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  • CAPalace: From the way they're talking it sounds like it will be a separate comic/book? In the Comic Con panel someone asked about if all the Archie-verses will ever meet and the Archie Comics guys said they couldn't confirm but "look out for issue 666."
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Fan Fiction / Jughead in The Halloween Havoc For Supper
« on: Yesterday at 05:38:26 PM »

Page 1

Panel one: The setting is Pickens Park during the afternoon as a presenter is on stage (Complete with curtains to separate the backstage area) next to a table that has a metal tub of apples for bobbing, a pumpkin pie, and a plate filled with candy corn as the presenter goes over the rules. To the side of the table is a five foot statue of a person eating while trying to keep his wig straight. Over the stage is a banner reading HAIR IF YOU CARE PRESENTSÖTHE HALLOWEEN HAVOC EATING CONTEST. A crowd has surrounded the stage as Jughead is standing off to himself as he is listening in. The crowd is acting like it is a rock concert as they dance and enjoy themselves; even an elderly couple is having fun dancing.

Presenter: --And thank you all for coming!

Presenter: Wig out as the four top eaters of Riverdale compete in a tournament to crown the true eating champion!

Jughead thinking: Huh. So this is what that mysterious text was all about. All communication parted to me should involve something like this.

Panel two: Jughead is looking at the banner as he seems to have a bad feeling about it that he canít quite understand as he folds his has a hand over his chin as the ponders.

Jughead:  Something about this seems familiar. Like a horrible memory you try to forget or that feeling you get reading a bad fan fic.

Caption: This coming from someone who had to split half his digest with his best friend!

Panel three: Jughead turns his head as two people talk to him from behind.

Voice one: Jughead, looks like you and me might have our long awaited match!

Voice two: And weíll have our rematch!
Jughead: Hm?

Page 2

Panel one: Jughead turns around to see Toni Topaz and Kevin Keller as they greet him as they are competing in the contest as well. Toni adjusts her hat as Kevin Keller gives Jughead a two finger salute as his way of saying hello.

Jughead: Two Fisted Toni Topaz and Kevin Keller.

Toni Topaz: The one and only.

Kevin Keller: Reporting to mess hall and ready to chow down.

Panel two: Jughead is matter of fact as Toni Topaz smiles at him and winks as she flirts with him.

Toni Topaz: Not happy to see us?

Jughead: No. Just not surprised. When they said the four top eaters in Riverdale I figured you two got the same text I did.

Panel three: Kevin Keller is asking Jughead a question as Jughead isnít thrilled knowing the answer as he obviously would rather not say.

Kevin Keller: Well, youíre two for two, so who do you think the fourth is?

Panel four: The ground begins to shake as Toni Topaz and Kevin Keller lose their balance as Jughead just lets himself bop up and down like a super ball as he remains unimpressed.

Toni Topaz: What is this?! An earthquake!?

Jughead: No. That would be our fellow competitor toddling our way now.

Kevin Keller: Who?!

Page 3

Panel one: The Glutton is standing loud and proud as he his hair looks like he just got out of bed, his greasy shirt is two sizes too small and he is wearing jeans cut into shorts. His pig like nose has a small drop of snot sticking out, and he has several bits of various foods in between his yellow teeth.

The Glutton: Gregory GorgeyóTHE GLUTTON!!!

The Glutton: Iím the Baron of Bite and the Master of Munch and the table is set for me to win and prove Iím the number one food connoisseur in Riverdale!!

Panel two: Jughead is casually talking with Toni Topaz and Kevin Keller as the Gluttonís jaw drops as he canít believe that they werenít listening to him.

Jughead: ÖSo then Gaston catches me in the walk in freezer and I go--

Glutton: Hey!! Pay attention to me!! I am large and in charge!!

Panel three: Toni Topaz jokes as The Glutton becomes enraged.

Toni Topaz: Yes, to the former. No to the latter.

Panel four: The Glutton uses his stomach to knock Toni Topaz off her feet as Kevin Keller rushes to her aid.

The Glutton: Put your mouth where the food is! Look at you! No way you win! Youíre stomach is too small!

Toni Topaz: Hey!

Panel five: Jughead is quipping back at The Glutton as The Gluttonís face goes bright red and his nostrils flare. Kevin Keller helps Toni Topaz to her feet as Toni Topaz leers at The Glutton

Jughead: Your brain is too small and you still able to think. Slowly, but surely.

Page 4

Panel one: The presenter makes way as Pauline Elder is walking to the center of the stage and taking the mic from him. She is wearing a bride of Frankenstein wig and wearing a blue and green dress suit as she half heartedly waves to the people in the audience.

Presenter: And now for the benefactor and financier, the CEO of Hair I Care Enterprisesó

Presenter: Ms. Pauline Elder!

Jughead: Oh now I remember. Crazy wig lady.

Panel two: Kevin Keller is talking with Jughead as Jughead explains how he met Pauline Elder. In he background is a scene where Jughead is giving her the fake wig made of Hot Dogís fur as she begins scratching and he happily takes five hundred dollars as his reward. Hot Dog turns to look at the empty spot of fur on his back.

Kevin Keller: You know her, Jug?

Jughead: Yeah, she wanted Trulaís hair for her personal wig collectionÖ

Jughead: ÖAnd instead of doing the obvious preference of shaving Twyst bald, I donated a small patch of Hot Dogís fur instead.

Panel three: Jughead turns to Toni Topaz as she asks him a question of her own.

Toni Topaz: Think she figured out your ruse?

Panel four: Pauline Elder simply glares at Jughead and does the beheading gesture to her throat as she grits her teeth and her wig tilts to the left side of her head as the presenter tries to keep it upright on her head.

