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Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Who is Waiting
« on: Today at 03:11:22 PM »
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.:)  I didn't want to give too much away with the two alternate universe stories and thought it would be great to do a story you think is going one way and takes a sharp turn another.

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Who is Waiting
« on: July 25, 2015, 11:23:58 AM »

Page 7

Panel one: Archie is approaching the Chocklit Shoppe as he has a thought balloon of Jughead over his head. Jughead has a hot dog in his right hand, a hamburger in his left, and a small bag of chips in his mouth as he is overjoyed with this food.

Archie: That leaves Jughead!

Panel two: Archie’s imagination again as Archie I walking inside as the Chocklit Shoppe is now empty in this version save for a frantic Jughead running towards Archie.

Jughead: Archie! It’s a catastrophe! Oh woe be to the hungry masses! The time of doom is right before lunch!

Panel three: Archie tries to calm the panicking Jughead down as Archie looks around to see the chairs are on the table and no one is inside of the Chocklit Shoppe save for them.

Archie: Jughead, calm down! What’s wrong and where is everyone? I’ve never seen the Ol’ Shoppe this empty!

Panel four: Jughead begins to wave his arms around like a madman as Archie looks past him to see a closed sign at the counter and Pop Tate not there as the lights suddenly begin to go out.

Jughead: That’s just it! Pop Tate is in the tropics, and I’ve got a major craving for a Big Pop Double Decker! Help me jury rig the flat top!

Archie: Huh?

Panel five: A close-up on Archie’s startled face. The thought balloon over Archie’s pops as it brings him back to reality.

Archie: Come again?

Page 8

Panel one: Archie is walking up to the Chocklit Shoppe as it is closed. The door has a sign reading: On vacation, be back this weekend –Pop Tate. P.S. But still don’t eat at Segarini’s. His pizza is gummy. In the background two police officers are hauling the annoying clown away to give the reader an indication to the mood shift in the story.

Archie: Oh, I forgot! Pop Tate took a two week vacation to visit a few of his relatives!

Panel two: Archie looks inside of the darkened building to see a figure inside motioning for him to enter. The silhouette is at the counter and is placing straws on the counter with his free hand. He has a small frame, a beard, and is wearing glasses and a cap on his balding head.

Archie: But that apparently hasn’t stopped someone from making themselves at home…

Archie: …And it sure doesn’t look like Jughead!

Panel three: Archie pulls the door open as he enters.

Archie: --So who is waiting for me?

Page 9

Panel one: Sitting at the counter of the Chocklit Shoppe is The Archie Marries Veronica-verse Dilton as he has laid out various straws along the counter and added two more straws to each straw that continues to the end of the counter

V Dilton: I am Dilton Doiley, but not of your universe. I come from an alternate universe in one of the different nine dimensions.

V. Dilton: A cataclysm beyond scope is approaching, and I will need your assistance. The multiverse and all sentient life therein is at stake!

Panel two: Archie stares blankly at V-Dilton as he tries to explain the situation better.

V Dilton: I know that this is much to take in, and I am asking for a leap into the unknown and immeasurable trust, but I can explain in greater detail once—

Archie: …

Panel three: Archie smiles and begins to turn his head to his left and right as V Dilton looks on in confusion.

Archie: Okay! This is a good gag! You almost got me believing it, Reg! Jug, Betty, Ronnie, you train this guy? He’s really, really good!

Archie: Come on out!

Panel four: V Dilton tries not to laugh as Archie begins to look under a table to find someone playing a joke on him.

Archie: Olly-olly oxen fee!

V Dilton: Ahem.

V Dilton: I had forgotten how…capricious we were as teenagers.

Page 10

Panel one: The entire building begins to shake as the walls begin to crack, the floor cracks and various chairs and tables are tossed aside. V Dilton and Archie lose their balance and fall to the floor. Archie does a triple somersault as a chair is caught between his legs.


Archie: Whoa! An earthquake?!

V Dilton: …No.

V Dilton: It’s happening now?! I thought I had more time--!

Panel two: Dilton reaches out for Archie as Archie rushes to the door to leave the Chocklit Shoppe and check outside. Archie kicks the chair out from under him as he nearly falls forward.

Dilton: Archie! We don’t have time! We need to leave!  NOW!

Archie: I don’t know who you are, but I have friends and family and people might be hurt! I have to—

Panel three: Archie stops at the door frame as something he sees outside scares him

Archie: --help?...

Panel four: From Archie’s point of view as Riverdale begins to disappear leaving nothing but white empty space. This includes fleeing people, cars, and buildings.

Page 11

Panel one: Prof Dilton is behind Archie as the whiteness begins to close in on them. Dilton places a hand on Archie’s shoulder as reaches into his pocket.

Archie: Okay…let’s say I believe you—

Archie: What do we do about this?!

Panel two: Same as the other panel only with the whiteness enclosing even closer on them as Dilton has pulled out a small remote and presses a button as a blue energy encloses around him and Archie. Archie is lifting his right foot up to avoid the whiteness touching him

Dilton: The only thing we can do.

Panel three: The whiteness is all that is left as Archie and Dilton are teleported away leaving only a small ball of energy to show them just leaving.

Panel four: Prof. Dilton and Archie are teleported into a small high tech space ship. Dilton is walking towards the bridge of the ship to take the controls. On the bridge is a AI hologram of a clock shaped smiley face holding up a sign reading: TIME TO GO!! Near the back of the ship are several monitors to the left and right; each side has three monitors. The right side has Red Andrews from the Explorers of the Unknown, Ace Andrews, The Road Racer, and Weird Mystery. Red Andrews is holding up the diamond turtle shell from “Turtle World”, Road Racer is punching the leader of the Mud Flap’s, from “Invictus” and Weird Mystery Archie is battling a potato alien. On the left side monitors: Pureheart is flying in the air as he waves hello to Captain Hero and  Super Teen An Afterlife Archie (this version wears a trenchcoat with a baseball bat strapped to his back) is fighting off a zombified Hiram Lodge as a Lodge Chemical plant and Archie 1 (with a sloped brow) is happily riding an exhausted triceratops. Out the bridge window we see Earth is beginning to become engulfed in the whiteness/emptiness.

