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Archie in Someone Doesn't Like Archie

Started by PTF, May 15, 2016, 07:25:03 pm

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 Somebody doesn't like Archie.

Page one

Panel one: The students of Riverdale are exiting Miss Grundy's classroom . Up front we can see Chuck and Frankie talking with Archie as they pack their books up in their backpacks. Frankie is looking back at a teenage boy (Mark) wearing a plain red shirt and blue jeans as he is preparing to leave. Mark has brown hair, brown eyes and seems to be the same height as Archie only built a bit thicker. 

Archie: Hey, guys, you have any plans for today? I was thinking we could hang out at The Chocklit Shoppe.

Chuck: Sure. You mind if we invite Mark?

Panel two: Archie is confused as Frankie points at Mark who is noticing them looking in his direction.

Archie: Who?

Frankie: Mark. He moved to Riverdale three weeks back and lives a few houses down my street.

Archie: Oh. He must be pretty shy because he's never said a word to me. I didn't even know he was in this class.

Panel three: Frankie, Chuck, and Archie are approaching Mark. Frankie is leading the way while Chuck is talking with Archie who seems slightly perplexed.

Chuck: Shy? I wouldn't think of someone who sang two hours of Karaoke songs to a packed room as shy.

Frankie: Hey, Mark.

Page two:

Panel one: Frankie and Chuck are ahead as Archie is in the back. They are standing in front of Mark who greets Frankie and Chuck casually enough.

Mark: Frankie, Chuck.

Chuck: We thinking about going to Pop's for a bite to eat. Just me, Frankie, and...

Panel two: Archie steps up as Mark's face turns more stern, but not unfriendly. Archie is trying his best to give off a good first impression (well at least in his point of view)

Archie: And me! I'm Archie. Nice to meet you.

Panel three: Mark holds a hand up as he leaves the classroom after turning down the invitation. The Frankie and Chuck look at each, not understanding Mark's reaction. Archie is deflated by the quick rejection.

Mark: No thanks.

Panel four: Archie is confused as he talks with Frankie. Chuck runs ahead to catch up to Mark and see what's wrong.

Archie: That was pretty rude.

Chuck: That isn't like him. He's usually outgoing.  I'll go see what's wrong.

Panel five: Archie and Franie are talking. Up ahead we can see Chuck and Mark talking. Chuck is scratching his head as Mark explains to him.

Archie: Maybe he's Type A. He sure seems like the quiet type to me.

Frankie: Mark? He'll talk for hours! You'd be amazed at how knowledgeable he is. He had me captivated when he was just talking about spinach!

Page 3:

Panel one: Chuck is awkwardly walking back to Frankie and Archie.

Archie: Great! I like people like that! I can't wait to get to know him.

Chuck: Um, Archie, that might be a problem....

Panel two: Chuck explains the situation to Archie who goes wide eyed humorously.

Chuck: Mark doesn't like you.

Panel three: Archie looks like he's about to faint as Frankie and Chuck talk.

Frankie: Mark said that?

Chuck: Yeah. I'm surprised too. He's such a people's person.

Panel four: Chuck and Frankie turn to Archie who sticks his palms out and shakes his head.

Chuck: Arch, you insult him or something?

Archie: No way! I didn't even know he existed before today!

Frankie: That's pretty insulting. He is in all of your classes.

Panel five: Archie is depressed as he leans against a locker. Frankie and Chuck walk ahead.

Archie: ...Really?

Chuck: Look, Archie, I'm sure this will work itself out.

Frankie: We'll catch you later.

Archie: Sigh. Sure...

Page four

Panel one: Archie is depressed with his arms folded over his chest and looking down as Reggie is walking down the hall towards him. Reggie is his usual arrogant self as he struts down the hall.

Reggie: What's the matter, Red? Misplace a freckle or two?

Archie: Sigh

Panel two: Archie pulls himself off the locker as he talks with Reggie with a hint of desperateness in his eyes. Reggie raises an eyebrow and squints as he didn't expect Archie to ask that type of a question and thinks it over.

Archie: Reggie, I know you and me argue and pull pranks on each other--but you like me, right?

Panel three: Reggie is waking with Archie as he places his hand behind Archie's back as Archie begins to cheer up.

Reggie: Well, you're dumb, you're clumsy, you hang out with needlenose more than any person should want, and you keep talking to all of my girls...


