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Fan Fiction / Archie in The Elementary Deceit
« on: Yesterday at 08:47:45 PM »
Page 1:

Panel one: The setting is the Lodge dining room as various servants and staffs are lining up tables and setting them up for a banquet. The tables have fine white linings over them and the chairs are handmade craft of the finest. Smithers is telling the staff what to do as he is calm in the storm of chaos that is going on around him. One maid is dusting off a male servant’s face as another looks on with a chuckle. Two maids are arguing over various spoon placements in front of a seat. Chef Gaston is chasing after a live turkey with a meat cleaver as the turkey turns its head to make faces at Gaston. Over the room is a banner reading: WELCOME MAHARAJA, YOU’RE A GREAT FELLA!! The banner is being hung up by a servant on an unsteady ladder. Mr. Lodge has his back turned to this as he points out of the dinning room as he makes a request of Veronica and Archie.

Mr. Lodge: Archie, Veronica, would you two go to storage vault 3 and bring the Jihong Porcelain? It was a gift from the Maharaja of Selalotta. It’d be perfect for the banquet.

Veronica: Not a problem, daddykins.

Panel two: Archie is talking to Veronica as they are about to walk out of the dining hall as Mr. Lodge is in the background with his attention seemingly back to preparing the dining hall for the banquet. The turkey now has the cleaver and is chasing after Gaston as everyone looks on in surprise.

Archie: Ronnie, it looks like your dad is finally beginning to have some faith in me.

Panel three: Archie’s pride is quickly deflated as Mr. Lodge comments to the amusement of Veronica as playfully pinches Archie’s face cheek.

Mr. Lodge: No. I just feel that if you’re going to be here, you might as well try and make yourself useful.

Page 2

Panel one: Veronica and Archie are walking down a spiral of stairs as they head to the basement of the Lodge Manner. There are several lights along the wall to lead the way as they descend downward. The staircase seems to go down miles. On the wall is a map showing the world and an arrow pointing near the earth’s core reading: YOU ARE HERE.

Archie: Storage vaults? I’ve never been to the storage area.

Veronica: It’s were daddy keeps his most valuable, memorable possessions he’s collected over the years.

Panel two: Archie jokes as Veronica rolls her eyes.

Archie: Us common folk call that “a basement”.

Veronica: Funny. I thought that was where your hot water heater, dryer, and washer were.

Panel three: Veronica has reached the last step as Archie follows two steps behind

Archie: Say, when your dad said “vault three” does that mean literally…?

Panel four: Archie is in awe as he is looking ahead a three marked old fashion vault doors labeled with 1 2 3 with the only way to open it is to turn a giant metal knob. Veronica looks at Archie and doesn’t understand why he is so impressed.

Archie: Yowza! You’d think that your family was storing gold bars for the government!

Veronica: No, those gold bars belong to our family, and that’s vault one. What we need is vault three.

Page 3

Panel one: Veronica begins to flirt with Archie as she rubs her hand through his hair and presses her lips against his right ear as he has a big dopey smile across his face as he falls for Veronica’s charms.

Veronica: Oh, Archie, you’re so big and strong, and I know you wouldn’t want me to ruin my manicure…

Veronica: Could you please open the vault door, you strong man you?

Panel two: Archie is struggling as he is turning the old vault knob as he is straining with all his might. Veronica is just behind him and looks on with a smile.

Archie: Not a---URRRRK---problem, my love--!!


Panel three: Archie has the doors open slightly as Veronica casually walks in and motions for Archie to follow. Archie is bent over taking deep breaths as he is totally exhausted as his arms just dangle like  limp like noodles.

Veronica: Thanks you, Archie. Now don’t dawdle. I’m going to need you to move boxes around if we’re going to find the porcelain.

Archie: Not (huff huff) a (hhmm) problem…!

Panel four: A shot of inside of the vault as we see how massive it is with shelves upon shelves of various history items. On the wall to the right is a paint of Mona Lisa crying. A sarcophagus is set horizontally in the middle of the room with a sign reading: RESTING PLACE, BUT NOT A SEAT! Various decorative boxes are on the high shelves; in the back are cardboard boxes that read LESS THAN A MILLION. A statue of the Venus de Milo with arms and giving two thumbs up is in front of the left side shelf. The left side has various literature, old stamp collections, and vases. The right side has jewels, crowns, tiaras, The Hopeful Diamond, and various other expensive items. Archie is looking in with disbelief at what he is seeing. Veronica looks around as if this is every day for her as she tries to remember where the porcelain is as she has her index finger scratching the bottom of her chin.

