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  • Archina: Archie #636 is an amazing story and great art.
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Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Shop 'Til You Drop
« on: Yesterday at 12:54:59 PM »
Sigh. I always take the "wait until they leave approach". :(

Page 6

Panel one: Archie is going down the main grocery aisle as his cart only has a twenty four pack of Captain Pumpernik Cherry Soda as only new item. Archie is looking straight ahead and doesn’t notice the attractive teenage girl about to walk past thim.

Archie: I’ve been here for forty minutes and this is all I’ve got to show for it! Nothing is worth this amount of agrivation and wasted time!

Panel two: The teenage girl is right beside Archie as Archie notices her.

Panel three The teenage girl winks at Archie as Archie’s eyes turn to hearts.

Panel four: The teenage girl walks past Archie as Archie is love struck and has his head turned to follow after  her and doesn’t see that a body builder with a shopping cart filled with energy drinks, beef and protein shakes is about to collide with him. The body builder has his iphone on and is listening to music as he bobs his head and snaps his free hand to the beat.

Archie: Then again, this isn’t so bad…

Panel five: The carts collide only with Archie being knocked forward into his cart as the body builder doesn’t even notice at all because of listening to the music, not looking, and just being too strong to feel the impact.


Archie: Meep. 

Panel six: The bodybuilder continues to close his eyes and dance to the music he is listening to as he continues to pull both carts effortlessly with one hand. Archie is crammed into this cart with it looking like he’ll need the jaws of life to get him out.

Archie: Sometimes I think the universe waits for me to get cocky before it whammies me.

Page 7

Panel one: Archie is at the cereal section as he is trying to decide which cereal to get Cat Girl Karate Kicks or Jingles Always Christmas Cereal. Along the aisle are several other types of cereal with homages of real cereal from Honeybits with a muscular bee bench pressing a massive bee hive to white rabbit begging for kids to give him a bowl of cereal. Close to Archie is an overweight man on a mobile cart as he is putting a box of Punch ‘n’ Pops, with a picture of a toad in karate gear fist bumping a frog in MMA trunks in his basket.

Archie thinking: Okay, Jingles Christmas Cereal has marshmallows and the cereal turns milk to eggnog…but Cat Girl’s Karate Kicks are healthier and she’s really cute.

Panel two: The man begins to back up as Archie turns to look at him as the back of the cart has lights that begin to blink red and a small backing up sound is heard.

Bing bing bing bing

Panel three: Archie continues to look as the cart has just barely moved an inch as the lights continue to blink and the binging sound continues.

Bing bing bing bing

Panel four: Archie turns away as he has a box of each cereal in his hand and is weighing them as he examines each box with the utmost care as he is trying to decide what to pick.

Panel five: Suddenly the mobile cart backs up in one quick motion and hits Archie on his hip, causing Archie to throw the boxes of cereal in the air as the cereal in each box bursts out like it was shot out a cannon.



Archie: YOW!

Panel six: The overweight man steps out of his cart, showing he never needed it and was just lazy, as Archie is jumping up and down on one foot as he is in obvious pain. The overweight man apologizes with Archie not having anything to do with it as he points at the mobile cart as he responds. Several kids are beginning to eat bits of cereal off the ground as their parents reach down to stop them.

Overweight man: Sorry, dude. Anything I can do?

Archie: Yeah!! Switch carts with me because I obviously need it more than you do!!

Page 8

Panel one: Archie is wheeling his cart towards the egg section as he now has rice, a battered box of Cat Girl cereal, a bag of chips, and orange in his cart. Nearby a man is inspecting his new shoes as he holds them over his cart and directly above his dozen eggs.

Archie: I think eggs are on the list.

Panel two. Archie is examing the list as he moves his eyes to his right. In the background the man, has dropped his box of shoes on his eggs, crushing them, but he is distracted by two children running along to notice.

Archie: Yep.

Archie: And there’s something else written to the side.

Panel three: Archie puts picks up a carton of eggs as he begins to push in on the tabs to open it. The man is wheeling his cart past Archie, whistling happily like a dumb oaf, as a custodian follows after him with a giant sweeper.

Archie: “Look inside to see if the eggs are not cracked or rotten.”

Archie: Only practical.

Panel four: Archie is looking at the eggs in the carton as he begins to smile as they look perfect.

Panel five: Archie’s face turns to bewilderment as the eggs begin to crack. In one egg, we can see a tiny beak stick out from a crack.

