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Archie and Jughead in Winter Christmas Double Date

Started by PTF, December 04, 2016, 11:36:56 am

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 Archie and Jughead in Winter Christmas Double Date

Page one

Panel one: The setting is the North Pole as Noelle Claus is at the actual pole of the North Pole as she sadly looks around at all the elves as they are busy carrying toys just behind her. Jingles has an army of teddy bear toys following his orders as they march in line. Sugarplum fairy is shining Rudolph's nose with a white cloth as the other reindeers look on enviously. In the background is the candy cane gates that lead to Santa's workshop.

Noelle: Sigh.

Noelle: Dad's checking his list, the elves are loading the toys, and Rudolph is getting his nose shined up...

Noelle: ...And once again, another night without a date for Noelle Claus!

Panel two: Noelle frowns as she looks ahead.

Noelle: It sure stinks to be the only teenage girl in the north pole!

Panel three: Noelle rolls her eyes upwards as it begins to lightly snow just on her.

Voice above panel: You think you have problems, girl? Try Global Warming.

Panel three: Noelle happily looks up to see Jackie Frost riding a ice sleigh as she smiles and waves her hand to stop the snow from falling on Noelle.

Noelle: Jackie Frost!

Jackie Frost: How are you doing, Noelle? Not on your daddy's naughty list this year I hope.

Page 2

Panel one: Noelle crosses her arms around her chest as she looks back as she reflects on her day. Jackie Frost is landing on the ground right next to her.

Noelle: No. But if someone made a list of the top ten bored people in the world, Noelle Claus would be numero uno.

Panel two: Noelle playfully elbows Jackie Frost as Jackie Frost blushes.

Noelle: But enough about me--still nipping at the boys' noses?

Jackie Frost: Well, actually...

Panel three: Jackie Frost is talking as Noelle squints her left eye and tilts her head.

Jackie Frost: Just one boy in particular. I was going to Riverdale to check up on Jughead Jones.

Noelle: Jughead...? Why?

Panel four: Jackie Frost uses her magic to create a snowman and puts a carrot on it for the nose as Noelle chuckles.

Jackie Frost: What can I say? His nose reminds me of a snowman.

Noelle: Jackie, you're a certified whacko!

Panel five: Noelle talks with Jackie as Jackie uses her powers to turn the snowman into an ice sculpture of Archie.

Noelle:  know a cute guy in Riverdale. Red hair, freckles.

Jackie: Yeah, Jughead's best friend. Archie, right?

Noelle: That's the name and that's him!

Page 3

Panel one: Noelle and Jackie both put a hand on their chin as the both lower their heads as they both think

Panel two: Noelle and Jackie Frost both rolls their eyes towards the other and remove their hands to show both are grinning.

Panel three: A close-up on the happy faces of the two as they are nearly nose to nose and say the exact same thing.


Panel four: Jackie and Noelle are on Jackie's sleigh as they fly into the sky and in front of the moon. On the North Pole is a note that Sugarplum Fairy and Jingles are looking up with worried expressions. Rudolph's nose is too bright as it is blinding reindeer and elf alike as he shows it off.

Jackie: Think the boys will be happy to see us?

Noelle: More than presents under the tree and full stockings on Christmas morning.

Page 4

Panel one: The setting is Pickens Park with temperature around 70.  It is the afternoon as Archie and Jughead are talking. Jughead is shivering uncontrollably as Archie looks on concerned. Nearby the three park squirrels are fanning an extremely hot penguin.

Archie: Jug, what's the matter? It's not that cold out this year.

Jughead: I sense something. An approaching evil. A dark entity. It--it chills me to the bone.

Panel two: Archie glares at Jughead as Jughead suddenly goes back to his normal self as he wipes imaginary sweat from his brow. As they talk, overhead a wind carrying several snow flakes passes over their heads.

Archie: Aw, that's a bunch of baloney.

Jughead: Baloney you say? Pop Tate has the best grilled baloney sandwiches! Then again his burgers are better. Burgers instead then!

SFX of the wind: WWEEEOOOOOO

Panel three: Archie happily turns his head as Jughead rolls his eyes.

