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Author Topic: Betty/ Reggie challenge  (Read 11996 times)

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Offline Gotapenname

Betty/ Reggie challenge
« on: June 10, 2007, 09:09:16 PM »
This I  others to make a Betty/Reggie fic with fallowing  requirements
-must be at least one hundred words
-must contain one other shipping sharing a romantic moment
- must not dehumanize Archie
- Betty can not fall for Reggie instantly

Offline Tuxedo Mark

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2007, 12:46:38 AM »
- must not dehumanize Archie

Darn. Guess I'm out.

Betty Cooper + Cheryl Blossom. It's inevitable.

Offline Bluto

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2007, 07:49:07 AM »
Betty sighed as she sat alone in the booth at Pop Tate's.  The students in her astronomy class in school  were supposed to pair up and go out and look at the stars that evening.  And, of course, Archie immediately paired up with Veronica.  Betty had no one. 

Entering Pop's, Reggie immediately spotted Betty in her short tight shorts and halter top.  "Mmm, she's beautiful even when she's upset.  Think of how she'll look when ol' Reg uses his charm to bring some cheer in her life!" he said to himself.  To Betty he said, "Hey, Bets, how about partnering with me..." He looked at her legs again. "...forever, er, I mean for the astronomy project tonight?"

Betty sighed again, "Okay, Reggie."  But in her mind all she could picture was Ronnie cuddling up to Archie under the stars and softly giggling and exclaiming, "Oh, Archiekins!"

That night, Reggie picked Betty up in his car and began driving out of the city.
"We need to get away from all the lights, Gorgeous.  So we can, er, see all the stars clearly.  And I've found a place away from everything.  Totally secluded.  No one else knows about it.  It'll be..." he glanced at the blonde bombshell beside him.  "...absolutely perfect."

Betty snorted, "It's probably one of your make-out spots."

"No, Betty," Regige said sincerely, "I've been saving this spot for someone realy special."  And he meant it.

They soon were winding their way around back roads and then Reggie pulled off on an old, partially overgrown farming path.  Soon the two were getting out of the car on the top of a hill.  The sky was clear and the stars seemed brilliant.  And no one else was around for miles.  Reggie began opening the trunk.

"What's in there?" Betty asked.  "All we need are our notebooks and pencils."

"And," Reggie answered, "an air mattress that's self-inflating, so we can lay down and gaze at the sky in total comfort and get the full panoramic view."  He put it on the ground, turned on the small motor attached, and it began expanding.  "And a blanket because I know you get chilly on spring nights.  And an Ipod with your favorite soft rock tunes on it so you can relax and, er, get into the project at hand."

Betty found her self pleasantly and delightedly surprised.  "You know my favorite songs?  You know I sometimes get a chill?"

Reggie took her hands and looked her in the eyes.  "Believe me, Betty Cooper, I remember everything about you that you've ever told me.  What guy wouldn't?"

"But, but I thought you were in love with Veronica?"

"Veronica who?" he said softly, never taking his eyes away from hers.

Betty coyly and slowly pulled away from him.  "We better concentrate on the assignment."

"Right you are!"  He guided her to the mattress  and as they reclined on it, he started the the Ipod and covered them both with the blanket.  Betty shivered, but it wasn't because she was cold.  She was enraptured.

As she lay on her back, Reggie propped himself on an elbow and gazed into her eyes.

"Reggie!" Betty said with a flirting lilt.  "You're supposed to look at the stars!"

"I can see the whole universe in your eyes, " Reggie replied in a low, tender, and totally male voice.  "Such beauty!  Such depth!  The fires of creation burn within you!"

Betty's heart was pounding.  " But...but...Reggie, look up at the sky!  When I look at all the stars I feel so small and insignificant."

"Don't worry, Doll!  I'm here to comfort you and remind you what life is all about."
He gave her a long, passionate kiss.  She didn't resist.  Their lips found each other again and again and again.

