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Title: Story with few words & grocery excursion story plz help!
Post by: jadababi on May 13, 2018, 02:27:59 am
The first story I'm thinking of has very little words and I remember I think Professor flutesnoot or Reggie ending up with a jug on his head it was very slapstick comedy it was funny they're racing through the halls and I'm pretty sure jug ended up on Mr flutesnoot head.. I don't remember much more than that for that story hopefully somebody can help me.[size=78%] Reggie's in there and archies in there for sure also the grocery story one he uses a spinner to decide on what type of cat food to get and acts like a cat and the milk and stuff and all the decisions that he had to make for it I'm not sure what it's called but if somebody could help me that be great these are two of my favorite stories growing up as in the 90s I know it's been around the 90s thank you[/size]
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