Panel five: Jughead shrugs his shoulders as he seems not to care about Paulineís noverbal threat as Kevin Keller places a hand on his shoulder to show support. Toni Topaz adjusts her hat as she sees the obvious answer. The Glutton points at Jughead, does the throat slash motion with his other hand and winks to hint at a possible alliance.

Jughead: Itís possible.

Page 5

Panel one: Pauline is shoving the presenter back as she begins to go over the rules as her hair piece leans over her eyebrows.

Pauline: After my last trip to thisÖquant little town, I couldnít help but come back for reveóer, fun and games.

Pauline: And what better fun and games can their be than an eating contest tournament?

Panel two: Pauline points over at the table and all the items on it as everyone in the audience looks on. The Presenter strikes a pose as he uses both arms to motion towards the table.

Pauline: The rules are simple for you rubes to understand:

Pauline: The four contestants will be divided up into separate match-upóeat the bobbed apples and a  pumpkin pie eating contestsóand the winner of each will advance to the final round: The Mountain of Candy Corn!

Panel three: The presenter struggles to hold up the trophy in one hand and a box of Spotty Snacks with the other. The box of Spotty snacks has parody of Mystery Incorporated with an African American as Fred, a confused blond for Daphne, A frizzy haired frighten teenage girl for Shaggy, a fat nerd with glasses and hand held computer for Velma and a Dalmatian in place of Scooby Doo.

Pauline: And not only will the winner win this fabulous trophyÖ

Pauline: ÖBut a yearís supply of Spotty Snacks! The favorite treat of the Mysteries Five mascot Spotty Spotty Dot!

Panel four: Back to Jughead, Toni Topaz, Kevin Keller, and The Glutton. Jughead is licking his lips as he seems interested for the first time in the story, Toni Topaz is acting like she has a handful of the Spotty Snacks in both hands, Kevin Keller smiles as he likes the prize and The Glutton rubs his stomach as it shakes in all directions.

Jughead: Many a haunted house or deserted mill I would venture to for just one!

Toni Topaz: Pow Pow! I canít wait!

Kevin Keller: And a yearís supply!

Glutton: Thatíll be a swell meal for my telly-tum-tum!   

Panel five: As she hands the mic back to The Presenter, Pauline glares over at Jughead as Jughead is talking with Kevin and Toni not noticing that The Glutton is giving her the ďokayĒ hand signal. Pauline has a smirk across the right side of her face as her hair piece tips to the right side of her head.

Pauline thinking: I spent months of research, finding the best way to hurt Jughead Jones after he tricked me and had infested me with fleas!

Pauline thinking: And with my pawn in place and my meticulous planning, Jughead wonít be able to take a nibble without thinking of the disgrace heíll soon experience!

Page 6

Panel one: Jughead and Kevin Keller are standing behind the table on stage. Each has a large metal tub filled with apples and water. Both Jughead and Kevin Keller look on anxiously. The Presenter is up front and making the match announcement.

Presenter: Round one will be Eat The Bobbed Apples with Jughead Jones competing against Kevin Keller.

Presenter: Lads on my mark--!

Panel two: The Presenter motions with two fingers for the two to begin while running in place. Kevin Keller dunks his face in the water while Jughead dunks his entire head and begins to swirl the water around using his neck. A small spiral has formed with Jugheadís head in the center.

Presenter: GO GO GO!

Panel three: Kevin Keller has his head out of the water as he begins to eat an apple as Jughead just casually stands looking at Kevin with a smile. The water in Jugheadís tub is slowly still spinning in a small spiral with no apples seen because of this.

Kevin Keller: Jughead, umÖ.you do know how this works, right? Youíre supposed to bob for the apples.

Panel four: Jughead motions towards his tub as the water is still and apple cores begin floating to the surface to show that Jughead ate all of his apples when he had his head in the water. Kevin Keller looks on with wide-eyes as the apple he was eating slips out of his hand and his jaw drops.

Jughead: No. We have to eat the apples. No one ever said I had to take them out of the water.

Panel five: Kevin Keller shakes Jugheadís hand as Jughead accepts but looks over hungrily at Kevin Kellerís still full tub of apples.

Kevin Keller: I concede to the man with the better plan.

Jughead: Thanks. And are you to finish those?

Page 7

Panel one: Pauline Elder looks on from behind the stage as she bends her wig to her face and strangles it in anger.

Pauline Elder: How did he win! His apples were made of wax!

Panel two: The Glutton walks up next to her and points to himself with both thumbs as he shows off. Pauline looks at the Glutton with disgust as she takes a step away from the slob.

The Glutton: Donít worry! Iíll handle that skinny bean in the final after I eat the pink haired girl out of house and home!

Pauline: You had better. My plan only works if he loses to someoneólike you.

Panel three: The Glutton sticks out his large stomach as he boasts to himself as he is full of confidence at his chance of winning.

The Glutton: Hah! Iím going up against a girl! Anybody can beat a girl!

Panel four: The Glutton looks to Pauline for reassurance as Pauline fixes her hair back to where it was as she rolls her eyes and curls her lips like she wants to just run out and get away from The Glutton.

The Glutton: We are going to cheat though, right?

Pauline: Yes, you twit!

Panel five; Pauline scratches her head as thinks back to the dog hair wig she wore and the fleas that came with it.

Pauline: Once word got out I wore a wig made of dog hair, I became the joke of the hairpiece trade! I want sweet cold revenge!

Panel six: The Glutton punches his open palm to show that he wants to make Jughead suffer to as Pauline smiles wickedly as she walks away.

The Glutton: Yeah! Revenge is a dish best served cold!

