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What have you done today?

Started by BettyReggie, March 30, 2016, 06:55:26 pm

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Great Gazoo

I finished my 2 classes and now I am headed to my car to drive back home. Don't have much planned for today. I may just read some more Pep Digtal comics on my iPad.


I am currently on a break in the school computer lab. My next class is from 4:40pm through 6:20pm. I was going to go to the ASL club but my friend wants my help with something. So i decided to go next week. I applied for summmer 2016 graduation and everything is looking great so far. :)

Great Gazoo

I just chilling out on the couch reading Pep Digital Exclusive #6.


My mom came with me to first Physical Therapy. And we sitting in cafeteria waiting for it to begin.


It's been a long day. My mom went to the diner to pick up our lunch. That cheeseburger was a belly sinker & Grilled Swiss Cheese on Rye for mom. Then mom went to work. My aide & I skipped going out I was too poop from Physical Therapy. I finally got my Jughesd #5 from 6 Jughead issue subscription.


I am at work. Its a good day not too busy, was able to clean up my section, still got a bit to do after my break which is over in 3 minutes. I got my days off for my atlantic city trip


I went to visit an aunt of mine. I was with her all morning, then I went to the mall to buy something and I am now home.


Bought around 60$ worth of various band t-shirts on ebay. Despite being a fan for almost 20 years now, I just bought my first Cure shirt.


So far just ate breakfast. I did not do much. I watched some youtube. I go to work later.


I was planning on going to the art fair downtown but it is so windy and gusty right now I'm not sure I want to go out anymore.
I had breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, watched the Dog Whisperer.


I bought Orange Is The New Black Season #3 from Amazon. It coming out on May 17 th. I'm watching season #1 now to get ready. I also have season #2. I have to watch both quickly because my mom & brother have watch too. We are all fans.


I was pretty busy the past two days. I took Friday night off at work and went up to Kings Island for their passholder preview night (passholders who renewed by a certain date get to visit the park the night before it opens for the season). Since I don't work til 4 most days I also went back up there Saturday morning for about 5 hours, then stopped by to visit my grandpa before work because it was his 91st birthday, then I went to work from 4 til 12:15. I was so tired by the time I got home but it was well worth it.


About to get ready for work. Im dreading going. I hate sundays at work


I was busy changing my comic frames. I took down my 6 commissions. And gave them new plastics . I put them in my orgimi so now I have 12 Saga issues on my wall. I'll took a picture of it after my nap & post it on my Twitter page.


Im kinda sick. My lower back hurts and i have a cramp in my stomach. I called out of work last night because i was not feeling great. Luckily i have sick hours and was able to use them so i will still get paid. I hope i feel better soon, i woke 3 times last night :/

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