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Betty in the Narcassist

Started by PTF, May 15, 2016, 07:30:30 pm

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 Page 1

Panel one: Archie and Betty are sitting a table away from Reggie who is talking to an uninterested girl who seems to be tired of hearing from Reggie. Reggie is smiling and pointing both thumbs at himself as he is obviously just bringing up how great he is. Behind him at the counter is Midge sitting alone as she is drinking a soda with a straw as she checks her watch as she seems to be waiting for someone.

Archie: Sheesh. Would you look at that?

Betty: Yeah. For the last ten minutes, all he's done is talk about himself and not about Cindy one bit!

Reggie: So anyway, when the rest of the football team had given up, I grabbed them by the helmet straps and I pulled them to victory!

Panel two: Cindy is walking away as Reggie waves her off as he turns his head and sees Midge alone. Cindy is giving him the hand as she is leaving and passing by Archie and Betty.

Archie: Face it, Betty. All Reggie ever thinks about is himself.

Betty: I wouldn't go that far...

Panel three: Reggie has a thought balloon of a picture of himself as he happily looks up at the thought balloon and nods in approval.

Betty: Well, at least not all the time.

Page 2

Panel one: Archie looks outside the Chocklit Shoppe window to see Veronica outside winking and waving her three fingers at him. Archie looks on with heart for eyes as Betty is still looking towards Reggie and not noticing what is happening behind her back.

Betty: I just can't believe that anyone can be so vain and thoughtless of others all the time.

Archie: Righhht...

Panel two: Betty is leaving the table and walking towards Reggie as Archie is dashing outside of the Chocklit Shoppe to go to Veronica who motions for him like she would her dog. Coming down the street just in view from the window is Moose walking towards the Chocklit Shoppe as he flicks at his watch as it is either broken or not working.

Betty: In fact, I'm going to prove it!

Betty: I'll be right back, Archie!

Panel three: Betty is standing beside Reggie as Reggie is rubbing his chin and smiling as he is looking at Midge who is swirling her straw around in her glass. Pop Tate is giving a double double stack burger to a surprised petite eight year old girl. Behind Betty and Reggie, Moose is walking in their direction.

Betty: Say, Reggie, what are you thinking right now?

Panel four: Reggie is replying as he smoothes back his hair as Moose is right behind him. Betty turns her head and has a troubled look as she knows what will happen.

Reggie: I was thinking what a prime opportunity to ask out Midge without that big oaf around.

Panel five: Reggie has a apprehensive look as he pitifully turns his head and shudders as Moose is cracking his knuckles from behind right at Reggie's left ear. Betty is rolling her eyes to her left as she takes a side step away from Reggie as she tries to sidestep the danger zone.

Moose: Duh, I'm not around. I'm just behind ya, Reg--

Panel six: Reggie is flying out of the Chocklit Shoppe door with various multi-color pain stars trailing right behind him as two teens duck to avoid Reggie. On the sidewalk, the small girl from before is sitting down and sharing her burger with three of her friends as they've cut the burger down to more manageable for each small kid.

Moose inside the Chocklit Shoppe:  --AND YOU CAN JUST STAY AWAY FROM MY MIDGIE!!


Page 3

Panel one: Betty is dashing out to follow after Reggie as Moose takes his seat next to Midge as she greets him. 

Betty: Okay, that wasn't what I was looking for, but I know Reggie has to have one kind thought in him!

Panel two: Betty is coming out as we see Reggie has several small planets over his dazed eyes as he begins to walk bow legged as the kids from earlier look on after finishing their burger portion and seemed entertained by Reggie disoriented state.

Betty: If he doesn't have a concussion that is...

Panel three: It is later as Reggie is looking at a blind, homeless man standing by a building holding up a cup as several passerbys drop in change for him. The man is holding a cane with his other hand. Betty is walking towards Reggie as she tries to act casual.

Betty: Gee, Reggie. I bet you're thinking about giving that poor, blind man change to help him out.

Panel four: Reggie turns to talk with Betty as he is jabbing two fingers towards her as she tilts her head back as Reggie's fingers are dangerously close to poking her eyes. The blind man is tilting his head as he hears what Reggie is saying.

Reggie: Actually, I was wondering would it hurt a blind person if you poked them in the eyes!

