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All About Archie / What's Next For Archie Comics?
July 06, 2016, 03:32:27 AM


I told Musical Necromancer near the beginning of the shoutbox fight that I would answer his replies to me in a new thread so here it is if you're still reading.

MN: what was unsustainable is Keeping Archie the same and expecting that to save them forever...people these days want more from their comic books and archie wasn't delivering

I don't think they should have stayed exactly as they were but this is a huge divorcing step away from 75 years tradition, they could have tried something closer like hybrid classic Archie/Disney style art, the classic Archie artists probably would have done a good job with that. At least they could put that in the digests, most people would probably accept it as part of the main Archie continuity too, we can't say the same for the reboot stories, is there anyone who sees the reboot events as part of main Archie canon? THeres nothing wrong with that but I don't, I doubt most fans or ACP do either, when the art styles so changed it's hard to link them.

This leaves us fans in a strange place where the most dramatic emotional revelations that happened to the characters...never happened to the only versions of the characters that really matter in the long run. If we're going to find out Reggie has issues with his parents I want to find out in CLASSIC Archie where it means something, I mean think of your favorite touching or funny stories from classic Archie history, now imagine that instead of being classic Archie they were done in some AU reboot like the current titles. Suddenly they don't seem so special do they, because they're not happening to the characters who have experienced all the 75 years of Archie history that make the reboot events meaningful in the first place. Of course classic Archie can do its own stories about Reggie having family issues later on but by then it'll feel like a retread and the same for the other dramatic reboot moments. When this all began I was happy because I assumed it was going to be more of an adventure title with a narrower focus of the characters doing something specific like working for the Lodge company together or SOMETHING exploring new ground, instead it's just like regular Archie comics with more drama and much less humor.

comic book sales naturally decline after the first few issues  it's the way of the industry  it's not as huge as it once was so keeping steady sales is damn near impossible unless Your A Top Tier Superhero Book

If it's going to drop that fast then maybe it's not worth doing, the Jughead title is down to 9,000 something in shop sales last month down from 30,000 something for the first issue, the Archie title is down to 16,000 something from 100,000 something for the first issue and it's been just one year (less for Jughead). You think Fernando is just doing indie doodles but it won't be that long before those indie doodles will be outselling the reboots.

What are they going to follow this up with if (or lets face it, when) these reboots die? What titles can they try, I have no clue what direction they would go in now that they've dropped classic Archie almost completely from their regular titles, after the drastic move of the main reboot probably now anything else will feel anticlimactic even if it's actually better in quality. And Archie isn't like Marvel or other superhero companies, their universe isn't so wide and versatile that they can reboot many times and still find new angles that work.
Other Media / Your Archie Fancast And My Rants
June 26, 2016, 04:15:31 AM
This is a continuation of Kurenai24's thread in All About Archie "Your Archie Fancast" to talk about the castings and future castings for the Riverdale show and the show in general, I'm making a new thread for it because I liked hers but I don't want to put all my negative opinions in her thread or in the other Riverdale show threads.

First this:

Well now we know how the show ends. Or do we?
All About Archie / Hirambo
May 26, 2016, 04:22:13 AM
A thread for the explosive side of Mr. Lodge. I made this because I had a story I was going to post in the fink thread but I really cant, Archie isn't a creep in this story, just stupid.  :)

When I try to cut and paste something from another site and post it here it gets shrunk to tiny size, sometimes my text seems to shrink for other reasons too. This isn't that important and I know it might be hard to fix so I'm not complaining, I'm just glad to have the board back but I want to know if it's my laptop or something about the site.
Let's say the franchise gets sold to IDW and they decide to put out new stories. Would you buy them? Ive been thinking about it and I don't know if I would. Maybe if they hired the artists and writers who used to work for Archie, it would give some continuity with the old, but otherwise it might be too much of a change for me.
All About Archie / Archie The Fink
May 06, 2016, 04:56:40 AM
A thread for the less gentlemanly side of our titular hero, since everyone else already has their own such threads.

Okay I changed it, I didn't want anything too profane in a thread title. It doesn't express it as well but it'll do.
Heres my choices for artist per character

Archie...Fernando Ruiz. He doesn't get enough credit for how good his Archie is.

Betty...Dan DeCarlo. This was easy.

Jughead...Rex Lindsey. He looks like a nicer guy than most Jugheads.

Reggie...Bob Montana. There's so many Reggies I like I'm just going with the creator already.

Veronica...Harry Lucey. This was easy too.

Feedback/Support / How do you add images to posts?
April 22, 2016, 12:11:29 AM
I'm seriously having trouble with that, it was very self explaining on the old board but on this one Im mystified.
This thread is for keeping track of which ex Archie artists are doing what now.

FERNANDO RUIZ    Die Kitty Die and Eerie Cuties

JEFF SHULTZ          Super Suckers

HOLLY G.                School Bites (I haven't read this one yet, proceed with caution)

When I posted my old trivia question on the old forum about which father and daughter have both worked for Archie I didn't know there was more than one case. I was thinking of course of Erica Henderson (reboot Jughead artist) and her father C.J. Henderson (writer of "For One Brief Moment" the story where Betty starts dating Reggie), but Fernando said that there's also Mindy and Hy Eisman. Now I think there might be ANOTHER one because I saw a woman with the last name "Doyle" credited as a writer on one of the eighties or nineties stories. Was that Frank Doyle's daughter?