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    November 04, 2018, 01:15:09 am
  • rusty: Crazy.  I obviously missed that back then.
    November 03, 2018, 10:06:11 pm
  • DeCarlo Rules: Yes, I mentioned this a while back somewhere around the time Vampironica #1 was first solicted or shipped. I even mentioned it to Dan Parent and told him if he still had copies he should get them CGC'ed.
    November 03, 2018, 04:33:03 pm
  • rusty: Apparently Betty and Veronica #261 and 262 (1987 series) are popular now due to Vampironica.  Somebody actually purchased a copy of #261 for $299 on ebay recently.
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Author Topic: Super Suckers: That Lady is a Real Witch  (Read 773 times)

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Re: Super Suckers: That Lady is a Real Witch
« on: June 10, 2018, 08:22:07 pm »

Page 13

Panel one: An overhead shot of Dixon College Library.

Panel two: Inside of the Dixon College Library, Stewart is at the photo machine as he is reaching into a tube sock to pull out another dime to make another photocopy as Vera looks on impatiently. Near the photo copier is a table with a large stack of Stewart’s Dracula Woman and Fang Girl fliers.

Vera: Babe, all the dimes you put into this machine just to print your comics, probably got this library a new wing! Why the fliers?!

Stewart: Gotta spend money to make money.

Stewart: Unless you’re an investor. Than it’s other people’s money.

Panel three: The librarian whispers at Vera and annoys her as Stewart is putting another flyer print out on top of the already massive pile he has.

Stewart: You’ll see, spinach between my teeth. Social media is nice, but people love it when they have something in their hands to read.

Librarian: SSHHHHH!!!

Panel four: Vera yells at the librarian as loud as she can with her mouth taking up the majority of her head as Stewart shakes out the last dime out of his tube sock. The Librarians body tenses up and her hair pops off her head in response to Vera’s volume.


Page 14

Panel one: Stewart is walking out of the library putting the sock back on his foot as he has his shoe laces in his mouth. Vera is forced to carry the massive fliers as she has trouble seeing. A couple of guys walk past them and give them confused looks.

Vera: Um…erhh…uhhhk…what are we going to…do with these…?!
Stewart: That’s your job.

Panel two: Vera turns to Stewart in anger as Stewart walks away with his arms folded over his head and the shoe he just put on is over the leg of his pair of jeans.

Vera: What the heck do you mean--?!

Stewart: Hey, I’m the writer, artist, colorist, editor of the property. You have to contribute somehow. Just post them up all over town. It’ll be fun.

Stewart: Don’t worry about downtown gang violence. Any wound will heal with enough time.

Panel three: Vera is glaring where Stewart had been as she gnashes her teeth to the point sparks are coming out of her mouth. A female college student looks on in amazement, not noticing a bird flying right at her. The wind is picking up as the flyer on top begins to flap.

Vera: Times like this I miss when I was just his imaginary girlfriend!

Panel four: Vera looks up as the wind blows the flyer high into the air. The bird has begun pecking the female college student on the head. Behind the girl, a stray cat is stalking forward.

Vera: ?

Panel five: Vera gives the reader an aside glance and smile as the wind picks up. The female college student is happily picking up the stray cat who has a pouched out stomach and bird feathers in his mouth.

Page 15

Panel one: A high angle view of the fliers in the air as Vera all the way on the ground has just thrown them up in the air and lets the wind take them to wherever they may go. One of the flyers is flown right at the reader to show a picture of Dracula Woman and Fang Girl doing a fist bump over an unconscious space werewolf. The headline reads: Best new comic to be drawn, written, and colored in crayon! DRACULA WOMAN AND FANG GIRL!!! Meet the creator and buy at Dung Hill Comic Con Tonight! (KNITFLICK PRODUCERS ENCOURAGED!!!)

Panel two: Vera wipes her hands off as she happily walks away. In the sky one stray flier is zooming to the left of the panel while the others are going straight ahead. The flyer has a small tear on the right corner. One female student has a thought balloon of stick of butter with one end having a donkey head carved out. Another female student looks at the thought balloon dumbfounded as she jogs along.

Vera: And that’s how it’s done!

Panel three: Stewart is walking along as various fliers go over his head unnoticed. Stewart has a grin on his face and skip in his step.

Stewart: Y’know, I’m really lucky to have a girlfriend who believes in my dream as much as I do.

Panel four: Stewart stops as he has a thought balloon of himself standing on a pile of money with Vera by his side along with Wonder Woman homage. The female jogger from the panel two is running behind him and noticing the thought balloon.

Stewart: I can just see us after my well crafted, thought-out plan comes to fruition.

Panel five: Stewart does the Titanic pose as the jogger has a wide eyed expression. Stewart has a thought balloon of a mansion wearing Stewart’s hat.

Stewart: And we’ll live in the best mansion ever designed!

Jogger whispering: I psychic…

Page 16

Panel one: Jess’s car is pulling into the parking lot of the Dung Hill Hall. Next to their car is a red thunderbird (be important issue three) The building has a giant banner hung overhead reading: DUNG HILL COMIC CON (SMELLS BETTER THAN IT READS)

Stewart inside of the car: This is it, girls! Inside legends and myths convene!

