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Fan Fiction / Re: Betty and Veronica in Black Friday Frenzy
« on: November 27, 2015, 04:16:59 PM »
This is about to be my day.  :P

Good luck. I went out today--but I only got groceries so I didn't have to deal with anything. :)

Seriously, people get nuts around this time.

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty and Veronica in Black Friday Frenzy
« on: November 27, 2015, 04:15:27 PM »
Page 7

Panel one: Betty and Veronica continue on their way as Veronica rolls her eyes in frustration.

Betty: Look, most of what I’m buying is Christmas presents! I just don’t want them tarnished.

Veronica: Just wrap them nicely enough and no one will care…

Panel two: Betty and Veronica are in the female jeans, shirt, and dress section as various females of all ages are climbing over each other, fighting, and tugging at piece of clothing they want for themselves. Along the aisles are signs reading: 75% off, 90%, and finally PLEASE NO FATALITIES THIS YEAR!!! A Bal-Mart worker backs away as he wants no part in this. Betty shrugs her shoulders as she points at her wrist at an imaginary watch while Veronica waves her off.

Betty: Huh. I guess we have to wait.

Veronica: Waiting is for the poor and destitute! I’m a Lodge! Lodges do not wait; Lodges lead the way!

Panel three: Veronica pulls her cart and Betty to the side as she begins to yell at the top of her lungs.


Panel four: Veronica proudly looks on as all the female shoppers dash the other way with their carts as they head for the shoes. The Bal-Mart worker is caught in the middle like a cowboy in a stampede as he gets battered by shopping carts and shopping bags. A worried Betty looks on in concern as Veronica waves him off.

Veronica: Now we’ll have pick of the bunch and no one got hurt.

Betty: What about him?

Veronica: He works here. He knew the risks.

Page 8

Panel one: Veronica and Betty are continuing their shopping as the shopping cart has a few pair of shoes, blouses, shirts, and jeans as Veronica boastfully points out her success while Betty folds her arms and looks on with discontent.

Veronica: You only have a few things left and we’ll be successfully—thanks to me.

Betty: Whatever.

Panel two: Veronica looks over and glares at Betty as Betty turns her head away.

Veronica: Are you still riding your high horse?

Betty: Are you still acting like a donkey?

Panel three: Veronica moves aside and motions for Betty to walk ahead.

Veronica: That does it! If you think sunshine and rainbows will get you what you want in this den of greed, go for it!

Betty: I will!

Panel four: Betty begins to walk up behind a crowd as they are all gathered at a purse display where everything is 80 percent off. The ladies in the crowd are all bunched up and pushing and elbowing each other. One thirty year old woman crawls out from under the crowd as she is bruised, battered, missing a front tooth, and has a badly tore purse as her prize.

Betty: Wow! That would be perfect for Polly!

Page 9

Panel one: Betty tries to squeeze through as the ladies refuse to budge one inch for her.

Betty: Excuse me…

Betty: Pardon me…

Panel two: Betty gets her foot stomped on by a middle age woman.

Middle age woman: Back off, princess!

Betty: Ow!

Panel three: Another woman grabs Betty by her pony tail and pulls her back.

Another lady: Go find a dollie! This is for adults!

Betty: Hey--!

Panel four: Betty is pushed back out of the crowd as she looks dejectedly at her ruined hair scrunchie as her hair is now covering her eyes.





Panel five: Betty balls up her fist that was holding the hair scrunchie while using her other hand to brush the hair out of her eyes to show her with eyes filled with rage and anger.

Page 10

Panel one: Veronica is off to the side as she is watching two women fight over a coat.

Veronica: Well, it shouldn’t be too much longer before Betty comes crawling back to me, begging for my help.

Panel two: Veronica turns her head as she hears a voice screaming.

Betty off-panel: WHO ELSE WANTS SOME!!?

Veronica: Betty--?!

Panel three: Veronica dashes over with her shopping cart as she sees Betty going on a rampage as she is twirling around a purse and chasing off all the other female shoppers as they act like Jason Vorhees is after them. The two women who stomped on Betty’s foot and pulled her ponytail are holding their heads as pain stars are over them as they dash away in fear.

Betty: This purse is 60 % percent off, but it will cost you 100 % of your life, if you try to take it from me!!

Panel four: Veronica begins to walk towards Betty as Betty snarls and scowls at her. Veronica has her palms forward to show she is no threat.

Veronica: Betty, it’s me, Veronica. I need you to calm down, stop foaming at the mouth, and let’s just put the purse down…

Panel five: Betty gets right in Veronica’s face and screams at her!

Betty: Put it down!! I’m keeping it!! I fought for it!!

Veronica: oookay….

Page 11

Panel one: Veronica tries to calm Betty down as Betty clutches the purse close to her body like a mama bear would a cub to protect it.

Veronica: Betty, you’ve just had a bit of shopping rage. This isn’t you, this isn’t how you go about things.

Panel two: Betty points the purse at Veronica as Veronica’s eyes widen as she realizes she helped push Betty to this point!

Betty: No! This is how I should be! What you did works absolutely!

Betty:  Napalm! Punch and kick! War!

Veronica: Perhaps, I did do a few questionable acts and said those words but…but--

Panel three: Veronica has a thought balloon of all that she has done, ramming carts, tricking the two teen boys, and watching the Bal-Mart employee get run over by shoppers, (all drawn more cartoonie) as Veronica’s eyes widen as she realizes that she holds some responsibility for Betty going on a rampage.

Panel four: Veronica takes the scrunchie from Betty’s hand as Betty begins to calm down.

Veronica: I was wrong, Betty. Sure everyone around is acting like animals, but we shouldn’t stoop to their level. We’re better than that.

Veronica: I’d wager my inheritance that nearly everyone else here is buying something for themselves. But not you. You’re thinking of others. Don’t stop doing that.

Panel five: Betty calms down and smiles weakly at Veronica as Veronica is fixing her ponytail.

Veronica: We’ll just hang back and let the horde work themselves out the rest of the way. We have each other for company so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Betty: …Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Panel six: Betty is pushing the cart as Veronica walks beside her as several of the other customers at Bal-Mart look on with admiration.

Customer one: …It’s shameful how we’ve all be acting.

Customer two: You’re right. Why should this day be any different? Just a few discounts here and there.

Customer three: I’m going to tell everyone about those girls!

Page 12

Panel one: The Bal-Mart manager is standing with the Bal-Mart greeter as they look at the lines going inside and out. People going inside are acting wild and crazy as they race and push and pull to get in while the customers leaving are calm and orderly.

Bal-Mart manager: I’ve never seen anything like it. They come in wild and uncontrollable…

Bal-Mart Manager: …And then the shop all calm and collected like it was another day. Never seen a Black Friday like it.

