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Jughead in Hide 'N' Seek

Started by PTF, April 22, 2016, 09:23:58 pm

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 Jughead: Hide 'N' Seek

(Jughead is running down the hall, turning a corner as Betty and Archie try and keep up. Betty and Archie have back packs while Jughead is empty handed.)

Betty: I've haven't seen Juggie move this fast since...lunch.

Archie: Why the hurry, Jughead?

Jughead: I'll explain on the way to your car! I already lost time when I couldn't find my locker key!

(Jughead turns to look back as a shadow is being cast from the next hall.)

Archie: (huff puff) Explain while we still have breath...!

Jughead: To avoid the bane of my existence, my arch enemy...

(Jughead turns the corner as he is face to face with Trula Twyst who has a smile on her face.)

Jughead: Trula Twyst?!!

Trula Twyst: Juggers, my ears are burning.

(Jughead waits for a huffing and puffing Betty and Archie as he talks with Trula who has her eyes closed and her hands behind her back.)

Archie: Huff huff. If Trula, doesn't become a psychologist when she graduates...

Betty: ...Then she should be a magician since she pops up from no where.

Jughead: Nope. She only pops up where she's not wanted. Being any place that I am.

(Jughead is talking with Trula as Trula opens her eyes.)

Jughead: Okay, how did you know that--

Trula: -"-I would take the back halls instead of the usual entrance by to the side closer to Archie's car?"

(Trula points at Jughead's head as Jughead moves his eyes to look up at her finger.)

Trula: Well, I could go into detail about noticing a change in your normal habits, your eye movements towards this hall when going to third period...

Trula: ..But I'll try and salvage your ego by just saying: Lucky guess.

Jughead: GRRRR

(Archie is whispering to Betty. Betty looks displeased.)

Archie whispering:  Hate to say it, Betty, but I think Jughead's met his match.

(Jughead looks over at Archie.)

Jughead: Hey! I don't like anyway that sentence could mean.

(We see Trula brushing her hair back over Jughead's shoulder as he turns his eyes towards her.)

Trula: Face it, Juggers. The win-loss record is as one sided as could be.

Jughead: Grrrr

(Jughead turns around and points at his head as Trula tilts her head in curiosity.)

Jughead: If you think you know me from brain stem to stern, own me from my hat to my t-shirt, then why don't you prove it?

Trula: Go on...

(Betty is talking with Archie who is apprehensive on how Jughead is talking.)

Betty: What's Jughead thinking?

Archie: He's not. Trula gets under his skin so bad; he forgets how to chew food. No telling what he's getting himself into.

(Jughead is standing right in from of Trula and spreads his arms.)

Jughead: A game of hide 'n' seek. For the next four days, I have thirty minutes to hide anywhere in Riverdale and you have two hours to find me.

(Jughead smiles as Trula seems to be thinking it over. Behind Jughead, Archie and Betty are talking to one another as they watch intently.)

Jughead: And if I win, you leave me alone for a week. School you avoid me like the plague and after school you retreat straight home to your darkened lair.

Betty: Wow. That's a real challenge for Trula.

Archie: Yeah. The ultimate test of her Jughead expertise.

(Trula moves has her right hand over her mouth and taps her left face cheek with her index finger as she considers.)

Trula: And if I win...?

Jughead: Name it.

(Trula has a wily look as Jughead looks sternly at her.)

Trula: I want two hours of questions and answers. I ask questions, and you answer them. Any question I might have. No zings, no backpedaling. Straight forward replies only.

(Archie places a hand on Jughead's shoulder, trying to talk sense into him.)

Archie: Don't do it, Jug! She knows you inside and out. You lose, you give her every other which way.

(Jughead pulls his shoulder away from Archie's hand.)

Jughead: Forsythe "Jughead" Jones, the third may lie down, but he never backs down!

Trula: Then you won't mind one last condition.

(Jughead eyes her suspiciously.)

Jughead: What's that...?

(Trula closes her eyes as she holds out her palms while shrugging her shoulders.)

Trula: If you get a thirty minute head start and I have to fail just once for you to win, then you must find a hiding spot and stay there.

(Trula uses two fingers on her left hand to illustrate someone running.)