Dilton: We leave. Immediately.

Archie: What is this--? Where are we--?

Archie: …And why am I on all of these screens?

Dilton: I’ll explain everything once I sure that we are out of harm's way.

Page 12

Panel one: The outside of the ship in space with earth in the background as the whitness that has erased Riverdale has erased the earth and is spreading every where else in the universe. The panel should only show the right of the ship.

Archie in space ship: Um, where exactly is that?

Panel two: At the tip of the ship as ray gun begins to open a wormhole for the ship to enter as the whiteness is fast approaching as now half of the panel is completely blank.

Dilton in ship: Another universe.

Panel three: The ship begins to light speed into the wormhole as the whitness is right upon them. Now the left side of the ship is on the left as the words: Pride of Walvis Bay is on the side.

Archie in ship: Um…”Dilton”?

V Dilton: Yes, Archie?

Archie: This is not how I thought my afternoon would go.

Panel four: The wormhole closes as the universe is completely empty and white.

Caption: This is not how I expected my afternoon to go!

Because it’s all the rage—UNIVERSES AT PERIL IN TWO WEEKS!!!

All About Archie / Re: Does Jeff Shultz really exist?
« on: July 24, 2015, 02:18:37 AM »
Wow congratulations. I've always liked Jeff Shultz art and you got Whitmore on colors which is super. And that's quite the resume you have. Hope the best for you and everyone involved. :)

Fan Fiction / Archie in Who is Waiting
« on: July 22, 2015, 09:40:17 AM »
Page one

Panel one: The setting is the interior of the Andrews home as Vegas is barking at the front door as a note has been placed under the door. Archie turns his head to notice the letter and stops just before he’s about to walk into a skate with a banana peel over it. Sitting on the couch is Fred Andrews as he sips a small cup of coffee as he reads The Riverdale Gazette. On the front page is a picture of a clown with the headline reading: ANNOYING CLOWN ON THE LOOSE!!

Vegas: Yarf bark!

Archie: Huh?

Archie: A note?

Panel two: Archie begins pick up the note as Vegas decides it’s a good idea to get rid of the skate with the banana over it as he uses his nose to push it along. Outside of the house, the clown from the newspaper is looking inside of the Riverdale House through a window as he waves hello with a rubber chicken.

Archie: I wonder who it’s from and why couldn’t they have just texted me?

Panel three: Archie looks down at the letter as it reads: MEET ME AT THE CHOCKLIT SHOPPE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Panel four: Archie looks at the note with one hand and scratches his head in confusion as he studies the page.

Archie: Oh. It’d be less ominous.

Page 2

Panel one: Archie examines the letter as his nose is literally touching it.

Archie: Weird. The handwriting looks familiar, but I can’t sniff out whose it is.

Panel two: Archie begins to turn the letter over to see the back.

Archie: Looks like there’s something on the back too.

Panel three: Archie looks over at the back to see it has the following:
An equation (AmB +AmV)-A =0
Various 9s scribbled around the page with half of them marked over with an X
Several diagrams of circles and lines connecting them.
A’s with the infinity symbol next to them.
The phrase: there should only be one oF hiM

Panel three: Archie dismisses it nonchalantly as he shoves the note into his pocket.

Archie: Eh, just jibberish with a dash of jabber.

Panel four: Archie shoves the note into his pocket as he walks out the door.

Archie: But my curiosity is piqued. And it won’t kill me to stretch my legs. And it could really be important.

Page 4

Panel one: Archie is walking along a sidewalk as he has his head up and is thinking. Following him is the clown on a unicycle.

Archie: And it gives me time to try and think who wrote the note.

Panel two: Archie has a thought balloon of Reggie over his head sneering at him.

Archie: Could be Reggie.

Panel three: A panel of Archie’s thought as Archie is walking into the Chocklit Shoppe and a bucket of water placed above the door frame is about to fall right on his head as Reggie points and laughs from inside.

Archie: Hmph. Maybe I’ll just go back home!

Panel four: Archie is startled when he hears a voice to

Moose off-panel: Duh, you get back here, ya sneak!

Panel five: Reggie is running past Archie as Moose is chasing him with both fists raised in the air. The Annoying Clown is making a giant octopus out of several multi-colored balloons as he looks up and laughs.

Moose: You can’t run forever!

Reggie: With the right motivation I bet I can!!

Panel six: Archie continues along nonchalantly as this is just a typical occurrence. The balloon octopus looks like it is attacking the annoying clown.

Archie: Can’t be Reggie. He was too busy filling out his death certificate.

Page 5

Panel one: Archie is walking along the sidewalk as he has a thought balloon of Veronica over his head as he smiles and has hearts for eyes.

Archie: Maybe it was from (sigh) Veronica!

Panel two: Archie’s thought as Archie is meeting Veronica in the Chocklit Shoppe as Archie is wearing a suit, tie, and his hair slicked back and is thinking of himself as overly cool.

Archie: What is it, beloved?

Veronica; Oh, love of my life, father plans on moving away! We’ll never see each other ever again!

Panel three: Still Archie’s imagination as Veronica is holding super suave Archie hand hand in desperation.

Veronica: But I won’t let him! That’s why I’ve bought an island far away! I’ve hired an independent pilot to take us there! Tell me you’ll come! I can’t bear to be without my Archiekins!

Panel four: Still Archie’s imagination as he (with twice as many muscles) and Veronica are in bathing suits and lying on the beach as Veronica has Archie’s head in her lap and he is smiling ear to ear.

Archie: Best decision I ever made!

Panel five: Archie is walking along with a goofy grin as he continues to the main district of Riverdale. Several people move out of Archie’s way and even more people have to move out of the way of the annoying clown who is on a pogo stick and using both hands to play paddle ball and is hitting various people on their heads with the ball and string.

Archie: Best dream I ever had!

Page 6

Panel one: Archie has a thought balloon of Betty over his head as he looks up and smiles.

Archie: Could be Betty. Putting notes under a guy’s door is something cute she would do!

Panel two: Archie’s imagination as he is strolling inside of the Chocklit Shoppe as Betty is rushing towards him.

Betty: Oh, Archie! My parents are moving!

