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Betty in A Rose in the Hand.

Started by PTF, May 15, 2016, 07:39:22 pm

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 Page one

Panel one: Betty is babysitting a small red haired girl and is in the small girl's room, which has a shelf with several children's book beside the wall. Several dolls can be seen, the bed quilts are pink and the walls to the room are a light lavender color. Courtney is wearing Super Duck pajamas and has a Cosmo the Merry Martian doll she is holding by one of its arms.

Betty: Okay, Courtney, its seven thirty and that means bedtime.

Courtney: If I've gotta go to bed, can't I at least have a story?

Panel two: Betty is bending down in front of the bookshelf as she skims the spines of the books, having trouble picking out a book. Courtney is sitting up in bed as she waits impatiently.

Betty: Huh. It looks like I've read everything here to you...

Courtney: Then make one up..!

Panel three:  Betty sits back down on the side of the bed as Courtney has her knees to her chest as she sits eagerly for her new story.

Betty: I don't have to. In my creative writing class, we just had an assignment where we created our very own fairy tale. I think I remember it well enough off hand.

Courtney: Is it good?

Betty: I like to think so, but you can be the judge.

Page two:

Panel one: Betty is beginning the story as the panel has her head at the right of the corner. The rest of the panel shows a castle surrounded by a moat, basically the typical fairy tale castle.

Caption: A long time ago, in a far away land, there was a peaceful kingdom where a wise king and queen reigned justly, but they were getting old and wanted the princess to be a queen, so...

Panel two: A shot inside the throne room as Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Cooper, and Betty are dressed in royal garb and sitting on their own throne. Mr. Cooper is King, Mrs. Cooper Queen, and Betty is a princess. They are surrounded by several servants wearing gold and blue armor. Several banners of gold and blue are hung about the stone walls of the castle. A knight is using a light switch to turn on a torch that is hanging from the wall. Another knight is holding a sword with a blue hilt and an identical sword save for a red hilt as he decides which is better. A red carpet leads the way to their thrones.

King Cooper: Princess Betty, it is time you picked from your two suitors.

Queen Cooper: Yes, dear. Your father and I can't begin our retirement plan of touring Never Never Land if you never ever live happily ever after.

Panel three: A knight is leading the way inside the throne room as two figures, obscure at the moment, follow behind. One of the figures has his head held high and is strutting while the other is much more nervous. Princess Betty leans out of her thrown and looks on excitedly.

King Cooper: Bring forth the eligible suitors!

Courtney Caption: So she has to pick?

Betty Caption: Yep. And here they come now...

Panel four: We see Prince Archie and Prince Reggie entering into the throne room. Archie looks less elegant than Reggie as most of his clothes are dirty and tattered. Reggie is wearing the fanciest of clothes and a long purple, diamond encrusted cape. Archie is staring at Princess Betty with heart shaped eyes as Princess Betty looks at him the same way. Reggie has his arms extended, showing off himself, as he strikes a pose, completely oblivious to Archie and Betty's true feelings towards one another. In the background, a knight has his visor up as he is eating an apple. Beneath his feet are several apple cores.

Knight: Presenting Prince Archie The Two Left Feeted and Prince Reggie of the Big Mouth.

Page three:

Panel one: Reggie pushes past the knight as the knight shakes a fist at him. Archie is on his tip toes as he is still in his love daze. In the background a knight is wheeling a maiden in a wheelbarrow as another knight gives chase.

Courtney caption: Why is Prince Archie wearing those torn clothes? Couldn't he afford better?

Betty Caption: You'll see why in a few seconds.

Princess Reggie: When I become king, you'll need to collect tin cans for coins, because you won't be paid for wearing one!

Panel two: Princess Betty is rolling her eyes as Reggie has pulled out a mirror to look at himself. King and Queen Cooper are irritated, but trying to remain patient with him. Archie is being pushed along by the knight as he begins to trip over his own feet. In the background, a knight is showing a startled knight his two pet lions. The lions are docile and rub up against the owner's leg like they were kittens.

Prince Reggie: Noble King and Queen, trust me when I say this: Princess Freckles behind me there doesn't have my dashing good looks, my winning smile, my panache, my--

Prince Archie: I'm going, I'm going, don't push--!

Panel three: Prince Archie trips over Reggie. King and Queen face palm, but Princess Betty is amused and chuckling to herself.


Reggie: ooofff

Courtney caption: Oh. That's why.

Panel four: Princess Betty is watching as Prince Reggie is jerking his cape from under Archie's body, causing him to roll off like he was a small tumbleweed.

