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  • DeCarlo Rules: Presumably with an ongoing B&V series, they'd want to keep it nominally in continuity with the ongoing ARCHIE title.
    September 22, 2018, 07:03:48 am
  • DeCarlo Rules: Oh, I hadn't noticed that the story is "Senior Year", so that explains it. It's a one-off story arc, just like "Freshman Year". They're not going to keep them as seniors permanently, or have them graduate and go on to college in an ongoing series.
    September 22, 2018, 06:59:24 am
  • DeCarlo Rules: Probably just a space-filler while they look for a better writer than Jaime Rotante. I hope.
    September 22, 2018, 12:08:34 am
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Author Topic: What comics have you been reading?  (Read 299239 times)

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Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1515 on: October 12, 2018, 12:14:21 am »
DEATH NOTE [All-In-One Edition] TP by Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata - Chapters 81 to 108+bonus chapter (of 108 + bonus chapter); pages 1763 to 2398 (of 2398). That was ONE long read! ... but interesting all the way through. It ended just how it HAD to end, because we know almost from the beginning of the story how it was going to end -- the shinigami (Japanese death god) Ryuk told Light Yagami (the protagonist-villain of the story) how it would end, and indeed that's exactly how it ends. Hope that's not too big of a spoiler, because it's in there almost from the start. I really enjoyed this.

This was originally published as 12 tankobon (regular-sized paperback books) which would have cost $9.99 per volume SRP, so $119.88 total before any discount. Or I could have purchased a complete boxed set of all 12 original volumes for $114.99 SRP, that included a special 13th volume, "Death Note: How To Read" which contains all of the shinigami rules for humans using the Death Note, plus a character guide and detailed plot summary of the series. It's not strictly needed as part of the main story, but it did originally contain the bonus chapter which was later reprinted in the All-In-One Edition. The All-In-One Edition had a SRP of $39.99, so it was a huge savings over buying each of the individual tankobon volumes separately, or buying the boxed set. The "How To Read" extra Volume 13 is also available separately, and I was interested enough in the series as a whole to order a copy of that (SRP $14.99). So as a result of having 'missed the boat' when the series was first running and kind of a hot item (manga-wise), I wind up paying less than half what it would have cost me otherwise to read the whole series -- and I think it was probably better as a result of my having read it over a very short period of time. This is one time where the old saying "you snooze you lose" proved to be untrue. I guess my next move is to buy (or watch streaming somewhere online) the anime adaptation (not so interested in the live-action films) of Death Note which spun off from the manga.

The downside of saving money in reading the All-In-One Edition of Death Note was that at 2400 (5"x7") pages, the book was over 3 inches thick, and rather heavy (I didn't actually weigh it), and to try to hold it in your hands for any length of time at a comfortable enough distance for optimal viewing was somewhat awkward and tiring. I found myself, on several occasions of prolonged reading sessions, propping the book up on a small empty box on a desk (or on a lap desk) so I wouldn't need to actually hold it up close enough to read the pages for hours on end. The extreme thickness of the book also tends to make it want to close itself unless your thumb is inserted between the pages you're reading or you have some heavier piece of cardboard to lie across the top or bottom of both pages to keep it from closing. I wouldn't want to own another book of this size, I think. It's somewhat of a problem already with the Archie 1000 Page Comics collections, although those are more easily viewable from a somewhat greater distance and are less than half the number of pages -- plus they're much faster to read than 1000 pages of something like Death Note. The Archie Giant Comics collections are actually more of the ideal digest-sized format in terms of thickness and page count, but when you compare them to the 1000-pagers in terms of cost-per-page, nowhere near as good of a bang-for-your-buck bargain... so it's a trade off, sacrificing the ease-of-reading experience for getting more for your dollar. The Giant Comics digest format recently reduced its original page-count without reducing the cover price, while it seems that the 1000 Page Comics are pretty much locked into the page count they have -- they'd have to change the title, which would be too obvious. I suppose they could increase the cover price, but people tend to notice things like that immediately, while page-count is something you wouldn't probably notice before making the decision to purchase.
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Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1516 on: October 12, 2018, 03:52:54 am »