Archie: This isn’t a storage room! It’s a mini-museum!

Veronica: Now where would that porcelain be placed…?

Page 4

Panel one: Archie is closing the vault door behind him as the other side of the vault door is similar to the front as Veronica looks over at the cardboard boxes. Archie responds lightheartedly to Veronica.

Veronica: Now I remember! Daddy hid the fine ware behind the less than a million dollar pile to throw off robbers!

Archie: Yep, I wouldn’t even bother looking there.

Panel two: Archie is looking behind the less than a million dollar pile of boxes as we can only see his backside. Veronica has pulled out a small make-up mirror as she looks herself over.

Veronica: Find it yet, Archie?

Archie: Ugh. Not yet, but—

Panel three: Veronica’s eyes light up in alarm in response to what Archie says he has found. Veronica lets the mirror slip out of her fingers and her hair stands up on end as a horrible secret from the past is about to be revealed.

Archie off-panel: Ronnie, there’s  an old box down here marked “ArCHie’s Toyz”.

Panel four: Veronica begins to run towards Archie as Archie is sitting down as he is looking through the box.

Veronica: No! Wait, that must be—a joke! It’s a joke! Ha Ha!

Archie: No…

Panel five: Veronica is behind the pile of boxes as she looks on with worry as Archie is happily taking out various toys from the box. In one hand is a Cosmo The Merry Martian action figure as he plays with it like he was eight years old as he pretends that it can fly.

Archie: No! It’s my old toys from when I was a kid! All of them!

Archie: You remember! I lost them all and then you—

Panel six: Archie stares suspiciously at Veronica as Veronica feigns whistling and leans back and forth on the ball of her heels as she tries to look innocent.

Archie: --You replaced them for me…

Page 5

Panel one: Archie has his eyes rolled up as he is thinking back to when he was a kid as Lil Archie is in his room and tossing socks and Pep Comics from under his bed as he frantically looks for one of his toys. In the doorway to his room is Lil’ Veronica is standing and hiding something behind her back.

Lil’ Archie: I can’t believe it, Lil’ Veronica! I lost another one of my toys! That’s twelve this week!

Panel two: Archie continues to reflect back his eyes narrow as he begins to think harder. In the background Veronica is handing Lil’ Archie a Captain Pow action figure still in the box as Lil’ Archie is overjoyed.

Lil’ Veronica: Really? Was it…this one?

Panel three: Archie face scrunches up as he realizes what has happened. In the background Lil Archie begins jumping on his bed and playing with the Captain Pow action figure as Lil’ Veronica begins to reach down from behind her back for one of Lil’ Archie’s toys (A Super Duck action figure) as Lil’ Archie completely doesn’t notice.

Lil’ Archie: Great! Now I just remember where I put Super Duck action figure!

Lil’ Veronica: Well, if you can’t find it,  I’ll buy you a new one. You can always depend on me!

Panel four: Archie begins to rummage through the box of his toys to see that they are all the ones that he thought he had lost years ago.

Archie: These are all my old toys! I thought I lost them, but you took them!

Panel five: Veronica tries in vain to wave off Archie.

Veronica: Don’t be absurd! Why would I take your toys! I’m rich! Besides, I was kind enough to replace them for you!

Panel six: Archie begins to stand up as he confronts Veronica. Veronica becomes angry as Archie points a finger directly at her nose.

Archie: I don’t know why! I don’t understand how the criminal mind works!

Veronica: And what is that supposed to mean!??

Archie: I’ll tell you what it means!

Page 6

Panel one: Archie goes nose to nose with Veronica as he confronts her on her past deeds. Veronica becomes agitated in response as she grinds her teeth.

Archie: You’re a thief!

Panel two: Veronica yells back at Archie as Archie stands defiant as Veronica jabs a finger into his chest.

Veronica: How dare you! I am a Lodge! I haven’t stolen a single thing in my entire life!

Panel three: Archie motions back towards the box of toys with one hand as Veronica points to the vault door for him to leave.

Archie: Right! You’ve stole multiple things!

Veronica: Why you—ungrateful…get out! I want you out now! And take your filthy toys with you!

Panel four: Archie walks past Veronica carrying the box of toys as she turns her nose up and has her arms folded across her chest as she refuses to acknowledge him. Archie looks straight ahead and doesn’t acknowledge her as he passes her by.

Veronica: And just so you know, consider us over, you geek!

Archie: That’s fine by me, you klepto!

