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Fan Fiction / The Trial of Jughead Jones
« on: Today at 02:21:03 AM »
Page 1

Panel one: A shot from over the shoulder of a silhouette of a teenage girl talking on a cell phone, peeking from behind a building as she is watching Jughead simultaneously bend down, walk, stuffing small candy wrappers into his pocket with one hand, and using the other to eat bits of small snack sized wrapped candy left as a trail on the sidewalk as various people look on awkwardly as Jughead continues onward without hesitation. A cat and a dog both turn their heads in confusion as they are puzzled by Jughead. On the wall where the girl is spying on Jugheadt is a poster showing Samm wearing doctor gear with the headline: SAMMCARE because Samm Cares!

Teenage Girl: Greta to Mother Goose, Greta to Mother Goose. Hansel is following the trail to the gingerbread house. ETA one minute.

Panel two: Jughead continues to bend down and scoop up candy to eat as he is now getting off the sidewalk and leading to the parking lot the closed Pickens movie theater as he does not notice several teenage girls peeking from behind fences, inside garbage cans, and even a storm drain as he continues on his merry way. Jugheadís right pocket is stuffed with candy wrappers. On the pavement, children are drawing Super Duck in chalk as one kid models for the other two.

Jughead: Sans Willy Wonka obviously having a hole in his pocket, I canít help but feel that something isnít right.

Jughead: Like an evil presence is lurking aboutÖ

Panel three: Jughead is going inside of the theaterís open doors as he continues to follow the trail of candy like a blood hound not noticing a teenage girl peeking from the ticket booth. Next to the ticket booth are two posters. One poster is showing The Shield holding up three fingers as he stands over a defeated villain with the headline: SHIELD THREE: YIELD TO THE SHIELD and another poster has Cosmo, a fairy tale princess, a cowboy, and a luchadore in COSMO THE MERRY MARTAINíS HAPPY FUN ADVENTURE. A sign on the theater shows the title of the story as PICKENS THEATER PRESENTS: THE TRIAL OF JUGHEAD JONES with several of the black letters tilted and about to fall off the sign.

Jughead: Eh, whatís the worse that can happen?

Page 2

Jughead is inside of the lobby with the only light coming from the open theater doors as he salivates at a small pile of snack sized candy that ends the trail of munch he has been following.

Jughead: Alright! Free candy and I donít have to walk anymore!

Panel two: Jughead has a double mouth full of the candy in his mouth, with his cheeks puffed up and his mouth covered in chocolate, as he notices several stretching shadows overlapping him coming from just behind him.

Jughead: erp. Ulrrp.

Jughead: Those are ominous shadows. Ominous shadows are never good for the hero of the story.

Panel two: Jughead turns to see five members of the U.G.A.J. walking into the movie theater behind him as he uses his shirt sleeve to wipe his mouth as turns his body to prepare to run for his life. One is the girl spying on him from the first page the rest are from outside spying with traces of their hiding places still on them.

Jughead: Yikes! Itís that annoying coven! The U.G.A.J.!

Caption: United Girls Against Jughead for all you fans of acronyms.

Panel three: Jughead turns and prepares to run as he is stopped in midstep as four more members of the U.G.A.J. are right in front of him, two of the females are holding rope and the tallest is cracking her knuckles as she gives Jughead the evil eye. Another has a chair with wheels prepared to place Jughead in.

Jughead: I have this sinking feeling that I might have fallen into a trap.

Tallest U.G.A.J/Diana.: Kersplat.

Panel four: Jughead is backing off as the U.G.A.J. members surround him as Jughead has his palms thrust forward as he feigns a smile and tries to calm the situation down. The two members of the U.G.A.J. begin stretching to their rope out as they prepare to tie Jughead up while the one with the chair is slapping the seat to show where Jughead will be going in a few seconds.

Jughead: Okay, okay, I want you all to take a deep breath, think about your favorite boy band and calm down to where youíre only as crazy as the typical teenage girl!