Panel two: The Bal-Mart Greeter waves goodbye to Betty and Veronica as she continues to talk with the Bal-Mart Manager. The cart has maybe around six or seven plastic bags filled. Veronica has her cell phone out and is preparing to take a selfie with Betty before they leave as the Bal-Mart mascot runs up behind them.

Bal-Mart greeter: What do you attribute it to?

Panel three: Veronica holds out her arm and begins to take a selfie with Betty as the Bal-Mart mascot gets in on the act and puts his arms around the two’s shoulders. In the background, the Bal-Mart manager shrugs his shoulders as he really has no idea who is responsible.

Bal-Mart Manager: This change in attitude had to start somewhere. I might never know who is responsible—

Bal-Mart Manager: --But I like to believe that whomever it was, they had a fun shopping experience—and hopefully they’ll be back next year!!


Fan Fiction / Betty and Veronica in Black Friday Frenzy
« on: November 27, 2015, 12:55:21 AM »
Page 1

Panel one: The setting is Betty Cooper driving her car with Veronica in the passenger seat as she uses a car mirror to fix her hair and admire her lip stick.

Betty: I really appreciate you coming with me, Veronica. The best deals are on Black Friday, but—I have trouble getting anything. I could use the help.

Veronica: Think nothing of it, Betty. It’ll be fun watching you forage around for your discount DVDs, half off blouses and such and such.

Panel two:  Betty is talking with Veronica as Veronica arrogantly waves her off.

Betty: I don’t think you know how hard it is too shop on Black Friday, Ronnie.

Veronica: I go to the most extravagant of boutiques where the cream of the crop scratch and claw for the best of the best.

Veronica: This is just a fun little divesion.

Panel three: A shot of Betty Cooper as she has a sly smile as she points ahead. Veronica’s eyes widen and her eyes drop at what she sees.

Betty: This is you’re idea of a diversion.

Veronica: !!!

Page 2 +3

Panel one: A large panel showing Bal Mart as the Cooper car pulls into the parking lot as the entire parking lot is crammed with cars, with every space full. One angry man is shaking his fist at two kids who are taking their time on the cross walk. Two cars have pulled in and got in each others way for a parking spot. The main entrance to Bal-Mart is clogged with people who tried to go in all at once. A Bal-Mart employee is protesting alone as he has a sign reading: THE LONE MAN PROTEST!!! A small old lady with a 50 inch TV in her shopping cart and a fat guy with a Turkey Roaster are racing down a parking lane. A car driving along the parking lot is waving the white flat. A man is struggling to fit his TVs, DVDs, and various cooking appliances into his trunk. At another section of the parking lot, A husband angrily waits for his wife as she cannot get out of her side of the car because the car next to her has a group of people just chatting the day away. The wife gives her husband a “what can I do?” shrug. A security guard is chasing after a woman wearing an overcoat bursting with jewelry and necklaces. A car barely puts the brake on as a kid runs out in front of him; the kid’s mother is rushing over to grab him. The kid is playing with an action figure to notice what almost happened. Across the street is a C-Mart where a few cars have parked with the people crossing the street to get to Bal-Mart as a sad C-mart employee points to their building, but is ignored by everyone. Traffic if is blocked because of the lines of people just casually crossing the street to get to Bal-Mart.

Panel two: Veronica looks out her side of the window as two angry middle age men are ramming their shopping carts at each other as a Bal-Mart attendant rushes to stop them.

Veronica: It’s like Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons fighting over shiny stones!

Panel three: Betty looks over and grins at Veronica and gently nudges her with her elbow.

Betty: Still up to helping me forage?

Panel four: Veronica folds her arms and scowls as she gets her game face on as Betty is surprised.

Veronica: Park the car, give me your list, and stay close to me or you will not survive.

Page 4

Panel one: Betty and Veronica walk inside as they are in between where the carts are stationed and the actual area of the store. In front of them several people are fighting over carts. One man is trying to separate his cart from three others as his wife rolls his eyes at him. Two high school teenage boys are having a tug of war over a cart as they both pull with all of their might.

Betty: Wow! This is even crazier than last year! People are fighting tooth and nail over the shopping carts!

Panel two: Veronica walks past Betty as Betty looks on confused. Veronica has a fake smile on her face and is flipping her hair back.

Veronica: Good. They’re not using the right weapons.

Betty: What are you…?

Veronica: Just watch.

Panel three: Veronica swerves her body and winks at the teens as they have hearts over their eyes.

Veronica: My, what wondrously gallant men! If only one of you could help me and my blond friend retrieve a cart.

Panel four: Veronica is wheeling the shopping cart inside as she has a triumphant smile on her face as a morally opposed Betty follows beside her. In the background the two love stuck teens both have lipstick kisses on a face cheek as they look on. As Betty and Veronica go in a Bal-Mart greeter is checking a foot long list receipt as a man with two filled to the brink shopping carts texts on his phone. The Bal-Mart mascot (A red ball with black arms and legs with white gloves and white sneakers) is being chased by a junior high basketball team. The Bal-Mart mascot has a paper with 20% off taped to his back causing his trouble.

Betty: Ronnie, that was a little sneaky, wasn’t it?

Veronica: Yes. Just a little sneaky compared to what else I’ll have to do.

Page 5

Panel one: Betty and Veronica looks ahead as in front of her are various shoppers with carts as they are zooming every which way with several colliding with each other. A man barely avoids being run down by a gang of old people on motorized carts. A small boy is carrying a super hero action figure three times his size.

Betty: Maybe we can go around?

Veronica: No. We’re going through.

Betty: How? Look at all this traffic!

Panel two: Veronica lowers her head and grips the cart handle like she were a race car driver as she looks ahead with a fierce, determined, devil may care grin.

Veronica: Like General Sherman told the people of Atlanta, “Leap, follow, or get out of my way!”

Betty: What does that mean--?

Panel three: Veronica dashes ahead as she cuts off a fat man in his motorized cart who is eating a bag of Doritos and drinking mountain dew as he spills his drink on himself. A small child barely dodges Veronica, and as Veronica goes she uses one hand to stiff arm a body builder. Betty looks on in shock at Veronica’s actions.

Veronica: THIS!

Panel four: Betty runs along as she looks back at the fat man who is licking his shirt as he scowls towards Betty, the kid who sticks out his tongue, and the body builder who is crying that he got over powered by a teenage girl as a nearby sumo wrestler laughs at him.

Betty: Sorry!

Betty: Sorry!

Betty: Really sorry!

