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Fan Fiction / Dilton in Mad Scientist Love.
« on: February 01, 2016, 05:56:48 PM »
Page 1

Panel one: The setting is Riverdale High as Dilton is running towards Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl Blossom turns her head back mischievously as she pretends to barely pay attention to him. Walking out a corner of the hallway is Reggie Mantle looking on with a grin. Over his head is a thought balloon of a man wearing a name tag reading Opportunity and knocking on a door. Near Cheryl, a student cannot get his combination locker off as a straining with every fiber of his being Svenson is using a super large jaws of life to remove the lock to the student’s astonishment.

Dilton: Cheryl! Cheryl! There’s something I want to inquire!

Cheryl: Hmm. Do you now?

Panel two: Dilton is nervously talking to Cheryl as Reggie begins to strut over to Cheryl.

Dilton: Well, as you know it is Friday, and it is customary for teenage couples in a relationship to venture out for a movie….

Panel three: Reggie steps in front of Dilton and interrupts him as he points two thumbs at himself as he gives Cheryl a toothy grin that gives of a strong glare of light. Cheryl has a smirk across her face as she pretends to think it over as she shifts her eyes over to Dilton.

Reggie: Cheryl, the sun goes down, the stars come out, and you and the Reg Man should hit the town and give it a shiner tonight.

Page 2

Panel one: Cheryl shrugs her shoulders as she indifferently agrees as Reggie turns to Dilton and gives him a giant arrogant grin to showboat stealing Dilton’s date with Cheryl as Dilton tries to protest. Beside Cheryl, the student’s locker is open as the student takes out a comicbook and begins to read it much to a frustrated and sweaty Svenson’s annoyance.

Cheryl: Why not? Sure, sounds like fun.

Dilton: But…but…

Panel two: Reggie and Cheryl walk off together with Reggie talking to Cheryl as Cheryl looks back at Dilton and chuckles. Dilton’s face is red and his glasses are steaming up as he is enraged.

Reggie: Great! We’ll start with Pickens Park and head over to Riverdale Cinema and then Chez Belle Fleur where I’ll treat you like the princess you are.

Cheryl thinking: Oh, this could be really fun.

Dilton: By Bunsen’s burner! That Reggie oxidizes my patience!!

Panel three: Dilton makes a fist as he proclaims his fury.

Dilton: If I wasn’t a man of science and didn’t believe in violence I’d--I’d—

Panel four: Dilton lowers his head and drops his arms to his side as Moose is walking up to greet him.

Dilton: (Sigh) Face reality, Dilton. Reggie is the school’s top athlete…

Dilton: …and I get winded setting up a chess board.

Panel five: Moose slaps Dilton across the back, nearly knocking him over and knocking his glasses to one side.


Moose: Duh, hiya, little buddy! You got any plans for tonight with Cheryl?

Panel six: Moose has Dilton by the back of his shirt to keep him upright as Dilton adjusts his glasses

Dilton: (Sigh) Sadly no, Moose.

Moose: Why not?

Dilton: I really wouldn’t want to trouble you with my problems…

Page 3

Panel one: Moose is pointing to himself while nodding his head to illustrate his point as Dilton smiles as he appreciates Moose looking out for him.

Moose: Hah! You’re my best friend! You can tell me anything and what I don’t know I’ll just nod my head and pretend I do!

Panel two: Dilton is explaining his situation to Dilton as they walk towards Moose’s locker as he puts in his textbooks on the top shelf Moose’s locker is filled with various dumbbells, footballs, and ball bats that confuses a walking by Mr. Weatherbee. Moose nods his head as he is listening intently to Dilton.

Dilton: It’s that Reggie. He saw me about to ask Cheryl out for the evening, when he swooped in. He’s dating the woman I love, and for once in my life, I have no idea what to do.

Moose: Duh, I got an idea.

Panel three: Moose slams his locker door shut as he holds out his fist to show that Dilton should fight Reggie for her. Dilton moves his eyes towards Moose’s fist as he move his head back as Moose’s knuckles are right at his nose.

Moose: THIS!!

Panel three: Dilton pulls up his sleeve to show of his lack of muscle as Moose puts his hand on it and causes Dilton to wince. Behind Moose, Midge is beginning to walk up to be with Moose as she waves goodbye to Nancy and Chuck.

Dilton: For you, yes! But my physical prowess and muscle mass is substandard!

Moose: Yeah, your muscles are small…

Panel four: Moose smiles as he playfully hits his own head like he was knocking on a door as Dilton’s eyes light up as he realizes how right Moose is.

Moose: …But your brain’s big, isn’t it?

Dilton: …

Panel five: In the foreground, Dilton is rubbing his palms together and is hunched over as he looks at the reader with a mischievous grin as he acts like a giggling mad scientist about to awaken his creature. Midge is pointing her thumb at Dilton as she looks at Moose. Moose feigns innocence by rolling his eyes and whistling. He has both hands behind his back, out of view from Midge, as he is giving Dilton two thumbs up.

Dilton: Mwaah-hhhaaa-haaaa-hhaaa!!

Page 4

Panel one: Reggie is in the park as he is standing near a walking trail in his finest clothes as he winks over at a group of teenage female joggers who roll their eyes at him they continue along. Hiding behind a tree far away is Cheryl as she watching Reggie as she looks at her watch as if expecting something any second now.

Reggie: Look at me, I’m already amazing, but now I’m dating the hottest chick in Riverdale…

Reggie: …And taking her from another guy is ice cream with my cake.

Panel two: A strange looking robot about four foot tall, with a bucket head and two over sized lens for eyes and a exoskeleton frame pokes Reggie on his shoulder to get his attention. The robot is wearing size 18 steel toed massive boots.  Reggie is shocked at what he sees.

Robot: Excuse me.

Reggie: Ahh! What are you supposed to be??

Panel three: The Robot introduces himself as it waves hello. Reggie hears his name and smiles and sticks his chest out as he brags about himself, completely ignorant to what is going to happen because of his vanity.

Robot: I am The Butt Kicking Robot. Would you happen to be Reginald Mantle?

Reggie: Do you see anyone else amazing beyond perfection?

Robot: Oh good.

Panel four: The robot points behind Reggie as Reggie twirls around with a giant smile on his face and his eyes wide in joy and his jaw dropped with his tongue sticking out. The robot has his left foot all the way back to the back of his head as he prepares to do what his name suggests.

Robot: My, that is a physically fit female just behind you.

Reggie: What?!

Reggie: Where?! Where?!

Panel five: The Robot kicks Reggie knocking him several feet ahead. Reggie’s entire body folds as he sails in the air. Where Reggie had been should be an impact effect with various stars and rockets going off to show how painful that kick was. Cheryl stands out from her hiding space and puts her hand over her eyes as she looks up to illustrate that Reggie has been knocked miles into the air.


Page 5

Panel one: Reggie is gingerly sitting down on a park bench as he is still in pain as several pain arrows are coming from his rear. Reggie’s hair is slightly out of place and his clothes slightly wrinkled. Behind Reggie, two squirrels are racing around a tree as a fat squirrel waves a checkered flag.

Reggie: Ow! Lousy stupid springtrap bucket of bolts…!

Panel two: Reggie is beginning to think as he is striking a pose like The Thinker as he tries to think who sent that robot after him.

Reggie: Now who has a grudge against me who can make a robot?

Panel three: Reggie snaps his fingers as he realizes who it is.

Reggie: Dilton! That little spiteful diminutive pointdexter!

Panel four: A high angle view. Reggie waves off Dilton as a threat as he gingerly shifts in the bench as he leans back. Reggie has his eyes closed and smiles as he chuckles to himself. Above him is a shadow of a round bird preparing to drop a bucket it is holding on Reggie.

Reggie: Hah. Let him get a little payback.  He has a big brain; he knows not to wage war with me. I can’t even begin to think of how many pieces I could break him into.

Panel five: Reggie has the bucket of water on his head and is completely soaked from head to toe as he stands up and shakes his fists in the air. Overhead is one of Dilton’s robotic birds with a banner extended behind him reading: IT’S ON LIKE ELECTRONS AND PROTONS!!  In the distant background, Cheryl is looking on with a smile.

Reggie: Sixteen!! I’m going to break that four eyed nerd into sixteen separate pieces when I get my hands on him!!

Fan Fiction / Betty & Veronica in Making Amends
« on: January 13, 2016, 04:20:46 PM »

Page 1

Panel one: The setting is Riverdale High School.  Betty is walking down the hall with Veronica as Sheila Wu greets Betty and only Betty as Veronica rolls her eyes at Sheila. Behind them, The Riverdale Mascot is chasing after Svenson as Svenson runs for his life. Miss Grundy is hall monitor as she looks at what is happening and reacts in alarm.

Sheila Wu: Hello Betty, how are you doing today?

Betty: Super! Thank you for asking!

Panel two: Betty notices Veronica and Sheila giving the other the stink eye as they obviously are not the best of friends.

Panel three: Sheila brushes her hair back as she walks past the two and Veronica sticks her nose up in the air as both show their disregard for the other as a confused Betty looks on.

Sheila Wu: Well, it was nice seeing you, Betty…despite the company you keep.

Panel four: Betty is talking with Veronica as Veronica goes to her locker to put several books in her satchel in her locker as several boys with annoyed girlfriends wave hello to Veronica to her amusement. In the background, Miss Grundy has a rolled up newspaper and is chasing after the Riverdale Mascot as a relieved Svenson looks on.

Betty: Um, you and Sheila Wu still not getting along?

Veronica: As long as she moves along fast enough away from me, we’re perfect.

Page 2

Panel one: Veronica waves goodbye as Betty looks on in puzzlement as two whispering girls begin to walk past Betty. Several of the other girlfriends have their boyfriends by their ears and are dragging them away.

Betty: Doesn’t it bother you when someone doesn’t like you?

Veronica: When you’re number one, all the other numbers are jealous of you. That’s just how the pecking order works.

Panel two: Betty looks over as the two girls whisper and she catches the gist of it.

Girl one whispering: …can you believe the nerve of that girl?

Girl two whispering: I know…! She has to wear designer cloths and flaunt her wealth in our faces ever chance she gets…!

Panel three: Betty begins to walk away as she thinks to herself.

Betty thinking: Huh. That’s a pretty good liter of venom.

Betty thinking: Almost makes you wonder what the other girls really think about Ronnie….

Panel four: Betty waves her idea off as she chuckles to herself.

Betty thinking: Hah! What am I going to do? Go around doing a survey, asking every girl’s opinion on Veronica?

Betty thinking: That’d be a waste of time! Silly! Crazy even!

Page 3

Panel one: A splash page of Betty talking to various Riverdale High teens and their reactions. In the center foreground is a distressed Betty looking at the results of her survey with wide-eyed disbelief. The following is the background showing Betty’s survey. Above her on the right is Betty talking with Sheila Wu as Sheila acts like she is breaking a stick in two as her response, after that is Betty talking with Wendy Weatherbee who gives Betty a thumbs down in response. At the top left Cheryl Blossom is laughing at Betty as Betty gives the reader an aside glance. At the bottom right is Ethel folding her arms at her chest and frowning as Betty is surprised as she records the result. At the lower left is Bobbi looking up from her desk as she shakes her head and gives a thumbs down as Betty looks on distressed.

Betty at center: Miss Congeniality might not be in Veronica’s future.

Page 4

Panel one: Betty and Veronica are beginning to walk into the Chocklit Shoppe as Veronica is the one opening the door as Betty looks at her with a giant smile and motions for her to enter first.

Caption: The next day.

Veronica: …So there’s a gathering in my honor you say?

Betty: You can say that.

Veronica: I’ll say it’s about time!

Panel two: Veronica opens the door with her eyes closed and a giant smile as she throws her head back as she strikes a pose.

