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Author Topic: Betty in Angerer Management  (Read 1629 times)

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Betty in Angerer Management
« on: May 22, 2016, 08:56:01 PM »
 Page 1
Panel one: Betty and Archie are in Pickens Park sitting on a concrete park table and bench as they look at a kid a few inches taller than Dilton with dark red hair messy hair, a black shirt with a small orange and yellow flame on the front and long jeans that drag at the feet as he is walking along. The kid has a permanent scowl on his face nearly throughout the story. The weather is cloudy with the sunshine breaking through. Betty prepares to wave at him while Archie stops her by grabbing her wrist.
Betty: Hey, it’s that new kid, Aaron Angerer! I haven’t had the chance to greet him since he transferred to RHS last week!
Archie: Don’t bother, Betty. I tried being nice and talking with Aaron and all he did was say he hated everything and was grumpy the entire conversation!
Panel two: Aaron Angerer is unhappily looking up at the sky as the clouds part and a small rainbow can be see in the bright blue sky with a gorgeous yellow sun overhead. A boy and his mother look up and enjoy the rainbow. The small boy points up and tugs at his mother’s leg for her to look at the rainbow. In the background, Betty and Archie look on.
Boy: Mommy, look!
Mother: Yes, a nice pleasant little rainbow…
Panel three: Aaron waves off the rainbow in disgust as he continues to walk along. The mother and boy did not appreciate what Aaron said as the mother takes her son away from Aaron as the boy turns his head and makes a face at Aaron. Archie motions towards Betty in an “I told you so” type way as Betty sees Archie’s point but tries to be optimistic as she brushes her hair with her right hand.
Aaron: I hate rainbows!
Archie: See?
Betty: Well, we all have bad days…
Page 2
Panel one: Archie holds up seven fingers as Betty looks over at Aaron as Aaron has stopped on his way as a line of ducks are crossing in front of him into a nearby pond. Aaron looks like he’s going to erupt in rage at the seemingly endless line of ducks that stretches off-panel.
Archie: Most of us do. But Aaron Angerer he bad weeks!
Panel two: Betty puts a finger to her chin as she begins to think as a smile forms on her face. Archie looks off, and motions towards Pickens Park as he talks, not noticing that Betty is taking his words to heart.
Archie: I bet that he’s going to walk around and not find one thing in Pickens Park that he likes.
Panel three: Betty jumps up and slams her palms on the table as a startled Archie falls out of his bench and lands on his back.
Betty: I’ll take that bet!!! I’m sure I can help him reposition his bad disposition!!
Archie: AAAHHH!!!
Panel four: Betty is running down to Aaron Angerer, just as the line of ducks is beginning to end. As Archie is bent over on his back, he looks up and rolls his eyes towards a duck that is looking down at him with crazy eyes.
Archie: So, do you have the same trouble with girls too, Mr. Duck?
Duck: Quack! Quack!!
Caption: Translation: You bet I do, Donald! They drive me daffy!!
Page 3
Panel one: Aaron heatedly watches as the last duck finally crosses the path as he waits impatiently and expresses it by tapping his foot and tapping a finger against the side of his leg. Betty is running up to greet him.
Aaron Angerer: I hate ducks that only travel in single file line!
Betty: Aaron Angerer, right? My name’s Betty Cooper!
Panel two: Betty extends his hand for Aaron to shake as Aaron looks down at like it was a bear trap.
Betty Cooper: Welcome to Riverdale!
Aaron Angerer: I hate first impressions!
Panel three: Aaron begins to walk off in a huff with both hands in his jean pockets as he brushes against a jogger. Betty flips her hand over and moves her fingers around as if to inspect if something is wrong with it as she’s beginning to doubt her attempt to brighten up Aaron’s day.
Aaron: I hate joggers who don’t give the right of way.
Betty thinking: Huh, this might be tougher than I thought.
Panel four: Betty runs up to Aaron as above Aaron in the trees are several multi colored blooms in the tree and various birds enjoying nature as they fly about. On the ground are several rabbits who happily hop around the trees while a grasshopper is playing music using its legs like a guitar. A line of ants are struggling to fit a pink cupcake in their ant hill as the ant in charge leans his body over to motion for the other ants to pivot the cupcake.
