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Explorers of the Unknown: Asteroid of Doom

Started by PTF, July 28, 2016, 07:32:26 pm

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 Part I

Page one:

Caption: At the outer edge of The Milky Way Galaxy.

Panel one: A shot of a scout ship as it begins to set off a tractor beam into a nearby asteroid field. The ship is spiral shaped with two massive propulsion engines to the right and left side of the ship that is losing power. The tractor beam is coming out of the tip of the space ship. At the bottom of the ship an opening is let out for various triangular space probes to reenter.

Inside of scout ship: Conqueror Lrak this is Scout Ship 45Z reporting.

Inside of the scout ship: Our search in this desolate region of the universe has only identified one known planet in the nearby galaxy as inhabiting sentient life--

Panel two: Inside of the space ship we see a blue skinned alien wearing black and purple space armor with similar looking crew kneeling down at  a distorted hologram of a larger four armed, seven foot tall alien with a dog like appearance. Lrak looks on with all four arms crossed over his massive chest as his eyes glow bright red that somehow overpower the grey and blue hologram. Exact details of Conqueror Lrak are hidden by the blue and grey lighting of the hologram. Inside of the scout ship we see various panels and high tech computers that are just barely running thanks to the tractor beam use.

Alien: Lord, given how far away this one planet is from the empire and the time and energy it would take to travel...and our ship is already running low on power ...

Alien: ...May I recommend that...

Panel three: Conqueuor Lrak turns his head slightly as he shows off his fanged teeth smiling wickedly as his answer as the other alien cowers and lowers his head as he shakes.

Alien: Y-yes...

Alien: Yes, Conqueror Lrak. The challenge of worth shall begin at once--

Panel four: A close-up on a nearly 300 foot wide asteroid being repulsed by the scout ship as it shatters much smaller asteroids and space debris as it rockets at astonishing speed as it heads out for the targeted destination giving off heat and green repulse ray energy.

Inside of battleship: Prove your worth to be conquered by surviving, blue and green planet of the terrains....

Inside of battle ship: ...For the challenge to your champions comes now!!

Page 2

Panel one: A high angle view of Explorer Mountain as it surrounded by a forest and a nearby lake.

Caption: Explorer Mountain. Riverdale, USA. Earth.

Gizmo inside: Computo, security scans and global alarms detect nothing?

Explorer Supercomputer inside of the Explorer Mountain: Confirmed, Creator: Gizmo. Scans show no immediate threats. Systems operating at 100%.  Begin monitoring remote orbital satellites?

Gizmo: Please do as I finish...YES!

Panel two: Inside of Explorer Mountain's control room as Gizmo is just now closing a panel to the Explorer Super Computer as he looks over at his Explore Wristband. The super computer itself is oval shaped with various 3D icons representing the individual Explorers. Red Andrews is represented with the color red rope, Angel with pink wings, F/X with a camera, Nitro with a stick of dynamite, Wheels with a car, and Squint with a motorcycle. Gizmo himself is represented by a brain with glasses on. The super computer has a map of the United States showing where each Explorer is by icon. Red and Angel are in Florida, Wheels and F/X are in Riverdale, Spike is in Riverdale not too far off, as is Gizmo only his is below the other two icons, Squint and Nitro are in Las Vegas.

Gizmo: The warning alert in the Explorer wrist bands are performing at optimal level and with the adjustments to the security protocol and new transference module, the unique signal each wristband constantly emits can be used to home in on each Explorer securely!

Panel three: Gizmo is wiping his brow with a handkerchief as he looks up towards the Wheels and F/X icons on the monitor as he obviously would rather be with them (more specifically Wheels).

Gizmo: Sigh, maybe next I'll invent a software to help socially awkward geniuses communicate with girls....

Panel four: The entire control room of Explorer Mountain goes bright red as Computo, the Explorer Supercomputer, and various alarms around Gizmo activate. On a monitor is a simple showing of the universe with a dot rocketing past Jupiter and heading directly towards Earth. Gizmo presses a button on his Explorer Wrist band as he rolls up his sleeve.

Computo: DANGER! Space probe 25 stationed on Jupiter's 22nd moon orbit has detected approaching threat!! Immanent Doom Probability calculating.

Computo: Calculation: Total destruction of Earth 99.9 percent

Gizmo: By Jove, I might not get the chance!

Page 3

Panel one: A shot of Riverdale First National Bank as police have lined up their cars and set up barricades to keep the crowd isolated as they monitor the bank. In the crowd we can see various reporters and camera man as they report live on the scene.

Inside the bank: Arggh! How did all of these cops show up!?

Panel two: Inside of the bank, three ski masked wearing robbers holding laser guns are in the center of the bank as civilians and bank tellers are lined up, sitting on the ground. In the middle of the civilians is an old African American who is winking at the eight year old boy next to her to try and show him that everything will be fine. One mask robber is heading for the old lady to pull her up. Near the first bank robber are five bags of money with various dollar bills poking out of one bag.

Robber two: We should have known this job was a bust when that new guy O'Brien never showed! Probably ratted on us!

Robber three: Yeah, well, I say we get what we got--

Panel three: The third robber begins to grab at the old African America lady as she sneers at him.

The third robber: --And we take us a hostage and get as far as we can get! And I say age before beauty!

Panel four: The robber pulls his hand up suddenly as he has pulled off the old woman's white hair/wig as his eyes go wide in alarm.

Old lady off panel: And I say, you need to respect your elders!

Panel five: The bank robber is hit with an uppercut from the old lady that knocks him off of his feet. We can see just enough of the fist to show that it definetly doesn't belong to any old lady.

Old lady off panel:  For obvious reaons!


Robber Three: URK!

Page 4

Panel one: The bank robber lands unconscious to the ground as the other bank robbers rush to him. To the right of the panel we can see the dress the lady was wearing beginning to come off, landing right next to a white haired wig as various hostages look on with shock. The boy smiles from ear to ear as he recognizes who is saving them.

Robber 1: Wow! That's a tough grannie!

Robber 2: That's not an old lady! That's one of the Explorers of the Unknown! That's--

Panel two: F/X is standing up as he adjusts his cloak and peeling away the old lady face make-up as he greets the robbers with a confident smile.

F/X: F/X!

F/X: Master of special effects, disguise, and illusions amongst my other talents!

Panel three: F/X squints an eye as his voice changes to an Irish accent.

F/X: Iffin' ya known me talents, I might have been more then a look out, me bucko.

Robber two: That--That voice! That Irish accent! That's O'Brien!

Panel four: The robbers point their laser guns at F/X as presses a crest on his cloak and begins to disappear from sight to the amazement of the hostages. Save for one hostage who tucks his head between his knees.

Robber one: Well, smart guy, we've got our weapons set right on you.

F/X: Then I better not be seen.

Panel five: The robbers twist their heads ever which way as F/X is throwing his voice all around the room, confusing them as they begin to stagger and become unnerved. One voice seems to be coming from a bank teller as she clamps her mouth shut with both hands.

Roof: Now where am I?

Just above bank teller: Nope.

To the right corner of the bank: Here's some advice: Throw your guns down or I'll throw you around more than I'm doing with my voice!

Page 5

Panel one: The robbers begin to run out of the bank as the shadow of a net is beginning to cover them as they leave and look back behind them. Each robber has a sack of money in their nonlaser gun holding hand.

