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All About Archie / Re: Archie vs Predator *spoiler thread*
« on: April 16, 2015, 10:53:11 PM »
He's mainly silent for the majority of the movies. Which makes sense because he's the ultimate hunter. I think his suit allows him to record voices and play them back.
I know we've seen deaths in Afterlife with Archie, but seeing deaths in the house style art really hits home. There is one image that's burned into my mind now. Mr. Ruiz did a great job.

That's why I'm on the fence about getting it. I really don't want to see characters I grew up with die horribly.  :-\

Well, I already lived through the Mighty Mutanimals massacre, and I don't think A vs. P can do much worse than that. And just think of it like this: it's not the main universe so you can just enjoy
what happens without any consequences to the characters. :)

All About Archie / Re: Archie vs Predator *spoiler thread*
« on: April 16, 2015, 01:51:08 PM »
I don't know. The Nightmare on Elm Street kids are normally all good kids...always felt like a monster rooting for Freddy.  :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Stern Like Steel
« on: April 14, 2015, 11:27:12 PM »
Failure isn't an's the destination. :)

Glad you like the story. :)

Fan Fiction / Re: Archie in Stern Like Steel
« on: April 14, 2015, 09:51:52 AM »
Thanks for reading :)

Page 5

Panel one: Archie is popping his collar as he starts snarking back at Mr. Lodge as he is beaming with self-confidence.

Archie: What, your brain worn down like the rest of you, old man? I’m saying you’re a jerk!

Panel two: Back to Mr. Lodge as he is red faced and a vein is popping on his forehead as he looks like he’s about ready to explode.

Phone: I’m not taking any more grief from you! That miserable codger act of yours is over!

Panel three: Mr. Lodge is strangling the phone with both hands as he yells right into it.

Mr. Lodge: You insolent pup! Why, f you were here right now, I’d whale the tar out of you!

Panel four: Archie nearly slips on the frozen steak but catches himself as he continues to gloat.

Archie: Well, I’m not there. I’m in my home! It may be ever so humble,but I’ll tell you this much—

Panel five: Mr. Lodge has the phone in his mouth and is biting it out of rage like he were a caged animal being poked. As he is biting the phone is shaking his fists and stomping his feet as he is on the warpath.

Phone: --At least it’s filled with pictures of my family and not worthless old junk you spend millions on to show off to everyone to hide the fact you’ve got the disposition of a crab with fire ants in its shell!

Page 6

Panel one: Archie has his chest stuck out and is smiling from ear to ear as he is proud that he was able to stand up for himself. The phone is back on the receiver and Vegas is happily eating the now defrosted steak.

Archie: Wow! That felt good! And I bet Mr. Lodge thinks a lot of me now!


Panel two: Archie goes to answer the front door as he has a thought balloon of Veronica over his head blowing a kiss down at him.

Archie: I bet that’s Veronica! She overheard my talk with her dad and wants to congratulate me on my valor!

Panel three: Archie is alarmed to see Smithers on the other side of the door as Smithers has a calm, cool demeanor about him in sharp contrast to Archie. The thought balloon above Archie’s head pops.

Smithers: Good afternoon, Archie. Master Lodge has requested your presence posthaste.

Panel four: Smithers is carrying Archie by the back of his pants and back shirt collar effortlessly as Archie is helpless as he has a troubled look on his face. Smithers is running along the street with Archie as Betty, from her front yard, looks on agitatedly.

Betty thinking: Sheesh. The depths Veronica goes to keep Archie from me…

Archie: Whatever Mr. Lodge is paying you, I’ll double it with friendship.

Smithers: I’m afraid that friendship is not a currency for today’s goods and trade, but the world would be a much better place if it were.

Archie: Gulp. I know I’d be better off…!!

Page 7

Panel one: Smithers is running past the Chocklit Shoppe as Jughead, leaning against the window, looks on as if this is an every day event. On the other side of the window Ethel is looking at Jughead with hearts for eyes while Reggie walks past her and rolls his eyes.

Jughead: Hi, Archie.

Archie: Hey, Jug…

Jughead: Hi, Smithers.

Smithers: Good evening, Jughead.

