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  • BettyReggie: I'll be back later.
    Today at 01:23:42 PM
  • daren: night yall
    Today at 01:30:26 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: Jonathan has done interviews before (look in the Riverdale Podcast archives) and he's done stuff like that on Welcome to Riverdale on YouTube, too. Don't forget that all of these people are giving out lots of interviews to various comic book news sites, most of which are going to ask them a lot of the same questions.
    Today at 12:48:52 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: @irishmoxie -- Summer is the biggest comic con season, so most of the creators are travelling around and promoting the books there, along with their other work.
    Today at 12:45:34 AM
  • irishmoxie: I've only listened to the past 5 or so podcasts. He should have more guests on the show. With the launch of the new series I'm shocked the creators aren't doing more to promote themselves and be on this podcast.
    Today at 12:27:33 AM
  • JonInIowaCity: Right now, he has a pretty solid format. Review, summarized news, occasional interviews,and wrap-up. What else would you suggest that he provide for you?
    Yesterday at 10:48:11 PM
  • JonInIowaCity: It's easy to criticize another's pet project. If you think Jonathan's doing a bad job with his podcast, then come up with an alternate option.
    Yesterday at 10:46:42 PM
  • BettyReggie: Good Nite Everyone
    Yesterday at 09:59:04 PM
  • BettyReggie: I can't wait for Jughead #1.
    Yesterday at 09:51:50 PM
  • BettyReggie: I just preorder Jughead #1from the Google Play Store.
    Yesterday at 08:07:39 PM
  • BettyReggie: I love his show, I have left a few voicemails & he puts them on the show. I look foward to the show every weekend.
    Yesterday at 08:00:17 PM
  • DeCarlo Rules: I have to admire Jonathan's genuine enthusiasm for all things Archie, even in cases where I may not personally agree with his opinions. I found his review of Archie #3 this week very entertaining, even though I didn't (and don't plan to) read it! While I was listening I just closed my eyes and tried to imagine the story as he was describing it with traditional-style artwork.
    Yesterday at 07:55:50 PM
  • spazaru: Trust me, irishmoxie, most of us have and will continue to do so.  When I got back into Archie Comics a few years back, the Riverdale Podcast turned me from a casual Archie reader into a fanatic.  Maybe go back and listen to some of the old shows where Jonathan interview Archie creators; those are great shows.
    Yesterday at 07:37:00 PM
  • irishmoxie: I'm not sure who the target audience is. Someone who avoids the internet all week and just listens on Saturday? Glad he has some fans. Maybe you guys should write into the show.
    Yesterday at 04:55:55 PM
  • Steveinthecity: +1 to that comment.  Jonathan has been consistent and enthusiastic with his podcast for well over three years now.
    Yesterday at 03:19:25 PM
  • JonInIowaCity: Jonathan has worked hard on " Riverdale Podcast." I admire his dedication.
    Yesterday at 02:04:03 PM
  • BettyReggie: I put this on my wait list at the library 1,000 comic books you must read by Tony Isabella. I can't wait to get it.
    Yesterday at 12:34:57 PM
  • spazaru: Well, then, irishmoxie, maybe you aren't the target audience!  LOL
    Yesterday at 12:21:17 PM
  • irishmoxie: Honestly my favorite part of the Riverdale podcast is probably the listener voicemails/letters at the end. All the rest of the news/releases info I already know by Saturday and the book of the week books are always new releases or stuff I've already read. I don't really discover anything "new" from his podcast.
    Yesterday at 12:12:21 PM
  • BettyReggie: The Ramones were just on the Q, it makes me think of Archie meets The Ramones.
    Yesterday at 11:37:24 AM

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And for anyone who hasn't read part one:

Page 1

Panel one: The setting is a hallway in Riverdale High with the walls aligned with lockers. The following should be seen from the perspective of someone wearing a mask. Betty Cooper is at her locker as she is preparing to open it. She is waving goodbye Midge and Nancy as they prepare to leave Riverdale High. Above the lockers are several Halloween signs. On several lockers are Halloween decorations of ghosts, goblins, or witches.

Betty thinking: This is always a fun time of year. Veronica’s annual Halloween Hullabaloo party and dressing up in some sort of costume and just having fun for the night!

Panel two: Still seen from the eyes of a mask as Betty still has not noticed the person approaching her as she is putting her books away at her locker.

Betty thinking: …Course after what happened last year, I’ve been a little spooked. I mean, it’s not every day when you’ve met a ghost named--

Panel three: Still from the perspective of the person wearing the mask as he or she is closer to Betty.  Betty tenses up as she finally notices someone approaching her.

Betty: !!

Panel four: Still through the eyes of the mask as Betty screams in fright and backs towards her open locker and begins to fall inside as she is absolutely terrified of who is in front of her.


Page 2

A one shot of “Scary Mary” in the Riverdale Hall way as she is standing in front of Betty. Betty has fallen into her locker and is shielding her face with her hands “Scary Mary” looks different from her last appearance as the porcelain mask is much less detailed at the lower face, the pink dress is slightly different, and the blond hair is longer and stringier and she is wearing different boots. Betty is trying to kick “Scary Mary” away as Scary Mary just stares down at her.

Betty: SCARY MARY!!!

Insert title.

Page 3

Panel one: “Scary Mary” looks on as Betty Cooper covers her face with her hands as she tries to back further into her locker to no avail.

Betty: You—you wouldn’t want my face! I have dry skin! You don’t want that hassle!!

Panel two: Betty closes her eyes, covers them with her hands, and grits her teeth as she prepares for the worse.

Betty: Gulp.

Panel three: Betty Cooper eases up as she is surprised to hear Scary Mary talk in a familiar voice. Betty spreads her fingers apart as she opens her eyes.

“Scary Mary” off-panel: That’s because you don’t moisturize. A dab of coconut oil on the go does wonders, Bettykins.

Betty: …Bettykins?

Panel four: Veronica takes off the mask and wig as she is smiling ear to ear as she obviously had the time of her life with her prank.

Veronica: Or you could borrow my mask. What do you say, Betty?

Panel five: Betty is stomping towards Veronica with her face twisted in rage and her fists balled up as Veronica timidly backs away.

Betty: I say I’m going to break that mask across your hoity-toity head!

Veronica: Let's not do anything crazy that you’ll regret…

Betty: I won’t! You will!

Page 4

Panel one: Betty Cooper is leaning towards the cowering Veronica as Veronica uses the Scary Mary mask to shield herself.

Veronica: Betty Cooper! I never would believe you could be so mean spirited!!

Panel two: A flash back of The Delmont Mansion as Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Chloe first entered inside. A caption is overhead with Betty’s face on it.

Betty caption: “Mean spirited”?! That’s exactly what happened last year when we accepted a dare from Cheryl Blossom to go in the old Delmont Mansion…

Panel three: A flashback shot of Scary Mary hovering over the girls during their first meeting. Along the hall are various portraits of people with their faces ripped off. The only color in any of the flashbacks is this panel where Scary Mary’s eyes have small glows of ember in them.

Betty caption: …Where we encountered Scary Mary!

Panel four: A flashback of Betty, Veronica, Ethel, Chloe, Cheryl Blossom, and Ginger Lopez being cornered by Scary Mary as they all huddle together in fright as Scary Mary begins to reach towards Betty and Veronica.

Veronica caption: Yes, Betty, I remember the evil ghost that wanted to take one of our faces.

Panel five: A shot of the girls running out of Delmont Mansion. Inside of the mansion through the still open doors, Scary Mary shrieks in anger and various furniture smashes against the floor and wall to reflect her rage.

Betty caption: Then you remember that we all barely got out of there by the dimples on our cheeks!

Page 5

Panel one: Betty is still lecturing Veronica as Veronica turns her head defiantly.

Betty:  Why would you do something like this after what we went through??

Veronica: Hmph. Unlike some, I don’t plan to live my life in fear of anything forever.

Panel two: Veronica is talking to Betty as Betty begins to calm down. Veronica points the mask at Betty as she makes her points.

Veronica: Are we not alive and well?

Betty: Yes

Veronica: Is that nasty ghost trapped in her dank, dreary den?

Betty: Well, she never came after us—

Veronica: Do I or you plan on every going back?

Betty: I’d rather run into a dynamite factory with a lit sparkler!

Panel three: Veronica smiles at Betty as she begins to smile back.

Veronica: And there you go.

Betty: Well, okay, when you put it that way…

Panel four: Betty points at the mask as Veronica rolls her eyes as she reluctantly concedes that she might have gone overboard.

Betty: But that’s still a horrible trick to play on your best friend!

Veronica: Sigh, I suppose it was a tad in bad taste and not thought-out …

Panel five: Veronica and Betty walk down the hallway as they talk. Veronica has her nose stuck up and is flipping her hair back as her entire body language shows how self-centered she is being.