Robber two: Forget this! I'd rather blast my way through the cops than deal with a guy like that!

Panel two: The net falls and wraps around the bank robbers as F/X reappears just in front of the robbers as he looks up in the sky.

F/X: Can't have that.

F/X: And there are worse things out here for you--

Panel three: A shot in the sky as the Explorer Jet is beginning to uncloak. F/X waves a hand to signal a job well done. Various officers and people in the crowd look on in awe. Inside of the jet we can see Wheels blushing as she can't help but smile.

F/X: --Like the master piloting skills of the lovely Wheels Cooper!
Wheels: Hi from up high.

Panel four: Wheels is looking at the monitor in front of her as she talks with F/X through her own wristband. On the dash of the jet is a picture of an eight year old Wheels in aviator gear as her parents stand proudly next to her. Next to that picture is one of Red Andrews. On a nearby monitor just to her left is an Explorer Alert with the icon of Explore Mountain flashing.

Wheels' wristband: Say, how about we give the people a bigger show? Maybe a swoop and loop the loop?

Wheels: Sounds like a kick, but we've got an Explorer Alert Epson!

Panel five: The Explorer Jet is zooming off in the distance as we can see a rope ladder extended out as F/X begins to climb on it. The officers are arresting the robbers. The police are dragging out the unconscious third robber who is still seeing stars from his thrashing. One police officer is looking at the high tech laser gun of one of the robbers. Another is pointing a brand on the laser gun that shows a steel bar door with a halo above it

Officer: Where are these low rent punks getting this high tech artillery..!?

Officer two: And what's this logo here all about?

Page 6

Panel one:  The setting is Pickens Park as another crisis is in process A seven foot tall nearly five hundred pounds of pure muscle masked wrestler is holding up a three hundred pound man like he was a rag doll as various people scatter and run away from the behemoth. The wrestler--Man Mountain Monster--is wearing red and black tights with a red mask with a fang design as if it were about to clasp closed over his eyes. He has a bushy beard that goes all the way to his hairy chest. In the background we can see that the statue of General Pickens has been smashed into debris by Man Mountain Monster.

Man Mountain Monster: They say Man Mountain Monster is too dangerous for professional wrestling! They say Man Mountain Monster is too vicious, too uncontrollable! 

Panel two: Man Mountain Monster puts the man face to face with him as the man looks like he's about to cry as he is scared out of his mind as Man Mountain Monster yells right at his face, spit covering the man's face as MMM yells.

Man Mountain Monster: WHAT DO YOU SAY?!!

Panel three: The man answers as he tries not to cry as Man Mountain Monster looks over at the reader with an angry snarl

The Man: ...I don't like professional wrestling...!

Panel four: Man Mountain Monster hurls the man with as much velocity as possible as the man is screaming as he is coming at the reader.



Page 7

Panel one: The Man is about to hit a tree when a muscular figure leaps into action.

Muscular figure: Duh, thank goodness for all my stunt work and training--

Panel two: The red and white suited man catches the man as the man's body covers up Spike's face from the reader.

Spike: --And that I happen to like walks in the park!

Panel three: We still only see up to the chest of Spike as he begins to put the man back on his feet.

Spike: You okay?

Man: Yeah, barely. That masked guy is nuts he--

Man: Wait a minute! You're one of them Explorers! You're--

Panel four: The man points at Spike who is now in full view for the reader as Spike politely smiles back as he tries to be humble.

Man: You're Spike! Stunt man and the muscle of The Explorers of The Unknown!

Spike: Shucks, I'm just an average Joe in a suit that magnifies his strength by ten!

Page 8

Panel one: Man Mountain Monster begins to charge at Spike as Spike softly pushes the man aside with one hand as he prepares to do battle with Man Mountain Monster. Man Mountain Monster is foaming at the mouth and his legs and feet are powerful enough to dig up dirt and rock as he rampages ahead. Man Mountain Monster has both of his hands clamped over his head as he prepares to double axe handle Spike into the ground.

Man Mountain Monster: Outside interference! For that, I'll knock your head outside of this time zone!

Panel two: Spike grabs each one of Man Mountain Monster's fists as he strains and is pushed back several feet and his feet dig into the ground as he tries to keep his footing steady.

Man Mountain Monster:  GRRAAAAHHH

Panel two: Spike begins to push back at Man Mountain Monster, much to Man Mountain Monster's surprise.

Man Mountain Monster: Wha--?!You blocked the Two Fists of Eternal Pain and Torment??!

Man Mountain Monster: No one is stronger than Man Mountain Monster!! No one!!

Panel three: Spike is beginning to lift Man Mountain Monster over his head to body press him.

Spike: Funny thing about saying you're the strongest or something like that...

Panel four: Spike slams Man Mountain Monster to the ground, creating a small crater in the shape of Man Mountain Monster's body.

Spike: Someone just a bit better comes along and puts you in your place!!


Page 9

Panel one: Spike is standing over the unconscious body of Man Mountain Monster as he lets out a sigh of relief. Spike's wrist band begins to alert. Several people in the park are gathering around the combatants. Several have their phones out and taking pictures. Two women are blushing as they gaze at Spike. The man who had to put up with MMM's treatment is making faces at the unconscious masked wrestler.

Spike: Holey Moley! Wresters sure are temperamental actors!

Panel two: Spike is talking into his wristband as he holds it up to his mouth.

Spike: Something wrong, little buddy?

Wristband: And how! Make your way back to Explorers Mountain! I'll elucidate the particulars of our dilemma!

Panel three: Spike begins to run out of Pickens Park as the people in the park cheer him on. The two women sadly wave goodbye while a six year old boy is in front of them and is pretending to be Spike as he strains to lift a small tree branch over his head.

Spike: Uh-oh! The bigger the words I don't know, the bigger the trouble!

Page 10

Panel one: A shot of Las Vegas with various Casinos. Various neon lights and signs have various Archie characters like Super Duck and Cosmo and whatever character you'd like. The focus of the panel is on The Red Circle Casino with a neon red flashing circle. On a nearby sign a heading reading: SQUINT, MASTER ESCAPE ARTIST AND NITRO, DEMOLITION EXPERT!! In small writing under their names it reads: Later two guys with a tiger. We can see that people are beginning to pile into the casino in droves, nearly causing a riot as various men and women push and elbow one another.

Caption: Las Vegas after running up a tremendous tab and exceeding gambling debts...

Voice inside of casino: Ladies and Gentleman, not only do we have two of the world famous Explorers of the Unknown...

Panel two: A shot of inside of the casino stage area as the seats are filled to the point some people are sitting on the tables, to the anguish and frustration of some VIPs. On the stage is the casino owner wearing blue and black sparkling suit and paints attire. To his right is Nitro and Squint, who is chained up from his shoulders to his ankles. Behind the two is a large safe  roughly as tall as squint with the inside showing various explosives implanted inside along with various explosives on the outside as well. Squint is indifferent to the danger as he yawns. Nitro is casually tossing the remote to the explosives in his right hand and back carelessly. The casino owner has a microphone in his hands as he motions and poses to ham it up for the crowd.

Casino owner: ...But you are about to witness a stunt where the certainty of coming out alive is next to impossible!!!