Panel five: Veronica turns her head as she hears something concerning off panel behind her.


Archie off-panel: Ooops.

Panel six: Veronica is enraged and red faced as she turns to see that Archie has broken the vault knob off in his hands and now has trapped them in the storage vault. The box of toys is at Archie’s feet as he looks on worriedly.

Veronica: Well that’s just great!!

All About Archie / Re: Least Favorite Character
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:20:44 AM »
Well, in Jason's defense, he does try to be nice when Betty's around.

All About Archie / Re: Least Favorite Character
« on: January 24, 2015, 03:36:17 PM »
Really? I don't even think I've seen them talk to each other. :)

Any other fun pairings?

All About Archie / Re: Preview: The Blackhood issue 1 A Teen+ Rated Comic
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:11:20 PM »
Batman will pay for this! :)

All About Archie / What Archie Crossovers would you like to see?
« on: January 17, 2015, 06:59:44 PM »
We're getting Archie vs. Predator, but what other franchise would you like to see Archie cross over with.

I'd like to see Archie vs Nightmare on Elm Street. Maybe Riverdale High is on a field trip, get lost, and has to spend the night in Springwood.

They are really fighting?! And Reggie's recording it!

I think that's the Predator watching them.  :) Recall that it sees heat signatures while staying invisible...

I think OS is talking about in the background. Looks like Reggie is using his phone to record the fight.

Reviews / Re: PTF Reviws Jughead and Archie #9
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:16:56 PM »
Buy it. It's good. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie and Friends vs The Hardest Game EVAH
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:14:47 PM »
Thanks and yeah. A very evil game.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy. I promised one my mom's friends my NES games and dug them out when I wasn't feeling like I was half way going to die. Found my old NES and my old games.
Tried them out to see if the cartridges still work. Then I made the mistake of playing that stupid game. Stupid narrow roads and that weak jeep!

Anyway, I quit, disinfected everything, put it in a box--and just today gave it to her. Plus my gamecube and it's game (Smash Bros and Mega Man collection)

Keeping the N64 because it is still awesome. :)

Reviews / PTF Reviws Jughead and Archie #9
« on: January 16, 2015, 11:20:15 AM »
Well, I’m finally getting over the flu. Got it from my neighbor’s kid after I got her kitten down from a tree and she coughed on me. Curse that evil little child….

But I did pick up Jughead and Archie and Betty and Veronica digest. So things are looking up.

The Good.

1.   New story. Everybody likes something new. Well, at least until we install the new Windows an IT has some sort of problem with it too! The story involves Ethel making a wish to receive a kiss from Jughead and the Cupids trying to make it happen. Pretty fun story and I really liked the cupids design (Cupid Dan ruled). And I liked the ending because everybody gets what they want and it doesn’t betray Jughead’s character and I can believe a certain cupid’s plan can work.

2.   Craig Boldman and Rex Lindsey. A few great stories with Jughead and his ears having to find a way to deal with winter, Jughead making twenty dollars off of a five dollar bottle, and Jughead in woodshop. Stories are all really funny and Lindsey knocks it out of the park like normal.

3.   Schwartz. The legend has a few stories like The Healer where Mr. Lodge falls, hurts his back, and has to rely on Archie and Jughead. You can guess where this goes. A few gag pages. Jughead, basketball and pizza make a great combo in another of his tales. And my favorite is the classic “Trail’s End” where Moose is on the hunt and you do not want to be the one making the footprints he’s following.

4.   The Art. There’s some really good art (and some bad) but mostly good. You have Fernando Ruiz who really elevates a pretty boring story thanks to his art. Stan Goldberg. Bill Gavin has some great art and it helps with some awesome inking from Terry Austin. Gavin contributes. So it’s not really a legend varierty, but a bunch of guys who are really good but never the fame or credit they deserve type deal.

5.   That Wilkin Boy. Two fun stories involving Rebel being awesome and saving Mrs. Wilkin and another where Bingo tries to show off his history learning as Samantha and Teddy just mess with him. Even has a funny edit by Archie with “Better stick with the Cartoon Network over the History Channel.” Um, I’ve see the Cartoon Network recently. I wouldn’t make my worst enemy watch Clarence or Uncle Grandpa.
6.   If you like Jughead without lunch, you’ll like this digest. A few stories focus on Jughead forgetting his lunch for school and him daydreaming about everything being food to everyone helping him out.

The Bad.