Panel five: In a smoke cloud the U.G.A.J. pounce on Jughead as they attempted to subdue him. We can see various Jugheads trying to escape but being pulled back into the smoke cloud, a U.G.A.J. member twirling the rope like a lasso, a teddy bear, a club sandwich, and a comic book being flung from the smoke cloud and one member of the U.G.A.J. sticking her head out and looking confused as she notices she has Jugheadís hat on somehow during the skirmish.





Page 3

Panel one: Jughead is tied up and wheeled into one the movie theater rooms. Sitting on one side is twelve U.G.A.J. members (the jury) as they give death glares at Jughead. On the other side twenty members sit as they hold up various anti-Jughead signs. In front of Jughead is a table and to his side is another table only with a U.G.A.J member wearing a suit, skirt, glasses, blond hair, and cold, harsh blue eyes as she looks at Jughead with utter disdain (Her name is Cynthia). At her table are five extremely filled to the brink of exploding folders each labeled  Evidence A-G, H-M, O-P, Q-U, and V-#2,231. In front of the two tables is a podium for a judge with a pink My Puny Pony gravel. Next to the podium is a makeshift stand with a chair place for the witnesses. Jughead is thrashing about in the chair as he tries to escape as Diana struggles to push him along. A U.G.A.J. member is walking on panel as she is putting on a police hat and unfolding a long list. Behind the courtroom set up is a movie screen that, save for a few tears, is still in working condition. 

Jughead: You do know there are laws against this sort of thing, right?

Diana: Shut up. Weíre the judge, jury, and executioners, spout nose.

Panel two: Jughead twists his head in confusion as he looks back at Diana A U.G.A.J. member with brown hair and wearing a judge robe is walking up to Jughead along with the one dressed as a bailiff with her list completely unfolded as she stands by the judge.

Jughead: What are you talking about?

Judge: Please read the defendant his crimes, bailiff.

Panel three: The Bailiff reads Jughead his crimes as Jughead glares at them in disgust.

U.G.A.J. bailiff: You, Forsythe Pendleton Jones the 3rd-best known as Jughead-- are charged with being a brute, being rude to all females, never opening the door for a lady, constantly being a bad example to all of our boyfriends, never dating, never saying nice things about our hair, eating with your mouth open in our prescence, and once using a fashion magazine to swat a fly.

Judge: How do you plead?

Jughead: Something like this:

Panel four: Jughead is thrashing in his chair as two members of the U.G.A.J. hold his arms and chest and two hold his thrashing legs as he tilts his head and screams at the top of his lungs. Diana is drawing her hand back, reading to smack Jughead across the back of his head. The prosecuting U.G.A.J. member (Cynthia) shakes her head at Jugheadís display with abhorrence as she looks over her notes.


Page 4

Panel one: Diana slaps Jughead across the back of his head to calm him down. Jugheadís eyes bulge and his hat nearly flies off his head and a thought balloon showing a calendar with a day marked as his fatherís birthday is cracked in two to show that she hit him so hard Jughead canít remember his dadís birthday.

Panel two: Jughead winces as he smart mouths at Diana as several U.G.A.J. members hold Diana back from thrashing Jughead. The Judge is reaching over and banging her gavel on the podium to regain order in the court. Jughead is turning his head to his left and right to try and adjust his hat back in the proper place.

Jughead: Ow! You nasty amazon ruffian! You nearly broke my skull!

Diana: Iíll break your neck!


Judge: Thatís enough! All of you!

Panel three: Jughead is nonchalantly looking at the Judge as she stands beside the podium with the bailiff to her side, whom is enjoying her new hat as she shows it off to the U.G.A.J. jury.

Jughead: Okay, back to reality, strange as it is, what exactly are you me-man woman haters hope to accomplish with this?

Panel four: The Judge points the gavel at Jughead as Jughead sinks into the chair as far back as he goes.

