay, we've had witches, zombies...

So ghosts, homunculus, and visiting an antique store as the only horrors left. :)

Fan Fiction / Betty & Veronica in Monday Night War.
« on: March 20, 2015, 08:59:51 PM »

Page 1

Panel one: The setting is in the Chocklit Shop. Archie is at the counter of sadly drinking a giant milkshake with three straws. It’s a play on the classic image only Archie drinking from his straw sadly while the other three are unused. Pop Tate is talking with him as he is arranging Jughead’s IOUs in five separate folders. In the background, The Riverdale mascot is at a table with Ginger Lopez, Sherry, and Sheila Wu as Reggie walks by in utter disbelief at what he is seeing.

Pop Tate: What’s the matter, Archie?

Archie: Sigh. It’s Monday.

Pop Tate: I’m more a “Sundae” man myself.

Panel two: Archie talks with Pop Tate as Pop Tate is wiping off the counter with a white rag. Archie stirs his milkshake with his straw as the other two straws are pushed aside.

Archie: No, it’s just—every Monday afternoon, I can’t catch find either Betty or Veronica. It’s like they vanish into thin air.

Pop Tate: That is strange. You find them, or they find you.

Archie: I can’t help but think there’s this mystery boyfriend I don’t know about.

Panel three: Pop Tate is cleaning the counter as Archie smiles at Pop Tate’s suggestion.

Pop Tate: Ah, you know better than that. I’m sure they’re just getting together to gossip or compare iphone covers or whatever it is teenage girls do these days.

Archie: You’re right. I mean, they’re crazy about me, and I’m crazy about them! What could possibly come between us?

Panel four: Inside of one of the Lodge guest rooms, Betty and Veronica are watching World Championship Federation on a seventy inch TV as they are watching expies of John Cena (Jon Sena) and Daniel Bryan (Dan Brian) in the ring. Veronica is imitating Jon Sena’s “You can’t see me” hand gesture while Betty happily points up like Dan Brian. In between them is a small bag of popcorn.

TV: It’s time for World Championship Federation featuring your favorite wrest—er, I mean, sports entertainers!

Veronica: You can’t see me!

Betty: YES! YES! YES!

Page 2

Panel one: Veronica and Betty are talking sophisticatedly as they talk with each other as if they were watching an opera or a great play.

Betty: Too bad we can’t invite any of our friends over to watch.

Veronica: Sigh. So true, Dear Betty, but they don’t wouldn’t appreciate the carefully woven storylines, understand the modern day interpretation of good vs. evil…

Panel two: Veronica happily points at the TV as she nearly falls off the couch as she leans forward as Betty looks on eagerly at the TV as well.

Veronica: Oh! Jon Sena’s taking off his shirt!

Panel three: Veronica has a thought balloon of Archie’s head on John Cena’s body as he is holding and carrying several shopping bags on each arm.

Veronica: Sigh, could you imagine Archie with all those muscles…?

Veronica: He’d be able to carry all my new clothes, shoes, and accessories in one trip instead of the usual ten!

Betty: Right….

Panel four: Betty has a thought balloon of Archie with a Daniel Bryan beard as she has hearts over her eyes as she thinks about it. Veronica is a bit more apprehensive as she obviously has issues with the beard.

Betty: Sigh, but think if Archie had that beard! Wowsa!

Veronica: Well…I suppose a bit of grooming and it would be—acceptable.

Page 3

Panel one: Betty and Veronica calm down as a commercial begins playing. Veronica has a light bulb over her head as she looks over at Betty and has a sly grin on her face as she has a devious plan. Betty is flicking popcorn in her mouth as she is too focused on the TV to notice Veronica’s facial expression.

Betty: Aw, a commercial! Just when Bart Heart was about to lock in the sharpshooter!

Panel two: Veronica talks with Betty as Betty shrugs her shoulders as she doesn’t know the answer.

Veronica: Betty. Do you think the sharpshooter actually hurts?

Betty: Huh. I don’t know. All the wrestlers are such great actors, I can’t ever tell what hurts and what doesn’t.

Panel three: Veronica stands up and motions at the ground for Betty to lie down so she can apply the sharpshooter to her

Veronica: Well, what’s say we find out while the commercials are on?

Betty: What? You put it on me? You’re the one who wants to know if it hurts!

