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ASS-P: 2017 AND 2018.

Jughead in Run, Run, Run!

Started by PTF, July 05, 2016, 04:17:20 pm

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 Page one:

Panel one: The setting is Pickens Park. Trula Twyst is standing by a hot dog cart as the hot dog cart bender is giving some six year old kid a two foot long hot dog as he holds out both arms to grab it. Trula is looking at her watch as she waits patiently.

Trula Twyst: It is just past one, the wind is carrying the smell of hot dogs in a northwestern degree at 2 mph...

Panel two: Trula sees Jughead walking along a path with Archie as Jughead blissfully is sniffing the air. Trula looks on as everything is happening as she summerized. The small boy is holding the hot dog up and is taking it down by giant bites as the hot dog tender looks on in awe.

Trula Twyst: Do I know that nose.

Panel three: Jughead notices Trula as Trula is confidently walking towards him and Archie. Jughead is dismayed while Archie jokes with Jughead.

Archie: Looks like you're Trula's tracking device is at full capacity, huh, Jughead?

Jughead: Grummble.

Panel four: Jughead zooms past Trula, taking her by surprise as she raises both eyebrows as her hair is blown back. Jughead leaves a trail of dust behind him as Archie jumps back.

Jughead: Let's see if her tracking device is any match for my warp drive!!


Page 2:

Panel one: Trula looks on in awe with Archie as they watch Jughead streak across the park, zooming past several people, leaping over people having a picnic while grabbing a  chicken drumstick from someone and circling around several trees before continuing to run away.

Archie: He's first at the lunch line for a reason.

Panel two: Trula begins to run after Jughead as Archie has turned his attention to two attractive female joggers who wave at him.

Trula: If he thinks he can run away from me like that, he's got another thing coming!

Panel three: Jughead is in heavily forested area as he looks around nervously.

Jughead: I think I got a good head start on her...but I've seen locations like this in horror movies that never bode well for the innocent.

Panel four: Jughead turns his head in surprise as he hears Trula's voice.

Trula off-panel: Y-you (huff puff) just...wait...!

Panel five: A completely exhausted and fatigued weakly runs towards Jughead. Her face is red cheeked and beading with sweat, she is breathing heavily, and her hair is a mess. Jughead looks on as he happily notes the situation.

Trula: ...there...! Right (huuufff huff) there...!!!

Page 3:

Panel one: Jughead has his chest pushed out as he looks on happily as Trula Twyst is bent over in front of him trying to catch her breath after running as fast as she could after Jughead.

Jughead: Trula, why it doth seem that you are a wee bit out of shape.

Panel two: Trula glares up at Jughead as she is sucking in air as Jughead pats her on her back as he soaks in the situation and the advantage he has over Trula.

Jughead: Hey! Don't give me that look! All criminal masterminds have henchmen do their leg work for a reason!

Trula: Juggers...!!

Panel three: Jughead zooms away from Trula as he mockingly motions for her to follow. Trula's hair is kicked up by the back draft of Jughead's running speed.

Jughead: Tell you what, I'll wait for you at the other end of the park!


Trula: !!!

Panel four: Trula begins to jog as she is now carrying her high heel shoes in one hand and is taking breaths in and out as she vainly tries to catch up with Jughead. Archie and the female joggers are running past Trula. Archie is in between the two and he is skipping along happily

Trula : I hope he trips over a tortoise and a hare mistakes his nose for a carrot!!

Page 4.

Panel one: Jughead is drinking a soda in a Styrofoam cup as he is lying on a park bench happily enjoying the day as a penguin and a line of ducks walk past him. By the bench is a litter bin. The bin is filled with Styrofoam cups, supplied by Jughead.

Jughead: Ah.

Jughead: Summersault cola! Refreshing energy boost that makes my taste buds go topsy turvy!

Panel two: Jughead looks down the path as Trula looks like she is about to collapse as she vainly keeps running to catch up with Jughead. Jughead is throwing the cup away in  the nearby trash bin.

Jughead: I'd almost admire her determination if I didn't detest the rest of her.

Panel three: Jughead looks up as Trula's arms hang loosely and she is about to give way it seems as beads of sweat are pouring from her face.

Trula: weezzz weezzz

Jughead: What, is that some sort of new language?

Panel four: Jughead sits up and gives Trula room to sit on the bench. Trula practically collapse on the bench as she has her head tilted just over the bench and her arms stretched along the top.

Jughead: Take a seat. You've earned it.

Trula: huff huff huff puff!

Page 5

Panel one: Jughead is stretching his legs as Trula weakly looks over at him as she is still trying to get her wind back and cool off.

Jughead: You're brain is a little too busy telling your lungs to breath in and out fresh air, so I'll just run things down for you:

Panel two: Jughead begins to run in place as Trula snarls at him.