Veronica: The guest of honor is here to bask in the much deserved admiration and praise you have for her.

Panel three: Veronica goes wide-eyed at what she is seeing off-panel.

Veronica: !!!

Panel four: Over the shoulder of Veronica view as Veronica is astonished to see the Chocklit Shoppe filled with angry Riverdale teenage girls giving Veronica a death glare. Sitting at the counter are Sheila Wu, Wendy, Ethel, Cheryl, and Bobbi. Cheryl mocking waves hello as she just loves Veronica’s reaction. Wendy and Sheila whisper to one other. Ethel is eating an ice cream shaved like Jughead’s head as she looks at Veronica. At the other tables are various Riverdale teenage girls who frown and scowl as they look at Veronica. One girl has a voodoo doll of Veronica she is slamming on her table head first.

Cheryl: Here’s the mob, there’s the pyre—

Cheryl: --And here comes the witch to set on fire.

Page 5

Panel one: Veronica slams the door shut and pushes her body against it and stretches her arms off as if to keep out some sort of animal or monster. Betty takes a step back as she senses this is not starting well. Betty feigns a smile and stretches her arms out to try and brighten up the situation.


Betty: Um, surprise…?

Panel two: Veronica turns to yell at Betty as Betty winces as Veronica yells right in her face.

Veronica: What is wrong with you!?

Veronica: I’d be better off if you tossed me into a pit filled with ravenous tigers!!

Panel two: Betty smiles as she tries to calmly reason with Veronica as Veronica rolls her eyes.

Betty: Well, I asked around, and…well, not too many of the other girls…um, like you.

Panel three: Veronica continues to yell as Betty lowers her head and pouts.

Veronica: So what?! Why should I care with that coalition of envious, poorly dressed clods think!!?

Veronica: Honestly, Betty, I have no idea what goes on in that head of yours!!

Panel four: Betty earnestly talks from the heart and somberly lowers here head. Betty has the biggest puppy dog eyes possible as she looks up at the reader.

Betty: I just want everybody to be your friend.

Panel five: Veronica looks touched and slightly guilty as she realizes what Betty’s intentions were.

Panel six: Veronica confidently begins to go inside of the Chocklit Shoppe as a perplexed Betty follows after her.

Veronica: I suppose there’s no harm in hearing them out. And if worst does come to worst, you can always be my human shield.

Betty: Sure!

Betty:--wait, what?

A few I think of is the TMNT Adventures April O' Neil May East Saga. Just try to google it and see possibly the worst art Archie every published and the story is just so stupid. I mean, it was so bad, it got reconned into a bad dream by the main staff.

And I found a later issue of That Wilkin Boy in an antique shop and...Bingo was just an average looking teen, Samantha was no longer strong or unique and just a damsel in distress, no Sampson and Willie arguing...and a jealous girl where Samantha worked as a nurse's aid.

And in case you were wondering, no I did not buy it. :)

Fan Fiction / Archie and Jughead in Upgrades and Downloads.
« on: January 06, 2016, 12:17:45 AM »
Page 1

Panel one: Jughead is on his computer as Archie is looking over his shoulder. Jughead is using Doors 7 (like Windows 7) and on the task bar to the bottom right is a white door outline. Jughead is playing hearts as Archie points at the computer. At Jughead’s computer desk is a bag of chips he is eating and a full bottle of soda. In the corner next to his desk are various pizza boxes and wrappers nearly half the size of the desk. Hot Dog is focused on a pizza box that is moving slightly as he casts a curious look to it.

Archie: Jug, when are you going to free upgrade to Doors 10?

Jughead: I already have that many doors. And they all open and close. Not fancy, but they make walls seem less forbidding.

Panel two: Jughead continues to play as Jughead shoots the moon as the cards dance on the screen as Jughead grins triumphantly. An annoyed Archie looks down at Jughead as Jughead hardly pays him any attention.

Archie: You know what I mean!

Jughead: Oh, you mean that friendly bit of malware on my taskbar?

Panel three: Jughead starts up a new game of Hearts as Archie turns to the reader and rolls his eyes and points his thumb at Jughead.

Jughead: I don’t know. Maybe one day. Maybe not. I’ll let the tides of time wash me upon that shore when they may.

Panel four: Archie reaches over Jughead’s shoulder and uses his mouse to click on the upgrade Doors 10 icon much to Jughead’s surprise.

Archie: Well, here’s the hand of fate to push you along!

Page 2

Panel one: An annoyed Jughead turns to Archie as the computer shows that Doors 10 is ninety percent downloaded. Out of one of he pizza boxes, a mouse eating a small bit of leftover pizza flips the lid over all at once as Hot Dog jumps back.

Jughead: Do I touch your stuff?

Archie: My money.

Jughead: It stops being yours when you give it to me.

Panel two: Jughead and Archie turn to the screen as the Doors 10 blue and black wallpaper is up.

Archie: You’ll like it! It’s like everything you had before only better~

Panel three: Jughead is looking through his apps as he is angry with what he has lost. Archie is caught be surprise by how fast Jughead has found something wrong. On the computer screen life at a glance there are tiles for a calendar, calculator, twitter, aliens among us, the Macrohard Store and Z-Box.

Jughead: Where’s my Doors Media Center? And my games! All my games are gone!

Panel four: Jughead rolls his chair aside as Archie clicks on the Doors Sharp Browser and tries to calm Jughead down.

Jughead: Do you know how hard it is to get zero points scored on you playing Hearts?

Archie: Calm down, grandpa. We’ll use your new Doors Sharp browser to find your old games and download them for free.

Panel five: Archie goes wide eyed as the browser is hijacked with a warning saying the browser has been infected. Jughead looks on with annoyance.

Computer: Warning! Warning! Computer affected with malware! Not a lie! We’re legit! Call this number—not the official Doors number or use another browser! Warning! Warning!

Panel six: Jughead smirks at Archie as Archie reaches back behind Jughead’s computer and unplugs the Ethernet to stop the website hijacking. Jughead has a smile from ear to ear as a flustered Archie talks with him.

Jughead: I begin to see why this was free.

Archie: I hope it ends with you keeping your lips sealed tight!

Page 3

Panel one: Archie begins to leave Jughead’s room as Jughead reaches over his computer to replug his Ethernet connection.

Archie: Just plug your internet connection back in and erase your browser history.

Jughead: How about I just never use this stupid browser ever again? That’s much easier.

Panel two: Jughead begins to look at his computer application screen as has an app for the weather, calendar, twitter, store, videos, Courtney (like Cortana), photos and finally an app for Soda Breaker Awesome Sojourn.

Jughead: It’s like I’m following Virgil down a new circle!

Panel three: Jughead clicks on Soda Breaker Awesome Sojourn as a small flash animated boy and various multi colored soda pop icons are on the screen.

Jughead: Looks like this is the only game I’ve got now. Wonder how you win?

Panel four: Jughead licks his lips as he begins to play.

Computer: SODA POP! Drink the sodas.

Jughead: I think I’m going to like this game.

Panel five: Time has passed as Jughead moves his mouse along as tilts his head in confusion at the computer screen. To show that time has passed, the soda bottle is only half full.

Jughead: …I think I’m getting it, but why is that disco ball highlighted? I’ll just match it with this weird transparent orb and--

Panel six: Jughead leans back in his seat as he goes wide eyed in amazement as the computer screen lights up multi colors to Jughead’s amazement.


Jughead: Whoa.

Page 4

Panel one: Over Jughead’s shoulder as he failed to win level 5 and save the raccoons as the small flash animation boy is on the screen and snaps his fingers in disappointment. The soda bottle is now completely empty and fallen to it’s side with small drops of soda on the desk as the mouse from earlier is drinking while looking up at Jughead as if Jughead called its name.

Jughead: Rats! Didn’t get all the raccoons out of the taffy and that was my last life!

Panel two: Jughead glares at the screen as it has an option for buying gold coins in the following:

9 gold coins: .99
20 gold coins: 2.99
100 gold coins: 5. 99
200 gold coins: 20. 99

Next to that is a clock icon showing 29:40 until the next life.

Jughead: Wait, I either have to wait half an hour for a new life or buy these gold coins for extra moves and lives?

Panel three: Jughead glares at the screen in a huff.

Jughead: Forget that! I’m no dummy! I won’t be used to make some lazy programmer easy money!

Panel four: Jughead looks at the computer screen as it now shows a box reading: Have friends send you lives and coins as his defiance drops like a ton of bricks.

Jughead: Huh. I can borrow gold coins and lives from my friends?

Panel five: Archie, on his PC, is getting a message on his screen while playing Soda Breaker  showing an icon of a kangaroo with Jughead’s hat with an option to lend Jughead coins or lives.

Archie: Guess Jughead found something he likes after all.

Panel six: Archie clicks okay and sends Jughead two lives.

Archie: I’ll indulge him a bit. What’s the worse that could happen?

Page 5

Panel one: Jughead is playing as his icon is moving along a map and stops at a new area of the map that is a different color.

Jughead: Hah! Looks like I’m going to the next stage!

Panel two: The icon stops at the edge of the new territory and a box reads: Next episode in 3 Days. Or have friends send 300 gold coins to unlock early.

Jughead: Okay, so I either have to wait three days—or mooch lots of imaginary doubloons from my friends…?

Panel three: A close up on a smiling Jughead who acts like a man with no enemies or problems what so ever.

Jughead:  Luckily, I have lots of friends who give me their undying support.

Panel four: A large panel of all the people Jughead is contacting to send him gold coins. Everyone in the panel is on their home PC or phone as they get the same identical message of Jughead’s icon and a box reading: GIVE JUGHEAD (insert money) GOLD COINS. And they all are frustrated with Jughead
Dilton is on a supercomputer as he shakes a fist at the screen, Toni Topaz is eating a cupcake with one hand and has her phone in the other as she frowns, Moose, at his computer, uses one finger on his keyboard as he donates and nearly breaks his keyboard, and Veronica, on her phone in her room, angrily types in a number.

Veronica: Ten times with this in the last hour! Here! Just take everything and be done with it!!

Page 6

Panel one: The setting is Riverdale High in the hallway.  A week later Jughead is approaching Archie as Archie is in a bad mood and has his hands in his pockets as he looks at Jughead. Jughead is much chipper than he usually is in contrast. Several students are on their phones playing Soda Pop Breaker while casting an angry stare towards Jughead. One student moves his body and shields his phone so Jughead doesn’t see him playing.

Jughead: Hey! Arch! I’m really enjoying that Soda Breaker game! You play it much?

Panel two: Archie snaps at Jughead as Jughead acts nonchalant about it.

Archie: Not since I keep lending you all my lives and coins I don’t! Does that answer your question?!

Jughead: A yes or no would have sufficed.

Panel three: Jughead happily walks along side Archie as Midge, Moose, and Bobbi glare at Jughead from across the hall.

Archie: Jug, you really need to stop bothering people when you’re playing Soda Breaker.

Jughead: How am I bothering people?

Panel four: Archie is trying to talk sense to Jughead as Jughead turns towards the computer lab on the right side of the hallway

Archie: Jug, it’s not just me. You’re borrowing so many coins and lives no one else gets to play!

Jughead: Well, once I’m a better player it won’t be so bad.

Panel five: Jughead goes into the computer lab as Archie face palms

Jughead: And the more time I play, the more that helps. Speaking of, I do have a free period…

Panel six: Archie goes wide eyed as he hears the response from everyone in the computer lab and all the students in the hall on their phones upon Jughead’s entrance. One student just slams his phone down and shatters it to the confusion of a nearby Svenson.