It wouldn't be fair for you to just run away when I'm in eyesight. It's "Hide" 'N' "Seek", not "Tag" that you're proposing.

(Trula extends her hand for Jughead to shake as Jughead brushes his hand over his mouth as he thinks. Archie and Betty are silently waving their arms and shaking their heads. )

Trula: Agreed?

(Jughead shakes her hand as they both lock eyes. Archie and Betty have defeated and disappointed body language. Archie facepalms as Betty bends over as if all the life was let out of her like air in a balloon.)

Jughead: Agreed!

(Trula breaks her glance and looks up at Jughead's hat.)

Jughead: What are you looking at?

Trula: Oh, I was thinking...

(Trula reaches inside of Jughead's hat.)

Jughead: Hey!

Trula: You were late to this rendezvous and you have no text books in your hands, since you don't carry a backpack...

(Trula pulls out Jughead's locker key.)

Trula: There it is. Your locker key you obviously misplaced.

Jughead: !!!

(Trula walks away as she casually tosses the key to Jughead over her shoulder as he catches it with both hands. A nervous Archie and Betty look on.)

Trula: The places you find things, right?

(Archie stands to Jughead's right, while Betty stands to his left. Jughead has a confused look on his face as his hat is now out of positioned.)

Archie: Jug, I think you might just want to surrender now.

Betty: Yeah, she's just too devious and cunning.

(Jughead steps forward and raises his fist in the air as he makes a pledge. Archie looks on with admiration as Betty shakes her head.)

Jughead: Never!

Jughead: I swear on Miss Beazley's chocolate soup sandwiches, that I shall defeat Trula Twyst and prove once and for all that no woman could ever grasp the depth recesses of Jughead Jones!!

Betty: Oh brother...

(Archie is talking with Jughead as Betty is walking away. Jughead has a smirk from ear to ear and grinds his hands as he has a master plan.)

Archie: So any ideas? I think you agreeing to be in one place has sunk you.

Jughead: Yeah, but who said my one place couldn't go up and about?

Archie: ?!

(It's the next day as Archie is in his car pulled up by the track field as he is watching the cheerleaders (Betty, Veronica, Nancy, Midge, and others begin practice.) Trula Twist with her backpack over her shoulder is walking towards the car from the sidewalk.)

Caption: Tuesday

Archie: Cheerleading practice already? I've got to thank whoever put that poster in my locker.

(Trula Twyst places a hand on Archie's shoulder as he looks on alarmed.)

Trula Twyst: Excuse me, Archie?

Archie: !!!

(Archie looks over at Trula who waves her hand as she has her eyes closed and has a fake smile on her face.)

Archie: Hey, I'm not going to tell you where--

Trula: No, no. I've just given up. When you see Jughead, I want you to tell him that.

(Archie eyes Trula as Trula seems to have a disappointed look on her face.)

Archie: Really?

Trula: Afraid so, I'm just at a lost. Stubbed my toe over the starting line as it were.

(Trula begins to act like her backpack is straining her as she looks at Archie with puppy dog eyes as Archie goes into a dream like state with a smile on his face.)

Trula: Maybe you could take me home? So I could begin my exile?  I would walk, but this backpack is so awfully heavy.

(Archie points over to the passenger side.)

Archie: No problem! I would never leave a lady in need.

Trula: My, a gentleman indeed.

(Trula bends down at Archie with a finger on her lip as she tries to seduce Archie. Archie has hearts around his head.)

Trula: Thank you. Now, could you open your trunk? I wouldn't want my backpack to scrap the leather seats of your vehicle.

(Archie opens the trunk door with a switch as Trula swings her backpack over her shoulder like it weighs nothing and merrily walks to the trunk.)

(We see Trula looking at Jughead as he is eating a candy bar. Jughead is flabbergasted.)

Jughead: !!!

Trula: One day down, three more to go.

(Trula throws her backpack in the trunk and slams the lid.)


Jughead: OW!


Jughead: Another OW!

(Trula gets in the passenger seat and begins to put on lipstick as Archie watches her with heart shaped eyes as he drives.)

(They are driving on a new street as Trula smacks her lips as Archie continues to stare at her with heart shaped eyes)

(It is another street as Trula uses the passenger window to adjust her hair. Archie is still looking on in a glaze)

(They are in front of Trula's house as she smacks her lips. Archie still looks on with the heart shaped eyes.)