Squint: Yaawn!

Nitro: Talk, talk, talk, talk! Let's get to the boom boom boom!

Panel three: Squint begins to hop into the safe with a smile on his face as Nitro playfully twiddles his fingers to mock goodbye. The casino owner is motioning towards the two as he explains the act.

Casino owner: Not only is the outside of the safe covered with explosives, but the inside as well~!!

Casino owner: Squint only has a minute to escape from the Vault of Doom before Nitro detonates his explosives! Imploding this large safe into something you could put into your pockets!

Page 11

Panel one: The Casino owner is still hyping everything as Nitro eagerly anticipates when he can unleash his explosives. Nitro is tapping the red button on the remote, but not enough to push it down to show how anxious he is to show off his artillery skills

Casino Owner: Can he do it?!! Will he survive!!?

Panel two: The Casino Owner whispers over Nitro's shoulders as he covers the mic with his hands. Nitro grins as he replies.

Casino Owner whispering: This isn't really that dangerous, is it?

Nitro: We're not putting a cherry bomb in a mailbox here!

Panel three: Nitro looks at his wristband as it begins to give off the Explorers Alert.

Nitro: Huh. Guess we're going to have to wrap this up a early like.

Panel four: Nitro presses the button as the vault begins to implode as all the explosives go off from outside and inside


Casino Owner: What are you doing!?  He wasn't even in there for five seconds!!

Page 12

Panel one: The smoke begins to clear as the Casino Owner looks down in horror. Nitro looks down with a toothy grin, proud of his work.

Nitro: Heh. Look at that! Am I good or what!

Casino: Good?!! You're a murder!!

Panel two: The casino owner motions down at the safe as it has now been imploded to a small smoldering metal cube no bigger than a thimble.

Nitro: Personally, I love it when things blast apart, but there is an art to imploding something.

Nitro: And you can always just blow that up later if ya feel like it!

Panel three: The Casino Owner is beginning to panic as is everyone else in the room as they are running around and have no idea what to do. Nitro is reaching down to pick up the metal cube.

Casino Owner: Someone died on stage! My license!! Am I an accomplish!!? What do I do?!

Nitro: Tell the next act to come out. Me and Squint just covered our debts in spade!

Panel four: Nitro is juggling the scorching hot metal cube as he runs out of the room. Inside of the stage area we can see the casino owner has fallen to his knees in sadness while two magicians with white lions look on in confusion. The tiger is sniffing the air and licking his lips like he smells something delicious.

Nitro: Hot potato! Hot Potato!

Page 13

Nitro is casually tossing the hot metal cube with his right hand as he is near a bar where a familiar long nose person is sitting with a cup of soda right next to him along with three plates contain various food stains and chicken bones. In the background we can see several old ladies playing slots. One old lady looks disappointed as her winnings are only a few coins.

Nitro: Figured I'd find you stuffing your face.

Panel two: Nitro flicks the metal cube into the soda cup as causes the soda to sizzle.  The person/Squint begins top pick up the cup as he still plans on drinking from it.

Nitro: There ya, go! A souvenir for ya, Squint!


Panel three: Squint is sipping from the soda cup as several people look on in astonishment as they are seeing what happened on the stage in a flat screen TV hanging up over the bar. Next to the stool is the chains Squint was tied up with.

Squint: Thanks. But I would have rather have kept my ice cold soda pop, Nitro.

Panel four: Nitro points at his wrist band as the alert is stilling flashing as Squint casually puts his glass cup back down with only the metal cube remaining inside as he begins to stand up and lick his lips as he imagines enjoying nice food later on. The old lady who just won the few coins is walking away as just behind her, another old woman's slot machine is gushing with coins.

Nitro: I'd rather we get going! I got a feeling that we're going to be up against something big. And I can't wait to turn that something big into small bits of nothing!

Squint: Hope you're right, my combustible compadre. Because the bigger the threat, the bigger the victory party we'll have after the day is saved.

Page 14

Panel one: A shot from inside of a scope as the sight is set on a big foot like creature, a skunk ape, in a tree. The skunk ape is around three foot tall with black and white fur. It looks scared out of his mind as it has no place else to hide.

Caption: Florida. The Big Cypress Swamp.

Caption Skunk Ape. Small smelly Big Foot.

Hunter: Boys, looks like we get the smelly critter treed good.

Panel two: A shot of the hunter ( about 6'6 and 380 pounds) as he is wearing overalls and has his rifle pointed at the skunk ape. Next to him are two of his redneck friends. One (Chet) is tall and gangly and is wearing a worn out ballcap and a Goose Gallery shirt where a goose is wearing camouflage gear. The other (Jed) is slightly more in shape than Chet and has stringy blond hair. He is decked out in camouflage from his clothes to his painted face. Chet is pinching his nose shut from the smell the skunk ape is eluding. We are in the swampland of Florida in a small patch of trees and bushes with only a small clearing ahead and behind the hunters. The trees start out with large trunks and go smaller and smaller until it forms a dome over the area with small bits of light shining through.

Jed: Reckon if'n this smelly monkey is real, then maybe that guy in the funny costume might actually have the money he promised us!

Chet: To think, Johnny, we take it back alive to The Collector, we'll get double the pay!

Panel three: Johnny leans into his rifle as he prepares to pull the trigger as the skunk ape vainly tries to hide in the branches of the tree.

Johnny: Hmph. Dead's easier to haul back--might even smell better that way, too, for all we know.

Panel four: A rope suddenly wraps around the gun and is yanked from Johnny's grasp and is pulled back away from him.

Off-Panel: So, this Collector doesn't do his own collecting. Too bad. After hearing how he targets rare species, I was hoping to have a few choice words with him.

Panel 15

Panel one: The group of hunters turn around as they are shocked to see who interrupted their hunt.

Johnny: No! It can't be! These parts isn't supposed to have your type setting your feet in it!

Panel two: A shot of Red Andrews and Angel Lodge from over the shoulders and heads of the hunters. Angel is in a fighting stance as she prepares for a fight. Red has the rifle in his hands as he tucks his rope back into his belt as he grins at the hunters confidently.

Red: Sorry. But when Red Andrews, Leader of the Explorers of the Unknown, receives word that a rare species is being threatened, I will walk through Hades barefoot to stop it from happening!

Angel: And Angel Lodge, martial artist and heiress, is very cross at certain riff-raff for making her miss a luncheon the state senator has prepared for her father!

Angel: ...plus a nice beach with my boyfriend would beat this swamp that is just killing my hair strands...

Panel three: Angel turns to Red as she points at her face. Red tries to smile as big as he can as he nods his head.

Angel: Red Andrews, I hope you appreciate all that I put up with! I can feel my pores showing!

Red: I do, and they're not. You're perfect.

Red: I promise that we'll have a nice romantic evening. Just the two of us. No interruptions.

Panel four: Johnny is grunting as he apparently doesn't like being forgotten by the Explorers. Chet and Jed are talking with one another as they come to an agreement.

Chet: Hear that, Jed? That's why I don't want a girlfriend! Too high main-e-nence!

Jed: Reckon that's right.

Johnny: Hmmmph.
Page 16

Panel one: Johnny is pointing a finger at Red Andrews as Jed and Chet slink behind him. Red and Angel turn back to the hunters and are serious again.