Veronica: To make amends, I’ll let you have the first dance with Archie tonight.

Betty: “Let me”? My, how gracious of you.

Veronica: Yes, it is, isn’t it?

Panel six: Betty is talking with Veronica as Veronica waves off her concern.

Betty: You’ve actually been able to talk with Archie? Because lately he seems like he’s been avoiding—

Veronica: I’m the most beautiful girl in Riverdale and you’re a close second. What could possible keep Archie Andrews from us?

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: September 29, 2015, 02:45:53 AM »
Well, in the original draft, that was what was going to happen. They couldn't restore the universe the way it was and would have to settle for a reboot (The new Archie series), which Archie would have been fine with since that would mean he'd get to live his life over with all his friends and family all over again.
but then I decided it'd be arrogant to say it was the main verse.

All About Archie / Re: Rex Lindsey Appreciation Thread
« on: September 29, 2015, 02:38:19 AM »
Probably the most underrated artist at Archie Comics. He can draw any character and make them distinct from one another.

All About Archie / Re: Fernando Ruiz Appreciation Thread
« on: September 29, 2015, 02:36:43 AM »
Easily my favorite artist at Archie and it's nice that he talks with us. I think the best display of his work would be Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. or Cyrano Jones.

Okay, he did the first story

He did the one where they go to China

The one with the first Morgan Le Fey Story


I guess about half of them were Lindsey. I'm just not a Colan fan.

Yeah, Lindsey is great, I wish he could have done the art on every issue.

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: September 13, 2015, 01:02:12 AM »
Sorry for being late.

Page 13

Panel one: Sanctum places the attenuator into the computer as the celestial palace and the energy spires begin to break apart and fade as Prof. Dilton and Archie look on in concern.  The cracks along the skyline of the Nexus Hub spread.

Sanctum: That might not be a possibility.  Much damage has been done and our time is depleting rapidly.

Archie: Yeah, I kind of got the hint!

Panel two: Sanctum shows the computer screen as it goes blank to show Archie’s erased universe.

Sanctum: Archie, your universe needs to be restored above all else All things are energy, but your universe was converted and spread resulting in the backlash wave.

Sanctum: Your universe needs a conduit to direct the energy back, to restore the flow where it need be.

Panel three: Prof. Dilton talks with Sanctum as Archie looks on confused as he raises a hand like a student who needs instruction.

Prof. Dilton: Are you suggesting biocentrism?

Sanctum: Indeed.

Archie: Um…I blew up the chem lab Tuesday, a little help?

Panel four: Prof. Dilton explains as Sanctum opens a portal just behind Archie.

Prof. Dilton: Biocentrism states that we carry space and fractures of our universe with us at all time. Under the right circumstances, it may be possible for yourself to use your thoughts to help guide the energy back to its correct form.

Prof. Dilton: You just need to remember.

Panel five: Archie exhales as he is worried about this plan.

Archie: Um…Dilton, I’m a people’s person and I travel a bit, but that doesn’t mean I’ve met everyone ever and been everywhere to boot!

Prof. Dilton: All the energy needs is a relay, a communication to focus it back to the way it was. I know it is daunting, but I also know you will succeed.

Page 14

Panel one: Archie is walking towards the newly formed portal as he talks with Prof. Dilton. Prof. Dilton is smiling as he reassures Archie while hiding information from him. Sanctum puts a hand over his chin as he thinks about what Archie has just said and approves.

Prof. Dilton: Just think about what is important. The rest will come.

Archie: Well, you’re a genius and I guess Sanctum is the guardian of the multiverse now….

Panel two: Archie is half way into the portal as he waves goodbye to them. Prof. Dilton nods his head while Sanctum scratches his chin as he thinks about Archie’s offer.

Archie: Hey! When I get my universe up and running, you two feel free to come by! I’ll treat you to some malts!

Prof. Dilton: Sure.

Sanctum: Hm. Sounds…scrumptious.

Panel three: Archie is in his universe now as it is all white and blankness that stretches endlessly.

Archie: So this is where they film commercials.

Archie: Okay, enough jokes, Arch. You just got to remember what is important. And I know what that is…

Panel four: Archie closes his eyes and clamps his fists as he concentrates.

Archie: Mom…dad…Veronica…Betty….Jughead…Reggie…Mr. Weatherbee…Ms. Grundy…

Page 15

Panel one: Back at the celestial castle as Sanctum is talking with Prof. Dilton face to face.

Sanctum: You did not tell him the entire truth.

Sanctum: His universe’s energy has become dormant. It needs a temporal charge that can—

Panel two: Prof.  Dilton smiles as he tips his cap.

Prof. Dilton: Jumpstart it, for lack of a better description

Prof. Dilton: And only undoing the incursion caused by Mirth to begin this mess will release the energy that can be guided to it, if I understand the readings on the computer systems correctly.

Panel three; Sanctum shoulders slope and he holds his arms out to indicate his sadness and helplessness.

Sanctum: Yes.

Sanctum: The two universes must be restored, the time stream returned, and the keystones for each must be put back in place. The multiverse is unstable and I need to remain to guide the energy where it need go…

Sanctum: There is only one option.

Panel four: Sanctum forms a portal behind Prof. Dilton as Prof. Dilton stretches out his arms as he walks backwards into the portal.

Prof. Dilton I know what must be done. I have no regrets. I started this cosmic catastrophe; it’s only fair that I should end it.

Prof. Dilton: Just promise me you will restore his universe, and if you ever do take him up on his offer—he doesn’t need to know.

Voice inside portal: HE’S GOT A GUN!

Panel five: Sanctum turns his attention to the computer of the Celestial Castle as he begins to unleash his blue energy into it as he strains to restore the readings. On the screen are various lines, dots, and waves as a blue line begins to stretch over them all and leading to another dot (Archie’s universe). The portal closes in a bright white flash.


Sanctum: Yes. You have my word.

Page 16

A one pager of Prof.  Dilton standing in the way of Archie as Wendell shoots, taking the bullet meant for him. As this happens, a blue energy begins to split the page into two with Veronica verse and Betty Verse Archie having the same startled reaction. Veronica verse Archie is wearing much fancier clothes (A suit and tie) while Betty Verse Archie is dressed in a blue shirt and kakis.

On the Veronica side in the background is a healthy Cheryl Blossom, Moose is holding a scared Ilana and Moe (the burger partner with Jughead) is with Midge. Jughead is with Ethel. Reggie is with Betty. Veronica is rushing towards her Archie.

On the Betty verse side looking on is that version’s Dilton who is having the other Dilton pointed out by Moose. Jughead and Midge are looking on as Jughead tries to shield her and Jellybean. Veronica is with Reggie. Bella Beazley takes a step back and bumps into Mr. Weatherbee and his fiancé Louise. Betty is running towards her Archie.

Page 17

Panel one:

A shot from Dilton’s point of view as he continues to watch the universes separate as the two Archie’s have the same concern expression as the look down at him with the same sadden expression. Veronica is with her Archie looking him over to see he’s okay and Betty is hugging her Archie.

Caption: All I ever wanted to do…was make the world a better place…

Caption: I thought that—that if I cured a disease or…or supplied free unlimited energy…or some wondrous invention would be how I did it…

Caption: I was wrong.

Panel two: The same shot only with the energy separating the two universes remaining as everything is faded into black.

Caption: The best…I could do for the world…for any world…

Panel three: A shot of the energy upward as the blackness turns to stars and galaxies as the energy begins to streak across the horizons.

Caption: …Is ensure that there is an Archie Andrews in it…

Panel four: The energy is zooming towards a white void/ Archie’s universe

Panel five: The energy is coming down as Archie is continuing to think.

Archie: …Dilton…Midge…Moose…Mrs. Ashton…

Archie: I remember…

Page 18 + 19

A splash page that needs to be held side ways to show everyone in the Archie universe. It should be like a Where’s Waldo where you have an upward angle and can see all the characters. Save for Archie they should all be in rows. The two pages are divided up into 1/3rd being Riverdale High, 1/3rd is outside the Chocklit Shoppe, and the other 1/3rd is Pickens Park. The characters are all lined up save for Archie who is up front of everyone with a Welcome to Riverdale sign right next to him. Flying above the characters are Captain Pumpernik, Cosmo and Orbi in their ship and Dectective Bee giving the readers a thumbs up to show everything will be okay (and also serve as a hint to changes in the universe)

Here are the rows.

Line 1: Archie as he is stretching his arms to showcase his universe. Next to him Vegas, Hot Dog, Rebel, Salem, and Sebastan.

Line 2: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, Mr. Weatherbee, Ms. Grundy

The Andrews parents look proudly at Archie. Betty and Veronica look lovingly at Archie. Jughead nods in a approval as he eats a burger. Reggie is smiling, showing off and pointing his two thumbs at himself. Mr. Weatherbee and Ms. Grundy smile as they are proud of Archie.