Giant word balloon of collected voices: GRRROOOAANNN

Fan Fiction / Archie and Jughead in Christmas Winter Double Date.
« on: December 24, 2015, 08:07:20 PM »
Page one

Panel one: The setting is the North Pole as Noelle Claus is at the actual pole of the North Pole as she sadly looks around at all the elves as they are busy carrying toys just behind her. Jingles has an army of teddy bear toys following his orders as they march in line. Sugarplum fairy is shining Rudolph’s nose with a white cloth as the other reindeers look on enviously. In the background is the candy cane gates that lead to Santa’s workshop.

Noelle: Sigh.

Noelle: Dad’s checking his list, the elves are loading the toys, and Rudolph is getting his nose polished…

Noelle: …And once again, another night without a date for Noelle Claus!

Panel two: Noelle frowns as she looks ahead.

Noelle: It sure stinks to be the only teenage girl in the north pole!

Panel three: Noelle rolls her eyes upwards as it begins to lightly snow just on her.

Voice above panel: You think you have problems, girl? Try Global Warming.

Panel three: Noelle happily looks up to see Jackie Frost riding a ice sleigh as she smiles and waves her hand to stop the snow from falling on Noelle.

Noelle: Jackie Frost!

Jackie Frost: How are you doing, Noelle? Not on your daddy’s naughty this year I hope.

Page 2

Panel one: Noelle crosses her arms around her chest as she looks back as she reflects on her day. Jackie Frost is landing on the ground right next to her.

Noelle: No, but if someone made a list of the top ten bored people in the world, Noelle Claus would be numero uno.

Panel two: Noelle playfully elbows Jackie Frost as Jackie Frost blushes.

Noelle: But enough about me—still nipping at the boys’ noses?

Jackie Frost: Well, actually…

Panel three: Jackie Frost is talking as Noelle squints her left eye and tilts her head.

Jackie Frost: Just one boy in particular. I was going to Riverdale to check up on Jughead Jones.

Noelle: Jughead…? Why?

Panel four: Jackie Frost uses her magic to create a snowman and puts a carrot on it for the nose as Noelle chuckles.

Jackie Frost: What can I say? His nose reminds me of a snowman.

Noelle: Jackie, you’re a certified whacko!

Panel five: Noelle talks with Jackie as Jackie uses her powers to turn the snowman into an ice sculpture of Archie.

Noelle: Did you say, Riverdale? I know a cute guy there. Red hair, freckles.

Jackie: Yeah, Jughead’s best friend. Archie, right?

Noelle: That’s the name and that’s him!

Page 3

Panel one: Noelle and Jackie both put a hand on their chin as the both lower their heads as they both think

Panel two: Noelle and Jackie Frost both rolls their eyes towards the other and remove their hands to show both are grinning.

Panel three: A close-up on the happy faces of the two as they are nearly nose to nose and say the exact same thing.


Panel four: Jackie and Noelle are on Jackie’s sleigh as they fly into the sky and in front of the moon. On the North Pole is a note that Sugarplum Fairy and Jingles are looking up with worried expressions. Rudolph’s nose is too bright as it is blinding reindeer and elf alike as he shows it off.

Jackie: Think the boys will be happy to see us?

Noelle: More than presents under the tree and full stockings.

Page 4

Panel one: The setting is Pickens Park with temperature around 70.  It is the afternoon as Archie and Jughead are talking. Jughead is shivering uncontrollably as Archie looks on concerned. Nearby the three park squirrels are fanning an extremely hot penguin.

Archie: Jug, what’s the matter? It’s not that cold out this year.

Jughead: I sense something. An approaching evil. A dark entity. It—it chills me to the bone.

Panel two: Archie glares at Jughead as Jughead suddenly goes back to his normal self as he wipes imaginary sweat from his brow. As they talk, overhead a wind carrying several snow flakes passes over their heads.

Archie: Aw, that’s a bunch of baloney.

Jughead: Baloney you say? Pop Tate has the best grilled baloney sandwiches! Then again his burgers are better. Burgers instead then!

SFX of the wind: WWEEEOOOOOO

Panel three: Archie happily turns his head as Jughead rolls his eyes.

Noelle off-panel: Hello, Archie. Guess what?  Christmas has come early this year!

Archie: Oboy!

Jughead: Oh no.

Panel four: Noelle and Jackie are standing in front of Archie and Jughead. Noelle is blowing a blue kiss to Archie as Archie goes weak in the knees and they buckle. Jackie waves a friendly hand at Jughead as Jughead frowns and turns his body away.

Noelle: How about taking us two young ladies on a double date, boys?

Archie: Guh

Jackie Frost: Is that a yes?

Jughead: No hable english.

Page 5

Panel one: A close-up on Archie’s face and Jughead as they are hit with a snowball each.

Archie: What--?


Jughead: Hey--!


Panel two: Reggie is laughing his head off as he points and laugh at equally frustrated Jughead and Archie. Noelle and Jackie look at Reggie with contempt for interrupting their fun.

Reggie: Hyuk Hyuk! Took me hours to scrap the freezer for those snowballs but it was worth!!

Panel three: Reggie flashes Noelle and Jackie a smile as he sticks out his chest in pure bravado mode.

Reggie: Why don’t you two lovely ladies dump the chumps and date the man of fate?

Panel four: Noelle and Jackie turn to each other with wicked grins.

Panel five: Jackie Frost uses her powers to arm her and Noelle with snowballs as they both look ahead with mischievous smiles from ear to ear.

Panel six: Reggie has been left pummeled with extra large snow balls as several people looking on have no idea how that happened. Archie has Noelle by the arm while Jughead reluctantly walks beside Jackie Frost as they leave the area.

Archie: I think we owe the ladies a little something.

Jughead. Yeah. Very little, like the size of a dime. Your dime specifically.
Page 6

Panel one:  The setting is the Chocklit Shoppe as Archie and Noelle is happily eating a burger as Archie watches her with a dopey expression on his face as he is completely mesmerized by her. Pop Tate looks on with a smile as he cleans a glass with a dish clouth.

Noelle: Ummm…

Noelle: This is good!

Panel two: A full shot as we can see Noelle, Archie, Jughead, and Jackie Frost sitting at the front counter of the Chocklit Shoppe. Noelle is happily eating her cheeseburger while Archie looks on; Archie has his own hamburger on his plate that he is moving towards Noelle. Jughead has a piping hot hamburger while Jackie Frost has a chocolate sundae she is eating with a small ice spoon. Jughead protests Archie giving Noelle his burger. Unknown to him, Jackie is beginning to work her magic on his burger.

Noelle: All we have at the North Pole are snow cones and candy canes! You going to eat yours?

Archie: Help yourself, snowflake.

Jughead: Hey! Archie’s burgers are my burgers!

Panel three: Jughead picks up his burger and prepares to take a bite as he happily turns his attention back to his own.

Jughead: Oh well.

Panel four: Jughead bites down as he reacts like he just bit a brick as the burger has been frozen solid thanks to Jackie Frost.


Panel five: Jughead shakes his frozen burger at Jackie Frost as Jackie Frost brushes his complaints aside as she happily continues to enjoy her sundae.

Jughead: Hey! I ordered a burger, not a TV dinner!

Jackie: It’s better this way. Keeps all the taste in one spot. You’ll thank me later.

Fan Fiction / Betty & Veronica in Santa's Helpers.
« on: December 18, 2015, 05:33:17 PM »
Page 1

Panel one: Archie, Betty, and Veronica are walking out of The Chocklit Shop. The windows of the Chocklit Shop has a drawing of Santa in a living room being happy to find a Pop Burger waiting for him. Archie and Betty begin to head one way as Veronica heads in the other direction. Veronica is texting on her phone as she is not really paying attention to what Archie is saying to her. Archie is waving goodbye to Veronica as Betty moves in closer to Archie now that she’ll have him all to herself.

Betty: Well, I guess this is where we part ways…

Betty thinking: Finally! Tee-hee.

Veronica: Ho-hum. So it is.

Archie: Ronnie, I’ll be by your house tomorrow at noon to pick you up. Then we’ll go around the mall back way and get into costume.

Panel two: A suddenly alert Veronica is in the foreground. In the background a confused Betty is asking Archie a question.

Betty: Costumes? The mall…? What are you two doing tomorrow?

Archie: Huh. I could have sworn Veronica told me she mentioned it to you…

Panel three: Archie is beginning to talk as Veronica zips in between Archie and Betty and clamps her left hand around Archie’s mouth to stop him from talking.

Archie: That me and Veronica are—

Veronica: Archiekins! It’s too cold out! You’ll give your tongue pneumonia!

Panel four: Veronica begins to lead a bewildered Archie off as Betty looks on suspiciously with a raised eyebrow.

Veronica: I insist you walk me home so I can make sure you don’t open your mouth any further!

Betty: Hmm.

Page 2

Panel one: The setting is behind the Riverdale Mall as Archie and Veronica are being motioned inside by a businessman. Hiding behind a nearby dumpster, Betty is watching  them with keen interest. In the dumpster a raccoon wearing a blue Christmas hat is happily throwing around fish bones, broken toys, and a banana peel as he is overjoyed with his finds.

Mr. Piper: Archie, Veronica! I’m so glad that you two agreed to be Santa and Mrs. Claus for the afternoon. The children are gathering right now.

Archie: Not a problem, Mr. Piper! It’s an honor being Santa Claus!

Panel two: Veronica is striking a pose as she has her left hand at her hip and is brushing back her hair with her right hand as she leans towards Archie as Archie begins to blush. Mr. Piper turns away as he rolls his eyes. In the background, Betty is silently screaming and clawing at the air as she’s overcome with rage.

Veronica: And who better than myself to be Mrs. Claus, the woman behind the man, then myself?

Mr. Piper: Er, of course. Just remember that you two need to stay in character and interact with the children so they don’t get bored having to wait for so long.

Panel three: A shot over the shoulder of Betty as she has a thought balloon of herself at Santa’s workshop as she has a voodoo doll of Veronica that she is repeatedly stabbing with a needle as other elves gather to try and stop her. In the background, Archie and Veronica are following Mr. Piper inside. In the dumpster the raccoon is looking down at Betty and holding out a smelly Christmas stalking for her to take.

Betty: That no good sneaky snob!

Betty: She knew that if I knew she and Archie were Santa’s helpers, I’d do whatever I could to get in on the act!

Panel four: Betty is walking away from the dumpster with a sly smile on her face as she has a plan. Betty is holding the smelly stocking as she walks away. In the background, the raccoon is waving goodbye

Betty: And boy was she right!

Page 3

Panel one: Inside of the mall, Archie and Veronica are outside of Mr. Piper’s Toy Pit store as children begin to line up with their mom and dads present. Veronica is wearing a red coat with white fluff trim, a red Christmas hat, a red dress with green buttons, red and white stockings, and red boots. Archie is sitting on a fancy red and green cushioned rocking chair as he is dressed as a traditional Santa. One of the father’s with his kid is staring at Veronica as nearby mother begins to slap him across the back of his head head. Veronica is waving to the kids as Archie strokes his beard as he gets into his role.

Archie: Um, Ronnie, you look great…but shouldn’t Mrs. Claus be a little older?

Veronica: Santakins, I’m magical. I age much slower than most mere mortals.

Panel two: Veronica leans in to play with Archie’s fake beard as Archie’s Christmas hat jumps off of Archie’s head to show how happy Archie is.

Veronica: Besides don’t you think it’s about time Christmas came to Santa?

Panel three: A bright red light shines on Veronica and Archie, blinding them and ruining the moment.


Off-panel: Don’t worry Santa—

Panel four: Betty in a reindeer costume with a bright shining red nose is waving at them. Betty has a set of antlers on her head to go with the costume. Archie has spots over his head as he’s still blinded while Veronica is rubbing her eyes with both hands.

Betty: --Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is here to help!!

Veronica: Or destroy our irises!

Page 4

Panel one: Veronica confronts Betty as Betty is all smiles as she squeezes her nose to turn the bright red light off.