Betty: How about I walk with you in Pickens Park? We can talk about all the things you see that you like!
Aaron: I don’t like most of whatever I’m looking at.
Betty: I’m sure we can change that with positive thinking!
Aaron: I positively hate having to think.
Page 4.
Panel one: The two stop as a mother robin is with a baby robin in her nest looking down at the two with a smile. Betty points the robins out as Aaron scowls upward as he lets out a puff of air that curls his lips to his left side.
Betty: Well, just look up there. A robin and her baby bird.
Panel two: Betty is talking about the Mother Robin as the Mother Robin sticks her red chest out.
Betty: Just look at those feathers and that lovely red chest!
Panel three: The Mother Bird holds her baby in her arms as if to showcase him. The baby bird waves hello with one wing. Betty cups her hands to her face as she can hardly contain her happiness and excitement because of how adorable the baby bird is to her.
Betty: And look! A little baby robin! Isn’t he the cutest?!
Panel four: Aaron waves off the robins in the tree as he moves along. The two robins glare down at Aaron as Betty is surprised at how quickly he dismissed the robins.
Aaron: I hate birds. Especially baby birds.
Panel five: The mother robin is pecking at Aaron’s head as he tries and shields himself with his arms. The baby bird is barely flying as he attempts to join his mother. Betty folds her arms and looks away as she is displeased with Aaron. The ants have managed to fit the cupcake in the hill as the line is now bringing a plate, spoon, and empty glass cup as the ant in charge faints at the next few challenges he’ll have to deal with.
Aaron Angerer: Ow! I hate being in pain!!
Betty thinking: Too bad you don’t hate being a pain!!
Page 5.
Panel one: Betty looks up to see three squirrels in a tree looking on from a nearby tree branch. Betty’s eyes light up as she has a new plan. The mother and baby robin are flying away as Aaron is sitting on the ground with his head bent down as several pain stars are over his head. The middle squirrel is imitating Aaron as the other two use their hands to make bird images swooping around it.
Betty: He might not like feathered woodland creatures—but maybe he’ll like the furry ones!
Panel two: Betty is bent down towards Aaron and has the three squirrels in both hands as they all do a courtesy.
Betty: Say, do you know what I like best about the park?
Aaron: Squirrels?
Panel three: Aaron is rolling his eyes as he is barely paying attention. One squirrel is acting like a snob with its nose sticking straight up in the air, one squirrel is acting like he’s eating and is sticking his stomach out, and one squirrel is pretending to trip over his own tail.
Betty: These little guys like to follow me and my friends around, and after awhile I decided to name them.
Panel four: The tallest squirrel does a one finger salute to his forehead, the middle squirrel extends both arms and stands sideways as he presents himself, and the shortest squirrel gives Aaron two thumbs up. Aaron scowls at the squirrels.
Betty: I named this one Wally.
Betty: This one is Nutmeg
Betty: And this one is Oaky-Doaky
Page 6
Panel one: Aaron stands up and dusts himself off as he talks about how he doesn’t like the squirrels to even Betty’s surprise. Wally and Nutmeg glare at Aaron as Oaky-Doaky uses his tail to cry on.
Aaron: I don’t like squirrels. They’re covered in disease and can get you sick!
Panel two: A close-up on the three squirrels as they seem to be conversing with each other. We see Betty’s face as she raises an eyebrow as she’s wondering what they are talking about.
Betty: Um…
Panel three: Betty’s face is alarmed as Wally slams a fist into his open palm as Nutmeg and Oaky-Doaky nod in approval and peer over at Aaron with devious smiles curled across their faces.
Panel four: The three squirrels are now in the tree branches above the trail as they begin to pelt Aaron with more acorns. On the ground, nuts are at Aaron’s ankle showing they’ve been laying waste to him for a good, long time.  Wally has several in one arm as he is throwing, Nutmeg is punting the acorns out of the tree at Aaron, and Oaky-Doaky is loading up five acorns at once on a tree branch as he pulls it back and is read to unleash a barrage. Betty sits under the shade of a tree with her head on her palms as she watches. Next to her is a tortoise reading a comic book with various mutant ninja animals on it. A hare is hopping towards the tortoise. Aaron is running around in a circle like a chicken with its head cut off as he is screaming in anger. In the branches a sad spider has woven a web that reads: I WISH SOMEONE WOULD READ THIS.