Panel five: Betty has caught up with Veronica as Veronica continues to dash ahead with ruthless aggression. Behind the two a ten cart pile up has happened with various men and women covered in clothing, jewelry, dvds, shoes, and their shopping carts. Betty looks back and continues to apologize.

Betty: We’re really sorry!! I swear, she’s a pleasant person!! Don’t think ill of her!!

Page 6

Panel one: Betty and Veronica are in the women’s clothing section as Betty begins to scold Veronica as Veronica just ignores her. Behind them, a seven foot tall woman is holding up a blouse in the air so a four foot tall woman cannot get it.

Betty: I can’t believe you did that!

Veronica: I am but what circumstances make of me.

Panel two: Betty continues to talks with Veronica as Veronica smirks.

Betty: “Circumstances make of me”! You almost ran over some nice old lady!

Veronica: Circumstantially, she should not have been in my way—

Panel three: Veronica turns to talk frankly with Betty.

Veronica: --And that was not a nice old lady! There is no “nice” person in this building! Everyone is cutthroat and out for themselves!

Panel four: Betty boldly replies as Veronica rolls her eyes.

Betty: I’m a nice person!

Veronica: And that’s the problem…

Panel five: Veronica turns and points at the four foot woman who is standing over the unconscious seven foot woman while admiring her recently won blouse. Betty is still adamant in morals and ethics and she rolls her eyes as Veronica goes on her charade.   Blasting past Betty are two shoppers grind their carts wheels together, creating sparks as they dash by.

Veronica: You’re not going to get anything you want on Black Friday if you try to be noble and kind!

Veronica: You fight fire with napalm! They push and shove, you punch and kick! They start a fight, you give them a war!

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Ether: Launch Utopia.
« on: November 26, 2015, 01:14:19 AM »
Sorry. I'm posting another different story Friday (Take a guess what it'll be about). :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Ether: Launch Utopia.
« on: November 25, 2015, 04:21:44 PM »
Page 19

Panel one: Robo Archie is walking in the sewer as he looks at the sludge and slime around him and the near tar like water he has to wad through. On a nearby sewer wall the following is spray painted: WHO MINUTES THE MINUTEMEN? Above him, several pipes have rusted through.

Robo Archie: I have no nose and I must throw up.

Wrist communicator: Please don’t. I just cleaned up.

Panel two: Robo Archie is talking to the wrist communicator as he smiles at it.

Robo Archie: Hey, I just—well, thanks for saving my bacon. Sorry I was suspicious. It’s been a weird fifteen minutes of my life.

Wrist communicator: Not a problem. I’m just glad I’m finally talking to someone. I’ve been trying for years!

Panel three: Archie turns into a tunnel as he continues to listen to the communicator.

Robo Archie: Um, where are you?

Wrist communicator: I’m close. Just follow this tunnel. I’m stationed in a nearby subway car.

Wrist communicator: Now I get to ask a question: where have you been? I… thought you all were gone. I thought I was alone.

Panel four: Robo Archie continues down the tunnel as he exits and sees a nearby subway car with a green glowing light coming from inside. The entire area looks like it could cave in at any moment as pipes and bits of building fall from the ceiling.

Robo Archie: My name is Archie Andrews. My pal Dilton Doiley had me test this brain scanner, and right after he did--

Wrist communicator: Dilton Doiley?? The famous scientist? That’s impossible!

Panel five: Robo Archie begins to open the subway car door as the green light shines on his metallic body.

Robo Archie: It’s complicated.

Robo Archie:  Let me just get inside to see you and—

Page 20

Panel one: Robo Archie opens up the subway car to see a supercomputer inside with the image of a teenage girl with shoulder length hair on the main monitor. The girl has one green eye (right) and one blue eye (left) The supercomputer, which takes up a good ¼ of the inside of the subway car, is lighting up green ss the monitor shines on Archie. The AI teen is green with various shades of green. Her green eye is the brightest shade of green.

Panel two: Robo Archie is in front of the screen as the AI teen and him both have the same baffled looks on their faces.

Panel three: Both Robo Archie and the AI teen talk and say the same thing at the same time.

Robo Archie and AI teen: WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE!??

Robo Archie whispering: …Besides cute.

Page 21

Panel one: A close-up on the monitor of the super computer as the AI/ COREY as it answers.

Corey: I am a Computerized Optimal Rescue EntitY artificial intelligence. C.O.R.E.Y. You can call me Corey, but…

Panel two: Robo Archie looks himself over as he is confused as to how he has come to be in front of her.

Corey off-panel: …Who are you?

Corey off-panel: I know you are an old beta worker drone, but last records show all of you decommissioned for the last hundred years. And…talking to you is like talking to a person.

Corey: Weird.

Panel three: Robo Archie is beginning to talk as he explains what he knows.

Robo Archie: Like I was telling you, my friend Dilton did a brain scan experiment on me and then when he was done I woke up in the future, in a robot body, there was an earthquake, and a monster chased me.

Robo Archie: VERY weird.

Panel four: A close-up on Corey as she smiles as a monitor shows her doing a scan. A picture next to her shows a much cleaner version of Dilton’s lab with the Beta Drone (Archie’s robot body) sitting on the brain scanner with guardrail around it as a family looks on as a small cylander shaped robot motions towards the display.

Corey: Wait…yes. I have it!

Corey: Dilton Doiley’s home was modified into a museum honoring his achievements! His prototype brain scanner and brain drive, while antiques, still could be functional and a beta drone was put in place to illustrate—

Panel five: Corey looks down at a confused Robo Archie

Corey: One of the seismic jolts must have activated the machine and here you are! Amazing!

Robo Archie: Um, I’m glad you’re impressed but…I just got here. Could you please tell me what’s happened to…well, everything?

Page 22

Panel one: The supercomputer monitor shows a grown up Dilton Doiley (instead of looking like the Life wth Archie versions he looks to be around six feet and quite handsome; he still has his hair and no puffy beard) looking over as a person is having their brain scanned.

Corey: Of course.

Corey: In the year 2030, the brain scans, a way of collecting human intelligence was fully licensed and required.

Panel two: A close-up on several scientists in a futuristic high tech room as they are looking at a monitor showing a simulation of a meteorite hitting earth.

Corey: In the year 2245, a meteorite 1/4th the size of earth would soon make impact. There would be no surviving life. The United Nations commissioned the Supreme Council of Science to invent…

Panel three: A close up on a blue and red satellite.

Corey: Utopia.

Corey: A self repairing nano tech satellite simulator, fueled by solar panels from a safe orbit near the sun, where all recorded brain scans will live on through simulations of different time frames, environments, and locals.

Panel four: The monitor shows a HOP monster as it begins to chase several different scientists as they rampage and begin to destroy a laboratory. The HOPs are clawing at super computers, throwing equipment, and stomping the area into oblivion.