Panel three: Archie is talking as Betty shakes her head.

Archie: So you have a private island we can go to and live the rest of our lives in peace, right?

Betty: No…

Panel four: Betty suddenly puts handcuffs on her and Archie as Archie reacts in alarm.

Betty: But I do have these!!

Archie: Handcuffs??

Panel five: Betty raises her handcuffed fist into the air and strikes a victory pose as Archie is nearly jerked off his feet.

Betty: Now you have to go with me!  We’ll be together forever!

Panel six: Back to reality as Archie shakes his head. The annoying clown is spraying business man in a three piece suit with a giant seltzer bottle.

Archie: Wait. I live next door. I’d know if she was moving.

Archie: …And where would she get the handcuffs?

Fan Fiction / Re: Road Racer: Invictus
« on: July 21, 2015, 02:06:26 AM »
Well, this is based on a six page story...and they didn't even name most of the characters so--eh, why not? And I liked the idea of the story. And with the EotU story, I wanted to make Ace different from

Fan Fiction / Re: Road Racer: Invictus
« on: July 20, 2015, 12:37:20 PM »
Page 14

Panel one: Wheels is looking back at Gears yelling at Kat as he chuckles to himself.

Wheels thinking: Give him time, Gears. He’ll eventually remember he can be happy again.

Panel one: Wheels barely dodges a punch from a Mud Flap as he tilts his body back and quips with a confident smirk.

Wheels: And today’s special is the classic, always in demand--

Panel two: Wheels is uppercutting a Mud Flap knocking him unconscious; several teeth fly from the Mud Flap member’s mouth and one tooth sticks to Wheels fist. Behind Wheels two Mud Flap members attempt to sneak up on Wheels. The two sneaky Mud Flaps don’t notice Tiny knocking back a Mud Flap member as he stalks towards the two.

Wheels: Knuckle sandwich!


Wheels: Schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately after purchase!

Panel three: Wheels is looking proudly at his defeated foe as he plucks the tooth out of his hand. The two Mud Flaps are about to pounce on him.

Wheels: Ow. This is why I like my nice quiet workshop…

Mud Flap to the left whispering: Okay, stay quiet…

Panel four: Tiny lifts up each Mud Flap member with one hand each as he lifts them up and glares at them.

Tiny: You weren’t thinking of clobbering my friend from behind, were you?

Mud Flap member to the right: …Is there an answer we can give that won’t result in pain?

Page 15

Panel one: Through a scope we can see Tiny ramming two Mud Flap members heads together while Wheels is uppercutting another one as Cat and Gears walks towards them. Gears is giving Cat a death glare while Kat whistles innocently.

Tiny: Nope.

Wheels: Guess that takes care of them.

Mud Flap Leader: You guessed wrong.

Panel two: A steel pipe is thrown knocking the plasma gun out of the Mud Flap Leader’s hand as he clutches his injured hand in pain.

Road Racer off-panel: Don’t you even think about it!


Mud Flap Leader: Ahhh!

Panel three: Road Racer jumping upper cuts the Mud Flap Leader knocking him out.

Road Racer: But since I’m such a nice guy, you can dream about it all you want!!


Panel four: Road Racer is stomping the plasma gun as he turns to the other as Tiny begins carrying and dragging several Mud Flap male mud flap members while Gears and Cat each carry one of the female Mud Flap members. Wheels is taking out a cell phone as he prepares to make a call.

Road Racer: Tiny, Cat, Gears, round them up and secure them for The Force to haul off. Wheels make the call.

Wheels: Ahead of you. But what about—

Road Racer: I haven’t forgotten. We have an appointment with a man named…

Page 16

Panel one: Fred Mirth is outside Mirth Corp as he is being besieged by reporters as four members of his security staff are trying to keep the reporters, cameraman, and photographers back. Fred Mirth has a faint smile as his eyes flash angrily as he obviously fuming over the ordeal and is holding back his rage to keep his public persona of a good honest man in tact. In the background is a skyscraper for Mirth Enterprises as it towers over all other buildings in the area. Outside the sun is setting as day begins to turn to night.



Reporter one: Mr. Mirth, can you give us any information on you acquirement of Bradonic Industry? What advances in high tech artillery are upcoming?

Reporter two: Will you comment on reports of a hostile takeover!?



Panel two: Mr. Mirth is at his limo as a female driver/Gears with a familiar blond ponytail and is hiding her face with her hat and free hand is opening the door for Fred Mirth to go inside as he smiles an addresses

Fred Mirth: Ladies and gentleman of the press, confidentiality forbades me from speaking fully on the subject matter, and I apologize that your front page or evening newscast may not be the most interesting….

Panel three: Fred Mirth smiles as he works his charm as the female driver/Gears wearing a black and blue outfit looks down so her face is hidden out of view.

Fred Mirth: …But I assure you there was nothing “hostile” at all. It’s not like I put a gun to someone’s head.  I merely bought a few stocks and I went to the board with an additional offer. The board approved, and that was that.

Panel four: Fred Mirth is slinking into the car as the security staff line up in front of him to block him out of view so he can leave. Fred Mirth snarls at the limo driver who tips her hat and smiles at him.

Fred Mirth: Get me out of here, and take me home. NOW.

Gears/ limo driver: Rightie-o, Mr. Mirth.

Panel five: The limo is pulling onto the road as in a high angle view as they enter a busy highway.

Fred Mirth thinking in the limo: #$%%!!!

Fred Mirth: That Road Racer and his vigilantes have ruined months of planning!!

Page 17

Panel one: Fred Mirth in the limo as he is slinked in his seat and steaming as he has his fists cupped and clenching as hard as possible.

Fred Mirth thinking: The donations, the funding, to make way for my security to be installed and contacting those thugs—all a masterfully woven plan!

Panel two: The limo is driving past the vast Force HQ as it speed along the highway.

Fred Mirth thinking: With those plasma blasters on the street, the city and The Force would have looked to me to supply them with even better high tech.

Fred Mirth: I would have made my money back tenfold! Not to mention named my price for any criminal organization or low life who wanted to stay near the top of the food chain!!

Panel three: Fred Mirth begins to pull at his hair as his face tightens as he looks almost demonic in his rage.

