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Story Help / New Year's stories
December 25, 2016, 02:58:00 AM
I thought we had a thread about this awhile back but I can't find it now. While there are tons of Christmas stories, New Year's stories (and Thanksgiving ones, and to some extent Halloween stories) are few and far between. Here's a couple of New Year's stories I found:

It's Their Miserable Lives! - Cheryl Blossom throws a New Year's party. Includes a reprint of "Fall Guys" (the mud wrestling story) as a flashblack. [Cheryl Blossom Special #3 1995 series; reprinted in Archie's Holiday Fun Digest #9]

New Year's Wishes - 90's Sabrina story. Sabrina can grant 3 wishes before midnight but only to her true love. [from Sabrina #22 and reprinted in Archie's Holiday Fun Digest #9]

The New Year's Resolution contest - Archie and his friends each make a New Years Resolution and then meet again in a month to see who has kept their resolution. [reprinted in Archie's DD #148]

Resolution Revolution - Kevin and the gang compete to see which ones can keep their New Year's resolutions the longest, but during the contest he finds out things about his boyfriend Devon that he doesn't want to know. [Kevin Keller #12]

Party Time Out - Betty throws a New Year's Eve party for her friends. [reprinted in Betty and Veronica DD #207]

A Change in the Weather - Betty spends weeks preparing a New Year's Eve party at her house, only to have Veronica throw a bigger party at the mansion at the same time. [Betty #12; reprinted in Archie's Holiday Fun digest #5]

Happy New Year - The gang's New Year's party is visited first by an old man and then by a talking infant, each of whom try to impart some wisdom on the teens. [Laugh #251; reprinted in Laugh Digest #51]

Comes the Resolution - When they can't agree on making New Year's resolutions, the gang decide that each of them should make binding resolutions for another person. [Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #35]

Resolved - Archie's new list of New Year's resolutions has Smithers resolving to quit. [Pep #262; reprinted in Jughead DD #100]

Ring Out the Old - 1940's Archie. Archie's loud New Year's party clashes with his parents' quiet one. [Archie #25; reprinted in Archie Archives #7]

Cheers for the New Year - Katy Keene story. Katy and Sis host a New Year's Eve party in their apartment. [Katy Keene #29]

New York Cheer - Katy and Sis visit their Aunt and Uncle in Kansas to celebrate New Year's. [Katy Keene #19]

Party Hearty - Katy plans on spending New Year's Eve with Rock on his plane but has to locate a defiant Sis in Times Square first. [Katy Keene #25]

New Year's Party - Wilbur story from the 40's. Snowball fight and New Year's Party. [Zip Comics #24]

Hmm...wonder why there are so many Katy Keene stories with a New Year's theme.

There's also a bunch of one pagers/pin ups and Li'l Jinx stories which you can find listed on
Archie's Friends / Josie and the Pussycats #1
September 29, 2016, 11:48:40 AM
I loved this issue! I thought the writing was hilarious, full of pop culture references. I spotted one to Mean Girls and probably some to the Josie and the Pussycats movie. It's definitely a comic written for girls. The girls aren't really drawn sexily to appeal to guys. But you have tons of superhero comics for that. The story is more linear and easier to follow than Jem. I loved the plot about a charity show for animals, the thing with Melody and cats, them being older and living on their own, Valerie being the better singer, the appearances of Pepper and Alan M. The only problem is it was too short. I'm going to read it again. More, More, please ACP! This issue was my favorite from the new Riverdale by far.
Archie's Friends / Sabrina at Gravestone Heights
June 28, 2016, 01:59:04 AM
Sabrina at Gravestone Heights was first featured in Archie and Friends #2 and in almost every issue of the series through #14. Sabrina continued to be featured in Archie and Friends after this (though not at Gravestone Heights) until at least issue #20 before getting her own series, again, in 1997. She is featured on the cover of Archie & Friends #21 but not inside.

Here are the Gravestone Heights stories (12 total) I have found and their corresponding Archie and Friends issue number:

#2 Double Date (1st appearance)
#4 Mummy Dearest
#5 Aw, What the Hex
#6 Camp Cramps!
#7 Me, Myself, and Why?
#8 Our Spider, Have You Spied Her?
#9 Now You See Her Now You Don't
#10 Tuned Out!
#11 A Bone to Pick
#12 To Tell a Lie!
#13 For Your Eye Only!
#14 The Homecoming! (last Gravestone Heights story)

Has anyone found any others?
Reading these issues back to back, they seem like a bit of return to form for ACP. Both are sort of a soft reboot to me and feature stories that are mostly like "Classic Archie". Especially Archie #9 which was very drama free and lighthearted compared to prior issues. I think they might be a "jumping on point" and might interest fans who have previously eschewed the reboot in favor of Classic Archie. It seems like they are listening to fans and trying to bridge the gap between Classic and reboot. Thoughts?
All About Archie / Digital Exclusives
June 18, 2016, 06:30:01 PM
I had this topic on the old forum, but in case people were still interested, here it is again. won't let me list digital comics so I'll put it on here instead.

Here is one I tabulated recently. The collections I choose to put up on here are in no particular order. Just whatever ones I've read/are interested in. Sorry for the formatting. This looked better on my word doc. If you want a synopsis of the stories, visit If there was no synopsis on that site, I included it here.