THE COMPLETE COSMO THE MERRY MARTIAN TP by Sy Reit and Bob White - This was a fun six issue series (the trade collection also includes "Good Guys of the Galaxy", a Tom DeFalco/Fernando Ruiz semiparody of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy from ARCHIE 655, which happens to be my personal favorite of their collaborations, and a 5-page ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST story written & drawn by Fernando, both stories featuring guest appearances by Cosmo, plus a couple more only-tangentially-related 5-pagers written by Dan Parent, and a complete reprint of the 1st issue of the new COSMO series). The Sy Reit/Bob White collaboration on COSMO, which originally appeared in 1958-59, was unusual in style, as well as in being essentially one long (if episodic) story, continued from issue to issue. It's hard to think of any other standard comic books that were doing that at the time. Absurdity and gags are the main focus here, plus just a teensy amount of actual factual science educating readers on the basics of what was known about the Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn at the time. Characterization is fairly minimal, with the standout character being Orbi, a likeable but devout coward, who's always getting into trouble (and thus helping drive the plot, such as it is, forward). The basic plot of the series is a travelogue around the solar system, discovering what life exists on other worlds. It has a certain goofy nostalgic charm that amuses me, however, particularly in the way it's drawn. Martians as drawn by Bob White look a lot like Al Capp's schmoos (from Li'l Abner) or slightly overweight bowling pins. The body proportions vary a little otherwise, as drawn by Fernando Ruiz in the two more modern stories.

COSMO VOL 01: SPACE ACES TP by Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley - I really liked this reboot, despite its lack of strict adherence to the earlier versions of the characters by Reit & White. Given that there wasn't a lot of characterization in the original to begin with, that was probably a good decision. I'm not sure a straight-up modern version of the earlier Cosmo would have really worked. The character that survives the transition mostly intact is Orbi, who retains his character as a dedicated coward but a nice guy. Cosmo is somewhat younger, more of an adventurous/heroic sort of space explorer, and Astra (Cosmo's girlfriend and sometimes damsel-in-distress in the original series) is given a more active role as the pilot of Cosmo's spaceship, the "Ufo" (pronounced "You-foe"), and there's a friendly rivalry/romantic tension between her and Cosmo. Orbi's doglike Martian pet Jojo in the original series becomes a metamorphic alien pet, giving him in effect a superpower the rest of the crew don't have, and making him very useful to have around. The elderly bearded Martian scientist-inventor Prof. Thimk from the original series is missing from the rebooted version altogether, replaced by the much younger female Martian scientist-inventor Dr. Medulla. It was a good idea to add more (and more proactive) female characters to the updated COSMO. The final new addition to the cast is Max Strongjaw, an American astronaut of the near future who is rescued by Cosmo & Co. when his ship has technical difficulties on the first earth-mission to Mars. Max is more or less a parody of the usual square-jawed, typical American space-hero type. Not too bright, and more than a little xenophobic, but with a heart-of-gold, who gradually comes to a grudging friendship/rivalry of sorts with Cosmo and his crew. This was a good cast, and the series as a whole was a valiant attempt to launch a new series which would have been a ACP-owned IP replacement for the loss of the SONIC and MEGA MAN Archie Action imprint titles. At least they were willing to give this a shot, for which I applaud them. Who knows, maybe the graphic novel could be discovered by someone interested in turning the characters into an animated series. Tracy Yardley is a very talented artist, working in a pleasant, attractive modern style that would not be out of place among cartoons aired somewhere like Nickelodeon (or is it just Nick now?) or Cartoon Network (or is it just CN now?). One could but hope. The collection also includes all of the variant covers of the floppy comic from issues #1-5, along with character profile pages offering more background tidbits of information, and some sketch pages showing Yardley's design development for the series. At least you should buy the trade collection, if you didn't give the 5 individual issues of the floppy comic version a try.
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Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1517 on: October 13, 2018, 10:52:32 am »
MARVEL KNIGHTS (2000) #1-15