Reggie: ...But you're an A-Okay guy in my book, Arch.

Panel four: A snickering Reggie is walking ahead as Archie waves goodbye at him. From behind Archie's back we can see Reggie has stuck a note to Archie that says: KICK ME.

Archie: What a swell guy.

Archie: Gee, I bet if Mark could hear how everybody else feels about me then--

Panel five: Archie has his head tilted to his left with his right eye squinted and his tongue sticking out the corner of his mouth as a small idea lightbulb is over his head.

Archie: Say now...

Page 5

Page one: It is the next day as Archie is the cafeteria carrying his lunch tray of Miss Beazley's mashed broccoli salad (in the green gunk we can see a broccoli top), fish stick jelly sandwich, and a small slice of apple covered in purple jell-o. Archie is walking through the aisles as he sees Mark sitting with Raj, Kevin Keller, and Tono Diaz, who are laughing at a joke Mark had just finished. Mark has a slight smile on his face, just enough to show he's enjoying himself, but not overly happy like his friends. Mark is sitting next to Raj while Kevin Keller and Tono are sitting in front of them on the other side of the table.

Archie: There he is. My newest best friend.

Panel two: Kevin, Raj, and Tono are still laughing their heads off as Raj uses Mark's shoulder to keep himself from falling out of his seat as Mark doesn't seem to react one way or the other. Archie is approaching them carrying his tray out in front. He's not paying attention as he is about to walk over a backpack that is sitting out from behind a teen's seat.

Tono: Amigo, that was muy bueno!!!

Kevin: Ow! I'm not supposed to laugh on a full stomach!! HAAA!!

Archie thinking: Okay, the first impression I gave was like socks for Christmas, but my second impression will be a--

Panel three: A shot of Archie stumbling over the back pack as Raj is talking to Mark, who has a deadpan expression compared to everyone else at the table. Archie's food is naturally headed towards Mark.

Raj: Say, Mark, I always wanted to make a comedy--I think I can do the upbeat tempo, but I'm not good with jokes. So how about helping me write a script?

Mark: Sure.

Raj: Great, with your sense of comedy, I'm sure it'll be a--

Panel four: All of Archie's disgusting food lands on Mark with a flop. The broccoli mash ends up on the top of his head, and everything else is on his shirt. Archie is smiling as inoffensively as he can from ear to ear. Mark is looking over at Archie with mild irritation, but nothing showing pure contempt or anger. Kevin Keller is leaning over with one of his own fishsticks to dip in Mark's broccoli goo covered hair as Tono and Raj look on with their faces turning green out of disgust.


Archie: Um...hi, Mark. Remember me from yesterday...? I remember you--before the food pyramid fell on you. Heh.

Mark: I remember.

Page six:

Panel one: Archie is standing beside Mark as Mark listens patiently with a blank expression. Raj is holding out a napkin for Mark to use to clean himself off as he has his body turned to avoid looking at Kevin. Kevin is eating the green goo covered jelly fishstick as Tono's covers his mouth with both hands as his face cheeks balloon up.

Mark: Anything else?

Archie: Mark, Chuck told me yesterday that you didn't like me...

Panel two: Mark is wiping off his face as he begins to talk with Archie. Kevin Keller is licking his lips as he liked the taste of his dipped fishstick as Raj and Tono stare at him with a mix of amazement and horror. Archie is proud of himself as he sticks out his check and smiles.

Mark: Sorry about that.

Archie: Hey, it's okay, you just haven't been around me to know that I'm a pretty swell guy! So we'll that do at the end of school!

Panel three: A giddy Archie is walking away. leaving his tray for Mark to have as a replacement. Tono and Raj look on. Kevin is licking his fingers.

Mark: I can't. I--

Archie: Great! And lunch was on you, now it's on me. See you at the end of the day.

Panel four: Mark is looking at his ruined shirt as Raj and Tono look on with sympathy for Mark. Kevin is staring at Mark's hair like he would cakes in front of a bakery.

Tono: Wow. Having to wear Miss Beazley's food and having to eat it. That's rough.

Panel five: Kevin is talking as it alarms both Tono and Raj, but Mark keeps a poker face about it as he is cleaning his shirt with a napkin.

Kevin: Mark, can you tell me what brand of conditioner you use?