Panel two: Smithers is running along with Archie in the foreground. In the background Jughead is making the money sign as Archie rolls his eyes at Jughead’s request. Smithers smiles as his reaction. Behind Jughead on the opposite side of the Chocklit Shoppe, unbeknownst to him, Ethel has breathed on the window and drawn a heart just above his head with the initials JJ + EM #4EVER

Jughead: Say, Arch, if you’re being borrowed by Smithers, can I borrow a few bucks?

Archie: Take it up with Bambi!

Panel three: Smithers is carrying Archie into a new street that Sgt. Pansky is guiding traffic on as he motions for a car behind him to stop and let Smithers through. Smithers returns the favor with a nod.

Smithers: Pardon us, Sgt. Pansky

Officer: Not a problem.

Archie: I’m being kidnapped.

Sgt. Pansky: Well, I’ll know where to find you later then.

Panel four: Smithers is jogging along with Archie as they approach Lodge estate as the gates open and a silhouette of Mr. Lodge can be seen out the highest window the mansion rubbing his hands in anticipation. Outside in the front yard, the groundskeeper is still depressed over the hole in the yard as the gopher looks on sympathetically.

Smithers: Stiff upper lip, Archie.  I’m sure Master Lodge has cooled down enough where our younger readers’ parents need not be concerned about harsh language.

Archie: Well, that’s one worry laid to rest…

Archie: …I just hope the same doesn’t go for me!

Page eight.

Panel one: Smither is still holding Archie by the pants and back shirt collar as he is brought before Mr. Lodge in his den and has a smirk across the right of his face and is eagerly anticipating what he has to say to Archie. Archie begins to sweat as he knows he’s in for it. Outside Veronica has her back flat to a wall as she nervously listens in.

Mr. Lodge: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mr. Big Talk himself.

Mr. Lodge: Now that we’re freckles to mustache, what do you have to say to me now?

Archie: eep

Panel two: Mr. Lodge gets right in Archie’s face to yell at him as Archie timidly nods his head as he begins to sweat heavily.

Mr. Lodge: Don’t you ever speak to me like that ever again!! Do you understand me!?

Archie: …yes, sir!....

Panel three: Mr. Lodge is pointing towards the door as Smithers is running out in the hall still holding Archie as Archie turns his head to talk with Mr. Lodge.

Mr. Lodge: Smithers! Escort Archie out of my home!

Archie: Does this mean Smithers is going to carry me back to my house?

Mr. Lodge: What, your legs broke? WALK!

Panel four: Similar to the opening of the story with Archie being thrown out only this time by Smithers as Veronica looks on apologetically from the doorway right beside of him. In the front yard the gopher is fixing the damage he caused by digging his hole as the groundskeeper looks on with tears of joy in his eyes.

Smithers: Brace for impact, lad.

Veronica: Maybe being stern like steel wasn’t a good idea, Archie!

Archie: Yeah. I think I’ll just stick with being soft like a marshmallow…!


Fan Fiction / Archie in Stern Like Steel
« on: April 13, 2015, 11:13:03 AM »
Page 1

Panel one: Mr. Lodge is tossing Archie out of the Lodge Mansion as Archie lands several feet away from the massive front doors of the mansion as Mr. Lodge is still in his throwing motion. Veronica is next to him and rolls her eyes in aggravation at what is happening. In the yard, a groundskeeper of the estate is using a ruler and small scissors to make sure each blade is the exact perfect height.

Mr. Lodge: You broke my one of a kind pair of Ming vases, you thimble brained gherkin!

Panel two: Archie sitting on his aching backside looks back at Mr. Lodge as Mr. Lodge points a finger at his head and uses his other hand to wave off the idea of Archie being smart. Veronica rushes past Mr. Lodge to Archie. The groundskeeper goes into shock as a gopher digs a hole, waves hello to him, and ruins all his hard work.

Archie: Did you just call me a pickle?

Mr. Lodge: I’m calling you an idiot!

Veronica: Daddykins!

Panel three: Veronica is helping Archie back to his feet as Mr. Lodge slams the doors to the mansion shut.

Archie: Oh.

Veronica: Archie, you really need to stand up for yourself!

Page 2

Panel one: Archie is straightening out his back as it has a crick in it from how hard he landed as Veronica face palms at Archie’s response.

