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August 01, 2021, 03:40:34 AM

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Reggie in Things have changed so have I

Started by daizyboy, February 03, 2017, 12:13:51 AM

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Who do you thin Reggie should date

2 (50%)
0 (0%)
1 (25%)
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1 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 4

Voting closed: February 06, 2017, 12:15:22 AM


Moose Mason
At first it was clear Reggie stood there flirting with my girl Midge.
Reggie: "How about it, Saturday night just me and you no lunkhead."
Midge: "I don't know Reg what if Moose found out he would kill you."
Reggie: "Don't worry ole lunkhead will never find out even if he did he would probably forget all he has in between his ears is hot air."
Midge: "He's not dumb he's just... different."
Reggie: "Whatever you want to call it doll. I'll be fine i'll keep some white sheets with me, if he see's me I throw them over my head and tell him i'm a ghost that'll scare him off."
I don't remember what happened after that I just saw red it was like a trance. The next thing I remember was flashing lights and police men asking me questions like what happened and are you aware of what trouble you could be in. I really couldn't tell them what happened once I lose control, I really lose control.
Police man: "I would like to believe you Mr. Mason but you wouldn't believe how many times I've heard that. I would suggest talking to your parents before we do."
Me: "Wait! Where is Reggie?"
Police man: "In the hospital yo left him with a broken arm and a concussion"
Me: "Can I visit him"
Police man: "No for his safety we believe you should should stay away from anywhere close to him"
The police man started to walk away. I couldn't believe I had done this, that I created such a mess. The police men turned back around.
Police man: "Oh yeah, DON'T leave town"
He made that message pretty clear sounds like he may have had trouble with that before.I saw Midge in the distance our eyes locked but only for a second she quickly turned around and walked away, not that I could blame her. I sat there for a moment and then realized quickly that I had to get home the officer was right it would be better if I told my parents before them.

Reggie Mantle
My head ached with pain and my arm felt like it ripped of rather then broken. My face was bruised and still had splatters of blood on it, I don't know why i cant just stay away from Midge i guess it's just because I like to cause trouble but when i'm with her it feels like something more then that something that I have only felt with her. I looked in the mirror again and talked out loud.
Me: "Jeez what bus hit you?"
Betty: "Giggle I don't think it was just one."
Me: "Thanks for that. What are you doing here it's still school hours?"
Betty: "I have a co-op, and when i heard you where here I thought I would check up on you. So what did you do to yourself?"
Me: "I didn't do anything Moose happened."
Betty: "Let me guess midge."
Me: "Of course."
Betty: "when will you learn."
Me: "To be honest I really wish I could but, O don't know why but i can't keep myself away from her she's different."
Betty: "I used to have that feeling... with Archie but."
Me: "I know, you don't have to talk about that if you don't want to."
Betty: "I know sometimes I feel like i should but I just don't think I can. I have to get back to work, get better."
I throw my self back down on the hospital bed.
Me: "UGH when can I leave this place."

Midge Klump
As soon as the bell rang I knew I had to get out quickly. I wanted to avoid being bombarded with questions. What happened? Is Reggie okay? Where's Moose? This whole thing is a mess and even though Moose was the one who attacked Reggie, I can't help but blame myself. I know how jealous Moose is so why do I always go to Reggie? I love Moose but I just feel so locked up with Reggie feel free like I can really have fun. For the rest of the walk home I just stay thoughtless buried under the weight of my books.

Archie Andrews
Me: "Need a ride."
Veronica: " My limo was supposed to come but for you I can cancel."
Me: "Hop in."
I open the door for her. POW BANG POP I listen to my car start.
Veronica: "Ugh you need a new car."
Me: "Tell my Dad that."
Veronica: "So did you hear about Reggie?"
Me: "Hear about it? I was there along with half of the school, what in the world was Moose thinking?"
Veronica: "I don't think he was, but that't normal for him."
Me: "On the same not what in the world was Reggie thinking? When he learn that Midge is of limits, someday he's going to get himself killed."
Veronica: "Do you know how Reggie is."
Me: "No nobody has heard anything and Midge made it out before everyone started crowding around her."
Veronica: "Maybe Betty might know she's doing a co-op at the Riverdale Hospital."
Me: "Betty, I haven't talked to her since..."
Veronica: "Since you chose me."
Me: "Yeah."
Veronica: "It's been a long time since I've talked to her too."
Me: "I don't think she's ready to talk to me if you really want to know maybe you should talk to her."
Veronica: "Maybe I will, I miss her."