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Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1518 on: October 14, 2018, 03:44:59 am »
FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: Master Edition Vol. 1-9 by Buronson & Tetsuo Hara [Raijin Comics, 2004] - Great story, and the single best presentation of any manga I've seen in English translation. Each volume was 196 pages, 7"x10" (same page size as a golden age comic book, or Shonen Jump, but on heavy glossy paper and digitally colored), with a b&w cardboard cover wrapped in a color dustjacket, and contains some extras. These were originally priced at $17.95 cover price, but I got them on sale about 10 years ago for $11 per volume. The same story had an earlier, different translation (with reversed pages) by Viz, in both the 'prestige format' standard comic size, and as 4 smaller b&w trade paperback volumes, but covered less than half the story contained in Raijin's 9 volume set. Unfortunately, those 9 volumes still barely scratch the surface of the complete Japanese saga, which ran for 5 years (245 chapters serialized in Shonen Jump) and was collected in 27 tankobon volumes, while the Master Edition only got as far as reprinting the first 74 chapters, so there are still 18 1/2 volumes in the saga of Fist of the North Star that I'll probably never get to read. An anime TV series which originally ran for 152 episodes from 1984 to 1988 (and is a fairly faithful adaptation of the manga) is available on an American DVD release with English subtitles, and even that doesn't adapt all the events of the manga's 245 chapters, but I guess it's the best I'll be able to do unless I learn to read Japanese.

The real point I'm getting at here is that I wish some of the current English-localized manga publishers would do something in a format exactly like these deluxe editions.
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Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1519 on: October 14, 2018, 10:45:16 pm »
Berlin by Jason Lutes - This hardcover is over 500 pages and collects the entire 22 issue run which has taken since 1996 to complete.  I've been reading the series since it began, but purchased the hardcover as well.   It takes place in Berlin from 1928-1933 and utilizes a lot of characters who are not necessarily important historically - Marthe Muller, an art student who comes to the city at least in part to get away from her father - Kurt Severing, a journalist who writes for a paper read by poets and intellectuals - Silvia Braun, a young girl whose father is a National Socialist and whose mother is a Communist - The Cocoa Kids, an African-American jazz quintet in town playing at a jazz club - and others as well.  The unrest in the city is shown and the gradual buildup of power for the National Socialists (Nazis) plus the battles with the Reds (Communists) and the anti-Semitism as well.  This is a well researched and entertaining story that is well worth checking out.

Edited to add - One thing that I should note is that the font size used in the word balloons is kind of small which may make it difficult for some people to read.  It is still worth it, though.
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Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1520 on: October 16, 2018, 06:58:57 pm »
ARCHIE'S MADHOUSE MAYHEM (HCF 2018) minicomic - This year's ACP Halloween ComicFest offering reprints two 6-pagers, Betty in "Scaredy Cat" by Angelo Decesare & Stan Goldberg, and Archie in "The Halloween Scene" by George Gladir & Fernando Ruiz. Apart from the relative rarity of ACP Halloween stories, neither of these two stories are particularly noteworthy, but on the whole, I enjoyed this minicomic more than either of ACP's previous two HCF Archie's Madhouse minicomic reprints.

ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR (Dec. 2018 issue) - Unlike the above free giveaway minicomic, this one's a regular-format floppy comic with a $2.99 cover price. It contains reprints of four 5-pagers, all of which were written by Dan Parent: Archie in "Something Is Missing" (with art by Bill Golliher); B&V in "They're Creepy and They're Kooky" (art by Jeff Shultz); B&V in "A Bewitching Tale" (art by Bill Galvan), and B&V present "The Ultimate Halloween Bash!" (art by Dan Parent). The last of those was more of a "special feature" than a story per se, being mainly instructional in nature, but it contains some relevant tips on how to throw a Halloween-themed party, and even though it isn't really a story, Dan P. remembered to end the feature with a final-panel gag to wrap everything up nicely in the Archie Comics tradition. The special feature originally appeared in BETTY & VERONICA SPECTACULAR #85, back when it was given a face-lift by Dan P. to be styled more like a magazine, and each issue featured at least one special feature (usually fashions, sometimes quizzes, but sometimes other things, depending on the season and theme of the individual issue). I really liked the idea of special features, and never felt like those were robbing the reader of the equivalent number of pages of story, simply because they added variety and were usually interesting in and of themselves. All of them were the work of Dan Parent (showing off his design talents using computer graphics software), and they always had an attractive look to them.

I think I've read all of these stories previously somewhere before, although it's hard to say definitely in some cases. One oddity struck me in the story "They're Creepy and They're Kooky", in which Archie, Betty & Veronica meet the Addams Family-like Plumley family and their daughter Monica (whom of course, B&V are immediately suspicious of because of Archie's interest in her), who have just moved into a reputed haunted house that's been abandoned for years. When Archie goes inside the Plumleys' house to visit, B&V are sure that the family is up to something no good (because, of course, they've SEEN The Addams Family), and start freaking out. Wandering away, they discuss what they should do to extricate Archie from the family's (and especially Monica's) clutches, and they recruit Jughead to help them. Veronica works her dander up to the point where by the time they've returned to the house, she bangs on the door. When Monica answers the door, Veronica demands to see Archie, and she responds that she doesn't know any Archie, and that they've just moved to the neighborhood, and slams the door in her face. While B&V and Jughead are still standing in front of the house discussing what to do now, Archie approaches from behind them and surprises them. B&V are overjoyed to see he's just fine, but then Monica shows up again, seemingly from nowhere, and invites them all into the house for some snacks, in an attempt, I guess, to allay their fears that there's just something weird about her family. I was a little confused because Monica never attempts to justify her earlier behavior when she answered the door -- I'd already decided that Monica must have a twin sister whom none of the gang had seen before, who had arrived home after Archie & Monica left, but it's never mentioned one way or the other, so I was left scratching my head about why Monica answered the door earlier and claimed she didn't know anyone named Archie. Not only that, but B&V and Jughead had never left the front of the house, while trying to decide what to do, before Archie and Monica reappeared, and Monica didn't come out the front door of the house, either, but seems to have followed Archie (from wherever, but not from inside the house). Or is it possible that the story, as it originally appeared, was longer than the 5 pages reprinted here?  ???
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Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1521 on: October 17, 2018, 03:23:06 pm »
FIST OF THE BLUE SKY VOL. 1-4 by Tetsuo Hara
(of 6)
(of 6)
- One new 12-page story, the rest reprints, but not bad for $5. A Walmart exclusive.


Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1522 on: October 18, 2018, 01:57:49 pm »
Just my usual Power Rangers, Transformers, dropped TMNT to get Amazing Spider-Man and I really like it.

But good news is that I got some money back from my healthcare insurance so I actually have extra money. So I'm probably going to get Vamperonica because, eh, it's October. I haven't heard much about it, but the covers look good.


Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Reply #1523 on: October 20, 2018, 03:04:02 pm »
I've started getting caught up on the new comics from the past year or so that I fell behind on - probably around 1800 comics total.  My goal is to be caught up before Christmas so we'll see how that goes.

Today I read Motor Girl #1-10 by  Terry Moore.  It is about an Iraq war veteran who survived two bombings and torture during a year of captivity and new runs a junkyard in the desert.  Very well done.

I also read around a dozen comics from Joe Books.   Their output is nonexistent now so I am wondering if they have financial problems.
Bongo Comics is next and then I will move on to other publishers.


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