Archie: Hey, that’s easy for you to say! Your dad got excellent height and distance on that little toss.

Panel two: Veronica pokes Archie in the chest while waving a fist at his faceas Archie tilts his head just in case she actually is going to punch him.

Veronica: No! I mean don’t let my father push you around! Man up! Meet the challenge!

Panel three: Archie has a though balloon of several of Mr. Lodge’s body guards twisting him into a pretzel as Mr. Lodge watches while rubbing his hands in joy at the sight.

Archie: Um, I’m not the sort to resort to violence…

Panel four: Veronica playfully waves Archie off as she explains what she means.

Veronica: No, Archiekins. I mean to show him you’re not a pushover.

Veronica: My daddy is a businessman who deals with countless ruthless people. You just don’t cave in like usual, and he’ll respect you for it.

Panel five: Archie slams a fist into his open palm as he thinks he understands what Veronica is telling him.

Archie: Don’t let him toss me out like a sack of garbage! Let him toss me out like I’m a tiger!

Veronica: Exactly!

Page 3

Panel one: Veronica motions for Archie to stand up for himself as she is all smiles and encouraging him. Archie is grinding his knuckles into his forehead as he is trying to think of what he can say to stand up for himself.

Veronica: You just need practice. Try telling me what’s what. Put me in my place.

Archie: Okay…

Panel two: Archie’s face lights up as knows what to say. Veronica is admiring her manicure as she smiles and awaits Archie practicing to be tougher.

Archie: I think I got it!

Panel three: Archie’s face turns stern as Veronica’s face goes blank and she curls her hand into a fist as her reaction to what Archie tells her.

Archie: Listen up, princess!  If Jughead wants to come along on our dates, he can! And if I want to date Betty, I will and you can’t stop me!

Panel four: Veronica grabs a frighten Archie by his shirt collar and goes nose to nose with him as her eye brows furrow, he teeth are gritted, and her face is turning a shade of red.

Veronica: Wanna bet?!!

Archie: Gulp!

Panel five: A close-up on Archie’s frighten face as an angry Veronica is nose to nose with him and has him locked in a death glare.

Archie: …Um, you do know that this is pretend, right? Practice?

Archie: Ronnie…? 

Veronica: GRRRRR

Page 4

Panel one: Archie is on his phone in the Andrews kitchen as he is holding a frozen steak over a swollen left face cheek as he talks with Veronica over the phone.

Archie: --No, Ronnie, it’s okay. I should have crawled before I walked.

Panel two: Veronica is talking on a phone at a desk in her father’s study as Mr. Lodge walks in. Veronica is flexing a muscle as she encourages Archie over the phone.

Veronica: Just remember next time daddy gives you a hard time: be stern like steel! No matter what!

Panel three: On the other end, Archie is throwing the frozen steak down on the ground as he takes Veronica’s message to heart.

Archie: Stern like steel! Yeah! That’s the ticket to Respectability Land!

Panel four: Mr. Lodge swipes the phone from Veronica as Veronica is taken by surprise.

Mr. Lodge: Veronica! There are fifty other phones in our estate and you have a cellphone collection! Must you use the one phone I have specifically designated for my own private use?

Phone: Hello? Ronnie? --You coming down with a cold? You sound horrible!

Panel five: Mr. Lodge puts the receiver to his ear as he yells into the phone as he slams his fist down on his work desk as Veronica decides to take that as a cue to slowly back out of the room.

Mr. Lodge: Oh, it’s you! I should have known!

Mr. Lodge: Hang up, you dunderhead! I’m expecting an important business call!

Panel six: Mr. Lodge’s eyes go wide as he is utterly surprised at Archie’s response.

Phone: I sure hope it’s about investing in manners!

Mr. Lodge: W-what did you say to me?!

I can't wait for the ultra ultra rare cover where the artist is still right in the middle of drawing it! :)

All About Archie / Re: The "Betty is crazy" collection
« on: April 10, 2015, 07:23:13 PM »
I know she has her parents there anything interesting or fun about them? Out of the main five, her parents are the least developed or focused on. And her brother and sister
are hardly around and don't think they've made that much of an impression...