Betty sighed contentedly, "But Reggie, what about the project?"

"We're supposed to explore and chart heavenly bodies aren't we?  Believe me, Betty, I'm doing that."  And with his hands, arms, and lips, he did.

The next day in class, Reggie turned in a notebook full of pencil drawings of Betty.   

The teacher demanded, "What's this all about, Mantle?  You were supposed to map out heavenly bodies!"

Reggie replied contentedly, "You draw your heavenly bodies and I'll draw mine."

Offline Banshee

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2007, 09:01:20 AM »
What a story, Bluto! (blushes)

Anyway, here's mine:

"I've decided I forgave you, Archie," Veronica purred sweetly, "So now you may take me to the dance tonight."

"GREAT! Ohboyoh! I mean, I'll pick you up at eight!"

Veronica simply threw Archie a Mona Lisa smile before she disappeared into the classroom, but Archie just couldn't help clicking his heels and dancing through the school corridor, narrowly escaping Mr. Weatherbee's threat to land him into the detention room that day.

Then Archie ran into Betty, who bubbled cheerfully, "Archie! I just can't wait for you to take me to the dance tonight!"

Archie suddenly looked like he had seen a ghost hovering behind Betty and snickering at him.

", my car won't run tonight!"

Then Archie put on his saddest face, but Betty just didn't buy that.

"Oh...I could always fix your car, but...well, not tonight."

With that, Betty flipped her long blonde ponytail as she haughtily turned away, leaving Archie just standing there in the hallway.

But she didn't see Archie's relieved look on his face.

"Why oh why is Archie using me like that?!"

Betty choked back a sob as she tried to take a bite of her salad in the lunchroom. But she just wasn't hungry after all.

Reggie walked by with his lunch tray and overheard her.

"Uh, Betty? May I sit at your table?"

"Why not? Do whatever you want to."

"Gee, thanks!"

Betty refused to look up as Reggie set his tray on the table and took the chair as close as he dared to her.

"Bets, you look sadder than a puppy at the pet store long after all his brothers and sisters had been taken. What's the matter?"

At first, Betty didn't say anything. Why reveal anything like that to a character as shifty as Reggie Mantle?

Then she simply said, "Archie. That old Archie."

"Not surprised there, kid. I know how you feel, Bets."

A little startled by Reggie's response, Betty finally looked up and stared at the dark-haired boy sitting not too far from her.

"Uh? What do you mean by this, Reg?"

Reggie looked around as if to see if anyone was overhearing, then answered sadly, "Being played a second fiddle, I know. Veronica just dumped me and welcomed Archie back with open arms. I have been looking forward to this dance with her all week."

To herself, Betty thought, "Reggie probably acted so egoistic and overbearing he finally drove Veronica away." Aloud, Betty replied, "That's just like Veronica. Toying with boys like you."

"Not like you at all. You're far too sweet for that, Bets."

Betty was taken aback by Reggie's unexpected reply.

"Uh. You really mean that?"

Suddenly, Reggie gave Betty a look that she had never seen before: a sweet, somewhat questioning smile.

"Yes. You are a real angel - and a very beautiful one, too."

When Betty looked a little skeptical, Reggie hastily went on, "Yep, Veronica is beautiful, too. But she just plays with me and Archie, too. Guess I'm just a sucker for such beautiful girls like you two."

Now Reggie glanced nervously around before whispering to Betty, "May I talk to you privately after school?"

"Um. Ok."

"Great! See you by the bleachers at 3pm!"

Offline Banshee

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2007, 09:34:23 AM »
"There you are, Bets!"

Reggie was standing there in the shade of the bleachers when Betty arrived. Secretly, she had hoped he would be late or not show up at all.

So Betty bravely squared her shoulders and marched straight toward the boy who loved to play pranks and cause mischief. Perhaps he was about to play one of his latest pranks on her? She could take it, since she was already having a bad day anyway.

"Ok, Reg. So what do you want to tell me?"

