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I just found out that GraphicAudio has released an audio version of the 2009 The Archie Wedding series. This came out in mid May 2021. You may want to check it out.
Welcome/Introductions / welcome/introductions
June 02, 2021, 09:42:59 PM
Hello from the Jersey Shore! And a shout out to two NJ towns mentioned in the Married stories, Bayonne and Seaside Heights! My name is Bill and I go by the name beatman10. I became an Archies fan first with the 1969 animated series. As a musician, I loved the whole Archies band concept and I still own the albums. i realize Don Kirschner was behind the band's creation. He was the same guy who started the Monkees and Don Kirschner's Rock Concert. I am definitely a Jughead fan because, for one, I played drums professionally for 30 years. I also can eat large amounts of food and stay skinny. I even like anchovy pizzas, which is one of Jughead's favorites. And yes, I am considered an oddball and was scared of girls as a teen. I realize that I have a lot to catch up on Archie comics since I only got back into them after hearing about the Married Stories. I enjoy reading the posts on this forum and I plan on posting more. Thanks!!
I found the storylines and layout somewhat of a hybrid between the Archie Marries and Life With Archie Married Life books. True, the stories are more a sequel to Archie Marries, but there were a couple of storylines from LWA that Uslan used in the 10th Anniversary, such as Moose becoming a politician and Ms. Grundy is deceased. Also, the layout in all 6 issues was done with the Archie/Veronica chapter done first followed by the Archie/Betty one, just like  LWA. The plots in 10th were written with a more serious tone with virtually none of the humor found in Archie Marries. Story wise, you really can't make jokes over losing a father, or seeing anther parent whose memory health is in decline (Archie's Father). And these are issues the gang in their 30's will start to face as well as other ones. I think the 10th Anniversary could have went a few issues longer like LWA. Hey, in 2024, maybe we'll get a 15th anniversary series!
It would make sense to go from ARCHIE MARRIES and then the 10th ANNIVERSARY series. But fans see "The Married Life" as part of the newer 10th title and assume it's a continuation of "Life With Archie", which it isn't. But again, how would you able to continue the LWA Married Life, unless you can convince readers that Archie didn't die? I haven't read Archie Marries Valerie yet, but I feel that would be a great 3rd fork story on Memory Lane. Valerie is a successful musician and Archie could pursue his musical goals with her. I thought the LWA AMV was the most depressing of all the married stories, especially when Archie moves back home and pulls his acoustic guitar out of the closet with 2 strings busted. It showed that he gave up music when he married Veronica. I noticed Michael Uslan and Paul Kupperberg had different ideas on who certain characters would end up with and what their professions would be. I would have loved to see in the LWA series more of the characters unknowing crossing over from one universe to the other like Archie did in Issue #14. Imagine Betty and Reggie from different universes meeting up, since they are a couple only in AMV. Or AMV Jughead running into AMB Midge.
Getting back to Reggie and Midge;
For all the times Reggie tried hooking up with Midge in his teen years and risk getting beat up, he never tries for her in the future married stories. Even after she had broken up with Moose for good. You figure the AMV universe would be the place he would have pursued her since Veronica is off the market. They hardly had any dialogue between them at all. Maybe Reggie had grown up and moved on or, he felt  Midge was too attached to Jughead at this point.
If a reader knows ahead of time this is a sequel to the original "Will You Marry Me" stories instead of the "Life With Archie" stories, then they will see that it's got some pretty good story lines. This is a mini series, and not the four year epic "Married Life" since Archie dies which I thought was a mistake to kill him off. The writers could have had Archie survive the gunshot wound and he would still be a hero. The 10th Anniversary series has all kinds of issues that now the 30 something gang has to face such as sick and dying parents, the struggling Chock'lit Shop, dreams put on hold so a spouse can achieve theirs, conflicts between work and family, marital stress, dealing with parent issues, political issues, etc. I feel this series could have went longer and went more in depth with the subjects. I'm hoping that there will be more Married Life stories in the future.
And the most desirable guy for the ladies at Riverdale High has got to be Jughead. The more he try to avoid girls, the more they chase after him. They see him as having some kind of untapped romantic potential. Even Archie and Reggie are amazed at all the girls who fall for him.