Prince Reggie: This cape is worth more than your entire kingdom plus the spare change in your sofa, dolt! Get off!

Archie: Whoa!

Panel five: King Cooper has risen from his throne as he begins to make a proclamation. Everyone in the room looks on, save for Archie who is staggering about, still dizzy from his little spin.

King Cooper: It is time that my daughter takes a husband, and she will--

Page four:

Panel one: Prince Reggie steps ahead of Prince Archie as if he's already the chosen husband. Archie looks on agitated while Princess Betty sticks her tongue out in disgust. Two knights in the background are backing away from a green knight who is offering them an ax with one hand and pointing at his head with the other.

Prince Reggie: Good looks, wealthy kingdom, and an iron fist wrapped in a mitten of love and understanding. I'm yours, Sugar.

Panel two: Prince Reggie turns around to sneer at Prince Archie. Prince Archie rubs his left arm sheepishly as he's embarrassed by what Reggie says. A knight looks over at a small green pet dragon who has its tail bandaged up as it hides in the corner of the throne room.

Prince Reggie: I mean, last time he was here, he nearly burnt down your kingdom.

Prince Archie:...I didn't mean to step on the dragon's tail...

Panel three: King Cooper has grown impatient as he motions towards Princess Betty, who begins to rise from her throne.

King Cooper: If you two would stop your yammering, my daughter will explain your quest.

Panel four: Archie is staring at Princess Betty with lovey dovey eyes while Reggie seems worried about the quest as he looks over himself in the mirror.

Prince Archie thinking: She's so beautiful.

Prince Reggie thinking: A quest? I didn't raise taxes on the peasants to buy griffin aftershave for this face of mine to get besmirched!

Page five:   

Panel one: Princess Betty is talking to the Princes, but here eyes are directed at only Prince Archie. Princess Betty's tiara and dress are glistening in the sunlight coming from a window as she explains the quest. Reggie has his hand to his chin as he begins to ponder and plot. Princess Archie is in his own world as he has several small hearts over his head. In the background, one knight is preparing to fight two other knights.

Princess Betty: Which ever of you who shall take my hand in marriage must first venture forth and find me a rose. Whosoever brings me the best rose by my eyes shall be my future husband.

Panel two: Princess Betty gets excited and leaps into the air as she pumps her first. This startles the knights and her parents as they jump back. The Princes are both startled and snap out of whatever chain of thought they were in. In the background one of the two knights runs over to the lone knight to join his side as the now abandoned knight looks on in shock.


Prince Archie and Prince Reggie: !!!

Panel three: Prince Archie zooms ahead along the red carpet as Princess Reggie holds the end of the red carpet over his head. In the background, the knight now alone has his hands raised above his head in surrender while the two other knights bump fists.

Prince Archie: I swear to win Princess Betty's heart fair and square--

Panel four: Reggie sends the end of the carpet crashing down as it creates a small red tidal wave that sweeps Archie off his feet and sends him sailing out the throne room head first, like he had been shot out of a cannon. In the background, the three knights who did a mock fight look on in disgust as another knight in a fancy bright blue and bright yellow fancy armor strolls towards them.

Archie: Yikes!!!

Panel five: Simply the words: CRASH in bright red.

Panel six: Outside the hall of the castle as Archie is lying amongst the rubble of a suit of armor that had been standing along the wall as Prince Reggie zooms past him as two servants open a large door for him. Lying along the pile are a white shield, a box of armor wash named VULGATE CYCLE, and a newly dented grail. Archie is trying to get a helmet with the visor clamped shut off his head.

Prince Archie: If this wasn't a children's book, I'd do a different kind of swearing right about now!!

Page six:

Panel one: Reggie is in a rose garden of some poor peasants (a mother, father, and two small sons) sadly look on as he is stomping through the flowers with out a moment's thought to them ass he tries to find the perfect rose.

Reggie: Wilted...not colorful enough...bee in this one...

Panel two: Prince Reggie jerks his body up as he holds his left hand in pain as a bee flies away.

Prince Reggie: OW!

Panel three: Prince Reggie, while kissing a swollen red finger rolls his eyes to see the peasant family snickering at him.

Panel four: Prince Reggie glares over at the family of peasants and points at them. The father and mother are timid while the two children snarl at Prince Reggie.

Prince Reggie: People who can't afford the dirt beneath their feet shouldn't plant flowers in it!

Panel five: Reggie walks out of the rose garden, walking over several roses as the family of peasants run to tend to their rose garden. The two boys stick their tongues out and make faces at Prince Reggie behind his back. In the road, Prince Archie is riding an old mare as he does not see Reggie. Prince Archie has a map out as he is reading it.