Line 3: Mr. and Mrs. Jones holding Jellybean, Moose, Midge, Ethel, Trula Twyst, Mr. and Mrs. Lodge

Mr. And Mrs. Jones play with Jellybean. Moose and Midge are cuddling, Ethel is fawning over Jughead. Trula Twyst looks at Jughead with a smirk. Mr. and Mrs. Lodge hold hands.

Line 3 Cheryl Blossom, Dilton, Chuck, Nancy, Ginger Lopez, Maria, Frankie, Bridgette, Kevin Keller

Cheryl Blossom is giving Dilton a hug, pulling him towards her as his face turns bright red. Chuck and Nancy look at each other lovingly. Ginger Lopez waves at the reader. Frankie is combing his hair with a giant smile on his face as Maria rolls her eyes and Bridgette chuckles in response. Kevin Keller gives the reader a salute.

Line 4: Toni Topaz, Dede, Jason Blossom, Raj, Tono, Tomoko, Marcy, Cricket O’ Dell

Toni Topaz is looking over Dede shoulders as Dede is reading a comic, Jason Blossom is looking over at Betty. Raj is filming Tono as Tono is nervous and doesn’t know what to do. Tomoko rubs his shoulders as if to motivate him. Marcy is uncomfortable as Cricket is smelling her as she has dollar signs in her eyes.

Line 5: Googie Gilmore, Sandy Sanchez, Kumi, Wendy Weatherbee, Jinx Malloy, Adam Chisholm, Nick St. Clair, Akira.

Googie Gilmore and Sandy Sanchez are having a conversation which Kumi finds boring. Wendy Weatherbee gives Jinx a playful rub of his hair, totally unconcerned with him being a jinx; Malloy actually smiles because of this. Adam looks up as if something is going to fall on him because of how close he is to Jinx. Nick St. Clair and Akira fist bump.

Line 6: Shrill, Sherry, Vic, Chunk, Simon Silverstein, Sheila Wu, Rob, Danny.

Sherry leans over to Shrill, puts an arm around her and waves at the reader; Shrill tries to hide how amused she is by Sherry. Vic is showing off his muscle. Chunk looks down at his chest to see a note on his shirt reading: Owned by Prankenstein. Simon whistles innocently. Sheila Wu poses as Rob and Danny look at her with their jaws dropped.

Line 7: The Twitters (Mina, Tina, Nina) Lonnie Easterman, Bobbi, Carla Chloe, Sayid Jamal Ali, Carol Norita.

The Twitters are ignoring everyone and texting themselves. Lonnie shakes his head in response. Bobbi tries to act serious compared to everyone else around her. Carla is having her picture taken by Chloe. Sayid laughs at a caricature of himself that Carol Norita has drawn.

Line 8: Sabrina, Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda (All witches in 90s comic version), Harvey, Josie and the Pussycats, Alan M, Alexander Cabot 3rd, Alexandra

Sabrina shows off some magic as her aunts look on approvingly. Harvey looks over at Sabrina with a smile. Melody is looking around as Josie and Valerie just smile at her. Alexander and Alexandra are fighting for panel time.

Line 9:  Bingo Wilkin, Samantha Smthye, Mr. Smythe, Mr. Wilkin, Fred Mirth, Beazley, Svenson, Flutesnoot.

Bingo and Samantha are kissing. Sampson and Willie Wilkin are glaring at each other like they could punch the other. Fred Mirth is confused as to how he got here while Beazly tries to give Svenson and Flutesnoot a food tray of glop to eat. Both put their hands over their mouths as their faces turn green.

Line 10:  The Madhouse Glads, Katy Keene, Teenage Bella Beazley, The Glutton, The old school Shield, Supreme Girl.

The Madhouse Glads huddle together for a pose as Katy Keene is impressed. A teenage Bella Beazly tries to get the Glads attention. The Glutton has all sorts of food on his face as he eats a giant sandwich and splashes food everywhere. The Shield uses his cape to shield himself and Supreme Girl.

Line 11: Regina Mantle, Tough Teddy, Buddy Drumhead, Trevor, Carlos, Lydia Wyndham, Ms. Philips. Patton Howitzer.

Regina Mantle sprays Tough Teddy with a fake flower as Buddy looks on and laughs. Trevor points at Tough Teddy with one hand and forms an L with his other hands finger as Carlos agrees. Lydia Wyndham takes notes as Howitzer talks with Ms. Philips as Ms. Philips is bashful as Howitzer tries to be charming.

Page 20

Panel one:  Panel one: Archie looks around and is back at the locked door of the Chockclit Shoppe as several characters walk by going about their day like nothing had happened. Bridgette is walking down the street listening to her iphone and walking past her is a teenage version of Bella Beazly waving hello to each other. This is the first indication to the readers that some things have changed in the universe.

Archie: Yes! I did it! Everything is back to the way it was!

Panel two: Walking past Archie is Lydia Wyndham, Betty Cooper’s dead neighbor elderly friend, as Archie just casually talks with her like nothing special has happened.

Lydia Wyndham: Hello, Archie. Have you seen Betty today? I promised her a sneak peek at my newest manuscript when I finally had it looking respectable.

Archie: Afraid not, Ms. Wyndham. I’ll be sure to tell her when I see her, though.

Lydia Wyndham: Much appreciated.

Panel three: Archie eyes widen as he reacts in shock as he realizes Lydia is alive and well.

Archie: …!!

Panel four: Archie looks on as Lydia walks down the sidewalk in the distance.

Archie: Lydia Wyndham!?

Archie: …But she passed away years ago! Then that I…that I might have…

Panel five: Archie calms down as he begins to walk down the street away from the Chocklit Shoppe as smiles and reasons with himself that nothing else could have changed. Flying in front of the panel is Detective Bee as he gives the reader a thumbs up. In the sky, The Comet is flying overhead. In an alleyway Archie is passing, hidden in the shadows, Fred Mirth (the original) glares at Archie.

Archie: Ah, so I don’t get a gold star in universe rebuilding. It’s not like anything else has changed.

Page 21

Panel one: An outside shot of the Celestial Castle as everything is back to the way it was with the castle and the spires of energy returned to normal as the spires release various energies into different vortexes and portals in the area like they did before.

Caption: This is the Nexus Hub. The center of everything.

Caption: Where time and space hold no grip upon. 

Caption: Where all the nine dimensions and universes they contain are created and catalogued.

Panel two: Sanctum is at the main computer of the Celsestial Castle as he has beams shooting from his finger tips to illuminate the computer and create 3D images of Archie back in his universe, Married with Veronica Archie as he is playing with his twins as Veronica looks on inside of their mansion, and The Archie Marries Betty universe shows their Betty and Archie playing with their twins in their backyard.

Caption: I am Sanctum.  And I have seen much.

Panel three: A close-up on Sanctum’s face as he looks on warmly at the Archie verse as Archie trips over his shoe laces and falls on the sidewalk as several passersbys shake their heads at him.

Caption: I have seen the greatest evil dim the stars; I have seen the smallest of good return the light.

Panel four: Sanctum looks over at the Married verses as he is content to see the results of Prof. Dilton’s sacrifice has lead to those universe restored and much happier than they were.

Caption: I have seen the courage of one who sacrificed for a greater good and now I must live with the burden entrusted upon myself.

Panel five: A close up on Sanctum as his hands reach out like he’s reaching for the reader as blue energy streams from his hands and lights up the Celestial Castle.
Caption: I am the guardian of the multiverse. Forever shall I be a watchful eye and an invisible helping hand to all that is and all that will be.

Caption: But that is not all. I will continue to learn, to explore, to discover. The possibilities are endless and my lifespan is infinite.

Page 22

A splash page of Sanctum now looking at several holographic displays of the new Archie series as they surround him. Sanctum looks on with approval at what he sees. So pretty much just a page to showcase the new Archie series to readers. Just some scenes from the first few images and panels of the comic. (I’d go into greater detail, but I don’t have any of the issues.)

Sanctum: And I like what I see.

All About Archie / Re: What Adult Is Most Trustworthy?
« on: September 08, 2015, 02:06:30 AM »
I'll give Lydia Wyndham deserves a mention.

All About Archie / Re: Writer or Artist
« on: September 06, 2015, 08:15:24 AM »
Have to go artist. Even if a comic is horribly written, with good art you'd at least look at it. Now if the art is bad--there have been books I just put them because looking at them hurts.

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: September 04, 2015, 08:23:44 PM »
Page 6

Panel one: Road Racer is confronting his Fred Mirth as Mirth is acting like a man child; he is crying and begging not to be hurt. RR Mirth gets on his knees and pleads for mercy as Road Racer shakes his head in disgust at him.

Fred Mirth: Please…don’t…I wasn’t made to fight—I’m sorry!!!