Judge: You were read your charges. Youíre on trial for your crimes against the female gender.

Jughead: Um, hate to ask, but when your kangaroo court hops on the guilty verdictÖ?

Panel five: The Judge motions to the theater screen as a romantic comedy begins to play on the big screen. Jughead is in revulsion at the thought of having to put up with the U.G.A.J.

The Judge: Youíll go on a date with each and every member of the U.G.A.J. organization one after the other, where you will watch our favorite movies and listen to us as we tell you about our day and gossip, and--

Jughead: A fate worse than death.

Page 5

Panel one: Cynthia glares over at Jughead as he motions for Diana to untie him so that he can defend himself. Dianaís only response is to fold her arms across her chest and sneer at Jughead. The Judge waves Jugheadís demand off.

Jughead: Fine. If I gotta go through with this farce, at least untie me so I can play along.

Judge: Hah!

Judge: Your defense would be trying to run away!

Panel two: Jughead shrugs his shoulders as he doesnít argue. All the U.G.A.J. members smile wickedly as the Judge and bailiff smirk at each other.

Judge: This court has appointed your defense.

Panel three: A shot over Jugheadís shoulder as he begins to turn to the female silhouette walking up to him carrying two books and folders underneath her right arm.

Female silhouette: My, my, the long arm of the law with its fashionable star and sparkle fingernails finally caught up to you, Juggers?

Panel four: Jughead turns his head as he is absolutely horrified to find that his defense attorney is Trula Twyst who smiles at Jughead as she finds his predicament amusing. In the background all the U.G.A.J. members are chuckling to themselves

Jughead: TRULA TWYST!?

Jughead: My archenemy! The bane of my existence! My most vile nemesis! Scourge! Fiend!

Panel five: Trula is setting her books (one titled Knowing the Jury and the other Courtroom psychology) and folders on the table as she calmly organizes as Jughead is suddenly equally as calm as he mildly states his dislike of defense attorney. The Bailiff shrugs her shoulders in a ďwell, what can you doĒ motion. The Judge is at the podium and preparing to begin court as she strikes the podium with her gavel.

Jughead: What Iím trying to say is I donít believe this is all that fair.

Judge: Sorry, but Life vs. Fairness isnít on the docket.

Well, Betty and Veronica 273 does have a rare cover appearance by Toni Topaz so that clearly puts it as the front runner... :)

But seriously, I'd think Afterlife with Archie issue one is the most valuable right now. Especially if the series keeps going strong. 

All About Archie / Re: Here's Something To Ponder....
« on: July 27, 2014, 07:27:42 AM »
In Hypothetical Land, you do as you're told! :)


1 Yes. I really like the vault sections. Just fun seeing the different style of art and the dialect of the era.
2. Archie's Funhouse. It's a great mix of art, I like that we are getting full issue story arcs (The World Trip and currently the Comic Con Caper) and it's a nice mix of characters getting the spotlight. Jughead and Archie would be second.
3. Can't argue with 1000 pages, but I haven't bought any.
4. I like it. With new stories in the digest you can't really argue about a price increase and it's been a long time since a new Jughead story has been available for me to purchase.
5. Yes. Who doesn't watch horror movies in October or Christmas movies in December? It would be a fun idea if each digest had a new holiday theme story that is connected with the others, but can stand alone.
(Like a background event in one story is a major feature in another or characters crossing over).

And thanks for putting the history of the digest together. Amazing work. Really appreciate the time and effort.

All About Archie / Re: Summer stories vs Winter stories
« on: July 24, 2014, 07:34:00 PM »
That would be a Christmas in July story. :)

All About Archie / Re: Summer stories vs Winter stories
« on: July 24, 2014, 03:06:08 PM »
A good snowball would wreck any good sandcastle in a fair fight. :)

All About Archie / Re: Summer stories vs Winter stories
« on: July 23, 2014, 07:47:10 PM »
Winter. You get the Christmas stories, you have snow and ice for snow fights, ice sculpting, ect, you have New Years.