Betty Cooper
To a lot of people Reggie seems like a jerk. He make's wise cracks about everyone, and sometimes he pulls a lot of pranks, but he really is a great friend and he's a sweet guy once you get to know him. I'm just glad he's okay Moose is really as strong as a moose and he has the temper of a bull when it see's red.
My cellphone goes off I reach into my pocket and grab it. I stare at the caller I.D Veronica Lodge. Veronica hasn't talked to me in almost two weeks I thought. There's only one reason she's calling now all she wants to know is whats going on with Reggie. I hung up my cell and put it back into my pocket not believing she cared about me at all anymore.
Mrs. Jones: "You can go home your shift is up"
Me: "Thanks, I need to see someone"
Mrs. Jones: "Have fun."
Me: "Oh and Mrs. Jones thanks for everything."
No Mrs. Jones is not Juggie's Mom theirs no relation between them. I walk over to my car a small brown buggy. I open the door and hop in. eerrrrrrrrrrr click click the car won't turn over.
Reggie: "Need some help."
Me: "Unless you've got a car and a pair of jump starters"
Reggie: "Can't say that I do."
Me: "Are you allowed outside?"
Reggie: "Don't think so but it was getting boring, and looking in the mirror wasn't satisfying today."
Me: "I wouldn't imagine."
Reggie: "Ouch i'm supposed to be the one who makes the wise cracks."
ROAR We both look over to see Ronnie's sports car pulling in.

Veronica Lodge
Great I thought Betty would be gone by now I thought to myself. After she hung up the phone she made it clear she didn't want to talk to me.
Me: "H hi."
Betty: "Um hi
Reggie: "Wow tension plus knife."
Me and Betty both look at Reggie with a dirty look.
Me: "I was just here to see how Reggie is."
Reggie: "I'm good but I don't know about my pride."
Betty: "Look Ronnie i'm not mad at you... or Archie I just even now still a lot to take in."
Me: "I know and i'm sorry."
We both lean in for and hug something that I wasn't sure was going to happen.
Betty: "Would you happen to have jumper cables with you?"
Me: "No but I can call my chauffeur to bring some."
Betty: "thanks."
Veronica: "Do you want to go for a ride and catch up."
Betty: "Who would watch the car."
Me: "Reggie would you mind?"
Reggie: "Yeah that's fine, don't mind me I just got beat up by a giant."

Dilton Doiley
I don't know what happened that day but I do know what happened afterwards and Reggie changed, Reggie was well a jerk with Midge he was using it to hide the fact that he really liked her maybe even loved, but to the rest of us I don't know why he was like that (I leave an acceptation to Betty he was always sweet to her).
Jughead Jones
I really don't know what happened on that day but it changed everything around us.
Moose Mason
I finally worked up the nerve to call Midge I asked her to meet me at pop's the next night at 7. The plan is to get put this whole thing behind us and then i'll ask her to the the Valentine's dance 11 days from now I thought to myself.

The next night I drove to Pop's and found Midge in our normal booth I walked over and took a seat
Me: "Look Midge I didn't mean to hurt him I just loss control."
Midge: "I know and i'm not mad about that anymore, but look Moose with Reggie I never loved him but I felt free with him I could do what i wanted to do... I don't feel that with you. If i don't feel that I need to love or else there's no reason to stay with you and Moose I asked myself that question when I got home do I love you? Moose I can't lie to you I don't love you."
Me: "But Midge please I can change i'll be less controlling and i'll be less jealous."
Midge: "I'm sorry Moose I really am."
At this point both of us had tears coming out of our eyes Midge got up and walked away... for the last time.

Reggie Mantle
Finally I was home I had to stay over night at the hospital and this morning it took THREE HOURS too check out, I kept repeating that in my head angrily THREE WHOLE HOURS. I wasn't allowed to go out tonight doctors orders, sigh goodbye fun Friday night I thought to myself. At least i'll be able to go to the valentines dance which is in ten days and I still have no date I thought to myself who is going to want to go out with this face anyways I look like Porky pig with to much mascara around my one eye. Well I thought might as well bring someone here if I can't go out there, but who obviously not Midge Veronica is probably out with Archie and Jugs probably at Pop's on a date with a few hamburgers so that leaves Betty. I pickup my cell phone and text her.
Me: "Can you come over i'm not supposed to go out and everyone else is or probably busy."
Betty: "Sure I can come over."
Ding Dong
I hear the door bell I know it's not Betty no ones that fast even Jughead at lunch when he wants to get to the front of the line. I walk over to the door and open it I see a police officer standing there.
Me: "hello officer how can I help you."
Police officer: "I'm here about a Duke Mason is it true that he assaulted you?"
I stopped for a second and thought i could have Midge to myself, I quickly scratched that thought out of my head."
Me: "That just teen age rough housing you know it got a little bit out of hand but no big deal."
Police officer: "So you don't want to push charges?"
Me: "No, No I do not."
Police officer: "Well thank you for your time."

