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Your least liked characters in Archie comics?

Started by achernar, September 27, 2016, 06:19:12 am

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Who are your least liked characters in the Archie universe?

Here's mine

1. Jughead - Lazy, Moocher, Glutton, pretty much a useless person in the real life society
2. Kevin Keller - I don't like token characters
3. Raj Patel - Same reason as number 2. In my opinion, Archie comics really went downhill when they added more token characters like them in 2000s.
4. Mr. Howitzer - Military-based characters are a turn-off
5. Katy Keene - looks more like a drag queen than a fashion model


September 27, 2016, 07:42:48 am #1 Last Edit: September 27, 2016, 07:51:53 am by BettyReggie
This is a great question
My least favorite characters
1-Dilton & Raj Patel- They are just a big nerds who is are not interesting.
2-Chuck is someone who useless, he hardly in the comics anyway.
3-Moose Mason I hated it when he always just says Duh. He's a big dope.
4-Ethel Muggs- is a sad sack. She's hardly used anyway.


I really don't care for the new characters they added, the token characters, like you said. I mostly read the older stories anyway, so whenever one of those characters comes up on a 1000 page comic, I'm like 'who the heck is that girl, who's that guy?' They're boring. Kevin, the indian guy, the asian girl, the girl with the purple hair, the other girl, the other gal, etc.  I don't even know their names and I don't care, to be honest  :P


Quote from: achernar on September 27, 2016, 06:19:12 am
Who are your least liked characters in the Archie universe?

Here's mine

1. Jughead - Lazy, Moocher, Glutton, pretty much a useless person in the real life society

I have a difficult time ascribing the term "useless" to someone who is only sixteen(?), attending High School, isn't committing crimes or truly hurting anyone.  He's repeatedly shown his loyalty as a friend, is wholly accepting of others for the most part(Veronica may be a sticking point here, but Jug's motivation I've always believed is to protect Archie, his best pal), and can always be counted on to help out even if burger bribes are needed. 

I'd rather have Jughead around in "real life society" as a teenager than I would Moose(for example) wherein my friends and I would suffer countless beatings and live in fear when we weren't on the receiving end of Moose's rage.

Quote2. Kevin Keller - I don't like token characters
3. Raj Patel - Same reason as number 2. In my opinion, Archie comics really went downhill when they added more token characters like them in 2000s.
I can't really consider Kevin a token character per se.  Maybe initially as he was seemingly created to be "Look, a gay character in Archie comics!  We're so inclusive and edgy here in Mamoroneck.  Buy our comics!", but Dan Parent wrote some good stories incorporating Kevin into the fabric of Riverdale, particularly Kevin's relationships with Veronica and Jughead.

I think Kevin has since developed a fan base for reasons beyond his just being gay during his stint in the Veronica comic and his solo series.

As for Raj and the new kids 60sBettyandReggie refers to, these are about as close to "token" as it comes.  Oohh...Sheila's Asian and works for a fashion magazine...Chloe and her interesting eyewear will show Betty a thing or two about school newspaper reporting...Vic(or Vincent) is the new guy who is Moose's equal in athletics(and being physically threatening)...the kid with long hair(gotta' have one of those) who's a practical joker...Tony Topaz wears a quirky hat because she's so cool(and quirky) and can outeat Jughead(girls can eat like pigs, too, kids!)...

I don't really dislike any of these characters, but I'm more neutral.  They seem more like one-off characters we'd see in years past, but they've shown up in more than one story(to demonstrate how their unique trait(s) makes Riverdale a melting pot of people and cultures, or appear as part of the background.  The inclusion of these characters seems to only serve the publisher, not the individual stories.

Any characters I tend to dislike are versions, like post 60's L'il Jinx, the current Ethel or the "skatepunk" period Jughead with his new hair, baseball cap, and long forgotten skater friends(tokens).



I really don't have a least liked character because each character has his/her place in each story. Yes, sometimes that specific character can be annoying but that is what the story calls call for. I could easy throw Reggie's name for his antics in just about every story, but what would Reggie be without that? I could also throw out Veronica and her spoiled rotten brat ways, but without that she would not be much fun. The same goes for pretty much any of the characters.


It's quite ironic that the titular character Archie is among my least liked characters in the series too aside from those 5, he's a total jerk.

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