Panel five: Betty face palms as the blind man is chasing Reggie with his cane, trying to smack him across the head as they run in circles on the road. Reggie is trying to weasel out of it but the blind man is not having it.

Reggie: Hey! I wasn't going to do it!!

Reggie: I would never touch anyone as filthy as you, I swear!!

Blind man: Just keep yer yappin' so I can find ya!!

Page 4

Panel one: Reggie and Betty are walking away as a police officer is holding back the homeless man. People who were watching look at Reggie disdainfully with one woman doing the "shame shame" with her two fingers at Reggie.  Reggie is leaving in a huff as Betty is looking around to see something that Reggie might like more than himself.

Reggie: Can you believe that!? They should lock up all vagrants!!

Panel two: Betty is extending her arms out as she soaks in the sunshine. Reggie turns to her as he raises an eyebrow as he listens to her as he at least seems interested.

Betty: Let's forget that...forever and ever...

Betty: And focus on what a lovely, sunny day it is!

Panel three: Reggie puts a hand on his chin as he rolls his eyes as he begins to think. Behind him a man and another man are walking behind Reggie, one to his left and one to his right. Betty is ecstatic as she has he fists clenched and seems to be rooting Reggie on to think about something other than himself.

Reggie: Well, I do love sunny days like this for one important reason--

Betty: Yes! Yes! Go on!

Panel four: Reggie extends his arms and tilts his head back as he smiles as his teeth glisten. His arms each hit one of the two men respectively and knock them to the ground. Betty's jaw drops from disappointment.

Reggie: It makes it easier for everyone to see me and how great I am!!



Panel five: Betty is helping the dazed man up as Reggie struts ahead, not giving them a single thought or care. One of the men is shaking a fist at Reggie while the other one's eyes a glazed over.  Betty is exhaling as her quest for Reggie to think of something or someone other than himself is not going well.

Betty: Sigh. I wish it was raining so no one could see me cry...!

Page 5

Panel one: Betty is walking across the street as the street light signals it is okay to cross as Reggie is already on the other side waiting for as he motions for the lost in thought Betty to hurry up.

Reggie: Hurry it up, Betts! I like it when people want to hear what I think about me being so great!

Betty: sigh.

Betty: Maybe Archie was right about Reggie--

Panel two: Betty turns as a car is heading directly for her and can't stop as the driver has his head sticking out the car window and waving for her to move.


Betty: ?!!

Driver: Move! My brakes went out!!

Pane three: Reggie lunges at Betty and gets her out of the way as the car drives past her. Across the street is a man wearing a suit and holding a note pad and pencil as he looks on in amazement.


Panel four: Reggie and Betty are lying with their backs on the street as the both are wide eyed and have alarmed expression. Across the road the car turns to a stop with several tread marks across the road. The driver is half out the window as he has passed out. A crowd is gathering at the event.  The man from across the street is looking on as he looks at a street sign and takes notes.

Reggie: Gee, Betts! What were you thinking?

Betty: It's a good thing you were thinking...

Panel five: Betty sits up straight with a giant smile on her face as Reggie looks towards her in disbelief.

Reggie: What are you so happy about...? You could have gotten killed!

Page 6

Panel one: Betty is standing up and jumping up and down as she pumps a fist in the air in victory as the man across the street is walking towards them. The crowd behind Betty and Reggie look at Betty in a unified expression of confusion.  Reggie is sitting up as he is wide-eyed as he is putting some deep thought in his actions.

Betty: So could you!!

Betty: You risked your own life to save me! You thought about someone else more than yourself for just a few seconds!   

Panel two: Betty is skipping away as Reggie looks like he's gone in shock--with his arms and legs pulled to his chest in a standing fetal position-- at the revelation Betty explained as the man from across the street stands over him. The crowd makes way for Betty as she goes about her way cheerfully.

Betty: I gotta go tell everyone! They won't believe me--but it did happen!!

Panel three: The man is standing over Reggie as Reggie is slowly beginning to stand up; his eyes are still wide and he has a frozen expression of fear on his face.

Reporter: Son, I'm a freelance reporter, and I would like a statement on your heroics.

Reporter: First question: What were you thinking as impending doom was coming towards your friend?

Panel four: Reggie bursts up and grabs the man by his collar and begins to shake him frantically as Reggie is in a panic that he could have been killed. Several people on the street and sidewalk look on in confusion.


The end.

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