Kevin: BURRRP.

Page seven

Panel one: It is the end of the day as several students are at their lockers, packing up or out for the day. Mark, now wearing a new Riverdale shirt after his other one was ruined, is just finishing putting his books up as Archie comes running at him, not knowing that the backpack he has over his shoulder is swinging wildly about. Several students are moving out of the way to make way for Archie as he runs past them, but a good number end up getting bonked by his backpack over his shoulder as it swings wildly. Mark has a blank facial expression while Archie is full of cheer.

Archie: Hey, Mark! Wait up and let's walk and talk.

Mark:  Sigh. If we make it quick.

Panel two: Mark is turning as does Archie. Behind Archie are several students who are holding their heads after getting clobbered by Archie's back pack. Archie has his arms extended as if everything is perfect.

Archie: No problem. I just want you to talk with some people and--

Panel three: Archie has stopped talking to Mark as he is looking to his left at a pretty blonde teenage student who is walking past him. Mark seems a bit annoyed, but nothing to extreme as he should be.

Archie: ...

Panel four: Archie has turned his body and dropped his arms to his side to follow the blonde girl as she begins to turn a corner. Mark is staring at Archie and waiting patiently.

Panel five: Archie leads Mark by the arm as the walk away from Mark's locker.

Archie: --You'll see just how great a guy I am.

Page eight:

Panel one: Archie is walking ahead of Mark as Mark follows willingly enough.

Archie: Say, did you know that I'm the lead singer in my music band "The Archies?"

Mark: A family band?

Panel two: Archie turns to explain to Mark as Mark seems to not really understand the name of the group.

Archie: Nope. It's me, Jughead, Betty, Reggie, and...

Panel three: Archie points ahead at Veronica who is walking down the hall as some teenage boy is carrying a stack of her text books and magazines as she winks back at him. The teenage boy has hearts over his head. The stack of books go over his head by several inches as he struggles with them.

Archie: ...And the love of my life!

Panel four: Archie runs up to Veronica like a lovesick puppy, forgetting about Mark, as Veronica greets him. The teenage boy in the back is beginning to struggle with the weight of the books. Mark stays back as he watches everything unfold with a blank expression.

Archie: Veronica!

Veronica: Archiekins!

Page 9

Panel one: Archie and Veronica are talking. In the background we can see Betty walking with Adam as they are talking. Behind Veronica the teenager carrying her books is growing weaker and weaker.

Archie: Good afternoon, Beautiful. I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to go to the movies with me tonight?

Panel two: Veronica is pushing back her hair as she is talking. In the background Adam and Betty have stopped as they are now having a pleasant talk.

Veronica: I suppose. But it will have to be later than usual since this is so sudden and I'll need to call my hair stylist, buy a new wardrobe, and decide which one of Daddykins cars correlate to my new diamond ear rings...

Panel three: Archie is ecstatic as Veronica smiles. The teen carrying the books is shaking his head in disappointment.

Archie: YES!

Panel four: Archie is looking past Veronica as Veronica looks confused. Archie has now noticed Adam talking with Betty in the background.

Pane five: Archie runs past Veronica and spins the teenager carrying the books around like a top as all the books somehow stay together.

Archie: YIKES!

Panel six: Veronica has fire in her eyes as she clenches her teeth and fists in rage. Behind her, the teenager with the books has fallen over with the books landing on his chest still miraculously in one stack. We can see Archie frantically running towards Adam and Betty.

Veronica: GRRRR!!

Page 10

Panel one: Adam is talking with Betty as Betty is trying to hide her face as she is blushing.

Adam: ...So I was just wondering if I could walk you home.

Betty: Gee, Adam I think that--

Panel two: Archie suddenly zooms in between Adam as he talks with Betty.

Adam: !!!

Archie: Betty, you need someone to walk you home? Then allow me. I mean, we are neighbors, so I'm not going out of my way and I know the way home like each freckle on my face!

Panel three: Betty is walking away with Archie as Adam sadly walks away, rejected and hurt.

Betty: Sure, I mean it does make sense.

Archie: Yep. And how about after you get home and changed, we go see a movie? Maybe an early showing?

Panel four: Archie and Betty's eyes light up as they hear Veronica yell.


Archie: Oops

Betty: Huh?

