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Sep 20 2020 10:44pm
Tuxedo Mark: No, I don't think Dollar General is.

Sep 20 2020 1:07am
ASS-P: Aren't all three that are mentioned here owned by Dollar Tree?

Sep 13 2020 9:00pm
Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Take This Job and Love It!" from Cheryl Blossom (Get a Job) #3: https://riverdalereviewed.wordpress.com/2020/09/13/comics-take-this-job-and-love-it/

Sep 13 2020 9:57am
Tuxedo Mark: Yeah, its more than $1. Family Dollar is another chain which was recently bought by Dollar Tree.

Sep 12 2020 9:59pm
ASS-P: Is Dollar General the dollar chain that sells stuff more expensive than a dollar, then, of the big dollar store name brands? I sort of thought it was Family Dollar.

Sep 10 2020 11:03am
Tuxedo Mark: Probably that.

Sep 09 2020 5:15pm
ASS-P: What Was it selling for? It's $3.99? cover pric

Sep 09 2020 12:57pm
Tuxedo Mark: I saw an issue of Life With Archie 10th Anniversary at Dollar General months ago, but that's it.

Sep 08 2020 4:20pm
ASS-P: ...? Prior to these last six month Or during present upended circumstances?

Sep 08 2020 4:19pm
ASS-P: Once and for all, are traditional comic-book sized Archies - not digests ' seen by anyone here at any non-comics shop place? Anywhere

That Wilkin Boy is Nobody's Fool

Started by PTF, April 01, 2016, 06:33:34 pm

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 Page 1

Panel one: The setting is seven in the morning in Samantha Smythe's bed room. Samantha Smythe is waking up as she sits up in bed and stretches her arms. Samantha is wearing a pink t-shirt and black shorts. She has a massive case of bed hair. In the room are various sports poster on the wall. On her dresser with a mirror attached are various photos of her family, and her and Bingo Wilkin at different ages. On a nearby counter are a stack of fitness magazines, wrestling action figures, her smart phone and a cute teddy bear.

Sampson Smythe off-panel: Samantha! Wake up! No one sleeps their life away in this household!!

Samantha: Yaaaawn.

Samantha: No one gets any sleep with all the yelling.

Panel two: Samantha is walking past her dresser mirror as she doesn't notice that she has no reflection in it.

Samantha:  Bingo and I are going to the movies and see The Shield vs. The Black Hood: High Noon today. I can't wait!

Panel three: Samantha's eyes suddenly widen as she realizes that she didn't have a reflection in the mirror.

Samantha: !??

Panel four: Samantha runs back to the mirror and leans into it as she begins to panic.

Samantha: OMG! I don't have a reflection! I don't have a reflection!

Page 2

Panel one: Samantha waves her hands in front of the mirror as it shows no reflection.

Samantha: Did I die in my sleep?? Am I ghost??

Panel two: Samantha pinches her arm as she winces in pain.

Samantha: Ow!

Samantha: Okay, I felt that so maybe I'm not a ghost...unless ghosts can feel when a ghost pinches itself!

Panel three: Samantha turns to her bed.

Samantha: Okay, no body in bed so I still am in it. But that means...

Panel four: Samantha begins to feel at her teeth to see if she has fangs.

Samantha: I'm a vampire! I'm a bloodsucker! A creature of the night! I'm going to have to trade my nice soft bed for a cramp coffin!

Panel five: Samantha turns her head as she hears laughter.

Sampson off-panel: BAWWAHH HHAA HAA!! Stop! Stop! My ribs--they're splitting!!

Page 3

Panel one: An angry Samantha turns to her door as Sampson Smythe is laughing his head off at the door way.

Samantha: What's so funny!??

Sampson: I-I can't believe you thought you were a ghost and a vampire! Haaa Haaa!

Panel two: Sampson points at the mirror as Samantha drops her arms to her side and drops her jaw as her cheeks blush because of embarrassment.

Sampson: I snuck in and switched your dresser mirror with a trick mirror!

Panel three: Sampson points ahead as he continues to laugh.

Sampson: April Fools!!!

Panel four: Sampson runs out into the hall as he ducks down and avoids a thrown pillow. Sampson is still chuckling to himself.

Samantha off-panel: NOT FUNNY!!

Sampson: Hey, April Fools Day, anything goes, and everyone is a target, pumpkin.

Panel five: A close up on Sampson as he has an evil smirk across his face as he claps his hands together in anticipation for his next gags.

Sampson: And I got a few more fools this April to get! And I'm going to start with...

Page 4

Panel one: Bingo is in his backyard as he looks towards the Smythe house and the fence that separates the two properties. Sampson is waving him over and motioning for him to jump over the fence. Sampson has the most igneous smile on his face.  Rebel tilts his head as he is suspicious of Sampson.

Sampson behind the fence: Bingo! Samantha wants to see you! Hustle on over! No time to waste!

Bingo: Sure! I'll be right over!

Panel two: Bingo begins to leap over the fence as he is optimistic of what he is going to see. Rebel looks on as he shakes his head.

Rebel: Never trust a silver platter...especially when you the person offering it to you is a creep. (Sigh) My boy always has to learn these things the hard way.

Panel three: Bingo lands in a giant hole filled with muddy water as Sampson looks on with a smile as he holds a water pot. Nearby is a hose with small drops of water dripping from the nozzle. Nearby is a shovel with a small pile of dirt near it.