Trula: Thank you, Archie. You are a true gentleman.

Archie: Sure...

(Trula walks around the car as Archie has his arms over the steering wheel as he has a far away look on his face.)

(Trula taps on the trunk.)

Tap Tap

(The trunk door opens.)

(Trula extends her hands to her waist.)

(Her backpack zooms out of the trunk towards her head, but Trula catches it easily.)

(Trula goes to her house as Jughead staggers out of the trunk.)

(Jughead opens the passenger door and begins to sit down as he has a frustrated look on his face.)

(Jughead stares at Archie who is out of his trance and just notices him.)

(Jughead slumps in the seat as Archie has an apologetic look as he has a smile turned entirely to his right with wide apologetic eyes)

Archie: Sorry.

(Jughead has his left eye squinted and his right eye looking upward .)

Jughead: Okay, if a mobile hiding spot won't work, then I'll just go with a place she can't enter.

(Trula Twyst is walking into Pop Tate's. Pop Tate is at the counter cleaning a glass as he seems worried to see her.)


Trula Twyst: My, I certainly could go for something sweet today.

(Trula begins to sit down at Jughead's seat. Pop Tate is trying to avoid eye contact.)

Trula: A banana split, please, Pop.

Pop Tate: Um...sure. Just a second...

(Trula begins to adjust herself on the stool as Pop Tate has the sliced banana in the ice cream dish along with the ice cream. Pop Tate eyes her nervously.)

Trula: Pop, was Jughead here?

Pop: Jughead? Our Jughead? Nope. Haven't seen the tip of his hat to the bottom of his sneakers all this afternoon.

Trula: Just like his money in your open palm.

(Trula talks as Pop becomes shocked and drops his ice cream scooper.)

Trula: But I thought you might have because this seat is warm, like someone just sat in it. I just thought that since today was your Wednesday special, Jughead couldn't help himself for a quick bite.


(Pop Tate picks up the ice cream scoop and puts it in the sink.)

Pop Tate: Nope

(Pop Tate turns to notice Trula Twyst staring at him keenly, like she is trying to look past him.)

Pop Tate: Um, Trula, is something---something wrong?

(Pop Tate cautiously, like a timid lion tamer feeding a lion places her banana split in front of her, as Trula simply smiles and waves off the question. Pop Tate is sweating heavily.)

Trula: Oh, I'm quite content. But you seem tense. Anxiety, perhaps? I can help with that.

Pop Tate: Oh, well, I also fix hamburgers and onion rings over a deep fry. It gets hot. That's all this is

(Pop slides a spoon to Trula as Trula snatches it with her right hand.)

Trula: Of course. That must be it.

(Trula turns her stool around as she holds the spoon up to her eyes as she begins to brush her hair back. Pop Tate is tacking out a handkerchief as he nervously wipes sweat from his brow.)

Trula: Shame about Jughead. I was looking for him.

(Trula uses the spoon to see Pop's reflection from the corner to see him looking to his right.)

Trula: Yes, I'd hoped to find him here.

(Trula looks over to the men and ladies' rest rooms.)

Trula: Hm, but it would seem I just can't get to him now.

Pop Tate: So...so it seems, Trula.

(Trula looks over to see Midge and Moose sitting near a window as they enjoy one another's company.)

(Trula slides the banana split back as she walks towards them as Pop looks on.)

Pop: You haven't touched a bite.

Trula: Oh, I won't be but a moment.

(Trula is standing over Moose and Midge.)

Trula: Hello.

Midge: Trula.

Moose: Duh, is there something I can help you with?

(Trula talking to Moose as she tries to act innocent. Moose is becoming angry as he reflects.)

Trula: Moose, remember how you bought Midge those expensive chocolates last week and when you came back to your locker they were all gone?

Moose: Duh, yeah. They were a gift for our anniversary when we first met.

(Trula begins to walk away as Moose becomes enraged to the point he is snorting flames.)

Trula: Jughead took them.

Moose: WHAT?!!

Midge: Now, Moose, don't cause a scene...

(Moose kicks open the men's bathroom door.)