Fred Mirth thinking: But now my weapons are being destroyed and confiscated! Bradonic Industries has become and waste of my time and resources and—and--

Panel four: Fred Mirth punches the window to his left with his right hand.


Fred Mirth: Setbacks!! Delays!! I hate them all!! Why do idiots and morons get in my way!!?

 Panel five: Fred Mirth looks out the cracked window as he sees they have left the highway and are on a road leading to an abandoned garage in a desolate area of Riverdale City.

Fred Mirth: Driver! This is on the other side of the city!

Fred Mirth: I live on a skyscraper! I do not dwell amongst the cockroaches!

Panel six: We see the driver as it is Gears driving the car as she drives into the garage as Fred Mirth has a worried expression on his face.

Gear: Heard something rattling in the engine…

Fred: Wait—wait, you’re not my driver! You’re--

Gear: …so we needed to make a pitstop.

Page 18

Panel one: The door to the limo rips open as Fred Mirth tries to squirm away.

Tiny off-panel: Here. Let me get the door for you.


Panel two: Tiny is pulling Fred Mirth out of the car with one arm as Gears is throwing the limo hat away as she stands in front of the limo with Road Racer, Wheels, and Cat. In the background their cars with their head lights flaring spotlight the limo and all the characters.

Fred Mirth: Put me down! You oaf! Do you know who I am, you reprobate?

Tiny: Yeah. Rude.

Panel three: Tiny tosses Fred Mirth at the feet of Road Racer.

Road Racer: You know I always hated people with deep pockets.

Fred Mirth: Oofff

Road Racer: Deep pockets are not the same as full pockets. And greedy morons like you just can’t stand that, can you?

Panel four: Fred Mirth is on one knee as he points up at Road Racer and his crew. Cat talks with Wheels as Road Racer continues to glare down at Fred Mirth.

Fred Mirth: You—you---this is kidnapping! I’ll have you arrested for this!

Cat: I thought it wasn’t kidnapping until you were napped for at least a day?

Wheels: You’re thinking of a missing person.

Cat: Yeah, but who would miss him?

Page 19

Panel one: Fred Mirth dusts himself off as he tries to compose himself.

Fred Mirth: Cute. Adorable. You and your rejects, taking me to this cesspool…

Panel two: Fred Mirth’s eyes gleam confidently as he smirks at Road Racer and crew.

Fred Mirth: But you didn’t drop me off at Force HQ, did you? Because you couldn’t.

Fred Mirth: You don’t have any tangible evidence against me. Not one bit.

Panel three: Fred Mirth leans into Road Racer’s face as he continues to gloat.

Fred Mirth: And if you did, who would believe you? You’re outlaws, wanted by The Force! They’d lock you away in the blink of an eye!

Fred Mirth: But me? I fund the hospitals! Over half of the city is on my payroll one way or the other! My charitable donations keep the homeless sheltered and the hungry masses fed!  I fund the infrastructure, the nervous system, of Riverdale City!

Fred Mirth: Fred Mirth is Riverdale City!

Panel four: Fred Mirth gets even closer to Road Racer as Road Racer continues to stare at him with a death glare that Fred Mirth ignorantly ignores.

Fred Mirth: I.

Fred Mirth: AM.


Panel five: Road Racer grabs Fred Mirth around his neck with both hands as Fred Mirth’s eyes nearly bug out of his head.

Road Racer: No. You’re not.

Fred Mirth: eep

Page 20

Panel one: Road Racer slams Fred Mirth on the hood of his limo as he keeps both hands around Fred Mirth’s neck as Fred Mirth squirms and tries to pry his Road Racer’s hands off his neck. Road Racer slams him hard enough to heavily dent the hood of the limo.


Fred Mirth: Glllrrkk! You’re hurting me…! You’re hurting me…!

Road Racer: You know what’s wrong with you, you rich psychopath? The same thing that’s wrong with a poor psychopath or a middle class psychopath.

Panel two: Road Racer picks Fred Mirth’s head off the hood as Fred Mirth is turning bright red as he vainly kicks and thrash.

Road Racer: You don’t have a conscience. Do you even know what a conscience is? Let me tell you.

Panel three: Road Race slams Fred Mirth’s head back down on the hood as Fred Mirth begins to cry.

Road Racer: It’s that loud voice in your head telling you what you’re doing is wrong. It’s that force that stops you from doing something horrible.


Fred Mirth: Stop…! Please stop…! I’m sorry…! I’m sorry---!

Road Racer: That’s what we are. Me and my friends. Your conscience.

Panel four: Road Racer lets go Fred Mirth as he takes a step back from Fred Mirth lifts up his head while holding onto the back of it with his right hand as he looks fearfully at Road Racer and his crew.

Road Racer: You do one illegal thing, and we will stop you. And right now this is us being gentle. The kids glove come off from this point forward.

Road Racer: Do you understand what I am telling you?

Panel five: Road Racer is motioning for his crew to follow him as they begin to head to their cars and leave. Fred Mirth is in the fetal position as he turns away and sobs and is just a quivering mess.

Fred Mirth: …yes….just…just—don’t hurt me anymore--!

Road Racer: Good.

Page 21

Panel one: A shot of The Turbo Ride and the other two cars zooming past Fred Mirth as he is fuming with rage as while still in the cradle position.


Fred Mirth: Hate you all…

Panel two: Fred Mirth starts throwing a temper tantrum on the hood of the car like a toddler would as punches and kicks the hood of the car.

Fred Mirth: --Hate you!! Hate you all!

Fred Mirth: You’ll all hurt!! ALL OF YOU WILL HURT!!

Panel three: Fred Mirth calms down as he is on all fours on the hood of the car as his eyes are blood shot and looks to be close to popping a vein.

Fred Mirth: I’ll have them hung, drawn, and quartered for touching me, for degrading me so.

Fred Mirth: Road Racer will be last. He’ll watch his friends end, then him.

Panel four: Fred Mirth sits on his limo as he has a twisted, curled smile that goes from ear to ear as his eyes flash wildly.

Fred Mirth. And I have the money, the resources, the power to make that happen.

Page 22

Panel one: A close-up on Road Racer through the tinted windshield of the Turbo Ride. It has turned to night as several light poles light up the panel.