Betty: Irises? No, they upset my stomach. But I do love the occasional spinach salad with bacon dressing. The protein really helps me maintain altitude when flying.

Veronica: Then why don’t you show us and buzz off?!!

Panel two: Betty pinches her red nose causing it to shine right in Veronica’s eyes.

Veronica: Ahhh!!

Panel three: Veronica’s pupils have narrowed to show she is temporarily blinded as Betty prances past her while sticking out her tongue out and making faces at Veronica.

Betty: Sorry, old lady, but it’ll get really dark and Santa will need me to lead the way on his sleigh!

Panel four: In the foreground, Archie has a small boy on his lap as the kid is interrupted from reading his list as Betty begins massaging Archie’s shoulders. In the background, Veronica begins to fume.

Betty: And I know that guiding the sleigh has to be rough on his superb muscles. Here this will help Nickie.

Veronica thinking: I ought to call the white coats and have them lock that loon in a rubber room!

Panel five: Veronica turns away as she talks on her cellphone as she has a smirk across the left of her face. In the background, Betty is massaging Archie’s shoulders too hard causing him and the kid to rock much too fast for both their liking.

Veronica thinking: But I have a much better idea.

Veronica: Daddykins, can you get Gaston? I want to ask him for a little favor…

Page 5

Panel one: Archie is trying to listen to a little girl read her list as Betty is busy adjusting his beard and dusting him off with a small brush. The little girl looks over at Betty annoyed as Archie tries to calm the girl down.

Archie: So…little girl, what do you want for Christmas this year…?

Betty: Just one second. Let me get that bit of peach fuzz there--

Panel two: Archie, Betty, and the girl jerk their heads up as a voice gets their attention.

Off-panel: Eet ees ze escaped reindeer!

Panel three: Gaston dressed up as an elf chef (wearing his usual clothing only he has elf ears and his chef clothing only with green and red themes to it and boots that curl upwards) is running at Betty with a rolling pin as Betty begins to run away. The little girl looks on with a smile as Archie moves her from one side of his lap to the other to make sure she’s out of the way. The children in line look on with a mix of horror and confusion.

Gaston: To za kitcheen wis you so Gaston can make ze yummy veenison tout de suite!

Betty: Yikes!

Panel four: Betty is being chased past Veronica as Gaston turns his head towards Veronica and winks at her. Veronica is all smiles as she gives Gaston the okay hand signal as her way of telling Gaston he is doing a great job.

Panel five: Veronica walks up in front of the children as she is all smiles and motions at her hair. All the kids in line breathe a sigh of relief at the information Veronica is telling them. The little girl on Archie’s lap is just happy she can finally read her list. A speechless Archie looks on as he obviously has no idea what just happened.

Veronica: Don’t worry kids. That wasn’t Rudolph the red nose reindeer. That was his evil, crazy sister--Betty the bleach blond black roots reindeer!

Fan Fiction / Jughead in Decoration Frustrations.
« on: December 17, 2015, 02:27:19 PM »
Page 1

Panel one: The setting is the Jones living room as Jughead is sitting with Jellybean on the couch. Both of them are watching a Sydney Green Barely Perfect Christmas special (Think Charlie Brown only with a red shirt with a blue triangle on it) on TV. Hot Dog is wearing a T-shirt showing a barking dog herding a bunch of cats that he proudly shows off. Mr. Jones is walking in the room with a giant smile on his face and is wearing a super colorful Christmas sweater. In the background, Mrs. Jones has a red and green Christmas shopping bag she is just putting down.

Mr. Jones: Ah, it’s that time of the year that your old man loves so!

Jughead: Oh yeah. Cat Herders day, right?

Panel two: Mr. Jones gets in the way of the TV as Jellybean tries to look past him. Jughead is salivating as he  talks. Hot Dog rolls his eyes towards Jellybean and notices her small plight.

Mr. Jones: It’s Christmas time! And do you know what that means?

Jughead: Turkey, ham, chocolates, and everything I just said wrapped in bacon!!

Panel three: Mr. Jones puts a hand on a dismayed Jughead’s shoulder as Jughead returns to his normal facial expression. Hot Dog has Jellybean on his neck and head so that she can watch the TV without anyone in her way now as Hot Dog looks up at her with a smile.

Mr. Jones: It’s time to put up the christmas decorations!

Jughead: The time wasting stuff we have to do before all the fun stuff. Couldn’t we just switch it out just once?

Page 2

Panel one: Jughead is following Mr. Jones down a hallway and at the end of the hallway is the attic door on the ceiling. Jughead has his hands in his pockets as he’s still highly indifferent.

Mr. Jones: Oh we’ll have fun! You’ll see!

Jughead: I’ll see a leprechaun tap dancing on a French polka dot unicorn first.

Panel two: Mr. Jones reaches back and playfully elbows Jughead as Jughead is unmoved in his body language and deadpan in his response.

Mr. Jones: C’mon, son. Normally, I have to plead and threaten before you help your old man with his fun holiday chores, so you must like it a little.

Jughead: No. You just make me do this every year, that I’ve finally accepted it’ll save me time to just agree and get it over with.

Panel three: Mr. Jones reaches up and grabs the handle to the attic as he looks back at Jughead.

Mr. Jones: Jughead, maybe you should go get a broom or duster. We haven’t been up here all year, so I suspect a lot of cobwebs.

Panel four: Mr. Jones is surprised as a pile of junk food wrappers, soda cans, empty pizza boxes, wadded up potato chip bags, cookie bags, and various other types of  food wrappers begin to avalanche on him.

Mr. Jones: !!!


Panel five: Mr. Jones is covered in a small pile of trash as Jughead looks up at the attic. Mr. Jones thumps his fingers against the floor and stares up at Jughead.

Jughead: Huh. We must have mice.

Mr. Jones: Or just one giant rat.

Page 3

Panel one: Mr. Jones is climbing into the attic as Jughead follows behind him. Mr. Jones looks around at all the boxes and piles of newspapers and magazines and other family relics. In the background is a hat rack with other weird hats on it.

Mr. Jones: Ah. Look at all the treasured family mementos.

Jughead: If they’re so treasured, why are they all stuffed in the one room in the house no one goes in?

Panel two: Mr. Jones turns and snaps at Jughead as he points ahead at a nearby snowman display. Next to it is two reindeer displays. All three are around three feet tall. Nearby the snowman is a chest with a top hat on it.

Mr. Jones: Quiet, Mr. Humbug. I’ll take the two reindeer, you take the snowman.

Panel three: Mr. Jones is taking both reindeers under his arm as Jughead looks over at the top hat and uses his right hand to rub his chin as he comes up with an idea.

Panel four: Jughead puts the top hat on the snowman and points ahead.

Jughead: Okay, pal. Shake a snowflake.

Panel five: Jughead hangs his head in defeat as nothing happens.

Panel six: Jughead struggles as he drags the snowman towards the attic door.

Jughead: Worth a shot.

Page 4

Panel one: Still in the attic as Mr. Jones is looking at a giant wad of Christmas lights tangled in a ball as he frowns and motions towards it as Jughead follows his finger.

Mr. Jones: Jughead! I told you to place the lights in a box and make sure they did not get all tangled up!

Panel two: Jughead shrugs his shoulder as his father becomes enraged and motions down at the wadded up lights with both hands.

Jughead: I just figured I’d untangle them next year.

Mr. Jones: Well, next year is now, buddy-boy! Get to it!

Panel three: Jughead barely taps the giant ball of Christmas lights with the tip of his shoe.

Panel four: Mr. Jones is wide eyed in disbelief that the Christmas lights are suddenly in perfect form.

Panel five: Mr. Jones looks completely exhausted as his arms hangs at his side and he drags his feet as he walks away. Jughead looks on emotionlessly.

Mr. Jones: Let’s take a break. I need to lie down.

Panel six: Jughead looks over at the reader as she has a small smirk on his face as he points his thumb to where his dad had left.

Jughead: Okay, that was pure luck—but he doesn’t need to know that.

Page 5

Panel one: Mrs. Jones is holding Jellybean with one hand as she is near the fireplace mantle and putting up a fourth stocking. The first two are ordinary, the third one is extra large and has a sticky reading: No fruit, all candy and the fourth is the smallest.

Mrs. Jones: …And there is your stocking, Jellybean.

Panel two: Mrs. Jones rubs her nose against Jellybean’s as Jellybean laughs.

Mrs. Jones: And now Santa will know where to leave the candy for each member of the family! Yes, he will! Yes, he will!

Panel three: Mrs. Jones looks down as a noise catches her attention.

Off-panel below: Whine Whine

Panel four: Mrs. Jones looks down as Hot Dog looks on sadly as he doesn’t have a stocking.

Mrs. Jones: Oh.

Panel five: Mrs. Jones is putting up a stocking for Hot Dog as Hot Dog looks on with his tongue sticking out in joy. Jellybean is on Hot Dog’s back and playing with his ears.

Mrs. Jones: Sorry about that Hot Dog.

Hot Dog: My fault entirely. I didn’t chew up your socks to remind you this year.

Page 6

Panel one: Jughead is outside of the Jones house and he is wearing shorts, sandles, and a Hawaii t-shirt to show that it is hot for a Christmas day. Jughead is looking up at the ceiling at the unseen Mr. Jones. Nearby Jughead is a discarded bed mattress. In the background a white rabbit is looking around and notices it does not blend in with the yard.

Mr. Jones off-panel: There! The reindeer and snowman are set up! It just brings to mind a White Christmas!

Jughead: Unlike the 72 degree weather.

Panel two: Mr. Jones is talking with Jughead as Jughead barely shrugs his left shoulder. The white rabbit taps its foot as it tries to be patient as it waits for snow. It holds out a paw to check for any snowflakes falling.

Mr. Jones: Quiet you!

Mr. Jones: And what’s up with that mattress?! You going to take a nap while I’m doing all the work?!

Panel three: Jughead takes a side step away form the mattress as the shadow of a falling Mr. Jones begins to cover the middle of it. In the background, the white rabbit is motioning with his hands for it to hurry up and snow.

Mr. Jones off-panel: I just don’t understand how you can be so---so—ahhhhhhhh!!

Panel four: Mr. Jones lands safely on the mattress as Jughead looks on. The white rabbit waves off the sky as he gives up in frustration.


Panel five: Mr. Jones looks himself over and uses both hands to feeling the mattress as he realizes that the mattress kept him from being severely injured. Jughead looks down at him without a hint of emotion. In the background, the white rabbit begins to cover itself with dirt and grass.

Panel six: Mr. Jones gives Jughead a giant smile and a thumbs up. Jughead cracks a smile as he responds. All that can be seen of the white rabbit is his open eyes as he is now camouflage perfectly.

Mr. Jones: You’re a good son!

Jughead: Coming from a great dad, that’s saying something.

Fan Fiction / Betty and Veronica in Black Friday Frenzy
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Page 1

Panel one: The setting is Betty Cooper driving her car with Veronica in the passenger seat as she uses a car mirror to fix her hair and admire her lip stick.

Betty: I really appreciate you coming with me, Veronica. The best deals are on Black Friday, but—I have trouble getting anything. I could use the help.

Veronica: Think nothing of it, Betty. It’ll be fun watching you forage around for your discount DVDs, half off blouses and such and such.

Panel two:  Betty is talking with Veronica as Veronica arrogantly waves her off.

Betty: I don’t think you know how hard it is too shop on Black Friday, Ronnie.

Veronica: I go to the most extravagant of boutiques where the cream of the crop scratch and claw for the best of the best.

Veronica: This is just a fun little divesion.

Panel three: A shot of Betty Cooper as she has a sly smile as she points ahead. Veronica’s eyes widen and her eyes drop at what she sees.

Betty: This is you’re idea of a diversion.

Veronica: !!!

