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Messages - rusty

I finished watching the latest season of Doctor Who.  I like Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor and think this was a pretty good season, though the last episode was probably my least favorite of the season.
I checked the first two Black Hammer trades out of the library and enjoyed them.  I plan to continue following the series in trade form.

I divided the Marvel titles into three roughly equal categories - Star Wars, Spider-Man related and the rest of the Marvel titles that I collect.  I started with Star Wars.

Beckett 1 - a tie in to the Solo movie giving background on Beckett.  It was good.

Captain Phasma 1-4 - This follows Phasma from the end of The Force Awakens up toward the beginning of The Last Jedi.  I enjoyed it.

Cassian and K-2SO Rogue One 1 - We find out how the two Rogue One characters first came together.  Plenty of humor and entertaining.

DJ: Most Wanted 1 - We find out how DJ ended up in jail.  Sort of an Oceans 11 feel.

Droids Unplugged 1 - Short stories by Chris Eliopoulos.  I wouldn't mind seeing this as a regular series.

Han Solo Imperial Cadet 1 - This fills in some of the gaps in Solo.  It seems a bit unnecessary, but is okay.

Lando Double or Nothing 1-5 - I thought this miniseries was kind of dull and the art wasn't that great either.

Mace Windu 1-5 - It wasn't bad.

The Storms of Crait 1 - This seemed like a story that could have gone in the regular Star Wars series.  It was a decent story, but nothing special.

Thrawn 1-6 - I liked this series quite a bit.  It is an adaptation of the novel by Timothy Zahn.

Star Wars 33-56 Annual 3-4 - This series focuses on stories set between Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back and are pretty entertaining.

Darth Vader 3-22 Annual 2 - These stories are set after Revenge of the Sith and see Darth Vader establishing his position in the Empire.  Pretty good overall.

Doctor Aphra 9-25 Annual 1-2 - Aphra is sort of a combination of Han Solo and Lara Croft.  I enjoy the series, but it seems a bit odd that Marvel would give a comics only character her own book.  I'm not complaining, though.

Poe Dameron 17-31 Annual 2 - Most of this series takes place before A Force Awakens with the last arc taking place after The Last Jedi, though with some flashbacks.  The series wasn't bad, though not quite as interesting as some of the others.  It is completed now.

I'll start working on the Spider-Man related books soon.  I also have four Street Angel trades that I checked out of the library.
I was disappointed with the new reprint lines since they are essentially 'best of' collections rather than being a complete reprint series.  When  they were announced, I thought that they would be starting a comprehensive reprint line with perhaps Archie and Me #1-10 in volume 1, 11-20 in volume 2 and so on, but I must have misunderstood them somewhere.  I'll just stick to my complete runs of all those titles.  If they had done it the other way, I probably would have purchased them to support the line anyway.  The few books that I don't already have were mostly covered in the Dark Horse Archives, at least for the Archie stories.
I've got Crimson Lotus on my pull list.  I'm sure that I will enjoy it.  I haven't been getting Black Hammer, but I checked the first two trades out of the library this week and will read them pretty soon.

I am all caught up on the regular size Archie titles now.  I am going through the digests now and then I will move on to Marvel.  I have around 300 Marvels to read and then the last group is DC, which has about twice as many.  By the time I am caught up with these, though, I will have a pile of books from my November and December shipments to read.  I'm still hoping to get caught up by Christmas, but we'll see.

Archie 23-32,699 - This has been a pretty good title. 

Archie Christmas Spectacular 2017
Archie Halloween Spectacular 2017,2018 - A decent assortment of stories.

Archie 1941 1-2 - Kind of a somber period piece, but I think it has been decent so far.

The Archies 1-7 - The Archies go on tour with the Bingos. This was a good series that focused on a different aspect of the Archieverse.

Archie's SuperTeens versus Crusaders 1-2 - The title is a bit misleading, but the two issues were okay.

Betty and Veronica Friends Forever 1-3 - Themed stories in each issue.  They were okay.

Betty and Veronica Vixens 1-10 - Betty and Veronica form a motorcycle gang with other girls to combat the Serpents and to do good deeds, but end up on the run.  I liked this series a lot.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 7-8 - I like this series quite a bit, but wish it came out more frequently.

Cosmo 1-5 - This was a fun new take on the character.  I hope they bring it back for another miniseries.

Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica 1-6 - Betty and Veronica go to a costume party dressed as Harley and Ivy only to have the real Harley and Ivy show up.  Lots of hijinx and hilarity ensue.  I thought this was pretty well executed.

Josie and the Pussycats 8-9 - These last two issues take place in Tokyo with the Archies opening a show at the Tokyo Dome for the Pussycats.  I appreciated these more since I spent a couple of weeks in Japan back in September.  I wish that this series had done better so that it had continued.

Jughead the Hunger 1-7 - Jughead discovers that his family has a long history of becoming werewolves and that the Cooper family are werewolf hunters.  He inadvertently attacks a few others before going on the run to try and get it under control.  I enjoyed this take on the Archie characters.

Mighty Crusaders 1-4 - This series was okay, but nothing special.

Riverdale 4-12 - I like how each issue tends to focus on a different character. The stories tended to be pretty good.

Vampironica 1-4 - Veronica becomes a vampire due to one of her father's clients and has to get help to defeat the bad vampires.  Another nice take on the characters.

Your Pal Archie 1-5 - Fun stories in a slightly different style.

Now to finish the digests and move on to Marvel. 
Banana Fish is a really good series.

I am all caught up with Dark Horse now.

Aliens Dead Orbit 1-4 - This was a rather pedestrian Aliens series.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't all that great either.

American Gods 1-9
American Gods My Ainsel 1-7 - They are adapting Neil Gaiman's American Gods book in three parts and are doing a very nice job of it so far.

Angel 7-12
Buffy TVS Season 11 9-12 Season 12 1-4 Giles 1-4 - Dark Horse has done a pretty nice job on the various Buffy universe books and they wrap everything up nicely here.  I liked the idea they had with doing extra 'seasons' of the tv show.  The license is moving over to Boom and hopefully they do a nice job, too.

Beasts of Burden Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men 1-3 - This has been another good miniseries about a place where some dogs have gained magical powers and work in conjunction with a human wizard or two to keep an eye on supernatural events.

Blackwood 1-4 - A small college with a secret college within that teaches people magic.  Now it is under attack from someone.  A pretty good miniseries with art by Veronica and Andy Fish.

Mignola books - These make up a large part of Dark Horse's books and are pretty good
BPRD The Devil You Know 1-10 - Everybody is still dealing with all of the losses from Hell On Earth and a few new problems start to emerge.  Very entertaining.

Hellboy Krampusnacht
Hellboy and the BPRD Secret Nature - Occult Intelligence 1-3 - Burning Season - These one shots and miniseries do a nice job filling in the long gaps in Hellboy's history from the time he came into our world in the 1940s until his stories started appearing in the 1990s.

Jenny Finn 1-4 - A monster comes ashore in the form of a small girl and dooms a town.  This reprints an older series and is good.

Joe Golem Occult Detective The Outer Dark 1-5 - We learn a bit more about Joe's past as both a golem and a human.

Koschei the Deathless 1-6 - A man in the 1400s is adopted by a dragon, gains powers and near immortality.  Pretty good.

Lobster Johnson Mangekyo - An ongoing Lobster Johnson series would be nice, but I'll take the one shots and miniseries if that is all we can get.

Rasputin the Voice of the Dragon 1-5 - Rasputin is recruited by the Nazis for occult purposes, though much of this story deals with a younger Trevor Bruttenholm in 1941 before he starts working for the special branch that deals with weird bollocks.

The Visitor How and Why He Stayed 1-5 - An alien was sent to assassinate Hellboy when he arrived on Earth because of the danger he posed, but couldn't because Hellboy was an innocent child at arrival.  He stays on Earth and observes Hellboy's growth to make sure he does not become a threat and the Visitor also builds a life for himself, too. 

Witchfinder The Gates of Heaven 1-5 - Sir Edward Grey continues to fight monsters in Victorian England. Not the best Mignola series, but okay.


Briggs Land Lone Wolves 1-6 - Continuing the story of the Briggs family, which has a compound and tons of land in New York.  The family is armed to the teeth and is viewed as a cult by the government.  Nicely done.

Conan the Slayer 11-12 - This wraps up the Dark Horse Conan books since the license is with Marvel now.  This was a somewhat weak series, but the Conan books overall were very good, especially the first 5 or 6 years.

Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows 1-4 - Jeff Lemire explores a scientist who discovers how to tap a new form of energy and which allows him to become a superhero.  He spends all his time with this and neglects his family.

Dragon Age Knight Errant 1-5 - Another good entry in this fantasy series.

Elfquest the Final Quest 1-24 - I didn't think the story was quite as entertaining as the original quest and the various series that came out in the 1990s, but the art was nice and it was decent.

Incredibles 2 1-3
Frozen 1-3 - Dark Horse has done a nice job with these Disney series.  I would like. to see more series and more frequently as well.

Groo Play of the Gods 1-4 - Many of Groo's stories have interchangeable or familiar parts, but they still continue to entertain after 30+ years.  Groo travels with explorers and clergy to the New World where they are in search of gold and Groo is in search of cheese dip.

Incognegro Renaissance 1-5 - The sequel to the excellent book Incognegro continues the tale of a young black reporter in the 1920s who could pass as white, though he does not like to do so.  When a man dies at a party and it is quickly ruled a suicide, he disagrees and investigates to. try and solve the case.  Very well done.

Mass Effect Discovery 1-4 - The latest entry in this science fiction series was okay, though not as good as previous ones.

The Once and Future Queen 1-2 - This series about King Arthur reborn as a young woman from Portland of Indian and British descent was off to a good start when it was canceled.  Fortunately Dark Horse completed the series in book form so I will be checking that out.  From the same people who put out Amelia Cole.

Predator Hunters 1-5 - A group recruits another survivor to hunt and kill predators and they pursue a lead on a remote island in the South Pacific.

Rebels These Free and Independent States 1-8 - More tales from the Revolutionary era and just before/after.  The main story is about a man with autistic traits who is a master with building ships.  It is a good series, though I did not like the George Washington story as much.

Resident Alien An Alien in New York 1-4 - The doctor sees images of artwork from a New York artist who went missing 20 years earlier.  The artwork is excellent, but it is the phone number in alien script that draws his attention and he follows the lead to New York.  I have really enjoyed the various Resident Alien books.  I guess the series concludes with the next miniseries.

Tomb Raider Inferno 1-4 and Survivor's Crusade 1-4 - These adventures of Lara Croft have been good, but not as good as the previous series that Dark Horse has published.

Usagi Yojimbo 161-172
TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo - Usagi has been one of my favorites since the 1980s and continues to entertain.  The TMNT crossover seemed kind of pointless, but at least the artwork was up to the usual standard.

Archie is next.

I'm finally caught up with Image. 

Image Comics O-W

Oblivion Song 1-8 - One day 10 years ago, part of Philadelphia traded places with part of an alien world with monsters that ended up killing lots of people, not to mention those who were gone to this other world.  A scientist developed a method to change frequencies and reach this other world to rescue people in the hopes of finding his brother.  This has been a pretty decent series so far from Robert Kirkman.

Paklis 1-5 - This is a science fiction anthology which I hoped would be better, but I didn't enjoy that much, though the art wasn't bad.

Paper Girls 16-25 - A time traveling adventure with a group of paper girls from the 1980s.  This series has been really good.

Pisces 1-3 - A science fiction/horror series that was canceled early.  It was okay, but hadn't found its stride yet.

Port of Earth 1-8 - Aliens show up one day and work out an agreement to build a port just off of San Francisco in exchange for technology to convert water to energy.  However, humans are not allowed at the port.  I found the art rather dull with the choice of color palette.  The story wasn't much better at first, but did pick up over the last few issues.  I don't think I will continue with year two.

Realm 1-10 - Kind of a D&D type adventure.  The world has changed and computer chips and devices that use them no longer work.  Magic and monsters now roam the lands as well.  A man is hired to escort a small group from Chicago to Kansas City.  I've been enjoying this series so far.

Rocket Girl 8-10 - Lots of delays in this title, but the final three issues wrapped things up.  I liked the series quite a bit and hope they return to it some day.

Rose 1-13 - This is a decent, if somewhat average fantasy series.

Royal City 1-14 - I like most books from Jeff Lemire.  This one is certainly no exception.  It deals with a father who spends most of his time working on old radios, a mother who snipes all the time and is having an affair, the oldest son who had one hit novel, but has writer's block, a daughter who is a realtor and is trying to close down a plant as part of a big deal and a younger son who is an alcoholic, a drug addict and not very trustworthy.  All are still haunted by the death of the youngest son back in 1993.  A very well done series.

