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September 24, 2020, 08:37:51 am

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Sep 20 2020 10:44pm
Tuxedo Mark: No, I don't think Dollar General is.

Sep 20 2020 1:07am
ASS-P: Aren't all three that are mentioned here owned by Dollar Tree?

Sep 13 2020 9:00pm
Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Take This Job and Love It!" from Cheryl Blossom (Get a Job) #3: https://riverdalereviewed.wordpress.com/2020/09/13/comics-take-this-job-and-love-it/

Sep 13 2020 9:57am
Tuxedo Mark: Yeah, its more than $1. Family Dollar is another chain which was recently bought by Dollar Tree.

Sep 12 2020 9:59pm
ASS-P: Is Dollar General the dollar chain that sells stuff more expensive than a dollar, then, of the big dollar store name brands? I sort of thought it was Family Dollar.

Sep 10 2020 11:03am
Tuxedo Mark: Probably that.

Sep 09 2020 5:15pm
ASS-P: What Was it selling for? It's $3.99? cover pric

Sep 09 2020 12:57pm
Tuxedo Mark: I saw an issue of Life With Archie 10th Anniversary at Dollar General months ago, but that's it.

Sep 08 2020 4:20pm
ASS-P: ...? Prior to these last six month Or during present upended circumstances?

Sep 08 2020 4:19pm
ASS-P: Once and for all, are traditional comic-book sized Archies - not digests ' seen by anyone here at any non-comics shop place? Anywhere

Archie and Friends Digital Digest...

Started by SAGG, March 17, 2018, 09:55:45 am

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...Is available on Comixology. However, 99 cents for only 11 pages?  ???  No way, pass....


DeCarlo Rules

Quote from: SAGG on March 17, 2018, 09:55:45 am
...Is available on Comixology. However, 99 cents for only 11 pages?  ???  No way, pass....

Are these the same as those digital freebee issues they're giving away on ArchieComics.com with the codes appearing in the print digests?

Since those are all samplers of older digital digest issues anyway, you'd think they could at least give you 20-odd pages or so. Still, if you do the math it's less than 10 cents/per page of story, while a regular ACP floppy comic (even in digital format) is costing you 20 cents/per page of story.

Regular floppy comics in digital format should be 99 cents anyway. There's no paper, no ink for the publisher to buy, no distributor (or no retailer... depending on how you want to define whomever you're actually paying for the digital comic), and no costs associated with warehousing or transportation, like there is with print comic books. They make WAY too much profit off those things considering that once the creative and editorial personnel get paid for their work, there's very little additional cost incurred by the publisher.

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