Caption: My name is Ace Andrews, The Road Racer.

Caption: In a city plagued by gangs and the corrupt, I’d say I just now have all of them wanting me roadkill.

Caption: But I am not alone.

Panel two: A shot on a free way as the Turbo Ride is on the middle lane, The Wham to his right and The Femme Fatale to his left.

Caption: I have a crew. And everyone who targets this city and its people, always check your rearview mirror--because we will come for you and we are much closer than we seem!


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

Reviews / PTF reviews The Punisher Meets Archie
« on: July 18, 2015, 06:44:27 PM »
Red Fever, a druglord on the run, has plans on setting up shop in Riverdale. The problem, the feds have called in The Punisher to bring him in to obtain all his connections. But hitmen also have their sights on Red and Riverdale. Who can help out The Punisher—Archie Andrews of course. Dopplegangers, a kidnapped heiress, and the most unlikely partnership ever await!

The Good.

1.   The art. You have one of the most recognized Punisher artists in Jon Buscema and one of the most recognized Archie artists in Stan Goldberg drawing for each of their own characters—and it works really well! It helps that both are on the top of their games. Every character each artist draws in wonderful and when the styles mix it works because both are that great. But I think what really helps is Tom Palmer who does an excellent job as the inker. He has two different styles and two different type story elements separate and meshing and his inks really enhance the art. The Punisher is more gritty while Archie is more light and whimsical and when the character interact, you completely ignore that a panel has two artists because and are from two different universes because it still finds a way to seem natural. This is wonderful work from all three.

2.   Barry Grossman. He’s simply one of the best colorists ever. The colors on this are amazing and again, he’s balancing two different type stories that are coming together. You have Punisher coloring being dark, the Archie coloring you would expect, and when the characters meet and share the page—It reminds me of his work on TMNT Adventures.

3.   Batton Lash. I’ve never read any other work from Lash, which is a shame because he does an extremely good job with making this story work. You can’t have The Punisher killing people because it would clash with the Archie environment. So…The Feds want Red Fever alive and The Punisher agrees because then he can get information from him too. A rival gang is in his sight but Microchip convinces him to tail them to find the rest of them. And the Punisher is still violent as he punches, kicks, and shoots at the bad guys. Heck, he even beats up a few cops who get in his way. And I can buy into this because the story and the characters make sense of it; The Punisher isn’t killing anyone but you get “Yeah, he could if he wanted.” Lash  handles The Archie verse equally well and has a great understanding of the characters. Archie is a hamfisted clutz who finds himself in this mess because of his resemblance to Red Fever, Veronica is Veronica and takes Red Fever to the dance to make Archie jealous and shows she’s not some helpless damsel in distress, Betty is caring, Jughead is hungry and sticks with Archie, and Reggie is arrogant. And the logic for the story is there too. Archie goes to the police to tell them what is going on, but they don’t believe him because…well, he’s the boy who cried wolf and they decide to take him to the dance to get him out of their hair. There isn’t a single character that is written wrong and the story flows wonderfully. And I love the Erik Larsen approach where set up something, you turn the page, BANG there it is. And you have to love Punisher’s war journals entries and the Archie characters following suit with Archie giving it a go and Betty writing in her diary. This is all just brilliant work.

4.   The Punisher. I’m going to be honest. I never really liked The Punisher. I always thought he was boring. I mean during this time period he had helpers like Microchip (What Marvel did to you is unforgivable) to give him kind of a angel on his shoulder, but mostly he’s just a boring thug. But when he gets to Riverdale you have this wonderful scene where he gets out and Microchip comments on a family and sees the life that Frank Castle could have had. It was fun seeing the character development of The Punisher going from “Riverdale is going to be bad” to wanting to make sure it stays pure and even forgo his usual methods. There’s even a page where he’s going through Riverdale High and looks moved at a poster on the wall reading: It’s up to you to keep Riverdale Clean! The Punisher started the story one way and ended up different at the end. That’s right. One of the most one dimensional characters—had actual character development!

5.   Red Fever. The Archie lookalike druglord hoping to rebuild in Riverdale. He’s a very good villain. What helps is that he’s shown to be competent. Heck, he managed to elude the Punisher and everyone else on his tail. Microchip explains that Red Fever is someone who rises and falls; when something goes bad he builds himself back up. And we’re shown that when The Punisher and the rival druglords come for him at the school dance. Riverdale is pretty much a wash and his business plans with Mr. Lodge are dead in the water—so he kidnaps Veronica and holds her for ransom to keep The Punisher away from him and try and get something out of this mess. He’s only undone because he hadn’t familiarized himself with Riverdale  and didn’t piece Veronica’s clue to the gang together until it was too late. Plus, he hates Leroy so that makes him relateable to the rest of the world. And I love how he looks like old school Archie with those teeth and how creepy he is around Veronica.

6.   The extras. The cover is great as it has The Punisher aiming his gun, the sight is cut out to a picture of Archie, turn the page…there’s Archie smiling with the Punisher skull mixed with his own face and freckles. Before the story you have Gorelick and then Marvel Editor and Chief Tom DeFalco going over the story. Gorelick goes over the initial idea which is extremely hardcore with Archie’s family being killed and him bringing in the Punisher. Whoa. Then he talked with Batton Lash who came up with what we got  while he was eating spareribs. Then the next page is where Tom Defalco doesn’t really think too much of it (laughing at the covers sent) but he loves the synopsis by Lash. Next is just pictures and two captions each explaining who Archie and The Punisher are. And finally at the end we get to see one of the covers and another drawing of Archie standing with the Punisher. So yeah, fun stuff. Oh, and don’t forget in the stories all the cameos not just of Archie characters but Archie inspired Marvel comics like Patsy Walker. The school dance is just fun to look through over and over to see all the characters interact.

The Bad.

1.   Why the kids with us again? I already talked about how they made logical decisions on why The Punisher hasn’t killed anyone and mistakes Archie for Red Fever, but there is one element in the story that could have been worked on a bit. Why are Archie’s friends with Archie and the Punisher after the 50’s Hop incident. The Punisher decided to keep Archie with him to keep him out of trouble but why are Betty and Jughead there…”lapse in judgment.”  I think it would have been better if The Punisher just decided that anyone who is friends with Archie is just as troublesome and could get in the way.