The art. I’ve mentioned how I wasn’t a big fan of Pat Kennedy’s but lately Pat’s art has really improved…yeah, well both Kennedy’s were on art choirs and they didn’t do a good job for the new story. At least with Ethel. Just check out her chin, it goes rectangular, round, pointy, to normal and looking a lot like Midge in the last page. I know it’s picky, but it really bothered me. I mean Ethel isn’t a polymorph. And there’s a few more Kennedy art in the digest that I’ve not a fan of.

Archie in Girls Galore. You know what I hate??? The Archie Stories that bother me the most!!! Let me tell you!!! It’s the one’s that have three exclamation marks at the end of ever sentence!!! It’s like the characters are screaming at the top of their lungs!!! It’s really annoying!!!

Jughead’s mom. …Can we please not draw her like a female Jughead. It’s not funny anymore! It just bothers me still. I just thought I'd take the time and point it out. Seriously, stop it!

Ten Things I’ve learned from reading this digest:
1.   If the police will not stop a criminal, Archie Andrews will
2.   Robinson Crusoe is a fictional character
3.   Eating two pizzas makes Jughead play like Lebron James…the Heat version.
4.   Never go to sleep right after reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe.
5.   Rebel is hardcore and will do what it takes to save your life!
6.   The Cafeteria Managers Workshop is not a gathering of friends…or good food.
7.   Monsters do not exist, but why take chances?
8.   Hamburgers make great earmuffs.
9.   Show a  chef how to make his food better and eat for free
10.   The reason why a guy falls in love is because midgets wearing diapers shoot them in the rear with heart shaped arrows.

I wouldn’t exactly call this the best digest ever, but it’s pretty good. I think the new story was good, but with some flaws in the art and I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that…we’re never going to have another digest that’s mostly Boldman, Lindsey, and Schwartz ever again. But we do get some variety. I give the digest a B, so check it out.

Reviews / Re: Betty and Veronica #274 (SPOILER WARNING!)
« on: January 15, 2015, 11:46:01 AM »
I like to think of her like Ralph Wiggins from The Simpsons. Sometimes he's in the same grade as Lisa, other times the same grade as Bart. Cheryl just where she needs to be to make the story fun.

Plus, I've always believed each Archie writer/artist has their own continuity they rely on and Cheryl being in Riverdale or not just depends.

All About Archie / Re: Least Favorite Character
« on: January 15, 2015, 11:38:41 AM »
Well, there are other ways to look at him. He's probably the best boyfriend in Riverdale. We all know most of the male characters have a roaming eye about them, and Chuck occasionally focuses
on his art. But Moose is always there for Midge and would never betray her.

He's a star athlete so you can have him in various sports stories.

He's a gentle giant. He's shown in various stories to help children and such. And he does protect his friends. One of my favorite stories is beach bullies picking on Ethel, Jughead, outnumbered, confronts them,
Moose is just walking by and doesn't know what's going on, but immediately goes to help Jughead out.

And yeah, I just like seeing him pound Reggie or go into a rage.

But yeah, Dilton is a great character too and I think they make a great team.

If I had to go a character I thought didn't contribute anything, it'd probably be Bridgette.
She sings. Yeah, and we have other characters who sing.
She's nice. We got that too.

Um, I that's it.

News and New Releases / Re: ARCHIE COMICS FOR MARCH 2015
« on: January 14, 2015, 07:59:46 PM »
Okay. I normally only pick up Funhouse, Archie and Jughead, and maybe one other if I can afford it (This time one of the Betty and Veronica digests)

But I'll take your word that he's good and look forward to reading it. :)

News and New Releases / Re: ARCHIE COMICS FOR MARCH 2015
« on: January 14, 2015, 07:23:54 PM »
Huh. I don't think I've ever read a story by Torres. That'll be fun. :)

Yeah, the art looks amazing. But I wonder what happened to Cheryl and Jason? Eh, I'm sure they'll be okay. :)

Fan Fiction / Archie and Friends vs The Hardest Game EVAH
« on: January 13, 2015, 10:18:28 PM »
Page 1

Panel one: The Setting is inside of the Lodge mansion as Mr. Lodge sticks his head out as he checks to see if the coast is clear. He adjusts his glasses with his right hand as if his glasses can somehow scan the area better.

Panel two: Mr. Lodge has a small NES—A GES here—with the controls under his arm pits as he sneaks out into a hallway on his tippy-toes. Archie is in the background as he notices Mr. Lodge acting strangely.

Archie thinking: Huh. So that’s how you sneak around in the old timey days.

Panel three: Archie ducks behind a corner as he watches Mr. Lodge sneak into one of the mansion’s many rooms.