Corey: Unknown to all governments, in the shadows, Mirth Enterprises had hoped to develop technoranic creatures Humans Our Priority, H.O.P. as a way for life to sustain on earth after the meteorite by biological modification.

Corey: As you can attest, it went horribly awry.

Panel five: A blinding screen shot of the meteorite striking earth kicking up a massive dust cloud that blocks out the sun.

Corey: The HOP multiplied, leaving spores to spawn others. Then the meteorite struck, all life was gone within a few short years as a result of both.

Panel six: A close-up on Corey’s grim face.

Corey: We artificial intelligences still did not stop searching, but then The HOPs targeted us and…now at the end, I’m all that is left.

Page 23

Panel one: Robo Archie sadly looks at his hands as he realizes the truth about who he is.

Robo Archie: So…then I’m not Archie Andrews suddenly in a robot body…

Panel two: A downward angle looking upward through Robo Archie’s fingers as his face plate shows him sad by the news.

Robo Archie: I’m a copy of Archie who just round up in an old robot by a fluke right at the end of the world.

Robo Archie: That means, I—I’m not…real.

Panel three: Robo Archie looks up at Corey.

Corey: Yes you are! Don’t ever say that! You are all that is left of the human race! Of sentient life on earth! Don’t ever deny that!

Robo Archie: How? I mean—I…Archie and everyone he knew and loved have been gone for centuries. I’m not even his full life! I have zit problems still!

Panel four: A close-up on Corey as she talks to Robo Archie.

Corey: …Archie, if a person cuts off his foot than the foot is no longer a part of that person, but the person remains. That goes for all parts of the body, including the brain.

Corey: As long as his mind and memories remain, Archie Andrews is still alive.

Panel five: Robo Archie lowers his head as he thinks about what Corey has said.

Panel six: Robo Archie looks up and smiles at Corey.

Robo Archie: You’re right!

Robo Archie: I am Archie Andrews! I’m just shinier and with built in Wi-Fi!

Page 24

Panel one: The subway car begins to shake as Robo Archie stumbles towards the super computer.

Robo Archie: Oh no! Not another earthquake! I’m pretty sure I’m not up to warranty!

Corey: This is but an aftershock, but the meteorite dug deep into the earth’s core, decimating it, causing increasing seismic tension throughout the globe.

Panel two: Robo Archie steadies himself as he looks up at Corey as Corey has a picture of earth breaking apart.

Robo Archie: Meaning…?

Corey: Meaning that within three hours, earth will break apart.

Corey: Archie, you and I have to search Riverdale. For everything that has been—

Panel three: A close-up on a shocked Robo Archie as he hears the task he has to undertake.

Corey off-panel: --We have to find Utopia and launch it before the entire planet is gone and human existence is lost along side it!!


Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Ether: Launch Utopia.
« on: November 24, 2015, 03:29:29 PM »
Thanks. Glad you like it. :)

Page 13

Panel one: Robo Archie looks down at Doily Museum sign as he nudges it with his robotic foot. As he does, the sign cracks slightly.

Robo Archie: Yep. Definitely the future.

Panel two: Robo Archie looks up at the sky to see that a massive dust cloud is spread over the sky as far as he can see, blocking out the sun.

Robo Archie: And what’s up with all that dust in the sky? It’s so massive, thick—there’s barely any light.

Panel three: Archie looks around at the buildings to see that most have collapsed or caved in as if an earthquake has struck.

Robo Archie: And look at all these homes, collapsed. And the streets and ground are cracked and ruined. Almost like there were hit by an earthquake.

Robo Archie: Naw, that can’t be right. This is Riverdale! There’s never been an earthquake…

Panel four: Robo Archie looks down at his feet as a few pebbles begin to vibrate. His face plate has images of vibrating waves over his left cheek as Robo Archie rolls his electric outline eyes towards it.

Robo Archie: Um, why do I have seismic sensors? And why are they going off? And why are those little rocks imitating jumping beans…?

Panel five: A massive earthquake hits as everything in the panel shakes and the buildings begin to fall over even more. Robo-Archie is jolted around comically as he lands on his head, stomach, head, and finally begins to roll off-panel. Dust and rock and broken splintered wood begins to scatter everywhere.


Robo Archie: oOoOhH! A-aAsk a s-s-stupidddd question…!!

Page 14

Panel one: Robo Archie is on the ground as is on his stomach with his feet and legs pulled in and his hands over the back of his head as he tries to shield himself as the panel shows the earthquake is still happening. There should be some sort of vibrating effect to illustrate how bad the earthquake is.

Robo Archie: Okay! It’s been about ten minutes!! World, could you please stop shaking now!!?

Panel two: The earthquake stops as Robo Archie raises his head.

Robo Archie: Oh. Wish I thought of asking ten minutes ago.

Panel three: Robo Archie looks behind him to see that the basement and the rest of the old Doily house has fallen in.

Robo Archie: Well, looks like I can’t find any answers back there now.

Robo Archie: Course, I don’t really even know what questions to ask.

Panel four: Robo Archie is looking around as he walks forward.

Robo Archie: Except maybe this one:

Panel five: Robo Archie is pointing at the techno mold as it continues to give off a small blue light.

Robo Archie: What in name of weird mysteries is this thing?!?

Page 15

Panel one: Robo Archie begins to stick move his finger to poke it as the techno organic mold begins to pulse even brighter as if reacting to Robo Archie’s movement.

Robo Archie: It looks like one of Dilton’s petri dishes globs gone amuck.

Robo Archie: And it’s starting to glow real bright now….

Panel two; Robo Archie’s index finger is just about to touch it.

Robo Archie off-panel: Eh, why not. I’m a robot now. Not much difference between this and poking it with a stick.

Panel three: On Robo Archie’s right wrist a light and signal begin to go off causing him to pull back.

Robo Archie wrist: No! Whatever you do, don’t touch the HOP spore!

Panel four: Robo Archie turns his and talks into his wrist as the techno organic mold begins to grow and the silhouette of a monstrosity begins to form unnoticed to him.

Robo Archie: Did my wrist just talk to me? —And did it say not to “hop”?  Shouldn’t that request come from my feet?

Robo Archie’s wrist: --what? No…I’m broadcasting to you from a remote…and what did you say you were…?

Panel five: A purple and blue hand and talon begins to rip open the top of the blue techno organic spore as Robo Archie continues to talk with his wrist communicator. As the talon rips through the molds purple steam and blue slime begin to erupt from the mold

Robo Archie’s wrist communicator: Nevermind! Listen, get away from that spore!

Robo Archie: Why?