Panel six: All the eggs in the carton have hatched as baby chicks begin to chirp. One baby chick looks at Archie and has a though balloon of a rooster having the same hair, freckles, and clothes as Archie. Archie holds the carton in one hand as he scratches his head in confusion.

Archie: Now was chicken on the list?

Page 9

Panel one: Archie is in the pet section as he has a bag of dog food at the bottom of his cart. He now has eggs, bacon, flour, bread, mustard, several TV dinners, a five pound bag of potatoes, and a bag of apples and oranges in the cart to go with what he previously had. Archie is in the cat food section as he is happy wheeling his cart past. Just ahead is a middle age woman struggling to get a seven pound bag of catfood from its slot as it is stuck.

Archie thinking: Finally! Got the dog food! I’ll just cut across this way! Then it’s just straight ahead to the checkout!

Panel two: Archie has his eyes closed and is all smile as he is just beside the middle age woman as she gives the bag of cat food one finally jerk as she tries pulling upward.

Archie thinking: All and all, this wasn’t so bad.  Heck, I’m sure it could have been way worse!

Panel three: The old lady pulls the cat food bag free, but accidentally elbows Archie across his face cheek and propelling him to the side as he heads towards several cat beds.


Panel four: The middle age lady apologizes as she bends down to check on Archie who is on the ground with his head bent backwards on a cat pillow as he has several stars and planets over his head as he twirls a finger as he tries to follow the rotation of the stars and planets.

Middle age woman: I’m sorry! Do you need any help?

Archie: Yeah…

Archie ...Is it “catsup” or “ketchup”…? –The nice star people wanna know for sure…!

Page 10

Panel one: Archie, now with a swollen jaw that he keeps for the rest of the story, is trudging along as it seem to take all his strength to push his cart as he has to lean his entire body and push off with his legs to keep it moving.

Archie: Almost there, Arch! Then you’ll be free! And then this place will be a bad memory and a week’s worth of nightmares!

Panel two: Archie looks ahead to see that only three lanes out of ten are open and each open lane as each check out lane is crammed with people with loaded grocery carts.

Panel three: Archie pushes his cart into one lane as he just doesn’t care anymore.

Archie: Fine. I’ve played your twisted game this far, Bal-Mart—bring it on.

Panel five: Archie is happy as he looks over to he’s next after the next person. The woman just ahead has a loaded cart with various food item, DVDS, and various other stuff you want to put in. The person is also carrying a folder with various newspaper clippings and coupons sticking out.

Archie: Hah! I’m just inches from the finish line! Nothing can stop me now! My body is battered, but my spirit will not be broken!

Panel six: The woman is going over all the clippings and newspaper aids to show prices that are the lower in other stores as the cashier carefully examines each one.  Archie is banging his head against the handle of his cart as he looks like he just wants to cry.

Caption: Twenty five minutes….

Woman: --And you have this DVD for 10.00, but at L-Mart it’s priced at 9.99.

Caption: …And counting.

Page 11

Panel one: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews are watching the evening news as Mrs. Andrews looks up from her paper and at a nearby clock to see it is nearly six o’clock. Mr. Andrews is continuing to watch TV as he takes a sip of coffee.

Mrs. Andrews: Archie has been gone a long time, Fred. I’m worried.

Panel two: Mr. Andrews turns his head to the reader. In the background we can see the door to the Andrews home. Vegas is nearby and looks on happily at his newly constructed pyramid of bones is a success the second time around.

Mr. Andrews: Oh, you know Archie. He probably saw Betty or Veronica or both and lost track of time.

Panel three: Mr. Andrews turns back to watching TV as he isn’t concerned about Archie at all. Vegas then knocks his dog treat pyramid over as he begins to eat a treat.

Mr. Andrews: He’ll be coming through that door any time now.

Panel four: Mr. Andrews turns his head as an nearly out on his feet Archie opens the door carrying five full grocery bags and a twenty-four soda pack under his right arm as he staggers inside.

Archie: Mom…dad…

Archie: I’m home.

Panel five: Archie falls on his face as several bits of grocery (fruit, potato chips, and whatever else) come out of the grocery bags as Mr. and Mrs. Andrews rush towards Archie.

Mr. Andrews: Archie!

Mrs. Andrews: Oh no!