Archie: Of course, that begs the question: why would Mr. Lodge sneak around his own home?

Archie: And what’s that weird gray box?

Panel four: Archie sticks his head through the door as he looks inside.

Archie: I don’t believe it…!

Panel five: Archie opens the door quietly as he looks inside to see Mr. Lodge sitting in his chair and playing the Game Entertainment System as he has the controls up to his face as he squints his left eye and sticks his tongue out to his right as he is fully concentrated on the game. Mr. Lodge has connected the GES to a small flat TV on a massive coffee table as he is just a few inches from the TV as he leans his head forward. Just to the side of his chair are a bottle of water, a broke down game genie, and a player guide that is torn and withered with age and usage.

Mr. Lodge: It may have taken me thirty years--but I’m finally going to best you, Crocodile Cody!!

Page 2

Panel one: Archie is standing right next to Mr. Lodge as Mr. Lodge doesn’t notice as he fully into the game as he is pressing the A and B buttons like a maniac as he twists the controller.

Archie: Wow. So this is one of the old Game Entertainment System. I didn’t think an antique like this would still work.

Panel two: Mr. Lodge is pressing the up key repeatedly as he talks with Archie as Archie leans in closer to watch.

Mr. Lodge: That’s the trouble with your generation. You think of time like milk, while it’s really like wine. Just getting better with age.

Archie: If you say so, sir.

Panel three: Mr. Lodge eyebrows perk up as he finally notices Archie in the room.

Panel four: Mr. Lodge turns to Archie and yells at him as Archie points to the screen

Mr. Lodge: Archie!! What are you doing here?!

Archie: You better hurry and jump before that platform fades away.

Panel five: Mr. Lodge turns to the TV and frantically presses buttons in a vain attempt to save his character.

Mr. Lodge: Ackh! No! No! I was almost halfway through level one!

Be-Weep Boop.

Panel six: Mr. Lodge throws the controller down to his knees as he bends over and growls in anger as he hits the arm rest of his chair with his right hand. Archie looks on with a smile.

Archie: Halfway through the first level…?  That’s the best you’ve done in thirty-three years?

Mr. Lodge: No! I’ve been to level four, smart mouth!

Page 3

Panel one: Archie puts a finger on the game control cord as Mr. Lodge is getting even more frustrated with him.

Mr. Lodge: Veronica went with her mother to the mall. They and half of the mall will not be back for hours. Go away.

Archie: A cable? Wow. I’ve seen pictures…

Panel two: Archie points at the TV screen as it shows a 8 bit picture of The Adventures of Crocodile Cody jumping over a digital gator while two poachers are shooting at him with slim rectangular bullets. Mr. Lodge snarls at the screen and shakes a fist at it as it fills him with rage.

Archie: What’s this game anyway?

Mr. Lodge: It’s The Adventures of Crocodile Cody. The hardest game ever created by the collaborative minds of sadists and nihilists! That’s what it is!

Panel three: Mr. Lodge presses the select button as he reluctantly shows Archie his answer. Mr. Lodge looks slightly embarrassed as he obviously has a secret he is hiding.

Archie: So you or any of your friends never beat it?

Mr. Lodge: …Just one.

Panel four: The TV screen has a top scores with the top ten highest score. All the scores are done by H and the scores range from 97, 000 to 90,000 points. Archie asks Mr. Lodge a question as Mr. Lodge turns away, rubbing his right hand through his hair, as he tries to avoid answering.

Archie: “H”? Who is that?

Mr. Lodge: --erm, um…an old friend.

Panel five: Archie is laughing as Mr. Lodge looks over and glares at him as his the grip on the GES control tightens.

Archie: Hah! Imagine, one of the top entrepreneurs in the world can’t handle this simple little game!

Mr. Lodge: Well, if it’s such a “simple little game”…

Panel six: Mr. Lodge shoves the control in into Archie’s chest and points at the TV screen as its back to the start.

Mr. Lodge: …Then show me how it’s done, gameboy!

Page 4.

Panel one: Mr. Lodge gets out of his chair and motions for Archie to take a seat as Archie happily complies.

Archie: No prob. There isn’t a game that can best Archie Andrews!

Panel two: Archie looks at the screen as he notices how bad the graphics are compared to today as Mr. Lodge’s mustache twists in annoyance.

Archie: What is this…eight bits? Wow. It’s like little blocks! And are their only eight colors?

Panel three: Archie pulls at the cord as Mr. Lodge frowns as Archie is annoying him even more.