Pauline: Quite so. But letís not discount a hot plateÖ 

To Be continued

And I'm using to fan fic I've used before for villains, I just like villain team ups. :)

Pauline Elder

The Glutton

What if, for the Archie Horror brand, We had Cosmo the Evil Martian invade Earth, starting with the small town of Riverdale? We got horror what about a sci-fi series? :)

Well, she said she was upset with Archie when she heard he was trading for Veronica. But why would she be angry if it was her idea to begin with?

Still, I like the story, the idea is great, we got to see a ton of characters in a six page story. The characters are written well and the art is great as usual from Fernando Ruiz. The ending is confusing, but the message is good, so I say we all just roll with it. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in The Best Little Princess Ever After!
« on: October 29, 2014, 08:27:06 PM »

Page 4

Panel one: Ethel is leading Jughead and Jellybean down an aisle of costumes modeled after the Red Circle heroes as one person is dressed like the old Shield and a female is dressed as the new Shield and staring each other down. A skinny teen in a Fox costume trips over his baggy tights in the background. Jellybean is trying to grab onto costumes as Jughead pushes her by.

Ethel: …So you’re actually going to buy Jellybean a girly costume this year?

Jughead: Under motherly duress. I have to make Jellybean a princess to appease the queen.

Panel two: Ethel leads them into the children’s costumes as several boys dressed as ghosts are chasing a witch on her broom. Along the aisles are various costumes for boys and girls. Ethel is at a multi-colored section of clothing for the princess costumes while Jellybean turns her head to the opposite aisle as she likes the boy oriented costumes.

Ethel: Well, let me be your fairy godmother and turn that cute little pumpkin into a princess!

Panel three: Jughead lifts Jellybean out of her stroll as Jellybean sadly eyes a pirate costume she wants.

Jughead: Sorry, Jellybean, but if I have to make someone unhappy, it’ll have to be you. Mom is much bigger and handles my food.

Panel four: Ethel holds out a pink and blue fairy princess costume by the wings as Jellybean glares at it with contempt.

Ethel: How about a fairy princess?

Panel five: Jughead looks down at Jellybean as Jellybean folds her arms and scowls.

Jughead: What do you say, Jellybean?

Panel six: Jellybean gives Jughead the raspberry as Jughead comments an Ethel chuckles as she puts the fairy princess costume away.

Jellybean: Pppppfffttt

Jughead: And they say Latin is the universal language.

Page 5

Panel one: Ethel is holding out a Snow White costume as Jellybean shakes her head.

Ethel: How about Snow White?

Jughead: This one dwarf does not approve.

Panel two: Ethel holds up a costume for Cinderella as Jellybean falls asleep in Jughead’s arms and is dead weight as Jughead looks on with a slight smile on her face.

Ethel: Sleeping Beauty.

Jughead: I like it, but Jellybean gets into character and she’d miss all of Halloween.

Panel three: Ethel holds up a ballerina costume as she clumsily spins on her foot and hits Jughead with the ballerina costume across the face as Jellybean chuckles.

Ethel: How about a princess ballerina? You spin and spin and dance and dance!

Jughead: Go jump in Swan Lake!

Panel four: Ethel holds up a costume of a kitten princess complete with tail as Jellybean begins to sneeze uncontrollably as Jughead explains.

Ethel: A kitten princess would be purrfect.

Jughead: Jellybean is allergic to cats.

Panel five: Ethel is holding up a Cleopatra costume as Jughead waves it off as Jellybean begins to dance and motion with her arms like an Egyptian.

Ethel: Cleopatra. She was a princess…of pharaohs, I think.

Jughead: Too Veronica.

Panel six: Ethel is holding up a costume of a tiara and a wedding dress as Jughead turns Jellybean away from Ethel and the costume.

Ethel: Princess of the wedding?

Jughead: No! She’s too young!

Page 6

Panel one: Jellybean sadly looks at the boy costumes of a pirate, a zombie, a ninja, a soldier, and robot as she reaches for them. Ethel shrugs her shoulders as she has run out of costumes for princesses.

Ethel: Sorry, Jughead, but that’s all the princess costumes.

Jughead: Sigh. And Jellybean just wants to be one of the boys.

Panel two: Jughead has a jack-o-lantern with a lit candle inside over his head as he has an idea as he sets Jellybean down as she happily walks to the boy section of costumes.

Jughead: Hm, Say, Ethel, you do sell tiaras separate, right?

Panel three: Jughead turns to Ethel as Ethel motions towards two boys in robot costumes ramming into each other and damaging their costumes as their mothers rush to stop them.

Ethel: Sure. Girls and boys damage a lot of their costumes before they even leave, so I have plenty to spare.

Jughead: Even better.

Panel four: Jughead turns to Jellybean as Jellybean is grabbing at several costumes as she is happy with them all. Ethel has hearts for eyes as she admires Jughead unbeknownst to him.

Ethel: What are you planning, Juggie?

Jughead: My mom wanted a princess. She never specified what kind of princess....

Page 7

Panel one: Back to the Jones Home as Mrs. Jones is entertaining two her lady friends and their dressed like princess daughters (around the same age as Jellybean) as they sit on the sofa and have tea. The two girls in their princess costumes look on unhappily as their crowns keep bothering them.

Lady one: So, Jellybean is going to join the kingdom with the rest of the young ladies?

Mrs. Jones: That’s right. You can practically hear the coronation, Bethie.

Panel two: Off-panel Jughead is yelling as Mrs. Jones and her friends turn to him off panel. The two girls dressed like princesses peek over the couch and seem impressed by what they see.