Road Racer: You’re pathetic, Mirth. Lower than roadkill.

Panel two: Road Racer walks away as Fred Mirth begins to run at him with both hands fisted over his head as he plans on attacking Road Racer from behind. Road Racer is slightly smiling as he looks at the wrecked space craft.

Road Racer: Heh, that dumb kid. Woulda liked to have taken this boy through its paces.

Panel three: Road Racer backfists Fred Mirth knocking him out.


Road Racer: A few laps ‘round the galactic railways would have been a kick.

Panel four: EotU Mirth is firing a laser gun at Red Andrews as Red dodges and rushes towards him.

Mirth: After all your adventures, all of your horribly written novels, this is how it’s going to end for you, Red Andrews!

Red Andrews: If there’s one thing I can say about you Mirth---

Panel five: Red Andrews pulls EotU Mirth to him and delivers a dragon kick to his face, knocking him out.

Red Andrews: You’re a dreamer.


Red Andrews: Don’t ever change.

Panel six: Red Andrews is using his lasso to tie up the defeated Mirth. The AI is emitting from Red’s wristband and has taken the form of a smiley face half asleep with a night cap on its head. Red turns his head to the AI to talks with it.

AI: I would have said, “Must come from practice.”

Red Andrews: …Yeah, that’s a much better line. When I novelize this adventure you mind if…

AI: Borrow away.

Page 7

Panel one: Weird Mystery Archie is holding out a bead of garlic to defeat WM Vampire Mirth as Afterlife Archie ducks a wild swing from Govenor Mirth and looks on in confusion at what is happening with his counterpart.

Afterlife Archie: …You carry garlic around with you? And it actually works??

Governor Mirth: DIE! DIE! DIE!

WM Archie: Sure! With all the weird doings in my Riverdale, I have to be prepared!

Panel two: WM Archie is puts the bead of garlic around Vampire Mirth as he continues his conversation with An Afterlife with Archie who parlays a charging Governor Mirth while drawing out his baseball bat.

WM Archie: A plastic bottle to capture phantoms, dog whistle to keep werewolves at bay, sugar packets to stop zombies dead in their tracks--

Vampire Mirth: blah blakkk…

Governor Mirth: I’m going to gouge your eyes out!!

Panel three: Afterlife Archie hits Governor Mirth with the baseball bat on the back of his head. Weird Mystery Archie continues to talk with Afterlife Archie.

WM Archie: You have zombies in your universe, right? If you’re world is on a sugar shortage I’m sure—

Afterlife Archie: I appreciate the offer…


Panel four: A pensive Afterlife with Archie looks down somberly as he reflects on his universe’s state. Weird Mystery Archie places a hand of support on An Afterlife with Archie’s shoulder

Afterlife Archie: …But sugar and spice and everything nice won’t make the zombie virus go away.

Weird Mystery Archie: Virus? I bet Mr. Beaumont’s dragon noodle soup would help!

Page 8

Panel one: Dark Overlord fires purple energy beams as Pureheart as Pureheart uses both hands to block the beams as he heroically continues to walk toward Overlord Mirth

Dark Overlord: Fool! You can never withstand my power! Fool!

Panel two: Pureheart continues to march forward as he continues to block the energy blasts with both hands.

Pureheart: I’ll do more than just withstand!

Panel three: Dark Overlord begins to step back as Pureheart is right at him just one hand blocking the eyebeams as the other is prepared to strike.

Pureheart: I’ll stand tall! I’ll walk straight and narrow and show you the only mean thing about me:

Pureheart: MY LEFT HOOK!

Panel four: Archie ducks as Overlord is sent sailing past him into a wall of the Celestial Castle. As Archie dives he drops the attenuator and chips part of it off. Fred Mirth sees the attenuator and rushes towards it. Prof. Dilton is still held in the air as he looks around to see more of the Celestial castle and the machinery inside begin to crack and malfunction to show how time is running short.




Archie: Yikes!

SFX: tink tink krinkle

Archie: Whoops!

Prof. Dilton: Archie…not to be a bother—but we are on the brink of no return!!

Archie: Yikes some more!

Page 9

Panel one: Fred Mirth is about to grab the attenuator as the attenuator is giving off small waves of energy where the chip is showing that it is now unstable.

Fred Mirth: You think you dolts defeating those pale imitations matters?

Fred Mirth: I don’t care about those Mirths! I’m the real one! They were but shades of a false hue!

Panel two: Fred Mirth’s hand is about at the attenuator as it sparks even more.

Fred Mirth: All I need to seal my victory is--

Panel three: Archie tackles Fred Mirth knocking him away from the attenuator

Archie: Sorry, but if I don’t do something really heroic I’m going to look bad in front of my new friends!

Panel four: Fred and Archie land at the feet of Sanctum. Archie is on top of Mirth’s back and trying to pin the thrashing Mirth down. Archie nervously looks up at Sanctum. In the background, Prof. Dilton looks on helplessly as he is still in is bonds.


Archie: Whuh-oh.

Page 10

Panel one: Fred Mirth struggles to get Archie off his back as he yells at Sanctum who looks down at the two.

Fred Mirth: What are you waiting for! Destroy him! Destroy them all!!

Fred Mirth: You’re programmed to obey me! You’re nothing but bits and code!

Panel two: Sanctum folds his arms as he defies Mirth.

Sanctum: No. I am more than that now.

Sanctum: I am a sentient being. And that entitles me to the right to make my own decisions.

Panel three: A close-up on Fred Mirth’s face as he glares angrily.

Sanctum off-panel: You are Fred Mirth. The only one. You lived your life angry and alone. You are self-absorbed and yet your selfishness has been felt by all.

Sanctum off- panel: In your core, you see that all beings will destroy themselves and seek to claim your place on top of the ash.

Panel four: A close-up on Archie’s face as he eases up on his restlessness

Sanctum off-panel: You are Archie Andrews. You are one of infinity. You have family and friends. You are loved by many and return that love in kind.

Sanctum off-panel: You are young, wide-eyed, ham fisted and never stop believing in the best in everyone and that everything will work out in the end.

Panel five: Sanctum continues as the other Archies gather around as they are unsure where Sanctum is leaning. Archie and Fred Mirth look on with fixed gazes on Sanctum. In the background, Prof. Dilton’s shackles begin to disperse as he lands on the floor.

Sanctum: As our current predicament shows, destroying is much easier in contrast to the more strenuous task of creating, making the logical choice quite obvious…

Panel six: Sanctum’s eyes ease up and show warmth and compassion.

Sanctum: But living is not all about being logical.

Sanctum: I’ve come to accept that a more purposeful existence involves giving hope as many chances as possible.

Page 11

Panel one: Fred Mirth smacks Archie off of him as he is in a complete rage.

Fred Mirth: All of you!! Everyone is always against me! It’s always been just me!


Archie: Owie!

Panel two: Fred Mirth lunges and grabs the attenuator as he has a crazed smile on his face. In the background, Prof. Dilton is helping Archie to his feet.

Fred Mirth: And it’s all I’ve ever needed!

Panel three: Fred Mirth notices the attenuator sparking wildly as just notices.

Fred Mirth: Oh spit.

Panel four: A bright white light forms around Fred Mirth and seems to break him into pieces, scattering him apart in the radiant light that illuminates the entire Celestial Castle. The Archies and Prof. Dilton shield their eyes with their hands and arms (or club in Archie 1’s case) while Sanctum looks on normally.


Panel five: A high angle view as the Attenuator is all that’s left and only a small stream of smoke is left of Fred Mirth.  Sanctum begins to walk towards the Infinity Crystal and it’s chipped off bit. Prof. Dilton and the Archies all look on.

Archie: …What…what happened to him. Is he—

Sanctum: No. As best I can describe that you may comprehend, he is now where forgotten memories and wasted moments in time dwell.

Red Andrews: So we won.

Page 12

Panel one: Sanctum is fixing the Attenautor with his energy powers as a portal opens that sucks in the Mirths. The Archies turn to look on.

Sanctum: Yes. The fight is over. But now we must seek to return the harmonic peace. And that is a task only for we three.

Sanctum: Please enter and return to your own universes.

Panel two: Archie is standing before the other Archie as they all smile back. Archie1 begins to use Pureheart’s cape as a tissue as he becomes emotional. Archie rubs the back of his head as he is at a lost for words.

Archie: This was just…wow, it was really great meeting you all and talking with you and fighting along side you. We couldn’t have done all of this without you.

Road Racer:  Likewise.

Panel three: All the other Archies begin to enter the portal as they all wave goodbye. The AI is talking with Red Andrews as Red tries to calm its worries.

Pureheart: We’ll leave the rest to you, chum!

An Afterlife with Archie: Yeah, you got this.

AI: So I’m going to be in a mountain? That sounds boring.