Page 16

Panel one: Robo Archie begins to turn around as all the lights and panels on his body begin to light up with a monitor on his chest reading: DANGER!! Archie’s face plate has his face looking on in horror as the shadow of the monster/HOP shrouds over him

Robo Archie: Whuh-oh.

Panel two: From the point of view of the HOP as one side of the panel looks normal only tinted purple while the other side the panel is divided up into twelve smaller triangles of various sizes, similar to the view of a spider or fly. All of them are looking down at a frighten Robo Archie.

Robo Archie: Okay, good reason to not touch it…

Panel three: Robo Archie begins to run away from The HOP. The HOP is an eight foot tall purple and blue monster technoorganic monster. The Hop’s head and most of it’s body are purple with glowing red veins protruding from various spots of it’s deformed body. Its back has two large jagged bones sticking out of and the tips ending in sharp points. The head is large with one eye cat like and the other is spider like, its jaw is all enlarged fangs with green drool foaming down its chin. Its body is extremely muscular and thick built and it has blue talons on each of it’s three times as large hands. Its feet are cloven with small pinchers to cling onto the ground. This is what all the HOP monsters will look like. Just make it as gross as possible. Think the old cartoon Inhumanoids. The Hop Monster is letting out a yell with its unhinged jaw and has its fist up in the air to show how primal and evil it is.


Robo Archie: …Now to keep it from touching me!!

Page 17

Panel one: Robo Archie is running from The HOP as the HOP begins to give chase as it is only ten feet behind Robo Archie. Robo Archie is talking to his wrist as he tries to desperately get away from The HOP monster while trying to see if his robo body can help him…which it comically can’t. All the buildings in the background are barely standing or have collapsed into a pile of wreckage. In the background, the remenants of Riverdale City Hall and the Riverdale Library can be seen. On a lot of the brick and bits of building are various claw markings to give the reader a hint that there are more HOPs around.

Robo Archie: Activate Robo blaster!

Robo Archie: Transform and roll out!

Robo Archie: Go Go Robo Archie jet pack--!

Panel two: Robo Archie ducks his head as The HOP tries to slash his head off.

Robo Archie: No! I don’t want that to go go!

Robo Archie’s wrist communicator: ...what in datamining are you doing?

Panel three: Robo Archie yells into his wrist communicator.

Robo Archie: Trying not to get unalived by the alien monster thingie!

Robo Archie’s communicator: I figured that much.

Robo Archie’s communicator: I locked on your position, and I can help you, just do as I say…

Panel four: Robo Archie looks suspiciously at his wrist communicator.

Robo Archie: Wait…how do I know I can trust you…?

Panel five: The HOP lets out another roar that quickly changes Robo Archie’s mind.

The Hop off-panel: MMMRRRTTTTHHHH!!

Archie’s wrist communicator: Who sounds more honest, me or that?

Robo Archie: Him, but the truth hurts--!

Page 18

Panel one: Robo Archie takes a corner past the wreckage and ruminants of the TChocklit Shoppe. Inside of the Chocklit Shoppe growing several sets of growing red eyes similar to the HOP Monsters are glowing in the dark.

Panel two: The HOP monster follows after.

Panel three: Over the shoulder of The HOP Monster as it confused to not see Robo Archie.

Panel four: The HOP Monster lets out a roar of rage and frustration as it tilts its head into the air. Several more HOP Monsters begin to tear and rip through the devastated Chocklit Shoppe to join the other HOP monster as if the other HOP Monster is calling to gather them all to it.


Panel five: A close-up on the right cloven foot of the HOP monster as it steps off of a manhole cover.

Robo Archie in sewer: “Olfaction enabled”?

Robo Archie: No! Alt-Delete! Alt-De—aaaahhhh!!

All About Archie / Re: My First Archie Work!
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Wow! Way to go! :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Ether: Launch Utopia.
« on: November 23, 2015, 12:04:53 PM »
Two extra pages in the part, one for each special day this week! And for anyone wondering. I'm writing a homage to SOMA. :)

Page 7 (All through Archie’s point of view.)

Panel one: A shot from the point of view of Archie as Dilton is in front of him and beginning to lower the brain scanner helmet over his head. In the background is the high tech super computer as two mini bots are playing a video game.

Dilton: Archie, I promise you that every precaution has been put into account and I’ve run several safety simulations before hand. You could not be safer.

Archie: That’s always good to know.

Panel two: The helmet is over Archie’s eyes as the red lens make everything a shade of red. To the right of Archie are several readings showing a cartoon diagram of a brain showing 0% information gathered. Next to it are several happy emoticons designed to ease Archie’s mind.

Dilton: Not too tight?

Archie: I’m good.

Panel three: Dilton goes off panel as he begins to go back to the computer to start the brain scan process as Archie stares straight ahead.

Archie: So how long will this take...?

Dilton: Just over a minute by my calculations.

Panel four: Same shot only with Archie trying to turn his head.

Dilton off-panel: --Oh you might see a bright light for a few moments followed by momentary darkness. Don’t worry. That’s normal.

Archie: Wait Wait--! I want to say no and run screaming out of here before you—

Panel five: A bright white light shines over the entire panel.

Panel six: Now the panel is pure black.

Archie: ---hit the start button…

Page 8 (all seen through Archie’s point of view.)

Panel one: The entire panel is black.

Archie: Yep…darkness.

Panel two: Entire black panel

Archie: Been about a minute of momentary darkness now.

Panel three: pure black panel still.

Archie: Dilton…? Dilton?

Archie: You still there? Are we done? My neck really feels stiff.

Panel four: pure black panel

Archie: Look, this scanner isn’t showing any readings and I’ve got a date with Betty this afternoon, and a date with Veronica later tonight, so I’m going to take this off and go, okay?

Panel five: Finally bright white light to show Archie beginning to adjust to the light.

Archie: …Just need the peepers to adjust….

Page 9

Panel one: Everything has changed as the entire lab looks to not have had a single person in it for over a hundred years with the computer monitors, invention tables, robots fallen into disrepair. Several old inventions are in broken glass displays. The walls are cracked and everything is covered in dust and cobwebs with roaches skittering about.

Archie: …Or I need an eye exam…

Archie: What happened--?

Panel two: A roach claws on Archie’s eyes.

Archie: Ahhhh!

Panel three: Robotic hands swat away the roach.

Archie: Get off! Get off! Ew! Ew!

Panel four: Archie looks at his robotic hands.

Archie: …waitasecond.

Panel five: Archie is out of the chair and running towards the main computer to look at the cracked monitor.