Which is weird because Polly is a reporter and Chick, I think, works for the secret service. So the potential is there for them. I think what hurts The Cooper parents is that they used to react to how crazy
Betty could be and now she's calmed down a lot.

All About Archie / Re: The "Betty is crazy" collection
« on: April 10, 2015, 05:25:55 PM »
Yeah, I kind of liked it better when Veronica was the more serious, grounded one of the duo.

I think it helps that Veronica has Mr. Lodge, the Lodge Staff, Kevin Keller, Marcy and a few more characters to help with her personality while Betty...


Um, she has Veronica. :)

9's like Mega Man when you just start the game? :)

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Easter Egg Hunt
« on: April 07, 2015, 12:15:25 AM »
Your holiday-themed stories never cease to amuse me. From B&V's "friendly discussion" to Cheryl being called an old lady to poor Jellybean's empty basket (not cool, Jug, mixing your little sister with your love problems), I just can't choose a favorite moment.

When creating a new fic, do you usually figure out the general plot in your head before fleshing it on the paper, or you write as the ideas come?

It just depends.

Some stories I base off on things that have happened to me. Like I have an Archie story where the family gets a mower and my dad gets a new mower and I help him. I just look at what problems we have and exaggerate them in the story. Another where Archie does grocery shopping for the first time and I just think about what I normally have to deal with that I hate when it comes to grocery shopping. So these flow pretty easy. So I just write.

Normally, I start with the first page and then write the last page I know where I want it to go and where it ends, but the middle I leave open. This would be a good example. For this one I knew what I wanted to do Easter Egg hunt and the main five just going about and interacting. I look at interesting facts about characters. Simon and Reggie have a bit of a rivalry, so they get a run in. Lonnie goes by the name it make sense he ends up dressed like the Easter Bunny.

Longer stories, I do make guidelines on. Like the Christmas Carol one. I write out the guideline, who is what character, jokes I want to tell, and characters and themes that appear. How many pages do I focus on these characters and the like.

And then I normally go back and add some background events because--well, I just like those in Archie comics. And then proofread.

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Easter Egg Hunt
« on: April 06, 2015, 11:48:46 PM »
Thanks. And it's not that hard. Here. Take this:

Ginger Lopez: Latina fashion designer with yellow highlights in her hair
Sheila Wu: Asian fashion designer with pink highlights in her hair.

I mean, they're so different how could anyone get them confused, am I right? :)

Sure, but I mean your plotting who's doing what all at the same time... ;)

Well, I just believe that there are so many new supporting characters, you don't need extras.  And some are easy, like Raj pretty much just carries a camera and the Twitters are on cellphones. And a good deal of the teens are in couples so that helps. Some I just go who should be paired with whom and how would they react? And then keep with their personalities. Like the coloring table. Simon pulls a prank on Sherry, Bobbi's a perfectionist, Shrill always wears black or purple. Then just figure out what to do.

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Easter Egg Hunt
« on: April 06, 2015, 01:25:33 PM »
Thanks. And it's not that hard. Here. Take this:

Ginger Lopez: Latina fashion designer with yellow highlights in her hair
Sheila Wu: Asian fashion designer with pink highlights in her hair.

I mean, they're so different how could anyone get them confused, am I right? :)

Fan Fiction / Re: An Archie Easter Egg Hunt
« on: April 05, 2015, 11:43:04 AM »
Page 7

Panel one: Cheryl Blossom, Wendy Weatherbee, and Ginger Lopez are talking with one another as several kids, including Ginger Lopez’s young twin sisters, are chasing after the half hatched Easter egg as he runs around a nearby pond. A confused duck looks on.

Wendy: I remember when I used to hunt eggs when I was a kid.

Ginger: Taught my little sisters all they know.

Panel two: Cheryl sticks her nose up and pushes back her hair as she vainly joins the conversation as Wendy motions mockingly like Cheryl and Ginger chuckles.

Cheryl:  Hunt eggs? What an absurd thing to do!

Cheryl:  I just would have the boys find the eggs and give them to me.

Panel three: A boy is looking at Cheryl and blushing as Cheryl gives him a friendly wave. Ginger and Wendy notice an angry girl approaching Cheryl.

Cheryl: Hm? Well, girls, looks like the more things change—

Panel four: The angry girl kicks Cheryl in the shin as Cheryl’s eyes light up in pain.