Sacred Creatures 1-6 - The seven deadly sins are all real and have been around for thousands of years along with their opposites, kept in check by the archangel Naviel.  They hatch a plot to kill Naviel and free themselves to do whatever they want.  I thought this was very good and I loo forward to the next part.

Saga 45-54 - An excellent series as usual, though a bit brutal toward the end.  It will be a long break before the next part.

Sleepless 1-8 - Those knights who take the Sleepless vow remain awake and hard to injure for years on end until their minds start to drift and then they fall asleep until death claims them.  One such knight is pledged to Poppy, the illegitimate daughter of the late king.  He has to work to protect her from those who would do her harm after her uncle takes the throne.  A very nice series so far that wraps up in a few months.

Snowfall 1-9 - Climate change and the work of one scientist have caused snow to become extremely rare.  Society is a bit different in 2045 now as a result.  I didn't enjoy this series as much as I had hoped.  I didn't really buy the premise and found most of the characters kind of dull and the story a bit muddled.

Southern Cross 13-14 - A science fiction/horror series that I like, but has suffered massive delays for some reason.

Thief of Thieves 38-41 - This series started out as an Oceans 11 type series, but has evolved somewhat.  I still enjoy it a lot and there are only a couple of issues left.

Void Trip 1-5 - Ana and Gabriel are the last two humans and they travel around in a space camper high on space froot.  This is kind of a trippy series, but I thought it was fun.

Wicked + Divine 30-39, Christmas Annual, The Funnies, 1373AD, 1923AD - Every 90 years, 12 young people ascend to godhood.  They shine brightly, but are dead within two years.  This has been going on for about 6000 years.  There is a lot more to it and we learn more of the backstory here.  One more arc until this enjoyable series ends.

Wytches Bad Egg Halloween Special - It has been a while since the Wytches miniseries.  This is a good horror special and I am looking forward to the next miniseries, which may come out in 2019.

Dark Horse is next.

Image Comics H to M

Hadrian's Wall 1-8 - A science fiction murder mystery on a spaceship.  A detective is hired for what is said to be a routine check into an accidental death.  However, it turns out to be a much bigger deal and not just because the dead guy was married to the detective's ex-wife and shot him four times years earlier.   This was a pretty decent story.

Hit-Girl 1-9 - I didn't really like the first arc that much, but I did enjoy the second arc in Canada.  The art was much better and Lemire's story was more interesting.  The third arc is off to a decent start.

Horizon 13-18 - We learn a lot more about Lincoln here and this science fiction tale is brought to a premature end since it was canceled, but they had enough time to wrap up a number of things.  I enjoyed it while it lasted.

invincible 138-144 - The End of All Things did wrap things up nicely and then we get a peak at the future.  I was on board this series from the first issue and it has been consistently entertaining.  I'm glad it went out on its own terms.

Jupiter's Legacy 2 1-5 - How do you take on a group of superhero kids who murdered the parents and now essentially rule the world?  Recruit a bunch of supervillains to take them on.  A fun series that sets up the final series next year.

Kick-Ass 1-9 - I'm actually enjoying the new Kick-Ass, a former marine sergeant trying to earn some money to provide for her family.

Kill or Be Killed 1-20 - A man tries to commit suicide, but fails and starts seeing a demon who forces him to kill at least one person a month or die.  He becomes a vigilante and targets bad people.  I've been a fan of Brubaker and Phillips since Sleeper came out 15 years ago though I enjoyed other works like Lowlife from Brubaker before that.  This series is entertaining as expected.

Kingsman The Red Diamond 1-6 - I didn't think this was as much fun as the first two series (or the movies either), but it was okay.  I liked Kwaito, the South African agent.

Lazarus X+66 1-6
Lazarus Sourcebook vol.3 Vassalovka
Lazarus 27-28 - The miniseries does a nice job giving us background on some of the other families and some of the minor  characters from the main book like Casey Solomon.  It was a fun series.  The ongoing series returned with a two parter about Jonah Carlyle and sets the stage for the next major arc.  Unfortunately, that arc, which was supposed to start in September, has not even been solicited yet.  Lazarus has been a very good series about a future world taken over by a small number of families.