Midge Klump
Out of everyday that I dated Moose I never even thought of breaking up with him. But this is for the best I just didn't feel right with Moose come to think of it I never did.

Archie Andrews
Veronica: "Wow big news Midge and Moose just broke up."
We were on the way to the movies.
Archie: "Really!?! That's surprising they always seemed like such a solid couple."
Veronica: "Maybe to solid Moose was jealous if she was withing 100 feet of a guy."
Archie: "How long do you think until Reg moves in?"
Veronica: "I don't know, he's changed I think he'll at least wait."
Archie: "He's changed really?"
Veronica: "You know how he always acted sweet with Betty it's kind of like that."
Archie: "Were here."

Betty Cooper
I arrived just in time to say a police car pull out. Why were they here I thought. I walked up to the door and pushed the door bell, a few seconds later Reggie opened the door
Me: "Hey."
I walk in.
Reggie: "Hi."
Me: "Why were the police here?"
Reggie: "It was about Moose he wanted to know I wanted to press charges."
Me: "And?"
Reggie: "I told him it was just teenage rough housing and that I didn't want to press charges."
Then I hugged him I wasn't completely sure why but he hugged back.

Moose Mason
I didn't know what to think, for the next ten days I just moped around, it was worse when i saw Midge she had moved on she was already dating other guys being "free" as she said, something that even I know I denied her of.

Reggie Mantle
I was walking down the hall with Betty, lately it seems that most of the time i'm with Betty even though Midge was free.
Me: "Wednesday night the big, big night the valentines day dance."
Betty: "So you don't have a date either?"
Me: "Well at this point I may have got a date but I probably forgot ever, since the concussion I've been calling myself forgetful Reg."
Betty: "Well if you don't have a date and I don't have date maybe we can go as y-know friends?"
Me: "Sure we'll be the dateless people with a date."
Betty: "Good, pick me up at 6:30 sharp see you then."
I don't know why but out of all the dates I've been on this is the one i'm most nervous about, its supposed to be just friends nothing else. I finally finish my bow tie after tons failed attempts of tying it and look at the clock 6:25 got to hurry. I ran down the stairs take one last look in the mirror then jumped in the car and got going. I made it I thought to myself walking up to the door, I press the door bell and wait.
Betty: "6:31 your late. Well doesn't matter turns out i'm going to be 10 minutes longer sorry."
Me: "Don't worry about."
Betty: "Oh the mirror's over there to occupy you while you wait."
Me: "Hey."
I waited till she went back upstairs to look in the mirror one last look just to make sure I look good. My heart seemed to beat quicker then normal and I was sweating way more than normal.
She came down in about what she said 10 minutes.
Me: "You look amazing."
Betty: "Thank you your not so bad yourself."
We went out to the car quickly we were already late. We got there at around 7:00 we walked in and sat together for a bit which was awkward, but finally Betty broke the tension.
Betty: "Midge is over there why don't you dance, she didn't come with anyone."
Reggie: "Betty thing have changed and so have I, can I have this dance?"
Betty: "Of course."
We both got up and the slow songs came on perfect I thought without sarcasm, she placed her arms on my shoulders and I placed mine her waist that's when i felt what I had used to feel with Midge except a lot stronger. I noticed Midge looking over I knew she wanted a straight answer from I just shook my and she took the message. I saw her get up and walk over to Jughead and they both danced which I don't think anyone expected, Archie was with veronica Chuck with Nancy and Moose and Ethel. I took my attention of off them and looked into Betty's eye's they were so pure and blue I slowly leaned in and pressed my lips against hers. Our relationship was sealed with a kiss.         



DeCarlo Rules

I voted for Otjer. I don't know who she is, but with a name like that she sounds interesting. Probably an exchange student or something.



Are we going to get stories for Midge, Veronica, Ethel and Nancy too?


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