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Ethel in BFF

Started by PTF, May 08, 2016, 09:51:03 pm

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 Okay this is a short one so that means my aunt was over my house. My aunt likes to talk about the same things over and over and sometimes I like to look busy. And before anyone condemns me, I've heard about Three Rivers corn meal and how she learned they stopped selling it thousands upon thousands of time. I can't even eat cornbread anymore. :(

And I liked the idea of Ethel and Trula being friends because one character is all heart and one is all brain.

Ethel: BFF

(Ethel is talking with Betty as they walk down the hall after school.)

Betty: Not too bad a day, huh, Ethel.

Ethel: Nope. I caught Jughead in between classes today.

(Betty looks at Ethel's greasy hands.)

Betty: How did it go?

Ethel: Not well. Dashed out the window and down the fire escape.

(Veronica is running up towards Betty. The both completely ignore Ethel.)

Veronica: Betty, Daddykins just paid up my credit cards.

Ethel: Hi, Veronica, how are--

(Veronica and Betty are enjoying talking to one another as Ethel can't get a word in as she stands just behind them.)

Veronica: How about you and I take a trip to the mall? A girl's afternoon.

Ethel: Gee, I think I have the time to--

Betty: Yeah, you buy dresses worth my house, while I window shop.

(Veronica and Betty walk off leaving Ethel disgruntled.)

Veronica: Piddly-posh. Pennies and hundreds are nothing between friends. Buy yourself a dress and consider it a gift.

Betty: Veronica, I appreciate the offer, but I can't just have you--

(Ethel looks like she is about to speak with one finger in the air as if to gain their attention.)

Veronica: Okay, then you can pay me back by keeping me company and giving me a few cooking lessons.

Betty: Well, I guess I could...

Ethel: ...

(Ethel turns away as Betty and Veronica are nearly out of sight.)

Veronica: Excellent! I know this chef hat and apron that would match my Katy Keene Viva Blue Dress!

Ethel: Oh, what's the use?

(Ethel looks depressed as she walks along the school.)

Ethel: I guess I shouldn't be too upset. After all, Betty and Veronica are BFFs.

(Ethel begins to think as she rolls her eyes to her upper right and her right eyebrow is raised. In the immediate vicinity: Moose is talking with Dilton, and Midge is talking with both Chuck and Nancy.)

Ethel: Come to think of it, I don't have a BFF.

(Ethel puts her back against a wall as she leans against it with he right foot crossed over her left.)

Ethel: I have my boyfriend in Jughead, but that doesn't really count, and he and Archie have been best friends since they were little.

(Ethel is looking at everyone previously mentioned. Moose and Dilton are talking as they walk towards Midge, Nancy, and Chuck.)

Ethel: Everyone here is my friend, but not a BFF.

(Ethel is focusing on Moose and Dilton.)

Moose: Duh, you sure do know your science. Wish I could understand biology like you.

Dilton: We all have things we're good at Moose. Like how you are the star athlete of the school.

Moose: You think so?

(Ethel is watching as Moose and Dilton continue to talk as they head towards Nancy, Midge, and Chuck.)

Ethel: Just look at them. They are complete opposites, but they have gotten along since they first met.

(Ethel begins to focus on Midge, Nancy, and Chuck. Midge and Nancy are chattering to each other, while Chuck is a few steps back, and blushing.)

Midge: You're kidding! He drew on the napkin...

Nancy: And the ink sunk through and ruined the restaurant's table cloth.

Chuck: It was only a little smear.

(Moose has joined the trio as Dilton walks on. He raises his hand to signal goodbye as Moose turns the favor.)

Nancy: A little smear that cost you two hundred dollars.

Midge: I've never heard of a designer table cloth.

Moose: Duh, well someone had ta make it.

(Ethel looks on as the four leave. Nancy and Chuck lead the way as Moose and Midge follow.)

Ethel: And the best part about having a BFF with her own boyfriends is the double dates and parties you can go to together.

(Mr. Weatherbee carrying a large stack of

Miss Grundy: I appreciate the help, Waldo.

Mr. Weatherbee: This is what friend's are for. You want me to really help you...

(Ethel looks on depressed as Mr. Weatherbee and Miss Grundy laugh.)