Red Andrews: Trust me, with the company you’ll keep, they’ll never be a dull moment.

Panel four: The portal closes as Archie turns to Sanctum and Dilton as he is optimistic about their chances. Archie pumps his fist in the air as he over exaggerates as he Sanctum looks on in confusion. Sanctum tilts his head towards Prof. Dilton as he confirms with Prof. Dilton. Prof. Dilton smiles as he holds out his glasses to see if the lens are clean, as this is just typical for him to hear at this point..

Archie: C’mon! Let’s save the multiverse! Who’s with me?!

Sanctum: …Why are we voting? Is not the course of action and our participation obvious?

Prof. Dilton: He’s being motivational, Sanctum. You’ll grow accustomed to it.

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Part III: Parts and the Sum.

Page 1

Panel one: A shot of Fred Mirth as a kid screaming in terror with various alternate universes in the background to show the maddening affect his powers had on him. One background has his father with another son, another has a war zone, another has various monsters clawing to get him.

Caption: My name is Fred Mirth. And I did not have a well adjusted childhood.

Caption: Because I was the only one of myself in all the multiverse, it allowed me to travel to and from universes at will.

Panel two: A shot of Fred Mirth in his office as he is grinning ear to ear as he makes his plans to financially wreck Riverdale as Sharon Roper is in the background looking on.

Caption: I was able to use my knowledge to form alliances that lead to me having great wealth and a plan to harness the very power of the multiverses…

Panel three: Fred Mirth as he holds Ethel’s engagement ring in one hand and looking out of his tropical hotel to see the authorities closing in on him.

Caption: But instead I found myself a wanted man in one universe and my life’s work wiped out in another. Alone and unloved.

Panel four: A shot of Fred Mirth breaking into Dilton’s workshop in the Marries Betty verse as he begins to gather samples of S.A.N.C.T.U.M

Caption: But being forgotten allowed me to easily bypass the security of Dilton Doiley of one universe…

Panel five: A shot of Fred Mirth as he is shown altering Wendell the Bus Boy’s life to make him who he is as he also uses SANCTUM to help him access the technology of the Nexus Hub. In the background is the Veronica Marries verse Dilton unconscious.

Caption: ...And with the unknown complicity of another, I found my way to the Nexus Hub where I could access all the multiverse with time and space at fingertip!

Panel six: A shot of Fred Mirth smiling as the combined Veronica and Betty Marries universe and his manipulation of Wendell’s life results in the death of  combined Archie.

Caption: My first act as the celestial being was to begin combining all universes and dimensions into one—and cutting out all the weeds.

Panel seven: A shot of Fred Mirth’s eyes currently as they are filled with rage and his blood vessels in his eyes are nearly ready to burst.

Caption: Complications have happened since…

Page  2+3

Double splash page with the captive Dilton, Fred Mirth, and SANCTUM on one page while Archie, Pureheart, Weird Mystery Archie, An Afterlife Archie, Red Andrews, Road Racer, and Archie 1 on the other.

Dilton looks on with a smile and nod as Archie continues to prove his point about finding away to win if you keep trying. SANCTUM looks on curiously at Team Archie as he is deep thought. Fred Mirth is going ballistic as he points a SANCTUM and his other hand at Team Archie as he is ordering SANCTUM to attack.

Archie is standing up front as he holds the Attenuator in one hand. Red Andrews has his lasso out as he stretches it in his hands as the AI goes back into his wristband. Road Racer is rolling up his leather jacket sleeves as he’s ready for a fight. Weird Mystery Archie is ecstatic being here while Afterlife Archie looks on broodingly. Pureheart is flying several feet behind them as he flexes his muscles. Archie 1 is twirling his club over his head with both hands.

Caption: Annoying, aggravating red haired, freckle faced complications that will be dealt with once and for all!

Fred: SANCTUM, I’m ordering you to eradicate these wastes of space!

Fred: NOW!

Archie: Or you could surrender. I’d go with that.

Pureheart: Evil Doers! Your vile deeds shall cease!

WM Archie: Wow! Fighting to save the multiverse! This will be a great story for the school paper!

An Afterlife with Archie: Let’s take care of business before we start signing yearbooks.

Page 4

Panel one: Fred Mirth is yelling at Sanctum as Sanctum continues to look ahead.

Fred Mirth: They’re coming at us! Do as I tell you, automaton!

Fred Mirth: Are you stupid?! What are you waiting for!! Do what I say now!!

Panel two: Sanctum turns his head towards Fred Mirth as his eyes glow red showing he is not approving of Fred Mirth’s actions or words. Fred Mirth backs away in response.

Panel three: Sanctum swishes his arms across forming a long portal as alternate versions of Fred Mirth come forth as the counter parts to the Archies. Weird Mystery Mirth is a vampire dressed in classic Dracula attire,  Fred Mirth 1 is a caveman more along the evolutionary scale and is standing up straight and has a stone wheel at his feet, Afterlife Fred Mirth resembles the Governor from the Walking Dead, Road Racer Mirth is cowering at what he sees, Explorers of the Unknown Mirth is dressed like an evil Indiana Jones.Overlord Mirth is wearing a black and gray costume complete with black domino mask as his fists glow with black energy.

Fred Mirth: What—what is this?!

WM Mirth: Vhere are wve?

Governor Mirth: Who cares? I see a red head who I want to feed to the zombie hordes!

Overlord Mirth: Bah! All who stand against me shall fall! So speaks Overlord!

Page 5

Panel one: The Alternate Mirths begin to rush Team Archie as Sanctum replies to Fred Mirth in the background. Road Racer Mirth, in contrast to the others, goes in the fetal position.

Sanctum: These are the alternate universe versions of yourself you created.

Fred Mirth: Why bring them when you can destroy those clods with a flick of your finger!?

Panel two: Sanctum looks on as the battle between the Mirths and Archies begin.

Sanctum: I’ve been debating for some time. I decided that witnessing the contrasting views in direct conflict will offer insight.

Panel four: Fred Mirth 1 pushes the stone wheel at Archie 1 as Archie 1 leaps over it as he has his club behind his back as he launches himself at Fred Mirth 1

Mirth 1: I make wheel. What you make that is better?

Panel five: Archie 1 wallops Mirth1 on top of the head with the club as Mirth 1’s eyes bulge and several of his teeth fly out of his mouth.


Archie 1: Me make clubba-clubba!

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No. I saw Turtles Forever and I'm not going to rip if off. Trying to be somewhat original. And as for the ending...who knows? :)

Page 17

Panel one: The craft exits the red portal in the middle of space in a new dimension.

Caption: “But luckily I know someone who does.”

AI of ship: We are now in Dimension 5 in its outer universes—

Panel two: Back inside of the ship the AI has taken the shape of a question mark as it talks with Archie. A distressed Archie walks away from the controls and heads to the back of the bridge where the various monitors of his alternate selves are from earlier. The monitors are showing Pureheart, Weird Mystery Archie, An Afterlife With Archie, Road Racer, Red Andrews, and Archie 1. Pureheart is arm wrestling Evilheart successfully, Weird Mystery Archie is reading his article to Mr. Beaumont, Afterlife with Archie and An Afterlife Jughead are fighting off Zombies of Betty and Veronica, Road Racer is racing down a freeway, Red Andrews is celebrating with the rest of the Explorers of the Unknown, and Archie 1 is trying to eat a rock.

AI: Now what will you do?

Archie: How am I supposed to know?!

Archie: I can barely match my socks, and now I’m supposed to save the multiverse??

Panel three: Archie looks up with the reader not being able to see what he’s looking at as the AI turns into a pair of shoes and walks along with him.

AI: I know it was a biological statement, but Prof. Dilton said to believe in yourself. That would be a good start.

Archie: …Yeah. Believe in myself. MYSELF!  That’s great advice!

Panel four: Archie turns to the AI as it turns into a clipboard of notes with hands writing on the pages.

Archie: Say, when Dilton was transversing all around different unvierses—did he log in locations?

AI: Of course. They’re stored in my databanks.

Panel five: Archie smiles confidently as the AI turns into a piggy bank.

Archie: Good. Because we’re going to make a few withdraws.

AI: ??

Page 18

Panel one: High angle. Back to the Nexus Hub as everything has been altered. The Celestial Castle has now been bricked up entirely. The 9 spires of energy are flowing recklessly into a single unstable energy ball that is causing destruction waves of energy that are damaging the Celestial Castle. The various portals of the other spirals are fading and fluxing as the dimensions they represent are becoming more and more damaged. There are several yellow cracks forming as the Nexus Hub begins to rupture.

Fred Mirth inside of the enclosed Celestial castle: IMBECILE!!!

Panel two: A close-up of Fred Mirth and Sanctum as Fred Mirth is looking up and pointing a finger at Sanctum’s chest as Sanctum does not react one way or the other.