Johnny: You should stick with getting cats out of  trees for little kids, hero. Me bagging that misfit will have me set for life!

Panel two: Red Andrews breaks the rifle across his knee as Angel looks on impressed.

Red:  No. It'll make you an idiot who helped with the extension of a species.


Angel thinking: Sigh. He's cute when he's riled up.

Panel three: Johnny begins to charge the two Explorers as Chet and Jed begin to race towards the tree to get the skunk ape.

Johnny: Heck with this! I'll hold off these two! You get that thing out of that tree however you can!

Jed: Reckon that's a plan.

Page 17

Panel one: Red motions for Angel to go on ahead as she runs straight at the charging Johnny.

Red: Angel, could you please take care of those two? I'll handle him.

Angel: Fine. But it would be nice to go up against a foe with some decorum and class.

Panel two: All seen in one panel as Angel runs, leaps over Johnny, does several flips in the air and lands on her feet in a crouching position in front of Chet and Jed as they stop dead in their tracks.

Angel: Tell me you insufferable cretins...ever been touched by an angel? I won't be able to send you to heaven--

Panel three: Angel Lodge lands a leaping uppercut that knocks out Jed as Chet tries to strike Angel in response.


Angel: --But I can knock you into next week!!

Chet: Oh yeah, gal!?

Panel four: Angel Lodge grabs onto Chet's arm and swings around his back as she prepares to put him in a head lock.

Panel five: Angel Lodge hits Chet with a barrage of punches right at his nose in one swift motion.

Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow

Panel six: Angel Lodge let's the dazed and defeated Chet fall face first onto the soft ground as she wipes her hands clean of the entire fight with a sanitation cloth as she sighs to herself. The skunk ape is climbing down from the tree as it has hearts over its head as it turns its head to look at Angel

Chet: ...Two Tuesdays back ta back?...hope his week is a new Swamp Men show....


Angel: I swear, my entire service staff doesn't deal with as much trash as I do!

Page 18

Panel one: Johnny begins to throw a punch at Red as Red feints to his left and begins to bend over to reach for Johnny's right leg.

Johnny: Fine! I'll take care of you, then the girl, and then the monkey!

Red: I have a better idea.

Red: First I dodge.

Panel two: Red picks up Johnny as Johnny has his right leg bent in the air  and lifts the much larger man off the ground.

Red: Then I take advantage when you're unbalanced....

Panel three: Red grabs hold of Johnny's right arm as he swings him towards the fallen hunters and Angel Lodge as she is carrying the skunk ape in her arms as she uses a free hand to hold her nose.

Red: Now I use leverage--

Johnny: WHOA!

Panel four: Red swings Johnny onto his hunter friends as he lands with a loud thud near the still unconscious Chet and Jed. Angel Lodge begins to approach Red as she seems pleased with him as she continues to hold her nose.

Red: --And let momentum and gravity take over from here!

Angel: Nice moves, Mr. Soldier of Fortune.

Page 19

Panel one: Red looks over at Angel as Angel now is holding the skunk ape by the hand and leading it to Red. The skunk ape gleefully walks along side her.

Red: Should I be jealous?

Panel two: Angel leans in close to Red as she smiles at him.

Angel: No. You're less hairy and smell much better.

Panel three: A close-up as Red and Angel are as close to possible to kissing.

Red: Lucky me.

Panel four: Red pulls back as his wrist band and Angel's wrist band goes off. Red's disposition goes back to being serious as Angel looks on frustrated. The skunk ape is puckering his lips and pointing at himself.

Red: An Explorer alert! We're needed back at Explorer Mountain ASAP!

Angel: Hmmph!

Panel five: Red runs ahead as Angel leads the skunk ape along as she talks with it much to its confusion. In the background we can see a cloaked figure in a full body high tech costume with a C on his face plate as he looks at the Explorers with great interest.

Red: No time to take the skunk ape to Preserve Island! We'll have to take him with us!

Angel: So...would you be open to a bath? Maybe some deodorant? A shave?

The Collector: Extraordinary is this Red Andrews and his Explorers of the Unknown. My benefactor was right. They will provide me a good bit of sport.

Page 20

Panel one: Red and Angel are entering the Explorer meeting room as Red rushes in and Angel is carrying the skunk ape in her arms. Nitro is leaning next to the door as he notices the skunk ape. Squint is trying to cover his nose as the stench of the skunk ape is coming right at him. Sitting down at the Explorer red and yellow table is F/X who is looking over various magazines for face disguise ideas and taking notes and making diagrams. Wheels gets out of her seat next to F/X and runs up to Red as she is overjoyed to see him. Hanging in front of the room is a monitor. The only Explorer not present is Gizmo.

Nitro: What, we getting a mascot now?

Squint: YLRRK! It suddenly smells like my old high school gym locker!

Red: Okay, we're all here so where is Gizmo and--

Wheels: Red! I heard about Florida!

Panel two: Wheels hugs Red as Red looks confused at what to do. Angel looks on with  twisted lips and a look of disapproval as the skunk ape looks on.

Red: Um, it was nothing, Wheels....

Wheels: You're just being humble! I wish I had been there with you!

Panel three: Angel hands the skunk ape over to Wheels as she begins to lead Red away from Wheels as he shrugs his shoulders to the reader. Wheels sticks her tongue out playfully at Angel.

Angel: I'm sure you do. Here. I got you your own boyfriend.

Wheels: Try finding me a new best friend next time.

Gizmo off-panel: Ahem.   

Page 21

Panel one: Gizmo is in front of the monitor as it lowers to his side as it shows a display of a giant asteroid blazing towards earth. Gizmo adjusts his glasses as the rest of the Explorers begin to sit down. Squint is still holding his nose as he looks a the monitor, F/X is stacking up his magazines and research to the side, Nitro is rolling a piece of dynamite on the table in front of him as he's already bored. Red sits in between Angel and Wheels. Angel leans her head on to Red's shoulders as Wheels and the skunk ape look on jealously. Spike seems entertained by the work Gizmo has presented.

Red: Gizmo, what's the emergency?

Spike: Say that's a meteor, isn't it, little buddy?

Gizmo: Not quite. Let me explain, Spike...

Panel two: Gizmo goes off topic as he acts like a teacher lecturing a high school classroom as he happily begins to go over the difference between a meteor and an asteroid.

Gizmo: The main difference between an asteroid and a meteor is location.

Gizmo: When a small planetoid is in space--as you can see here--it is an asteroid but when it enters the atmosphere it becomes a meteor and upon impact upon the ground a meteorite.

Panel three: Gizmo feels embarrassed as the majority of the Explorers look at him with different expressions. Angel glares at Gizmo for wasting her time. Red has his elbows on the table and his chin resting in his open palms as he waits for Gizmo to get back on point. Wheels rolls her eyes and smiles as she is at least appreciative of Gizmo's effort if not the timing; the skunk ape has fallen asleep in her arms. F/X has gone back to reading one of his magazines. Nitro is continuing to roll the stick of dynamite on the table only glaring up at Gizmo. Squint is trying to stay awake as he taps his upper jaw with his hand. Spike actually seems interested as he looks on wide-eyed like a kid who just received a gold star on a paper.

Spike: Learning is fun.

Red: Good to know. But the emergency, Giz...