Aaron: I hate all the 100 ways to hurl nuts at my head!!
Betty: Sigh.
Betty: Maybe we should try avoiding animals…
Page 7
Panel one: Aaron is sneezing into a handkerchief as Betty holds up several flowers towards his face as she looks with an eyebrow raised in surprised. Aaron’s nose is runny and his eyes are water to the point he looks like he’s crying. Behind Aaron and Betty, the hare is pointing and laughing with its eyes closed at the tortoise, which is now wearing a black mask bandana and is coming at the hare with a ninja flying jump kick.
Aaron Angerer: I—WWWAHHHCCHHUU!!---hate flowers!! Acchuuu!!! Accchuuu!!!
Panel two: Aaron is being chased by an elderly woman with a cane and an elderly man in a wheel chair who tilts his body forward as he tries to get even more leverage to go faster. Betty steps back and looks on speechlessly. Next to Betty, the hare, with a footprint of the tortoise’s footprint on its face, has become the disciple of the tortoise as they are both practicing the crane pose ala the Karate Kid.
Aaron Angerer: I hate elderly people in the park!!
Panel three: Aaron is looking at the bottom of his shoe as Betty holds her nose to try and block the stench. Behind them is a man walking his dog as they continue along. In the background, Nutmeg and Wally are playing leap frog as Nutmeg rides a rabbit and Wally a frog. Above Betty is Oaky Doaky flying in the air thanks to several multi-colored butterflies carrying him. Oaky Doaky has one fist ahead as he strikes a Superman flying pose.
Aaron Angerer: I hate people who walk their dogs!!
Panel four: Betty is eating an apple from under an apple tree. Behind her, unbeknownst to her, Aaron is getting bombarded by several apples that fall out of the tree as he puts both arms over his head  and bends over to try and defend himself. The reason for the apples falling on him is a woodpecker pecking at the branch as hard and fast as it can.
Aaron Angerer: I hate apples!! 
Panel five: Aaron Angerer has a tree branch over his body as Betty begins to lift if off of him as Aaron swats an apple away. The tree branch has several more apples on it with various colored worms sticking their heads out wondering what happened. In the apple tree, the woodpecker cups its wings over its head in triumph. In the nearby bushes, a sasquatch and a jackalope peek out of some nearby bushes to see what the commotion is.
Aaron Angerer: I hate the apple trees, too!!
Page 8
Panel one: A disappointed and exhausted Betty and a still scowling Aaron Angerer walk up to Archie where Betty left him as Archie has a smile on his face as he can tell by Betty’s facial expression that she didn’t find one thing Aaron liked in all of Pickens Park.
Archie: So how was your stroll in the park?
Betty: Like a safari in the jungle!
Panel two: Archie asks Aaron a question as Betty hangs her head in defeat.
Archie: Say, Aaron, pray tell…anything in Pickens Park you like?
Panel three: Aaron begins to think as Betty and Archie look on. Betty is happily surprised as she looks over towards Aaron and Archie is flabbergasted.
Aaron: One thing…
Archie: Really? Wow! What?!
Panel four: Aaron is smiling at Betty as Betty blushes and smiles back. Archie looks on jealously as he balls his fists and glares at Aaron.
Aaron: I really liked walking and talking with Betty!
Panel five: Archie has Betty by her left arm and begins to drag her away from Aaron as Aaron and Betty wave goodbye to one another. Next to Aaron is Wally and Nutmeg still riding the frog and rabbit as they wave goodbye. Above Aaron, Oaky-Doaky is being carried in the air by the butterflies as he motions with one hand to bring him closer as he plans to fall down the back of Aaron’s shirt.
Archie: That’s the one thing in the park I didn’t like!!


Re: Betty in Angerer Management
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2016, 12:07:08 AM »
Cute story! Good job,  PTF. I definitely envisioned a Ruiz drawn story here. He loved to draw animal expressions in his stories. Ruiz also makes the animals human-level smart. Too bad Ruiz couldn't do this story without ACP threatening to sue him....  :)


Re: Betty in Angerer Management
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2016, 01:03:49 PM »
Yeah, but that's what imaginations are for. :)


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