Panel four: Veronica is turning Betty over on her stomach as she nearly has Betty in the sharpshooter.

Veronica: I know…but I trust you because you’re my best friend.

Betty: And I’m agreeing to this because you’re my best friend.

Veronica: Yes, friendship is a wonderful thing.

Panel five: Veronica has the sharpshooter on Betty as Betty winces.

Veronica: Well?

Betty: Owie Yowie!

Betty: Yeah! It feels like my vertebra is imitating an accordion!

Page 4

Panel one: Betty is trying to turn her head over at Veronica as Veronica still has it locked in without a hint of easing off.

Betty: Um, Ronnie? You can let go now.

Panel two: Same shot only with Betty turn her head the other direction as Veronica smiles a bit more.

Betty: Veronica, did you hear me--?

Panel three: Veronica smiles as she has no intention of letting it go as Betty’s face turns red in anger.

Veronica: First say Archie’s mine, and I’ll let you go.

Betty: WHAT?!

Panel four: Veronica begins to tighten on the sharpshooter as Betty thrashes her arms and begins pounding the floor as tries to find a way to escape from the hold.

Betty: Of all the sneaky—no good---!

Veronica: Oh, don’t shout and thrash about so. People would think you’re crazy.

Betty: CRAZY?! Lemme go, and I’ll show ya crazy!!

Panel five: Betty begins reaching behind her to grab Veronica’s foot as Veronica moved it closer to Betty’s side as she increases the pressure.

Veronica: Come now, Betty, you know Archiekins and I are destined for one another. Why not say what you know in your heart is true?

Betty: I say--

Betty: I  say—

Panel six: Betty grabs onto Veronica’s foot and is able to pull her off enough to break the sharpshooter as Veronica falls on her on her face as she loses her balance.


Veronica: Ackh!

There's always hope. :)

All About Archie / Re: Sneak Peak: Archie VS Predator
« on: March 17, 2015, 11:46:05 PM »

Archie's Friends / Re: Do You Miss Crazy Betty or Villainous Veronica?
« on: March 12, 2015, 07:24:41 PM »
Crazy Betty. Way more fun and just coming up with these insane ideas and antics.

Villain Veronica stories usually end with her losing while Crazy Betty has a much better chance and--well, Villain Veronica stories have super good, boring Betty in them.

All About Archie / Re: I found what's coming next.
« on: March 12, 2015, 06:39:04 PM »
Yeah. It's really great. Helps with the disturbing image of Pop Tate with his head getting blown off. Really helped. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Five Hours in Segarini's
« on: March 12, 2015, 10:20:45 AM »
Thanks. And yeah, my version of Dilton is a menace to everyone. :)

All About Archie / Re: NYC news Archie's new look
« on: March 11, 2015, 06:49:11 PM »
Yeah, Mark Waid's a great writer and he does a great job with humor (Impulse comes to mind).

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Five Hours in Segarini's
« on: March 11, 2015, 06:43:48 PM »
Yeah, mos stories I picture Fernando Ruiz because--well, he's my favorite artist. If the story has Trula Twyst, I think Lindsey.

And I'm glad the story's well liked. Thanks to everyone who read it. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Five Hours in Segarini's
« on: March 11, 2015, 04:45:41 PM »
Not a problem. Glad you enjoy the story. :)

Page 18

Panel one: A shot of the hallway as Jughead using stretched out arms and legs to hold himself pressed against the ceiling as to avoid falling as Beaks is just below him on looking ahead. Jughead is sweating and his knees are buckling and he is eyeing the men’s restroom door.

Jughead thinking: C’mon! Leave! I had eight super cups!

Panel two: Jughead is in the meal room and is on his hands and knees and crawling under the lined tables as Fluffball begins throwing and smashing the tables and chairs in his search to track down Jughead.

Jughead: ...Okay, I think I know where they all are---


Jughead: So I might be able to make a kitchen run and maybe grab a quick bite and take a breather for a second.

Panel three: Jughead is sneaking out of the kitchen with handful of pizza, chips, sausage rolls, and various other foods as he checks to see if the coast is clear.

Panel four: Jughead turns his head to his right to see the shadows of Fluffball and Hiya indicating they are heading his way. Jughead doesn’t notice Rocky Raccoon’s paw extending just above him read to strike.