General Discussion / PTF Reviews a DVD
« on: July 23, 2014, 03:57:10 PM »
Taking a break from writing a fan fiction and decided to do a DVD review because I have relatives over and if I keep typing I might not be talked to. And if enough people like it, I might do a DVD once a week for fun (be warned most movies will be from pawn shops or the five dollar bin at my local Wal-Mart)  And the movie we are reviewing, because I had nine extra bucks ( mainly because Jughead and Archie still hasnít come in and to heck with it at this point!!!) And that DVD isÖ.

Yu-gi-oh! Bonds Beyond Time

First it was card games for ancient Egyptian power, and then it was a school for card games, and in the future to comeóCARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!

Plot: The three protagonists of the first few series of the Yu-gi-oh anime unite as they face an opponent, the time traveling Paradox, bent on erasing the duel monster card game from history to save his time line from ruin, even if that means everyone who ever existed has to be annihilated in the process.
After stealing the prize card of Yusei Fudo, The Stardust Dragon, and swiping the best cards from Jadenís classmates and friends, Paradox now has the best deck of card throughout history as he prepares to eliminate the creator of Duel Monsters, Maximillion Pegaus. Now itís the three best duelists in three times vs. the best deck of cards gathered throughout time in an epic showdown.

The Good.

Crossovers: Iím a sucker for them. Thereís always something about seeing your favorite characters interact with another set of characters as they face a common problem that just draws you into the story. And it helps that the movie does a great job of portraying each character and giving them equal time and importance in the movie (Honestly, I figured Yugi was going to dominate). You have Yusei Fudo, brooding duel riding duelist from the future who canít leave his fatherís involvement in a great disaster behind him; Jaden, the hyperactive Slifer Slacker who is always ampted; and Yugi, the cool collected avatar for an ancient pharaoh. Theyíre interactions are pretty fun: One scene has Jaden going all hyper, Yugi acting like a pro and giving him words of encouragement while Yusei monologues as he still worries about the threat. Another fun scene is when Yusei syncho summons, leaving Yugi confused and Jaden entertained at seeing a new summoning style.

Animation: Really good. A great mix of anime and CGI for the monsters like Stardust and the field spells and several building and city scenes. You do have a few scenes where the main heroes have lines all over their face for some reason, but Iím not going to hold maybe ten seconds against the animation.

Paradox: Iíve always believed that the best villains are the ones who believe in what they are doing and the viewer can kind of see his point. Duel monsters card game ruined his future and he wants to save itóbut doing so would take out countless people. Plus the staff found a creative way to have a guy who hates duel monsters to having a deck: he turns good versions of the cards into evil versions to show how he views the game as evil. And I like his look for the most part.

Continuity: I think it does a good job of bridging the series. Paradox was seen very briefly in the 5ds series (Iíd go into detail, but 4Kids skipping the plot point makes it mute) and you have Jaden traveling the world with the spirits of Banner as his guide and Yubel, his protective duel spirit encouraging him to Yugiís time where Pegasus has turned over a new leaf and is enjoying his fans. Heck, the Dark Magician and Dark Magician girl get to talk like they did in the end of the first series. If youíre a fan of the series, youíll really enjoy the continuity and the thought put into it.

The run time: In a time where everything seems to be stretched out to the point I want to punch someoneónormally Bendis or Bay depending on the mediaóthe movie has a plot, gets to it, and thatís that. The run time is around 50 minutes but it feels much longer in a good way and I appreciate that.

The end credits: I just like how it ends with the three Yu-gi-oh series theme songs up to that point. Yeah, I know some people hate the American theme songs, but itís still a nice homage.

Flashback: A bonus feature that goes over the history of the series and gives insight into the personality and style of each hero. So if youíre coming in new to the Yu-gi series this will be a great way to get the gist of it.  Itís nine minutes long so it wonít take up too much time to view.