Pep Digital #155 Betty and Veronica Lifeguards on Duty (104 pgs)

- Kidding Around (Veronica) 6 pg. from Veronica #68
- Lifeguard Lament (Betty) 1 pg. from ?
Archie rescues a drowning girl and walks off with a date to Betty's dismay.
- Kiss Kaper (Reggie) 1 pg. from Archie's Pals 'n' Gals Double Digest #123

- Sea Escape (Betty and Veronica) 6 pg. from ?
Betty is so engrossed in reading a book she doesn't realize the boat she's on drifts out to sea. A lifeguard rescues her and Veronica is jealous because she's been trying to catch his attention all day.
- The Love of My Lifeguard! (Archie) 5 pg. from Archie Double Digest #111
- Sight Unseen! (Veronica) 5 pg. from Veronica #171
Dan Parent (script and pencils); Jim Amash (inks); Teresa Davidson (letters)
- Risky Rescue (Archie) 5 pg. from Archie #257
George Gladir (script); Chic Stone (pencils); Rudy Lapick (inks); Bill Yoshida (letters); Barry Grossman (colors)
- Shade Parade (Betty and Veronica) 1 pg. from Archie Giant Series #175
- Good Work If You Can Get It part 1 and 2 (Betty and Veronica) 11 pg. from Betty and Veronica Spectacular #70
- A Jarring Note (Betty and Veronica) 1 pg. from Betty and Me #178
- "Free CPR Practice" (Betty and Veronica Pin-Up) 1 pg. from ?
Kennedy/Smith (signed)
- Want a Lifesaver? (Jughead) 6 pgs. from ?
Veronica pretends to be drowning so a cute lifeguard will come save her. But unbeknownst to her, it's during shift change and Jughead is the lifeguard on duty.
- Safety First! (Betty and Veronica) 1 pg. from Betty and Veronica Digest #196
- Save Your Breath (Betty) 5 pg. from Betty #2
- Rescue Mission (Dilton) 6 pg. from Laugh #379
- Ideal Scenario (Betty and Veronica) 6 pg. from ?
Mike Pellowski (script); Jeff Shultz (pencils); Henry Scarpelli (Inks)
Betty and Veronica fantasize about what Chad the lifeguard would be like if he matched the ideas of a perfect man.
- Rubber Necking (Archie) 5 pg. from Jughead's Double Digest #46
- Of Men and Mermaids! (Betty and Veronica) 6 pg. from Archie #17
- Triangle Angle (Betty and Veronica) 5 pg. from Betty and Me #124 Gladir/Goldberg/Scarpelli/Yoshida/Grossman
- Job Jibe (Reggie) 6 pg. from World of Archie Double Digest #41
George Gladir (script); Bob Bolling (pencils); Rich Koslowski (inks); Bill Yoshida (letters); Barry Grossman (colors)
- The All Time Champ (Archie) 6 pg. from Archie #230
Dick Malmgren (script); Dan DeCarlo (pencils); Jim DeCarlo (inks); Bill Yoshida (letters); Barry Grossman (colors)
- Kiddie Pool Cue! (Archie) 5 pg. from Archie Comics Digest #200
Archie's Friends / Jughead Sabrina Team Up
June 08, 2016, 01:11:24 AM
In honor of Sabrina's appearance in the new Jughead series, I was wondering if there were any other stories where these two team up? Besides the infamous Jughead #200 issue which is one of my favs.
General Comics / Die Kitty Die #3
April 29, 2016, 04:43:19 PM
Another great issue. I enjoyed all the Fernando Ruiz cameos saying the things he's said on this board and I believe I spotted Victor Gorelick as well. The upcoming ex-husbands issues I think will be really funny.

Sounds like Dan and Fernando are going to be doing variant covers for other Chapterhouse series. It's always interesting to see other characters in their style.
General Comics / Snotgirl #1
April 29, 2016, 04:04:09 PM
Kinda excited for this comic. It's by the artist from Scott Pilgrim. Hopefully it's another girlie comic that gives us a break from superheroes and dystopian societies.

There's a preview with a few frames in the latest Image+ and Previews magazine.

I enjoyed Luna the Vampire and Jonesy but looking at the upcoming Previews not a lot of new girlie comics series are coming. Those must have not sold well. :(

I really like the main cover of Archie #10 with the fire. The beach party one seems inspired by their Cake Wars episode. Interesting how the records, cell phone, and iPad are side by side. I like the Jughead dreaming of pizza cover too. I'm gonna start reading this again with Derek Charm as the artist.
I was on a road trip today so I was listening to "Opening Belle." It's about a woman working on Wall Street and all the sexism she experiences while juggling her family life. Very interesting to me as I also work in a male dominated field.
Patsy Walker #4 - Just ok for me. Too much superhero stuff and not enough girlie stuff.

Spider Woman #5 - A bit too real life for me with all the baby stuff.

Jem #13 - LOVED the art in this one. Sophie Campbell is back on her game. The Dark Jem arc is coming to an end.

Circuit Breaker #1 - Dystopia with girlie manga art. Cute. I'll read the next issue.

Harrow County #10

Jonesy #2 - Even better than the first issue.

Luna the Vampire #3 - Over so soon??

Grumpy Cat Vol 1 Issues 1-3 and Vol 2 Issues 1-2 - I just love this.

Lumberjanes #24 - The Kiss issue. I always thought this was a bit of a kid's series but I guess kids have crushes too.

Mystery Girl #4 - The first arc comes to an end. The beginning of this issue was a bit confusing. I hope they continue the series.

Disney Princesses #1 - more like a comic strip. A bit too immature for me.

Catching up on Wayward. I'm now up to 14. The storyline is a bit confusing but some of the art is just beautiful.

Starfire #1 - Not sure I will continue.

Henchgirl #4 - Got a bit boring for me.