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Archie in Hiding Place

Started by PTF, April 12, 2016, 12:42:30 pm

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 (Archie is at his locker, putting up books, as Reggie runs up to him terrified.)

Reggie: Archie, I need your help!!

(Reggie hides behind Archie, while peering out from over his left shoulder.)

Archie: Reggie, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Reggie: I'll be a ghost if Moose catches me!

(Archie has a suspicious look on his face as he looks over his shoulder at the cowering Reggie.)

Archie: You really need to learn to leave Midge alone when Moose is within a hundred yard radius.

Reggie: There are better ways for me to learn than at the School of Hard Knocks!

(Archie turns away from Reggie and Reggie's hair stands up on end as he hears Moose shouting.)


Archie: I'd hate to be you. Moose is like a bloodhound on the hunt.

(Reggie darts into Archie's locker as he slams the door shut.)

Reggie: You didn't see me!


Archie: Huh?

(Moose is storming into view as several students run way or place their backs flat against the locker or wall or dart into an open classroom. Archie is in front of the locker next to his with a worried expression.)


Reggie whispering from the locker: Act casual

Archie: Reggie, have you ever asked a hurricane not to mess up your hair?

(Moose walks over towards Archie.)

Moose: Duh, Archie, you haven't seen that sneaky weasel around, have ya?

(Archie is sweating with fright as we can see Reggie's scared eyes though slots in the locker)

Archie: Um...nope. Haven't seen it since the last time it got out of the petting zoo.

Moose: Nah, I'm not talking 'bout no animal. I'm lookin' for Reggie.

Archie: Um, why?

Moose: That sneak was buggin' Midge again!

(Moose hits Archie's locker as Archie jumps back.)

Moose: And if I see him, I'm gonna do dis to 'em!

Archie: !!


(Moose kicks the newly dented locker and creates another heavy dent.)

Moose: And I'll give'em one 'a dese ta boot.

Archie: That's one big boot!

(Moose has calmed down and looks apologetically at Archie's heavily damaged locker.)

Moose: Gee, Archie, I'm sorry 'bout your locker. But that Reggie just irks me so bad, I just hav'ta let it out.

(Archie leads Moose away from the locker.)

Archie: Boy, did you.

Archie: Moose, you have a free period, right? Why don't you hit the weight room and burn off some steam?

Moose: Yeah, you're right, Arch.

(Archie looks towards the locker as Moose is a good distance away.)

Archie: Well, he's gone.

(The locker begins to open as a badly beat up and bruised Reggie steps out.)

Reggie: Hah! I sure outwitted that goon.

(Reggie then falls to the ground in a heap as Archie shakes his head in disgust.)


Archie: Yeah, you did that alright.


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