Gizmo: Er, um, heh, yes--

Page 22

Panel one: Gizmo is standing in front of the monitor as it now shows the asteroid breaking up by bits in the earth atmosphere as it shadows over Riverdale.

Gizmo: Recently, the Explorer satellite link-ups picked up a 300 foot wide asteroid on a direct collision course for Earth with Riverdale being the center of impact!

Panel two: All Explorers begin to stand up as the seriousness of the asteroid causes them to snap to action. Wheels sets the skunk ape on the meeting table as it stretches its arms as it wakes back up. Nitro lets the stick of dynamite nearly fall to the ground before he reaches down to grab it.  Gizmo is moving towards the rest of the Explorers as he uses his hands to motion with to demonstrate what he is saying to them.

Gizmo: With the abnormal speed and the angle of entry adding to the temperature and the kinetic energy, upon impact the end result will be-- 

Panel three: A shot of the monitor lighting up in bright red, yellow, and orange explosion to show that the earth would be destroyed as The Explorers look on in horror. Even the skunk ape is shielding his eyes with its hands. Gizmo looks on sadly as he continues.

Gizmo: The total destruction of Earth.

Gizmo: Explorers, by my calculations, we are merely three hours away from Doomsday.

Squint: Huh. Guess it doesn't matter I forgot to set the DVR for Seat of Kings now....




Page 1

Panel one:  A shot of the Explorer monitor as a picture of Blaze Blossom is recapping what is happening. Next to her is a mini screen of the asteroid heading to earth and underneath that mini screen is another with the earth being destroyed.

Blaze Blossom: This is Blaze Blossom, CIA operative and liaison to the Explorers of the Unknown.

Blaze Blossom: And from what you have just informed me, a giant asteroid is suddenly, from out of nowhere, is streaking towards us and in less than three hours earth will be a memory.

Panel two: A shot of The Explorers as they are sitting at their table. Red is up front as he is talking directly with Blaze. To his left is Gismo and to the right is Angel and Wheels who glare at Blaze Blossom while Squint is behind them, leaning in his chair as he makes a comment that riles them up. Near the end of the table are Nitro, F/X, and Spike who roll their eyes at the girls. Squint is going on with his science and Red decides to interrupt him and get him back to the business at hand.

Squint: You forgot the part where you were Red's ex-girlfriend. But good exposition nonetheless.

Angel and Wheels: Grrrr

Gizmo: Actually, earth would be broken up--and from my calculations-- would end up becoming an asteroid belt around the moon a mere few decades after--

Red: Right. All life on earth would end.

Page 2:

Panel one: A shot of Nitro as he is laying out several explosives (mini-minds, dynamite, grenades and various other c-4s and ect as he piles up his massive amount of weapons he seemingly dug out of his pocket to illustrate his point) as the other members of the Explorers turn towards him. Spike looks on in amazement. while F/X begins to wheel  his chair away from Nitro.

Nitro: Hey, I say we load up on nukes and we shoot skeet. I'll volunteer my service and even contribute to the cause!

Panel two: Gizmo begins to explain to Nitro what is wrong with that plan as Nitro as everyone turns on Nitro's idea.

Gizmo: I'm afraid that is not feasible.

Nitro: It's very feasible! You point and shoot and listen for the kaboom!

Panel three: A close-up on Gizmo as he explains what is wrong with Nitro's plan.

Gizmo: To start, the calculated mass and density factored upon the time of impact would have little to no effect on the outcome we have in place.

Gizmo: And even if the .000012 % chance that the asteroid miraculously breaks up, large portions would still impact earth and the resulting air pressure would scorch the western hemisphere and the environmental impact would result in--

Panel four: Nitro begins to place his explosives back into his pocket as F/X and Spike look on in relief. F/X is beginning to wheel back towards Nitro. The ladies are now moving closer to the monitor while Squint has fallen asleep.

Nitro: Fine, Gizmo. I get it. Bad stuff still happens. Just say that for us layman, will ya?!

Monitor: At least someone is throwing out ideas!

Red: Actually, I think I might have something...

Page  3

Panel one: A shot of the monitor as Blaze Blossom is overjoyed as Red begins to blush from Blaze's compliments. Angel and Wheels look on in anger as both have a vein in there forehead popping up.

Blaze Blossom: Oh, Red! I knew that I--er, the world could count on you! I'll leave this up to you, but I will need a debriefing, maybe on a more private channel?

Panel two: Angel reaches over and presses a button to the monitor to shut it off as Blaze is last seen looking on with surprise. Red is taken by surprise while Wheels nods approvingly at Angel. Gizmo raises an eyebrow in confusion while F/X, Nitro, and Spike walk over and chuckle to each other. Squint is still asleep.

Angel: If you want to be social, start a twitter account! We're The Explorers of the Unknown, and we have to save the world!

Panel three: Angel has placed her head at Red's chest as she flirts with him to Wheels' frustration. Red blushing turns to Gizmo who tries to hide a snicker.

Angel: Now, Reddikins, what is your plan?

Red: Er, um, right...

Panel four: Red with Angel still clinging to him is talking with Gizmo as Gizmo seems exasperated with what Red is proposing. Wheels is trying to pull Angel off of Red to no avail. F/X is raising his hand to get Gizmo's attention.

Red: Giz, remember that secret project of yours you have been working on...?

Gizmo: Egads, Red! I've just yesterday completed it and the main hypothesis propionates I have engineered still need weeks and weeks of strict testing until I can safely assume--

F/X: Uh, Gizmo...?

Page 4:

Panel one: Everyone turns to F/X as F/X has his left hand up in the air and into a fist while his right hand is palm down and lowered to his chest.

Panel two: F/X fist is lowering to hit his palm. Gizmo adjusts his glasses as he focuses on F/X.

Panel three: F/X's fist hits his palm.


Panel four: Gizmo is alarmed as F/X motions with his arms like a giant explosion is happening to show that they really don't have much of a choice as they're doomed anyway. All the other Explorers, save for Squint, who is still asleep look at and stare at him hoping he gets the point.

Gizmo: !!

Panel five: Red and Gizmo are leading the way as they seem to be running at the reader. Gizmo is pointing ahead to show he fully understands what F/X was getting at. Wheels and Angel follow behind as they both smile at Gizmo. Nitro is patting F/X across his back and gives him a giant thumbs up for his performance. Spike is wheeling Squint in his chair as Squint is stretching his arms and letting out a giant yawn.

Gizmo: Ahem, I think a field test isn't out of the question.

Red: Good to hear.

Squint: Yaaawwn. We finally saving the world...?

Spike: Pretty sure.

Page 5

Panel one:  All of the Explorers are standing in front of two mechanical doors reading LAB 06 as they wait for Gizmo to punch in the right access code on a panel just to the right of the doors. Angel is talking with Squint as Squint shrugs his shoulders. All the other Explorers are watching as Gizmo begin to enter a code into a panel to open the high tech door guarding The Explorer Lab. Wheels is looking right over Gizmo's left shoulder. Nitro is leaning against a nearby wall as he waits impatiently. Spike picks lint off of F/X's cloak that he just noticed.

Angel: Get enough beauty sleep?

Squint: Got a mirror?

Wheels: Gizmo you are amazing!

Gizmo: Um...th-thanks.