Jughead off-panel: Hearly hearly, all rise and take heed—

Panel three: Jughead is walking Jellybean into the living room as she is a mixture of various costumes. On her head is a tiara, ninja mask, and robot visor, her chest is pirate clothing, her pants are soldier fatigues, she is wearing a superhero cape across her back, her right arm is knight armor, and her left arm the sleeve of an astronaut suit. Mrs. Jones looks on in embarrassment while the two mothers look disapprovingly at their daughters all bow before Jellybean. Jughead is hamming up his proclamation, acting like he is playing an invisible trumpet. Jellybean is happily showing off her mix match costume.

Jughead: All hail Princess Super Space Knight Ninja Pirate Soldier Robot!

Jughead: Ruler of all Fiction!!


Well, itís been awhile since Iíve done a review, but itís also been awhile since a digest had a brand spanking new story in it too.

The Good.

The new story: Hey new stuff! The Secret Santa Secret Swap is a pretty fun story for the most part and drawn well for the most part (Iíll talk about a few problems in the bad). The students of Riverdale draw names for Secret Santa even though Archie already has the perfect gift for Veronica, so Reggie gives him the idea to trade until he finds her name. This leads to a great chase with Archie going from student to student, which I really love because itís a fun way to show off the secondary characters You see Raj, Harper, the New Class kids, Wendy Weatherbee and others. And Archie having to deal with shenanigans and shenanigans on his quest was fun. Like I said, there are a few problems, especially the end, but overall, for a six page story, itís pretty fun. So kudos to Paul Kupperburg and Fernando Ruiz.

Drill Sergeant Patton Howitzer. Heck yeah! Mr. Weatherbee wants to show off his skills to the Riverdale football team, but the kids see this as their one chance to unload on him and take it, injuring his back. That leads to the school board bringing in THE SUBSITTUTE TEACER FROM HECK (yeah, this is a G rated review). And he runs the school like a bootcamp with the kids practically begging Mr. Weatherbee to recover quickily. I really like this character because itís one of the few times you have an actual antagonist for the gang. Iím talking full on bad guy. No redeemable traits. Heís a horrible jerk to everyone. I wish he was still around because I think a few true bad guys would liven up Archie. Seriously, youíre telling me in all of Riverdale High, no other teen is a total spaz? Címon!

Super Duck. Double Heck Yeah! The first story sees him planning to eat out for some good food and take the old thrown to the curb when you canít pay bit, but the restaurant has other ideas. The next is him being lucky and his luck running out. I like the stories. Okay, the younger duck, I can see someone saying rip-off of Huey (itís obviously Huey folks) but Super Duckís personality shouldnít make anyone think of Donald Duck.

Josie: Fun stories, especially the Melody based one that is so stupidÖyeah, itís perfect for Melody. And I gotta sayóI like Albert a hundred fold better than Alan M. Because every time I happen to pick up a digest with a Josie and the Pussycats story heís either boring or just a jerk. Yeah, Alexandra is mean, but sheís always nice to you, donít push her to the ground you barbarian! Albert actually has personality to him. But I guess when it was revised big boring blond guys were in.

The Holiday stories. We get old school Jingles who is pretty darn vicious, Archie seeing the good and bad of being a mall Santa, how giving your boyfriend to your BFF for a day is nice for the season, but not for much longer than that. All the holiday stories are really fun reads. Especially the last one with Veronicaís present for Jughead. Heh Heh Heh.

The Bad.

The lead storyís ending. One I problem with The Secret Santa Secret Swap comes at the end. Okay, itís fine because it looks like Reggie had Veronicaís name all along and gave Archie the idea to run around on a wild goose chase but then it turns outóBettyís idea after she heard what Archie was doing. But Reggie saw Archie trade with Jughead and then gave him the idea to trade for Veronica, so Betty never had time to give Reggie the idea.  It doesnít make sense. It would have worked better if Reggie had Veronicaís name to jerk with Archie and Archie is happy ending up with Betty. And since I just nicked pick Paul Kupperberg, Iíll be fair and do the same with Fernando Ruiz (please forgive me!) Vic looked a little to small and not muscular enough when Archie talks with him (From what I understand, Vic is taller and more muscular than even Moose) And I had trouble telling who Archie was taking over dog walking duties for to get a trade. I thought it was Dilton at first, but Iím pretty sure itís Chloe. I mean, for the most part I like the story, But with the Betty idea partóWHA?

Mr. Weatherbee. I like Mr. Weatherbee, but wow, kinda unloaded on the Weatherbee stories on this one. And theyíre okay, but thereís also a reason why Mrs. Bliss didnít last and got turned into Saved by the Bell. Maybe Faculty Follies memories are working against me.

One story where you really canít distinguish Betty and Veronica. I just donít like it when you could really just switch the two in story and nothing would be affected. What are we, Michael Bendis? 

What I learned from this issue.

1.   Jingles is a sadistic monster.
2.   Ribbons and Christmas Wrap are surprisingly great to use to hold someone captive.
3.   Wow. Toni Topaz on the cover and in the comic?  So it is possible!
4.   I donít think Archie and the Teens fully grasp the concept of Secret Santa.
5.   Discipline from Drill Sergeant Patton Howitzer will continue until moral improves, soldiers!
6.   We can put Fir Tree in front yard on the list of things Mr. Lodge likes more than Archie.
7.   Never do too good a job on a difficult task that happens that you could do next year.
8.   The Eighties were all about big hair, small computers, and arcade trophies.
9.   Never give your date to your best friend on Christmas!
10.   Riverdale High School Football defenseÖwhat you did to Weatherbee wasnít just a penalty, that was attempted murder!