Panel six: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews are knelt and helping Archie to sit up as Vegas licks his left hand; Vegas obviously worried about his master. Archie is starting to regain his composure as he shakes as if he were a war veteran having a flashback to a brutal battle. Mr. Andrews is talking with Archie as Mrs. Andrews glares over at Mr. Andrews and snaps at him.

Mr. Andrews: Archie! Son! What happened to you! You look like WWIII landed on top of you!

Mrs. Andrews: Well, if you actually got groceries, you’d understand what happened!

Archie: Old people in way…mobile cart…coupons--!!

Page 12

Panel one: Archie is being helped up to his feet by his mother who is kissing him over and over as she’s happy to see he’s okay. Picture a mother seeing her son return from war. Meanwhile Mr. Andrews is looking through the grocery bags.

Mrs. Andrews: I’m so sorry, Archie! I knew you weren’t ready! And I let you go!

Archie: It’s okay, mom. It’s over.

Archie: I survived.

Panel two: Mr. Andrews points at the groceries as he pats his stomach to indicate his favorite snack as he looks up at Archie and Mrs. Andrews.

Mr. Andrews: Archie! You forgot my chocolate chip cookies! My favorite snack!

Panel three: Mrs. Andrews is helping support Archie as they walk past Mr. Andrews who is beginning to stand up as he turns his head to reply to Archie. Again think of Archie as a wounded soldier coming back from war.

Archie: Dad, you want chocolate chip cookies—you go get them!

Mr. Andrews: Well, I just will!

Panel four: Mr. Andrews is going out the door as he puts on a jacket and hat. The jacket is half way on and the hat is just about to fall off his head as Mr. Andrews rushes to his car.

Mr. Andrews: I can’t believe those two! They act like grocery shopping is a life or death struggle!!

Panel five: A high angle view of Mr. Andrews stuck in the frozen food section as his way is being blocked by one set of elderly women with their carts in the way as they are knitting a sweater at one end. At the other end two old men have their carts in the way while they act out a scene from Hamlet with a frustrated, battered, tired, and nearly out on his feet Mr. Andrews tilting his head up and screaming as he obviously got the same shopping experience as Archie. Mr. Andrews’ hat is torn and his jacket is half off his body and has several wheel tracks on it.

Mr. Andrews: HELP!

Mr. Andrews: I’ve been in the frozen food section for an hour! I’ll freeze! Someone help me!!


All About Archie / Re: Jughead #1!!
« on: May 27, 2015, 10:59:27 PM »
I'm not too familiar with the writer or artist, but Zdarsky seems to have a good grasp on the character. And what art I've seen Erica Henderson is pretty fun. Really looking forward to this title. :)

Reviews / Re: PTF Reviws Jughead and Archie #9
« on: May 27, 2015, 03:47:22 PM »
You're welcome...but it'll be a long time before you're forgiven for what you did to poor Pop Tate. :(


Fan Fiction / Archie in Shop 'Til You Drop
« on: May 26, 2015, 07:08:31 PM »

Page one

Panel one: The setting is the Andrews living room. Mrs. Andrews is on her cellphone as she is holding a shopping list. Archie is listening from the couch as he has a thought balloon of his father yelling at him as he opens Archieís car door to see how messy his car is with candy wrappers, empty soda cans, comics, and gum on the passenger seat. To coincide with this, Archie has a worried expression on his face as he clinches his teeth and rolls his eyes upward in response to the worst case scenerio. On the floor Vegas is stacking his dog bone treats into a pyramid as he is on his tippy-paws as he is putting the last bone at the peak on top.

Mrs. Andrews: ÖWhatís that dear?

Mrs. Andrews: Oh, your car broke down? Well, Iíll just send Archie over. Jughead was just over andóyes, exactly! Starvation is imminent!

Panel two: Archie jumps up from the couch to take the list from his mom. Mrs. Andrews reacts in surprise at Archie wanting to go grocery shopping. On the ground, Vegasí dog bone pyramid has collapsed as puts a paw over his eyes and somberly weeps.

Archie: Mom, Iíve got an idea! Why donít you pick up dadóand Iíll go get the groceries?

Mrs. Andrews: I donít knowÖ

Mrs. Andrews: Grocery shopping can be quite the challenge, and this is your first time aloneó

Panel three: Archie puffs up his chest and sticks out his chin as he is confident that grocery shopping will be no problem. Mrs. Andrews reaches into her checkbook to tear out a check as she visibly has her doubts.

Archie: Oh, címon, mom. Itís just putting food in a cart and walking a bit. How hard can it be?

