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Sep 13 2020 9:00pm
Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Take This Job and Love It!" from Cheryl Blossom (Get a Job) #3: https://riverdalereviewed.wordpress.com/2020/09/13/comics-take-this-job-and-love-it/

Sep 13 2020 9:57am
Tuxedo Mark: Yeah, its more than $1. Family Dollar is another chain which was recently bought by Dollar Tree.

Sep 12 2020 9:59pm
ASS-P: Is Dollar General the dollar chain that sells stuff more expensive than a dollar, then, of the big dollar store name brands? I sort of thought it was Family Dollar.

Sep 10 2020 11:03am
Tuxedo Mark: Probably that.

Sep 09 2020 5:15pm
ASS-P: What Was it selling for? It's $3.99? cover pric

Sep 09 2020 12:57pm
Tuxedo Mark: I saw an issue of Life With Archie 10th Anniversary at Dollar General months ago, but that's it.

Sep 08 2020 4:20pm
ASS-P: ...? Prior to these last six month Or during present upended circumstances?

Sep 08 2020 4:19pm
ASS-P: Once and for all, are traditional comic-book sized Archies - not digests ' seen by anyone here at any non-comics shop place? Anywhere

Sep 05 2020 6:15pm
Tuxedo Mark: So you're saying Betty and Veronica Best Friends is the pre-revamp Betty and Veronica Spectacular of the digests? :D

Sep 05 2020 4:06pm
DeCarlo Rules: Digests seem to be being released at an accelerated schedule to make up for the missing months earlier in the year. Despite letting my subscriptions lapse I haven't missed any. Betty and Veronica Best Friends now looks almost identical to the original B

Jughead in Sibling bond.

Started by PTF, May 08, 2016, 10:19:42 pm

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 Huh. I didn't even remember this one until I found it on an old flash drive. I guess I wanted to do a Jellybean story? Still enjoy. :)

(Jughead is entering Pop Tate's carrying Jelly Bean as the usual gang greats him.)

Reggie: Look, a nit wit carrying a  half pint.

(Jughead is passing Reggie after making a comment that angers Reggie.)

Jughead: Look, Jellybean, a doofus. Not the shade of hue on the face and the blank eyes.

(Jughead is carrying Jellybean past the gang as he heads to his seat. Reggie is still fuming as the others walk with Jughead.)

Betty: What are you doing with Jellybean, Jug?

Jughead: My mom and dad are cleaning up the house and told me to watch Jellybean.

(Jughead is talking as he puts his head next to Jellybean as Jellybean continues to smile.)

Jughead: So I decided it was time to show Jellybean my working place.

Veronica: Dolt, eating and sleeping somewhere other than at home doesn't make it your place of business.

(Jughead is walking towards the stool as he replies to Veronica.)

Jughead: Those who live in skyscrapers of steel and glass shouldn't cast stones on the less fortunate.

Veronica: Fine. I'll throw a gold bar at you.

(Jughead stops at the stools as Jellybean looks at them intently. Archie takes a step closer.)

Archie: Jughead, is there something wrong?

Jughead: Shh!

(Jughead is taking with Jellybean as Jellybean has a finger in her mouth as she checks over all the stools.)

Jughead: Jellybean, which one of those is your big brother's?

(Jellybean points to the one in the middle as Jughead look on pleased as the gang seems taken back.)

Jughead: That's right!

(Jughead sits down as he puts Jellybean on the counter.)

Jughead: And when you get older, this will be the Jones' seat.

Betty: Aw, that's so cute. You and Jellybean really are in tune.

(Betty is talking as she pinches Jellybean's cheeks as Jellybean giggles. Jughead is taking a soda from Pop Tate.)

Betty: My older siblings said I was the same. We liked the same things right off the bat.

Jughead: Yeah. Jellybean likes what I like from meals to people.

(Reggie leans in closer to Jellybean as Jellybean seems to become aggravated.)

Reggie: This I've gotta see.

(Jellybean punches Reggie on his left eye as Reggie is in pain.)


Reggie: OW!

(Reggie has a left hand over his eye as Betty and Veronica check him over. Reggie points a finger at Jellybean who has her arms folded and turns her head away in disgust. Jughead pays little attention as he drinks his soda.)

Archie: You couldn't help but see that, Reg!

Reggie: Hey! Megastomach trained his little sister to attack me! I'll sue!

(Jughead is sipping his soda as Veronica reaches down to pick up Jellybean as Archie is right behind her.)

Jughead: Let's settle out of court. You can have her dirty diapers. They'd go perfectly with a wet blanket like you.

Veronica: Now let's see...

(Jellybean looks over at Archie and smiles.)

Veronica: Archiekins, she likes you.

Archie: Hey, me and Jughead are best friends, so that makes sense.

(Jellybean turns to Veronica.)

Veronica: ...

(Jellybean stick she nose straight up in the air in he way of acting snobbish Veronica doesn't seem to notice and smiles happily. Archie smiles unenthusiastically at Veronica's comment. Betty rolls her eyes.)

Veronica: Oh, look, she's acting like me when I was just a little princess.

(Jellybean points at Archie.)

Veronica: Huh?

(Jellybean then points at Betty. Both Betty and Archie blush.)

(Jellybean begins to hug herself to show that Archie and Betty belong together, much to Veronica's displeasure.)

Veronica: !!!

(Betty is leaning her head on a bashful Archie's shoulder as a fuming Veronica places Jughead back down as Jughead pats her on her head.)

Veronica: Hmph! Denim or DNA, you both have the same bad genes.

(Ethel is walking over to Jughead as Jughead is startled Jellybean begins to shake in fear.)

