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  • BettyReggie: I'm getting the Archie Andrews show from Itunes right now 8)
    Today at 12:24:53 PM
  • BettyReggie: Midtown comics doesn't have the new comics yet.
    Today at 12:20:57 PM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I'm going to leave the debate becuase I don't think Oldiesman wants us to go on anymore, but that's absolutely not what your PM said, it was more of the same vegan idelogical stuff and you did say that about religion, I got mad becuase it was in teh context of the Holocaust, making your position extremely inflammatory
    Today at 12:03:55 PM
  • thegiltreys: B-ko seems to love taking quotes out of context. I was trying to be nice to him/her by stating we should try to be civil with each other and that I never said I endorsed what that Tumblr poster said. I was just defending vegans as a group.
    Today at 11:52:55 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I appologize for that comment, but I think everything else I did was justified
    Today at 11:50:35 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: he just sent me another PM describing Judaism as fairy tales to support his side of the argument
    Today at 11:50:13 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I wouldn't have done that if thegilteys hadn't sniped at me for complaining about racism
    Today at 11:49:46 AM
  • Oldiesmann: B-ko Daitokuji - Asking someone if they're an anti-semite really isn't appropriate here. If you want to discuss things like that please do it privately.
    Today at 11:45:25 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: note, kids don't click on the link please, it's not appropriate for everyone
    Today at 11:18:49 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: that's the post that produced by my comment in the shoutbox, I was just venting because I was so mad
    Today at 11:18:16 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: [link] that's the level of "vegan" discourse at Tumblr
    Today at 11:17:36 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: note, this is onl a single example, there's a ton of similar stuff all over that website from people that self-idenitfy as vegans
    Today at 11:15:33 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I'll do a link, but only becuase I was asked
    Today at 11:14:54 AM
  • Steveinthecity: Understand.
    Today at 11:11:17 AM
  • Steveinthecity: B-ko: (respectfully) are you able to offer the Tumblr site or does this issue relate to FARM?  I'm unable to get a clear grasp on this discussion.
    Today at 11:10:26 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: Steve thanks for the reply, but I don't know if I feel like posting such vile, hateful propaganda at the forum, I mean I could but if definitley goes into some pretty depraved territory
    Today at 11:09:47 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I do like how who you defend changes based on the context of whether or not I'm on one side of the debate
    Today at 11:03:46 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: I asked him if he was an anti-semite, I didn't call him one
    Today at 11:03:06 AM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: Jon, your passive agressive crap doesn't work with me
    Today at 11:02:55 AM
  • JonInIowaCity: How magnaminous to call someone an anti-semite in a fleeting manner as opposed to a static manner.
    Today at 11:00:02 AM

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