Mrs. Andrews: If you insistÖ

Page 2

Panel one: Archie, in his car, is pulling off the highway to Bal-Mart as there is a hundred foot sign where he turns off. On the sign is a pair of birds who are using binoculars to watch the people drive by. One bird is crossing his legs as he obviously has to use the bathroom.

Archie: This is going to be a snap. All I need to do is park, go inside, get whatís on the list, pay for it, and leave. Iíll be in and out in five minutes flat.

Panel two: A close up on Archie as his eyes go wide as he canít believe what he is seeing.

Archie: !!!

Panel three: A high angle view of the massive Bal-Mart parking lot as it is broken up into five large sections. All of the available parking spaces are filled. Several people are filling in and out of Bal-Mart in a mob. Two people on each mob give the other a high five. In section A, Two cars are waiting for a very worried driver in a Volkswagen to leave her parking space so one of them can rush over and take it. A lady has her cart rolling down the parking lot as she makes a mad dash to catch it. In front of the cart is a teenage boy petrified with fear. In the second section, an old man is pulling out of his parking place as he backs up too far, resulting in the owner of the car opposite of him to jump into his open trunk to avoid being hit. A small boy and girl are happily letting their Super Duck and Cosmo The Merry Martian balloons fly into the air as their father is putting groceries away in the back seat. In section C a Bal-Mart employee is struggling to wheel nearly twenty carts put together at once while another employee just has one and is skipping and whistling beside him. A wreck has happened as two men are arguing as one man is pointing up and the other is pointing down as to show what direction to leave out. At the entrance a line of cars are frustrated as a mime is on the crosswalk, and acting like a wall is in front of him. The Bal-Mart store is massive and has a door for the main entrance, a door for pharmacy, a door for eye care, and a door for a horsesmith. At the door for a horsesmith, A Lone Ranger expy is going inside with Silver tied out front. On the top of the building is a wind puppet of Paul the Ball, the store mascot, blowing in the wind as both hands are doing Johnny Manziel money gesture. At the main check out several girl scouts are taking up money and are giving a man the puppy dog eyes to guilt him into giving a donation.

Archie: UmÖmaybe make that tenish.

Page 3

Panel one: Archie is stepping inside of the automatic doors as a line of carts are to the side. The two employees from earlier are walking away. One extremely tired, the other sticking out his chest and taking a deep, happy breath of fresh air.

Caption: Tenish times five laterÖ

Archie: Okay, a bit of a delay, but now onto serious business!

Panel two: Archie pulls a cart, but it is stuck to another cart as an old woman looks on. Archie reacts in frustration as he rolls his eyes.

Archie: Ah, you gotta be kidding me!

Panel three: Archie is pushing and pulling each cart respectively with his left and right hand as he vainly struggles to separate the two carts. The old woman looks on and shakes her head in disappointment at what she is seeing.

Archie: Someone weld these together?!

Panel four: The old woman brushes Archie aside as Archie looks on in bewilderment.

Old woman: Stand aside! Iím not getting younger and my clock is winding down!

Panel five: The old woman sees that straps to the flip up child seat are stuck to the other cart up front and she just frees them up as Archie bends over and looks on with one eyebrow raised and his mouth tilted to his right as he canít believe and is embarrassed by how simple the solution was.

Panel six: The old woman takes one cart and wheels away while an embarrassed Archie tentatively reaches for the other cart.

Old woman: Newb.

Page 4

Panel one: Archie is acting like he is at the wheels of a race car as he moves past a man who is wheeling his groceries while holding it on the side as he is on his cellphone as one man behind him is frustrated at how much space heís taking up. On the aisle is a display of crackers stacked in a rectangle with a price sign of .99 Cents over it as a Bal-Mart employee is looking at his work as he examines his surprisingly hard thought out diagram. The background should extend a great distance to show how large the grocery section of Bal-Mart is.

Archie: Okay, Iíll just run up and down, and get everything off the list!

Panel two: The background is in the middle of the grocery section at the canned vegetable section as Archie is streaking ahead. A middle age woman is going walking up in his direction.

Panel three: Same shot only with Archie streaking back the other direction. All he has in the cart is two gallons of milk.

Panel four: Again same background only Archie is much slower than he was before as he looks to be worn out from all his mad dash running. Now he has added bread to the cart.

Panel five: A shot of Archie hunched over his cart to keep himself from falling as he is out of breath and is just a few inches from total exhaustion. He has a pack of butter to increase his cart load to three items. The middle age woman from the second panel has her entire cart filled to show how much more an effective shopper she is.