Noelle off-panel: Hello, Archie. Guess what?  Christmas has come early this year!

Archie: Oboy!

Jughead: Oh no.

Panel four: Noelle and Jackie are standing in front of Archie and Jughead. Noelle is blowing a blue kiss to Archie as Archie goes weak in the knees and they buckle. Jackie waves a friendly hand at Jughead as Jughead frowns and turns his body away.

Noelle: How about taking us two young ladies on a double date, boys?

Archie: Guh

Jackie Frost: Is that a yes?

Jughead: No hable english.

Page 5

Panel one: A close-up on Archie's face and Jughead as they are hit with a snowball each.

Archie: What--?


Jughead: Hey--!


Panel two: Reggie is laughing his head off as he points and laugh at equally frustrated Jughead and Archie. Noelle and Jackie look at Reggie with contempt for interrupting their fun.

Reggie: Hyuk Hyuk! Took me hours to scrap the freezer for those snowballs but it was worth!!

Panel three: Reggie flashes Noelle and Jackie a smile as he sticks out his chest in pure bravado mode.

Reggie: Why don't you two lovely ladies dump the chumps and date the man of fate?

Panel four: Noelle and Jackie turn to each other with wicked grins.

Panel five: Jackie Frost uses her powers to arm her and Noelle with snowballs as they both look ahead with mischievous smiles from ear to ear.

Panel six: Reggie has been left pummeled with extra large snow balls as several people looking on have no idea how that happened. Archie has Noelle by the arm while Jughead reluctantly walks beside Jackie Frost as they leave the area.

Archie: I think we owe the ladies a little something.

Jughead. Yeah. Very little, like the size of a dime. Your dime specifically.

Page 6

Panel one:  The setting is the Chocklit Shoppe as Archie and Noelle is happily eating a burger as Archie watches her with a dopey expression on his face as he is completely mesmerized by her. Pop Tate looks on with a smile as he cleans a glass with a dish clouth.

Noelle: Ummm...

Noelle: This is good!

Panel two: A full shot as we can see Noelle, Archie, Jughead, and Jackie Frost sitting at the front counter of the Chocklit Shoppe. Noelle is happily eating her cheeseburger while Archie looks on; Archie has his own hamburger on his plate that he is moving towards Noelle. Jughead has a piping hot hamburger while Jackie Frost has a chocolate sundae she is eating with a small ice spoon. Jughead protests Archie giving Noelle his burger. Unknown to him, Jackie is beginning to work her magic on his burger.

Noelle: All we have at the North Pole are snow cones and candy canes! You going to eat yours?

Archie: Help yourself, snowflake.

Jughead: Hey! Archie's burgers are my burgers!

Panel three: Jughead picks up his burger and prepares to take a bite as he happily turns his attention back to his own.

Jughead: Oh well.

Panel four: Jughead bites down as he reacts like he just bit a brick as the burger has been frozen solid thanks to Jackie Frost.


Panel five: Jughead shakes his frozen burger at Jackie Frost as Jackie Frost brushes his complaints aside as she happily continues to enjoy her sundae.

Jughead: Hey! I ordered a burger, not a TV dinner!

Jackie: It's better this way. Keeps all the taste in one spot. You'll thank me later.

Page 7

Panel one: Betty and Veronica begin to walk into the Chocklit Shop. Betty is happily talking with Veronica as Veronica looks ahead in anger.

Betty: So what do you want for Christmas this year, Ronnie?

Veronica: I'll tell you what I want right now--

Panel two: Veronica and Betty begin to storm towards Archie and Noelle as Archie has a worried expression on her face while Noelle happily finishes of the second burger and uses a napkin to clean her mouth.

Veronica: --Archie's head on a platter for talking to another girl behind our backs!

Archie: Whuh-oh.

Panel three: Veronica is yelling at Noelle as Noelle glares up at Veronica. Betty is standing beside Veronica to show her support.

Veronica: And just who do you think you are sitting next to our Archie?!

Noelle Claus: Noelle Claus. Santa Claus' daughter. And you must be leaving. Wouldn't want on the list, would you?

Panel four: Veronica and Noelle go nose to nose as they glare at each other defiantly.