Mr. Weatherbee: I'd lock Archie in detention and throw away the key!

Miss Grundy: Throw in Reggie and Jughead, and I'll have you brought up for sainthood!

(Ethel leans against the wall, her head lowered as she sadly thinks to herself. In the background, Trula Twyst notices her. Trula is carrying a purse.)

Ethel: Even Miss Grundy has a lifelong, dependable friend in Mr. Weatherbee.

(Ethel begins to cry as Trula looks on.)

Ethel: I don't have anyone like that!!


(Ethel looks as a hand holds out a tissue for her.)

Ethel: Huh?

(We see Trula Twyst holding the tissue.)

Trula: Here.

(Ethel takes it as she blows her nose.)

Ethel: Thanks you.


Trula: Is something wrong, Ethel?

(Ethel looks away.)

Ethel: It's really no big deal.

Trula: If it causes an emotional reaction, I diagnose that talking about it would help.

Ethel: Sounds like psychology 101 to me, but okay.

(Ethel turns back to Trula. Trula seems confused.)

Ethel: I was just thinking how I don't really have a BFF while everyone else does.

Trula: But you have several friends.

(Ethel is no longer leaning against the wall as she talks with Trula.)

Ethel: It's different. Its one person you trust totally. You go to each others houses; they help you with boy problems, girl nights out, talk about the good and bad...

(Ethel drops her shoulders. Trula has her right index finger on her chin.)

Ethel: You have a best friend, right?

Trula: Well...

Ethel: Thought so.

(Trula smiles and tilts her head to her left. Ethel is taken back by Trula's response.)

Trula: It's you.

Ethel: ?!!

(Ethel begins to question Trula as Trula turns her head to her right slightly as seems slightly depressed by her status amongst the other students.)

Ethel: I'm your BFF?

Trula: Yes.

Ethel: Why me?

(Trula sadly motions behind her at the empty hall to illustrate her low friend count.)

Trula: For starters, I don't have many friends. I'm too distant and everyone thinks that I'm untrustworthy and deceitful.

(Trula continues to talk as Ethel is sincerely moved.)

Trula: You're one of the only people who doesn't treat me like a leper. You don't treat anyone like that. You're open, you're kind, and you always have good intentions.

(Trula looks at Ethel timidly.)

Ethel: If that's how you felt, why didn't you ever go up and talk to me more often?

Trula: Normally, I don't care how people think of me, but if you saw me as devious and wanted nothing to do with me...I think that would bother me.

(Trula has her eyes closed and does her fake smile. Trula doesn't notice that Ethel is beaming with happiness.)

Trula: And we also seem to competing for the same goal, which wouldn't bold well for--

(Ethel puts both hands on Trula's shoulders as Trula is suprised.)

Ethel: This is perfect!

Trula: !!?

(Ethel is talking as Trula looks on puzzled.)

Ethel: We have a lot of the same classes, so we can study together at each others houses. You can come to my house today!

Trula: Today?

(Trula seems pleasantly surprised.)

Trula: Well, my mother is on another book tour this week, and I could--

Ethel: This is great!

(Ethel and Trula begin to walk out of the school together. Ethel is looking head and motioning with her hands as if she can see the future. Trula look at her with a grin, amused by Ethel's enthusiasm.)

Ethel: You can stay over and we can talk about school, gossip we've heard, fashion, boys...

(Ethel leans over to Trula's ear and cups a hand around it as if it's only their little secret. Trula is unusually cheerful)

Ethel: ...And one certain boy in particular.

Trula: I think I would like that a lot.

(Ethel and Trula are walking further as they are in the distance.)

Ethel: Who knows, we might just become the love triangle of Riverdale.

(Jughead and Archie are eating at Pop Tate's near a window seat as Jughead begins to shiver uncontrollably. In front both is an ice cream treat.)


Archie: You look like you have the avalanche of brain freezes.

(Jughead is looking at Archie with a worried, almost prophet like demeanor as he talks to Archie. Out the window, not seen by Jughead is Ethel and Trula driving by the street in Ethel's car.)

Jughead: Something very wrong just happened, Archie.

Jughead: Something terribly, horribly wrong!


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