Archie :Huff puff

Archie: ÖMaybeÖhuufffÖgoing to each section and getting what groceries I need there is a better ideaÖ

Page 5

Panel one: Archie is looking over the list as he turns into the coffee aisle as several cans of coffee with a hyped up man ion several labels. Archie is using one hand to point at his head to indicate how smart he is.

Archie: Okay, I need rice, so Iíll just cut across here, and avoid all the traffic!

Panel two: Archie stops his cart as he uses his heels as brakes as two old women have their two carts in the way as they have decided to chat and are showing each other stacks of family pictures. On the coffee aisle are various bags of coffee. One is Lotsabucks, another is Vroom Decaf, and another is A Bag of Hyper Beans.

Granny one: And this is Calvin, heís a tiger trainer.

Granny two: Thatís nice. This is Charlie, heís a second string punter for the Beagles.

Archie: Urk. Roadblock.

Panel three: Archie begins to turn his cart around as he realizes this is going to take forever.

Archie: Okay. Iíll just go back the way I came. Just a little detour. No big deal.

Panel four: Archie turns around to see two elderly men have their carts blocking the way back as they are both examining the others cane. One of the elderly men is pointing at his leg.

Elderly men one: My caneís fine oak.

Elderly man two: Mineís pine. Makes me think of Christmas each time I take a step.

Elderly man two: Used it to fight off a grinch once, too.

Panel five: A high angle view of Archie as he sadly waits as he uses one hand to push the cart forward and back as he checks his watch. The two elderly set of couples continue to talk on, without a care in the world. Archie is looking at his watch and tapping his foot as he tries to be patient but canít help by frown. The elderly womenís stack of photos goes several feet along the ground. The two elderly men are having a playful duel with their canes. Behind the old men, a man has fallen asleep as he is waiting for them to move out of the way.

Archie: So this is where Iíll be for the remainder of my life.

All About Archie / Re: Archie vs Predator *spoiler thread*
« on: May 22, 2015, 06:52:23 PM »
So how do digital comics work? You can only read them once?


I'm asking for a friend. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Backissues
« on: May 20, 2015, 03:17:00 PM »
Why not? I'm super far ahead anyway. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Backissues
« on: May 20, 2015, 02:19:38 PM »
Poor Dede, although I wonder what she sees in him, just like a lot of other girls. Jughead's not handsome, talented or nice, he's got an impossible appetite and lazy habits; to top it all, he actively mocks romance and shuns off the female sex in general.

While these are the "qualities" that make him so entertaining, there's no denying they also don't make up for good boyfriend material. Besides... Jug's doesn't want/need a love life. Simple like that, so why do these girls keep insisting?

Perhaps they love a challenge, or the writers haven't got common sense it's true what Jughead says: all the female gender is  crazy, emphasis on Riverdalian ladies.

Well, you always want what you can't have. Jughead doesn't want to date, so the challenge probably draws them to him. Or some girls think they can change him.

It's not to say he doesn't have good qualities that can get a girl to notice him. He's smart, he is loyal friend, and he will attempt to help you out or give you advice (It's that that after awhile he'll give up and leave you to your own devices)

And I really liked the Archie and Jughead meet Dede story in the latest Jughead with Archie Digest. That's how I like Jughead written when a girl is attracted to him. Indifference at best.
I'm not a fan of stories where Jughead gets nervous around girls. Just doesn't seem in character to me.

Again, anyone who wants to read about Dede, should check out the latest Jughead with Archie digest. Great art by Ruiz as usual and great writing by Tania Del Rio. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Backissues
« on: May 20, 2015, 02:13:04 PM »
Page 5

Panel one: Jughead’s eyes light up as Dede holds the comic up to his face.

Jughead: Gasping gadzooks!

Panel two: View over Jughead’s right shoulder as Jughead is looking down at an all new Awesome Anipals comic.

Jughead: The Awesome Anipals!

Panel three: Dede is talking while Jughead is fixed lovingly on the comic.

Dede: Well, the Nuclear Samurai Tiger Bikers franchise was sold by the creator to Buyalot and they distributed the idea to another comic company…

Panel four: Dede continues to talk as Jughead looks like he is about to burst in tears of joy as he looks down at the comic.