Panel two: Wheels looks over Gizmo's shoulder and the number code he is pressing as she raises an eyebrow as something catches her eye.

Wheels: Wait...

Wheels: Is that my birthday?

Gizmo: Oh. Um. You see...when you factor in the possible number sequence and--

Panel three: Gizmo has the doors open as the Explorers look inside to see a 50 foot robot as they all react in shock. The robot is painted red and yellow. The right hand has been replaced with a Mega Man like blaster. The robot looks similar to one used by Myron Pepperdinkle in the last Explorers story Archie published.

Gizmo: Hey, everyone! This is our giant E.B.R.S. !! Let's talk about that!!

Caption: Explorer Battle Robot Suit to those nonfans of acronyms.

Page 6

Panel one: The Explorers are entering the lab as they all gaze up at the robot battle suit as Gizmo motions with his hands towards it. Nitro looks like a kid looking through a glass window at a new toy as he focuses on the battle suit's blaster. Spike has his hand over his eyebrows as he scans upward. F/X is asking Gizmo a question. Red smiles confidently at Gizmo.

Nitro: Yowza! Look at that cannon!!

Squint: But does it have a mini-fridge?

F/X: Say, Giz, that robot of yours looks familiar--

Gizmo: Indeed it should....

Panel two: A close-up on Gizmo as he explains the origins of the E.B.R.S. as a picture of Myron Pepperdinkle is in the background sneering as he cups his hands.

Gizmo: ...as a small assist was made by the evil robotic master--Myron Pepperdinkle!!

Panel three: As Gizmo goes over how he got most of the robotic parts, Wheels and Angel fist bump as they smile and reflect back on defeating Pepperdinkle by themselves after disabling his robot. In the background behind the two female Explorers is a flashback of the disabled robot and both girls uppercutting Pepperdinkle out of his shoes.

Gizmo: The E.B.R.S. is actually built on from the battle robot Pepperdinkle used to attack  Explorers Mountain before it was disabled and he was defeated by our female members.

Gimzo: Modified and more advance of course.

Page 7

Panel one: Red steps up towards Gizmo as Gizmo looks back at the E.B.R.S.

Red: Traveling down Memory Lane is well and good, but we have bigger problems coming our way.

Red: Can this help us, Gizmo?

Panel two: Gizmo is explaining the E.B.R.S. capabilities as he reaches into his pockets to pull out a remote as the rest of the Explorers gather around him.

Gizmo: In theory. The E.B.R.S. is capable of space flight, is equipped with a kinetic energy matrix and repulsor blaster. If all three are used in conjunction we have a chance.

Panel three: A shot on the chest of The E.B.R.S. opens to reveal the sun stone from the specter of Ra being the main powersource.

Gizmo off-panel: I have tinkered with the powercell that is the sun stone from the Specter of Ra and it should serve as an abundance of energy needed to power and modulate the E.B.R.S systems.

Caption: The sun stone was confiscated by the Explorers after besting Harvey Toot...yes, that's his real name.

Panel four: Gizmo shrugs his shoulders as he shows that he has no idea if the E.B.R.S. will work.

Gizmo: But again--in theory. I haven't tested it yet.

Gizmo: Mainly because of the strange energy of the sun stone is...well, nothing that can be explained scientifically.

Page 8

Panel one: Red is all smiles as are the rest of the Explorers as they all smile back in confidence. Red places a hand on Gizmo's shoulder as he shows he has faith in Gizmo.

Red: So it's unknown if it works?

Red: Good thing we're The Explores of the Unknown, and you're the smartest human being on the planet, right?

Gizmo: ...

Panel two: Gizmo presses another button the remote as the bottom foot of the E.B.R.S. begins to slide open so The Explorers can enter. Gizmo is all smiles as he is reassured by his teammates.

Gizmo: Sir Isaac Newton didn't wear a helmet when he discovered gravity.

Panel three: Wheels races inside as she is happy to pilot and Nitro is behind as he wants to work the blaster. The rest of the Explorers save for Red and Angel rush inside.

Wheels: I'm piloting!!

Nitro: I call shotgun!!

Angel: Red...?

Panel four: Red is talking with Angel as he rubs the back of his head and tries to find the right words.

Red: Angel, just in case this doesn't work--I just wanted to...I just wanted to say...

Panel five: Angel is confidently walking towards the E.B.R.S. as Red follows just behind with a grin on his face.

Angel: You can tell me tonight. I reserved the entire Plaza Athenee for a private candlelight dinner and I don't expect another side trip, understand?

Red: Sheesh. Twist a guy's arm, why don't you?

Angel: Last resort.

Page 9

Panel one: A shot of the top of Explorers mountain sliding over as the E.B.R.S. is flying out in full superman pose with the blaster leading the way as they head upwards. The E.B.R.S. is using rocket boots and back propulsion as it streaks upwards, leaving a red and yellow blur behind it.

Red in the E.B.R.S.: ONWARD EXPLORERS!!!

Panel two: The E.B.R.S. is soaring up into the sky as a flock of birds stop in mid flight look up at the E.B.R.S.

Wheels inside of the E.B.R.S.: Flies like a dream!

Spike inside of the E.B.R.S.: Duh, say, Squint, where did you put the skunk ape?

Squint inside of the E.B.R.S.: I put it in Nitro's room.

Panel three: The E.B.R.S. is breaking out of Earth's atmosphere as the E.B.R.S' heat shields are holding as red and yellow energy surrounds the E.B.R.S.
Nitro in the E.B.R.S: WHAT?!!

Page 10:

Panel one A shot of the E.B.R.S. visor as we can see all of The Explorers inside. Up at center is Wheels as she is at the controls. To her right is Red, Gizmo, Squint, and Spike. To her left is Angel, Nitro, and F/X. All of the Explorers are looking up from their controls and panels as they look defiantly at the danger that is approaching them as a bright green light is shining on them.

Red: Explorers, brace yourselves--

Panel two: A shot from just above the asteroid as it is streaking towards earth. The E.B.R.S. with its arms now spread out in a pose to say that you shall not pass.

Red inside of the E.B.R.S.:  --Because the immovable object is going to backhand the irresistible force back the way it came!

Page 11

Panel one: Nitro has a joy stick in his head with a red button on top as he looks over at Gizmo as Gizmo waves him off. Wheels turns to Gizmo for instruction.

Nitro: So I blast it now!?

Gizmo: No! The repulsor blast needs to be charged by the kinetic energy from the asteroid to safely propel it away!

Wheels: And we do that how?

Panel two: Gizmo explains what Wheels needs to do.

Gizmo: We have to make contact with the asteroid, absorb as much kinetic energy as we can, so we can ionize the energy through the converter to power boost the repulsor blaster and hopefully push the asteroid back the way it came.

Wheels: Oh. Simple.

Panel three: Angel and Red smile at Wheels as Wheels stares straight ahead as she prepares to move towards the asteroid.

Red: You've got this, Wheels.

Angel: Without a doubt.

Panel four: The E.B.R.S. is flying at the asteroid with its arms extended as it prepares to push against the asteroid.

Wheels inside of the E.B.R.S.: Nothing to it but to do it.