Archie: Okay, okay, don’t lose your head…there is a rational explanation for this…

Panel six: Archie looks at the monitor to see a robotic screen that has his face on it outlined in bright blue lights as he is now in a robot body modeled after the blue prints the mini-bots were trying to store away.

Archie: Panic! Panic, Archie Andrews! Panic!

Page 10

Panel one: Robo Archie begins to scream as he tilts his head up into the air as he waves a fist.

Robo Archie: Dilton, you did not say anything about turning me into an andro—cybor…

Robo Archie: Robot! I’m a robot!

Panel two: Robo Archie looks around to see just how old and bad Dilton’s lab looks with everything in disrepair. Robo Archie taps a broken glass display that has bits of a mini bot covered in dust and glass. In the background, we can see the brain scanner as it is old and broken down with wiring flashing. At the foot is a deteriorated plaque. Everything about the chair is covered with dust save for the outline where Robo Archie had been sitting.

Robo Archie: …Um, Dilton, where are you…?

Panel three: Robo Archie begins to walk backwards as he is about to walk into a giant cobweb.

Robo Archie: Huh. Actually, it doesn’t look like he’s been here in awhile. Everything is broke and look at all this dust and—

Panel four: Robo Archie begins to thrash about as he trips over a broken mini-bot and falls backwards.

Robo Archie: Ah! Spider web! It’s in my hair, it’s in my—oh wait.

Robo Archie: Whoops!!

Panel five: Robo Archie is sitting on the ground as tries to get the cob web off him. Robo Archie has landed in a pile of discarded and tattered blue print paper and other documents that crumbles to dust because of the impact.

Robo Archie: Okay…you’re a robot, and this might be the future—but if I’m a robot that could mean that…

Panel six: Robo Archie has a thought balloon of robotic versions of Betty and Veronica and himself doing the famous three straws to a soda only now it is motor oil instead of ice cream. The robot versions look exactly like Betty and Veronica while Archie is still in his super cute four foot tall form.

Page 11

Panel one: Robo Archie runs to the electronic door as he still tries to get cobwebs off of him.

Robo Archie: Yay! Robo-future!

Panel two: Robo Archie keeps pressing the button to open the electronic door as he can’t wait to get outside.

Robo Archie: C’mon! C’mon! C’mon! There might be a Reggie Bot out there alone with Veronica 2.0!

Panel three: Robo Archie is ecstatic as the door slowly and barely begins to open halfway before stalling.

Robo Archie: Wow. Robotic girls! And maybe the future has holographic sharks that don’t look fake!

Panel four: Robo Archie has a look of shock on his face as he ducks outside.

Robo Archie: !!!

Page 12

Panel one: A one shot of the area. Dilton’s house has half collapsed. All the other houses are half collapsed or a complete wreckage. Above the sky is a giant dust cloud that blocks out the sun as everything is dark and gloomy. On the ground are various six foot techno organic molds that pulse a dull blue light. There is no vegetation left and no living things anywhere. The ground is basically dust and dirt with various cracks. Some portions of the ground are heavily cracked, creating narrow deep rifts. The streets and sidewalks have cracks as if a massive earthquake has hit. Wind with dust blow in the foreground to show the sad shape of the world in the future. Fallen near the basement is a battered and worn sign reading: DOILY MUSEUM circa 2(rest of it is worn out).

Robo Archie: Sigh.

Robo Archie: I guess this means no robo girlfriends…

Fan Fiction / Archie in Ether: Launch Utopia.
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Page 1

Panel one: The setting is the driveway of Dilton Doiley’s home during a bright sunny afternoon. Archie is walking up the driveway of the Doily house as he looks around. Along the front yard are various flying cambots hovering in the air. One cambot is focusing on a rabbit wearing winter clothes eating carrot ice cream. Another cambot is being chased by a flock of butterflies. One cambot is rolling across the ground to keep up with a hedgehog that is rolled up and trying to move away. Two cambots, with retractable hands, are raking the leaves in the yard as they look angrily at a nearby cambot who is just watching. One cambot is focused on Archie and extends a robotic hand to wave hello.

Archie: Guess Dilton knows I’m here…I just wish I knew what he wanted to see me about. He was really excited.

Panel two: Archie looks over into the next yard to see that a moving truck and various workers are setting out several bosses. One super skinny mover is single handily carrying out a sofa to the surprise of a co-worker. On the driveway are boxes that are labeled: Fragile, Junk, Fragile Junk (mother-in-law stuff). As Archie looks over he is enjoying the sunlight shining on his face.

Archie: Sigh.

Archie: Seems a shame to spend a day like this in a stuffy basement. I don’t know how Dilton handles it.

Panel three: Archie is at the high tech basement door of Dilton Doiley as it opens. Archie blushes and scratches the back of his head as he reacts to Dilton overhearing his comment from the previous panel. Near the door is a small intercom and security box. Behind Archie, the cambot that greeted Archie is slammed into by the cambot being chased by the butterflies and sails off panel.

Dilton on near by intercom: My ventilation system filters all pollen, pollutants, and dust particles for perfectly fresh, clean air. And there’s a window.

Archie: Heh-heh. Right.

Page 2 + 3

Panel one: Archie is inside to see the madhouse that is Dilton’s laboratory. Inside of Dilton’s lab we can see several high tech computers along the walls, the main computer has the following on the screen: REALITY IS THAT WHICH, WHEN YOU STOP BELIEVING IN IT, DOESN’T GO AWAY. Typing that message in is one of Dilton’s two inch robots. A robot beside the typing one is taking a selfie with a small phone. Various work tables have various inventions of different sizes, shapes, and degrees of completion have been moved aside with an army of the small robots around them, tired with all the moving. One of the robots checks his phone to see the selfie from the other robot. Close to Archie on the ground, two robots are trying to roll up a blue print for a Beta Drone robot (small humanoid robot with a faceplate) as another of the small robots finds itself rolled up.   In the middle of the room is a high tech chair resembling a lazy boy that has a computer attached to the side and a scanner helmet overhead. The helmet has red lens that extend over the eyes and just under the nose. Working behind the chair is Dilton as he is using a laser drill as a small robot is on the helmet looking on. At the back of the room over a computer is a portrait of Cheryl Blossom signed Mini Bot #1,654. Several small bird bots are overhead with mini-bots riding them and spraying air fresheners. Behind one of the robotic birds is a banner reading: I DAYDREAM OF ELECTRIC BIRDSEEDS.

Archie: Dilton…?

Archie: Um, I catch you a little busy?

Panel two: Dilton holds up the laser drill with one hand as he takes off his goggles with another. Two bird robots with a minibot riding flies over to take the drill or goggles respectively.

Dilton: On the contrary, you caught me recently finished!