2.   Reggie. I really liked Reggie and how egotistical and annoying he was. So when he left the story, he was missed. I mean, yeah, it made sense since he’s kind of a coward, but it would have been nice to have had more of him.


What I learned

1.   Everyone has a doppelganger out there in the world.
2.   Union Station is the real nexus of the multiverses.
3.   The Punisher looks good in Riverdale gold and blue
4.   Everyone hates Leroy.
5.   Coach Kleats went to Notre Dame
6.   Hiding under the bleachers might work with Moose, but not with gunfire
7.   Josie and the Pussycats need to do better background checks.
8.   Pigeons. Feared by every druglord.
9.   The Riverdale Police are lacking.
10.   I’m all in Grundisher.

It’s kind of fun how time works with a story. You have Archie vs. Predator (I’ll wait until the fourth issue to get them all and possibly review them) where you have The Predator killing Archie characters—but there is no way I could see a school shoot out going on like what happened in Punisher meets Archie even when it was still “tame”. This is a really great story. Everything is perfect and everyone involved deserves high praise for their work and how they made this story work. This is an A+. Go out and find this story.

And next review….put on the black and white face paint, stick out your tongue, and rock Sugar, Sugar! It’s Archie Meets Kiss!

Yeah, it's not really fair to lump Dark Circle in.

Reviews / Re: PTF Reviews Jughead and Archie #14
« on: July 17, 2015, 01:57:23 PM »
ACC, I understand what you're saying. When I think Archie, I see Goldberg's rendition. It's just...well, maybe when you get your issue you can see my point a little.

DeCarlo Rules. I didn't mean it as an insult. I used that example...because it's the only classic Archie series that's going to happen. At least I think it is, just set in the future. That and--I can't really think of any team I'd rather have a story from then Boldman and Lindsey if I had to choose.
They're near perfect. I'm not saying whoever I compare them to are the Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm saying those two are the New England Patriots and it's no shame in not being better than them. They had ten years on Jughead plus countless other stories. They're a near perfect combo.

And Kevin Keller can do more than just represent. I think the character has a lot of potential that hasn't been tapped. Heck, he wants to be in the army like his father. That right there is something no one else in the cast has. That would be great to see more focused on more.
And I don't think it's a good idea for any series to have a marquee name as a supporting character. I mean, would you really want to see a comic titled Robin featuring Batman? You need to build the character up, not put him or her in the shadow of an already established character.
Like Nightwing, DC had the character move to Bludhaven so he wasn't overshadowed by Batman. Not saying a popular character shouldn't be used, but you would have to be careful not to lose focus on the title character.

Reviews / Re: PTF Reviews Jughead and Archie #14
« on: July 17, 2015, 01:46:27 AM »
I'll say this, I could never hope to draw as good as Goldberg at his worst.

Reviews / PTF Reviews Jughead and Archie #14
« on: July 16, 2015, 10:13:59 PM »
Hm...reviewing comic of some sort. Didn't I used to do this more often...? :)

The Good.

Dede’s back! Tania Delllllll Rrrrrrrioooo and Fernando Ruiz are back with another story featuring new character Dede. For those of you who don’t know, she’s the daughter of the local comic shop owner and has a crush on Jughead, while Archie has a crush on her. “Triple Date” is a nice fun story. One of my favorite moments involve everyone but Archie receiving a gift and Jughead’s, “Was I supposed to get you something?” remark to break the awkward silence was hilarious. And just love this love triangle. Archie likes Dede who likes Jughead who likes…popcorn. It’s a super fun dynamic. The story is great and the art is the usual awesome Fernando Ruiz work.

Sam Schwartz: Seriously, with these Jughead related reviews I’m just going to type: He did art, his art good. That should be enough for all of you at this point. The stories range from virtual reality to teaching how friendship had better come before business to beach stories and how a simple fan can cause chaos. And there is something I appreciate from Schwartz: background. And not just the gags. Take “The Fan” a guy is suffering the heat and he’s walking behind Archie then the next panel Archie stops to talk with Jughead the man passes him. I’m always frustrated when you see a background character in a panel and the next—someone new or he’s gone. Schwartz doing this makes you feel the time and pacing of the story.

Frank Doyle: I’m sad to say I normally don’t give Doyle the focus he deserves, but a good portion of the stories have him as the writer and he knocks them out of the park for the most part. Yeah, he has Lucey and Sam on art, but his story and dialogue are great. He really never gets the credit he rightfully deserves.

Jughead vs. Reggie: If you like this classic one sided feud then you have to buy this digest because it is jammed pack these two at it. From car alarms in the stomach, to food, to talking dogs these two go at it with the usual outcome of course…but it’s fun every time!

Lucey: We get three fun Lucey stories involving Archie as a vacuum salesman, Hot Dog talking and Reggie going insane trying to find how Jughead is pulling the trick, and finally a story showing us the only way Jughead will go into a pool. Everything is fun and the body language for each character is wonderful.

Craig Boldman and Lindsey: Quite possibly the most underrated pairing in all comics. Seriously, if Archie Comics pulled the new digital Kevin Keller series for one with Trula Twyst or Segarini by Boldman and Lindsey—YES! In “All Fall Down” Jughead’s bowling ball goes on a rampage. “What’s the Scoop or Spoon Goons” has Jughead being annoying while he plays with spoons. And “Pop’s is Tops” The Chocklit Shoppe is doing poorly so Jughead appoints himself public relations manager as he tries to boost up business. All are fun stories, well written and drawn.

Summer stories: You like Christmas in July? It’s here. Baseball. It’s here. Smoldering heat where the cast suffers? Yep. Bowling. Yeppers. To sum up any type of Summer story you can think of is represented in this issue. If you’re favorite seasonal stories are summer based then you need to pick up this digest.

