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July 04, 2022, 04:08:42 AM

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Jul 03 2022 4:20pm
Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Drive Out!" from Cheryl Blossom #16: https://riverdalereviewed.wordpress.com/2022/07/03/comics-drive-out/

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Jun 27 2022 2:00pm
DeCarlo Rules: Plus the "Sixty Magical Stories" TP. About time they showed a little love for classic Sabrina, apart from Chilling Adventures...

Jun 25 2022 10:14pm
Hanna Barbera Montana: Sabrina's getting her own floppy and her own Showcase digest that month.

Jun 25 2022 10:08pm
Hanna Barbera Montana: The girl vaguely resembles Alexandra.

Jun 25 2022 9:28pm
Tuxedo Mark: I'm not impressed with the artwork. If they're going to revive Archie's Weird Mysteries, they should at least have the characters dress in their outfits from the show and make Archie's convertible red. Are those supposed to be Veronica and Jughead?

Jun 25 2022 8:54pm
Hanna Barbera Montana: Archie Horror is reviving Archie's Weird Mysteries ...sort of: https://archiecomics.com/new-archie-comics-coming-in-september-2022/ 

Jun 21 2022 4:23pm
Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Hula Hoot!" from Cheryl Blossom #15: https://riverdalereviewed.wordpress.com/2022/06/21/comics-hula-hoot/

Jun 20 2022 2:26pm
DeCarlo Rules: The text pieces have always been pretty haphazard...

What have you done today?

Started by BettyReggie, March 30, 2016, 06:55:26 PM

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DeCarlo Rules

Quote from: Archiecomicxfan215 on October 01, 2019, 11:35:23 AM17 days until my wedding! I am doing wedding stuff today then I work 5pm until closing

Only a week now!  :)


And now i am officially married!


I went to the casino but didnt win any money. Oh well better luck tomorrow we will see


Been busy with work so much. Now that I have extra spending money saved up I might ask hubby if we can go to this comic book store that is near the Ferry Terminal on Saturday. I havent brought comics in a few months since I got the Bettys Diary from NYCC as a gift from my husband (then fiancé)

Today I am visiting an aunt with my dad then meeting up with Hubby at his part time job at the mall. I am off for two days, this is my weekend! ☺️ We are going to Applebees for dinner (using some giftcards we got for christmas) and then going food shopping at the supermarket that is located in the mall. I might check Barnes and Nobles and treat myself to a Double Digest... havent done that in a while!


I hung out with dad. We went to Ace Hardware to look around. I also went food shopping at the supermarket with my husband. I spent some time reading Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics #279 which I recently brought at my local Barnes and Nobles


Long time no see!

Finally got the website working on my phone again yay  :coolsmiley: 

These past few months I have been busy with work. Still collecting Archie comics here and there. I been buying the books recently. I got "Archie at Riverdale High" and "She's Josie".

I also been working a lot due to the holiday shopping. The store doesn't close until 11pm. New goal is to save for a house. I'm planning on making a future room into a "pop culture room" displaying all my Archie collection 8)

DeCarlo Rules

She's Josie really deserved a full-sized hardcover collection, but I'll take what I can get from ACP in these lean times.

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