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Josie's opinion on Alexandra's talent.

Josie's opinion on Alexandra's talent.

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  • Scoobyfan1: JugheadJonesIII: thank you; that's exactly one of the things I don't do. I don't beg people to read my work; when I write something and post it online, it's because I want to write and post it.
    Today at 05:25:40 PM
  • Scoobyfan1: I don't beg people for reviews at all; if someone wants to review something of mine, that's cool, if not, that's cool too.
    Today at 05:24:22 PM
  • Scoobyfan1: CAPalace: thank you. I still have a few stories i've written and posted online that haven't gotten any reviews... and i'm cool with that.
    Today at 05:23:44 PM
  • CAPalace: Scoobyfan1 you're not doing anything wrong. Promotion is good on your accounts and personal pages like Deviantart, etc. I get annoyed at people as a fan fic writer myself who go on forums of the show and are like 'GUYS PLEASE CHECK OUT MY FAN FIC AND REVIEW IT' then when nobody replies they post again and again and even on off-topic forums. Also personal messaging begging for reads/reviews to strangers.
    Today at 04:07:26 PM
  • BettyReggie: I'll be back later , I going to have lunch now ;)
    Today at 12:35:34 PM
  • JugheadJonesIII: Look, scooby, you seem enthused (thumbs up), but this is not the site to BEG people to read your stuff, even if it is/were good.  That's the cold hard facts...
    Today at 07:14:11 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: I like to write just to write basically
    Today at 12:18:32 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: If they want to read my works cool, if they don't that's OK too
    Today at 12:18:23 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: I don't really beg for people to read my works
    Today at 12:18:09 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: Basically the reason I started fan fiction writing was because I think I could do a better job then some of the writers of Scooby Doo
    Today at 12:17:33 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: Other then that, I just write and ask for advice on occasion
    Today at 12:16:51 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: I also have a listing of writing sites my works are at on DA and on Toonzone on my account page there in case people truly want to read my fan fics
    Today at 12:16:33 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: Sometimes I mention my works on Deviant Art(which I have an account at), but I think i've done that a very few times
    Today at 12:15:56 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: I only mention a story if someone is interested in reading it, or if that person has reviewed my stories, or what have you
    Today at 12:15:27 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: My story I mean
    Today at 12:14:34 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: That's one thing I don't do; posting 1000 different posts that beg everyone to read your story
    Today at 12:14:26 AM
  • Scoobyfan1: Thank you CAPalace for the advice
    Today at 12:13:53 AM
  • BlueBomber2015: I found Archie #1 last week, and I got the blank variant, and drew on it.  I might upload the pic
    Yesterday at 08:28:43 PM
  • CAPalace: Everyone does this - it's not bad etiquette unless you're on the website forums or whatever posting 1000 different posts that beg everyone to read your story.
    Yesterday at 07:57:47 PM
  • Scoobyfan1: I ask because i've done this, mainly posting stories on multiple sites
    Yesterday at 06:03:50 PM

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Messages - HarryLuceyFan

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I just picked up Archie's Favorite High School Comics and it's awesome! It's full of stories from my favourite artists: Harry Lucey, Dan DeCarlo, Samm Schwartz and Fernando Ruiz! Highly recommended.

All About Archie / Re: 5 Star Review For Archie #666
« on: June 04, 2015, 09:59:56 PM »

2) As for the art in this issue, I thought that Dan Parent did a good job and that Fernando Ruiz did a great job.

Thanks, Harry!

No... thank YOU, Fernando ;)

All About Archie / Re: 5 Star Review For Archie #666
« on: June 04, 2015, 08:01:15 PM »
Chances are that I will. I was actually thinking about subscribing for a year since it's such a good deal paired with a double digest subscription and an extra 40% off, but I'm a little worried about the treatment of Archie floppies in the mail.

All About Archie / Re: 5 Star Review For Archie #666
« on: June 04, 2015, 12:19:02 PM »
I'm a Dennis the Menace fan, and I know that Papercutz is going to release some "best of" hardcover collections. At least, for me, that's something to look forward to!

Didn't Fantagraphics release a couple of DENNIS collections?

They did, and I do have the six books that they've released so far. There were supposed to be 25 chronological volumes of the daily strip, but it's been so long since vol. 6 was released that it's doubtful we'll see any more. Too bad :(

The upcoming Papercutz "best of" releases are based on the comic series as opposed to the daily strip. Al Wiseman and Owen Fitzgerald did a lot of the artwork for these comics, and they were both masters of the craft.