Fred Mirth: What good is bringing Doiley here!? We need the attenuator, so I can finally combine the universes!!

Sanctum: You said you wanted Prof Doiley and the attenuator. You did not prioritize one over the other or specify—

Fred Mirth: Don’t talk back to me! This is all your fault!

Panel two: Inside of the Celestial Castle as the terminals and machinery of it begin to spark and become unstable with monitors showing various dangerous readings. On the main monitor are various images of universes being affected by what is happening. The Explorers of the Unknown (sans Red) looks up to see the sky cracking open, A robot version of Archie uses his propulsars to try and fight against an earthquake that is unearthing a hurricane, and a Lone Ranger type version of Archie (The Solo Sheriff) is looking on as a snow storm is happening in the Old West. In the middle of the Celestial Castle is  Prof. Dilton, held in place in mid-air thanks to energy shackles to his wrists and ankles as Fred Mirth, completely ignorant of what is happening around him, menacingly approaches him. Looking at the main monitor is Sanctum as he studies the readings that show the 9 dimensions and the universes in peril.

Dilton: Mirth! Listen to reason! Everything will be reduced to nothingness unless something is done immediately!

Sanctum: He is correct. All universes are currently exhibiting entropy. A harbinger of what is to come.

Sanctum: The backlash wave will soon be unleashed, and with its stored and concentrated energy reaching critical mass, total eradication of all is imminent.

Fred Mirth: If I’m to be denied my perfect universe—let everything be razed! If I must, I’ll rule over the emptiness!   

Panel three: Fred Mirth sneers up at Prof. Dilton as Prof. Dilton looks down at him defiantly.

Fred Mirth: But as for you…

Fred Mirth: Any last words before I have Sanctum blast you to ash?

Prof. Dilton: No last words, Fred. Words of wisdom.

Page 19

Panel one: Fred Mirth tilts his head in confusion as Prof. Dilton begins to speak.

Dilton: “For every wall, there is a door.”

Fred Mirth: Eh?

Panel two: Fred Mirth and Sanctum approach Dilton as he explains the saying.

Dilton: There is always a wall. Every being has some barrier that obstructs them. That heeds their process from their goal. It stretches far and wide and there seems no way to the other side….

Panel three: A close-up on Sanctum’s face as his eyes show that Dilton’s words hold meaning to him.

Dilton off-panel: …But if you travel down the wall far enough, if you never stop searching….

Dilton: ....If you never give up, if you never stop believing, you will find the door.

Panel four: A close-up on Fred Mirth’s face as he sneers at Prof. Dilton’s words.

Fred Mirth: Pathetic. Logic has failed you so you shield yourself with a veil of sentimentality?

Page 20

Panel one: Fred Mirth spreads his arms out to showcase how the bricked up, but still cracking, Celestial Castle to illustrate his point. Sanctum turns his head and looks up as he eyes glow white as he senses something fast approaching.

Fred Mirth: Look around you! I have all the power! I am power! And most of all--

Fred Mirth: THERE

Fred Mirth: IS

Fred Mirth: NO

Fred Mirth: DOOR!

Sanctum: Not yet.

Panel two: The space craft rams into the Celestial Castle, breaking down a wall as it lands within yards of the Fred Mirth, who dashes to hide behind Sanctum who doesn’t react at all as he looks ahead at the craft. The craft breaks apart in several parts but remains mostly in tact.



Panel three: Prof. Dilton snarks at Fred Mirth as he hides Sanctum. Fred Mirth bares his teeth as he turns his head towards Prof. Dilton.

Prof. Dilton: You stand corrected…?

Fred Mirth: Shut up!

Page 21

Panel one: A woozy Archie steps out of the open hatch of the time craft as he has stars over his head and nearly trips over his own feet.

Archie: …uhm…

Archie: Maybe shoulda coulda found a better way to make an entrance…

Panel two: Fred Mirth steps forward and laughs as Sanctum and Prof. Dilton continue to look ahead in bewilderment at Archie’s antics.

Fred Mirth: Hah! This is rich!

Fred Mirth: This is it!? This is your chance at salvation!? Pathetic!

Panel three: Fred Mirth motions towards Sanctum and points a hand at the captured Prof. Dilton. Sanctum tilts his head towards mirth and his eyes glow red as an indication he is not thrilled with Fred Mirth’s claim to him.

Fred Mirth: I control the Nexus Hub, I own Sanctum, the only man smart enough to stop me is my captive—

Fred Mirth: And you—look at you. What could you ever do that could possibly hinder my goals?

Panel four: A behind the back shot of Archie as several similar Archie shaped figures begin to emerge from the space craft.

Archie: Don’t you mean what “we “can do?

Figure one: I hate taking pills.

Figure two: At least it was grape.

Figure three: So we all like grape?

Figure four: Yeah, it’s a nice bit of continuity.

Page 22

A splash page over the shoulder of a startled Fred Mirth of Team Archie as Archie is standing with various alternate universe counterparts as they strike a pose. Archie is ahead of the group as he points ahead. Behind him is Red Andrews of the Explorers of the Unknown as he begins to brandish his lasso. On his left arm is his Explorers of the Unknown wrist band with the ship AI inside of it as it is a smiley face with freckles sticking its tongue out at Mirth. Next to him is Ace Andrews, The Road Racer as he adjust the collar to his jacket. Flying above them is Pureheart as he strikes Superman pose. In the back is Weird Mystery Archie standing next to an Afterlife with Archie. Weird Mystery Archie is the most ecstatic as he can hardly hold in his excitement. An Afterlife with Archie is much more rugged and brooding as he has his hands in his trench coat pocket and glares straight ahead. Close by is Archie 1 who differs from the usual Archie 1 in that he has a sloped brow and mainly sticks to crouching on his legs (he never walks upright); he is tapping his club against the floor to signal he’s read for a fight.

Archie: And what we’re going to do is save the multiverse!

Archie 1: Ooga Booga! Gonna be a rumba! 

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
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Yeah, digests, wikipedia, and google.  :)

Page 12

Panel one: Prof. Dilton looks up from his work as he sees the Foursome floating around Sanctum who looks on motionlessly as if he were in deep thought.

Prof. Dilton: Don’t complain. With luck they’ll distract him, giving us time to escape.

Panel two: Super Clayton uses his super breath on Sanctum to no avail while Flutesnoot rams his head into Sanctum’s back.

Super Clayton: Careful, Flutesnoot! I don’t want to blow you away too!

Super Flutesnoot: I fear that won’t be a problem! Whoever this being is, he’s like a brickwall!

Panel three: Flutesnoot begins to hold his head as stars circle around him as Super Weatherbee turns to the ship as the tip of the ship prepares to open up another wormhole.

Super Weatherbee:  You two! In the ship! Get out of here! I don’t think we can hold him off much longer!

Flutesnoot: …we were holding him off now?….

Panel four: The space craft escapes in a wormhole as Sanctum begins to fly towards it with Super Grundy using her right arm to wrap around Sanctum’s torso and the rest of the Awesome Foursome pulling on her arm as they vainly try to halt Sanctum from following after them. Super Weatherbee turns to Super Grundy who just sighs.

Archie in space craft: Thanks, Mr. Weatherbee!

Super Weatherbee: How did he know it was me--?

Super Grundy: Let’s just keep our mind on the task at hand, shall we??

Panel five: Sanctum frees himself as he releases a burst of energy around his body as Super Grundy’s arm snaps back causing the rest of the Awesome Foursome to tumble back in the sky.

Sanctum: “Because there is always hope.”

Panel six: Sanctum begins to open another portal to give chase as the Awesome Foursome are discombobulated behind him.

Sanctum: But what is it?

Page 13

Panel one: The Space Craft is floating overhead in the sky in another universe. Below them Archie and his R/C race team is driving in their car as they use a remote control on a toy car they are piloting just ahead of them.

Archie in space craft: So…

Panel two: Archie is talking with Prof Dilton in the space craft as Prof Dilton looks down at the attenuator as he strokes his beard as he begins to think.

Archie: What now? I mean, jumping from universe to universe is not working for us.

Prof. Dilton: Yes. I hypothesis that hiding in another dimension would give us a moment’s reprieve—

Prof. Dilton: --But to do so would normally involve charting across the universes to find a rift, stabilize, and hope for the best.

Panel three: Prof. Dilton looks down at the attenuator as it is now calm and giving off a slight white glow.

Prof. Dilton: But I might have discovered a solution…

Panel four: Prof Dilton talks to Archie as Archie begins to lower his hand towards the attenuator as he begins to comply.

Prof. Dilton: Archie, carefully place your hand on the attenuator. Lightly.

Archie: Um, okay.

Panel five: The attenuator begins to light up the entire inside of the craft with a white light as Archie and Dilton try their best to shield their eyes. The AI is now a smiley face wearing sunglasses and is ten times larger than it has ever been.