Page 12:

Panel one: The E.B.R.S. is pushing against the asteroid with its one hand as the green energy from the asteroid is being barely absorbed by the E.B.R.S. as the propulsions of the E.B.R.S. are beginning to sputter and various electrical bursts are sparkling from various parts of the E.B.R.S.

Panel two: Inside we can see panic as a red light is flashing inside as various control panels begin to spark. Wheels is struggling with the controls to keep the E.B.R.S. maintained as sweat is streaming down her face. Angel jumps back from her control spot as her control panel has burst into mini-flames as Red has a mini-fire hydrant and is racing to put it out. Gizmo's panel begins to spark as he uses his arms to shield his face. Nitro has his lever all the way pulled back and his finger on the button as he waits the call with a maniac grin. Spike is looking at a monitor screen showing dangerous energy levels building as the avatar of the E.B.R.S. is showing 150 percent energy capacity and rising. F/X is using his cloak to put out flames near Squint as Squint helps him smother the flames.

Squint: I'm guessing flashing lights are bad?

F/X: Not as bad as fire!!

Angel: Whoa!

Spike: Um, Gizmo--?!

Gizmo: I know! I know!

Panel three: Red takes command as he is leaning over to help Wheels with the controls as she is still struggling. Angel is looking over her safe for now control panel in relief.

Red: Nitro!


Panel four: Nitro happily with a smirk on his face pulls the lever up as and presses the red button on the lever.

Nitro: One fat lip and bloody nose special comin' up!!

Page 13:

Panel one: The blaster arm of the E.B.R.S. is now being pointed at the asteroid as the other hand is being withdrawn. The blaster is pulsing with red and yellow energy as it looks like it is going to overload.

Panel two: The E.B.R.S. is hitting the asteroid with a massive red and yellow repulsor blast that overtakes the green energy. The E.B.R.S. is posed like Megaman from the old NES games as it fires.


Panel three: The asteroid is being sent back into space by the repulsor beam as the E.B.R.S. sustaining heavy damage as it sparks and small energy bursts explode from the suit is being repelled back towards Earth just as fast as only one rocket boot is all that is barely working

Gizmo inside of the E.B.R.S.: Excelsior! It worked! We successfully repelled the asteroid!

Page 14:

Panel one: The E.B.R.S is turning back towards earth as it is heating up upon reentry.

Red inside of the E.B.R.S.: That's great, Giz---

Panel two: A shot of Riverdale as various people have gotten out of their cars and the street is filled with people looking up as a bright yellow and red light is shining down on them. One boy with an Explorers baseball hat and T-shirt is looking up from the middle of the street stands out (since he'll be important in the next page).Various people are looking out of the business buildings. One person is on a bicycle and is about to hit a tree near the sidewalk.

Panel three: We can see the E.B.R.S. is plummeting towards Riverdale as everyone begins to scatter with the streets emptying as people run away or drive away save for the small boy who continues to look up in awe. A woman is helping the person who wrecked his bike slowly get off the street.

Red inside of the E.B.R.S.: --But we didn't save the world from the asteroid to become its proxy!!

Page 15:

Panel one: Gizmo is slamming his fist down on his control panel as he tries to get the back up propulsers to work as the other Explorers look on worriedly. F/X has his cloak over his head where he resembles a child hiding in his bed sheets from a monster. Angel and Wheels are clutching Red. Nitro seems to be taking their possible fiery demise in stride, while Squint is praying. Spike turns to the energy reading monitor as he tilts his head in confusion as he can make out a face hidden in the energy readings.

Gizmo: Just let me see if I can get back up propulsars to initiate!!


F/X: Times like this I wish I could really disappear!

Panel two: The back up propellers emerge from the back of the E.B.R.S. in the form of wings with each having four turbine engines along each wing. Each turbine is sparkling with a mix of yellow and red energy as the E.B.R.S. begins to slow down from its decent.

Panel three: The E.B.R.S. has stopped in midair and is just hovering in place as the head of the E.B.R.S. is only inches over head from the small boy who continues to look on.

Red inside of the E.B.R.S: Explorers--we saved the earth and we're all alive for me to write the tale!

Spike inside of the E.B.R.S.: Duh, and we know that our rocket robot has great air brakes.

Page 16:

Panel one: The boy looks on wide-eyed in a high angle view as he is awe struck by what he has seen as he raises a hand to signal hello.

Panel two: A look inside of the visor of the E.B.R.S. as we can see all of the Explorers inside. Nitro is acting like his thumb and long finger are a gun and he's blowing out imaginary smoke from the barrel. Angel is giving Red a kiss on his cheek as Red tries not to blush. Spike waves hello at the kid. Squint is leaning back in his seat with his feet on the control panel. Gizmo is adjusting his glasses as he smiles down at the kid. Wheels smiles down at the kid while working the controls so that the E.B.R.S. is giving the kid a giant thumbs up.

Panel three: The people of Riverdale begin to flood the street and begin to celebrate their salvation. The mother rushes over to her son and hugs him tightly. Various people are carrying their children or walking with loved ones as they begin to crowd the area and motion towards the E.B.R.S. One of the celebrators is an elderly woman waving her cane around recklessly as several bystanders duck or jump back away from her.

Man: They did! It Explorers of the Unknown saved Riverdale!

Elderly woman: Nothing we have to worry about now except taxes!!

Other man: Old age comes to mind...!

Page 17

Panel one: A shot of the street as The E.B.R.S. has been set down in a kneeling pose as various government workers begin to repair the robotic titan. In front of the E.B.R.S. are The Explorers of the Unknown as they are all being awarded by Mayor Weatherbee with medals of bravery. Squint is poking an elbow at Red's side as he jests with him. Gizmo is looking on as he has a mini-analyzer that he's more focused on. Wheels and Angel pose together as several photographers take pictures of them. Nitro is winking at a female reporter who is trying to interview him as Spike and F/X pose for small children led to them by police and their parents. In the clear blue sky we can see a small red dot to show the fate of the scout ship.

Mayor Weatherbee: As Mayor of this fair city, and I believe I speak for the rest of humanity as well--I bequeath unto you brave Explorers the General Pickens Medal of Honor!

Squint: What happened to organizing a banquet in our honor?

Red: Squint, when they make preemptive medals for you, you know you're doing a lot of things right.

Squint: I'm just saying the city council could save a lot of tax payer money with a few frozen dinners.

Gizmo: ...Not good. Not good at all.

Panel two: Squint is getting his medal from Mayor Weatherbee as Red turns to Gizmo as Gizmo informs him of what he's found.

Red: Talk to me, Gizmo.

Gizmo: Red, I was able to contain a sample of the asteroid...

Panel three: Red looks on in shock as Gizmo informs him of his findings.

Gizmo: The minerals and density show that the asteroid was from the outer edge of our galaxy. And with the previous information I brief us on before take off, I can only assume--

Red: That someone out there doesn't like us...

Page 18 + 19 Double spread showing all future villains, old and new that will come into conflict with the Explorers and show a small glimpse of what

Panel one: A shot of Zarkon in his lair as he has his computer showing the breaking Riverdale news as he shakes a fist at the screen. In the background are several tubes various chemicals and one giant tube containing a multi-eyed blob. One a nearby monitor is an image of Adam strapped to an operating table.

Caption: ...To go along with the people who don't like us here!