Angry girl: Stay away from my boyfriend, old lady!!


Cheryl: YOW!

Panel five: Ginger and Wendy hold a hopping on one leg Cheryl from going at the little girl as she takes her boyfriend away and sticks a tongue out Cheryl as she leaves. In the pond the Easter bunny is underwater and using a snorkel to breathe as the kids chase the half hatched Easter egg the other direction.

Cheryl: Why you little--! Kick me in the shin--! Call me an…an old lady--!?

Wendy: You have a real way with kids, you know, that Cheryl?

Cheryl: Your last birthday will be you LAST birthday when I get my hands on you, brat!

Page 8

Panel one: Archie is looking on as a six year old boy is looking behind a tree as Reggie approaches him. In the nearby bushes the Easter Bunny is sticking his head out as he begins to lay out several more eggs.

Reggie: How’s it going, carrot top?

Archie: Well, it looks like someone is about to find the prize egg.

Panel two: The boy holds up the gold colored Easter egg as Archie approaches him. Reggie walks behind Archie and smirks as he has an idea.

Archie: Hey! You found the prize egg!

Boy: So what did I win?

Panel three: Reggie leaps in front of Archie as he points both of his thumbs at himself and smiles.

Reggie: You get to spend the day with me! Follow along and learn how to be a lady’s man, how to get your teeth this white, and just be absolute awesome!

Panel four: The boy looks up at Reggie.

Panel five: The boy puts the egg back where he found it as Reggie frowns and Archie’s face cheeks puff up as he tries to hold back his laughter.

Panel six: The boy runs off to collect the Easter eggs the Easter bunny just left as Archie is leaning against the tree and laughing as Reggie stomps his feet.

Archie: HA HA HA HAH!

 Reggie: I hope all your eggs rotten!!

Page 9

Panel one: Jughead is looking on as Jellybean is putting Easter eggs that are decorated like Jughead’s hat into her basket. Ethel approaches Jughead with hearts over her head.

Ethel: Juggie, how’s Jellybean doing?

Panel two: Jughead acts like he is tossing an imaginary egg behind his back as he has a thought balloon of Trula as a devil over just at his shoulder getting splattered by the imaginary egg.

Jughead: Better. I had to get rid of her first batch of eggs because they were tainted by pure evil.

Panel three: Ethel cups her hands as she talks happily with Jughead.

Ethel: Don’t worry. These are the eggs I decorated and hid.

Panel four: Ethel points at an Easter egg as Jughead puts his hand to his chin as he begins to take in all the information.

Ethel: And I made each egg with love and do you know who I was thinking of when I made them?

Jughead: I see…

Panel five: Jughead takes Jellybean by her hand and leads her away much to Ethel’s dismay. Ethel looks on as Jughead has left Jellybean’s eggs in a pile.

Ethel: A girl might get the misconception that you don’t like her!

Jughead: An intelligent one would, so you’ll be fine.

Page 10

Panel one: Back at the food table as Tono is decorating a cupcake like grass next to a cake decorated like a pink bunny, Toni Topaz is beginning to eat a cupcake much to Googie Gilmore’s dismay.

Googie Gilmore: Gah! How can you eat that!?

Panel two: Toni Topaz shrugs her shoulders as she looks at the cupcake.

Toni Topaz: Quickly if those eating trophies over my mantle hold up.

Panel three: Googie Gilmore lectures Toni Topaz as Toni Topaz rolls her eyes as she spins the cupcake on her finger.

Googie Gilmore: Do you know how many calories is in that one cupcake? How much sugar?  You should eat healthy, nutritional…

Panel four: Googie Gilmore points at her salad dish as Chunk is eyeing the bunny cake.

Googie Gilmore: ....Like this salad!

Toni Topaz: You mean the rabbit food?

Toni Topaz: Hey, I like my greens, veggies, and fruits…

Panel five: Toni Topaz eats her cupcake in one bite to Googie Gilmore’s surprise.

Toni Topaz: …But sweets in between my teeth can’t be beat!


Panel six: Toni Topaz punches in the air in victory as Googie Gilmore begins to walk away.

Toni Topaz: Pow Pow!