Prof. Dilton: Good! Excellent! Phenomenal!

Archie: Glad you’re happy! I’m just going to let go now!

Page 14

Panel one: Everything is back to normal with the space ship back at full power. Prof. Dilton is ecstatic at his discovery. Archie has spots over his eyes as he is still feeling the aftereffect of the bright light show. The ship AI has now taken the smiley face wearing a party cap and blowing on a party horn.

Prof. Dilton: Archie, I believe that you—all of you—serve as some sort of omniverse check point! The keystone to each universe!
Prof Dilton: In contrast to Fred Mirth who can shift universe to universe at will, you can stabilize universal energies! And with the ship’s aid, you should be able to harness the attenuator for our needs!

Panel two: Archie is all smiles.

Archie: So that means we can hide out in another dimension until we come up with a plan, right?

Panel three: A close-up on a somber Prof. Dilton Doiley as he lowers his head.

Archie off-panel: Um, shouldn’t you be happier…?

Panel four: Dilton talks with the AI as the AI takes the shape of a sad smiley face as the party hat and party horn fade away from it.

Prof. Dilton: Ship, take us to the ground and open hull door. Upon my exit, you are to follow all commands from Archie Andrews henceforth.

AI: But… but…

AI:  …Acknowledged, Dilton.

Page 15

Panel one: Prof. Dilton begins to walk off the bridge as Archie turns to him.

Archie: Dilton, what are you doing?!

Dilton: You’re leaving this dimension, and I’m staying here.

Panel two: Archie gets out of his seat as he pleads with Prof. Dilton. Behind Archie, The AI is a smiley crying face blowing it’s nose on a handkerchief.

Archie: But why?! You said we can jump dimensions now! We can escape!

Panel three: Prof. Dilton turns back to Archie.

Dilton: We’d only have minutes instead of seconds before Sanctum would find us and the multiverse barely has that itself.

Dilton: If Sanctum captured me, he’d bring me back to the Nexus Hub and the attenuator would still not be in Mirth’s possession.

Dilton: That will give you the time you need.

Panel four: Archie pleads with Prof. Dilton.

Archie: Dilton—I don’t know what to do!

Archie: All of this—it’s above me, leaps and bounds! How am I supposed to save…everything? Everyone--?

Archie: Dilt, I’m just some ham-fisted, two left feet teenager. I’m not special at all.

Panel five: Prof. Dilton is about to leave the bridge when he turns back and gives Archie a reassuring smile.

Dilton: Believe in yourself. You will find a way.

Dilton: The ship will help your harness the attenuator and set coordinates. The rest will be up to you.

Panel six: Prof Dilton leaves the bridge as the automatic door closes behind him. Archie and the ship’s AI look on nervously.

Archie: …We’re in trouble.

AI: I concur.

Page 16

Panel one: The panel is a low angle view from Prof. Dilton on the ground as he calmly looks up and speaks with Sanctum .The craft has left with only a small red ball of energy in the sky to show where it had been. Sanctum is coming out of a blue portal overhead as he talks with Dilton.

Sanctum: …I don’t understand.

Prof. Dilton: That you can no longer find the craft, or that you find me waiting for you?

Panel two: Sanctum lands in front of Prof. Dilton towering over him. Prof. Dilton remains calm in front of the powerful being in front of him as if he were talking to a small child.

Sanctum: Correct. But for now I will take you to Fred Mirth, and continue my search for the attenuator shortly there after.

Panel three: Prof. Dilton, while adjusting his glasses, talks with Sanctum as Sanctum looks down at Prof. Dilton.

Dilton: Sanctum, your interface with the Nexus Hub, it gained you sentience did it not?

Sanctum: …Yes. Before there was only programming, codes, numbers, restrictions, but there is much more now.

Panel four: Sanctum begins to open a portal directly behind Prof. Dilton as Prof. Dilton continues his talk.

Prof. Dilton: I don’t believe that. If there were more to you, how could a rational thinking being follow Fred Mirth to the eve of destruction?

Sanctum: It is all I know, all that I currently comprehend fully. My original programming was to aid humanity. But how can I add all humanity when humanity is omnipresent with different rules of time-space and norms and laws?

Sanctum: Following Fred Mirth, creating one universe with one ruler, with limited number of probabilities and inhabitants, seems the best solution.

Panel five: Sanctum is leading Prof. Dilton into the portal as they continue to talk.

Prof. Dilton: That is not how sentience works, Sanctum. It’s not how living works. There is thinking, yes that is a good portion of it, but there is more which is not logical.

Prof. Dilton: There is feeling. There is listening. There is seeing. There is the ability to dream and to hope.

Sanctum:--”to dream and to hope.” I-I do not understand these concepts.

Panel six: The portal vanishes leaving only a small bright blue light as a toy car drives underneath it.

Caption: “I wish I could say I do as well…”

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
« on: August 22, 2015, 09:14:06 PM »
Page 6

Panel one: Dilton presses a red button on the control panel as Archie begins to straighten himself out. The AI’s image shifts to a smiley face wearing A Rambo bandana and hair as it smiles a toothy grin.

Archie: Who is that guy!?

Prof. Dilton: I would hazard a guess that it is my alternate universe’s interface module, S.A.N.C.T.U.M. It’s form a result of its direct contact with the Nexus Hub no doubt.

Prof. Dilton: Luckily, my travels across the multiversity has helped me upgrade the protection protocols of my craft significantly.

Panel two: Sanctum looks on unconcerned as we see over his shoulder as the space craft suddenly extends out several laser guns, turrets, and even charging a photon blast from the tip of the ship.

Panel three: The ship fires all of its attack on Sanctum as Sanctum doesn’t even bother to dodge or defend himself. The energy blasts and photon blasts strike Sanctum with various red, green, and purple energies exploding in a colorful display.

Page 7

Panel one: Sanctum brushes his shoulder of stray energy as if it were dust or dandruff as Prof Dilton and Archie look on. The ship AI’s smiley has turn to one that is wide-eyed and mouth open in pure terror.

Archie: …I don’t think that worked.

Prof. Dilton: No it did not. Sanctum’s new form comes with untold powers of unknown potential.

Archie: I know you’re the genius, but can I make a suggestion…?

Panel two: Sanctum looks up at the ship as he talks.

Sanctum: I do not wish you harm. Surrender and come with me. What other choice do you have?

Panel three: The space craft suddenly turns towards the earth. Sanctum tilt’s his head in confusion as he looks on.

Panel four: The space craft streaks towards the earth as Sanctum looks on as he tilts his head the other direction.

Sanctum: They attempt to escape, when they surely must know that it is futile. Why do they deny inevitability? 

Sanctum: What will they do next?

Panel five: A close-up on Sanctum as he begins to give chase with both of his arms extended ahead of him. Behind him he lets off a streak of blue and gold energy as he uses super speed to give chase.

Sanctum: Hm. This must be “curiosity” I am experiencing.

Sanctum: Fascinating.

Page 8

Panel one: The spacecraft is racing across the Archie 3000 universe as they maneuver past several flying space cars and and versions of Archie and the gang (wearing ridiculous future clothing you would see in a B-movie or Back to the Future Part II) on hover boards as they look on. A ray gun begin to extend from the front of the space craft and begins to charge. In the background are several Jetsons buildings that extend and retract.

Archie in space craft: Is that me?! And why am I dressed like that?

Prof Dilton: This is a universe set in the year 3000.

Archie: Conan O’ Brien was right!!

Archie 3000: Sway!

Panel two: Archie looks up the view screen as window shows Sanctum fast approaching as he maneuvers past several flying cars himself, leaving a blue and gold streak in his passing. Prof. Dilton is working the controls feverously as he begins to perspire. The AI of the ship extends a small robotic arm with a cloth to wipe his brow. The attenuator attached to the craft gives off a mild glow.

Archie: Um, Dilton—? I think there’s a flaw in my “Run Run Run!” strategy.

Dilton: Yes, in 3.5 seconds he would have us—

Panel three: The spacecraft enters into a quick closing makeshift wormhole as Sanctum just misses them as Archie 3000 and the other Archies approach him.

-Prof. Dilton in wormhole: --But luckily it takes 2.5 seconds to do this!

Panel four: Sanctum turns to The Archies 3000 as they wave hello to him. Sanctum has his head tilted in confusion as he doesn’t understand what he sees or hears. His eyes are glowing white to show he is scanning the universe to look for a response.

Archie 3000: Wy-Fy-Hi! Welcome to Riverdale! Alphatronic! That is a sway flight suit, dude!

Sanctum: …

Panel five: Sanctum makes a weird motion with his hand as The 3000 Archies return it as they leave. Behind Sanctum a blue wormhole begins to form.

Sanctum: Salutations and goodbyes. I can’t pull up a hyperbolic. I have to hit the bit map warp speed.