Jughead: I'm the hare, you're the tortoise. And this little hare can eat and sleep all he wants because we're not racing. We're playing keep away.

Panel three: Jughead points at Trula as Trula turns away, not liking that what Jughead is saying is true.

Jughead: Go ahead and plan where I'll be and wait. For every one step of yours, I'm taking twenty!

Trula: Hmph. You're mistaking cowardice for intelligence.

Panel four: Jughead turns his head to his right to see Ethel waving and blowing kisses at him as she is running at him from a good distance away.

Ethel: Loverboy!

Jughead: Yikes!

Panel five: Jughead is zooming off again as Trula jumps off the bench as Ethel is zooming down the hill.

Jughead: And she actually can match me step for step!

Trula: Get back here!! We're not finished, Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third!!

Page 6

Panel one: Trula looks towards Ethel as Ethel is running straight at Trula at full steam ahead.

Trula: ...I now sympathize with roadkill.

Panel two: Trula bends his waist and shields herself with her arms as she prepares to get run down. Ethel stops on her heels just inches from Trula.


Ethel: Oh. Hi, Trula!

Panel three: Trula straightens up and brushes herself off as Ethel kindly talks with her. In the sky the penguin, now using a hand glider, is flying in the lead of a V formation with the ducks from earlier

Ethel: A great day in the park, huh? Bright shiny day and Jughead Jones playing hard to get.

Trula: Oh, it's been just wonderful, Ethel.

Panel four: Trula begins to chase after Jughead again as Ethel cups her chin as she wonders what is going on.

Trula: Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to catch Juggers and break his kneecaps for him!

Page 7.

Panel one: Trula turns to see Ethel running backwards and keeping up with her with ease as Ethel shrugs her shoulders and tilts her head towards Trula as Trula is flabbergasted.

Ethel: I don't pry in you and your mind games...but you're running in my game now and you might as well be standing still at your pace.

Trula: ...!!!

Panel two: Trula stops as she takes deep breaths and clenches her fists. Ethel stops running when Trula does.

Ethel: Jughead may seem like a placid, slow type of hunk, but he can go zero to warpspeed inbetween the ding and dong of the lunch bell!

Panel three: Trula wipes sweat off her forehead as she has a determined look as she makes a declaration. Ethel looks on and thinks to herself.

Trula: It doesn't matter!! I'll match him stride for stride somehow...!!

Panel four: Ethel volunteers as Trula is taken back by Ethel's offer of aid as both eyes widen.

Ethel: And I'll help you!

Panel five: Trula questions Ethel as Ethel shrugs her shoulders

Trula: Why would you want to help me when it would take away an advantage you might have on me regarding Jughead?

Ethel: Why...?

Page 8:

Panel one: Ethel happily gives her explanation as Trula is indifferent and sneers to herself.

Ethel: Well, we're friends, right?

Panel two: Trula's blunt response stuns Ethel.

Trula: Wrong.

Ethel: Huh?

Panel three: Trula explains her stance on Ethel with an evil smirk as Ethel listens with sad puppy dog eyes.

Trula: We're rivals. While I believe all rivals have to show respect to one another, friendship they don't. If you did help me--I'd use you for all I could and forget about you right after.

Panel four: Ethel is sincerely hurt by Trula's words.

Ethel: Oh. Well then...

Panel five: Ethel is suddenly happy again as she smiles at Trula which confounds Trula.

Ethel: Even if you don't consider me your friend, I think of you as mine!

Panel six: Ethel has a shoulder around Trula like a friend would as they walk together. Ethel is as happy and kind as she normally is while Trula is uneasy with Ethel and her continued goodness.

Ethel: Now c'mon! We'll start your training implement! It'll be loads of fun!

Page 9.

Panel one: It is a new day in Pickens Park as Ethel has tied five pound weights to Trula's ankles as Trula is lying on the ground under a shade tree and raising her left leg up as she strains. Ethel is always going to be wearing the same coach uniform (blue jumpsuit with whistle) while Trula's look is shorts, a t-shirt, her hair tied back, and sneakers as she trains. Above the shade tree are three squirrels (Wally, Nutmeg, and Oaky-Doaky for those following my fan fics). Wally is directing the other two as they push along a long line of acorns down a tree branch as the acorns land on a duck's head as a penguin looks on holding a small umbrella.

Ethel: That's it! You need to build up your leg muscles as fast as we can!

Panel two: Trula and Ethel are taking long ridiculous strides through the park on another day. As they gracefully do a high step over three squirrels and their small castle made of acorns, several ballerinas just passing by in the park look on jealously. The Penguin has tried to make a castle out of a pile of leaves, but not successfully.

Ethel: Stretch those calfs! Long strides! Long Strides!