Googie Gilmore: Junk food makes people crazy! And apparently dress funny, too!

Page 11

Panel one: A shot of Betty and Veronica’s hands as they are playing rock-paper-scissors. Betty has thrown down paper while Veronica has thrown rock.

Betty: Hah! Paper covers rock!

Veronica: Rock? This is  gold nugget!

Panel two: Veronica points down to the Easter bunny costume with her other hand and shakes her fist at Betty with the other as Betty folds her arms across her chest and refuses to oblige.

Veronica: Gold nugget buys the paper factory your paper came from!

Betty: It’s a family run local paper factory who refuses to give into tyrants!

Panel three: Veronica and Betty go nose to nose as they stare at each other.

Veronica: The kids are going to be back in a few minutes, Cooper!

Betty: It’ll only take you a second to put the bunny costume on, Lodge!

Panel four: Lonnie steps up to the girls as he draws their attention to him as they both nod in approval and smile as they have the same idea.

Lonnie: Um, ladies, do you need help with anything?

Panel five: Veronica has the bunny head piece while Betty has the costume stretched out in her hands as they both stalk towards a bewildered Lonnie.

Veronica: Yes, Easterman, we do need help….

Betty: …And you’re just the man for the job, Easterman.

Lonnie: Gulp. My Easter-Man sense is tingling...!!

Page 12

Panel one: Archie, Jughead and Reggie join up with Betty and Veronica as they all smile ahead at what they are seeing.

Archie: I think this went well.

Betty: Sure did.

Veronica: What could be better?

Reggie: Me.

Jughead: No.

Panel two: We see Archie and the gang looking on as several kids are jumping on Lonnie, wearing the Easter Bunny costume, as he struggles to try and get away. The kid who won the prize egg is struggling to carry his twice his own size chocolate Easter bunny as he leans and wobbles as Chuck and Nancy run over to help him. Jellybean is playing with an easter egg that is half hatched as Ethel and Trula look on. Nearby Mrs. Jones is comforting Mr. Jones who looks sadly at Jellybean’s empty Easter basket. At the three picnic tables, children and their families are eating and showing off Easter eggs. One table has the bunny cake as Chunk looks on sadly as his stomach growls. The girl who kicked Cheryl is making faces at Cheryl as Ginger Lopez tries to keep her calm. Over at the food table. Toni Topaz is eating a plate of salad as Googie Gilmore looks on happily. A nearby girl is using her salad to feed a rabbit while a boy is giving another bunny his carrot decorated cup cake. Moose and Vic are letting kids climb on them as Midge looks on with a smile. Danny is playing a song on his guitar as Sheila, Wendy, and the other teens and a group of small children listen on. Q-Tee is giving several children a ride as Marcy, Dani, and Dilton look on. Hidden in a nearby bush close to Lonnie  is the real Easter bunny wearing a vest as he happily looks on and begins to set out bright red, green, and  yellow Easter eggs. Simon notices him and points him out but several small children turn away and don’t believe him.

Archie: Have a happy Easter from all of us in Riverdale!

Fan Fiction / An Archie Easter Egg Hunt
« on: April 04, 2015, 09:22:53 PM »
Page 1

Panel one: Setting is the Lodge Estate in meadow section near a lake and several bushes and trees as The Archies are looking on as other Riverdale teens are preparing for an Easter egg hunt. Veronica is smiling as she happily soaks in the praise she is receiving from Betty and Archie, Reggie is smirking as Jughead is beginning to eat a chocolate Easter egg as Jellybean is at his side and trying to grab at a butterfly floating just above her head. Vic and Moose each have a picnic table over their heads while Chuck and Frankie can barely drag their ones as Nancy and Maria encourage them onward. Cheryl is on her cellphone contributing absolutely nothing in contrast while Raj has his camera pointed in her direction. Trula, Midge, and Ethel are putting various animal stickers on a colored Easter eggs while at a table next to them Sherry, Bobbi, Simon, and Shrill are coloring Easter eggs. Simon has bobble eye glasses on that scare Sherry while Shrill is coloring all of her eggs black and purple and Bobbi is being extremely methodical with her eggs as she uses a magnifying glass to make sure her eggs are perfect; at their feet are several piles of completed Easter eggs. Danny is playing his guitar as he practicing for the kiddies while Ginger Lopez, Sheila Wu, and Harper Lodge are decorating Easter egg baskets as a small pile are just beside them. At another table Toni Topaz, Chunk, Googie Gilmore, Tono Diaz are setting down various plates of food on the eating table. Toni Topaz has a giant plate of hot wings and cupcakes she’s decorating with green frosting, Chunk, has a cake, Googie Gilmore is preparing a salad while Tono is working on egg salad, sandwiches, and various other foods. Kevin Keller is pointing at a picture of the area as he is like a general showing the layout and best places to hide eggs as Wendy Weatherbee, Lonnie, Carlos, and Nick St. Clair listen. Dilton, Marcy, and Danni are using Q-Tee to make calculations for the best hiding spots.