Maestros 1-7 - I wasn't sure about this series after the first issue, but it grew on me and I enjoyed it.  The Maestro is a big and powerful magician who rules most of the magic realm.  He is also kind of cruel, though with a mean sense of humor.  When he and almost all of his wives and children are killed, Will's mother comes to find him and inform him that he is the new Maestro.  He had been raised on Earth and never quite fit in with the people in the magic realm and he now institutes a bunch of reforms.  This was a funny series that told a decent story, too.

Manifest Destiny 30-35 - What if the Lewis and Clark expedition found tons of weird and supernatural stuff.  Strange animal, plant life and a bunch more.  This has been a pretty strange, but enjoyable series.
Quote from: DeCarlo Rules on November 12, 2018, 12:32:20 pm

I've largely gone the other way. If I can stand to wait until it's released, I prefer reading (and collecting, and owning) the trade collection. All of that bagging/boarding and (if we're talking about something older that I'm re-reading after a long time) UN-bagging or RE-bagging/boarding (depending on age) gets tedious after a while and the trades just seem much more convenient, more durable, and less susceptible to damage through routine handling. That's truer than ever of comic stories published in the last couple of decades, because the stories are being designed to fit the collected edition format.

As a side note, I'll make the observation that manga stories, whose individual chapters as anthologized in various Japanese manga periodicals (mostly weekly or bi-weekly, sometimes monthly) are basically analogous to an American floppy comic book, could be (and used to be) published first in English translation in the U.S. standard popular periodical format, but now they're going straight to collected editions of 200 or more pages, and they read much better that way. I really think U.S. comic publishing would have been much better off if it stuck to a disposable first-publication format (CHEAP! ... as MAD Magazine used to say...) instead of making an expensive, computer-colored, slick-paper 'disposable' comic that no one is ever going to dispose of, but which requires post-publication protection (in the form of bags and boards) from normal handling.

I don't use bags and boards, except on older, more valuable comics so that isn't an issue for me as much.  I do prefer the collected editions for manga.  if the U.S. publishers were to switch to that format, though, I would probably drastically decrease what I buy and just use the library for many things I wanted to read.
Quote from: DeCarlo Rules on November 12, 2018, 08:54:30 am
Well, if you are retired I guess it explains how you have so much time to read all those comics.

Given that you're saying you might check out Exorsisters in trade, I wonder (based on your reading habits of waiting months to read 5 issues or so of any given title) why you're not just getting the trade collections of all those other titles to begin with. I mean I can see it where some people just want (theoretically at least, presuming that they can find the time) to read things while they're still "fresh", and not wait on a gap of several months until the trade collection is released, but it seems like by the time you're getting around to those particular issue numbers, the TP collection must already be available or at least imminent within the next month or so. It seems like next to nothing (getting to the real fringe publishers otherwise) that isn't getting that trade collection, almost like clockwork in today's comic publishing world.

I have been reading/collecting a lot of titles since since my early teens.  It increased when I started working at a comic book store when I was 16 (in 1986) and has stayed that way even after the store closed in 2005.  I also read 100-200 books each year, though more have them have been audiobooks in recent years.
I like the individual comic format more than the trade is one of the main reasons that I stick with it.  I will often save up a bunch of issues to read early in the run, but then will read them as they come out (assuming that I have the time) after that.  I don't mind reading trades for series that I didn't buy as individual issues, but will usually just check them out of the library instead of buying them.
I remember debating picking up Exorsisters, but ultimately decided to pass based on the preview.  Since you are recommending it, I will plan on checking the trade out when it eventually is released.  Even if I was collecting it, though, I wouldn't be reading it.  My policy on many new series, especially from Image and smaller companies or miniseries, is to keep the books in a box as they are released and to read the title when it is complete or when four or five issues are out. 

As for the number of titles I have going, it is hard to say with the frequency that various titles are published.  Looking at my latest orders from DCBS and Mycomicshop (which is where I get my new comics and graphic novels), there are about 150 different ongoing or limited series, leaving out specials, annuals and so on.  There are probably another 20-30 titles or more that just didn't have an issue during that month.

