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September 24, 2020, 07:26:12 am

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Sep 20 2020 10:44pm
Tuxedo Mark: No, I don't think Dollar General is.

Sep 20 2020 1:07am
ASS-P: Aren't all three that are mentioned here owned by Dollar Tree?

Sep 13 2020 9:00pm
Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Take This Job and Love It!" from Cheryl Blossom (Get a Job) #3: https://riverdalereviewed.wordpress.com/2020/09/13/comics-take-this-job-and-love-it/

Sep 13 2020 9:57am
Tuxedo Mark: Yeah, its more than $1. Family Dollar is another chain which was recently bought by Dollar Tree.

Sep 12 2020 9:59pm
ASS-P: Is Dollar General the dollar chain that sells stuff more expensive than a dollar, then, of the big dollar store name brands? I sort of thought it was Family Dollar.

Sep 10 2020 11:03am
Tuxedo Mark: Probably that.

Sep 09 2020 5:15pm
ASS-P: What Was it selling for? It's $3.99? cover pric

Sep 09 2020 12:57pm
Tuxedo Mark: I saw an issue of Life With Archie 10th Anniversary at Dollar General months ago, but that's it.

Sep 08 2020 4:20pm
ASS-P: ...? Prior to these last six month Or during present upended circumstances?

Sep 08 2020 4:19pm
ASS-P: Once and for all, are traditional comic-book sized Archies - not digests ' seen by anyone here at any non-comics shop place? Anywhere

More Super 'Suckers for your reading pleasure!

Started by Sitcomics, June 01, 2016, 09:42:36 pm

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hi all.  Lots of news today! Super 'Suckers 2.3 is now available on Comixology.  You can also download it at sitcomics.net and that same website now has low-cost 68 page print editions, S'S #1 autographed editions and even 336 piece puzzles!  It's all about bringing fun to comics with art styles you already love and new characters you'll grow to love.  Thanks for your support everybody!

DeCarlo Rules

Great! Just ordered the print copy of Binge Book #2 (and a second copy of #1) on sitcomics.net!


 :smitten: That's fantastic!   I've packaged your books (and free Super 'Suckers super sticker) and will ship them today or tomorrow, depending on my travel to Awesome Con.

DeCarlo Rules

June 05, 2016, 12:10:59 am #3 Last Edit: June 05, 2016, 12:24:34 am by DeCarlo Rules
Quote from: Sitcomics on June 02, 2016, 09:32:55 am
:smitten: That's fantastic!   I've packaged your books (and free Super 'Suckers super sticker) and will ship them today or tomorrow, depending on my travel to Awesome Con.

Thanks, Darin!  I received the books in the mail today, and even though it was late in the day and I was kind of tired before I got the chance to get to my mailbox, as soon as I tore open the package I just had to SIT down and read your COMICS! I double-binged by re-reading the first issue and the second in one sitting.

What a fun book! I know you've got a bunch of new comics starting up, but I only wish there was a way to get a new SUPER 'SUCKERS book out more frequently than on a annual basis. When do you expect Binge Book #3 to come out? (Before next year, I hope!) It's a great package, and I love the whole concept of "TV that you read" and the sit-commercials. (Are those exclusive to the Binge Books, or are they included with the shorter digital chapters?)

I see Kelly finally found a perfect solution to her makeup problem, but I was surprised it was never an issue for Jess -- she doesn't wear makeup? In issue #2, she obviously had bigger problems to deal with, I guess. The new characters in issue #2 were terrific, too. I look forward to seeing more of them, and more of Kelly's sorority sisters Summer, Lyric, and Paisley, too. Paisley seems to be pretty smart, so I wonder if she might eventually figure out what's going on with Kelly. I was a little confused by that scene where Vera called Paisley "India", or are they twin sisters? Trevor's a great addition to the cast, and I hope we haven't seen the last of Richard, either.


Thanks for all the fun feedback, DC Rules!  I've been traveling nonstop after Awesome Con (lots of people bought both issues there too!) so I couldn't properly respond sooner.   The delay between issues is a necessary evil for now. The digital releases are meant to cushion the gap but I can only afford to print a comic when there are three or four ready to print along with it.  It is possible that the print versions of issues 3 & 4 will come out together next time. 

The Sitcommercials are in digital releases too but they come in the middle of each chapter instead of between them.

Jess is not into glamming up with a lot of makeup and what little she does is simple enough to do with memory and not a mirror.

The Paisley/India thing is a direct result of my forgetting which name I settled on because she's had about six names since my first draft of issue 1!  I'll try to be more careful and whatever I call her in issue 3 will be the official name.

You make a lot of great points and I'd love to include this post in issue 3's Blood Letters. If that is cool, please let me know at editor@sitcomics.net

Thanks again for trusting Sitcomics with your entertainment dollar. The best is yet to come.


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