Page 2 +3

Panel one: A large panel showing Bal Mart as the Cooper car pulls into the parking lot as the entire parking lot is crammed with cars, with every space full. One angry man is shaking his fist at two kids who are taking their time on the cross walk. Two cars have pulled in and got in each others way for a parking spot. The main entrance to Bal-Mart is clogged with people who tried to go in all at once. A Bal-Mart employee is protesting alone as he has a sign reading: THE LONE MAN PROTEST!!! A small old lady with a 50 inch TV in her shopping cart and a fat guy with a Turkey Roaster are racing down a parking lane. A car driving along the parking lot is waving the white flat. A man is struggling to fit his TVs, DVDs, and various cooking appliances into his trunk. At another section of the parking lot, A husband angrily waits for his wife as she cannot get out of her side of the car because the car next to her has a group of people just chatting the day away. The wife gives her husband a “what can I do?” shrug. A security guard is chasing after a woman wearing an overcoat bursting with jewelry and necklaces. A car barely puts the brake on as a kid runs out in front of him; the kid’s mother is rushing over to grab him. The kid is playing with an action figure to notice what almost happened. Across the street is a C-Mart where a few cars have parked with the people crossing the street to get to Bal-Mart as a sad C-mart employee points to their building, but is ignored by everyone. Traffic if is blocked because of the lines of people just casually crossing the street to get to Bal-Mart.

Panel two: Veronica looks out her side of the window as two angry middle age men are ramming their shopping carts at each other as a Bal-Mart attendant rushes to stop them.

Veronica: It’s like Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons fighting over shiny stones!

Panel three: Betty looks over and grins at Veronica and gently nudges her with her elbow.

Betty: Still up to helping me forage?

Panel four: Veronica folds her arms and scowls as she gets her game face on as Betty is surprised.

Veronica: Park the car, give me your list, and stay close to me or you will not survive.

Page 4

Panel one: Betty and Veronica walk inside as they are in between where the carts are stationed and the actual area of the store. In front of them several people are fighting over carts. One man is trying to separate his cart from three others as his wife rolls his eyes at him. Two high school teenage boys are having a tug of war over a cart as they both pull with all of their might.

Betty: Wow! This is even crazier than last year! People are fighting tooth and nail over the shopping carts!

Panel two: Veronica walks past Betty as Betty looks on confused. Veronica has a fake smile on her face and is flipping her hair back.

Veronica: Good. They’re not using the right weapons.

Betty: What are you…?

Veronica: Just watch.

Panel three: Veronica swerves her body and winks at the teens as they have hearts over their eyes.

Veronica: My, what wondrously gallant men! If only one of you could help me and my blond friend retrieve a cart.

Panel four: Veronica is wheeling the shopping cart inside as she has a triumphant smile on her face as a morally opposed Betty follows beside her. In the background the two love stuck teens both have lipstick kisses on a face cheek as they look on. As Betty and Veronica go in a Bal-Mart greeter is checking a foot long list receipt as a man with two filled to the brink shopping carts texts on his phone. The Bal-Mart mascot (A red ball with black arms and legs with white gloves and white sneakers) is being chased by a junior high basketball team. The Bal-Mart mascot has a paper with 20% off taped to his back causing his trouble.

Betty: Ronnie, that was a little sneaky, wasn’t it?

Veronica: Yes. Just a little sneaky compared to what else I’ll have to do.

Page 5

Panel one: Betty and Veronica looks ahead as in front of her are various shoppers with carts as they are zooming every which way with several colliding with each other. A man barely avoids being run down by a gang of old people on motorized carts. A small boy is carrying a super hero action figure three times his size.

Betty: Maybe we can go around?

Veronica: No. We’re going through.

Betty: How? Look at all this traffic!

Panel two: Veronica lowers her head and grips the cart handle like she were a race car driver as she looks ahead with a fierce, determined, devil may care grin.

Veronica: Like General Sherman told the people of Atlanta, “Leap, follow, or get out of my way!”

Betty: What does that mean--?

Panel three: Veronica dashes ahead as she cuts off a fat man in his motorized cart who is eating a bag of Doritos and drinking mountain dew as he spills his drink on himself. A small child barely dodges Veronica, and as Veronica goes she uses one hand to stiff arm a body builder. Betty looks on in shock at Veronica’s actions.

Veronica: THIS!

Panel four: Betty runs along as she looks back at the fat man who is licking his shirt as he scowls towards Betty, the kid who sticks out his tongue, and the body builder who is crying that he got over powered by a teenage girl as a nearby sumo wrestler laughs at him.

Betty: Sorry!

Betty: Sorry!

Betty: Really sorry!

Panel five: Betty has caught up with Veronica as Veronica continues to dash ahead with ruthless aggression. Behind the two a ten cart pile up has happened with various men and women covered in clothing, jewelry, dvds, shoes, and their shopping carts. Betty looks back and continues to apologize.

Betty: We’re really sorry!! I swear, she’s a pleasant person!! Don’t think ill of her!!

Page 6

Panel one: Betty and Veronica are in the women’s clothing section as Betty begins to scold Veronica as Veronica just ignores her. Behind them, a seven foot tall woman is holding up a blouse in the air so a four foot tall woman cannot get it.

Betty: I can’t believe you did that!

Veronica: I am but what circumstances make of me.

Panel two: Betty continues to talks with Veronica as Veronica smirks.

Betty: “Circumstances make of me”! You almost ran over some nice old lady!

Veronica: Circumstantially, she should not have been in my way—

Panel three: Veronica turns to talk frankly with Betty.

Veronica: --And that was not a nice old lady! There is no “nice” person in this building! Everyone is cutthroat and out for themselves!

Panel four: Betty boldly replies as Veronica rolls her eyes.

Betty: I’m a nice person!

Veronica: And that’s the problem…

Panel five: Veronica turns and points at the four foot woman who is standing over the unconscious seven foot woman while admiring her recently won blouse. Betty is still adamant in morals and ethics and she rolls her eyes as Veronica goes on her charade.   Blasting past Betty are two shoppers grind their carts wheels together, creating sparks as they dash by.

Veronica: You’re not going to get anything you want on Black Friday if you try to be noble and kind!

Veronica: You fight fire with napalm! They push and shove, you punch and kick! They start a fight, you give them a war!

Fan Fiction / Archie in Ether: Launch Utopia.
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Page 1

Panel one: The setting is the driveway of Dilton Doiley’s home during a bright sunny afternoon. Archie is walking up the driveway of the Doily house as he looks around. Along the front yard are various flying cambots hovering in the air. One cambot is focusing on a rabbit wearing winter clothes eating carrot ice cream. Another cambot is being chased by a flock of butterflies. One cambot is rolling across the ground to keep up with a hedgehog that is rolled up and trying to move away. Two cambots, with retractable hands, are raking the leaves in the yard as they look angrily at a nearby cambot who is just watching. One cambot is focused on Archie and extends a robotic hand to wave hello.

Archie: Guess Dilton knows I’m here…I just wish I knew what he wanted to see me about. He was really excited.

Panel two: Archie looks over into the next yard to see that a moving truck and various workers are setting out several bosses. One super skinny mover is single handily carrying out a sofa to the surprise of a co-worker. On the driveway are boxes that are labeled: Fragile, Junk, Fragile Junk (mother-in-law stuff). As Archie looks over he is enjoying the sunlight shining on his face.

Archie: Sigh.

Archie: Seems a shame to spend a day like this in a stuffy basement. I don’t know how Dilton handles it.

Panel three: Archie is at the high tech basement door of Dilton Doiley as it opens. Archie blushes and scratches the back of his head as he reacts to Dilton overhearing his comment from the previous panel. Near the door is a small intercom and security box. Behind Archie, the cambot that greeted Archie is slammed into by the cambot being chased by the butterflies and sails off panel.

Dilton on near by intercom: My ventilation system filters all pollen, pollutants, and dust particles for perfectly fresh, clean air. And there’s a window.

Archie: Heh-heh. Right.

Page 2 + 3

Panel one: Archie is inside to see the madhouse that is Dilton’s laboratory. Inside of Dilton’s lab we can see several high tech computers along the walls, the main computer has the following on the screen: REALITY IS THAT WHICH, WHEN YOU STOP BELIEVING IN IT, DOESN’T GO AWAY. Typing that message in is one of Dilton’s two inch robots. A robot beside the typing one is taking a selfie with a small phone. Various work tables have various inventions of different sizes, shapes, and degrees of completion have been moved aside with an army of the small robots around them, tired with all the moving. One of the robots checks his phone to see the selfie from the other robot. Close to Archie on the ground, two robots are trying to roll up a blue print for a Beta Drone robot (small humanoid robot with a faceplate) as another of the small robots finds itself rolled up.   In the middle of the room is a high tech chair resembling a lazy boy that has a computer attached to the side and a scanner helmet overhead. The helmet has red lens that extend over the eyes and just under the nose. Working behind the chair is Dilton as he is using a laser drill as a small robot is on the helmet looking on. At the back of the room over a computer is a portrait of Cheryl Blossom signed Mini Bot #1,654. Several small bird bots are overhead with mini-bots riding them and spraying air fresheners. Behind one of the robotic birds is a banner reading: I DAYDREAM OF ELECTRIC BIRDSEEDS.

Archie: Dilton…?

Archie: Um, I catch you a little busy?

Panel two: Dilton holds up the laser drill with one hand as he takes off his goggles with another. Two bird robots with a minibot riding flies over to take the drill or goggles respectively.

Dilton: On the contrary, you caught me recently finished!

Panel three: Archie is having trouble walking as he is struggling to avoid the swarm of mini-bots in his way as the mini-bots are acting like they are in a Godzilla movie as the panic around the lumbering Archie.

Archie: Got your text. I’m—whoa sorry!!—and came over, but what does TOMBS mean?

Panel four: Dilton motions towards the brain scanner chair as Archie looks on bewildered.

Dilton: Oh, that was a short acronym meaning: Try Out My BrainScanner.

Dilton: Hip, right?

Page 4

Panel one: Archie looks over the brain scanner chair as Dilton adjusts his glasses. In the background, a birdbot has taken the rolled up blue prints as the minibot inside sticks his head out. The mini bot riding the bird bot points down and laughs at the other mini bot’s plight.

Archie: “Brain scanner”? So it’s kind of like a DVR for the noggin?

Dilton: You are venturing down the accurate channel.

Panel two: Dilton holds out a small high tech thumb drive as he begins to give it to Archie to hold.

Dilton: My brain scanner, as the name suggests, scans the brain, but it also can copy the mind and store it for future use inside this brain drive.

Panel three: Archie looks at the brain drive as he scratches his head.

Archie: Um, Dilton, this is amazing—but why would you invent something like this?

Panel four: Archie accidentally drops the brain drive as Dilton turns his back to look at the brain scanner. Archie desperately tries to grab the thumb drive out of the air while two mini bots run around and try to catch the brain drive before it hits the ground.

Dilton: I thought of many uses actually:

Dilton: It can be used in courts of law to extract perfect judgment, to keep track of your car keys or various remote controls, but above all—

Panel five: Dilton thoughtfully looks at the brain scanner as one of the mini robots has caught the brain drive as Archie and the other mini-bot breathe a sigh of relief. The mini bot holds the key drive like He-Man holding his sword over his head.

Dilton: To store knowledge, to remember people. Recently, I was reflecting on how we as a society store and maintain movies, buildings, comics—but not the human mind.

Dilton: It just seemed sad to me that people could ever be forgotten.

Panel six: Dilton reaches down and takes the brain drive as Archie is impressed by Dilton.

Archie: Well, it makes sense to me…

Archie: …But what do you need me for?

Page 5

Panel one: Dilton grins as he looks at Archie and motions behind him to the brain scanner while holding up the brain drive in between his thumb and index finger.