Jughead thinking: Those two? Normally coming from the game room, Fluffball is with Rocky.

Jughead whispering: So where is he?

Panel five: Jughead ducks his head and drops the food as he avoids Rocky’s attack as Rocky’s body goes all the way to the ground and his fist cracks the floor. Jughead begins running towards the gift stand in the hallway in front of him.


Jughead: Ask a silly question, get a knock you silly answer!

Rocky: Hi! Let’s Play!

Jughead: You play way too rough!

Page 19

Panel one: Jughead is crotched down behind the gift stand as the four animatronics are approaching him in the darkness with their outlines and red glowing eyes  Rocky is up front with Fluffball to his left and Beaks to his right with Hiya right behind them.

Jughead: So this is it. Being mauled by automatons in animal costumes in a kiddie fast food joint at nearly six in the morning!

Panel two: Jughead thinks to himself as he crawls backwards and hits a box with his back

Jughead: Whoever would have thought I’d ever be awake this early in the morning!?


Jughead: Hm?

Panel three: Jughead peers into the box as his face lights up. The box has SCORCH written on it in orange marker.

Jughead:--Well, it’s a crazy idea…’

Jughead: …But also my only idea!

Panel four: Jughead jolts up and is wearing a yellow dragon cartoon mask as he waves at the other automatons who stop as their eyes stop glowing red.

Jughead: Hi. I’m Juggie the Alligator! Girls have cooties!

Panel five: Seen from Jughead’s point of view, including very limited vision because of the mask. A close-up on the animatronics as Hiya, Fluffball, and Beaks look on blankly. Just ahead of them is Rocky Raccoon as he tilts his head as if he is actually thinking what to do.

Jughead with the word balloon going in the middle and point their to show this is from Jughead’s point of view.

Jughead: Um, how about wash your hands after using the restroom…?

Page 20

Panel one: It is six o’clock in the morning as the sun is up and Segarini is preparing to unlock the doors to Segarini’s. Segarini has a smile, ear to ear and is clicking his heels happily as he unlocks the door. In the background, a newspaper boy is being chased by a pack of dogs as he pedals away rapidly

Caption: Hour five.

Segarini: The investors loved my idea! Full support! They’ll be over at noon to work out the details, and I’ll be spinning dough for the kiddies and feeding dough to my bank account!

Panel two: The key is turning in the lock.

Segarini off-panel: Now, to let Jughead scamper off to tell Pop Tate how wonderful my food and restaurant are to put salt in the wound!

Panel three: Jughead bursts through the door and throws the extra cartoon dragon mask into the confused arms of Segarini.

Jughead: Freedom! Survival! The new day! The end of the nightmare!

Segarini: ?!

Jughead: Oh, this is yours!

Panel four: Jughead is running across the street to the Chocklit Shoppe as Segarini turns his head and watches in confusion. The newspaper boy is leading an army of fellow newspaper boys as they give chase to the pack of dogs.

Jughead: Oh, and I would go back to what you were originally doing. Bad anchovies were the most anyone had to worry about!

Segarini: What is he talking--

Panel five: Segarini faints to see the ruined dining room as tables are smashed, the floor is stomped to smithereens, holes and claw marks in the walls. Pretty much all of his dreams have been dashed. Several people look on in surprise.


Page 21

Panel one: Jughead is in the Chocklit Shoppe as he is talking with Archie, Dilton, and Pop Tate at the counter. Jughead is motioning with his hands like he is putting on an invisible mask.

Jughead: …And I put on a spare mask I found and they stopped in their tracks.

Dilton: Of course! They identified you as one of their own!

Archie: Smart!

Pop Tate: You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, Jughead.

Panel two: Jughead wipes his brow as Pop Tate hands him a vanilla shake as Dilton and Archie look on and smile.

Jughead: It’s not the best head. The nose is long. The hat is silly—but it is well attached to my neck, so I’m glad I kept it.

Panel three: Jughead turns to Dilton.

Jughead: And what about your little problem last night.

Dilton: It broke through the basement door.

Panel four: Jughead, Archie, and Pop Tate look on alarmed as Dilton tries to ease their tension.

Dilton: It is the same as the other animatronics. Once the manual timer failsafe lapsed it shut down.

Dilton: All I need to do is dismantle and dispose of it like the others, and this matter is over.

