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Afterlife: Jughead's End

Started by PTF, April 28, 2016, 07:54:10 pm

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It was...good to see him. My best pal. Someone who always lent me five dollars knowing I'd never pay him back. All the wisecracks and butting in on his dates and he's still always there for a smart mouth moocher like me. A true blue...



It's turning cold.

My arm. It's turning cold.

It was hot. And throbbing. Pain. Unbearable burning pain.

So cold. And my vision...edging closer to some darkness, like day turning to night. Hard to remember everyone's face. When I do...my stomach tightens.

I like eating. But not this craving. No...but it hurts. The hunger hurts. So dry. So thirty. Insatiable.

No--no! Focus! I'm Jughead Jones! I haven't changed my underwear in two weeks! I like to eat; I like the art in pastries and all the mouth blowing flavors in a Big Pop double patty at Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe! And I like to sleep!


No. I don't--I think if I do go to sleep, I'll fade away. I'm already drifting. An abyss. I'm looking into this endless well of darkness and I'm so hungry and I'm not feeling like me and I'm hungry and I'm cold and I'm hungry and I'm scared and I'm hungry and I'm hungry--

Never been this hungry. Not ever.

Insides are eating at me. Something sharp. Feels like I'm being ripped inside out...

Arm's numb. Dead. Body numb...dying...?

No. Don't focus on that. Think of something else. Mom and Pop. Jellybean.

Hot Dog.

Hot Dog...Hot Dog was dead. On the street. Blood. I--I went to Sabrina. She couldn't help me...then she did. I dug a hole...near the River Styx...? I came home. Wait. He came. Something came.

Something clamped on my arm. Arm turned crimson. Wet.  It hurt. It hurt real bad.

He didn't come back. Hot Dog didn't come back--something did...

So hungry. So cold.

Skin feels lumpy.

I messed up. I messed up bad and now I'm--

Dying? Something else?

Something else...

I...I can't even open my mouth. Can't feel my mouth if it's open. I want something to eat, but--not food. Not food.

I think...bad things. I'm--doing bad things soon.

Focus. Remember faces. Friends. Family.

Betty. Nice girl. Smiles all the time.

Veronica: Rich--bratty...but always fun. Wastrel...Mannequin...words...banter and quips...

Reggie. Jerk, but...o...ay...

Mom and Pop. Hungry---hungry

No. Mom and Pop...always good to mmmeggggh--me. Good to...me.


NO! Not--not think that! Never that--sister! My...little sister. Cute. Sugar and spice. Not--not eat...

I'm numb. Cold. Lumpy. Can't...stay here. Want to.

What's today?

Almost night?

There--there's a party. At school. Wish I--could'a went. The Bee and Ms. Grundy would...be at door to say hi. Food. Friends. I--might have even given Eeerggthel a dance.

Chuck draw. Dilton--big brain. Moose strong. Midge...others. Kevin...? I don't want to think about them. It makes me hungry. Wicked hungry.

Teeth not even mine. Skin...wrong. Think.

Laugh with Reggie. Nice Betty. Trade words with Ron.

Memories turning to a famine.

Everyone. Everything. A fading...a fading memory. I'm fading. Going.

Someone's left.

Best friend. Red hair. Clumsy. Too many girls...the jalopy won't start again...we'll never get where we're going on time, now...

Loan--loan me some money for a burger, would'ja Archie? I'm so hungry, I'm dying.



Original Sin

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