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  • spazaru: Happy 21st Wug!  That was a LONG time ago for me, but I remember enjoying it if you know what I'm saying.  ha ha.
    Today at 01:54:33 PM
  • Wug: Thank You so much CAPalace.
    Today at 01:30:34 PM
  • CAPalace: Happy Birthday Wug!
    Today at 01:23:42 PM
  • Wug: Thank You BettyReggie.
    Today at 12:56:06 PM
  • BettyReggie: Happy Birthday Wug
    Today at 12:48:29 PM
  • Wug: Thank You Chillableus.
    Today at 11:35:50 AM
  • Chillableus: Happy Birthday, Wug.
    Today at 11:30:47 AM
  • Wug: Thank You all for the birthday wishes.
    Today at 09:35:53 AM
  • PTF: Happy Birthday Wug. :)
    Today at 09:31:23 AM
  • archiecomicxfan215: Happy Birthday Wug :D
    Today at 09:24:27 AM
  • Steveinthecity: Happy Birthday Wug!  Have a great day!  :D
    Today at 08:23:35 AM
  • BettyReggie: I wonder how variant covers we will get for Archie #2?
    Yesterday at 08:19:02 PM
  • BettyReggie: Archie comics says this on their site ARCHIE #2 will be out in August! The first issue is coming July 8th and was featured in our June solicitations.
    Yesterday at 08:07:17 PM
  • BettyReggie: April 30th is my 2nd year anniversary of being a archiefans fan. I love this site.
    Yesterday at 05:16:20 PM
  • BettyReggie: When will see the archie comics for July listed there?
    Yesterday at 12:02:27 PM
  • BettyReggie: I'll be back later
    Yesterday at 08:30:04 AM
  • BettyReggie: Maybe the comics will come back so I could buy more in May, that's what I'm hoping.
    April 26, 2015, 07:38:53 PM
  • BettyReggie: My brother did something to it now but I have reload all the books but all comics still say coming soon.
    April 26, 2015, 07:35:42 PM
  • spazaru: I think when you log in it would bring your books back up.  That's what happened to me.  You might e-mail Archie's customer service to ask before you do it.
    April 26, 2015, 03:39:17 PM
  • BettyReggie: I will be afraid to do that because I don't want to lose the ones I bought and the ones that were free.
    April 26, 2015, 03:27:43 PM

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