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Jughead in The Enforcer.

Started by PTF, May 01, 2016, 08:37:02 pm

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 Jughead in the Enforcer.

(Jughead is at his seat at Pop's counter as he has three slices of pizza, two cheeseburgers, onion rings, and French fries on his plate with a giant soda to wash it down. Jughead is salivating as he eyes his meal and Pop Tate looks on angrily.)

Jughead: Wow! You've really outdone yourself, Pops! This meal is definitely worth the price...

Pop Tate: And here it comes.

(Jughead extends his index finger and points at Pop's. Pop shakes his head and has his eyes upward as he unpleasantly expected Jughead's response.)

Jughead: ...So put it on my tab.

(Pop Tate is talking to Jughead who begins eating a slice of pizza.)

Pop Tate: You should know that I've recently employed a part-time enforcer for people who don't pay their bills or have tabs longer than the Riverdale point guard.

(Ethel in shades and wearing a Pop Tate's T-shirt is sneaking up on Jughead as he begins to take a drink from his soda.)

Jughead: Hey, you can't squeeze blood from a stone.

(Jughead begins to make a doggie bag out of what's left of his meal as Ethel has her arms ready to pounce.)

Jughead: But hey, I'll walk my doggie bag in the park and finish up there if that's your attitude.

(Ethel wraps her arms around Jughead as Jughead is taken by surprise and drops his drink.)

Ethel: Gotcha, Juggie wuggie!


Jughead: AAHHH!

(Jughead twists and torts his body, but can't break free from Ethel's hug as Pop looks on approvingly.)

Jughead: Okay! Okay! I'll pay!

Ethel: Pop, can he pay in kisses and hugs?

(Pop Tate has his index finger at his chin as he feigns thinking as Jughead pleads with him as he desperately tries to get away from Ethel who is puckering her lips and planting a kiss on his face.)

Pop Tate: Hmm....

Pop Tate: I don't see why not.

Jughead: NOOOO!!!


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