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Archie in Take Note.

Started by PTF, May 01, 2016, 08:42:57 PM

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 One of the stories I had to redo. The good news is I only like two more plus I've written a bunch of Archie & Me based stories. So...progress. :)

Page 1

Panel one: The setting is Miss Grundy's classroom as Archie is fast asleep on his desk as Miss Grundy walks down the aisle. Miss Grundy has her grade book with her as she looks down at Archie. Sitting behind Archie is Jughead who just sighs at Archie. To his left is Betty who looks on concerned to Archie's right is Reggie who has a smile ear to ear as Archie gets busted. Veronica is sitting behind Reggie and is focused on fixing her hair.

Miss Grundy: So, class remember...

Archie: ZZZZZZ

Miss Grundy: Just one moment.

Panel two: Miss Grundy lets her book land right on Archie's desk with a loud thud that wakes up Archie as he nearly jumps out of his chair in fright.


Archie: YIPE!

Miss Grundy: Remember that you will have a quiz tomorrow on today's lecture.

Panel three: Miss Grundy walks back to her desk and the students head out into the hallway as the school bell rings. Archie is rubbing his right eye to wake himself up and hitting his chest with his left hand to restart his heart.

Archie: Maybe staying up to watch the ballgame was a mistake on my part.

Page 2

Panel one: Archie is walking into the hallway as he is yawning. In the hallway the Riverdale bulldog mascot is sniffing the floor to the bewilderment to several students.

Archie: Maybe I can borrow someone's notes.

Panel two: Archie begins to skip and hop towards Veronica in a love daze as Veronica is at her locker opening it while pushing her hair back. Several other male students are in a similar daze as they navigate round each other.

Archie: And who better than the loveliest girl in the world?

Panel three: Veronica hands Archie her pages of notes as Archie has a dopey smile on his face as Veronica playfully pokes at one of Archie's freckles.

Veronica: Of course, Archiekins. You can borrow my notes. After all, behind every great man is an even better woman.

Panel four: Archie is confused as he looks at the notes.

Panel five: Archie scratches his head as is confused as Veronica glares at him.

Archie: I can't read this chicken scratch.

Panel six: Archie dashes away as Veronica extends her hands like claws as she threatens Archie. Archie lets the notes fall out of his hands and scatter in the hallway.

Veronica: You unappreciative louse! I'll show you what a real scratch is!

Page 3

Panel one: Archie is walking up to Betty at her locker as Betty continues to put text books in her locker. Betty's locker has several pictures of Archie inside. Archie is trying to be coy as best he can. In the background Svenson opens a random locker the Bulldog mascot is pointing to find a cat living in the locker where it reading a newspaper on a fancy miniature chair while reading a newspaper.

Archie: Wow. First period. What a way to start the day, huh?

Betty: That's normally how it works.

Panel two: Archie begins to reach into Betty's locker as Betty rolls her eyes at him.

Archie: Betts, I was wondering if you could do you oldest friend, next door neighbor, and classmate a favor if you could maybe just—

Panel three: Betty slams her locker shut as Archie barely pulls his hand back in time before the locker door slams on his fingers.

Betty: NO!


Panel four: Betty begins to lecture Archie as Archie wiggles his fingers to see if all are accounted for and working.

Betty: I'm not going to give my notes to someone who slept during class. It's not fair to the rest of the students!

Panel five: Betty begins to walk away with her backpack at her side in a huff as she looks back at Archie. Archie takes a deep gulp and uses his index finger to pull back his shirt collar.

Betty: Besides—I saw you ask Veronica for her help first over me!!!

Page 4

Panel one: Archie is walking towards Jughead as Jughead is getting a candy bar out of a vending machine. Lying on the ground is Jughead's backpack with the top unzipped enough to see various bags of chips and candy wrappers and wadded up paper.

Archie: Jughead, ol' buddy, ol' pal, ol' friend...

Jughead: Betty and Veronica dropped you flat huh?

Panel two: Archie sighs as he shrugs his shoulders, Jughead sticks his hands into his his back pack as he tries to pull up his notes in the cluttered mess inside of his backpack.

Archie: (Sigh) Same Ol' same Ol'.

Jughead: And once again, I've got to pick you back up.

Panel three: Archie is all smiles as Jughead has trouble pulling out the notes as a giant wad of gum is stretched out and attached to the papers keeping it in the backpack. The wad of gum has various candy and cereal pieces stuck to it as well.

Archie: You're the best Jughead.

Jughead: Let's just say I'm in the middle of the pack. High accomplishments leads to increased expectations.

Jughead: Now—errkk—c'mon--!

Panel four: Archie walks away as Jughead's notes are covered in chocolate and bubble gum as Jughead begins to lick at it. Archie just waves goodbye as he walks away with his tongue hanging out in disgust.

Archie: Nevermind, Jug. I don't think those will help me.

Jughead: We all digest information in our own ways.

Page 5

Panel one: Archie is walking along as he looks defeated.

Caption: Later...

Archie: It's the end of the day and I've asked everyone with no luck. Now what do I do?

Panel two: Archie is startled as a hand holds out pages of notes.

Reggie off-panel: How about turning to your pal Reggie, Connect the Dots?

Panel three: Archie is elated as Reggie has a smile from ear to ear as he proudly waves the notes in front of Archie.

Archie: Really, Reggie? You'd let me borrow your notes?

Reggie: Sure. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't help a buddy in desperate need?

Panel four: Reggie pulls the notes back as Archie tries to grab them.

Reggie off-panel: About the same as a businessman who just gives away his services for nothing, that's who!

Panel five: Reggie shuffles through the pages as he smirks at Archie as Archie glares at him.

Archie: What do you want, Reg?

Reggie: Well, I know you have a study date with Veronica Friday night so I was thinking...

Reggie: A trade. My notes for your spot by Veronica's side.

Panel six: Archie sadly takes the notes as Reggie looks on with a confident smile.

Archie: Fine. Deal.

Reggie: Pleasure doing business with you, carrot top.

Archie thinking: Oh well. At least I'll get a high mark for Miss Grundy's class.

Page 6

Panel one: Miss Grundy is flopping Archie's exam on his desk as it has a giant D+ on it. Reggie looks over and shows off his A paper.

Archie: Ack!!

Reggie: Look on the bright side, Arch. Now Veronica is with a study buddy who can actually help her learn. And is handsome.

Panel two: Archie glares at Reggie as Reggie strolls towards a waiting Veronica.

Archie: This doesn't make sense! How'd you make an A and I didn't?!

Panel three: Reggie struts past Archie as he pops his shirt collar and boasts at his prank. Archie looks on wide eyed as he realizes what happened.

Reggie: Funny thing. When I take notes, I like to jumble the names and dates around. Guess I should have told you about that. But what can you do?

Panel four: Betty and Jughead look at Archie and chuckle as Archie is fuming with anger and his face red as he wads up the exam into a paper ball. In the background, Reggie walks into the hallway with Veronica as he looks back and sneers at Archie in triumph.

Archie: Go to bed early, stay awake in class, and never accept the aid of a certain sneak!

Jughead: See, Betty? Our boy can learn.

Betty: Indeed. But he should write it down, just in case.

The End.

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