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Days we look foward to as Archie Fans.

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Jughead #5 actually came out today which is 3/30/16. Sadly my issue didn't come yet.

I usually get my issues about a week late. I have it set to delay shipping since Archie and Jughead are released a week apart.

Jughead #6 will come out on 5/4/16 which is 34 days away
Jughead #7 will come out on 6/15/16 which is 76 days away
Archie #7 will come out on 4/6/16 which is 6 days away
Archie #8 will come out on 5/11/16 which is 41 days away
Archie #9 will come out on 6/22/16 which is 83 days away.

The July 2016 Solicitations will be coming out on 4/20/16 & that's 18 days & 13 Hours & 33 Minutes & 1 Seconds.
95 Days till 7/6/16 & hopefully that's the day we see Betty & Veronica #1.
187 Days till New York Comic Con
And Christmas is 267 days away

Today my phone was able to download Jughead #5 from the Archie App so that's an important day that involved Archie.


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