Reggie: This is such a stupid quest...!

Page seven.

Panel one: Prince Reggie is sneaking behind a tree to eavesdrop on Prince Archie as Archie talks aloud. Archie is seemingly proud of his idea as he sits straight up on his old mare.

Prince Reggie: So better to let the stupid person lead the way.

Panel two: We see over Prince Archie's shoulder as he is looking at a map. On the right color is a drawing of a rainbow rose and a land that has a trail marked to the rose that leads through a picture of a troll and a giant.

Prince Archie: I know that if I can present the one of a kind Rainbow Rose to Princess Betty, I'll win this quest for sure.

Panel three: Prince Reggie is leaning against the tree scheming, clamping his hands over and over in anticipation, as Prince Archie wobbly rides off, nearly falling off as his saddle slips to the left of his horse.

Prince Archie: No matter the danger and enemies I must face, the rainbow rose will be presented to Princess Betty.

Prince: Archie, but first a new saddle buckle...!

Prince Reggie whispering: Yeah, you face the enemies and dangers, and I'LL be the one who gives the rainbow rose to the princess.

Panel four: Prince Reggie is looking over his head at the caption box.

Courtney caption:  Creep.

Panel five: Prince Reggie angrily responds to Courtney's caption.

Prince Reggie: Aw, just keep quiet and watch!

Panel six: Back to Courtney and Betty. Courtney is upset with what just happened as Betty shrugs her shoulders and tries to force a smile.

Courtney: Hey!

Betty: Heh. Characters take a life of their own sometimes...

Page eight:

Panel one: Archie is standing over a pile of green, barbarian dressed trolls. Archie brandishes his sword and strikes a pose. Archie's old mare has fallen asleep on its feet. In the background we can Reggie using his hand to wave off Prince Archie's accomplishment as if it was not impressive. In the background a hermit is hugging a knight wearing all white armor. A knight holding an apple is trying to hug another hermit, but the hermit pushes him away and looks away in disgust.

Caption: And so the quest for the rainbow rose began. First with the trouncing of the Troll Thieve Posse of Pembrooke Forest.

Panel two: Prince Archie is now in a land covered in snow as a medieval Leroy begins to pelt him with snowballs. Prince Archie is having a tough time as his clothes are not for winter and his old mare is shaking with its teeth chattering. Prince Reggie is in the background with several servants shoveling his path for himself and his horse. Reggie is wearing a fur coat and drinking hot cocoa as he rides along on his much better steed. In the background a knight, holding a now frozen apple in his hand, is staring at disbelief at a snow angel that looks like a devil as a hermit shakes a finger at the knight. The white knight's snow angel is extremely detailed as if by divine intervention.

Caption: And he soon found himself battling the elements.

Pow pow pow

Archie: OW! OW! That one had a rock in it--! Ow!

Leroy: Haw Ha! It can't be as hard as your head, Sir Freckles-A-Lot.

Panel three: Prince Archie is next to Veronica dressed as a sorceress. Veronica is wearing a costume that resembles an eagle. She is holding a scepter with a red jewel at the tip. Archie has hearts over his eyes as he looks at Veronica. Reggie is coming out of his hiding place in the scrubs as he plans on intervening. Along a path, the White Knight continues along a path as the knight holding the apple stops and has small hearts over his head as he looks at Veronica.

Caption: And when he was lost for the sixth day straight, he sought the advice of Veronica the Sorceress who--

Sorceress Veronica: Prince Archiekins, why not just forget your quest for that dumb blond princess and make magic with me?

Prince Archie: You've put me under your love spell!

Caption: Hmmph!

Panel four: Veronica is changed from a lovely sorceress to an ugly witch. She is wearing the typical black dress and bent black hat. Veronica now has a long, crooked nose, warts on her face, her eyebrows are now bushy, and she has a few long hairs on her chin now. Archie jumps back in fright. Reggie stops in mid step with his eyes wide in shock. Veronica's scepter is now an overused broom. The knight holding the apple faints as two hermits in the bush shake their heads in disappointment in regards to his actions.

Caption: Did I say sorceress? I meant to say she was a witch. The ugliest witch ever! A bad disposition with a worse personality!!


Archie: Yikes! Make that a curse!

Panel five: Veronica the witch is hitting Prince Archie with her broom as he runs away in fright. Reggie is cradling himself in the fetal position as he's deeply disturbed in seeing someone so beautiful suddenly turn so ugly. The white knight has returned carrying a grail as he steps around the other knight. The hermits rejoice seeing the white knight.