Bingo: Wha--?!

Panel four: Sampson begins to pour water on Bingo as Bingo frowns as he turns to the reader.

Sampson: Don't worry, little sap, with plenty of water, Greenthumb Sampson will help you grow into something presentable--like a shrub or an average weed!!

Panel five: Sampson begins to walk away as Bingo looks on with an angry glare. Samantha runs past Sampson and sticks her tongue at him as Sampson ignores her and continues to boast.

Sampson: April Fools, slacker!

Page 5

Panel one: Bingo steps out of the hole of water as he kicks the water out of his muddy shoes and pushes his wet hair back.

Samantha: I'm sorry, Bingo. Daddy is just horrible on April 1st.

Bingo: The rest of the year isn't much better.

Panel two: Samantha folds her arms as she talks about what Sampson did to her as Bingo listens.

Samantha: He just goes overboard. Ruining your jeans and shoes and making me think I'm a ghost.

Panel three: Bingo chuckles as Samantha goes wide eyed.

Bingo: Heh heh. Really? A ghost?

Samantha: !!!

Panel four: Samantha points at Bingo's wet jeans as he smiles and holds his hands out front as he tries to calm her down.

Samantha: I wouldn't laugh, raindrop!

Bingo: Okay okay! Let's not fight! We're on the same team!

Page 6

Panel one: Willie Wilkin is beginning to put mail in his mail box as he begins to push down the lid.

Willie Wilkin: Hm. Quiet day.

Willie Wilkin: Sampson must be out of town.

Panel two: Willie is scared off his feet as a small jack in the box with a sign reading "April Fools, Wilkins" springs at his head.

Willie Wilkin: YAAAA

Panel three: Willie Wilkin is on the ground and shaking both fists in the air. The jack in the box dangles half way down the mail box pole.

Willie Wilkin: WILKIN!! NO 'S'!!

Panel four: Uncle Herman with a baseball glued to his hand that he can't pull free walks over to Willie as Willie begins to pick himself up as he looks at the jack in the box with disdain.

Uncle Herman: Got you too, eh, Willie boy?

Willie: That pea brained knuckle dragger and his juvenile antics...

Willie: You'll never see me stoop to his level! Never! Tricks and jokes are for children only!

Panel five: Bingo and Samantha are running over to Willie and Uncle Herman.

Bingo: Dad! We want to play a joke on Sammie's dad, but for it to work; we need you to ask your friend at the radio station to...

Panel six: Willie Wilkin stands up and points a finger to the sky as he declares his full support as Bingo and Samantha look on with a smile. Uncle Herman playfully rolls his eyes at Willie's hypocrisy as he tries to get the glued baseball off his hand.

Willie: Anything you need!

Uncle Herman thinking: As the eldest, I should be the voice of reason...

Uncle Herman thinking: ...But recent history and current circumstances have my lips zipped!

Page 7

Panel one: Sampson is in his car driving as he begins to pull out of the driveway while adjusting his radio station. In his car are various muscle and wrestling magazines. Along with an empty energy drink can in the cup holder.

Sampson: What a belly buster! I'd make all months April and only one day in them if I could!

Panel two: Sampson is listening to the radio.

Radio: This is Rex Radbag and looks like a police report is coming in for a local business that left the doors unlocked and invited thieves to come on in and take all the goodies!

Panel three: Sampson waves off the radio as he sticks out his chest.

Sampson: Hah! Anyone too stupid to not lock up at night deserves to lose everything he owns!

Panel four: Sampson's eyes go wide as he looks like he's seeing his life pass before his yes.

Radio: The Smythe Gym is missing a few dumbbells and dead lifting their insurance policy today, my pals and gals!

Panel five: Sampson begins to speed across the road, leaving scorch marks like Back to the Future when the DeLorean traveled in time. On the sidewalk several people look on as Sampson speeds off. An old lady leaps across the street to avoid being hit by Sampson as a confused boy scout looks on.

Sampson in car: MY GYM!!!!

Page 8

Panel one: Sampson has parked his car crookedly as he runs towards the wide open Smythe gym,

Sampson: Where's the police!!?

Sampson: What kind of town do we live in when a humble gym from a world famous wrestler isn't safe?!?

Panel two: Sampson stops on his heel as he is surprised to see Bingo, Samantha, Willie, and Uncle Herman inside as they all smile and wave at him. Uncle Herman is tossing the baseball in his hand. Samantha has a pair of keys in her hand that she is shaking to show that she unlocked the doors to the gym. Inside of the gym are various weights, dumbbells, work out mats, and treadmills.

Bingo, Samantha, Willie, Uncle Herman: APRIL FOOLS!!

Panel three: A sore Sampson turns away and waves them off as he begins to storm out of the gym. In the background Bingo, Samantha, Willie and Uncle Herman are laughing at Sampson and his attitude as they congratulate each other.

Sampson: Bah! Anyone who wastes their time on stupid April Fools tricks needs their ears boxed for 'em!

Samantha: Me thinks daddy is a bit of a bad sport.

Bingo: Yeah, like playing baseball with a spit ball and a wet noodle.


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DeCarlo Rules

Quote from: Nicasio on April 21, 2016, 05:27:17 am
Every time a comment is different, we will learn more.

That is SO true, Nicasio -- for a spider, you are pretty perceptive. You wouldn't have anything to sell me by any chance, would you? For some reason, I'm feeling very amenable to persuasion today.

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