Archie off-panel: Oh…

Panel two: Archie walks over to the brain scanner as several mini-bots with small dusters begins to clean the cushion for him.

Archie: So what exactly do I have to do?

Dilton: Just sit down and do nothing.

Panel three: Archie begins to take his seat on the brain scanner as the mini-bots rush off the brain scanner with a mini-bot helping another mini bot climb over the arm rest before Archie crunches it

Archie: So just do my impersonation of Jughead then?

Dilton: Precisely.

Panel four: Archie is worried as he looks around at the high tech chair as one mini-bot is dressed like a priest and seems to be giving Archie his last rites. Dilton is working on the computer as he puts the brain drive in a slot on the control panel.

Dilton: Comfortable?

Archie: Scared.

Dilton: But you are comfortable, correct?

Page 6

Panel one: Dilton continues to program the brain scan as Archie turns to look at him as he works. Two mini bots riding bird bots are racing as one of he bird bots has a banner reading: I DON’T EAT DUST; I VACUUM IT!

Archie: Dilton, why me out of everyone?

Panel two: A close-up on Archie’s face as he is all smiles.

Dilton off-panel: Because you are one of my best friends and a kind and noble soul.

Panel three: Archie’s smile fades as Dilton continues his explanation.

Dilton off-panel: …And everyone else I asked said no with some running and screaming.

Panel four: Dilton begins to lower the scanner helmet over Archie’s head.

Archie: Um, so what exactly is going to happen?

Dilton: It’s quite simple…

Panel five: A close-up on Dilton as he happily goes over what will happen like he is explaining simple addition to a child.

Dilton: The scanner helmet will emit a low dose photon particle wave through the retinas where it will enter into your brain and travel through your synapses collecting electrical pulses your mind emits.

Dilton: And a retractive gamma wave pulse will collect the particle waves and the brain scanner will translate the collected electrical pulses into data—memories, thoughts, dreams, such and such…

Dilton: …Which will be downloaded to the brain drive and be stored.

Panel six: Dilton has thumb pressed across his mouth as he looks down to see a frightened out of his wits Archie slouching down in the brain scanner to avoid the helmet on his head and covering his eyes.

Dilton: Hmm. Upon reflection, future clarifications may be better received with sugarcoating of significant details.

Fan Fiction / Betty and Veronica in Riverdale in Review: Boy Edition.
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Page 1

Panel one: The setting is the same movie theater from The Boy Edition counterpart only with the movie theater being much cleaner and decorated with red and pink heart and kisses and the screen decorated to show the girls put much more effort into it than the boys. Sitting in front of the screen greeting the readers is Betty and Veronica. Betty is tugging at her ponytail to show hints of shyness while Veronica is pushing back her hair and smiling as she strikes a pose.

Betty: Heh, hi, everyone. I’m Betty Cooper and this is my best friend, Veronica Lodge…

Veronica: Charmed I’m sure.

Betty: And last week the boys gave their review on us girls, and ladies, this week it is our turn to critique them!

Panel two: Betty and Veronica are going over what they will be judging and looking for. Betty holds out her left palm and puts her index finger as she recites what she’ll be looking for will Veronica smiles and rolls her eyes upward as she happily recites what she’ll be looking at the most.

Betty: And we’ll be looking for things like personality.

Veronica: Muscles.

Betty: Intelligence.

Veronica: Wealth.

Betty:  Can he make me laugh.

Veronica: Does he have rock hard abs.

Panel three: Betty is questioning Veronica over her criteria as Veronica playfully brushes her off.

Betty:  You don’t judge a book by its cover, Ronnie.

Veronica: True, but this isn’t a book review, is it now, Bettykins?

Betty: Touche

Page 2

Panel one: The screen shows and image of Reggie smiling and pointing two thumbs at himself. Betty rolls her eyes and rotates her two index fingers to show how Reggie can drone on.

Betty: This is Reggie Mantle, Riverdale’s bad boy. He’s also the greatest thing ever if you just ask him. And he’ll tell you all about—hour after hour, day by day.

Panel two: The screen now shows Reggie running in for a touchdown, dunking a basketball, and standing with his father outside of the Riverdale Gazette as Reggie holds up a paper with the headline: REGGIE RULES…and other stuff happened. Veronica motions her head to the screen as she approves of Reggie’s accomplishments.

Veronica: It’s not cocky if you back it up, and he is the star athlete in Riverdale High and his father does own the Riverdale Gazette so he comes from better stock than most.

Panel three: Betty and Veronica are discussing Reggie as the screen shows Reggie scaring both girls with a rubber spider tied to a stick as he snickers at them.

Betty: I can’t argue with any of that, but he is rather immature.

Veronica: Agreed. Always with his pranks and tricks. And you already brought up how arrogant he is. Can you imagine being around someone who is always so full of themselves?

Panel four: Betty stares at Veronica dumbfounded while Veronica is confused.

Veronica: What?!  What are you looking at—well, I mean besides perfection of course…

Panel five: Betty holds up nine fingers to show her vote while Veronica points at Betty and nods her head.

Betty: Anyway, while he can be overbearing, life isn’t boring with him around, he is very attractive and, when you get used to him—he’s a great friend. I give Reggie a 9.

Veronica: Why do girls go for bad boys? Because bad boys are hot and fun. I’ll go with a 9 as well.

Page 3

Panel one: The screen shows a picture of Jughead as he is eating a burger and getting ketchup and grease all over his face and shirt. Betty has a forced smile as you can tell she’s trying to be super nice while Veronica holds her nose and sticks out her tongue.

Betty: This is our good friend—remember that, Veronica!—Jughead Jones. Riverdale’s own food connoisseur.

Veronica: Ew! We’re actually going to waste valuable hunk time on this blight to the human condition.

Panel two: The screen now shows Jughead motioning at his shirt and crown as Betty tries to talk him up.

Betty: He…um, he has a look all his own. He is also smart, loyal, always likes my baked goodies—

Veronica off-panel: He’s a glutton!! He’ll eat rocks if you coat them in chocolate!!

Panel three: The screen now shows Jughead sleeping in class, keeping Archie away from Veronica, and holding up an anti-female sign. Veronica is fuming as she motions at the screen.

Veronica: This little twerp is just the worst. If he’s not eating, he’s sleeping, if he’s not doing both, he’s being a pain to the entire female gender!

Veronica: And look at him! Skinny, long nose, stupid hat, messy hair, and dresses like a hobo who had to settle! I give the wastrel a 2!

Veronica: ---And I’m being generous!!

Panel four: Veronica looks over at Betty a to give her score

Betty: You’re being too hard on poor Juggie.

Veronica: WHAT?

Panel five: Betty holds her head up high as she stays firm as Veronica loses her temper as she pushes her hands against her forehead like she’s trying to keep her skull from coming out.

Betty: I believe Jughead has a style all his own we don’t understand. And he’s smart, funny, and a great big brother to his sister. I give him a 7

Veronica: You’re too nice to do these reviews properly!!!

Page 4

Panel one: Veronica, beginning to calm down, is introducing Moose as Moose is on the screen with a dumb smile and waving hello.

Veronica: This is Moose Mason. Riverdale’s gentle giant. Not the smartest, but he is tall, muscular, and a great athlete.

Panel two: The screen shows Moose chasing away several students from Midge as Veronica waves off the screen.

Veronica: He has a quick temper and refuses to let any other guy around his girlfriend, Midge. I don’t know who she can stand it! Only dating one guy? Not for me.

Panel three: The screen shows Moose and Midge holding hands as the walk together and look lovingly in each other’s eyes. Betty cups her hands together and grins at the screen as she can’t help but love what she sees.

Betty: Agreed he goes overboard but…awww. He’s a big teddy bear most of the time! So cute!

Panel four: The screen changes to Moose bending down a tree so a little girl can get her kitten down. Midge gives Moose a kiss on his cheek as he blushes.

Betty: And his strongest muscle is his heart. He’s always helping friends and strangers. And he is so loyal to Midge…I’m kind of jealous, honestly.

Panel five: Betty and Veronica gives their scores as both smile.

Betty: Moose is a great guy. I’ll go 8.

Veronica: I won’t go that high because he is a bit clumsy and the temper, but Midge has excellent taste overall. 7.

Page 5

Panel one: Veronica is introducing Dilton as an image of Dilton is on the screen. Veronica motions with her hands to the other side of the panel to illustrate her point.

Veronica: And now we go to the other side of the spectrum with resident teen genius Dilton Doiley.

Panel two: Veronica is going over Dilton as the screen has Dilton mixing chemicals, Dilton next to a basketball player to show how short he is and, and a few girls giggling as he walks bye.

Veronica: To get the rough stuff out of the way, I think he is way too short and those glasses are so out of style…

Veronica: But even with that—I think he’s adorkable.

Panel three: Betty is talking as the screen shows Dilton getting several science awards that he can barely hold them and stay upright. Another image on the screen is Dilton fixing an old lady’s toaster as the old lady looks on appreciatively.

Betty: Adorkable is right! Not only is he cute, but he is super intelligent

Betty: Best of all he is so humble. He never rubs his brains in your face.

Betty: You have a problem with a class, he will tutor you and make it so you learn. Something broken? Dilton will fix it and make it better.

Panel four: The screen changes to show Cheryl kissing Dilton on his forehead as Dilton’s ears erupt with small hearts.

Betty: And if you think nerds and nice guys finish last—Cheryl Blossom is his girlfriend. Not the nicest person, but if someone that shallow can see how great Dilton is…

Betty: I give Dilton a 7

Panel five: Betty tries to cover the screen as Veronica scowls at her.

Veronica: I was going to give Dilton a 7 as well-- until you brought up that last tidbit…

Veronica: 5.

Betty: Oops. Sorry, Dilton…!

Fan Fiction / Archie and Jughead in Riverdale Review: Girl Editiion.
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Page 1

Panel one: The setting is a movie theater with a small screen just behind the seated Archie and Jughead. Archie is happy to be there and talking on the subject of the Riverdale girls while Jughead is more focused on the various popcorn, candy, and sodas laying around his seat as he has a bag of popcorn he is already beginning flick bits of popcorn into his mouth.

Archie: Hello, readers. As you all may have noticed that the wonderful town of Riverdale is abundant with lovely ladies. And we’re here to talk about them!

Jughead: Archie’s here for the girls. I’m here for the food.

Panel two: Archie holds up ten fingers as Jughead shakes his head in disapproval.

Archie: We’ll be rating the girls one out of ten and give out thoughts on each Riverdale girl!

Archie: Sounds like fun, right Jug?

Panel three: Jughead has the popcorn bag at his head and is shaking it to get the last popcorn out and to fall on his tongue as he obviously couldn’t care less. Archie glares over at him.

Jughead: If your idea of fun is a root canal and an angry badger down your pants, yeah this will a laughfest.

Page 2

Panel one: On the screen is a picture of Ginger Lopez as Archie describes her.

Archie: We’ll start with Ginger Lopez. Her father is a chef on the local food channel and she contributes to Teen Sparkle! You want help with fashion, this is where you go!

Panel two: Archie is talking as he has hearts over his head.

Archie: I love the highlights, she’s always friendly and humble, and that beauty mark might as well be the x on the treasure map. She’s a 10!

Panel three: Jughead begins to talk as Jughead points at his hat and wipes off bits of popcorn off his S sweater to illustrate his point.

Jughead: Me and Ginger are actually a lot alike. We’re both fashionitas. She’s never caused me grief, so I’ll give her a five.

Panel four: Archie protests as he points at the screen.

Archie: Just a five?! She’s gorgeous! Open your eyes, Jughead!

Panel five: Jughead slumps in his chair as Archie just waves his hands in disgust.

Jughead: Why? Everybody looks the same to me. It’s fair to all.

Archie: Be even fairer—keep your mouth shut.

Page 3

Panel one: Midge is now on the screen as Archi talks about her.