The Bad:

Stan Goldberg: Okay, Stan Goldberg is a legend and you can make the argument that he is the top Archie artist, and I wouldn’t disagree with you…but with “The Sound and The Fury” its obviously some of his much later work and, it’s not good. It’s really rough and—I honestly thought Reggie was Midge in one panel! Heck, the wall outside of Lodge Mansion is either a foot high or Reggie is a giant. And I have to give Rich Koslowski credit as he really tries to make this art look good, and a few pages it does, but—there is only so much he could do. And Craig Boldman’s story is really fun with Jughead swallowing an alarm and Reggie using a key chain (I think that’s what that’s supposed to be) for shenanigans, and it’s my favorite writing in the digest—but the art is just too bad for this one.

“When You’re Hot” by Cosby. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just longer than it needed to be for what it was going for at the end. The story is about Archie complaining about the heat and his parents going on about how people in the ‘olden days stayed cool. It’d be fine if it was a few pages shorter.

“A Hot Lunch”: Normally, I think DeCarlo Jr. gets a bum rap because he’s the son of one of the best artists, but this story is not one of his best. The art isn’t up to his usual very good standards. Just look at Gaston. Wow. I don’t know if it’s the art or the inker (Another DeCarlo…it’s a dynasty!) who’s to blame. And I didn’t like the end. I just don’t think it was as funny as other options.

A small problem with “Naughty or Nice”. In one panel the word balloons for the two elves checking up on Archie and Jughead are wrong. I mean, yeah, the story’s still great, but it’s still something I’d point out to someone who gets irritated by that.

Things I’ve learned.

1.   To paraphrase from Pete & Pete (yeah, I’m old!) “Silly heroes. Nobody can defeat the bowling ball!”
2.   What a Bouncing Betty is.
3.   Santa gives up watching to see if you’re bad or good by July.
5.   Young or old, Jughead ends up in a chicken costume
6.   Smithers gets an hour of pool time all to himself.
7.   Dreams do come true. Kinda
8.   Archie Andrews, Cat Judge
9.   Never let your mortal enemy have the control to the alarm in  your stomach
10.    Comic shop owners get PAID FOR READING COMICS!!?? I’m not getting anything for reading this issue!!!! I had to buy this digest!!!

…Barring that last little lesson, I liked this digest. It’s not the most perfect of digests as I didn’t like a few stories and, honestly, this is a more seasonal comic and I’m not as big a fan of Summer time Archie stories. But you have a lot of great classic work and a great new story buy Delllll Rrrrrriooooo and Ruiz that you really need to read. I give this digest a B.

Fan Fiction / Re: Road Racer: Invictus
« on: July 15, 2015, 05:53:30 PM »
Page 8

Panel one: On the computer, three buildings are shown: The Riverdale City Tech, Lionhart Industries, and L-M Enterprise. Each building has part of a plasma gun diagramed out of it and put together in the complete plasma gun.

Wheels: Last night RCTU’s labs were broken into, same MO as the last two high security facilities—only this time two guards happened to ID the Mud Flaps.

Road Racer: One of Riverdale City’s newest gang. Any idea what they’re planning with their high tech heists?   

Panel three: Wheels is enlarging the diagram of the plasma gun as he explains to the group.

Wheels: Yep.The three separate components, when restructured, synchronized, and calibrated for a plasma gun. Hot energy compressed in a beam that could burn through an armored tank like warm knife through butter.

Panel three: Road Racer turns to Cat as the computer screen shows an image of the Mud Flaps in their gear and schematics that were caught on an outside camera of the building as they left out.

Road Racer: Cat. The Mud Flaps, broke into three of the most secured buildings in Riverdale City, any ideas how?

Cat: Yeah, and they all start out with “Once upon a time”.

Panel four: Cat points at the schematics and looks at the Mud Flaps and their gear.

Cat: No way could that large number get in without setting off a motion, heat, or infared sensor. It’s a two person limit job at most. And their equipment is all wrong. They shouldn’t have gotten off the starting block.

Gears: So they had help?

Cat: Key under the rug type help.

Panel five: Road Racer turns to Wheels as he begins typing on the control panel.

Road Racer: Hm. Wheels, cross reference the stolen items and weaponry on the Mud Flaps with the F-456 model issue.

Wheels: You have a hunch, Ace?

Panel six:  Road Racer is looking at a close-up scan on the plasma gun and enlarged picture of the Mud Flap member’s dazzler.

Road Racer: Yeah. Look at those components. More advanced, but all are the rudimentary components to standard Force firearms. And that dazzler is a prototype of…

Wheels: …Of the one we were first issued at The Force before they were decommissioned!

Road Racer: Right. Now include the security systems for each local and main funding contributors.

Page 9

Panel one: A shot of all the racers looking up at the screen as the reader cannot see what image is showing. Gears looks on in surprise, Cat is intrigued as she leans against Tiny, Wheels is mildly surprised while Ace looks up as he’s not surprised.

Tiny: Whoa. The picture you can get when you connect the dots..

Wheels: Ace, this is pretty big. Real big. I think—

Ace: Those plasma guns are our priority. They’re not hitting the street as long as my tires grind across asphalt.

Ace: Bring up Riverdale City. All Mud Flap activity, usual locations, and most recent sightings.

Panel two: A map of Riverdale is shown with three green dots as the buildings robbed and eight blue dots scattered just below in downtown and one red dot near upper Riverdale City.

Wheels: Sure. Green dots are the most recent, the blue are the last two weeks with visual ID and arrest warrants issued…

Panel thee: A close-up on the red dot as it shows a warehouse

Wheels off-panel: And this is an alleged sighting, near an abandoned manufacturing plant, far, far away from their turf.

Road Racer off-panel: But perfect place to run weapons distribution fast and on a large scale.

Panel three: Road Racer leads the way as he and his crew runs towards the reader.

Road Racers: Then that’s where we’re heading! Pedal to the metal people!

Gears: I love you—er, I love it when he talks…

Cat: Oh, we all know what you mean.

Tiny: Wheels, wanna ride shot gun?

Wheels: Sure, big guy.

Page 10

Panel one: The Turbo Ride, The Femme Fatale, and The Wham race down a tunnel past several old weathered roads as lights are strung up along walls and a few old buildings.

Caption: This little short cut is something Wheels came up with.

Panel two: The Turbo Ride is leading the way as they drive through the catacombs of Riverdale City.

