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Jughead in Nice Guy

Started by PTF, May 08, 2016, 10:08:18 pm

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 Wow. Back when I tried to do something with Nancy before just giving up like everyone else. I actually liked this story but I had written a few Jughead vs Trula stories already. I mean, even then I knew she was probably going to be put on the back burner but I was hopeful.

Now I'm much older and cynical and don't like anything because anything I do like will spawn rip offs that I will detest. Flash Animation mostly. :)

(Jughead and Archie are walking into Riverdale High as other students are entering as well.)

Jughead: Arch, my bestest bud in the whole wide world, how about I treat you to a meal?

(Archie walks ahead, frustrated at Jughead. Archie has his hands in his pockets.)

Archie: I told you already I can't even buy me anything after my date with Veronica where steak costs twenty dollars.

(They are inside the school and in the halls as Jughead catches up to Archie.)

Jughead: You need ears big as mine: I said "I treat."

(Archie turns to Jughead in disbelief.)

Archie: Wait. You're paying?

Jughead: No one's paying.

(Jughead shows Archie a raffle ticket from Pop Tate's.)

Jughead: Not with this raffle ticket for a free meal for two I won from Pop's.

(Archie and Jughead are walking down the hall as Betty, who is carrying three books in both hands, is coming the opposite way and they don't see her.)

Archie: The guy with the biggest tab in Riverdale winning that price. That's irony worthy of Shakespeare.

Jughead: It's delicious irony worth a drink, a burger, slice of pizza, lasagna--

(Jughead bumps into Betty, causing her to knock her books down.)


(Jughead begins to help Betty with her books as Archie looks on positively.)

Jughead: Sorry, Betty, I should have watched where I was going. Let me help.

Betty: Thanks, Jughead.

(Betty is going the other direction and the two friends go theirs as Archie smiles at Jughead.)

(Jughead turns to Archie.)

Jughead: You thinking of Veronica or something? What's with that dopey grin?

(Archie and Jughead are talking as they walk. Jughead is becoming annoyed with Archie and his observations. Just ahead of them, Nancy and Trula Twyst are talking to one another.)

Archie: I was thinking how you are always against going out with girls, talking with them...but behind all of that, you're a nice guy at heart.

Jughead: Her books were on my ticket. Compromises had to be made.

Archie: Yeah, yeah...

(Jughead and Archie stop as Nancy and Trula are talking.)

Trula: My father will be meeting me at Riverdale Central Park after school. I can't wait. It's been such a long time since I've seen him that--

(Jughead talks as Nancy and Trula turn to him.)

Jughead: Really? I hope he's an author like your mom. I'd love to read a book on that subject matter of how to avoid Trula Twyst.

(Jughead has his eyes closed as he is picturing an image in his mind. Trula is getting angry as Nancy tries to stop Jughead.)

Nancy: Jughead, this isn't something you should...

Jughead: We can call it: Making Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

(Trula glares at Jughead.)

Trula: You had better not say one word to me again for a very long time.

(Trula walks away as Jughead looks on with a smile. Archie looks confused and Nancy is glaring at Jughead.)

Archie: Wow, you actually got to her for once. She didn't even give you the glance, shrug, or facial expression.

Jughead: Who knew all I had to do was be more proactive?

(Jughead turns and notices Nancy glaring at him.)

Jughead: What?

Nancy: You need to keep that mouth closed when you eat and when you comment about someone's life when you don't have a clue.

(Jughead attempts to shrug of Nancy's comment.)

Jughead: What? The dragon got burned this time. She'll go back to her den and come back out snorting flames soon enough.

(Nancy begins to explain Trula's situation as Jughead is taken back and Archie glares at Jughead.)
Nancy: Trula's parents divorced when she was a kid. Her father and mother never speak, and Trula hardly ever sees him.

Jughead: Gulp.

Archie: Real classy, Jughead.

(Jughead tries to defend himself as Nancy and Archie look at him

Jughead: C'mon, I didn't know. If I had, I wouldn't have said it. Isn't that enough?

Nancy: Why don't you try apologizing?

Archie: Like a nice guy would?

(Jughead walks away as Nancy and Archie look on disappointedly.)

Jughead: How about I be a good soldier and tip toe out of this mine field?

(Jughead is in Miss Grundy's class at his seat as Archie takes his seat next to him.)

(Jughead continues to look ahead as Archie looks at him and glares.)

(Jughead turns his eyes to Archie.)

Jughead: Something on your mind?

(Archie talking with Jughead as Jughead moves a pencil around in his fingers.)

Archie: Yeah. Accidental or not, that was tactless what you said.

(Jughead stops messing with his pencil and smirks at Archie.)

Jughead: If you want to throw stones, you should move out of your glass house before I pitch mine.

Archie: What's that supposed to mean?

(Jughead points towards Betty and Veronica who are talking near the back of the classroom. Archie has a guilty look on his face.)

Jughead: Is it being a nice guy when you tell Betty you'll take her to the movies Saturday, but instead take Veronica, who finds out and won't say a word to you?

(Betty and Veronica stare ferociously at Archie.)