Archie: This is Midge. Moose’s longtime girlfriend. She is a black belt in karate, cheerleader, and aspires to be a stunt double.

Panel two: Archie goes into detail as he lovingly looks up at the screen not noticing the giant looming figure just behind him. Jughead does as he sits up straight and his legs accidentally knock over various theater treats at his feet.

Archie: She has a sweet, but stern temperament about her. Her hair better shows off her face and neck, she has a wonderful smile, and because of her relationship with Moose, she’s seen as the holy grail of Riverdale--

Panel three: Jughead leaps to his feet as he holds up both hands as Archie begins to look behind him as he sees Moose glaring down at him.

Jughead: TEN! She’s a ten, but myself and Archie say this with no intents whatsoever of pursuing her because her and Moose and the perfect couple!

Archie: Uh…what he said--!!

Panel four: Moose walks away as he pats Archie’s head in approval and gives Jughead a thumbs up. Jughead responds with weakly giving him two thumbs up.

Moose: Duh, that’s a great review! I’ll tell her all the nice things you two said about her!

Jughead: And we said it as friends…!!

Archie: Yeah! Remember that always!

Page 4

Panel one: Archie tries to calm down as loosens his shirt collar. Jughead is slumped in his chair to the point he’s barely still in his chair.

Archie: Um, let’s talk about Nancy…

Jughead: Yeah. Let’s talk about the girl with the non-hulk like boyfriend.

Panel two: Archie is talking about Nancy as he shows off a poorly drawn picture he has painted that is dripping wet.

Archie: Also a cheerleader for Riverdale High. She is also into watercolor paints and is always willing to give a helping hand. I give her an eight.

Panel three: Jughead is drinking from a soda as Archie impatiently waits for Jughead to chime in.

Archie: --What do you think, Jughead?


Panel four: Jughead holds out the soft drink as Archie rolls his eyes in annoyance.

Jughead: I think they really watered down this soda!

Panel five: Archie points at the screen as Jughead goes back to drinking his soda as he barely even cares to comment.

Jughead: Oh. Her. Um, I guess five.

Jughead: --But I really do have a problem with these sodas. Maybe the ice is melting too quick…?

Archie's Friends / Regina Mantle.
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Has anybody read the story with her in it? I think it was in Jughead and Friends issue 18.

Fan Fiction / Archie and Friends Are Having Twenty Little Nightmares.
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Page one

Panel one: A shot of a full moon in a star lit night as several nearby stars twinkle various colors. A cloud in the sky is shaped like a jack-o-lantern close to the moon and the eyes and mouth are illuminated by the moonlight.

Caption: A full moon night on all Hallow’s Eve.

Panel two: A high angle view of Riverdale as the moonlight shines down on a suburban area of town where the houses have various Halloween decorations set up on or around their house.

Caption: And this is Riverdale during a full moon night on All Hallow’s Eve. It seems quite and docile like any other night…but is it really?

Panel three a close up on Riverdale High School. The Riverdale High School sign has a sign with lettering reading: No Bringing Candy To Classes—ESPECIALLY YOU JUGHEAD! Right next to the flag pole is a stack of hay with a scarecrow dressed as a Riverdale football player sitting down. The doors and windows of the school have various decorations of ghosts and witches pasted on them.

Caption: Studies show that on a night like this, nightmares abound in the hearts and minds of the young and innocent.

Caption: But we won’t know that for sure unless we see if


Page 2:

Panel one: Archie is watching TV in his living room as the news is on as the police are arresting a scar faced dolphin on a pogo stick and leading him out of Riverdale City Hall in shackles; the pogo stick has a ball and chain clamped to it as the evil dolphin sneers.

TV: --And after a fifteen hour stand off the evil dolphin has been apprehended.

Archie: Well, that’s one crisis solved!

Panel two: The TV now shows a newsflash as a male reporter is trying to hide from a zombiefied female that is lurking behind him. He has his hands and notes covering his head as he puts his chin on the table.

Reporter: Aack! Breaking news!

Reporter: A comet has collided with a chemical vat containing love potion number nine! Resulting in all the girls you have ever dated becoming zombies bent on eating you!!

Panel three: Archie turns the TV off as he begins to perspire. Off to the left we can see the front door as it is beginning to be hammered on.

Archie: “All the girls you have ever dated?” 


Archie: Gulp.

Panel four: Zombified versions of all the female teenage characters and various other teenage girls have tore thru the entire wall of the Archie house led by a zombie Betty and zombie Veronica as they point at a frightened Archie. The zombie girls have their arms out straight and their heads titled with their eyes blank and walking like puppets on strings (ala the old Night of the Living dead.)

Betty: When Archie Andrews double and triple dates on a Saturday night—

Veronica: --The zombie girlfriends will walk the earth for revenge!!

Archie: Great Gasping Ghouls!

Panel five: A close up on a sleeping Archie as he is tossing and turning in his bed. In his sleep he is reaching over and knocking down a picture of Betty and Veronica on a nearby stand just next to his alarm clock. His other hand is at his neck to show him shielding himself in his nightmare. Vegas is lying at his feet and raises his head to see what is wrong with Archie.

Archie: …hickies…horrible, horrible hickies…!

Vegas: ?

Page 3

Panel one: Dilton is running in a high tech factory as four metal clamps are stretching after him. As he runs, shelves of various computer and robot parts stretch endlessly. Several of the parts look like heads or eyes following him with their lights.

Dilton: I’m not a mad scientist, but I’m highly irritated right now!!

Panel two: The mechanical clamps grasp Dilton by his arms and legs.

Voice: Dilton acquired. Process: One of us engaged!

Panel three: Six more mechanical clamps appear and grab robot parts (arms, legs, chest plate, and empty robot head) from the shelves, as the original clamps hoist Dilton in the air as he struggles vainly to free himself

Dilton: Stop! I’m human! Biological! A creator not a creation!  I’m not a machine!

Panel four: The mechanical clamps have placed the robotic arms, legs, and chest plate over Dilton as another clamp begins to place the robot head over Dilton as Dilton can only look up in pure terror as he is within seconds of becoming a robot.

Voice: Observation: Noted.  Logic: Sound.  Solution: Simple.

Voice: Reformat.

Dilton: No! No! No!!!

Panel five: Dilton is in his high tech bed as he is twisting and turning as various miniature robots are trying to keep the covers on him. Dilton has two sensors on his forehead as a monitor on nearby stand with his glasses is showing his brain waves rising as the nightmare continues.

Dilton: 000100111100010101001….

Page 4

Panel one: Shrill is in a room decorated entirely in pink. The couches, curtains, walls, floor and even a foot stool. Shrill looks around in disgust at the decore.

Shrill: What is this? And why is everything pink?

Panel two: Shrill turns around as someone talks behind her.

Off-panel: Because pink is for girls, you silly silly!

Panel three: Shrill turns around to see three identical middle aged blond haired women dressed in pink dresses, slippers, and socks, as they all hold identical clothing and approach Shrill with them as Shrill backs away into a wall.

Woman in pink one: Look at you all black and gloomy. We’ll have to fix that!

Shrill: Wait! Hold up! You three just keep your distance and---

Panel four: A close-up on Shrill as she has been completely changed. She now has blond hair tied into a ponytail, rosey red cheeks, blue eyes, and is wearing the pink dress, pink socks, and pink slippers as she looks like she’s about to cry. The three women look on in the background with heir hands clamped as they love Shrill’s new look.

Woman in pink: Now that is just adorable!

Woman in pink two: She’s so cute!

Woman in pink three: She’s no goth! She’s a valley girl!

Panel five: A shot inside of Shrill’s room as the walls are painted black and her bed sheets are black and purple as she is still sleeping but is keeping her face covered. On her bed is a goth teddy bear.

Shrill: Where’s my white foundation primer…?

Shrill: …And don’t call me Avalon…!!!

Page 5

Panel one: Vic is finding himself lying inbetween two life sized gingerbread men on a white sheet as he has no idea how he got there.

Vic: Where am I--?

Vic: And why am I asking you guys?

Panel two: Vic looks up wide eyed in sheer terror.

Panel three: A child and her mother are standing in front of a display of gingerbread man as the little boy points at Vic as it is revealed to the reader that Vic is inside of Mama B (his aunt’s bakery) Bakery, set alongside the gingerbread men, as the mother is reaching into her purse to pay Vic’s aunt. Vic is beginning to run away as he leaps over the gingerbread man to his left as it waves bye-bye to him.

Mama B: Child, you go ahead and pick your treat!

Boy: I want that big one!

Panel four: Big Vic begins to run off the display as the boy chases after Vic as Vic is now turned into a gingerbread man. The boy is biting down on his teeth to show what he plans to do to Vic once he catches him.

Boy: When I get you, I’m gonna bite your arms off, then your legs and then your head!

Panel five: A shot of Big Vic having his nightmare as he is kicking up his bed sheets as his arms and legs are moving about as if he is running as he is flat on his back. On his bed are various baking magazines that are spread open on his bed.

Big Vic: …run run run as fast as I can!!....

Page 6

Panel one: Trula Twyst is strapped to a table in an operating room as she looks towards a hunched over surgeon wearing scrubs and mask washing his hands. An attachment on the operating table has a tray with a scalpel and black marker on it.

Trula Twyst: What is this?! What’s going on?!

Panel two: The surgeon turns around as he can be identified by his long nose as Jughead

Jughead: Well, you’re always trying to figure out how the human mind works, so I thought I’d take a stab at it.

Trula: Juggers?!

Panel three: Jughead is using one hand to move back Trula’s hair to draw dots on her forehead to show where he plans on cutting as Trula looks up and begins to sweat.

Trula: …I know this is a nightmare. And I’m going to make myself wake up…!

Trula: …any time now! C’mon!

Panel four: Jughead has the scalpel in his hand as he prepares to use it as Trula goes wide-eyed and is biting her lower lip as she is completely terrified.

Jughead: Let’s see how you like it when someone pokes and prods you brains.

Panel five: A close up on Trula as she is having her nightmare and has her arms wrapped around her head to give the reader and idea of what is happening in the nightmare. On her bed are several psychology magazines and a notebook with a drawing of Jughead with is brain outlined.

Trula: …this is not how psychology works…!!

Fan Fiction / Jughead in Scary Politics
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Page 1

Panel one: Jughead leaving his decorated for Halloween house as he is eating a bag of mini-sized chocolate bars with the bag reading: Cosmo’s Chocolate Merriment Bars. The Jones house is decorated with skeletons that have Jughead’s hat and the Jones long nose and rubbing their rib bones as they look down at frightened for their lives jack-o-lantern. On the Jones door is a sign reading: If you decide trick, fry the eggs. With Bacon. Flying overhead is a bat looking at a random red flower growing in the Jones yard.

Jughead: Ah, that most wonderful time of the year where people go about and eat all the candy they want. Even going to friends and strangers homes to get it!

Jughead: Yes, a typical day for me, but it’s nice that others get in on the act.

Panel two: Jughead rolls his eyes as he is being addressed off-panel by someone

Off-panel: Lies! This is the most horrible, disgusting time of the year!

Jughead: Of course, when people are happy with what they eat--

Panel three: Jughead sighs as he continues to walk onward as Googie Gilmore confronts her. Googie Gilmore is wearing a T-shirt of an apple, an orange, and brochli crushing a candy bar with lettering reading: Eating Healthy Is The Real Treat.

Jughead: --You can count on my next door neightbor/ health nut of Riverdale---Googie Gilmore to take the sugar out of the chocolate of life!

Googie Gilmore: You shouldn’t even be eating sugar-free chocolate!

Page 2

Panel one: Jughead is beginning to eat another piece of candy as Googie Gilmore snatches it out of thin air.

Googie Gilmore: Do you know what you are doing to your body with this one miniature candy bar?