Panel three: Archie is having trouble walking as he is struggling to avoid the swarm of mini-bots in his way as the mini-bots are acting like they are in a Godzilla movie as the panic around the lumbering Archie.

Archie: Got your text. I’m—whoa sorry!!—and came over, but what does TOMBS mean?

Panel four: Dilton motions towards the brain scanner chair as Archie looks on bewildered.

Dilton: Oh, that was a short acronym meaning: Try Out My BrainScanner.

Dilton: Hip, right?

Page 4

Panel one: Archie looks over the brain scanner chair as Dilton adjusts his glasses. In the background, a birdbot has taken the rolled up blue prints as the minibot inside sticks his head out. The mini bot riding the bird bot points down and laughs at the other mini bot’s plight.

Archie: “Brain scanner”? So it’s kind of like a DVR for the noggin?

Dilton: You are venturing down the accurate channel.

Panel two: Dilton holds out a small high tech thumb drive as he begins to give it to Archie to hold.

Dilton: My brain scanner, as the name suggests, scans the brain, but it also can copy the mind and store it for future use inside this brain drive.

Panel three: Archie looks at the brain drive as he scratches his head.

Archie: Um, Dilton, this is amazing—but why would you invent something like this?

Panel four: Archie accidentally drops the brain drive as Dilton turns his back to look at the brain scanner. Archie desperately tries to grab the thumb drive out of the air while two mini bots run around and try to catch the brain drive before it hits the ground.

Dilton: I thought of many uses actually:

Dilton: It can be used in courts of law to extract perfect judgment, to keep track of your car keys or various remote controls, but above all—

Panel five: Dilton thoughtfully looks at the brain scanner as one of the mini robots has caught the brain drive as Archie and the other mini-bot breathe a sigh of relief. The mini bot holds the key drive like He-Man holding his sword over his head.

Dilton: To store knowledge, to remember people. Recently, I was reflecting on how we as a society store and maintain movies, buildings, comics—but not the human mind.

Dilton: It just seemed sad to me that people could ever be forgotten.

Panel six: Dilton reaches down and takes the brain drive as Archie is impressed by Dilton.

Archie: Well, it makes sense to me…

Archie: …But what do you need me for?

Page 5

Panel one: Dilton grins as he looks at Archie and motions behind him to the brain scanner while holding up the brain drive in between his thumb and index finger.

Archie off-panel: Oh…

Panel two: Archie walks over to the brain scanner as several mini-bots with small dusters begins to clean the cushion for him.

Archie: So what exactly do I have to do?

Dilton: Just sit down and do nothing.

Panel three: Archie begins to take his seat on the brain scanner as the mini-bots rush off the brain scanner with a mini-bot helping another mini bot climb over the arm rest before Archie crunches it

Archie: So just do my impersonation of Jughead then?

Dilton: Precisely.

Panel four: Archie is worried as he looks around at the high tech chair as one mini-bot is dressed like a priest and seems to be giving Archie his last rites. Dilton is working on the computer as he puts the brain drive in a slot on the control panel.

Dilton: Comfortable?

Archie: Scared.

Dilton: But you are comfortable, correct?

Page 6

Panel one: Dilton continues to program the brain scan as Archie turns to look at him as he works. Two mini bots riding bird bots are racing as one of he bird bots has a banner reading: I DON’T EAT DUST; I VACUUM IT!

Archie: Dilton, why me out of everyone?

Panel two: A close-up on Archie’s face as he is all smiles.

Dilton off-panel: Because you are one of my best friends and a kind and noble soul.

Panel three: Archie’s smile fades as Dilton continues his explanation.

Dilton off-panel: …And everyone else I asked said no with some running and screaming.

Panel four: Dilton begins to lower the scanner helmet over Archie’s head.

Archie: Um, so what exactly is going to happen?

Dilton: It’s quite simple…

Panel five: A close-up on Dilton as he happily goes over what will happen like he is explaining simple addition to a child.

Dilton: The scanner helmet will emit a low dose photon particle wave through the retinas where it will enter into your brain and travel through your synapses collecting electrical pulses your mind emits.

Dilton: And a retractive gamma wave pulse will collect the particle waves and the brain scanner will translate the collected electrical pulses into data—memories, thoughts, dreams, such and such…

Dilton: …Which will be downloaded to the brain drive and be stored.

Panel six: Dilton has thumb pressed across his mouth as he looks down to see a frightened out of his wits Archie slouching down in the brain scanner to avoid the helmet on his head and covering his eyes.

Dilton: Hmm. Upon reflection, future clarifications may be better received with sugarcoating of significant details.

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Or taking a dive during basketball games. :)

And back on subject, we are at 21, 203 with 26 days to go.

All About Archie / Re: Fernando Ruiz and Dan Parent's Die Kitty Die!
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Do we have to call them floppies?

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty and Veronica in Riverdale in Review: Boy Edition.
« on: November 19, 2015, 04:11:35 PM »
Is the end a tribute to the cover of the first Reggie where Reggie leaves Archie tied up in the phone while he takes his date with Veronica?  :)

...Sure. Why not?  ;)

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty and Veronica in Riverdale in Review: Boy Edition.
« on: November 18, 2015, 10:49:19 AM »
Thanks, I tried to make it diverse with those being reviewed. And next week a two parter based on a popular video game released in the last few months. :)

Page 6

Panel one: Betty is introducing Kevin Keller as Kevin Keller is all smiles. Another image has both Veronica and Kevin Keller both checking out the same handsome teen boy as he winks in their direction.

Betty: This is Kevin Keller. He’s taken Riverdale by storm since he’s move in.

Betty: The ladies swooned over him—including a certain raven hair heiress cohost—and they were all brought to tears when they learned he was gay.

Panel two: Veronica is gushing as moves in front of Betty and takes her review time. On the screen are various image profiles of Kevin Keller.

Betty: But—hey! Ronnie--!

Veronica: Yeah, it was a crushing blow, but he became one of my best friends! And just look at him! That hair, those eyes, that smile—whomever lands him will be a lucky man!

Panel three: The screen shows Kevin Keller as class president, writing for the school paper and saluting the American flag. Betty frowns as she realizes she’s not going to get any more talking time and seems indifferent for the first time in the entire story.

Veronica: Just check out how popular he is! He moved in and became class president! He’s a great writer! And he wants to join the military just like his father! Kevin Keller is a 10!

Betty: 7.

Panel four: Veronica turns and snaps at Betty as Betty shrugs her shoulders.

Veronica: What?! SEVEN!? He’s handsome, he has a great personality, and look at all he’s accomplished!

Betty: I’m sorry, I like him and, yeah, he’s good looking—but he’s kinda boring and a real goody-goody. Can you imagine being around someone like that all the time?