Panel three: Ethel and Trula are doing yoga with a picnic cloth under them as both have their right and left legs over their back. Both seem to be having no problem as they talk casually. The three squirrels are next to them trying to imitate them. Wally has his arms and legs behind his back as he is rolled up like a ball, Nutmeg has his tail wrapped around his head, and Oaky-Doaky is barely keeping his balence standing on one foot as the penguin gives him a thumbs up for a job well done.

Ethel: You're pretty good at this!

Trula: Before psychology, gymnastics was my main interest...

Panel four: Trula and Ethel are chugging a gallon of water as several on lookers look on. At their feet are several empty gallon bottles of water. The three squirrels are looking on, as they ponder how they can play along with the girls as the penguin sneaks up on them with a water balloon.

Ethel: Glub Glub. Gotta stay hydrated. Can't stop for water during a chase. Juggie's like a camel.

Trula: Glub Glub!

Panel five: Ethel is tying Trula's shoes in knots that would make the Gordian Knot look like a two year old tied it as Trula looks down at her shoes. In the background, three wet squirrels are chasing after the penguin as they run past a man walking an extremely hair sheep dog.

Ethel: Most important of all: Always tie your shoes tight. Tripping while chasing Jughead Jones is like falling out of a plane.

Trula: Shouldn't I have circulation in my feet?

Ethel: I wouldn't risk it.

Panel 10:

Panel one:  In Pickens Park, Jughead is biting down on a pretzel as he talks with Archie. Jughead smiling ear to ear as he eats and hops on one foot as he sticks the other straight out. Archie's pockets are inside out to show where the money came for Jughead's snack. Behind them at the pretzel cart, a man is putting a sign on his cart that reads: EMPTY as a long line of kids look on sadly. Next to the cart is a trash bin filled with wrappers after Jughead's trip

Caption: A few days later...

Archie: You mean you haven't seen Trula since you ran her legs off, Jughead?

Jughead: Yep. Last I heard she was in the ICU for 3rd degree blisters!

Panel two: Jughead is happily bragging about his accomplishment while Archie turns around as he notices someone behind them.

Jughead:  Her evil little curly haired, twisted mind was willing, but her flesh was weak.

Archie: Um, Jugster, I think you should forget about flesh because--

Panel three: Jughead turns around and nearly drops his pretzel as he sees Trula Twyst wearing a blue head band with her hair tied up and wearing a yellow and blue tank top and shorts in a runner's stance before a race.

Archie: --Because she looks like she's out for blood!

Panel four: Jughead is zooming away as Trula follows behind as her blaze trail nearly knocks Archie off his feet.

Jughead: Dressing up like an evil volleyball coach doesn't mean you can catch me, Trula!


Trula: You should talk about how someone else dresses, Juggers!


Archie: Yow! Look at them go!

Page 11.

Panel one: Jughead is looking back as he runs as Trula is catching up with him. The three squirrels and the penguin are standing on the side of the path the two teens are running on, waving racing flags as if signaling to the two like they were race cars. The penguin has three lumps on its head.

Jughead: Yikes! Did Dilton give her a rocket pack or something!?!

Panel two: Trula is catching up with Jughead as she tries to reach for him. Jughead turns his head to look and begins to panic.

Panel three Trula lunges and tackles Jughead from behind as Jughead falls at the feet of a pair of sneakers.

Trula: Gotcha!!

Jughead: Ack


Panel four: Trula is on top of Jughead's back as she is pinning his arms behind his back as Jughead struggles to free himself.

Jughead: Who installed the Mach 5's engine in the empty space where your heart should be?!

Trula: Maybe the same person who never gave your belly a bottom. Now, let's talk about how--

Person belonging to the sneakers: Um...

Panel five: Trula and Jughead look up to see Ethel looking down on the two as she is disappointed. In her hands are two movie theater tickets.

Ethel: ...I guess you're busy with Jughead now...?

Page  12

Panel one: Trula puts a knee to Jughead's back to keep him in place as she shows off her catch.

Trula: You can say that.

Jughead: Ow! You got your cloven hooves on my spine?! Ow!! I'm a brittle boy!!

Panel two: Ethel dejectedly walks away as Trula shows signs of guilt for the first time in the story.

Ethel: Oh. Well, I actually I just won two tickets to the Riverdale Matinee showing of Daylight: Fangs and Hearts and thought that you might want to come, Trula...

Ethel: ...but you've already gotten what you've wanted.

Trula: ...Ethel wait.

Panel three: Trula is letting Jughead up as he scrambles to his feet and stumbles away like he had just been given a pardon by the grim reaper.

Trula: All I wanted to do today was teach Jughead that you can never run away from your problems. So the rest of my day is open.

Panel four: Ethel and Trula are walking off as together. Ethel is having a conversation with Trula as Trula thinks to herself as she smiles and rolls her eyes as she listens.

Trula thinking: Sigh, how pathetic of me. Still--I guess it's impossible not to like some people.



Having a solid knowledge of this web site helped me a lot.

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