The original film: The original Japanese version with subtitles is also included for the fans who just like watching animes like that.

The Bad.

Characters missing: You get to see all of the 5ds supporting cast (and most of the characters who were in the series in one scene), but you donít see Jadenís friends or Yugiís supporting cast save for his grandfather. I can see that the Yugi supporting cast wasnít needed to the plot, but you did have Paradox stealing the majority of his cards from Jadenís friends, so they could have made an appearance.

Yubel: 4Kids is dead and 4Media is now and they did not give this the over edit like normal. And if a kid is being observantÖyouíre have to deal with questions about Yubel like what he/she is if you catch my drift.

No Seto Kaiba and not nearly enough Jack Atlas. Especially not enough Jack Atlas.

The run time: And the problem with a short run time is that a lot of will see fifty minutes and go ďNot worth it.Ē And I think the movie could have done with ten more minutes honestly.

Card games save the world: Itís an anime to sell a card game. If youíre willing to give into the insanity of it all and just enjoy it, you will be miserable.

What Iíve learned

1.   Card games will be the end of the world
2.   Yu-gi-oh has a lot of dragons. A LOT OF DRAGONS!
3.   Time travel is no match for the power of friendshipóor magic dragons.
4.   Yusei and Superman have a very similar origin.
5.   Jaden has 3D eyes. And they are awesome.
6.   Itís not cheating if an ancient Egyptian pharaoh spirit duels for you.
7.   Making something evil doesnít make it better.
8.   If youíre a bad guy, donít fight all the heroes at once.
9.   So thatís what Yu-gi-oh female characters look like without edits. Huh.
10.   Jack Atlas is awesome.

Overall: We all have guilty pleasure and if something is so out there like playing card games for the fate of the worldÖyou have a chance to win me over.

 Just like if youíre a TMNT fan and you loved Turtles Forever, if youíre a fan of Yu-gi-oh then you will love this movie. Itís what it is: three of the series protagonists meeting to take out mutual threat. Most of the English voice cast returned. (Yubel and Grandpa Muto where the only ones with new voice actors and even then itís not really noticeable). The animation is tight, the story flows at a rapid pace while telling a the story and giving room for fun interactions. And price at Wal-Mart was only nine bucks.

If youíre a fan of the Yu-gi-oh series itís an A to everyone else a B.

Buy Archie comics without Barry Grossman's colors? What madness is this?

All About Archie / Re: Afterlife With Archie (the spoiler thread)
« on: July 18, 2014, 01:52:05 PM »
Yeah, but do we really have to riot if Kevin dies? Seems like a lot of trouble, and the guy already got saved from death once...I mean we have to be fair, don't we? :)

Sounds good. Honestly, I've never been a fan of Amy Rose, but this sounds like it could be the best version of the character.

All About Archie / Re: Wait... WHAT??!
« on: July 16, 2014, 03:44:47 PM »
It's kind of weird how alternate versions of comic characters are getting big media hype for their deaths. But I guess a story is a story. :)

All About Archie / Re: Pitch your Archie comic and story ideas!
« on: July 15, 2014, 11:34:14 PM »
How about a story where Midge gets Moose self help DVDs to control his anger and with Moose less punching people, Midge finds herself having to deal with teenage boys constantly bugging her:
phone keeps ringing, tweets constantly about going on a date, getting in trouble in school because of note passing, and even losing sleep as teens are throwing rocks at her window and serenading her horribly at night.
End can be Moose finally snapping and Midge appreciating Moose even more. 

All About Archie / Re: Character ages
« on: July 15, 2014, 11:14:08 PM »
I'm thinking mid twenties.

News and New Releases / Re: ARCHIE COMICS FOR SEPTEMBER 2014
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:11:41 PM »
Well, for 666 they could do a Friday the 13th story.

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