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PC - Betty #1 (A)

PC - Betty #1 (A)

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  • B-ko Daitokuji: Check it out, it might go viral!
    Today at 02:17:55 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: DeCarlo Rules, I just heard about this cool videogame!  Have you heard about it?  Probably not.  [link]
    Today at 02:17:27 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: Have a nice day. I'm done with this.
    Today at 02:14:07 AM
  • Steveinthecity: You're evil and don't appreciate the benefit of the reboot!
    Today at 02:09:35 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I found a link with Archie Comics commenting on something DeCarlo Rules brought up in the forum.  Must be because of the quality content in those 1600 posts made in 3 months:  [link]
    Today at 02:05:49 AM
  • Steveinthecity: :D :D :D Seriously!  What's going on here?
    Today at 01:59:13 AM
  • Steveinthecity: If your favorite character isn't Jughead, then I hate you, you're wrong, probably a Nazi as well.
    Today at 01:58:02 AM
  • Steveinthecity: Dang, is a members value related to post counts? Is the suggestion we no longer consider posts from folks like Zach, Original Sin, B-ko, kymlaw, frank, aylablue, Gregg, Pep22, MLJ1939, crooow, Forsythe, athena, jdh417, Captain Jetpack, Bluto, Sangorshop, Classic Jughead, etc. for some reason? Many of these folks have contributed mightily to Archie info, blogs, gcd, even to Archives of Archie publishing itself!  I don't get where the dismissive stance comes from. 
    Today at 01:55:06 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: But really, go see a shrink.  I've never seen anything so ridiculous.  *gets Rick Rolled*  *lashes out at people*  What planet are you from?  I've got some other news for you from your outpost in space, there's also funny cat photos on the intenret.  Watch out though, you might get irrationally angry after seeing Grumpy Cat.
    Today at 01:53:49 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: Fact, I know people who think DeCarlo Rules is an jerk, and they haven't even registered here.
    Today at 01:52:18 AM
  • Zach Ziggster: Dang, you have WAY too much time on your hands.  But yes, I'm pretty lazy coming up with April Fools jokes.  On the bright side, you fell for it!  ;D
    Today at 01:50:49 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: Just as I thought. Too lazy to post, just like you're too lazy to thnk up any imaginative April Fools jokes.
    Today at 01:36:31 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: I've posted almost 1600 times in a little over 3 months, Zach, while you've posted exactly once since I joined. Don't expect me to spend my time digging up dead threads to read your posts.
    Today at 01:09:23 AM
  • Zach Ziggster: I'm not sure if you're attempting to troll or your reading comprehension is just terrible.  Perhaps both.
    Today at 12:59:01 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: Why don't you post something, then?
    Today at 12:52:33 AM
  • Zach Ziggster: Why don't you check out one of my 1,345 posts on here from the past 5 years, then?  :)
    Today at 12:42:31 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: Still waiting for something of worth, Zach.
    Today at 12:36:12 AM
  • Zach Ziggster: @Steveinthecity, thanks man!  :)
    Today at 12:30:20 AM
  • Zach Ziggster: @DeCarlo, you're one to talk about attitude.  XD
    Today at 12:30:07 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: @B-ko -- You can stuff the attitude. People don't dislike you because of your opinion. They dislike you because you insist on being an A-hole.
    Today at 12:24:20 AM

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