When I was teaching, I would start falling behind in my reading around the end of September/beginning of October and it would get worse as the school year progressed.  When school got out in June, there would often be 800-1000 comics to get caught up on and it would take me a month or so to get caught up.  Due to a variety of circumstances, I never got caught up during the summer of 2017 so my pile this year was even bigger.  I spent time getting caught up on the manga backlog and am now getting caught up on the comics.  Since I am retired, though, I should be able to stay fairly caught up.  I get my comics during the first week or two of each month so that means each month I will have a large stack to work through, but nothing like what built up over the past 16 months.
Since I have over 300 Image comics to catch up on, I'm breaking it up a bit.   B-F to start

Barrier 1-5 - This book touches upon the barriers to understanding that are thrown up by differences in language, race, species, experience, etc.   The main characters are Liddy, a widowed young rancher near the Mexican border and Oscar, a man from Honduras who is trying to escape gang violence and reach the United States in hopes of a better life.  They get thrown together by 'circumstances'.  It was a decent series, but I wouldn't rank it near the top of my favorites from Vaughan.

Birthright 26-31 - We learn more about the Nevermind and the world of Terenos as Mike's family tries to find a way to free him from the Nevermind's influence.  This is a pretty good fantasy series and I think that it has gotten a little bit better as it has progressed.

Black Cloud 1-10 - Zelda is of the Old Blood, but has been living in the normal world in exile for quite some time.  Her return to her homeland with a spoiled young man in tow disrupts things in many ways.  Zelda has always been a good talker, but her decisions haven't had good results.  I enjoyed this series and it reached a fairly decent conclusion.

Black Magick 7-11 - Rowan Black is a police detective who also happens to be a powerful witch.  She doesn't use her powers for evil, but is hunted by a couple of groups nevertheless.  A very nice series touching upon the occult and fantasy elements.

Black Monday Murders 7-8 - A number of groups have profited for a long time through their dealings with the god Mammon.  A police detective investigating a murder and a professor uncover more info in these issues.  This series is pretty good, but comes out too infrequently like many Hickman books.

Copperhead 15-19 - The sheriff has disappeared thanks to her late sister's husband and his current girlfriend.  The mayor appoints an interim sheriff and deputy to try and find her while also protecting her son.  This science fiction western has a few interesting turns here as we find out the background of the sheriff and what brought her to the planet. I have been enjoying the series.

Descender 22-32 - The time for the battle between the robots and the UGC arrives and we find out a lot more about the Harvesters who attacked the UGC years earlier.  Tim-21 is the key to everything and all the groups want him, but he only wants to be reunited with his friend Andy.  It all comes to a conclusion here in a fast paced story that also sets the stage for the sequel, Ascender, which I am looking forward to.

The Dying and the Dead 4-6 - Another enjoyable Hickman book that comes out far too infrequently.  The story advances a bit as a group of soldiers are detailed on a special mission to Miyajima in August 1945.  Hirohito wants to live forever and plans to make a trade with the Spear of Destiny to achieve his goal.

Eclipse 9-11 - The sun changed years ago and now kills anybody who goes out there unprotected, except for a few daywalkers who are immune.  Solarity is a company that runs things now and is killing off all of these daywalkers in order to stay in power.  I've enjoyed the book so far.

Elsewhere 1-8 - Amelia Earhart fell through a bright light when she parachuted away from her failing plane and ended up..Elsewhere.  She befriends the natives, helps defeat an evil warlord, goes on an adventure to return home and finds that a lot of time has passed.  This is a decent adventure story, though I found it kind of lacking in complexity.  It was stil entertaining enough, but kind of predictable.

Eternal Empire 1-10 - The Eternal Empress has been conquering the lands of Saia for 120 years and is getting close to having the whole continent under her control.  Tair is a female slave in a snowy region of Saia who has finally had enough and makes her escape soon after having visions of a land of warmth.  Rion is a male slave from a different part of Saia who also has visions.  These visions lead to the two meeting and discovering that when they are close to each other, they gain some ability to control fire.  They only want to find a place where they can live in peace, but are drawn into trying to defeat the Empress since there will soon be no place outside of her reach.  I like Luna's art and the story was pretty decent as well.

Evolution 1-10 - I thought that this series would be a bit more science fiction, but is more in the horror genre.  A number of people are getting infected with something that can cause great changes in their body and make them look like monsters, but it may just be an advanced case of evolution hitting in a short period of time.  Throw in a mysterious group and a cult and it is a decent story, though the art style employed here is a bit muddled and can make the characters difficult to differentiate.