Page 11

Panel one: Archie and Betty look ahead as Veronica stomps towards them with her face cheeks beginning to turn red. Behind her the teenager with the books has fallen on his back with the books on his stomach as his face is turning blue as the books are crushing his chest.

Veronica: I see how you are, Archie Andrews! You just ask me out and then you don't even make the effort to go behind me back to ask Betty out to the movies on the same night!

Panel two: An angry Betty turns to Archie who is fumbling as he nervously tries to defend himself.

Betty: What? How could you, Archie?

Archie: Betty, Ronnie...it's like this...I have this short term memory--

Panel three: Veronica and Betty begin to walk off as Archie has his shoulders slumped and his arms dangling. The teenager carrying the books has his tongue sticking out of his mouth as he looks like he's about to pass out.

Betty: So do we. Because I can't think of who was going to accompany us, Ronnie.

Veronica: Don't fret, Betty. I already thought of someone.

Panel four: Veronica and Betty to continue to walk away as Veronica talks. What Veronica says gives the teenager carrying the books extra vigor as he raises his head up with his eyes as round as saucers.

Veronica: You. You're coming with us to the movies. Pick us both up at my house around eight. I'll notify the gate to watch out for you...um, person.

Teenager with books: !!!

Panel five: A perplexed and embarrassed Archie is walking back to Mark as Mark finally shows a great deal of frustration with Archie as he glares at Archie. Behind Mark, in the background, the teenager with the books throws the stack in the air in joy at getting to date Veronica and Betty at the same time.

Archie: So, um, what do you think of me now?

Mark: The same as before:

Page 12:

Panel one: Mark is talking with Archie who has dropped his confident pose to one of confusion.

Mark: I don't like you because I think you're really arrogant and selfish.

Mark: I mean, "The Archies"? You named your band, that includes your closest friends, after yourself? What kind of a person does that? 

Archie: Um, wait, you see, we all agreed that...

Panel two: Mark is still talking as Archie is beginning to look like he's going to pout.

Mark: And I honestly don't like how you treat Betty and Veronica, other girls or your friends when girls are involved. I know we're teenagers and this is high school, but you are horrible.

Mark: You asked Veronica out, but when you saw Adam talking with Betty, you butt in and kept Betty away from Adam--who is a good guy--and that led to you hurting both Veronica and Betty's feelings. That's not right at all.

Panel three: Mark is still talking and Archie is getting angry now.

Mark: And you just now wanted to walk me around so I could see how popular you are. So I don't like you. You're still the most popular person in the school, maybe the entire town. Isn't that enough?

Mark: I earnestly acknowledge you have a great deal of friends, some of whom are my friends, too.

Panel four: Archie is boiling over with rage as Mark continues to talk.

Mark: I just didn't want to hang out with you. It's not like I hate you. If I see you, I'll acknowledge you. If we're put on a school project together, I'll work with you. We can still be cordial with one another.

Mark: We're just never going to go to Pop Tate's and hang out. 

Panel five: Mark is walking away, waving a hand for goodbye. He doesn't see, behind his back, that Archie is red faced and boiling over with anger as he gnashes his teeth.

Mark: Now, I have to hustle. I was supposed to pick up my little brother from Elementary right after school was out. Hopefully, I won't have to keep him waiting too long.

Page 13:

Panel one: A visually upset Archie is glaring at Mark as he walks away casually. Archie is boiling over with what Mark had to say to him. In the background we can see Chuck and Frankie talking to one another as they walk towards Archie.

Chuck: So, Archie, how did it go with Mark?

Archie: FINE.

Panel two: A still angry Archie is walking between Frankie and Chuck as they both are happily talking with one another.

Chuck: Y'know, I really appreciate when he told me I concentrate on my art too much and should focus on Nancy more.

Chuck:  I mean, I knew I wasn't spending enough time with her, but when he told me so--

Frankie: Yep. It's nice to have a straight shooter around to tell us what's what.

Panel three: Archie has his hands up as he walks ahead of them. Both Chuck and Frankie are surprised by Archie's reaction.

Archie: Yeah, he may be a straight shooter all right--

Panel four: Archie is stomping off ahead of Chuck and Frankie, leaving them to shrug their shoulders and trade confused facial expressions.

Archie: --But I'm one fella who doesn't like to have his back against the firing wall!!


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