Veronica The Witch: Get out of my forest before I turn you into a frog, you toad!


Prince Archie: Ouch! The only bad way to get swept off your feet by a girl!

Page nine

Panel one: A battered Archie, with several straws in his hair, is crawling along a rose orchard as he weakly tries to pull himself along the path. Around him are several bushes with red and pink roses.

Caption: After being brushed off by the witch, Prince Archie had finally found the enchanted rose orchard...

Prince Archie: Now I know how dust bunnies feel...!

Panel two: Archie raises his head up. It looks as if a rainbow is shining down upon his face.

Archie: Now to just find--

Panel three: Archie, now on his knees, is reaching out to a rose bush as the Rainbow Rose is just in front of him.

Archie: The Rainbow Rose!

Panel three: A close-up on Archie's hand as he is just within inches from grabbing the rose.

Caption: And just when victory was within his grasp--

Panel four: Reggie suddenly rides on his horse and snatches the rainbow rose, denying Archie at the last second. Reggie is still in very good condition, showing that he never did any sort of work.

Reggie: Roses that are red, yellow, green, purple, and blue--

Panel five: Reggie is riding off in the distance as Archie is up to his feet and shakes a fist in his direction.

Reggie: --Are meant only for those with high class, not peons like you!

Archie: You no good Tyrant of Thieves! You're a knave who steals the sweetest of tarts!

Page 10

Panel one: Archie is turning to look at his old mare. He has a fire in his eyes as he is filled with rage and determination. His rage makes him forget his fatigue and wounds.

Archie: Spotty! We're going to run that rogue down, and take back the Rainbow Rose.

Panel two: Archie turns around to see Spotty has fallen asleep on his feet, with a small bubble coming from its nostril. Archie slumps over in defeat and disappointment.

Archie: ...And then pigs will fly while purple raccoons direct air traffic.

Panel three: Archie sadly picks a plain pink rose from one of the bushes.

Caption: And so, Prince Archie searched the rose orchard for the best rose he could find...

Panel four: Back to the throne room as it has now been decorated. Several yellow and blue banners align the wall and the throne room is mainly in white. All the knights are wearing special colorful armor. The royal family is dressed up in their finest clothing. King, Queen, and Princess Cooper are standing before Archie and Reggie. Reggie has a smile ear to ear as he is admiring the Rainbow Rose, arrogantly holding it in front of Archie. Archie has a tight grip on his rose, which now has become withered and tore. Archie is despondent as he believes he has lost Princess Betty forever.

King Cooper: And now that both Princes have finally returned, Princess Betty will now accept the rose and prince of her own personal choice.

Courtney caption: Say! This like that show!

Betty caption: Shh! I'm getting to the good part!

Page 11

Panel one: Reggie steps forward and proudly showcases the Rainbow Rose as Betty doesn't seem all that impressed.

Reggie: C'mon, why all the show and suspense. It's obvious who the winner--like always--is.

Panel two: Princess Betty sidesteps Reggie as Reggie rolls his eyes to follow her as he's taken by surprise.

Princess Betty: You're right, good sir.

Panel three: Princess Betty takes Archie's rose to his and Reggie's surprise. Reggie's jaw has dropped and he nearly falls over in shock.

Princess Betty: I choose the rose given to me by the person I truly love!

Panel four: Prince Reggie begins stomping on the Rainbow Rose as his face is bright red. Prince Archie and Princess Betty are hugging one another as small hearts float overhead. King Cooper is motioning with a finger to his throat for two knights to take Reggie out of the throne room. Two knights are walking over in response.

Reggie: "Truly love?" That's not fair! He could have given you a lump of mud, and I'd still lose! I demand a fencing contest, archery, or even swords at twenty stones! I want a do over! I'll sue!

Panel five: Prince Archie and Princess Betty are kissing and in the background we can see two knights carrying a still wild with rage Reggie out of the throne room.

Caption: And so, sealed with a kiss, the prince and princess became a steady couple and...

Page 12

Panel one: Betty has stopped telling the story as she looks over at Courtney who has fallen asleep.

Panel two: Betty smiles at her as Courtney looks adorable curled up in a ball with her Cosmo the Merry Martian doll clutched to her chest.

Panel three: Betty begins turning off the light and tucking Courtney in at the same time.

Panel four: Betty is leaving Courtney's room, entering the home's hall as she smiles to herself. Above her is a thought balloon of a grown up Betty and Archie getting married.

Betty: The real magic in a good fairy tale is making it into a work of nonfiction.

Betty: Sigh.

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