Iíll give this issue a B. I really like the idea to the lead story, but that ending just hurt it. But five pages out of six isnít bad. The art throughout was good. We got the into of Barry Howitzer. Great Holiday stories, Josie stories, and Super Duck I think there were too many Weatherbee center stories, but overall Iím happy with the purchase.

Fan Fiction / Jughead in The Best Little Princess Ever After!
« on: October 28, 2014, 11:31:10 PM »
Page 1

Panel one: The setting is the Jones Family living room. Jughead is strapping Jellybean into her stroller as Jellybean is excited to go outside with Jughead as Mrs. Jones looks on reluctantly in response to Jugheadís words.

Jughead: Well, Jellybean, itís that time of year for me to help you pick out your Halloween costume!

Jellybean: Yay!

Panel two: Mrs. Jones comments as she is skeptical about Jugheadís choice of costume for Jellybean as Jughead smile fades after what he hears.

Mrs. Jones: Yes, Iím sure itíll be another ďwonderfulĒ selection. Maybe a truck driver or duck call maker this year.

Panel three: Jughead turns to his mother as she smiles and rolls her eyes.

Jughead: All fine choices, but I canít help but believe you are being one snarky mommy.

Mrs. Jones: Thatís the silliest way to put it.

Page 2

Panel one: Mrs. Jones is talking to Jughead as a display of the various costumes that Jughead has bought Jellybean is displayed in the background. One costume is Jellybean as a construction worker with a mustache, another is Jellybean as a ninja with a name tag that reads: Ned, and another has her dressed like Super Mario with a note on her chest reading: Iím not a princess, I SAVE PRINCESSES

Mrs. Jones: When have you ever selected an appropriate Halloween costume for Jellybean? Every year you dress her up in boy costumes!

Panel two: Jughead shrugs his shoulders as he doesnít understand the problem. In her stroller, Jellybean is playing with a Cosmo The Merry Martian Doll that is wearing a phantom of the opera costume.

Mrs. Jones: Itís time you accept that you have a little sister and nothing will change that. Especially clothing.

Jughead: Maybe, but I bet Iíll make a tomboy out of her.

Panel three: Mrs. Jones is waving her arms as Jughead listens.

Mrs. Jones: Do you know how embarrassing it is when my lady friends show off their little princesses while Jellybean is a miniature hobo?

Jughead: Yíknow for someone who says being a mom is a full time job; you find time to call friends and gossip.

Panel four: Mrs. Jones glares at Jughead as Jughead realizes he pushed his mother too far.

Jughead: Um, just remember, Iím your son and you love me no matter what I do or say.

Mrs. Jones: It would be much easier if you said less and did more!

Panel five: Jughead rushes out the door with Jellybean as Jellybean uses the Cosmo the Merry Phantom Doll to wave goodbye as Mrs. Jones yells at Jughead.

Jughead: Fine! If I must, Iíll make a little lady out of my little sister!

Mrs. Jones: A princess, Jughead! I want a princess!

Page 3

Panel one: Jughead and Jellybean are walking into Manny Faceís Only Costume Shop as two people dressed like zombies walk out. One of them is eating a bag of cheesy puffs while the other is carrying a teddy bear. Next door to the costume shop is Dodo Karate Dojo on the right and a small hospital clinic, on the left, where several of the battered Dodo Dojo students are heading. One has his hand half way through a wooden board, but is now stuck.

Jughead: Well, Jellybean, here we are. The local costume shop. Where you come in as you, and out as someone else.

Jughead: I should take Reggie here. It can only be an improvement.

Panel two: Two teens dressed like Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhees walk past the Jones sibling as Freddy waves goodbye to Jellybean as Jellybean clutches her Cosmo doll close to her for protection. Jughead smiles reassuringly at Jellybean.

Jughead: Now, now, Jellybean, those arenít real monsters. Just remember that no matter how scary someone looks in here, theyíre just human beings.

Panel three: Ethel wearing Frankenstein make-up and a Many Face Costume Shop shirt happily skips towards Jughead and Jellybean as Jughead begins to shake and shiver uncontrollably.

Ethel: Juggie! How would you like to be the Husband of Frankensteina? I work here so I can get you a great discount for a smooch!

Pane four: A shot outside of the costume shop as Jughead screams inside. The karate students clear out of the Dodo Dojo and patients in wheelchairs and crutches rush out of the clinic in response to Jugheadís scream.

Jughead in costume shop: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

Panel five: Back inside of the costume shop, Jughead has ducked behind the stroller and is using Jellybean as a shield as he crotches down.

Ethel: How about a hug?

Jughead: How about a long distance call?

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Scary Good Food
« on: October 28, 2014, 05:19:36 PM »
A very good read so far! I assume you're not finished because I don't see "The End" yet?  :) I'll be honest: I don't really like Trula. I know she's basically a foil/light love interest to Jughead, but it would drive me nuts to have somebody psychoanalyze me like her. For once, I'd love to see her completely surprised and caught off guard. She just knows too much for her own good.

There was only one instance I can remember where she got hers: I recall a story where she had spread rumors around school about Betty and Ronica that were the opposite of what they truly were (Betty was actually very mean, Ronica nice) to the students. As a result, people were whispering the opposite things about both girls, which they eventually caught, and it weirded them out. When Jughead guessed who did it and called Trula out on it in the school cafeteria at her table, she merely replied that she expected him to react the way he would, but it was just an experiment in human reactions to rumors. He got her good by pouring food on her from her tray (I think he explained something like he was only doing what Betty would have done from Trula's POV), then walked off. Both Betty and Veronica saw the exchange as well, with shocked expressions. The story ended there. That was the one time to me where she was in the wrong, and she deserved it... :2funny:

Yeah, this story's over, but I got two more Jughead stories and a Halloween story to go over. (It's amazing what you can do to avoid talking with annoying relatives.) :)

Trula's one of my favorite Archie characters, because if she didn't exist, I probably wouldn't be as big a Jughead fan. I mean, how times has Reggie bested Jughead, or Archie, or Veronica or Betty or nearly any other character?  I just like knowing that there is one character that Jughead loses to. He'd be boring otherwise to me. I just can't stand Mary sues and she keeps him from that.