Much to Betty's surprise, Reggie quickly turned his face away so she wouldn't see him turning bright red.

"I...uh, Betty...I want to tell"

"Spit it out, Reggie."

"Ok. I think you're the most beautiful girl in, in the WHOLE universe. And...I want you."

"What! Are you kidding?!"

Reggie actually looked grave.

"Yes. It's true. I want you. But you don't want me at all."

Betty shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Why not? You are self-centered and always talking about yourself!"

"I-I know..."

"And you're still immature, too. Always playing pranks on us and getting into fights with Archie, too!"

"Because he's always taking Veronica away from me! And she's the ONLY girl who's willing to go out with me. And have a good time, too!"

Betty simply gave Reggie a half smile, "Then again, she's just using you - like Archie is USING ME!"

Reggie sadly nodded his head, "All too true, Bets. We're just second fiddles to Archie and Veronica. But it's YOU I want."

Before Betty could answer, Reggie pressed on, "But you never wanted me. You're always telling me to go fly a kite, jump into the lake, take a hike, whatever. So do all the other girls. But not Veronica. So I go with her instead."

Suddenly, Betty couldn't help feeling a little shard of sympathy for the dark-haired young man standing before her. So she finished for him, "But she is still using you to get back at Archie whenever he doesn't please her."

Reggie nodded his head, "Bingo!"

"That witch, Veronica..."

"Never mind her, sweet. Care to go out with me instead? I mean it."

Reggie actually looked hopeful, so Betty didn't answer at first. Would she?

She thought silently, "Maybe Reggie is really a lonely boy whom no one likes. So that's why he acts the way he does. To get attention."

Then again, Reggie isn't half bad-looking, she thought. Just look at his strong chin, his expressive brown eyes, and his nicely groomed dark hair. No wonder he was so in love with himself. Nevertheless, Betty still liked tall, dark, and handsome men. So perhaps...?

"Well, why not?"

Reggie looked like he couldn't contain himself at first. Then he smiled broadly.

"Pick you up at 8pm?"

"Yes. See you then."

Long after Betty and Reggie had parted from the football field, Betty couldn't help glancing over her shoulder to see Reggie happily dancing down the street, clicking his heels and whistling all the way home.

Offline Gregg

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2007, 09:53:31 AM »
Great stories, Brunet and Bluto... maybe I'll try this as well...


Offline Banshee

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #6 on: June 19, 2007, 10:27:54 AM »
Betty would normally spend all afternoon deciding on what to wear if Archie was taking her.

Now she simply plucked what looked nicest from her closet. She couldn't help feeling a little sad.

"So that Reggie is taking me instead of Archie. Sigh."

Just as Betty was finished fixing up her hair, her mother called from the living room.

"Betty! Your date is here!"

"Coming, Mom!"

Standing in the doorway was Reggie, decked out in his best tuxedo and holding a HUGE bouquet of wine-red roses.

"Betty! You simply look STUNNING tonight!"

"Oh, thank you for the flowers! Usually, Archie would bring me a little handful of dandelions hastily picked from our front lawn."

"Heh, that old cheapstake. Now, may we step out to my shining chariot waiting outside?"

"Coming, Reggie!" Betty beamed as she hooked her arm into Reggie's arm.

As Reggie escorted Betty out the door, he nodded his head to her parents, "I shall take the best care of your lovely princess and bring her back safe and sound at eleven thirty exactly!"

Now Betty buckled herself into the plush seat of Reggie's luxuriant car, exclaiming, "What a beautiful car you have, Reggie! It makes me feel like a diva riding in a fine limousine!"

"Much better than bouncing along in Archie's broken-down old lemon, eh?"

"Yes! I even got oil satins all over my dress the last time I went out with him!"

"We'll show that old carrot top, eh?"

"Yes, we will."

Eventually, Reggie and Betty showed up at the big dance in the gym room, where everyone were there. Veronica saw them first.

"Oh! There's Betty with Reggie!"