Betty: This was a great idea of yours, Veronica!

Archie: Yeah! An Easter egg hunt on your estate! And this is such a great location!

Veronica: Talk, Talk, you’re not even close to embarrassing me yet!

Panel two Reggie is talking with Jughead in the foreground while in the background a flashback of Lil’ Reggie and Lil’ Jughead is showing Lil’ Jughead about to reach for an egg near the ground to put in his basket while Lil’ Reggie runs up to snatch it.

Reggie: Heh. I remember when I was a kid, I’d just follow some dope along and run up and snatch their eggs!

Panel three: Jughead is smiling while Reggie frowns as in the background a mother bird is pecking a fleeing Lil’ Reggie while Lil’ Jughead reaches for the real Easter egg that is nest to a fallen bird’s next as he whistles innocently.

Jughead: Good times all around, huh, Reg?

Reggie: …rassa frassa…

Page 2

Panel one: Archie is tripping over an Easter egg that is half hatched and has its small chick legs visible as it runs along. Veronica and Betty take a step and look at what is happening.

Betty: Wow, you’re really great at bossing people around.

Veronica: I prefer the term “supervising”, but thank you very much, subordinate.

Archie: Whoops!

Panel two: Betty playfully sticks her tongue out at Veronica in response as Veronica smiles good naturedly. Archie is dusting himself off the half hatched Easter egg runs off as Archie looks on dumbfounded.

Betty: You’re welcome.

Archie: Um, so have we got everything ready?

Panel three: Trula Twyst, Midge and Ethel have finished putting stickers on the decorated Easter eggs while Shrill, Bobbi, Simon, and Sherry are finished and Simon’s face has been dipped in various water colors as Shrill gives Sherry a high five. Bobbi is continuing to examine her egg as she is using a small dropper to get one spot on the egg.

Reggie: Well, the eggs are finished…mostly.

Panel four: Kevin, Wendy, Nick, Carlos, Ginger Lopez, Harper, and Sheila Wu are using a few of the decorative Easter baskets to take the eggs to hide.

Betty: And are being hid as we speak. And the decorative Easter egg baskets look wonderful!

Panel five: Jughead is pointing at food table as he can’t wait to eat.

Jughead: And the food is getting prepared!

Panel six: Archie gets on his cellphone as he begins to make a call.

Archie: Well, if we’re ready to go—

Archie: Freckles to Locked Door! Turn the key—

Page 3

Panel one: The kids suddenly run into the area as there are nearly fifty of them and they come in like a stampeding cattle as Moose holds Midge over his head to protect her while Raj is overrun as he tries to hold his camera up to keep it recording and from harm. The parents are walking along in the background as they look on happily and in relief that they can take a break away from their children. Mr. and Mrs. Jones are in view with Mr. Jones carrying a flag that reads: GO JELLYBEAN on it.

Caption: --And let the children come in to play!

Panel two: Archie is up front with the rest of the Riverdale teens as he is talking to the kiddies as they are all looking at their brand new special Easter egg baskets happily. Two kids are trading their baskets. Jellybean has her basket as she begins to play with it. As Archie talks Veronica not so subtly tugs at the back of his shirt as she wants to get his attention. Betty looks on suspiciously. Reggie is holding a giant chocolate bunny as if it were a trophy.

Archie: Okay, glad to see—wow there’s a lot of you—er, um…

Archie: Anyway, welcome to the…the—

Panel three: Veronica whispers into Archie’s ear as he yells to the kiddies. Betty rolls her eyes.

