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Jughead in Leftovers

Started by PTF, November 25, 2016, 03:48:29 pm

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 Panel one: At the Jones Family table it is after the Thanksgiving meal with the entire table picked clean. A pork shoulder bone is on one plate, a turkey carcass on another, several empty pie and cake trays, and Jughead is gulping down the last bit of soda in a two liter bottle as Mr. Jones, Jellybean, and Mrs. Jones look on. Peeking over the edge of the table is Hot Dog.

Jughead: Gulp Gulp

Mr. Jones: Dear, I think you out did yourself, Thanksgiving dinner came and went much faster this year.

Mrs. Jones: No, he's just a growing boy.

Mr. Jones: I think we'll both need second jobs.

Panel two: Jughead walks away from the table along with Mr. Jones, carrying Jellybean away. Hot Dog has a drumstick he is happily carrying in his mouth. Mrs. Jones looks on in horror at the dishes she has to do all by herself.

Jughead: Well off to slip into my festive food coma.

Mr. Jones: Football for me.

Hot Dog: Digging holes and burying bones, it's the simple life for me!

Mrs. Jones: !!!

Panel three: Mrs. Jones angrily begins to gather plates as she comments to herself. Jughead is in the door frame as what his mother says piques his interest.

Mrs. Jones: Well, at least I don't have to worry about storing leftovers like other families!!

Page 2

Panel one: A close-up on Jughead's face as he taps his chin with his index finger.

Jughead: "Leftovers...I've heard of this word before but remember not its meaning.

Panel two: Jughead motions his hand at his mouth as he finally remembers what leftovers are.

Jughead: Now I remember! Leftovers is when you have more food than you can eat and you save it for later.

Panel three: Jughead scratches the back of his head as he begins to open the door to his room.

Jughead: Never put that concept in practice myself, but I bet most people do.

Panel four: Jughead is sitting on his bed as he slaps his fist on his open palm as he smiles.

Jughead: I know people! Lots of people!

Jughead: Hu-rah! An untapped market for me to sink my teeth into.

Panel five: Jughead begins to get drowsy as he yawns and stretches his arms.

Jughead: Yyyaaawwwn.

Jughead: And I'll get right on to it...

Panel six: Jughead falls back asleep on his bed as he begins to snore.

Jughead: ...tomorrow when I waaaakkkezzzzzzzzzzzz

Page 2

Panel one: Inside of Archie's kitchen as he is pulling out what is left over of his pecan pie.

Caption: Tomorrow.

Archie: What's left of my favorite desert in my hand...

Panel two: Archie looks over as he sees through the kitchen window Jughead's face as he has his tongue sticking out and is acting like an indoor dog that wants back inside the home.

Archie: ...And my best friend's at the door.

Archie: I know where this is going, and I'm sure I'm not going to be the one who needs to floss in the next few minutes.

Panel three: Archie opens the door as Jughead (wearing a navy blue sweatshirt) begins to sniff the air as he grabs the pecan pie as Archie gives an aside glance to the readers in an "I told you so" type manner.

Jughead: Hiya pal ol' buddy thought I'd pay a visit and....

Jughead: Say, do I smell the aroma of pecans and other provisions in cold storage?

Archie: You may.

Panel four: Jughead runs past Archie and makes a dive for the kitchen while taking the pecan pie with him.

Jughead: I will!

Archie No! Wait! I meant--

Jughead: Help myself? Don't mind if I do!

Panel five: Archie looks on in bane as Jughead has the entire pie plate at his mouth as he begins to gobble pie down as Archie looks on in disbelief. With a free hand, Jughead begins to open up the near by refridgerator.

Jughead: smak snarf yum chew

Archie: You give Black Friday a whole new meaning, Jug.

Panel six: Archie looks at Jughead as Jughead looks at his navy blue sweatshirt as Archie face palms.

Jughead: No, this is navy blue. A common mistake.

Page 3

Panel one: Jughead, picking his teeth with a toothpick is walking out of the Archie home, as an angry Archie looks on.

Jughead: Well, later, Arch. It's such a beautiful day, I think I'll (burp) visit a few of my other friends.

Panel two: Archie slams the door as he is upset Jughead ate all the pecan pie.

Archie: Around this time, most people are getting ready for Christmas--


Archie: --But he's still got his Halloween mindset cemented in!

Panel three: Archie's eyes light up as he has a thought.

Archie: Wait...

Archie: Jughead is on a food binge and no one's refrigerator is safe! I have to warn the community or we could have a food shortage.

Panel four: Archie pulls out his cellphone as he begins to text Archie. On the cellphone is A.Andrews: Bets, j2lyk, Jug is on food binge. Watch fingers.

Archie: I'd better text Betty and warn her first.

Panel five: A close up on Archie's phone as he is surprised to see a sad smiley face designed like Betty as Betty's reply.

Panel six: Inside of the Cooper kitchen as Betty sadly looks on as Jughead is in the kitchen holding a drumstick and drinking a soda as he continues to rummage.

Jughead: Wow! Look at all these vitals.

Betty: That was going to last us for days.

Jughead: And be in the way of new food. When does your family shop for groceries again?

Page 4

Panel one: Reggie is reading a text on his phone as he has a smirk ear to ear.

Reggie: So snout nose is making a pig out of himself, huh? That works out just fine.

Panel two: Reggie is crumbling up leftover turkey meat into a taco and is pouring Uncle Blaster's Volcano sauce. The sauce is so hot, it's cooking the turkey meat and the taco.

Reggie: Far be it for me not to put a stupid animal out of my misery!

Panel three: Reggie is running out with the turkey taco as he chuckles to himself.

Reggie: Nyuk Nyuk! I'll burn his tongue so bad he'll need a taste bud transplant!