Panel five; Dilton is more unease as Jughead talks with him. Archie nervously looks behind him and Pop Tate checks behind the counter.

Jughead: You mean you don’t know where it is?

Dilton: Well, no, but I’m sure it couldn’t have gotten—

Jughead: Yeah, I’m just going to bolt my doors and hide under my bed for the rest of my life.

Page 22

Panel one: A shot of the Riverdale Junkyard as it is piled with stacked cars and various other kitchen appliances. The sun is rising in the sky as it causes the various items to throw off shadows.

Inside of the junk yard: My name is Scorch and I want you to be my friend!

Inside of the junk yard: Don’t play with fire! You might get burned!

Panel two: The point of view of Scorch the fifth animatronic as it is looking down at the dismantled remains of the other animatronics as they have been left in a pile. His robotic dragon skeleton and dragon costumed body is overlapping with the dismantled animatronic parts

Scorch: My name is Scorch—

Scorch: --And these are my friends…

Panel three: A close-up shot of Scorch’s unmasked horrific animatonric head as his eyes are glowing black and snorting red flames from its nostrils as we can see a gas mechanism churning to cause the flames.


Scorch: YOU! WILL! BURN!

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Five Hours in Segarini's
« on: March 11, 2015, 02:37:26 PM »
Page 13

Panel one: Jughead is more confident as he is working the controls and buttons feverously as he tries to keep the animatronics away from him.

Caption: Hour four

Jughead: Sweet caramel donuts! These things are catching on to my patterns, but I just need to last another hour and—

Panel two: Jughead is pushing the red button and looking at a monitor of the empty dining room as nothing happens.

Jughead: ---and that is not working!

Jughead: That’s not good!

Panel three: Suddenly all the monitors go out leaving Jughead nearly in the dark save for the one screen showing a 58 percent download for his online game.

Jughead: That’s much worse.

Panel four: Jughead begins to panic as he stands up and looks around.

Jughead: I was supposed to have enough power to last! I didn’t do anything but shift the monitors, blink the lights, play a horrible tune and—

Panel five: Jughead looks down at the still on monitor as it is now 60 percent complete as he realizes that he forgot about the downloading game and it draining all the power leaving him defenseless.

Jughead: Oh…

Jughead: So this is what it feels like to be in a horror movie and being that character that makes that one fatal mistake.

Page 14

Panel one: Jughead turns his head to the door as he hears the animatronics approaching.

Hiya hypo behind door: Gimme a  hug!

Panel two: Jughead turns his head to his left and to his right.

Jughead head at left: I do not want to be hugged by that hypo!

Jughead head at right: No windows! No other doors! No portal gun!

Panel three: Jughead is grinding his temples with both knuckles as he grits his teeth and strains to think of a way out of

Jughead: You’ve eluded Ethel! You’ve dealt with Trula Twyst! You’ve avoided chores two months going! This should not be that difficult!


Panel four: Jughead has a lightbulb holding a wooden sign with a painted on red arrow pointing up as Jughead looks up at the lightbulb.

Jughead: Eh?

Panel five: A low angle shot of Jughead looking up a the ventilation to see a grating he can climb in.

Jughead: Simple. Cliched. Not fancy. But effective.

Page 15 + 16 ( To be held horizontal. The first two panels take up 3//4 and panels 3-6 take up the rest and are lined up vertically. So the reader has to turn the page like the old Nick Fury comics)

Panel one: Rocky smashes through the door with the rest of the animatronics breaking through the door frame and wall as their eyes are glowing bright red. Beaks is punching a hole in the wall while Fluffball slashes his way into the manager room. Hiya simply uses her belly to break the wall in.

Rocky: Hi.

Rocky: Let’s Play.

Panel two: The animatronics look around and begin to smash various items in the room room. Beaks is punching each monitor while Fluffball is scratching at the wall. Hiya is stomping the chair in. Rocky Raccoon has his foot on the grate is looking up at the opening in the ventilation.

Panel three: Jughead is sitting in the ventilation shaft as he closes his dead cellphone as frowns and shakes his head in irritation.

Jughead: Sure. Run out of power. It’s the popular trend for the night.

Panel four: Jughead relaxes and puts his arms behind his back and crosses his legs as he begins to relax.

Jughead: Aw, forget it. I’m safe up here. I’ll just wait them out. Get a little shut eye in even.