Archie has always shown great respect for his elders and authority figures.  I think Archie gets a little intimidated by Mr. Lodge because he's a middle class kid who's dating the daughter of one of the richest men in the country. He simply doesn't fit in to their lifestyle. So, Archie gets nervous and tries hard to impress Mr. Lodge which ends up being a disaster causing damage to Mr. Lodge's possessions and to Lodge himself. 
Similar with Mr. Weatherbee. Archie means well and tries to help, but it's almost always a comical disaster. Kind of like hiring the Three Stooges as handymen.
As far as Reggie, it's one word: EGO!
He can't help it. He has to prove he's the better man whether the rival is Moose or Archie. And the best way Reggie knows how is by stealing their girlfriends. The girls are trophies to be won to give Reggie a sense of victory. As for as Midge, she is simply a teenager who doesn't really know what she wants in a relationship. She is thrilled to be dating the Riverdale's star athlete, Moose but she doesn't like feeling like she's his possession. Moose treats her like he owns her and he's a bit of a bully. He'll beat up any guy who even looks her way. He's even socked Jughead a few times simply because Midge was paying attention to him.
I read an interview with "Will You Marry Me" writer Michael Uslan that said ACP initially announced coming out with the "Archie Marries Veronica" story only. And that caused an uproar from many fans who felt Archie picked the wrong girl. Of course, that was done for publicity. I'm sure everyone on this forum has their opinions on which girl is better for Archie, which storyline is better or more believable; the other character pairings, etc.
Next item I'm getting is the Jughead Time Police collection.
I don't know if this helps, but the "Will You Marry Me" is supposed to be about Archie being given two separate visions of what his life will be like in the future married to either Betty or Veronica. At the end, he is once again a teenager. And that's all in that one book.                 "Life With Archie: The Married Life", which had more realistic storylines, time wise, took place after the weddings and before the babies come. These stories are a variation and not a direct continuation of the "Will You Marry Me" stories. There could be a box set of all seven books available now. I bought them separately.
"The Married Life 10th Anniversary" is a direct continuation of the "Will You Marry Me" storyline with a couple elements of the "Life With Archie" in there as well. They are all new storylines and I didn't see anywhere these have been put into one volume. All these "married" stories are fun to read and I hope we get more of them being made.
Quote from: SAGG on April 07, 2018, 09:59:51 AMAnd what happened to Miss Grundy in the AMV universe? She died in the AMB universe, but I didn't see her at all in the other one. I guess the writers had AMB be Riverdale High-centric for the AMB universe, and deliberately Riverdale City-centric in the AMV universe. So many loose threads remain, with Mirth and that woman with him. Hey, maybe we can get Mr. Ruiz to fill in the blanks, since he did one of the stories! Was the ending rushed, or something? Also, Bella Beazley was the scheming redhead in the AMB universe, while Cheryl Blossom was the now-sympathetic redhead in the AMV universe. 

Also again, did anyone notice that the ending of LWA coincided with the beginning of the "new" Archie? I think LWA was the "farewell" for Classic Archie (outside of the new stories for the digests), and it fulfilled the "what if" scenario of fans wondering what it would look like if Archie and his friends grew up and dealt with the Real World. Hey, DR, everybody, which story did you prefer? AMV? AMB?
Hi everyone. I'm new to the the forum. The 3 "Archie Marries" stories (Will You Marry Me, Life With Archie, and the 10th Anniversary) got me back into Archie comics after 30 years. I was curious to see how the gang would be as grown ups and, of course, Life With Archie is the epic story having spanned 4 years and 37 issues. In the AMV side, Miss Grundy, is standing next to Mr, Weatherbee at Kevin Keller's wedding issue #16. There is no mention if they are married, dating, or just friends. I do have to say, I prefer the AMB side more and not just because I think Archie in the long run will be happier with Betty. I felt the other characters showed more growth and the couples' bonds were stronger. That's probably why the AMB side faced more tragedies than AMV. The AMV side had more tension between couples, break ups, threats of divorce, etc. I felt an important lead up was left out in the beginning of AMB. That is, when did Midge come on board to help Jughead at the Choc'lit Shop?   In AMV, she breaks up with Moose after closing her nail salon and very quickly, her and Jughead become an item. But in AMB, there is no mention of her befriending Jughead. We finally see her in the middle of issue#2 at the Shop reading a business book when Reggie walks in after quitting a dead end job. Her and Jughead do not officially become a couple until later on,  although it's obvious she's in love with him. I just felt those two should have gotten a better background story at the very beginning since they got married in the Betty-verse.