Moose: I thought Jughead was sick 'er' something since he was in here so long, but he was tryin' to avoid me!


(Trula nonchalantly sits back in Jughead's seat and begins adjust as slice of banana to align with the other slices with her spoon. Midge, Pop Tate, and everyone else eating looks to their right in horror.)



(Midge has her hands over her ears and several people run out. Trula simply takes a moment and seems to be savoring the sounds)


(Trula adjusts the scoops on the banana split ever so slightly.)

(Trula moves over a seat to her left as Moose and Midge leave.)

(A severely battered Jughead with his clothes torn, his face bruised and his hat shoved around his neck walks towards his seat.)

(Jughead sits down at his seat as Trula, without looking his way, hands him her spoon.)

Trula: There you are.

Jughead: Yeah, yeah...





(Jughead, with a clothespin over his nose is in a perfume store as several perfumes on the aisle he is peering from give off aromas.)


Jughead: Okay, this will be the last place anyone would ever look to find me.

(Jughead is adjusting his clothespin as more aromas of different colors lead from perfume bottles.)

Jughead: Yuck. What kind of person would buy this overpriced, overhyped, overscented--

(Jughead walks down an aisle as he sees Veronica trying on perfume as she uses her free hand to stroke her hair as she's thinking about how gorgeous she is.)

Veronica: Yes, I believe this will attract the boys...along with my eyes, my raven hair, my....

Jughead: So this is where the magic happens...

(Jughead walks away shaking his head and acting like he is sweeping with an imaginary broom.)

Jughead: Bad juju in the witch's cauldron brews.

Trula: Then hiding in a witch's coven isn't wise during a witch hunt.

(Jughead turns around as Trula is behind him and spraying perfume on her left wrist.)

Jughead: ?!

Trula: Juggers, I need your opinion.

(Jughead turns around as Trula takes off the clothespin with her right hand and has her left wrist with the perfume fumes going into his nostrils, enflaming Jughead's eyes.)

Jughead: !!!

(Jughead has both hands over his nose as he runs away. Trula looks on cheerfully.)


Trula: I think I'll wear this during our Q&A.

(Jughead is walking down a sidewalk along several buildings with a deeply worried expression as he kicks an empty soda can as he walks.)

Jughead: I only have one more day and she's already found me in less than five minutes the last three days combined!

(Jughead has his hands over his face as the approaching horror seems undeniable.)

Jughead: Knowledge is power and she's going to have two hours to form a dominion over my very soul!

Jughead: I can just imagine the evil she'd unleash upon me! How she'd change the Jughead we all know and love into some soulless brute living on her every word.

Jughead: I can see it now...

(Jughead has a thought balloon of himself and Trula happily, hand in hand, walking along in the park as doves fly overhead and various woodland animals are holding hands and dancing. Similar to a scene you'd see in a Disney movie. Jughead however reacts like it's a horror movie as he bites his hands and his face goes pale.)

Jughead: The horror!!

(Jughead sits down on a curb as a cat is walking past him.)

Jughead: I need to think of something. Something that would be the equivalent of ripping off my own right arm.

(Jughead grinds his knuckles against the temples of his head as he strains to think.)

Jughead: Think, brain, think!

Jughead thought balloon at his head: I've got nothing, bro.

(Jughead looks at his stomach)

Jughead: What about you trusted friend? What do you think I should do?

Jughead thought balloon at his stomach: I want to eat.

Jughead: Think harder!

Jughead thought balloon: I want to eat frozen waffles!

(Jughead has his elbows at his knees and sadly rests his head on his hands as he slumps over in defeat. A barking dog runs past Jughead's feet)

Dog: Bow wow!

Jughead:  Sigh. Maybe it's not so impressive how Trula can get in my head.

(Jughead looks on as the dog is chasing the cat in a circle around some poor guy who is trapped. The guy has a box labeled fragile over his head as he tries to keep his balance.)

Jughead: Look at that. Boy, I know how it feels to be chased in an eternal struggle. Always having to run because of Trula or--

(A light bulb suddenly goes off in Jughead's eyes as he has his solution.)

Jughead: Zounds of eureka!

(Jughead looks at his right arm playfully as his hand waves goodbye to him.)