Panel five: Beaks fist crashes through the ventilation shaft just to the left of Jughead as Jughead reacts in alarm.


Beaks: No punching!

Panel six; Jughead begins crawling away frantically as more of the animatronics’ arms and claws are smashing through the shaft.

Jughead: Then again, running for my life is fun and dandy, too!!

Page 17

Panel one: Hiya is walking around the play area as we can see in the ballpit Jughead’s hat.

Panel two: Hiya turns her head to the ball pit and sees Jughead’s hat and zones in on it.

Panel three: Hiya extends her arms like she is looking for a hug as she jumps towards the ball pit, leaving several small dents and cracks in the floor as she does.


Panel four: Hiya bellyflops into the ball pit causing the entire pit to collapse.



Panel five: Hiya is looking at the demolished pit and is kicking through the colored plastic balls as she continues to search for Jughead. In the background, Jughead, having used his hat to distract Hiya, is sneaking past her on his tip toes.

Jughead thinking: I’ll never be able to play my favorite board game without having panic attacks after this!

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Five Hours in Segarini's
« on: March 10, 2015, 08:07:42 PM »
Thanks for reading. And I'm guessing you've never played Five Nights at Freddy's. :)

Page 6

Panel one: Segarini is motioning towards Segarini’s as he tries to sell Jughead on helping him.

Segarini: ---Anyway, I’ll be out of town, and I would like you to look after the place for just five hours tonight. The electricity isn’t all wired in and we have limited light by a generator…

Segarini: …But there’s a high tech security system with monitors so all you need to do is sit in one spot and watch. It’ll be like TV.

Panel two: Jughead waves the idea off.

Jughead: I’m not a fan of reality TV.

Panel three: Jughead begins to walk away nonchalantly as Segarini smirks as he comes up with a perfect trick.

Jughead: Besides, sleeping is my second favorite pastime. And doing it at night is where no one gives me grief for it.

Panel four: Jughead’s eyes open up in delight as he licks his lips in anticipation. Behind him Segarini clasps his palms and grins as he knows he’s got Jughead hooked, line and sinker. The animatronics are looking staring blankly at Jughead.

Segarini: What if I threw in a few combo pizzas, fries, and free drinks?

Page 7

Panel one: A large panel of Jughead in the manager’s room as he is staring up at the five monitors. One monitor is showing a narrow hallway where Rocky Raccoon is standing near the restrooms, monitor two is showing the kitchen, monitor three is showing the meal room where Beaks and Fluffball are standing, the fourth camera is showing a plastic ball pit, and the fifth monitor is showing Hiya Hypo at a gift stand where various shirts and toys of the five animatronics are located. There is a sixth monitor but connected to the internet as Jughead is downloading a game and is only 10% complete. A special keyboard with a dial and a giant red button is connected to the monitors. The door to the manager room is closed. On the wall is a dart board with a picture of Pop Tate with several darts in it. On the wall next to the door frames are various restaurant certificates and awards for second place. Over Jughead’s head is a ventilation system with a grate opening. Jughead has already eaten five whole pizzas and discarded the boxes on the floor and is drinking a two-liter soda with a Rocky Raccoon straw as he looks on. Next to him on his desk to his right are four more piping hot boxes of pizza.

Jughead: I think this will go down as the best decision I ever made in my life.

Caption: Hour one.

Page 8

Panel one: Jughead lets out a yawn as he turns his chair towards the downloading computer game as it is at 11 percent.

Jughead: Easiest thing I’ve ever done. Also the most boring.

Jughead: But once this game downloads, I’ll play that for five minutes and then take a quick snooze.

Panel two: Jughead looks up and notices that Rocky Raccoon is missing from his spot.

Jughead: …Wait a second, where’d that rascally raccoon go?

Panel three: Jughead turns the dial on the keyboard as he switches the cameras to the monitors as the images shift to the monitor Jughead is directly looking at.

Jughead: Segarini didn’t say his robot cartoon buddies would be left on.

Panel four: Jughead stops at the image of the ball pit as nothing seems to be there.

Jughead: …

Panel five: Suddenly Rock Raccoon’s face jumps in front of the camera with glowing red eyes as Jughead nearly leaps out of his chair.

Rocky Raccoon: Hi! Let’s Play!