Archie: Yikes!

(Archie turns back in his seat as Jughead folds his arms in a triumphant pose.)

Jughead: Thought so.

(Archie talks to Jughead who eases up from his stern look.)

Archie: Fine. I messed up and they both are mad at me--but they'll forgive me because I apologized.

Jughead: You'd be dead in the water if they ever set a limit.

(Jughead is talking to Archie who looks on unvaryingly.)

Jughead: Hey, everyone's sorry when it's too late to matter, so why dwell on the past?

Archie: Funny how this period is American History.

(Jughead rolls his eyes as the classroom bell rings and the students begin to take their seats.)


Jughead: Okay. I'll apologize. We can go the park on our way to Pop's, and I'll give her a quick "I'm sorry".

Archie: If it can't be heartfelt, then I guess it will have to do.

(Jughead begins stretching his raffle ticket as he has a hungry expression on his face. Archie his left elbow on his desk and places his head on his left head as he rolls his eyes in agitation.)

Jughead: And the walk will only work up my appetite!

Archie: You're all stomach and whatever is left of your heart is being digested.

(Archie and Jughead are walking in the park with several trees around them. A man is walking his dog and a hot dog vender is close by. Jughead is eating a hotdog as Archie talks to him.)

Archie: What happened to working up an appetite?

Jughead: It's easier building an appetite down.

(Archie and Jughead follow the path as they see Trula in the distance sitting on a bench waiting for her father.)

Archie: Well, there's Trula. Now apologize and at least act sorry.

(Jughead is disgruntly walking on as Archie looks on.)

Jughead: Hmph.

(Jughead notices a tree close by Trula.)

(Jughead has a light bulb over his head.)

(Jughead sneaks behind the tree)

(Jughead motions for Archie to follow him behind a tree closer to Trula.)

Archie: ?

(Archie is behind Jughead as they begin to whisper.)

Archie whispering: What are you doing? I thought you were going to apologize

Jughead whispering: I'll apologize. I just want to see Trula's dad.

(Jughead continues to look behind the tree at Trula as Archie does a face palm.)

Jughead whisper: I just want to see the guy responsible for everything wrong in my world.

(Trula is waiting sadly as the sun has moved as Archie and Jughead are still looking on from behind the tree.)

Jughead whispering: Arch, how long has it been?

(Archie looks at his watch.)

Archie whispering: A little over an hour.

(Archie and Jughead look on as Trula's phone begins to ring.)

(Trula answers he cell phone.)

Trula: Dad, hey, I'm waiting is something..

(Jughead and Archie look at each other with concerned looks behind the tree.)

Trula off-panel: ...I...I understand. Things come up.

(Trula closes her cell phone.)

Trula: Yeah. You're sorry. Just like all the other times--

(Trula puts her elbows on her legs and places her hands over her face as she begins to cry.)

(Jughead looks on with actual concern and sympathy as Archie begins to walk away and place a hand on Jughead's shoulder, signaling that it's best to leave. Jughead winces as Archie brings up his careless comment about apologizes)

Archie: Jug...we should just go.

Archie: It's like you said: everyone's sorry when it's too late to matter.

(Jughead looks sorrowfully at Trula who is still crying.)

(Jughead looks at his chest)

Jughead: Fine. Just quit your whining, okay?

(Archie is walking away as we see Jughead standing up behind the tree.)

Jughead: Hey, Arch, I'm not really feeling like a feast today, y'know. Maybe tomorrow?

(Archie begins to walk away as Jughead suddenly leaps over to the path.)

Archie: Yeah. I understand, Jug.

(Archie turns around.)

Archie: Jughead?

(Archie looks over to see Jughead walking over to Trula with his hands folded behind his head in a very casual and laid back way.)

Jughead: Hey.

(Archie sneaks back behind the tree Trula looks her head up with tears still in her eyes.)

Jughead: Fancy running into you.

Trula: Oh!

(Trula wipes her eyes as she tries to force a smile.)

Trula: Oh...Juggers.

Trula: You...you just missed my father, he was called back to work. But we talked about when I was little, the places he's been...

(Jughead begins to go into his right pocket as Trula tries to force a smile.)

Trula: I've been crying tears of joy.

Jughead: Yeah.

(Jughead takes a step away from Trula.)

(Jughead has the raffle ticket out of his pocket.)

Jughead: Trula, since your dad had to leave early and Archie dumped me to see Veronica and I have this two meal ticket at Pop's, how about joining me?

(Trula's face lights up.)

(Trula smiles as she stands up and dusts herself off.)

Trula: Sure. I find your seat at the counter much more comfortable than this wooden bench.

(Jughead and Trula walk along the path. Jughead is arguing with Trula as Trula has her eyes closed and smiling. In the distance we can see Archie away from the tree looking on with a favorable grin.)

Jughead: Hey! You're not taking my seat when I'm giving you a free meal! 

Trula: But, Juggers, you're free meal is in our free country.

(Archie watches the two walk away.)

Archie: Not the convention nice guy, but he makes it work.

Jughead: That argument would work if you were from this planet!

Archie: Barely.


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