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  • Reggie Fangirl: Archie is gonna die?
    Today at 11:41:09 PM
  • Original Sin: Oh, just 4 days! Then u didnt miss a thing.
    Today at 11:39:10 PM
  • Original Sin: @ReggieFangirl, the uproar over LWA ending, Archie's upcoming death. :)
    Today at 11:38:15 PM
  • Original Sin: @Jon, is Kevin still with Devon
    Today at 11:37:28 PM
  • Reggie Fangirl: Well it feels like a's been like 4 days.
    Today at 11:36:54 PM
  • Reggie Fangirl: Hey everyone ^-^ haven't been on here in a while,so What did I miss? :D
    Today at 11:35:21 PM
  • SaveFearow: I feel like we're on one of those Bravo reality shows: Top Kitchen Designers. lol
    Today at 11:17:33 PM
  • JonInIowaCity: I didn't see Kevin Keller on next week's Diamond shipment unfortunately. (Sorry about the mild spoilers -- more of hints if nothing else! I swear!
    Today at 11:15:26 PM
  • Original Sin: The kitchen designers are back!
    Today at 11:05:25 PM
  • Original Sin: Is Kevin still dating Devon?
    Today at 10:25:45 PM
  • mitsuhoney: No! Dont ruin the story for me! I didnt get to read it yet lol :( Is Kevin Keller #13 still scheduled for next week?
    Today at 09:52:40 PM
  • SaveFearow: Ethel should just give up on Jughead and date/hang out with Chunk. Poor guy seems lonely.
    Today at 09:14:47 PM
  • BettyReggie: I'm still waiting for Kevin Keller #13 (Variant Cover), Jughead & Archie Double Digest #1, Betty & Veronica #271 (Marilyns Variant Cover).
    Today at 07:59:03 PM
  • JonInIowaCity: I enjoyed the latest Archie comic book. Favorite oddball pairing that I'd like to see more of???: Ethel and Chunk! :P
    Today at 07:16:23 PM
  • JonInIowaCity: Yay! B&V 270 is finally getting released next week according to Diamond! Meanwhile B&V 271 is currently on sale on the Archie app...
    Today at 05:38:26 PM
  • Jellybean: Byez
    Today at 11:48:37 AM
  • BettyReggie: See you later 8)
    Today at 10:29:01 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I think the company is going through some kind of transition period, to what I don't know, but I'm sure they don't want to have a bunch of late books
    Today at 04:36:26 AM
  • mitsuhoney: I understand that books and comics get delays but this is just getting ridiculous now with Archie Comics, the past four months has seen so many delays its a bit unprofessional of them, especially since they never inform fans of whats going on.
    Today at 02:21:33 AM
  • PTF: To be fair, it's not like Marvel or DC do not have late books. :)
    Yesterday at 11:10:13 PM

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