Archie: Kinda weird not to be able to move. I mean, this is like an anchor!

Panel four: Archie looks at the control as Mr. Lodge grips the head of the chair tightly as he looks like he is about to explode in rage.

Archie: And how do you do combos? Like Up, Down, B,A,B?

Mr. Lodge: No—you just press one button to move and one button to jump and one button to use the whip!

Panel five: Archie finally begins to play the game as he bends over just over the edge of the chair and he begins to press buttons as he is full of confidence. Mr. Lodge rolls his eyes in disbelief as he has zero faith in Archie.

Mr. Lodge: Tell you what, Archie. You set the new top score, and I’ll reinstate your front door privileges.

Archie: Really?! Wow! You must have faith in me!

Mr. Lodge: No. I just never make a wager without knowing the outcome beforehand.

Page 5

Panel one: Archie slams the controller down as Mr. Lodge looks on with satisfaction as Archie finally gets how hard this game is.

Caption: Game Over at the Level one Boss later…

Archie: This is impossible!! The main boss has three times the health and two times the ammo!

Panel two: Archie begins to stand up and reach for his cellphone as he plans on seeing The Adventures of Crocodile Cody beat one way or the other. On the TV screen is Cody making faces at Archie.

Archie: I may not be able to beat it, but I have friends! Chuck is into these nostalgia games, Dilton won the Video Game Championship…

Archie: …and I’ll coat the stupid cartridge in chocolate and let Jughead eat it, if all else fails!

Panel three: Mr. Lodge places a hand on Archie’s shoulder and ups the ante as Archie nods in approval as both are determined to see the game beat no matter what.

Mr. Lodge: Tell them there’s a thousand dollars to anyone who gets me the top score!

Panel four: Outside of The Lodge Mansion in a high angle view. Mrs. Lodge and Veronica are stepping out of their limo as two limos are just behind them and we can see that they are packed with various clothes, boxes, jewelries and ect. Various furniture are strapped to the top of the limos and looks like it could fall any second. Several members of the Lodge work staff are bringing dollies to help unload all the purchased items.

Veronica: Mommykins, that was a fun afternoon!

Mrs. Lodge: I always enjoy these bounding moments with you, Veronica. When I was your age I was always surrounded by your father’s friends and--

Panel five: Veronica and Mrs. Lodge look on as a dejected Archie, Chuck, Dilton, and Jughead with a sandwich stuffed in his mouth walks out in total defeat. Mrs. Lodge and Veronica look on in confusion.

Archie: Epic fail!

Dilton: Inconceivable!

Chuck: I’d rather grapple with a real gator!

Jughead: mmmphh.

Page 6

Panel one: Veronica and Mrs. Lodge are walking down a hallway as Mr. Lodge stomps out of the room in anger as he, Archie, and his friends failed to defeat the game.

Mr. Lodge: I swear! One day I’m going to buy that game company and make them remake that game easier!

Mrs. Lodge: Hiram?

Veronica: Daddykins?

Panel two: Mr. Lodge closes the door and blocks it with his entire body as Mrs. Lodge smiles coyly and Veronica looks on suspiciously.

Mr. Lodge: Hermione! Veronica! My, don’t you two look beautiful!

Mrs. Lodge: Others try, some are just natural, sweetie.

Panel three: Mr. Lodge grabs Hermione by her arm and leads her away from the room as Hermione willing plays along as Veronica eyes the closed door as she strokes the left side of her face with her index finger.

Mr. Lodge: Now why don’t you tell me about your day! The weather! Your soaps!

Mrs. Lodge: Oh, if you insist.

Panel four: Mrs. Lodge whispers into Hiram’s ear as Veronica sneaks into the room unnoticed in the background. Hiram’s eyes light up as he realizes Mrs. Lodge is on to him.

Mrs. Lodge whispering: Still trying to beat my score, huh?

Panel five: Mr. Lodge grin as Mrs. Lodge puts her head on his shoulders as they walk away.

Mr. Lodge: Well, “H,” your reign as gamemaster continues.

Mrs. Lodge: Next time let me watch. You’re cute when you play your video games.

Mr. Lodge: Fine. But I still wish that there existed a person with the talent and skill to conqueror that infernal game once and for all.

Panel six: It is now an hour later as Veronica is in the room and has gotten a perfect score as she seemingly has beaten the game effortlessly as she puts in her initials. Veronica is sitting cross-legged in the chair unimpressed as she obviously found the game easy.

Veronica: Eh.

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