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Title: Betty in Stamped
Post by: PTF on May 15, 2016, 07:37:58 PM
 Page 1

Panel one: Betty Cooper, wearing a blue jacket, pink shirt, and blue jeans, is at her local Angels Supermarket as she is at one of the counters in the middle of the aisles as she is giving change for an Angles employee to hand her several stamps in return. The Angles employee girl is wearing a red shirt with a giant blue A on it with a name tag reading Samantha. Close by one aisle has a person checking out various items and handing coupons and showing a binder filled with newspaper clips of lower prices as the line behind her is long. The guy directly behind her has just a two liter drink and is glaring at her like he could kill her for taking up so much time. In check-out yourself aisle a woman jumps back in shock as the computer reads: PAYMENT DUE: INFINITY AND BEYOND

Betty: Yes, I'd like ten stamps.

Samantha: Not a problem.

Panel two: Betty is talking with Samantha as Samantha begins to rip out several stamps. In front of them several small kids have gotten into the big ball bin and are bouncing on the balls as their parents chase after them.

Betty: So, has it been a busy afternoon?

Panel three: Betty puts the stamps in her jean pockets as she waves goodbye. Right beside Betty are two customers whose carts have collided and have spilled their meats, vegetables, and drinks. One customer is shaking his left fist while showing he signaled with his right hand as the other customer points at himself and straight ahead. Sitting down is a boy reading an Archie Double Digest amidst the chaos around him.

Samantha: Been pretty quiet, actually.

Betty: Well, I hope it stays that way.

Page 2

Panel one: Betty is entering her house through the kitchen and taking off her jacket as she reaches into her jean pockets. Mrs. Cooper is frying pork chops on the oven as she talks with her daughter. Mrs. Cooper is wearing an apron that reads: MOMS ARE THE BEST.

Mrs. Cooper: Betty, did you go over to Angles and get the stamps?

Betty: Right after school. I remembered, I remembered.

Panel two: Betty puts twelve stamps on the kitchen table and her jacket on one of the kitchen table chairs. One is four stamps on each side, two are two stamps on each side and the other is just four straight stamps. Betty is looking them over and realizes this as Mrs. Cooper is flipping the pork chops into the air like they were pancakes as a small stream of smoke follow the pork chops up and back down.

Betty: Huh. Twelve?

Betty: Mom, I think she gave me two extra stamps.

Panel three: Mrs. Cooper is walking over with the plate of pork chops, using oven mitts to carry the plate as she places it on the table.

Mrs. Cooper: So she did.

Betty: So what should we do?

Panel four: Mrs. Cooper is back at the oven as she has a pot boiling with water and is flipping potatoes in the air as she uses one hand to hold a knife and cut the skin of the potatoes and her free hand, reaching over her body to grab the potato skins before they hit the ground. The potatoes go into the water. Betty is holding the stamps in her hands.

Mrs. Cooper: We don't need any more groceries until next week. When we go back, I'll be sure to give the counter an extra ninety-two cents.

Betty: Yeah. Sure. That won't be a problem at all...

Page 3

Panel one: Betty is walking down a hall as she frowns and balls her fists as if she is having an inner conflict.

Betty: I can't believe it!

Betty: Someone else makes a mistake, gives me just two extra stamps , and now I feel like a common thief!

Panel two: Betty is walking down the hallway as we can see her father in the living room sitting on a sofa watching TV where it looks like someone is just counting someone's change on the street. Betty is taking deep breaths as she tries to calm down.

Betty: Take deep breaths, girl. It's just ninety-two cents. Nothing to get worked up about—

Mr. Cooper: Betty! Come watch this new reality tv show with me!

Panel three: Betty begins to tense and her left eyebrow begins to twinge as he father turns in his seat to her. The TV is now showing someone asking for someone on a busy street to give him chance in his open hand so he can count.

Mr. Cooper: It's called Every Cent Counts! It's where this guy Vince goes up to someone and asks them for the loose change in their pocket so he can count it and give it back to them!

Panel four: Betty loses it and begins screaming and stomping her feet as she holds out an open palm and points to it with her other hand. Mr. Cooper jumps back in shock at the sudden outburst.

Betty: I gave her the correct change! I counted it! I can multiple! It's forty-six cents times ten! Four dollars and sixty cents! Eighteen quarters and a dime is what I gave her!

Panel five: Betty is running up to stairs as Mr. Cooper just goes back to his TV program after shrugging his shoulders.

Mr. Cooper: She could have just said she's already seen it...

Page 4

Panel one: It is night time as Betty is wearing a long blue shirt and purple shorts and has left her hair down as she sits on her bed and contemplates the worse.

Betty: ...And what about Samantha? Those are federal stamps. What if the FBI arrests her? Tries her for treason!!

Panel two: Betty lies back in her bed and puts a pillow on her head as she screams and waves her fists about.


Panel three: Betty sits up as she smiles and her eyes light up as she has an idea.

Betty: I know! I'll call Veronica! A good friend will share my burden with me!!

Panel four: Veronica is answering her cellphone as she is at her wardrobe dresser and looking into her mirror as she is combing her hair for the night as she is wearing purple silk pajamas. Along her wardrobe dresser are various make-up kits, skin cream, and a mirror.

Veronica: Bettykins!

Veronica: ...Calm down! I can't understand a word that you're saying!!

Panel five: Veronica has stopped combing her hair as her left lip tenses as she looks like she is just about to laugh.

Veronica: Did you just ask me what I would do if I just owed someone ninety cents...?

Panel six: Betty is rolling her eyes as she looks at the reader and points her free hand at her cell phone in a "can you believe she's my best friend." type manner.

Cellphone: HA HA HA!


Page 5.

Panel one: Betty is lying down on her bed sheets as she seems to be calm and relaxed as she reaches over to turn her lamp off.

Betty: Veronica's right. It is a silly thing to worry about.

Betty: Tomorrow is Saturday! I can just walk back over and give the change sometime in the morning


Panel two: A shot of Betty as is in her bed covered up nice and snug as she looks like she is beginning to go to sleep with no more worries plaguing her.

Betty: Just eleven hours and it'll all be over.

Panel three: Betty looks like she is asleep.

Panel four: Betty's eyes pop open.

Panel five: Betty sits up in bed and begins to shake her head as she pulls at her hair as she goes back to fretting.

Betty: I cannot wait that long!!

Betty: But what else can I do...?  Think, Cooper, Think!

Page 6

Panel one: The store manager for Angles is walking in the parking lot and reaching into his pockets for his keys as it is morning and the sun is just coming up. It is a cold day as he takes out a breath and can see it in the air.

Store Manager: Now where are those keys...?

Panel two: The Store Manager looks up as he is startled by a voice

Off-panel voice: Yes! Yes! You're finally, finally here!

Panel three: Betty Cooper, wearing her blue t-shirt and now wearing pink sweat pants and fluffy bunny slippers is opening up her sleeping bag on the bench next to the doors, where she obviously slept the night, as she holds out three quarters, a nickel, two pennies and a dime as she begins to approach the store manager. The Store Manager scratches his head and has no idea what to make of what is going on.

Betty: I'm really, sorry, but one of your employees accidentally gave me two extra stamps, and I didn't want her to get in trouble!

Betty: The George Triplets and their best friends Franklin and Thomas along with the Lincoln Twins.

Store Manager: !!!

Panel four: The Angles Manager begins to shed a tear as he holds the money in his hand and is sincerely touched by Betty's honesty and determination. Betty gathers up her sleeping bag and walks past two startled older women. Betty is skipping along like everything is normal.

Angles Manager: Sniff. Its acts like this that make running a wholesome grocery store worth every cent!