Veronica: I'm Veronica Lodge. My daddy is Hiram Lodge, one of the richest men alive. I never had to worry about your father's naughty list, frostbite.

Noelle: I wasn't talking about the naughty list. I was talking about MY list. You and your friend do not want on it.

Panel five: Veronica is defiant as she tilts her nose up and strikes a pose. Betty stands next to her and does the same to show support. Noelle turns her head towards Jackie Frost as Jackie Frost begins to form a small winter wind vortex around her right hand. Archie is hiding under his seat. Jughead is licking his frozen hamburger like an ice cream bar and not paying attention to anything that is happening.

Veronica: Try us.

Betty: Yeah!

Noelle: Fine. Jackie, you happen to have a pen on you?

Jackie: Why yes I do.

Page 8

Panel one: Betty and Veronica are being chased out of the Chocklit Shop by a giant snowball.

Betty: That's Santa's daughter?!

Veronica: She must be adopted!!

Panel two: Noelle pulls Archie to his feet as she prepares to leave with him. Ahead of them, Jackie is dragging Jughead along as Jughead continues to lick his hamburger. The entire Chocklit Shoppe has frozen over with the floor now icy, tables and chairs frozen, and icicles hanging from the ceiling. Pop Tate is shaking uncontrollably and his teeth are chattering as he can't control himself.

Noelle: So what else does Riverdale have to offer, Archie?

Archie: Well, the Riverdale Cinema is just a block or two away--

Panel three: Archie, Jughead, Noelle, and Jackie Frost are walking by the Riverdale Cinema as Noelle runs to it as she pulls Archie along. Jackie Frost laughs at the two while Jughead rolls his eyes.

Noelle: A movie theater!

Panel four: Archie and Noelle are at the ticket booth as they are getting the tickets. On the wall beside the booth are two posters. One for Nova Blast: Hope Returns Again Twice (a parody of the new Star Wars movie). The other poster is Merry Christmas from the North Pole, Happy Holidays from the South Pole. The poster has a picture of a buff elf at the North Pole and a extremely beautiful Christmas fairy riding a polar bear at the South Pole.

Ticket Master: So what do you kids wanna see?

Noelle: ...You have movies that are not "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Miracle on 34th Street"?

Panel five: Noelle happily jumps for joy as Archie sadly takes what few dollars he has out of his wallet. Jackie Frost is in the background asking Jughead a question as Jughead poses like a jedi knight as his response.

Noelle: Both! Let's watch both!

Archie: I wonder if Santa will put some reimbursements in my stockings?

Page 9

Panel one: Some time later as the gang leave the movie theater. Noelle is wearing 3D glasses and is thrilled with what she's seen as Archie looks at her with a smile. Behind her, Jackie Frost and Jughead have a mock light saber battle with icicles, much to the confusion of several people around them.

Noelle: Those movies where great! Who knew movies didn't have to do with holidays?

Panel two: Archie points to the nearby Pickens Park as Noelle and Jackie agree. Jughead is dismayed.

Archie: How about a walk around Pickens Park to stretch our legs after hours of sitting?

Noelle: Perfect.

Jackie: Sure.

Jughead: The flaw of democracy, people.

Panel three: Noelle and Archie walk together as Noelle looks around the park disappointed. Jughead is trying his best to walk ahead of Jackie Frost, but she keeps keeping up with him much to his dismay.

Noelle: Hm. This is nice. But walking is boring. Can we do something else?

Archie: Well, normally during winter, we get a good snow where we can build snowmen and snowball fights...

Archie: ... but the temp has been record high this time of year.

Noelle: Is that so?

Panel four: Noelle looks back at Jackie as Jackie Frost waves her hands as she prepares to work her magic.

Noelle: What do you think about that, Miss Frost?

Jackie Frost: I think therefore I am. And I am winter personified therefore...

Page 10

Panel one: Mr. Weatherbee and Ms. Grundy are walking along in Pickens Park as they are dressed in spring clothing. Ms. Grundy begins to shiver as a cold breeze blows past her.

Mr. Weatherbee: I wouldn't mind if we had weather like this all winter.

Ms. Grundy: Brrrr! Did it just get colder or is it just me?