Dede: And with a popular new cartoon reaching a new generation leading to increased merchandise sales, they decided to ride the momentum and revamp previous ideas leading to…

Panel five: Jughead holds up the comic high in the air like the scene from The Lion King of Simba being shown to the other animals. Several people in the comic shop act out the scene as well and bow their heads. Most of them are dressed up like various Red Circle save for one who is dressed like Mega Man who kneels and acts like he is charging his blaster. His girlfriend dressed like Quake Girl looks on amused.

Jughead: The Awesome Anipals are back!!

Page 6

Panel one: Jughead reaches over and hugs Dede who has hearts bursting like rockets from her head.

Jughead: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Panel two: Dede swoons to the ground while Jughead goes back to looking at the comic.

Jughead: I’ve been waiting over half of my life for this day, and I had just given up hope last Tuesday, but now…

Panel three: Jughead begins to read the comic as Dede pumps her fist as her plan is working.

Jughead: Maybe it’s time to reboot my outlook on life, recon my past and decompress all the joys!

Panel four: Jughead reads the comic with a smile.

Panel five: Jughead turns a page as his smile begins to fade as Dede notices the change.

Panel six: Jughead’s smile turns to a scowl as his grip tightens on the comic as he is filled with rage.

Jughead: They ruined it! They ruined the Awesome Anipals!!

Dede: What’s wrong??

Page 7

Panel one: Jughead folds the comic and shows Dede a picture of a female villain who strongly resembles the devil.

Jughead: They turned Mr. Void into a woman!

Panel two: Jughead tosses the comic back at a Dede as she is lost for words.

Jughead: He was the perfect villain and they changed everything about him!

Jughead: Stupid, unfair political correctness! First the Ghostslammers movie is an all female cast and now this!

Panel three: Jughead storms out of the comic shop as he nearly bumps into Betty and Veronica who are going inside. Betty stops Veronica from taking a swing at Jughead.

Jughead:  It’s not fair! It’s just not fair at all!

Page 8

Panel: Dede sighs as she places the Awesome Anipals back on its display as we can see Jughead outside the Pep Comic Shop window raving like a lunatic as several people look on and actually seem to be siding with him. Veronica waves Jughead off as Betty begins to pick up the latest Dymond (think Jem) comic. Four small children are dressed like Nuclear Samurai Biker Tigers and are having fun while a man in his late thirties is holding up a more gritty black and white version and shakes his head in disappointment at the kids. At one comic display for BC Comics is a sign reading: WE’RE REVAMPING OUR UNIVERSE…again. At the Marble Comic display is a sign reading: READ ON AS NONCINEMA CHARACTERS GET BRUSHED ASIDE!! And just various other comics like THE DEATH OF THE BADGER right next to THE RETURN OF THE BADGER.

Betty: Dede, what’s wrong?

Dede: Nostalgia.


Fan Fiction / Jughead in Backissues
« on: May 19, 2015, 07:01:36 PM »

Panel one: Interior of the Pep Comics Shop as Archie looks at Dede with hearts springing from his eyes while Dede is looking at Jughead with hearts springing from hers. Dede is behind the counter. The counter has several comics scattered on it and a laptop. Archie and Dedeís hearts fly all around the room as various customers and geeks duck and hide from them. Jughead is reading a Nuclear Samurai Tiger Biker comic with one hand and is using his other hand to swat away any stray roaming hearts with the other as his attention is fully on the comic. The comic displays have The Fox, The Shield, and the Black Hood showcased.

Dede: How can you love someone so and not have it recognized?

Archie: I have no idea, DedeÖ.

Panel two: Dede is showing off a drawing she made of herself that is a five panel comic of Jughead falling in love with her, dating, going to the movies, getting married, and somehow living in the Corridor of Courage along with several MLJ super heroes. This causes Archie to frown.

Dede: I have everything thought outÖ

Panel three: The lovelorn Dede turns back to Jughead who is taking a step back while reading his comic to crush several small eye hearts that fell to the ground behind him. Several kids run and toss the hearts where Jughead was standing.

Dede: ÖBut Jughead hardly acknowledges I even exist!

Page 2

Panel one: Archie tries to build up Dedeís confidence as Dede wads her small comic as she sadly accepts there is no hope.

Archie: Itís not you.  Jughead just has a problem with the idea of romance.

Dede: What problem?

Panel two: Archie responds as Dede slumps over the counter in defeat.

Archie: It exists.

Panel three: Jughead turns his head slightly to look back at Dede as she is slouched and is crying at the counter as Archie tries to calm her down.

