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Reggie: Guilty Pleasure.

Started by PTF, April 19, 2016, 10:38:50 pm

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(Reggie is walking down a hall as Midge is reading a letter to Veronica and Betty. Betty seems to enjoy it as she has her hands clamps just under her chin. Veronica is looking at herself in the mirror to her make-up kit as she seems unimpressed, but listening)

Midge: And your eyes are a window into a world of whimsy and wonder; a soul where kindness and love never slumbers...

Betty: How romantic!!

Veronica: Hm. For a love poem from a commoner, it's acceptable.

(Reggie rolls his eyes)

Reggie thinking: She likes that?! I've seen sonnets on bubble gum wrappers better than that!

(Reggie hides behind a corner in the background. Midge is looking at the piece of paper as Betty and Veronica look over her shoulders.)

Betty: Hey, just who wrote it?

Midge: It doesn't say. And whoever wrote it came in early today and slipped it into my locker.

(Veronica grabs the note and leans it her.)

Veronica: Well, love may be blind, but it's not dumb.

Midge: What do you mean?

(A shot of Reggie with his back to the wall as he is spying on the girls. He is combing his hair as he seems to be just a few seconds away from going to Midge to try and win her over.)

Veronica: Midge, what do you think will happen when Moose hears about this?

Midge: Well...I guess, he would--

(Betty slaps and open palm with her fist as Midge looks at her, knowing how Moose would react.)

Betty: POW!

Midge: Yeah, Moose wouldn't take it well, but this is between just us, right? I mean, it's just a harmless little poem.

(Veronica walks away from Midge and Betty as Midge wants her to come back. Betty has her hands at her hips and smiles.)

Veronica: Afraid not. When you speak, Veronica Lodge listens. And when she listens, Veronica Lodge has to speak to all of the people what she heard.

Betty: That's how gossip begins in Riverdale High.

Midge: The seed to the grapevine, huh?

(Midge folds up the note and puts it into her purse.)

Midge: Well, I guess no harm can be done...

(Midge and Betty walk the direction Veronica left in as Reggie looks out the corner as his hair stands straight up and his face goes white.)

Midge: It's not like he'll just beat up every guy he sees!

(Reggie runs down the hall.)

Reggie: Oh yes, he would! And I'd be the first one!

(Reggie scowls as he looks back as he is running right into Moose who is casually walking down the hall.)

Reggie: I don't know why that cretin always has it in for me.

(Reggie rams into Moose.)


(Reggie has his eyes closed as he is picking himself up from the floor. Moose is bending down to help him up.)

Reggie: Ow! You stupid creep! Watch where you're going!!

Moose: Duh.

(Reggie's eyes go wide)

Reggie: Duh?

(Reggie begins to crawl away at great speed as Moose scratches his head in confusion.)

Reggie: AAAHHHHHH!!!

Moose: Gee, I just wanted ta help him up and apologize.

(Archie and Jughead are talking by some lockers as Reggie runs towards them.)

Archie: So then I tell Mr. Weatherbee--

Reggie: Archie! Jughead!

(Reggie is frantic as he talks with Jughead and Archie. Archie seems skeptical of Reggie's intentions while Jughead leans his head against the locker with his hands on the back of his head.)

Jughead: Well, there goes the pleasant conversation portion of the day.

Archie: What's wrong, Reggie? You look like Moose caught you making a play on Midge again.

(Reggie talking with Archie and Jughead as they listen.)

Reggie: He's not, but he will!

(Archie and Jughead turn to each other in confusion.)

(Archie and Jughead turn back to Reggie and speak.)

Jughead: The sun will go down and come back up and rain will be wet except when its snow, then it's slushy.  We have our own Nostradamus, Arch.

(Archie points to Jughead who sticks his chest out proudly. Reggie glares at the two.)

Archie: Hah! If he wants to impress, he should predict when you pay your tab at the Chocklit Shoppe.

(Archie talks to Reggie as Reggie slaps his forehead in frustration.)

Archie: Reggie, Midge isn't interested and Moose will kill you. So why don't you--

Reggie: It's not like that, you twits!

(Reggie is hysterical as he talks with Archie and Jughead. Several other students are listening in. Jughead looks around to see other students listening in.)

Reggie: Someone wrote Midge a love letter and Veronica and her big mouth is telling everyone!!

(Archie is taking a book out of his locker as he lectures Reggie who grits his teeth and his face turns red. Jughead is leaning against the lockers as he seems to be waiting for the perfect moment.)

Archie: Reg, you should know that writing Midge love notes is signing your death certificate with Moose.

Reggie: I didn't do it!

(Jughead puts a hand to his ear as Reggie is becoming more and more angry.)

Jughead: I didn't catch that. You didn't do what?

(A wide shot as Reggie has his fist clenched, his arms spread, and has his head titled back as he yells.)


(Reggie grasps his mouth shut as he turns his eyes towards several students. Jughead, having accomplished his joke, looks on with a smile from ear to ear.)

(Reggie is running away with his mouth still covered as several students begin gossiping.)