Panel two: Mr. Weatherbee and Mrs. Grundy walk a bit further in Pickens Park as they can't believe that what the see. In an area of Pickens Park that has six inches of snow, Noelle and Archie are trying to build a snowman, but Archie trips and knocks it over as Noelle laughs at him. Jackie Frost and Jughead have their snowman done as Jughead puts his hat on top of it. Nearby a disco duck is on a small sled being pulled by the Pickens Park squirrels as he strikes John Travolta pose. The penguin from earlier is happily swimming around in the snow. Several other kids are making snow angels and throwing snowballs at each other.

Mr. Weatherbee: I've heard of isolated rain, but pin point accurate snow--?!

Panel three: Jackie Frost begins to freeze the pond as Noelle and Archie are making snow angels next to each other. Jughead is standing next to Jackie Frost as he is eating a snowcone.

Jughead: What are you up to?

Jackie Frost: Soda and milk are better ice cold, right? This will be too!

Panel four: Still at Pickens Park only the duck pond has been frozen as Archie and Noelle are slipping on the ice as Noelle tries to steady the slipping uncontrollably Archie. Jughead is casually skating by the two with a shrug shoulder as Jackie Frost looks at him impressed. Several ducks are skating across the ice along with a conga line of small children. The three squirrels have dug a small ice hole and are using an acorn as bait for a fish who looks at the acorn with disgust. The penguin is sliding along doing the king of the world pose as several ducks and geese make way and bow.

Archie: Sorry, I'm not that good of a skater!

Noelle: Really? I couldn't tell.

Jackie: Wow. I'm impressed. What's your secret?

Jughead: If I told, it wouldn't be a secret.

Page 11

Panel one: Archie, Jughead, and the girls are getting off the ice pond as the children and the animals continue to have fun behind them.

Archie: Man, this has been fun!

Noelle: Now, what should we do next?

Panel two: Noelle frowns as she knows her fun has just ended.

Voice off-panel one: How about stop what you're doing...

Voice off-panel two: ...And come home before Santa Claus worries his beard off?!

Panel three: Noelle and Jackie Frost look up Sugarplum fairy and Jingles the elf are floating above head. Sugarplum is focusing on Noelle while Jingles is pointing at Jackie. Both girls are disappointed that their fun is over.

Sugarplum fairy: Noelle, you know better than wander off without telling anyone!

Noelle: Hmph.

Jingles: And Jackie Frost, this is winter time, you have a job to do!

Jackie: I need to join a union.

Panel three: Noelle reaches inside of her coat pocket as a disappointed Archie looks on.

Archie: You really have to go?

Noelle: 'Fraid so, daddy sent his top henchmen for me, but I do have a gift for you.

Panel four: Archie has a snow globe in his hands that has a small blue doorway in it with fake snow on the ground around it.

Noelle off-panel: Here. A special snow globe. On any December day turn it upside down and right side up and I'll appear.

Archie: Cool!

Page 12

Panel one: Jackie Frost gives an unmoved Jughead a kiss on the cheek.

Jackie Frost: Maybe we'll get lucky and the groundhog will see his shadow, Jughead. How does six more weeks of winter grab you?

Panel two: Jughead begins to wipe the kiss off his face as he responds.

Jughead: Like the cold, clammy hands of death.

Panel three: Jackie walks away and waves goodbye as she blushes. Jughead's palm is stuck to his face like a tongue to a frozen metal pole in winter as he can't free it.

Jackie: Brrrr. The cold shoulder. I love it.

Panel four: High angle view as Jackie Frost and Noelle are in the ice sled as they fly off along side Sugarplum fairy and Jingles the elf. Noelle waves back at Archie as Sugarplum fairy looks on jealously. Jingles is stroking his beard and trying to impress Jackie Frost, who playfully winks at him to not hurt his feelings. Below them, Archie is waving goodbye with one arm and Jughead is waving goodbye with one hand as the other hand is still stuck to his face.

Jackie Frost whispering: So New Year is right around the corner...

Noelle Claus whispering: You read my mind, girlfriend.



I like your thinking This is very beneficial to me and to others as well.

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