Ethel: Hi, Juggie!

Jughead: AH!

(Jellybean has a hand over each of her eyes as she continues to shake.)

Ethel: Jellybean! You little cutie-wutie! You want to play Where's Baby with Auntie Ethel?

(Ethel puts her hands over her eyes as Jellybean still has her eyes covered and shakes more and more.)

Ethel: Where's Ethel? Where's Ethel?

(Jellybean parts her fingers slightly to see.)

(Through Jellybean's point of view we see a close up on Ethel's face.)

Ethel: HERE I AM!!

(Ethel is waking away, waving goodbye at the gang. Jellybean is terrified and has herself wrapped around Jughead. Everyone in the gang looks on shocked save for Reggie who finds it funny)

Ethel: See you later, Sweetie. Oh, and tell your mom I'm free to babysit anytime.

(Reggie is waving Ethel to come back as Veronica and Betty look back towards him.)

Reggie: Wait. Why don't you stay and keep the these two babies--

(Both Veronica and Betty elbow Reggie.)


Reggie: ACCCK

(Reggie is holding his stomach as the girls turn away from him. Trula Twyst is entering Pop Tate's as Archie points this out to Jughead who is trying to calm Jellybean down.)

Reggie: So you're the ones teaching that kid violence.

Archie: Um, Jughead, you might want to take Jellybean out of here because you're archenemy just came in for a banana split.

(Jughead turns his stool around as Jellybean looks up at Jughead.)

Jughead: Arch, no worries.

Jughead: Perfect timing as Jellybean has just started teething.

(Jughead looks down at Jellybean who listens intently.)

Jughead: Jellybean, remember all those stories about that nasty, scary girl who never ever leaves me alone?

(Jughead points her out to Jellybean as Trula hasn't noticed them as she is talking with Nancy.)

Jughead: That's her!

(Jellybean has a fervent expression as Jughead looks on happily. Jellybean is acting like she is crunching her knuckles.)

Jughead: Yeah, that's how we talked.

Reggie: I knew he trained her to hit me!

(Jughead raises a hand and motions for Trula to come over to him.)

Jughead: Hey, Trula! Over here!

Trula: ?

(Betty leans over towards Jughead.)

Betty: You haven't really trained her to attack...have you?

Jughead: Nothing like that Betts. Trula thinks she's wormed her way into my brain, and I'm going to prove her how wrong she is.

(Trula is in front of Jughead and Jellybean as everyone moves back. Trula has her eyes closed as she smiles.)

Trula: Juggers, have you finally conceded defeat to me?

Jughead: In your nightmares.

(Jughead stands up and holds out Jellybean to Trula as Trula eyes Jellybean. Jellybean has a blank expression on her face. Trula has a confused expression.)

Jughead: I was thinking: you have analyzed, studied, and categorized all my life, but my little sister. Wanna hold her?

Trula: Well, it could only help with my research...and she is cute.

(Jughead smiles as Trula leans her head in.)

Jughead: Oh, she is, she is. And you might find her helpful since we think the same thoughts.

Trula: That I can believe. Eating and sleeping is all she's capable of, too

(Trula is holding Jellybean under her arms as she seems to examine her. Reggie looks on intently. Betty and Veronica bury a head into Archie's chest as they expect the worse to happen. Jughead has a thought balloon a she pictures Jellybean pulling Trula's hair as Trula screams.)

Jughead: Oh, you'd be surprised what she could do.

(Jughead looks on, waiting for Jellybean to attack as Trula continues to eye her.)

(Jellybean suddenly begins to laugh and smile at Trula. Jughead's so shocked his hat soars in the air. Everyone else is in shock as well.)

Jellybean: giggle giggle

Trula: My, my, aren't you a happy little thing!!

(Jellybean is hugging Trula around her neck as Trula smiles on. Jughead turns away in disgust Archie places a hand on Jughead's shoulder. The girls look on amused. Reggie is on the ground laughing away.)

Archie: Jug, I think maybe Jellybean is trying to tell you something about yourself.

Jughead:  I don't understand it! How can the bond between a big brother and little sister be broken into so many pieces so quickly!

(As Jellybean begins to tug at Trula Twyst's hair, Jughead begins to reminisce about something in the past.)

Jellybean: Curls good!

Jughead: "Curls good...?"

(Jughead is thinking back as a though balloon of Jellybean in her high chair with a small plate of curly fries is on her table as she shakes her head. Jughead's mom is pointing at the plate as Jughead confidently walks past her.)

Jughead's mom: I don't understand it. Jellybean loves French fries!

Jughead: I think I know what it is.

(Jughead is continuing to look on at his thought balloon as everything is coming clear to him. Flashback Jughead is eating one of the curly fries as Jellybean looks on absorbedly.)

Jughead: I know you're used to straight cut French fries, but the curly ones are just as good--maybe even better!

(Jughead is waving his arms as he tries to reason with Jellybean as Jellybean continues to play with Trula's hair as Trula smiles. In the background the rest of the gang looks on with a smile.)

Jughead: No! Curls bad! These curls especially bad!

Betty: Jellybean is just like her brother.

Archie: Yeah, it's the stomach that does all the thinking for both.



Good story, PTF, but I noticed this:

"(Betty is leaning her head on a bashful Archie's shoulder as a fuming Veronica places Jughead back down as Jughead pats her on her head.)"

How can Jughead be placed down by Ronica while he's being patted on the head by himself? That's quite a trick! :)


I consider these "extras" and they don't warrant editting or even a quick look over. Mainly because I strained my eye lid redoing stories, so leave me alone, grammar police. :)

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