Student one: You hear about Mantle writing Midge a love letter?

Student two: Yeah. I hear he proposed to her. They might elope.

(Archie, trying to hide a smile, looks over at Jughead who just shrugs his shoulders playfully.)

Archie: That wasn't a very nice thing to do.

Jughead: But it was nicely done. That's what we should reflect on.

(Reggie runs into a room as Chuck is sketching the classroom on notebook paper.)

Reggie: I gotta hide.

Chuck: Hide? Hide from what?

(Reggie is closing the classroom door as Chuck looks on.)

Reggie: You wouldn't understand.

Chuck: Try me.

(Reggie uneasily eyes the window to the classroom door as students pass by.)

Reggie: Someone thinks I did something I didn't do, but I have no way of proving I didn't do it or finding out who did it.

(Chuck stops sketching as he has a faraway look in his eyes.)

Chuck: That reminds me back when I was a kid...

Reggie: I didn't want an excerpt from your life story.

(Chuck is flashing back to when he was a kid and his mom was scolding him. We see he has several cookie crumbs on his shirt.)

Caption: My mom never liked it when I ate cookies before dinner and after so many times, she threatened to give me a spanking the very next time.

(Lil' Chuck is watching his dad eat several newly baked cookies that are placed on the kitchen table.)

Caption: One day I saw my dad sneak a few cookies my mom had just baked...

(Lil' Chuck eyes the remaining cookies on the cookie sheet as his father is going out the door.)

Caption: I knew she wouldn't believe me that dad ate those cookies before he went to a school faculty meeting and I knew I was going to get punished...

(Lil' Chuck is eating the remaining cookies as he has melted chocolate and crumbs on his face as he sits down on the kitchen floor. His mom is just entering the kitchen and glancing down at her son.)

Caption: ...So I decided I might as well actually have done something wrong.

(Back to the present as Reggie is thinking about what Chuck says as Chuck points his pencil at him.)

Reggie: So, what you're saying is: if you're going to be found guilty, you might as well do the crime.

Chuck: Something like that.

(Reggie begins to motivate himself as Chuck looks on.)

Reggie: Yeah! Live for the moment and die a second later!

(Reggie is leaving the classroom and waving back at Chuck who doesn't take his leaving comment well.)

Reggie: Thanks, Chuckles. Who knew you could be useful when you're not wasting your time drawing stick figures?

Chuck: !!!

(Chuck glares at Reggie as he leaves.)

(Chuck begins to draw on a new piece of paper.)

(We look over Chuck's shoulder to see him drawing Reggie with rat like features: A tail, a long nose, pointy ears and overgrown teeth.)

Chuck: Maybe I should have told him the part about how my behind was sore for a week...

Chuck: Nah.

(Moose is talking with Midge in the hall. Moose is nervous and blushing while Midge smiles at him.)

Midge: You wrote that poem, Moose?

Moose: Duh, yeah. I'd been working on it for awhile, but I was too scared to say it aloud because words don't come out of my mouth right most of a time.

(Moose is talking with Midge as he is smiling. In the background Reggie is walking towards Moose and Midge like a man with a purpose.)

Moose: I even came to school early to put it in your locker.

Midge: Well, I love it. I've already shown it to the girls and they're all impressed. I can't wait to tell them how my boyfriend is a poet. They'll be so jealous.

Moose: Shucks.

(Midge has the poem out as she holds it for Moose. Moose is acting bashful like a little child would. Reggie is closer.)

Midge: Would you read it to me?

Moose: Duh, gee, I dunno if--

(Reggie pushes himself past Moose.)

Reggie: One side!

(Reggie grabs the note and wads it up as he smiles at Midge with his chin sticking up.)

Midge: Reggie Mantle what are you doing?!

Reggie: Be back with you in one second, Midge.


(Reggie turns to an enraged Moose as Midge looks on angrily as well. Reggie tosses the wadded up paper at Moose's chin.)

Reggie: You may put me in a coma, but just remember this:

(Reggie turns around, takes Midge in his arms and tilts her back, as he kisses her. Midge has a look of repulsion and Moose has steam coming from between his ears.)


Midge: MMMPPH!!

(A close up on Moose as he roars with an uncontrollable rage that he is just a moment from releasing.)


(The school nurse is checking Reggie's blood pleasure. His torn shirt sleeve is rolled up to his elbow as we can see bruises along his arm.

School Nurse: Incredible.

(Reggie is in the Nurse station of Riverdale High as the nurse is looking over a battered and badly bruised unconscious Reggie lying on a bed. Reggie has a smile on his swollen face.

Nurse: I just can't believe how this young man could take such a merciless beating and keep that smile on his face the entire time!

The End.


Very good? What's the moral to this story, I wonder...? :)


Don't jump to conclusion, don't kiss the girlfriend of teenage Brock Lesnar in front of him...

Funny thing, before we lost everything and I have to repost everything...this was the most viewed story. I was just bored looking at them and this one had the most views. It was somewhere in the four thousand views. :)

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