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Do we need the Imprints forums?


Tuxedo Mark:
Archie Horror's output is basically non-existent. I don't follow Dark Circle, so I'm not sure if that's doing anything. It would probably be easier to just post about these things in either All About Archie or Archie's Friends.

The Archie Horror material comes back late May/early June (hopefully) and it is one of the many Archieverses … Dark Circle is totally separate really — it would fit better in a “other comics” section.  We do digress into other comics a lot — related works by theme or Archie artists, etc … so maybe that  should be a category in General and talk about Dark Circle there — and Archie Horror up into a subcategory of the Everything forum?

I want to give it something to come up with something that must have something right.


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