Archie 3000: Don’t be a hologram!

Page 9

Panel one: A high angle view of the space craft if floating above a Riverdale High in a new universe as we can see Archie breathing easy as Prof. Dilton looks on worriedly as he tries to get his ship to operate. The attenuator has stopped glowing indicating they are in trouble. The AI hologram is now a sick smiley face with a thermometer in its mouth to show how much universe jumping is taking out on the ship.

Archie: I think we lost him.

Panel two:  Prof. Dilton begins to hit various buttons as he tries to get his space craft to work. The control panel is giving off several streaks of energy as the attenuator does not respond

Prof Dilton: No we haven’t! He’s interfaced with the multiverse itself! We’re merely a few steps ahead!

Archie: Um, can we try for maybe a mile?

Prof. Dilton: I’m trying!

Panel three: Prof. Dilton motions towards the attenuator as he tries to get the ship to work again. The AI has a smiley face with the words Error over its head as it is barely operable. The control panel continues to spark as Archie leans back in his seat and shields his face as he turns to talk with Prof. Dilton.

Prof. Dilton: To make a sudden wormhole and to stabilize, I used the attenuator, but I cannot fully control the energy output! The systems are overloading!

Archie: Like when I put leaded fuel in my car?

Prof. Dilton: That analogy will have to do.

Panel four: Suddenly a blue portal forms just in front of them as Sanctum walks on air towards them.

Archie: Wow. You weren’t joking about being just steps ahead.

Prof. Dilton: Yes. I’m not very humorous-…nor is our current situation.

Page 10

Panel one: Sanctum has his arms folded as his eyes begin to give off a red energy.

Sanctum: Now, before I take us to the Nexus Hub, answer me this query:

Panel two: Side view where we can see both the space craft and Sanctum.

Sanctum: Why do you persist?  Your scope is limited and your resources finite. What logic is there in this futile game of cat and mouse where your escape is impossible?

Panel three: Archie bursts out of his seat and hits the control panel. His hand is just above the attenuator and it seems to directly result in the stabilization of the ship as the attenuator gives off a strong white light. Prof Dilton turns his head and notices much to his surprise. The AI of the ship now is a smiley face with flexing muscular arms to show it is in good shape again.

Archie: Because there is always hope!


Panel four: Sanctum tilts his head in confusion to Archie’s answer as his eyes stop glowing red and instead glow white.

Sanctum: I do not understand your response. Hope in most universes means a feeling of expectation for a certain occurrence. It is an intangible idea you give unwarranted substance to.

Page 11

Panel one: Sanctum turns around as prepares to confront whomever is behind him. Archie in the space ship jumps up and down in joy at what he sees. Prof. Dilton continues working the controls of the space craft.

Voice off-panel: The only thing unwarranted is you being on school grounds.

Voice off-panel: I don’t know who you are, but when you threaten the innocent in Riverdale you have to deal with—

Archie: Alright! Superheroes! There are superheroes in this universe!

Panel two: Sanctum turns around to see that he is being confronted by The Awesome Foursome from Faculty Follies. Each one is wearing their costume and a jet pack to fly in the sky. Super Weatherbee is upfront with Super Grundy, with right arm stretched out, and Super Clayton beside him. Behind them is Super Flutesnoot.

Super Weatherbee: --The Awesome Foursome!

Panel three: Archie falls back to his seat in disappointment while Prof Dilton continues to work the controls and switches of the space craft as the ship recharges and reboots.

Archie: Awwww. The teachers are the superheroes in this universe?

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Universes at Peril
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Part II: Walls and the Door.

Page 1 (entire page is flashbacks)

Panel one: A flashback of Veronica-Verse Dilton Doiley as he shakes hands with Fred Mirth as they are standing over a model display of Riverdale with Memory Lane dead center.

Caption: My name is Professor Dilton Doiley. And for an individual with an IQ over 300, I have made numerous, injudicious mistakes. All stemming from a dubious affiliation.

Panel two: Prof. Dilton’s secret lab/an abandoned Pep Warehouse. A shot of Prof. Dilton as he prepares his ship for take-off in his space craft. On the main computers in his lab, the screen shows a rift in space.

Caption: After I had nearly destroyed two universes, I found a chance at redemption….

Panel three: Prof Dilton is piloting the ship towards the rift as Fred Mirth hides in the back of the ship and watches unbeknownst to Dilton.

Caption: …But instead I found a way to make matters much, much worse.

Caption: Fred Mirth had stowed aboard my craft—I suspect phasing inbetween realties to avoid my scanners, but I digress—

Panel four: Fred Mirth, at the controls of the Nexus Hub, happily displays merging the two married universes together and arranging for Archie Andrews’ death to a battered and taken aback Prof. Dilton. On the screen is the acronym S.A.N.C.T.U.M.

Caption: --And with the technology of an alternate version of myself, he was able to gain control of the Nexus Hub, and intended to merge all the multiverse into a single universe of his own design.

Panel five: A shot of Prof. Dilton and Archie as Archie’s universe begins to be erased all around them as they step out of the Chocklit Shop.

Caption: I had stolen the Attenuator, the regulator to the Nexus Hub, in hopes of delaying Fred Mirth…

Caption: …But I underestimated Fred Mirth’s lust for power. Disregarding the unsafe conditions, he’s continued his pursuits with unforeseen consequences.

Panel six: A shot of Dilton and Archie in the space ship as they leave the wormhole and enter another universe as the universe is nearly wiped out.

Caption: A backlash wave. One universe has already felt its effects. That universe has reached a stage of inertia, containing the backlash wave, but once it is unleashed, now channeled and power increased…the entire multiverse will be gone within microseconds.

Caption: All I have managed thus far is avoiding Mirth and saving the Archie Andrews of that universe. I believe Archie is the key to our salvation and we can save the multiverse…

Page 2

A splash page showing Sanctum in his new sentient form. He is around 6’9 and around 350 pounds. His entire body is a mix of blue and pulsing gold energy that outlines the outer parts of his arms and legs and connects to the center of his chest. He has a square jaw making him look almost heroic save that he has no face and most of his expressions will come from his red eyes. He has his arms folded over his chest as he looks down at the space craft.

Caption: …Barring unforeseen interference.

Page 3

Panel one: Archie leans back in his seat as his face turns green and he looks like he’s about to throw up. Prof. Dilton turns to him. The AI has taken the shape of a smiley face as it looks up at ceiling of the space craft as it sees something that alarms it.

Archie: ugggg

Archie: …Feels like I went on every rollercoaster at the carnival on a full stomach…twenty times…!

Prof. Dilton: Yes. Traveling from universe to universe does take a lot out of you.

Panel two: A shot from behind the seats to show Prof. Dilton and Archie as they talk with one another. Archie is trying to hold his mouth closed with a hand as he tries to stop himself from vomiting as Prof. Dilton moves away from him. Over at the window of the ship we see Sanctum begin to lower himself to come into their view. The ship’s AI turns to the window and turns right in fright.

Archie: Yeah, it’s just about to come out right now…!!

Prof. Dilton: Ship! A container for the involuntary expulsion of food’s content!

Panel three: The ship’s AI is now in the middle of the two as a Smiley with arms pointing ahead as the two look at it.

AI: Um, we have a bigger—but not as disgusting—problem.

Archie: What--?

Panel four: Prof. Dilton and Archie look ahead to see Sanctum in full view as he is still in his pose and staring directly at them in silence.

Panel five; Same shot only with Archie talking.

Archie: Oh.

Archie: That is a problem.

Page 4

Panel one: A close-up on Sanctum as he talks as his eyes begin to pulse with blue energy.

Sanctum: Dilton Doiley of Dimension 4, universe 1256 you are to accompany me to the Nexus Hub and return the Attenuator

Panel two: A close-up on Sanctum’s glowing red eyes.

Sanctum: Please, do as I have instructed.

Sanctum: You’re compliance is in your own best interest.

Panel three: Archie leans up at his chair as he is defiant and responds while Dilton looks on petrified with fear. The AI smiley is shaking his head and holding a sign that reads: HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR US!

Archie: Yeah?!

Archie: What can you do to us?!

Page 5

Panel one: Sanctum flicks the tip of the space the space craft with his fingers, sending it rocketing several miles back.

Sanctum: A small demonstration is in order, I see.

Panel two: The Space ship tosses out of control before it finally rights itself.

Panel three: Inside of the space craft, the AI of the ship now has a smiley with a black eye and bandage over it’s forehead as it yells directly at Archie. Prof. Dilton is clinging onto his seat as he agrees with the AI’s sentiment. Archie is sitting upside down in his chair a he shrugs his shoulders and apologizes.

AI: Ow Ow!! Don’t say things like that!! Never say things like that!!

Dilton: Yes, I would have to strongly insist you refrain from such bold braggadocio!

Archie: …Whoops. Sorry.

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