All About Archie / Re: 5 Star Review For Archie #666
« on: June 04, 2015, 08:06:12 AM »
I've really been on top of the IDW releases, with either preordering or buying them immediately upon release. I have everything they've put out, including DeCarlo's Jetta and the hardcover reprints of the older Archie Best of "decades".

I have vols. 1 to 6 of the Dark Horse Archives (minus vol. 5), but I can't find certain volumes for under $60... and that's a little pricey for my tastes.

I'm a Dennis the Menace fan, and I know that Papercutz is going to release some "best of" hardcover collections. At least, for me, that's something to look forward to!

All About Archie / Re: 5 Star Review For Archie #666.
« on: June 03, 2015, 03:27:05 PM »
It's been a while since I've bought an Archie floppy. I've been putting my money into the IDW and Dark Horse hardcover collections, along with random digests. Anyhow, I picked up 666 since it was the end of an era. Here are a few thoughts on it:

1) The price of a floppy, regular page count Archie comic has become ridiculous. It cost me over $5 with tax in Canada. I think price may have been the number one factor in declining sales, but what do I know?

2) As for the art in this issue, I thought that Dan Parent did a good job and that Fernando Ruiz did a great job. What really surprised me here was the work done by Tim Kennedy. He has improved in leaps and bounds since I last remember seeing his work. If this style and quality is now Tim's standard, I look forward to seeing more new work in upcoming digests.

3) Story wise, this issue was serviceable but nothing special, if you ask me. I found it interesting that Archie himself was barely present in his own final issue.

Ultimately, I couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness after reading this issue. No matter how good or bad new Archie is going to be is irrelevant to me, for it will never be able to replace the characters I grew up with.

Through the Decades / Re: Poll: The Best Era of the Archie series
« on: May 18, 2015, 11:25:37 PM »
quote author=Wug link=topic=4119.msg83714#msg83714 date=1431997689]
Damn, it seems like I have to get some Harry Lucey issues. Do they actually have a compilation book of stories done by Lucey? I really think most of the material I have read has come from the 90's to today era and I have liked the majority of that stuff. Artists that I especially enjoy there work is Gisele Lagace, Fiona Staples, and I have also loved the cover of Betty and Veronica variant #275 by Adam Hughes. So I am extremely excited to hear that the new Betty and Veronica Rebooted series that I hope will be out at sometime will be done by Adam Hughes.

Does this help?

All About Archie / Re: RIP Dexter Taylor
« on: April 14, 2015, 10:03:55 AM »
Well, that sucks  :'(

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up,  Fernando!

All About Archie / Re: What Archie/B&V etc comics to do read/collect?
« on: April 07, 2015, 09:15:55 AM »
I tend to buy various digests- whichever is drawn by Dan Decarlo. The comics I buy have to have them styled in a 50s-60s manner in at least 1 strip :p
I tend to be a bit more picky as I am heavy on absorbing the fashion.

Do you have the Best of Dan DeCarlo books by IDW?

I'm a 45 year old male, and I have interests in more things than Archie that certain people would shake their heads in disapproval at. I really don't care, and most people don't care either. My favourite band since grade 7 has been Rush. How many times have I been told that Rush sucks? Well, if they do suck, it didn't hold them back from being successful at something they love doing. You know, I could take time to explain that the Powerpuff Girls, for instance, really isn't a little girls' cartoon at all. The bottom line is that if you like something and it isn't hurting anyone, then you shouldn't have to justify liking it. It's no one's business. No matter what you do in life, there will always be people judging you. That's their problem- not yours, because ultimately they're not happy and just trying to compensate for something they're lacking.

That is all  ;)

Not only do my Wal-Marts carry all the digests, but you can buy any 3 for $10. That includes the jumbos!

All About Archie / Re: So, it's been a while since I've been here...
« on: April 04, 2015, 02:13:38 PM »
What are the 12 digests you're missing?

It's nice to see my old friends B-ko and the Ziggster back. You've been missed!

Wish I could read the article! My phone isn't letting me view it!

From what you said it sounds very interesting!

Check your messages  :)

How about if I can check mine as well? (Hint, hint)  :D

I think you should...

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