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What have you done today?

Started by BettyReggie, March 30, 2016, 06:55:26 pm

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I'll hto look at my Twitter page tomorrow but did you get any commissions?


Sadly Adam was there from 10am-11am and i missed him i arrived at 11:30am. I will see if my boyfriend can get something done for me he is gonna be there on the weekend. They had the blank variant for sale


Woke up to a surprise my boyfriend showed me on facebook. :smitten:


We did go to Forbidden Planet. I took a lot of pictures. I bought Betty & Veronica- Girls Rule & Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics #247 & 2 bags of Current Size Bags. They are plastic for the comics.


Today I have work 11:15am till 5pm ugh


I took a shower 🚿. And my mom & I are going go to the Avenue. We will have lunch at KFC. I have to pick a prescription & get more supplies for my ankle. And then my mom want to go feed Archie, the stray cat she takes care of.


Quote from: Archiecomicxfan215 on October 10, 2016, 09:44:52 am
Today I have work 11:15am till 5pm ugh

Lol my normal work day is 7-7. I wish I did half days.


This is cool, if post s picture of yourself holding a copy of Archie #13 to Joe Eisma. You can get a free picture of a character. I did & he said he working a Reggie for me. I can't wait to put in one of my comic frames.


Relaxing. I worked from 5pm-10pm. I been talking to my boyfriend and we been on the phone for 1 hour and 5 minutes. He told me his job might not sell comics no more so no more Archie surprises :'(


The picture that Joe draw was a digital copy. So I made my icon picture there & on twitter. It's awesome.


I haven't done much even though I woke up early. I ate breakfast, showered, and now will do some envelope stuffing jobs I suppose.


Busy day the Nurse from Affinity came for her 6 month visit. She was late. It was a good visit. I had to run home and finished Fight Club 2 . The book was late I had to give hime 50 cents. So I finished it & returned it with 7 other books & 4 DVDs.


Right now I just started watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love that movie. It is on Free Form.


Not much. i had errands to do today like putting 3 checks in the bank but i felt sick. :/

So thats going to be done tomorrow and i can put my new check in the bank too since it is pay day. plus i can go to the gym tomorrow.


I was on the computer but a lot of websites said page can't displayed. So I thought it was because maybe the weather affected it but no. I had to flip a switch on & it came back to life. I asked Joe Eisma if he draw a little picture of Jason Blossom if I post another picture of Archie #13. He agreed to do it. I want to take the picture later when my aid gets there so she could take a nice picture of me holding Archie #13.

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