Jughead: Well, bud, we've made many a burger and held many a soda over the years, but it looks like we're finally going to part ways...

(Trula Twyst is knocking on the Coopers' front door.)

Caption: FRIDAY!!!

Knock Knock

Betty inside the house: I'm coming! I'm coming!

(Betty opens the door as Trula tilts her head to her left and gives an insincere smile. Betty taps her fingers against the door as she waits for Trula to gloat.)

Trula: Hello.

Betty: Trula Twyst. Already found Jughead and had to brag about it?

(Trula Twyst pushes past Betty.)

Trula Twyst: In a few seconds and a few moments after. May I come in?

(Trula begins to go up a staircase as Betty follows after her.)

Betty: What are you doing? This is my house!

(Trula begins to open Betty's bedroom door.)

Trula: Your house, but I surmise my prey is behind this door.

Betty: What are you--?

(Trula opens the door as Trula goes inside to see several pictures of Archie on all the walls, an image of Archie on her bedspread, and a telescope by her window pointed at the house next door. Betty looks embarrassed as Trula looks around.)

Trula: ...

(Trula turns to a blushing Betty.)

Trula: Hm. I think you and I should have a session.

Betty: It's...it's not how it looks...that bed spread was a present...!

(Trula begins to open Betty's closet as Betty becomes angry.)

Trula: If Archie chooses Veronica, I could make a small fortune on you alone.

Trula: Now, come on out, Juggers. You've lost and I have a few questions to ask. First question: What is up with that shirt?

(Betty runs in front of Trula and closes the door and blocks it with her entire body.)


Betty: I don't know what you're doing, but Jughead isn't here.

(Trula begins to look Betty over as Betty looks at her straightforwardly.)

(Trula has a puzzled look as she steps back.)

Trula: You...I think you're telling me the truth.

Betty: Of course I am! I wouldn't--

(Betty begins to smile as Trula is troubled by Betty's upcoming assertion.)

Betty: Wait. You thought he was here, but he's not.

Trula: I--I don't know what you're--

(Trula turns to Betty as Betty chuckles.)

Betty: Jughead. You don't know where he is.

Trula: Don't be dense.

(Trula tries to act confident as she points out the window.)

Trula: I know Jughead. He'll have a friend hide him in his or her house. I was just wrong by a few feet.

(Trula begins to leave the Cooper house as Betty happily follows her.)

Betty: Then you won't mind if I follow?

Trula: Do as you like.

(Mrs. Andrews opens the door as Trula and Betty come in.)

Mrs. Andrews: Why, Archie? Yes, he's in the living room.

(Mrs. Andrews leads the girls to the living room as Archie is watching baseball and not looking at them.)

Mrs. Andrews: Archie!! Company!!

Archie: Jugs, I prepared for today. Got you an entire bucket of ice cream in the freezer. My treat like always, bud.

(Archie stands up after noticing Betty and Trula. Trula has a confused look on her face while Betty is smiling ear to ear.)

Archie: Betty...and Trula? What are you two doing here? I thought you'd be grilling Jughead right about now Trula.

Trula: This doesn't...I couldn't have been wrong...I...

(Trula does her fake happy expression to Mrs. Andrews as Mrs. Andrews replies)

Trula: Excuse me, Mrs. Andrews, we haven't properly met, but I'm a friend of Jughead's. Have you seen him by chance?

Mrs. Andrews: I'm afraid not. After school, I usually just see him around the refrigerator.

(Trula eyes Betty and Archie as Betty is whispering to Archie who has a mystified smile on his face.)

Archie: ...I think you're right...

(Trula begins to walk away in a huff past Mrs. Andrews.)

Trula: Thank you for your time, Mrs. Andrews. You have a lovely home.

Archie: Hey! Wait for us!

(Trula is in her car as Betty opens the car passenger door and Archie opens the left backseat door.)

Betty: We want to follow along.

Trula: Fine. This won't be much longer.

(A shot of Trula at a house as Chuck answers the door.)

Chuck: Nope. I haven't seen Jughead since the end of the day.

(A shot of Trula at another house, slightly more worried as Dilton answers.)

Dilton: Sorry, Trula, but Jughead is not in the surrounding locality.

(A shot of an angry Moose answering the door as Trula seems embarrassed she came to ask Moose.)