Archie, who was with Veronica, suddenly looked angry.

"What! That rat ensnared my beautiful, innocent little blonde angel!"

"Archie! Where are you going?! You're MY date tonight!!!"

Archie ignored Veronica's outcry as he boldly strode over to where Reggie and Betty were standing.

"Reggie! Unhand my Betty!"

Suddenly, Betty stood in front of Archie, her wide blue eyes flashing.

"Archie! You stood me up for that Veronica vixen one time too many, so I went with Reggie instead. Now go back to Veronica and don't be so SELFISH!"

"But, Betty..."

"No 'buts', Archie! You were so infatuated with the fact TWO girls are always fighting over you and I was so infatuated with you, too. Now enough is enough, so please go back to Veronica like you WANTED!"

Veronica coolly joined the group as everyone looked on with mounting interest.

"Archie. You're always running right back to Betty, so now she can have you. Goodbye."

"But, Veronica!"

"Don't even speak to me, Archie Andrews! Reggie? You can forget that silly blonde bubblehead and let's go dancing together!"

Much to Veronica's bewilderment, Reggie simply stood where he was.

"I really don't care about you anymore, Veronica. Not when I finally have a sweet, beautiful, loving girl at my side. See you around."

With that, Reggie turned his back on the shocked Veronica and held out his arm toward Betty, who gladly took it.

"Shall we dance tonight, my dove?"

"Yes! We shall!"

As the night wore on, Reggie turned out to be an impeccable escort who treated Betty like a true queen. He paid her enough compliments to sink a boat, yet they all sounded so sincere. He bought her a cup of punch when she felt thirsty. And he danced so smoothly and beautifully with Betty at his side. Finally, it was growing late and Betty laid her head against Reggie's chest and he raised his hand to protectively cradle it.

"This is truly a magical night, Betty."

"Sigh. Yes it is. And you know how to treat a woman!"

At long last, Betty wrapped her arms around Reggie's waist and Reggie embraced her right back.

Now there were whispers among all the guests:

"They look like a real couple!"

"Betty and Reggie? Unbelievable!"

"They look so cute together!"

Finally, Veronica fumed, "Archie! Where are you? Take me home this instant!"

Poor Archie, who was just sitting there the whole evening, immediately jumped up, "Yes, Ronnie. Let's get out of here!"

Finally, it was over. Now Reggie was standing at the door with Betty.

"So we had a great time together, eh, Bets?"

"It was so perfect." And Betty thought to herself, "Best of all, I love the look at Veronica's face!"

"What you say we go steady now?"

"Not so fast, Reg! But perhaps?"

"I hope so! Uh, how about a goodnight kiss?"

"Why not?"

Reggie's lips were surprisingly soft. Betty's heart fluttered and she turned bright pink.

"G-goodnight, Reggie!"

"Goodnight, my sweet baby. See you at Pop's tomorrow - and I'll treat you, ok?"


When Reggie's car drove away, Betty just stood there, sighing and trying to stop blushing.

"It-it's nothing like that with Archie!"

But Betty just couldn't help feeling a tiny twitch of cynicism at the bottom of her heart.

"Then again, no wonder Veronica's always going with him!"

The End?;)

Offline Captain Hero

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #7 on: June 19, 2007, 10:41:27 AM »
Wow...that was great!  Maybe if I get time later, I'll contribute as well.

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Offline Bluto

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #8 on: June 19, 2007, 11:07:04 AM »
Great story, Brunet!!! 

Offline Banshee

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #9 on: June 19, 2007, 04:00:37 PM »
Thank you.:)

I'm also an aspiring writer (as well as a cartoonist) and I used to write tons of Powerpuff Girls fanfics, BTW.

Offline Gotapenname

Re: Betty/ Reggie challenge
« Reply #10 on: June 19, 2007, 08:01:55 PM »
Great stroyies Bluto and Brunet :) I can't wait to what other's will write. :)


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