Archie: The first annual Veronica Lodge and friends Super Duper Awesome Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza!

Panel four: The kids run off to begin to hunt as The Riverdale teens (save Betty and Veronica) begin to follow after them to help them out and keep them from straying too far. Betty glares at Veronica as Veronica shrugs her shoulders innocently.

Archie: But without further ado—

Archie: Let’s find those eggs!!

Page 4

Panel one: Trula is watching as Jellybean begins to go near a bush as Jughead looks suspiciously. Behind the two teens the half hatched Easter egg is being carried by the butterfly from the first panel just above their heads.

Trula: Warm! You’re getting warm!

Panel two: Jellybean reaches behind the bush to find an egg as Jughead looks accusingly at Trula.

Trula: A problem, Juggers?

Jughead: Looking at her

Panel three: Jughead points a finger at Trula as Trula tilts her head to the left and smiles.

Jughead: I don’t trust you as far as a bunny can hop!

Trula: I didn’t know you were an expert on long distance bunny hopping.

Panel four: Jellybean holds the egg up happily as Jughead eyes it suspiciously.

Jughead: I wouldn’t put it past you to have some sort of hidden message in the egg dye!

Panel five: Trula feigns an evil look as she smirks at Jughead.

Trula: Am I truly becoming that predictable?

Jughead: !!!

Panel six: Jughead takes the egg and happily follows behind a skipping Jellybean as Trula tries to hold in a laugh at her little joke on Jughead. Behind them in the bushes the Easter Bunny is setting the half hatched Easter egg down as it jumps in the air and clicks it’s feet in joy at being back on the ground.

Jughead: …I’m going to hold onto this egg for you Jellybean. Have Dilton run tests on it to make sure it’s safe…..

Page 5

Panel one: Back at the start, Veronica is motioning down at an Easter bunny costume as Betty shakes her head and swishes her arms across her best.

Veronica: Betty, just put on the Easter bunny costume!

Betty: No way! I know what you’re game is…

Panel two: Betty points a finger at Veronica as Veronica sticks her nose up and acts important to illustrate her point.

Betty: …You want me to dress up like the Easter bunny so you can have Archie all to herself!

Veronica: Well, I think I deserve something for all of my hard work--

Panel three: Betty scoffs at Veronica’s comment as Veronica glares at Betty.

Betty: Hah! All you’ve done is bark orders and everyone else has done the work!

Panel four: Veronica grabs Betty’s finger and pushes it back as she retorts at Betty.

Veronica: My bite is much worse than my bark!

Panel five: Lonnie is walking up to the girls as they are staring clashing daggers into the other.

Lonnie: Um, Is there a problem—?

Panel six: Both girls turn to yell at Lonnie as puts his hands up and slowly begins to back away.


Lonnie: …my mistake…

Page 6

 Panel one: Reggie is with three six year old  kids (a girl and two boys) as he takes the time to look at himself in a mirror. The kids are nearing a bush as it begins shake. In a nearby bush The Easter Bunny is sticking his head out and looking at Reggie in disbelief at how arrogant he is.

Kid: Um, Mr. Big Kid, there’s something in this bush.

Reggie: Yeah. Easter eggs. Go get’em. I’m watching.

Panel two: A little girl is tugging at Reggie’s jeans as he looks down at her.

Little girl: But it could be a monster eating the Easter eggs!

Panel three: Reggie walks over to the bus and begins to reach in.

Reggie: Fine! But if one of these is the prize egg, we’re splitting it 60/40!

Panel four: A person wearing a monster mask sticks his head out to scare Reggie.

Simon in mask: RROOOAARRR

Reggie: !!!

Panel five: Simon is taking off his mask and laughing at the fleeing Reggie while the three kids get their Easter eggs out and give a nod to each other as they’ve agreed on a course of action.

Simon: Ha Ha! And Prankenstein Strikes Again!!

Simon: Why aren’t you kids laughing?! That was a great joke on Reggie!!

Panel six: The kids are running away laughing after unloading on Simon with all of their Easter eggs as his hair is covered in egg shells and his glasses are nearly knocked off as he gives an aside glance to the reader.

Simon: And the yolk is on me…

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