Zarkon: The Explorers! The master of Eugenics Dr. Zarkon, will be the one who creates your doom!

Panel two: A shot of Harvey Toot in Riverdale maximum prison as he is sticking a fist outside of his barred window.

Harvey Toot: I'll get my revenge! My destiny is to be pharaoh of the world!

Panel three: A shot of Dr. Crustacean as he is in an underwater base still wearing his crab suit. On his shoulder is a pet crab which seems to be shaking a small pincer at a nearby monitor showing someone who looks like Midge wearing a one piece black and blue swimsuit. On the main monitor is the award ceremony as Dr. Crustacean snarls at the screen.

Panel four: A shot Pepperdinkle as he slams his fist down hard onto a action figures of the Explorers of the Unknown, breaking them into bits. On the end of the tables are various robots. A nearby monitor is showing a close-up on

Pepperdinkle: How dare they steal my evil robot suit and use it for good!?

Pepperdinkle: We'll see how they fair against their first enemy--Pepperdinkle, the master of robotics!

Panel five: A shot inside of a prison tower as only the bottom half of a warden is in sight as he looks into a yard of rather innocent looking criminals (All wearing orange jump suits) from a monitor tower. One set of criminals are showing pictures of loved ones and another is helping another prisoner with a misbuttoned shirt. Nearby the mysterious warden is a small flat screen TV showing the ceremony as Red Andrews is getting his award.

Warden Naysay: If saving the world doesn't earn you a life sentence in The Good Prison, nothing will!

Panel six: Inside of an art gallery filled with various warped and miscolored paintings of various people and places. On a TV screen nearby an unseen painter, who is drawing a scary looking clown with fangs and fire for hair scaring a fat cheeked baby. Stapled on the canvas is a model for a laser cannon with paint by number color diagrams sheet of the world.

Van Splatter: Sacre Blu! Such beauty, no? Oui.

Van Splatter: Ah, finally, after zee years--I shall craft mine own master piece de artiste! And zee world shall be my canvas and witnesses, no? OUI!

Panel seven: A shot of a figure dressed only in black from his head to his boots as he has a teddy bear at the feet of several police officers in a police station as all the police officers and even criminals handcuff begin to cower and whimper and run from the teddy bear. A nearby desk has a computer showing the award ceremony online as Wheels is getting her award as she admires it.

Phobia: I was worried the earth would be destroyed--But The Explorers of the Unknown should be afraid of me!!

Panel eight: Inside of a darkened lair, filled with various robotic arms and legs hanging on hooks along walls decorated with computers and high tech engines. A figure with a cybernetic arm looks on from his work station as he continues to work on his robotic hand as it twinges its fingers. A monitor shows a close up on a worried Gizmo still talking with Red

Dr. Cyborg: Today is continued living proof on the strength humans and technology contains working in unison. But amalgamation of the two will be the future.

Panel nine: From over the shoulder of a long brown haired woman wearing a green dress as she is holding a book written by Red Andrews titled: The King's Scabbard. In the background are four knights hidden in the darkness. In the darkness we see a knight wearing blue armor and is about 6'2, a knight wearing red armor standing 6'4, a knight wearing green armor standing around 6'8, and another wearing all black at 7 foot. The finer details of their armor is hidden.

Morgan Le Fey: My Knights of Launds, after all the centuries of searching, Excalibur may finally be within my grasp!

Panel 10: A shot of a muscular, blond hair to his shoulders, and looking like a surfer wearing a pink and black lab coat as he is mixing formulas together. On a TV screen next to him, he is puckering his lips as Angel and Wheels are showing off their medals to a small group of kids. As the chemicals mix, various smoke puff hearts form.

The Love Doctor:  C.U. Pidd, have you ever seen such a fox and chick!?

The Love Doctor: I have to give them my number--number nine! As in Love Potion Number 9! HAVE MERCY!

Panel 11: An elderly, dangerously thin man, bald and heavily bearded looks on from his wheel chair in his pent house office filled with various Roman and Greek statues as the watches the Explorers on a television at his desk. Most of the statues and pictures are of Heracles.

Iphicles: Yes, others have failed me--so many for so long...but mayhap these Explorers will be the ones that I can use to finally garner my place above my brother!

Panel 12: A shot of Zarak sitting on a throne with various servants kneeling at a painting of their queen who looks like Wheels. Nearby is a wizard wearing red and purple robes as he is opening a small portal where we can see a high angle view of the Explorers. In front of Zarak is a female Amazon wearing red and white with a belt holding a small pouch of sleep powder and a sword. She is bald save for a long ponytail. She is angrily clutching her sword as Zarak fails to notice.

Zarak: Daughter, soon the wizard will be able to conjure a portal to the outside world! Your mission will be to bring our queen back to us!

Zaraka: Yes, father...Long live the queen.

Page 20

Panel one: Gizmo is talking with Red as they are all lined up and Mayor Weatherbee is straightening out his bow tie as he poses for pictures of his own. All the Explorers have lined up as they look on with a smile.

Gizmo: Exactly. I fear that our list of enemies is growing rapidly--now beyond our solar system.

Panel two: Red puts a hand on Gizmo's shoulder to reassure him.

Red: Gizmo, don't worry. Don't be afraid of the next second, minute, tomorrow or even years from now.

Panel three: Red motions towards all the Explorers as Gizmo follows with his eyes.

Red: Right now, I'm honored to lead the bravest, smartest, dangerous, strongest, stealthiest, and most beautiful collection of people the world has known.

Red: We'll meet every challenge without fear and survey the mysterious of this world with an open mind and boundless courage.

Page 21

Panel one:

A one page shot of the Explorers as Mayor Weatherbee motions the reader towards The Explorers. The Explorers are all striking a pose similar to the ones found in the introduction to their adventure in the Archie and Friends double digests only now you have Chuck brandishing his cloak as he half disappears, Spike flexing his muscles, and Gizmo as he adjusts his glasses with his finger tip.

Red Andrews: Onward, Explorers to new adventures!!!

Page 22

Panel one: A shot of the asteroid as it is still surrounded by the repulsor beam energy as it is zooming into space back where it came from, as indicated by various bits of debris the asteroid left behind on the first tripe.

Panel two: A red swirling laser beam strikes the asteroid and destroys it, leaving behind small debris and ash


Panel three: Inside of his captain's area of the battle station as Conqueror Lrak, still shrouded in shadows and blue tinted light looks on from his view screen at the asteroid destruction.

Intercom: Lord Lrak, detected projectile has been annihilated. Analysis shows fluxing traces of repulsor and graviton energy--

Lrak: Enough. I need no explanations. All that matters is success.

Panel four: The view screen now turns to a fair away shot of earth.

Lrak: Earth, lone sentient containing planet of your galaxy, you have shown me you deserve to be assimilated into my empire.

Panel five: Lrak's clawed fist is raised as a sign of strength as it completely covers up the view screen of the earth, The gauntlet on his armor shows a warped fanged dog reflection showing his intentions.

Lrak: Celebrate your survival. But be weary--

Lrak: For the conquest commences!!



DeCarlo Rules

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Is there another way to do this?

They say there's more than one way to skin a cat. But why would you want to? It only serves as an exercise in wanton cruelty, since there's no value in catskins.


This could be useful to relaunch the Archie Action brand but with realistic drawings

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