Panel four: Reggie is running up to Jughead as Jughead is casually walking down the sidewalk, barely paying Reggie any mind.

Reggie: Jughead, I want you to try out this turkey taco my mom made!

Panel five: Jughead holds a hand up to show he's passing as Reggie glares at him and shakes the turkey taco as if trying to use it to attract Jughead back.

Jughead: Pass.

Reggie: Hey! What's your problem!? My mom is an excellent cook, you gangly gastronome!

Panel six: Jughead quips at Reggie as Reggie turns red with rage as he grits his teeth.

Jughead: Nothing against your mom...but she doesn't have the best track record.

Jughead: She did make you after all.

Page 5

Panel one: Reggie runs in front of Jughead.

Reggie: Don't you talk that way about my mother!

Jughead: You're right. Your dad deserves his fair share of the blame.

Panel two: Reggie takes a bite out of  the turkey taco.

Reggie: Y'know what?! You don't deserve anything but to watch me eat this delicacy!


Panel three: Reggie' face lights up bright red and flames are in his eyes to show how hot the turkey taco was.

Panel four: Reggie runs off as his entire body is lit on fire as he lets the turkey taco fly into the air with Jughead reaching to grab it.


Panel five: Jughead is taking a bite out of the turkey taco to no effect as he enjoys it. In the background, Reggie is on all fours as he I drinking from Runty's water bowl as Runty looks on annoyed.

Jughead: It's okay, but could use a little cayenne to pep it up a bit.

Page 6

Panel one: Veronica is looking out a window in her mansion as she is on her cellphone. She sneers as she sees Jughead, slumped over, heading towards her door.

Veronica: Well well, looks like The Turkey that digested Thanksgiving is plodding my way.

Veronica: ...Archiekins, I have nothing but the best intentions for dear sweet Juggie.

Panel two: Jughead is preparing to knock on the door as he is thinking what to say.

Jughead thinking: "So, Ronnie, you're looking lovely today, wanna celebrate the miracle?"

Jughead thinking: No, that's more an Ethel conversation starter...

Panel three: Veronica opens the door as she feigns being happy to see Jughead.

Veronica: Am I glad to see you!!

Jughead: You've gone blind?

Panel four: Veronica is dragging Jughead inside as she leads the way.

Veronica: Only you can help me out of my predicament!

Jughead: You're blind and doomed. How the mighty have fallen.

Panel five: Veronica opens the door to the Lodge banquet hall as it is filled with thanksgiving leftovers. Jughead looks on with his tongue sitting out and his eyes open.

Veronica: My family hasn't the space for all the leftover food from the Thanksgiving banquet. I suppose we'll have to throw it all in the trash unless...

Panel six: A small panel of Jughead rushing ahead as Veronica gives the reader an aside glance.

Jughead: Okay, I'll help, but you owe me big for this.

Veronica thinking: Oh that's why I'm doing this.

Page 7

Panel one: Jughead is beginning to eat a giant piece of cake as he reaches for a left over turkey wing as he happily eats.

Jughead: Gaston's pastries, his Michelin star turkey stuffing, and the flock of the bird of yesterday! What more can a guy with an appetite for culinary ask for?!

Panel two; Jughead has his jeans unbelted as his stomach is pooched out as he leans back in his chair as he strains to eat the bite of food he is chewing. On the banquet table, 3/5th of the massive food remains.

Caption two hours later.

Jughead: Hn. My stomach and brain are telling me to stop. Don't think they've ever agreed before.

Jughead: (burp). It's unanimous.

Panel three: Jughead tries to get up as Veronica is holding a bowl of pudding with a spoon in it as Jughead tries to wave her off.

Veronica: But you haven't even tried the vanilla pudding with a dash of lavender.

Jughead: I never thought I would say this, but this one, food is like women: I've had enough of both for the day.

Panel four: Veronica shoves a spoonful of food into Jughead's mouth as Jughead's eyes bulge out as he falls back in his chair. Smithers and another male servant are walking towards Jughead.

Veronica: Oh but I insist!

Jughead: Bluurrrrhhh

Panel five: Veronica looks on as Smithers pries Jughead's mouth open as the other servant begins slide a tray of yams into his gullet.

Jughead: Ronnie! Please! I can't eat anymore! I'm full!!

Veronica: You can never fill up a bottomless pit.

Veronica: Gentleman, make sure he licks the plates clean.

Page 8

Panel one: The Jones family is at the kitchen table as she has prepared chicken legs and corn on the cob.

Mr. Jones: Jughead, hasn't come back for dinner? It's not like him to miss his fifth meal of the day.

Mrs. Jones: Well, we can't wait forever for him.

Panel two: The Jones Family looks on in surprise at what they see off-panel.

Jughead: Actually, I'm not too hungry right now.  I was thinking on waiting on the food and have it a little later.

Jughead: It's called something....it's right on the tip of my tongue...

Panel three: The Jones family is surprised to see a ballooned up Jughead (looking three hundred pounds heavier) walking into the room as he puts his hand over his mouth. Jellybean pushes her food away form her, afraid she'll look like Jughead if she eats. Mr. and Mrs. Jones jaws are dropped. Hot Dog is shaking his head at Jughead.

Jughead: Leftovers. That's the word.

Hot Dog: I have a word for you.

Hot Dog: Liposuction.


The End.


DeCarlo Rules

You mis-numbered your pages. You actually have TWO "page 2"s, so it's a 9-page story (fairly uncommon, I think, if it were an actual published story). Not that it's a big deal, but you may want to fix it.


hi all, my name is Arsen)) I am a new member here )) thanks for your post , nice to meet you all here, in this web site

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