Jughead thinking: Uh-oh. I can hear them talking about me.

Panel four: Jughead goes back to reading his comic and just brushes off any concern he just had seconds ago.

Jughead thinking: Iíll just read this comic louder in my head to ignore them.


Panel five: Dede talks with Archie as he tilts his head and puts his index finger on his forehead as he tries to remember.

Dede: Well, when did this all start?? What lead him down the path heís on??

Archie: Hmm

Panel six: Archie responds as he points at Archie

Archie: Ever hear of the Awesome Anipals?

Dede: Awesome Anipals?

Page 3

Panel one: A flashback panel of Lilí Archie reading Nuclear Samurai Tiger Bikers Adventures and has several piles of issues next to him while Lilí Jughead only has six comics of Awesome Anipals and a candy bar and can soft drink. Both kids are happy reading their comics.

Dede caption: I remember that when I was a kid! It was a spin-off of Nuclear Samurai Tiger Bikers Adventurers!

Archie caption: Yeah. And Jughead was a huge fan.

Panel two: Lilí Jughead turns to the last page as his happy demeanor turns to pure rage.

Archie caption: And then one day his childhood innocence diedÖ

Lilí Jughead: Argh!

Panel three: Lilí Jughead turns to Lilí Archie as they talk.

Lilí Jughead: Archie! They canceled Awesome Anipals after only nine issues!

Lilí Archie: Why? Wasnít it selling?

Panel four: Lilí Jughead points at the editor mail response page as he fumes.

Lil Jughead: Oh sure thatís what theyíre saying, but I know the real reason!

Panel five: Lilí Jughead throws the comic down in as he shakes both fists in the air.

Lilí Jughead: The editor is a girl and she knows boys like it so she canceled it out of spite!

Panel six: Lilí Archie goes back to his reading as Lilí Jughead makes a pledge.

Lilí Jughead: I swear on my beanie hat and its two pins---that I will hold all girls responsible for this grievous crime for the rest of my life!

Page 4

Panel one: Dede talks with Archie as Archie shrugs his shoulder.

Dede: ÖSeriously? Thatís why he dislikes the female gender?

Archie: Well, thatís just the origin story; thereís been significant character development since.

Panel two: Dede looks at her laptop as she begins to search online. Archie leans over the counter to try and take a peek.

Dede: Hm, I think I remember seeingÖ

Panel three: Dede screams in joy as she slams her lap top shut. Archie is taken by surprise and jumps back.

Dede: Yes!

Dede: And itís coming out next week, too!

Panel four: Archie looks on in confusion while Dede turns her head to Jughead with a sly grin.

Archie: What comes out next week?

Dede: The key to unlocking Jugheadís heart.

Jughead thinking: YIPPEE-KI-YEAHHH BROS!!!

Panel five: Jughead is walking back into Pep Comic Shop a week later as Dede is holding out a comic for Jughead to come see.

Caption: Next Wednesday.

Dede: Jughead! I think I have something you might want to see!

Jughead: Yeah. Comics.

Dede: Aw, but not just any comicÖ


All About Archie / Re: Everybody Loves Archie!
« on: May 19, 2015, 07:58:40 AM »
I think that might be my favorite one. Great job. :)

Yeah! That's it! :)

Just a story or a joke that cracked you up.

One of mine is Ethel showing off her dog winning a blue ribbon to Jughead.

Ethel: I won first prize at the dog show.

Jughead: Aw, you're dog didn't win anything (Or something like that)

Ends with a laughing his head off Jughead being chased by an angry Ethel.


And another is Svenson carrying a ladder by both ends and Mr. Weatherbee follwing after him to see how he's doing it. :)

Archie Horror / Re: Archie Horror Crossovers?
« on: May 14, 2015, 07:14:58 PM »
I vote the Leprechaun.

The entire franchise (besides the horrible WWE version) is about this weird little monster who you put in Las Vegas, Space, or The Hood and see how others react to him. I think it would work with Archie Comics.

Plus, I like the like the Leprechaun series. Beats Sharknado at least. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie and Jughead in Hat's All, Folks!
« on: May 14, 2015, 07:12:24 PM »
Or in Archie Comic terms: Kevin Keller. ;)

All About Archie / Re: Archie Comics Kickstarter campaign
« on: May 14, 2015, 04:36:12 PM »
He's currently writing Howard the Duck, if I'm not mistaken.

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