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  • spazaru: right after I typed that, I remembered he drew and wrote the whole world tour arc; oh well; hopefully he isn't BSing about relaunching KK
    Today at 06:26:11 PM
  • spazaru: I'm skeptical after Jughead was allowed to disappear, but who knows?  Dan Parent has to have something to do.  He seems less involved with the flagship and B&V lately.
    Today at 06:11:51 PM
  • JonInIowaCity: :(
    Today at 05:40:21 PM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: so umm I guess you'll find out in December 2014?
    Today at 05:36:05 PM
  • B-ko Daitokuji: quote: “We will be making a new Kevin announcement at the end of the year,” says Parent. “It will be exciting, and I promise will be even better than the current series!”
    Today at 05:34:12 PM
  • spazaru: Oh wow, I just saw on twitter that the Kevin Keller floppy will end in July.  It also said there's big news for him but I couldn't open the link so I don't know what it is.  That means Archie will be down to just the flagship, Afterlife, and Betty and Veronica.  Hopefully they'll announce new titles.
    Today at 05:04:19 PM
  • mitsuhoney: He's definitely won me over, I think my top 5 (in no particular order) is Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Kevin and Kumi (just wish the latter was in more storylines)
    Today at 12:23:22 PM
  • Reggie Fangirl: Tbh I still like the teenage reggie better than the adult.
    Today at 12:20:52 PM
  • SaveFearow: Although I still like the brash teenage Reggie. He's alot of fun.
    Today at 12:11:49 PM
  • SaveFearow: Reggie is more helpful and less of a braggart in LWA. I think that adds to the appeal.
    Today at 12:11:24 PM
  • Reggie Fangirl: Reggie has always been hot...
    Today at 11:56:25 AM
    Today at 11:54:07 AM
    Today at 11:53:44 AM
  • mitsuhoney: Glad I am not the only one lol, Reggie is a babe! :P I wish Riverdale Rescue would allow me to put him together with Kevin. :(
    Today at 11:16:48 AM
  • BettyReggie: I agree he looks hot.
    Today at 11:04:19 AM
  • mitsuhoney: I am kind of really starting to fall in love with Reggie in LWA, not to mention how much hotter he's been drawn as an adult lol. Is it weird that I wrote that?
    Today at 10:07:54 AM
  • BettyReggie: I just preorder  KEVIN KELLER #15 REG CVR & BETTY & VERONICA JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #225 & ARCHIE #658 BETTY VAR CVR from midtown comics
    Today at 09:01:19 AM
  • mitsuhoney: Thanks spazaru! I had no idea they did that! Now I am going to be adding that to my wishlist! :D
    Yesterday at 06:55:40 PM
  • BettyReggie: Midtown comics has the july solications but there's no picture so we can see what they look like.
    Yesterday at 06:38:14 PM
  • spazaru: You know the Dark Horse Archie Archives pretty much collect the original books they way you're saying, right?
    Yesterday at 06:15:24 PM

Author Topic: The Clown and The Princess  (Read 28156 times)

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Offline Zach Ziggster

Re: The Clown and The Princess
« Reply #120 on: February 24, 2012, 12:09:51 PM »
I think I see where this is going!  (Well, Chick's side, at least.)   :D

Outstanding work!  I can't wait for the next chapter.   :)

Glad that you do, Zach  ;)

I always thought that I was getting too nerdy and technical in this fic, however, I am going through Steig Larrson's Millenium trilogy right now. They are geeky as hell and still bestsellers.

So, I can rest easy :)

I actually really like stories that are very technically and "nerdy."  I'm not completely sure why; but for me, it seems to add more realism.

Given the world we live in today, interaction with technology is inevitable. What strikes me is that I only hear of the millennium trilogy late last year and I started reading the series this month. And yet I was struck by the similarities.

For example, in the second book, the central character Lisbeth Salander gets hooked on Maths !  ???

I've never read the Millennium Trilogy before, but if it's similar to this fanfic, I'd say that the author for the series sure knows what he/she's doing!   ;)

Knew rather, Larrson died shortly after submitting manuscripts of all the three books.

Bummer.   :(

(Did you get my reference to you being just as good or better of an author as Larrson was?   ;))

I am flattered ! Thank you !  :smitten:

But then, I don't write for a living, unless you don't count writing software and business reports.

You're very welcome!   :)

You write software?  That's awesome!  I'm just a beginner at that.  What do you write in?  C+? 

I have so many Archies, I've lost count!  :D


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