Plus she's the only character Jughead can go old school insult on and it's okay because she can actually play that game and win. I mean, read some of the old comics and Jughead is viscous towards Ethel. I mean, still funny, but wow.

I always think of Jughead as Bugs Bunny. Pretty smarty alecky but docile unless you cross him. Then he comes at you a 1000 times fold. I guess that would make Trula Cecil Turtle.  Just that one person you just can't get the win over and you go to insane lengths each time more and more. :)

Yeah, I remember that story and yeah she had that one coming. :)

I think Archie issue 649 or somewhere around there has Trula, Wendy, Sassy Thrasher, Sandy Sanchez half of those who will remain nameless tried to get Jughead to take them to the dance, but he outwits them. It's a pretty good story.

Fan Fiction / Re: Jughead in Scary Good Food
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Page 6

Panel one: Jughead is walking out of Segarini’s Pizza as he pats his stomach and burps. Segarina has decorated his pizza joint for Halloween similar to Pop Tate only with a banner reading Jack-O-Pizza with a pizza with it’s toppings arranged to make it look like a jack-o-lantern. On his window is a chalk drawing of himself as The Grim Reaper (complete with his chef hat over the hood) stalking after a drawing of Pop Tate.

Jughead: Huh. Don’t get why Segarini’s been so empty the last few days. I like the Jack-O-Pizza.

Jughead: Burp

Jughead: Well, maybe not the anchovies.

Panel two: Jughead smiles to himself as two small boys stop and look at him and begin to study him. One of the boy is wearing a Cosmo T-shirt and the other is wearing a Captain Pumpernik

Jughead: I haven’t even looked the Chocklit Shop’s direction Probably only crickets and tumbleweeds by now.

Panel three: One of the two boys talks with Jughead as Jughead looks down and tilts his head in confusion.

Cosmo Boy one: So you’re that big kid who eats everything no matter what, and you haven’t eaten a Halloween Burger from Pop’s?

Panel four: Jughead sticks out his tongue to illustrate what he says as the two boys look at each other and nod their head in confirmation.

Jughead: Exactly, kiddo! I’d rather pour molten acid on my tongue before I bite into that devil food!

Panel five: Jughead looks on as the kids run ahead in anticipation and excitement.

Pumpernik boy: Told’ja! The burgers are haunted!

Cosmo boy: That’s so cool! I’ll have a ghost in my stomach!

Jughead: Now what are those half-pints talking about…?

Panel six: Jughead looks ahead and is taken by surprise at what he sees off-panel.

Jughead: !!!

Page 7

Panel one: Jughead looks on with pure rage as he sees that The Chocklit Shop has customers lining up around the block to get inside. The Chocklit Shop has a new banner reading: THE HALLOWEEN BURGER—THE ONLY FOOD THAT SCARES JUGHEAD!! The windows of the Chocklit Shoppe have new chalk drawings of Jughead running away from zombie burgers and a poster that reads: JUGHEAD MAY BE CHICKEN, BUT WE SERVE BURGERS ONLY. People in line include Suzie, Ginger (not lopez) and The Groovie Ghoulies.

Jughead: Blasphemies!

Jughead: Untruths!

Jughead: Fibs!

Panel two: Jughead is crossing the street as he pushes past the Groovy Ghoulies as he prepares to make his way inside.

Jughead: I’m a gentleman at best, a gentle man at worse—

Jughead: --But you can only push a guy just so far!

Panel three: Jughead is opening the double doors to the Chocklit Shop wide open in the background as Trula is preparing more Halloween Burgers in the foreground for several customers. Jughead’s body language is like that of a cowboy preparing to call someone out while Trula just goes about her work. Where Jughead normally sits is a small cardboard tombstone reading: IN REMEMBRANCE OF JUGHEAD/ Along the cardboard tombstone are several flowers. One small girl is dressed as a mourner and praying at the stool.

Jughead: Trula Twit! You just bit off more than you can chew!

Trula: Funny coming from someone too afraid to eat!

Page 8

Panel one: Jughead is walking up to the counter as he looks down at his stool and the small little cardboard grave.

Jughead: You think you’re clever, don’t you, you twisted little—

Trula: It’s Ms. Twyst, and I know I’m clever….

Panel two: Trula leans over the counter and goes nose to nose with Jughead as Jughead glares back at her.

Trula: ---Clever enough to see that you are channeling your fear of commitment into my burgers!

Panel three: Jughead leans back and goes nose to nose with her.

Jughead: That’s insane! I haven’t eaten one of your rotten, moldy burgers because I know they’re horrible because you are horrible!!

Panel four: Trula leans in closer causing Jughead’s long nose to bend.

Trula: And that’s exactly my point! I represent everything you deem wrong with the female gender…

Trula: …And if I could make burgers just as good as you’ve ever had, you’re afraid you’d have to compromise your entire philosophy!

Panel five: A close-up on Jughead and Trula’s eyes as Trula stares defiantly into Jughead’s eyes while Jughead’s eyes have image flames in the iris to show how upset Trula is making him.

Trula: Why don’t you just admit the simple truth:

Trula: That you are a coward.

Panel six: Jughead runs away from the counter as he begins to grab the various burgers in the plates of several people close by who were watching.