The Fix 9-12 - This is a fun, but crazy series.  It also comes out far too infrequently.  Corrupt cops, a brothel, a plucky dog and lots of wild humor.

I'm caught up on Dynamite now.

Classic Battlestar Galactica 0
BSG vs BSG 1-6 - I enjoyed the preview issue for the classic series and the crossover between old school and new school Galactica was pretty cool.

Doc Savage: Ring of Fire 1-4 - This was a nice miniseries with action in the Pacific.  Good art and story.  Pat Savage plays a bit larger role in this series.

Dresden Files: Dog Men 1-6 - Harry is suffering lots of rage from his recent encounters with various supernatural entities.  In this original story, one of the council members enlists his aid for a road trip to a town where a family has been attacked by creatures from the woods, but it turns out that there are two possibilities, not just one.  I liked the Dresden Files tv show and plan to read the novels some day.  The comics are fun.

Green Hornet 1-5
Green Hornet '66 Meets Will Eisner's Spirit 1-5 - The Green Hornet mini series starts with Britt missing and the newspaper in danger of a takeover.  A new Green Hornet has to step up and the action eventually shifts to other cities in the search for what happened to Britt.   In the Spirit miniseries, Spirit has been missing since the early-mid 1950s.  Britt Reid is demonstrating the Newspaper of the Future (a computer that makes predictions) at the Chicago World Expo.  The computer predicts that Spirit will resurface that night and this is the start of a battle against Kid Kraken and his crew which involves missing astronauts and more.  Both series were fun.

James Bond Black Box 1-6
James Bond The Body 1-6
James Bond Kill Chain 1-6
James Bond M, Moneypenny and Solstice one shots - All are fairly typical Bond adventures, though M and Moneypenny take center stage in their one shots.  Good stuff if you are a Bond fan.

Legenderry Red Sonja 1-5
Red Sonja 7-21 - The Legenderry series features a steam punk era Red Sonja and was pretty good.  The regular series has a time displaced Red Sonja traveling through the present day U.S. trying to find a way home.  Lots of fun.  I thought it became a bit less interesting when she got back to her own time, but it was still good.

Librarians 1-4 - Kind of pedestrian, but it was okay.

Lone Ranger 1 - The new series is off to a decent start.

Magnus 2-5
Sovereigns 0-5
Turok 1-5 - I'm not really a fan of this iteration of these characters.  Hopefully they reboot it again.

Mighty Mouse 3-5 - This was a fun miniseries where Mighty Mouse and his cartoon physics cross over into our world.

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie 1-6 - Frank Hardy has been murdered and his sons are the suspects.  While it was interesting having all the classic characters at least mentioned here like the Bobbsey Twins, Rover Boys, Tom Swift, etc., I didn't like the way most of these characters were used.  I think I would have enjoyed this series more if they had used original characters.

Project Superpowers 0-2 - So far, so good, though perhaps not quite as good as the original series.

Red Rising Sons of Ares 1-6 - Kind of a slow start, but it got better.  A knowledge of the Red Rising world is kind of needed for this.

Sherlock Holmes Vanishing Man 1-4 - A good adventure with Professor Moriarty pulling the strings.

Spirit: The Corpse Makers 1-5 - A fast paced adventure involving people going missing leading to Spirit investigating.  It was a decent series.

I have a few trades to read and then on to Image Comics which will take a while.
Hearts Beat Loud (2018) - Frank Fisher owns a record store that is about to close.  His daughter Sam is about to leave New York to attend college at UCLA.  Frank has been raising his daughter alone since the death of her mother in a cycling accident years earlier.  The two start collaborating on a few songs and Frank wants them to form a band, even though she is leaving soon.  This is a very nice comedy/drama with plenty of good father/daughter moments
Quote from: DeCarlo Rules on November 04, 2018, 09:44:20 am
At some point it seems like the Doctor should be a little kid, too.

It could happen.

Quote from: DeCarlo Rules on November 04, 2018, 03:25:14 am
Quote from: rusty on November 04, 2018, 01:05:02 am
I liked Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor.

WHObender.  :o

Has there been a Doctor of color yet? Only a matter of time, lord.

Not yet, but it probably is only a matter of time.  It doesn't matter to me as long as the stories are entertaining and the actor does a good job.

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