Jughead: AHHHH

Page 9

Panel one: Jughead is reaching into his pocket with one hand for his ringing cellphone as he is clutching his heart a he slouches in his chair.

Jughead: Okay, if I didn’t know that that was just a cute, cuddly critter, I would think I was in danger…!

Sugar, oh honey, honey…

Panel two: Jughead puts the cellphone to his ear as he tries to calm down.

Jughead: Mello Yello Hello!

Panel three: Jughead pulls the phone away from his ear and clenches his teeth in fear.

Phone: Jug! It’s me! Dilton! The animatronics are dangerous!

Panel four: Jughead looks up at the monitors to see that all the animatronics are moving, Hiya has left the gift shop, Rocky is now in the gift stand, and Beaks and Fluffball are in the hall with their heads tilted towards the camera.

Dilton: Their software has malfunctioned! They believe anyone not a Segarini employee is a threat!

Jughead: …I’m guessing temps don’t count, huh?

Page 10

Panel one: Jughead is flipping through the monitors as he tries to keep track of the various animatronics as they are on the move. Jughead has his cellphone held at his ear by his shoulder blade.

Jughead: Um, Dilton…if they find me, what are they going do to me?

Panel two: Jughead calms down in reply to what Dilton is saying.

Cellphone: They’ll stuff you inside of a spare costume.

Jughead: That’s not so bad.

Panel three: Jughead talks with Dilton as his smile fades.

Cellphone: You know how you put your pants on one leg at a time?

Cellphone: They’ll put you in one separate body part at a time.

Panel four: Jughead goes back to the monitors as Rocky is in the dining room, Beaks is in climbing the ballpit, Hiya is in the hall roaring, and Fluffball is growling directly into the camera for the kitchen.

Jughead: You shouldn’t be even allowed to make a sandwich!

Cellphone: Jughead, listen! In front of you on your control panel is a red button, that turns on music and the lights in one room. Dial to that room. That will attract the animatronics.

Panel five: Jughead does that four the gift room as Rocky Raccoon joins Fluffball as both animatronics just shrug at one another in confusion.

Monitor: …segarini’s which is fun for the bambinis!....

Jughead: Okay! It’s working!

Cellphone: Good! The security system and audio are both on a generator currently, but all you need to do is last five more hours and the time lapse failsafe will automatically trigger and cause a manual shutdown.

Page 11

Panel one: Jughead is feverously working the dial and red button, shifting from camera to camera to try and keep the animatronics away from him. Jughead is taking a sip through of his drink though the left portion of his lips.

Jughead: In layman’s term, keep the crazy robots away from you for five hours until their shut off.

Cellphone: Precisely.

Panel two: Jughead lowers his head towards the pizza as he grabs a piece in his mouth as he has to really stretch his neck.

Jughead: I appreciate the head’s up and help, Dilt, but, um—could you maybe call the police? I have my hands full…!

Panel three: Jughead is startled and drops the pizza and nearly spills his drink.


Panel four: Jughead looks sadly at the pizza that fell to the ground as he talks on the cellphone.

Jughead: Veronica?! Is that you?

Panel five: A shot of Dilton in his basement laboratory as he is barely dodging a pillar of fire coming from an unknown source off-panel. His lab has been severely burnt and various small robots are hiding under fallen debris and taking cover. Dilton is blowing his cellphone out as the top has caught fire.

Dilton: Jug, I’d like to help—but I got problems of my own!!

Page 12

Panel one: Jughead defiantly looks up at the monitors as all the animatronics are in a different location and looking up at the camera with as they all are given off their programmed line. Beaks is in the ball pit, Rocky Raccoon is in the kitchen, Fluffball is in the dining room and Hiya is in the hall.

Beaks: No punching!

Fluffball: You’re perrrrfect!

Hiya: Gimme a hug!

Rocky Raccoon: Hi. Let’s Play!

Panel two: Jughead cracks his knuckles as the sneers up at the monitors.


Panel three: Jughead pressed the red button and the dining room lights up as the animatronics begin to move to the sound and light.


Jughead: I now get those “warning not meant for kids six and under” labels on toy boxes.

What grocery store? They got rid of the Archie comics in my neighborhood that sold in the candy store near me.

Wal-Mart. So that gives me my local Ingles and K-Mart and Wally World. :)

But I would trade all three for a candy store. :)

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