Panel five: Veronica is staring dumbfounded at Betty as Betty is equally confused.

Betty: What?! Why are you looking at me like that? Do you need a hug?

Page 7

Panel one: Betty motions towards the current blank screen while Veronica is trying to stop herself from chuckling as she has a sly grin on her face as she tries to hide it from Betty.

Betty: Anyway, here is our flash review of a few other teens of Riverdale High that you may have overlooked and—are you laughing…?

Veronica: No, no,no…! I’m excited! You just lead us off during this segment, okay?

Panel two: Raj is on the screen as he is holding his camera. Betty grins at him while Veronica gives him a thumbs down.

Betty: Raj Patel. He inspires to be a great film maker. We dated for a bit and I can tell you he is a nice, fun guy. 6.

Veronica: I’ve seen his homemade movies; that is not happening. And just look at how he dresses. 4

Panel two: Adam Chisolm is on the screen as Betty starts to become embarrassed as she notices a trend in guys she’s dating being the focus.

Betty: Um, Adam Chisholm. He enjoys surfing and football. And we’ve dated…7

Veronica: And you called Kevin Keller boring. But he is good looking, just not exciting. 6.

Panel three: Sayid Jamal Ali is on the screen as Betty is becoming even more embarrassed as Veronica begins to tease her now that Betty has picked up on what is happening.

Betty: Sayid Jamal Ali. Wow, um, okay…he is in the chess club and yearbook committee….

Veronica: You forgot to mention another club that Sayid is in. 7.

Betty: No I didn’t—8!

Panel four: On the screen is Trev Smith. Betty is holding her head down and covering her face with her ponytail as she is trying to hide her bright red face as she blushes from embarrassment. Veronica is having a blast as she is pointing at the screen and at Betty to show the connection.

Betty: Oh, c’mon….!!

Veronica: Allow me. This is Trev Smith, younger brother of Josie and the Pussycats’ Valerie. I don’t know much about him, but if Bettykins dates him, I know he’s good people. 8

Betty: … 8.

Panel five: Veronica is reaching over and grabbing and shaking Betty’s shoulders as Betty turns and gives her the stinkeye as she knows Veronica played the joke on her. And Veronica is having too much of a laugh to care.

Betty: I’m sure you had something to do with this.

Veronica: Moi? You wound me…almost as badly as those poor boys with their broken hearts.

Page 8

Panel one: Veronica is introducing Chuck as Chuck is on the screen.

Veronica: This is Chuck Clayton. Son of gym teacher Coach Clayton, artist,  dedicated boyfriend to Nancy Woods…

Veronica: Unless a certain blond comes along to ruin that.

Panel two: Veronica closes her eyes and playfully winces as Betty yells at her off-panel.

Betty off-panel: I would never do that!!

Panel three: Betty is talking as the screen shows Chuck drawing for children, him catching the a football while in uniform, and him and Nancy working together on a piece of art as they have fun splashing paint on each other. The canvas is an exact copy of the Mona Lisa.

Betty: Anyway, as Veronica mentioned he is a great artist, just so creative. He’s also the tight end for the Riverdale Bulldogs, and he’s one of the few Riverdale guys who will actually commit to a girl.

Panel four: Veronica is talking as a screen shows Chuck being too focused on drawing for a dressed for a date Nancy and an image of him being annoyed by his father as his father motions for him to run. Also are various images of his hair styles over the years.

Veronica: But he’s not without faults. He can get too preoccupied with his doodles, he has a chip on his shoulder for having a father as a teacher--

Veronica—and just look at those highly questionable hairstyles he’s had!

Panel five: Betty is smiling as gives her score as Veronica shivers as she thinks about Chuck’s hair styles.

Betty: Maybe, but the good outweighs the bad. 8

Veronica: But those hair styles…brrrrr

Veronica: 6

Page 9

Panel one: A close-up on Betty and Veronica as they are all smiles.

Betty: And now what you all have been waiting for--

Veronica: The main event—

Panel two: Both stand up as the motion towards the screen as it shows an image of Archie.

Betty and Veronica: ARCHIE ANDREWS!!

Panel three: Betty gushes as the screen shows an image of Lil’ Archie and Lil’ Betty playing in a sandbox as Lil’ Betty gazes over at Lil’ Archie as he shovels sand. Another image is Archie waving hello to an ecstatic Betty. Another is Betty and Archie on a picnic.

Betty: He’s just amazing. I’ve loved him since day one. He’s always been so handsome, and nice, funny, and sweet…


Panel four: Veronica is smiling as Lil’ Archie is on the monkeybars trying to get Lil’ Veronica’s attention. Another image is Mr. Lodge chasing after Archie after Archie has broke a vase and the last image is the two in a high priced restaurant as Archie sadly pays the waiter while Veronica chuckles playfully.

Veronica: That hair, those freckles can’t be beat, no denying. So suave and debonair....and courteous to a fault!

Panel five: Betty and Veronica both jump in the air with their hands extended to show all ten fingers as the screen shows the classic image of Archie drinking soda with the girls.

Betty and Veronica: HE’S A 10!!

Page 10

Panel one: Betty is talking to the reader as she rolls her eyes off panel.

Betty: Well, thank you all for joining us. I hope that—

Veronica off-panel: Archiekins, I just finished our little project, and I know you were wondering if I was doing anything after…

Panel two: A close-up on Betty as she gives the reader an aside smirk as she is thinking of something.

Panel three: A close-up on Betty as she is happily talking into Veronica’s cellphone.

Betty: --Ronnie, oh she’s…held up for the time. Happened all of sudden without warning. But if you want to share a burger and fries at Pop’s, I’m free.

SFX behind her: WHAM BAM

Panel four: Betty begins to skip away from a broom closet with a chair pressed against it keeping Veronica trapped inside as Veronica is kicking and pounding at the door from the other side to get free. Betty is still talking on the cellphone as she has a giant grin on her face and small hearts over her head as she ignores the racket Veronica is making behind her.

Veronica in broom closet: Betty Cooper, you lunatic! You let me out of here right now!!

Betty: Great!  Oh, and—spoiler alert!!—I gave you a 10! --Veronica…? I don’t really remember…



All About Archie / Re: Fernando Ruiz and Dan Parent Mystery Project
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:36:06 AM »
Wow. Almost half way after a day.

Fan Fiction / Re: Betty and Veronica in Riverdale in Review: Boy Edition.
« on: November 16, 2015, 08:34:28 PM »
No, that's just a good example not to add in last names while you have someone asking "who's this person, do you remember that person?" while I'm editing. :)

...And going over her Three River cornmeal is gone forever, I learned that from a lady in Ingles story.

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