Jughead: I’ll make you eat those words even if I have to eat your ghastly fare!

Page 9

Panel one: A shot of the Chocklit Shoppe from a high angle view as Jughead is zipping around grabbing everyone in the Shop’s burger, half eaten or complete, stopping along the way to snatch a few fries from tables and to sip of someone’s soda as he collects the burgers and heads back to the counter to face Trula Twyst. As Jughead zooms around he kicks up various napkins from their holders at tables and blows back the hair of several teens with long hair.

Panel two: Jughead races back in front of Trula as he has his arms overflowing with burgers as he is preparing to dive into the burgers with his mouth three times as wide as it has ever been.

Jughead: A coward, huh? Well, let me ask you—

Panel three: Trula looks on wide-eyed as several bits of burger, crumbs, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, and various other garnishes hit her face and go into her hair as she looks on with amazement. Pop Tate is walking behind her and is just now taking notice to what is going on.

Panel four: A shot of Jughead as all the burgers are gone and his face, hat, and shirt are covered in leftover grease and bits of burgers as he extends his arms to show he has eaten all of the burgers as everyone around him looks on in disbelief. Trula gives him a mild clap as she gives him credit for his feat. Pop Tate, on the other hand, is the opposite as his face is green and cheeks are puffed up and he is using both hands to stop from vomiting. Every one else is wide-eyed in disbelief at what they’ve seen.

Jughead: --Did that look like anything a coward would have done!?

Trula: I stand corrected.

Page 10

Panel one: Jughead has calmed down as he knocks the cardboard tombstone off his stool as he casually begins to sit down and order burgers in the most calm and collected manner possible in direct contrast to the previous page where he acted like a maniac. Trula is using a napkin to clean the bits of food off her as she prepares to fix Jughead five more Halloween Burgers.

Jughead: Actually, those weren’t half bad coming from someone all bad. I’ll have another five. And a small diet soda.

Panel two: Pop Tate talks with Jughead as Jughead barely lifts his head up to acknowledge Pop Tate.

Pop Tate: And how will you be paying for your order—and all the orders you just gulped down, you bottomless pit!?

Panel three: Jughead hands Pop Tate a slip of paper that reads Last Will and Testament with various scribbles listed.

Pop Tate: “Last Will and Testament?” What’s this mean?

Panel four: Jughead is given his burgers by Trula as Pop Tate grimaces and wads the paper in anger as Trula looks on with a chuckle.

Jughead: If I should die, I’ve left everything I own to you. That should just about make us even.

Pop Tate: Everything you own?! How do I pay rent with a weird hat and sweaters with the letter S on them!?

Fan Fiction / Jughead in Scary Good Food
« on: October 28, 2014, 01:01:21 AM »
Page 1

Panel one: Jughead is walking towards the Chocklit Shop as it has been decorated for Halloween with a giant banner over the door reading: HALLOWEEN BURGERSóGET THEM BEFORE THEY EXPIRE! Under the lettering is a picture of a ghost, witch, and jack-o-lantern, each on a bun. On the windows of the Chocklit Shop is a chalk drawn graveyard with a figure of Pop Tate sitting on a grave marked for Segarini. Segarini is walking away from the window in a huff as his response to the drawing. On the sidewalk several children are walking like Frankensteinís monster as they follow their mom whose hair resembles the Bride of Frankenstein to the surprise of several onlookers.

Jughead:  Halloween Burgers? Weird. Pop usually avoids these gimmicks and letís his food speak for itself.

Jughead: But if his burgers want to say ďbooĒ who am I to protest?

Panel two: Jughead is sitting on his stool at the counter with his body positioned towards the left so he is not facing up front and cannot see who is in front of him.

Jughead: A Halloween burger to scare my hunger away!

Panel three: Jugheadís eyes light up in concern as a female hand places a plate with a burger

Off-panel: Not a problem, Juggers. In fact, I already anticipated your arrival and order.

Jughead: That voice. Thatís the voice of evil. The voice of my arch nemesisó

Page 2

Panel one: Jughead turns his head to see Trula Twyst wearing a Pop Tate apron and identical hat standing over the grill and smiling down at him. On the grill are several burgers shaped like ghosts, witches, and jack-o-lanterns. Trula is flipping a ghost burger over as Pop Tate, sporting a cast on his hand and wrist, looks on and nods in a approval.

Jughead: --TRULA TWYST?!

Jughead: Pop! Her cooking your burgers is worse than a blind date with Madam Satan! Whatís going on!?

Panel two: Jughead stands up and points at Pop Tate as he demands to know what Trula is doing working the grill as Pop Tate shows Jughead his cast. As they talk Trula is handing Archie and Veronica each a plate with burgers and fries.

Pop Tate: I slipped while mopping up and broke my wrist. Trula volunteered to help, and sheís been doing a great job.

Jughead: Pop! How could you do that!?

Panel three: Trula turns to talk to Jughead as she puts more fries in the deep fryer as Jughead yells back at her.

Trula: Most cleaning chemicals are slippery when wet, Juggers. If you did chores, you might know that!

Jughead: Iíve watched my mom do plenty of housework to know that, smart aleck!

Panel four: Jughead points at his burger as Pop Tate shrugs his shoulder.

Jughead: Iím talking about letting that evil red haired entity besmirching this holy burger sanctuary!

Pop Tate: Jughead, sheís done a great job. The burgers are up to par and she even came up with the Halloween Burger gimmick.

Page 3

Panel one: Jughead turns to Trula as Trula smiles and closes her eyes as she acts all innocent as she hands Moose a triple decker Halloween Burger as he licks his lips in anticipation. Standing next to him is Midge, who simple takes a plate of salad.