Panel two: Jughead is rubbing his stomach as Googie Gilmore leers at him.

Jughead: Filling my tummy with yummy.

Panel three: Googie Gilmore holds the candy bar up to Jughead’s face with her thumb and index finger as Jughead looks on.

Googie Gilmore: Do you know how many miles you’d have to run just to burn off the calories from this one mini-bar?!

Panel four: Jughead turns to the reader in a “can you believe this lunatic” expression as Googie Gilmore doesn’t notice as she is still stating her case.

Googie Gilmore: One mile! One mile for this one mini-bar!

Panel five: Googie looks on in confusion as Jughead has his index finger curled around his thumb.

Googie Gilmore: What in the world are you doing?

Panel six: Jughead flicks the mini-bar into Googie’s mouth as Googie’s eyes bulge and her face goes pale.

Page 3

Panel one: Googie Gilmore runs off like the hounds of hell are baying for her soul as she hurries to run off the calories as Jughead looks on with a smile.

Googie Gilmore: Ack! My body! It’s been polluted!!

Panel two: Jughead looks on with a smile as he curls up the chocolate bag and twirls it around in his right hand.

Jughead: I guess all I need to do to get rid of Googie in all future encounters is to feed her chocolate.

Panel three: Jughead stops twirling the bag as he realizes what he just said and has a look mixed with shame and shock.

Panel four: Jughead goes back to eating his chocolate as he continues to walk down the sidewalk.

Jughead: No girl is worth that heavy a price.

Panel five: Jughead is thinking back to the Trial of Jughead Jones story as the background is Cynthia, the main antagonist from that fan fic, spinning a tied up to a chair Jughead around and around as a teenage judge looks on.

Jughead: --Except maybe that Cynthia!

Jughead: You throw one girl into the mud and she grows up into this crazy lunatic who wants to ruin your life.

Panel six: Jughead tosses another piece of candy into his mouth as he casually talks to himself. Over head a vampire bat is trying to give a red flower to a blushing female bat wearing a pink ribbon.

Jughead: Y’know, if this was a comic, and me just mentioning her, she’d probably show up and cause me some sort of grief.

Jughead: Good thing this is just a horrible fan fiction.

Caption: I am just trying to entertain people!! Why does everyone not like me?!

Page 4

Panel one: In a suburban section still with Googie near a picket fence. Googie Gilmore is bent over after running nonstop to quickly burn off the calories from the candy bar as a teenage female silhouette looks on from the shadows similar to a scene from Halloween.

Googie Gilmore: That Jughead Jones!!

Googie: No not just him, but Halloween! This holiday just promotes bad health! If I could, I’d do away with Halloween in Riverdale!

Panel two: Googie Gilmore turns her head as Cynthia steps out of the shadows to address her. From behind a bush a small boy with big blue glasses listens on.

Cynthia: I might be able to help with that.

Googie: Who are you?

Cynthia: My name is Cynthia. And anyone who wants to make that wastrel Jughead Jones miserable in anyway…can consider me a friend.

Panel three: Googie Gilmore shrugs her shoulders in response to Cynthia’s comment.

Cynthia: And I like the idea of doing away with Halloween. That would really hurt Jughead.

Googie Gilmore: I don’t want to hurt Jughead, I want to make him to learn healthier traits to better his life.

Googie Gilmore: Besides the only one who could abolish Halloween in Riverdale is the mayor and…um, I’m not his favorite person.

Panel four: Cynthia holds out her hand for Googie Gilmore to shake to cement their alliance as the small boy with blue frame glasses looks on from the bushes in great alarm.

Cynthia: But my father is. He’s Mayor Glibb’s biggest financial benefactor. I’m sure we can…persuade him to do the right thing.

Panel five: Googie Gilmore shakes Cynthia’s hand as the boy with blue glasses looks on in sheer terror.

Googie Gilmore: Let’s do it! After all, we’re only doing what’s best for Riverdale--

Cynthia: --And what’s best for Riverdale is what’s worse for Jughead Jones!!

Page 5

Panel one: Jughead is lying in his hammock in the back of his yard as several piles of leaves have been raked up. A small pile of leaves is on Jughead’s chest. Jughead has his hat over his eyes. Beneath the hammock is Hot Dog sleeping as he has dyed his fur orange and has painted his stomach to look like a jack-o-lantern.

Jughead: Sigh. An object at rest cannot stop.

Panel two: Jughead hears several voices talking to him as the lifts his hat off his closed eyes with a finger as he turns to his left.

Off-panel: Mr. Jughead! Mr. Jughead!

Off-panel: Wake up! We got problems!

Jughead: You’ve got problems? I can’t stay asleep with you shouting.

Panel three: Jughead turns his head to his left to see two small boys and a girl. One of the small boys is the one with the blue frame glasses, the other boy has spikey blond hair and is wearing a tiger t-shirt and jeans, and a girl with blond hair tied in pig tails with a shirt of Super Duck. In the background over the kid with glasses is him dressed as a robot, the spikey haired kid has himself dressed as a Nuclear Samurai Tiger Biker over him and the small girl has herself dressed as a pizza over her.

Jughead: Benny.

Jughead: Ryan.

Jughead: Suzie.

Jughead: My Halloween route. What brings you elementary lads and lady to my backyard? Shouldn’t you be getting ready for Halloween?

Panel four: Jughead sits up from the hammock as yawns and stretches his arms as he tries to wake himself up. Benny is talking as Ryan points at him. Suzie notices Hot Dog and begins to pet him to Hot Dog’s delight. Ryan is eyeing a pile of leaves as he talks.

Benny: But there might not be a Halloween! Some girl and another girl want to abolish it!

Ryan: And get rid of it too!

Panel five: Benny is describing the girls as he points at Suzie’s hair to illustrate what the girls looked like. Ryan jumps into the pile of leaves as he couldn’t resist. Jughead has a thought balloon of Googie and Cynthia only with devil beard, fanged smiling teeth, and small red devil horns in addition.

Benny: One girl liked to run and complain about candy and the other didn’t like you at all! They both had blond hair like Suzie!

Suzie: But not me! I’m not one of them! I like candy and you!

Fan Fiction / Archie and Friends in The Legend of Scary Mary part II
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And for anyone who hasn't read part one:

Page 1

Panel one: The setting is a hallway in Riverdale High with the walls aligned with lockers. The following should be seen from the perspective of someone wearing a mask. Betty Cooper is at her locker as she is preparing to open it. She is waving goodbye Midge and Nancy as they prepare to leave Riverdale High. Above the lockers are several Halloween signs. On several lockers are Halloween decorations of ghosts, goblins, or witches.

Betty thinking: This is always a fun time of year. Veronica’s annual Halloween Hullabaloo party and dressing up in some sort of costume and just having fun for the night!

Panel two: Still seen from the eyes of a mask as Betty still has not noticed the person approaching her as she is putting her books away at her locker.

Betty thinking: …Course after what happened last year, I’ve been a little spooked. I mean, it’s not every day when you’ve met a ghost named--

Panel three: Still from the perspective of the person wearing the mask as he or she is closer to Betty.  Betty tenses up as she finally notices someone approaching her.

Betty: !!

Panel four: Still through the eyes of the mask as Betty screams in fright and backs towards her open locker and begins to fall inside as she is absolutely terrified of who is in front of her.


Page 2

A one shot of “Scary Mary” in the Riverdale Hall way as she is standing in front of Betty. Betty has fallen into her locker and is shielding her face with her hands “Scary Mary” looks different from her last appearance as the porcelain mask is much less detailed at the lower face, the pink dress is slightly different, and the blond hair is longer and stringier and she is wearing different boots. Betty is trying to kick “Scary Mary” away as Scary Mary just stares down at her.

Betty: SCARY MARY!!!

Insert title.

Page 3

Panel one: “Scary Mary” looks on as Betty Cooper covers her face with her hands as she tries to back further into her locker to no avail.

Betty: You—you wouldn’t want my face! I have dry skin! You don’t want that hassle!!

Panel two: Betty closes her eyes, covers them with her hands, and grits her teeth as she prepares for the worse.

Betty: Gulp.

Panel three: Betty Cooper eases up as she is surprised to hear Scary Mary talk in a familiar voice. Betty spreads her fingers apart as she opens her eyes.

“Scary Mary” off-panel: That’s because you don’t moisturize. A dab of coconut oil on the go does wonders, Bettykins.

Betty: …Bettykins?

Panel four: Veronica takes off the mask and wig as she is smiling ear to ear as she obviously had the time of her life with her prank.

Veronica: Or you could borrow my mask. What do you say, Betty?

Panel five: Betty is stomping towards Veronica with her face twisted in rage and her fists balled up as Veronica timidly backs away.

Betty: I say I’m going to break that mask across your hoity-toity head!

Veronica: Let's not do anything crazy that you’ll regret…

Betty: I won’t! You will!

Page 4

Panel one: Betty Cooper is leaning towards the cowering Veronica as Veronica uses the Scary Mary mask to shield herself.

Veronica: Betty Cooper! I never would believe you could be so mean spirited!!

Panel two: A flash back of The Delmont Mansion as Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Chloe first entered inside. A caption is overhead with Betty’s face on it.

Betty caption: “Mean spirited”?! That’s exactly what happened last year when we accepted a dare from Cheryl Blossom to go in the old Delmont Mansion…

Panel three: A flashback shot of Scary Mary hovering over the girls during their first meeting. Along the hall are various portraits of people with their faces ripped off. The only color in any of the flashbacks is this panel where Scary Mary’s eyes have small glows of ember in them.

Betty caption: …Where we encountered Scary Mary!

Panel four: A flashback of Betty, Veronica, Ethel, Chloe, Cheryl Blossom, and Ginger Lopez being cornered by Scary Mary as they all huddle together in fright as Scary Mary begins to reach towards Betty and Veronica.

Veronica caption: Yes, Betty, I remember the evil ghost that wanted to take one of our faces.

Panel five: A shot of the girls running out of Delmont Mansion. Inside of the mansion through the still open doors, Scary Mary shrieks in anger and various furniture smashes against the floor and wall to reflect her rage.

Betty caption: Then you remember that we all barely got out of there by the dimples on our cheeks!

Page 5

Panel one: Betty is still lecturing Veronica as Veronica turns her head defiantly.

Betty:  Why would you do something like this after what we went through??

Veronica: Hmph. Unlike some, I don’t plan to live my life in fear of anything forever.

Panel two: Veronica is talking to Betty as Betty begins to calm down. Veronica points the mask at Betty as she makes her points.

Veronica: Are we not alive and well?

Betty: Yes

Veronica: Is that nasty ghost trapped in her dank, dreary den?

Betty: Well, she never came after us—

Veronica: Do I or you plan on every going back?

Betty: I’d rather run into a dynamite factory with a lit sparkler!

Panel three: Veronica smiles at Betty as she begins to smile back.

Veronica: And there you go.

Betty: Well, okay, when you put it that way…

Panel four: Betty points at the mask as Veronica rolls her eyes as she reluctantly concedes that she might have gone overboard.

Betty: But that’s still a horrible trick to play on your best friend!

Veronica: Sigh, I suppose it was a tad in bad taste and not thought-out …

Panel five: Veronica and Betty walk down the hallway as they talk. Veronica has her nose stuck up and is flipping her hair back as her entire body language shows how self-centered she is being.

Veronica: To make amends, I’ll let you have the first dance with Archie tonight.

Betty: “Let me”? My, how gracious of you.

Veronica: Yes, it is, isn’t it?

Panel six: Betty is talking with Veronica as Veronica waves off her concern.

Betty: You’ve actually been able to talk with Archie? Because lately he seems like he’s been avoiding—

Veronica: I’m the most beautiful girl in Riverdale and you’re a close second. What could possible keep Archie Andrews from us?

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