Caption: You see, cities build on top of each other over and over as time goes. That means plenty of underground travel options for a group that has to work under the radar!

Panel three: The Turbo Ride is heading for a dead end as Road Racer holds out a remote and presses a green button.

Caption: Now if you’re smart and patient, you can turn a deadend…

Panel four: The Turbo Ride and the other cars zoom out of a sliding brick wall entrance to show that they have set up various entries into Riverdale City to avoid detection.

Caption: …Into a shortcut!

Caption: We have these “shortcuts” all over the city. We can operate on the outskirts and with these passageways and hidden entries--

Panel five: The three vehicles zoom off as they are racing up a hill to the manufacoring plant as they are in upper Riverdale which is mostly manufacturing plants and more industrialized.

Caption: We’re where we need to be in record time!

Road Racer: Crew, follow my lead. Let’s handle this…subtly.

Page 11

Panel one: The Turbo Ride is breaking through stain glass windows of the factory as The Mud Flaps look on as they are at a conveyor belt putting the plasma guns together. The leader looks on enraged as he is working on getting a complete one together. Behind the Turbo Ride, the Femme Fatale and The Wham follow in kind.

Mud Flap Leader: The Road Racer!

Mud Flap Leader: Not now! Not before we’ve even completed one plasma gun!

Panel two: The cars zoom and stop and block the only exit as Road Racer and his team get out of their vehicles and prepare for a fight. Cat playfully waves at the Mud Flaps while Gears rolls her eyes. Wheels rolls his eyes and exhauls as Tiny smiles at him.

Wheels whispering: Yeah. Subtle.

Road Racer: Sorry. Normally I’d like a good car chase…

Road Racer: …But I will never let a weapon like that on my streets if I can help it.

Gears: And we’ll help him help it.

Panel three: The Mud Flap leader motions for his gang to attack the Road Racer and his crew as the female members pick up lead pipes, two male members pick up chains, and two others grab two dazzlers.

Mud Flap Leader: Waste em!

Panel four: The Mud Flap Leader is using a small laser drill on a near complete plasma gun as he works feverously. In the background The Mud Flaps charge at Road Racer and crew.

Mud Flap Leader: …Or at least buy me enough time!

Page 12

Panel one: One of the Mud Flap females attacks Gears with the lead pipe, but Gears shifts her feet to the left to dodge.

Mud Flap Female: I’m going to knock you even stupider, bimbo!

Gears: Gee, I hate when people make assumptions! You don’t see me calling you ugly because you wear a mask!

Panel two: Gears catches the pipe in her right hand as she looks the Female Mud Flap without a care in the world.

Gears: And I’m really sorry.

Female Mud Flap: Sorry?!  For what?!

Panel three: Gears uppercuts the female Mud Flap and knocks her back several feet.

Gears: THIS!


Panel four: Gears stands over the unconscious female Mud Flap as she casually tosses the steel pipe to the side.

Gears: Who says hitting like a girl is a bad thing?

Panel five: Road Racer is dodging a Mud Flap member trying to hit him with a dazzler blast as he elbows him in the face.

Road Racer: Good work! With that coiled steel arm of yours, we should wrap this up in no time!

Panel six: Gears is smiling and fawning over Road Racer as she doesn’t notice the second female mud flap member about to attack her from behind with a steel pipe.

Gears: Sigh. When he talks to me like that I see cupid and little hearts.

Page 13

Panel one: The female mud flap member pulls the pipe back over her head as she plans to wallop the unsuspecting Gears.

Female Mud Flap two: You’ll be seeing St. Peter and stars in a just a second, goody-goody!

Panel two: Female Mud Flap member two pulls her hands back to see that her lead pipe is missing much to her confusion

Cat off-panel: You know what your one mistake was?

Female Mud flap member two: Huh?!

Panel three: She turns around as she takes a round house kick to her face from Cat

Cat: You didn’t say “Swiper, no swiping!”


Panel four: Cat walks over to the still in a love gaze Gears as she steps over her fallen opponent.

Cat: Gears…?

Gears: Uh-huh…

Cat: We’re still in brawl here.

Gears: That’s nice…

Panel five: Cat rolls her eyes amusingly as Gears has hearts over her head

Panel six: Cat playfully speaks into Gears’ ear and gets her to come out of her love trance with what she says. Meanwhile, Road Racer is disarming another Mud Flap member of his dazzler and elbowing him on the chin.

Cat: Hm, he is cute, isn’t he? I think I’ll steal his heart. At least a kiss.

Gears: Don’t do that!! You’re reformed!

Cat: I’m a vigilante. How reformed can I be?

All About Archie / Re: genderbend archie by a fan artist chillable
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What about Jason =Janice?

All About Archie / Re: genderbend archie by a fan artist chillable
« on: July 13, 2015, 05:36:38 PM »
I've never read it. I knew it was popular, I guess I just didn't realize it started a whole trend for that theme. I think I may have mentioned this on some other thread somewhere, but 99% of my manga reading has been shonen and seinen (or gekiga). The action-oriented stuff, like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Lone Wolf & Cub, Crying Freeman, Guyver, Fist of the North Star, Mai the Psychic Girl, Golgo 13. EC and MC (and Dangerously Chloe) are fun though. So many boob jokes!  :o  :D

Yeah, Ranma 1/2 had quite a following. For many, it was their entry into manga/anime. And yes, EC/MC/DC do have some boob jokes. Dave, who co-writes with me on EC and writes MC/DC on his own tends to naturally include them. Bad, Dave, bad!

That would be the story for two friends of mine. Of course, my  introduction to anime was Pokemon so--kinda worlds apart and I just stayed quiet while they talked. And at the time, I heard a lot of weird things.

I finally did pick up a few DVD sets. It's fun once you get going and Ramna gets the Inuyasha voice actor. Could have done with more Ukyo and less...whatever purple haired girl's name was. though. :)

All About Archie / Re: Favorite Inkers
« on: July 13, 2015, 12:31:20 PM »
I've always liked Rich Koslowski.

Jim Amash was okay. Some issues he went too bold and it took away from the art, but overall I liked him.

Jon D'Agostino is a favorite. I really enjoyed his work on the Mighty Mutanimals.

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