Moose: Duh, do ya think he would stay da afternoon after what he did?!

Trula: No...no...my mistake.

(Moose waves her goodbye as she is obviously bewildered as she goes back to her car parked along the sidewalk. Betty has the window of her side lowered as she looks out. Archie has his hands over his head in the back. Both Archie and Betty are enjoying seeing Trula struggle.)

Moose: But thanks for helping me out days ago.

Trula: Sure...I...I'm just glad I could help.

(Trula enters the driving side of the car as Betty turns to her with a wide smile)

Betty: Any luck? We've been to everyone's house.

(Trula scowls at Betty as Archie straightens himself up in the back.)

Trula: I have twenty minutes left. Until then, be quiet!

(Betty turns away as Trula pulls out onto the street.)

Betty: Someone's losing her cool.

(Caption it is later in the afternoon as they are driving along a street in with several stores and an upcoming movie theater straight ahead. Trula has her head sticking out the window to scan the streets. Betty has a hand out to feel the wind in her palm.)

Betty: Archie, how much longer?

(Archie looks at his watch as Trula looks out the window more frantically.)

Archie: I've got three seconds.

(Betty begins to countdown as Trula despondently begins to pull the car over in front of the movie theater.)

Betty: 3

Archie: 2

Betty and Archie : 1!!! Time's up!

(Betty stops as Trula puts her arms over the steering wheel and buries her head as she begins to cry.)

Betty: Sev--Trula what are you doing?

Trula: Sob Sob

Trula: This is what you two wanted, wasn't it? To see me lose? Everyone wants to see the underdog win (sob sob) it's human...it's human nature...!

(Betty and Archie look at each other slightly guilty at having enjoyed teasing Trula.)

Trula: Sniff Sniff. But no one cares when a dynasty falls! WAAAHHH!

(Betty places a hand on Trula's shoulder to comfort her as Archie looks away out the window.)

Betty: Trula....I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. This was all just a stupid game, I didn't think you would take losing so--

(Trula whams both fists on her steering wheel as Betty backs away after seeing that Trula isn't as sad as she had thought, but she's still concerned. Archie's eyes go wide as he looks out the window.)

Trula: I spent hours on my questions! I would have changed him within a five minutes! Now I'm going to miss a week of Jughead research time! It'll take months to catch up!

Betty: Um, I'm sure you'll manage.

Archie: Jughead!

(Betty and Trula look up.)

Betty and Trula: Jughead?!!

(All three look out the car as several people are coming out of the movie with Jughead, eating a bag of popcorn, and Ethel coming out together. Ethel is fawning over Jughead as Jughead looks at his watch and smiles as he tosses several pieces of popcorn in his mouth.)

Ethel: That movie was so romantic, sweetheart?

Jughead: I don't know about that, but the popcorn could have used more butter.

(Ethel blushes as Jughead rolls taps the glass casing on his watch.)

Ethel: I'm so proud of you. You didn't even say you were using the bathroom to sneak away or get snacks while the movie was on. You stayed right with me like a good boyfriend.

Jughead: Well, when you commit to something...

Ethel: Sigh...

(Jughead notices Trula in her car as Betty and Archie get out. Trula is wiping away tears.)

Jughead: Well, if it isn't my opposition--twenty seconds too late--and eye witnesses to boot.

(Archie is talking with Jughead who standing by Trula's car as Trula stares away.)

Archie: Wait you mean...

Jughead: That's right. I spent two hours watching a sappy romantic movie with Ethel right after school.

(Archie and Betty talk with a victorious Jughead as Trula inhales as she is preparing to accept that she lost.)

Archie: The one other person no one would think you could stand for a minute, much less two hours.

Betty: And watching a rom-com with her.

Jughead: Well desperate times, call for desperate measures.

(Jughead holds up the index fingers on both of his hands.)

Jughead: Sometimes you have to bite one index finger as hard as you can to take your mind off of hitting the other one with a hammer.

(Jughead is looking in Trula's window as Trula listens to him.)

Jughead: Now Trula Twyst, I believe we had a bet.

Trula: We did.

(Trula fakes a smile as her eyes are watery.)

Trula: I lost. Fair and square, and I'll honor our agreement. You won't see one curly hair from me for a week.