Jughead: Did she nowÖ?

Panel two: Jughead points at his burger as he demands to know what Trula is trying to pull.

Jughead: Whatís the angle, Twyst?

Trula: Simple enough. I saw this as a great opportunity to witness Food Psychology, how food affects our behavior and identifies hidden depths.
Panel three: Trula continues to explain as Jughead begins to take the top bun off his burger as he goes to examine his burger patty. Pop Tate is listening to Trula and actually seems intrigued.

Trula: For example, you have a plate of pasta and salad, and a person who worries about calories and an athlete wanting to gain muscle would have different responses.

Trula: Another example pertaining to yourself, Juggers: Your favorite burgers, the same recipe, only with a different cook. How do you react?

Panel four: Jughead pushes the plate back away from him as he gives his response to a perplexed Pop Tate and a not surprised Trula as Trula curls her lips and rolls her eyes as her reply.

Jughead: I react by questioning why would I want a witch on a bun coming from a witch behind the grill?

Panel five: Jughead turns away and folds his arms as he refuses to have anything to do with Trulaís burger.

Jughead: I refuse to even nibble on anything that viper has spewed her venom on!

Page 4

Panel one: Pop Tate motions to the other teens eating in the diner as Carla, Chloe, and Sheila are eating their burgers. As Carla is eating she is swatting away Prankensteinís hand as he tries to walk by and snatch a few French fries from her plate. Sitting further down the counter Midge looks in shock as Moose was trying to eat his triple decker Halloween burger in one bite and now itís stuck in his mouth.

Pop Tate: Jughead, youíre being ridiculous! Just look! Everyone is enjoying the burgers! I havenít seen a single unhappy customer!

Panel two: Jughead clenches his mouth shut, shakes his head, and points at the burger.

Panel three: Jughead then points a finger at Trula and sticks a finger down his throat and acts like he is throwing up.

Panel four: Pop Tate is point at the door as he has become tired with Jugheadís attitude, Trula teasingly waves goodbye as Jughead leers at her with total disdain.

Pop Tate: Thatís it! If thatís your attitude and youíre not going to eat, then you can just leave and loiter somewhere else!

Panel five: Jughead is halfway outside the door as he prepares to slam the door behind him as several small kids look at him in confusion as they play with their burgers and the patties.

Jughead: Fine! Until that female Freud is not standing behind the counter, Iíll take my tab to another establishment!


Page 5

Panel one: Pop Tate sighs as he leans against the counter as Trula flips a burger on her spatula as she motions with her head at the edge of the counter that has a sheet that reads: JUGHEADíS TAB that stretches all the way to the ground.
Pop Tate: Sigh. There goes my number one customerÖ!

Trula: Interesting. I always believed a key requirement for the number one customer would be to pay for his food.

Panel two: Pop Tate turns to talk to Trula as he motions towards several tables that are happily eating.

Pop Tate: I know heís a mooch, but heís a mooch that gives my modest fast food establishment rave reviews that brings in the hungry stomachs!

Panel three: Pop Tate leans his head on the counter as he is worried that his business will taper off.

Pop Tate: Segarini is probably coming up with his own gimmick to compete with mine, and Jughead will find his way there and the sheep will follow leaving me with an empty pasture!

Panel four: Trula puts a reassuring hand on Pop Tateís shoulder.

Trula: Not if you have the ultimate sells pitch that collaborates perfectly with the season.

Panel five: Pop Tate stands up straight as he talks with Trula as Trula is all smiles

Pop Tate: What sells pitch? Jughead refuses to eat food and everyone will think the food is bad!

Panel six: Trula smirks as he eyes narrow as she has a devious plan obviously brewing in her mind.

Trula: Thatís one interpretation, but I have a much more profitable one in mind.

I believe every Archie writer or artist has their own continuity.

All About Archie / Re: Today's Look of Betty and Ronica: Which Artist?
« on: October 25, 2014, 12:46:37 AM »
I though it was still up in the air if he actually exists? :)

All About Archie / Re: Today's Look of Betty and Ronica: Which Artist?
« on: October 24, 2014, 08:28:12 PM »
Fernando Ruiz.

Oh, and DeCarlo Jr. deserves a mention for his Veronica because he probably gave her the best body language out of any artist I can think of. ...I just always wanted to mention that and this seemed like a good enough time. :)

Jughead and Midge is #124 :)

Yeah, I remember a reprint where Ethel reads a fortune cookie and chases after Jughead that she speaks with the muh mah type dialogue. :)

And for the buckteeth.

And that's also reason #125 of why I'm glad Life with Archie was canceled.  :)

I think Ethel comes close to Betty when you talk about transition.

1. Pretty much had it worse than anyone else. She's the only unattractive girl in a town of knockouts and she's attracted to the one guy who doesn't want to date--and this is old school Jughead so he was an ultra jerk.
But there's something likeable about someone who takes the entire universe dumping on her in stride and never gives up hope.

2. Then we had the religious stories with Al Hartly. Sigh, if he had only stopped there. :(

3. Then you had super annoying Ethel who constantly whined and cried about not getting boys. Pretty much the opposite of her original character and easily my least favorite phase. She also looked like Sabrina's act for the most part.

4. She pretty much gets pushed back for Debbi and Joani to a c-character and was pretty much a loser, but a good sport is the best way to describe her. Luckily, fans saw this treatment and that helped get rid of those two lousy characters. May they never be in a new story.

5. Getting prettier and boring phase where she looks okay doesn't go after Jughead like she used to. Kinda Betty like in her niceness.

6. About the same, only now she's not as pretty (She's been given buckteeth) but still has the nice act.

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