(Trula drives away as Jughead turns to Archie and Betty victoriously, celebrating with both hands cupped and waved over his right shoulder. Archie is happy for his friend while Betty is concerned about Trula.)

Jughead: And there we have it! A definitive, absolute, well deserved, long overdue victory! May all the gluttons and the do-nothings in the world rejoice!

Archie: Jughead, you finally ended the streak!

(Betty looks over at Jughead while her body is facing the street as Jughead waves her off. Ethel is running up behind Jughead.)

Betty: Jughead, you're not really going to let her exile herself from human contact, are you?

Jughead: Yes, and I'll be expecting my Nobel Prize within the next two to three days.

(Archie is talking with Jughead as Jughead waves her off.)

Archie: With Trula out of your hair, won't that leave a giant void for something worse to fill?

Jughead: Actually, I plan on filling that void with more eating and napping and maybe a---

(Ethel hugs Jughead as Jughead is startled.)

Ethel: So now what?


Jughead: Whuh?!

(Ethel has her chin on Jughead's right shoulder as she continues to squeeze him.)

Ethel: Now. We are a steady couple now. What should we do tomorrow? And the next day, and the next??

Jughead: Steady!?! I just asked you if you wanted to--

(Ethel squeezes Jughead so tightly he resembles toothpaste being squeezed form the middle. Ethel turns to Betty and Archie.)

Ethel: Hey, how about a double date!! We could swap stories, talk about favorite movies, favorite books, maybe a romantic restaurant.

Archie: Um, well, that sounds like fun...

(Ethel rubs her face against Jughead's as she picks him off the ground. Jughead has a look of great concern.)

Ethel: I've already had plans written out for our second date, our third, or fourth...and I want some kisses! And hugs every ten minutes!

Ethel: I've wanted this for so long and now we're an official couple! C'mon, let's carve our names in a tree.

Jughead: How about I climb the tree and stay there until you cut it down with a pocket knife?

(Ethel is dragging Jughead away as Archie and Betty laugh at the situation. Jughead's legs have gone wobbling.)

Ethel: Now let's take a walk in the park, and I'll tell you about my entire day!

Jughead: We were at school and I spent the afternoon with you!! What more do I need to know?

Ethel: Relive the magic, my steady boyfriend.

Jughead: You call this steady?!

(We are inside Trula Twyst's room. She is lying on her bed eating popcorn as she watches a movie on a TV set up just in front of her bed. A clock shows that it is four o'clock. Next to Trula is a large notebook with JUGHEAD STUDY written on it.)

Caption: Saturday

Trula: Sigh, I suppose I just have to accept that no matter how sound the research an invariable can enter an environment and ruin everything.

(Trula looks up as her mother is yelling at her from somewhere in the house.)

Trula's mother off-panel: Trula! You have a visitor!

(Jughead suddenly runs into the room and slams the door shut. Trula sits up.)

Trula: Juggers!?


(Trula has her arms folded across her chest as she looks away. Jughead has his entire body pressed against the door as if a fiend of some sort was after him.)

Trula: If you've come to check on me, I have kept my word. If you've come to gloat, just keep it brief.

(Jughead begins to move place a nearby chair against the door to keep anyone from opening it. Trula tilts her head in confusion.)

Trula: What are you doing?

(Jughead closes Trula's window.)

Jughead: I'm playing a new game of hide 'n' seek and this will be the absolute last place she'd ever look!

Trula:  What new game? Who are you talking about?

(Outside walking along Trula's street is Ethel, with her hands cupped over her mouth, like a makeshift microphone, as she shouts. Several people walking dogs or raking their yards look over at her, perplexed. From Trula's house we can see Jughead's nose just peeking out the window.

Ethel: JUGGIE! I want my steady-weady boyfriend to walk me home, and I'll search all over Riverdale until I find you!!

(Jughead is diving under Trula's bed as Trula happily picks up her Jughead study and begins to jot down notes.)

Jughead: You haven't seen me, you don't know me.

Trula: Well, to the winner go the spoils.



Great story. Had to look up who Trula was because I have never read anything with her in it and didn't know who she was. I am rather new to reading these comics. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.



And here's what I normally use to help about characters.



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