Jess inside of car: Definitely not where any guys and girls get together.

Stewart inside of the car: Show’s what you know--

Panel two: Jess and Kelly are wearing buttoned up trench coats as both have their domino masks on. We can see they are wearing their boots. Stewart is carrying a box filled with comics and a folder of his work as he argues with Jess. Vera is pulling out a poster for Dracula Woman and Fang Girl which she is badly wrinkling and tearing because of her carelessness. Vera is wearing blue shirt with DW FG written in with a black marker. Stewart is wearing an identical shirt.  Jess and Kelly smile at each other as they make a joke at Stewart’s expense.

Stewart: My mom and dad did it behind Bobbie the Bot! Just ask any surviving member of the Missing in Space cast.

Kelly: Are we I supposed to know who any of those people are?

Jess: Sure. They’re the oldest, blindest people in the world.

Panel three: Jess is opening the doors to the Dung Hill Hall as she looks back a nervous Kelly.

Kelly whispering: Um, Jess, now that we’re here…I’m kinda nervous about people seeing me like this…

Jess: Kel, there’s only going to be six or seven people.

Panel four: Jess looks ahead with eyes wide as Kelly looks over her shoulder with her jaw dropped.

Jess: Then again—

Kelly: Yeeper Jeepers!

Page  17  Like a mini wear’s Waldo page.

Giant spread of the comic con showing massive amounts of people. Inside you have several booths for creators and people dressed up as various homages to various heroes or just the Sitcomics superheroes. Some people are wearing shirts of the heroes. One person is dressed in safari gear with a sign reading, “I have rhino insurance!”. In front of Jess and Kelly is a father dressed like the Blue Baron and his son, who is on his phone texting and not paying any attention. One of the booth is for Stanley Man with a Stan Lee homage taking a picture with two attractive women. You have a few professional cosplayers with people who are taking pictures using their phones. One nerd with a stack of comics has collided with another nerd with a stack of comics. At a toy booth, a kid has taken a toy out of it’s box and the owner of the toy looks like he’s seen a murder. Just have fun with it. Somewhere is Bumpy The Vampire hiding behind someone, giving the reader  a friendly wave of the hand.

Page 18

Panel one: Stewart and Vera walk past the two girls as if this is nothing. Kelly has her attention to a fat guy dressed like a Jedi master as he is failing to twirl his lazer bo. Jess is looking over at a skinny hipster Batman like character trip over his own cape.

Stewart: The crème de la crème of my world. An annual gathering of peers of the fictional and believers of the impossible!

Panel two: A close up on Stewart’s face as he becomes frustrated by what Kelly is saying in the foreground with a giant grin like she’s figured out what’s going on.

Kelly: Oh! It’s like Halloween!

Panel three: Several costume people yell at Kelly in a giant word balloon as she hides behind Jess who looks on in disbelief. Stewart looks on with his arms folded, giant smile, and his nose stuck up in the air. Vera just seems disappointed it isn’t her version of Halloween.


Vera: ‘Sides, If it was Halloween, there would be candy and vodka.

Page 19

Panel one: Vera looks over and sees a few rather buff people in He-Man and Thor costumes as she licks her lips.

Vera: Maybe it is Halloween. There is some treats I can do tricks with.

Panel two: Vera turns to Stewart with a giant smile as Stewart gently waves her off to have fun.

Vera: Pookie-ookie-wookie, I know we’re in a newly formed loving relationship that could use more foundation, but do you think that maybe—?

Stewart: Honey cookie, you go on ahead. I’ll probably be looking for a few Wonder Babes and Warrior Friaress Azreals myself!

Panel three: Stewart and Vera Eskimo kiss with various hearts coming from each and rubbing together.

Panel four: Vera is walking away and waving goodbye as Stewart looks on and waves his four fingers back. A confused Jess turns to Stewart.

Vera: Watch out Super City! Momma Freak coming to crunch!!

Jess: Wait. I thought you two were an actual couple now.

Stewart: We are…

Panel five: Stewart is looking at a cosplayer dressed as She-Bulk (She-Hulk only purple) as he has his jaw dropped and tongue sticking out. Jess is face palming while Kelly is cautiously looking around to see if everyone is still angry with her.

Stewart: ...It’s with other people that we’re pretending with now.

Page 20

Panel one: Stewart has the box and poster as he walks ahead. Walking past Jess and Kelly is two female cosplayers dressed as Red Sonya and Shanna the She-Devil walk past them.

Stewart: Look, just get into the spirit and you’ll have fun while I’m living my dream and then selling my dream to make a crud load of moolah!

Jess: (Sigh) Well, we are overdressed…and I had to use a bucket of Vaseline to get in this stupid costume—

Panel two: Kelly and Jess let their trench coats slip down so the reader can finally see their costume. Kelly is leaping in the air doing a pose while Jess has her hands at her hips striking a pose. Both girls have their fangs out.

Panel three: A random fat nerd walks past the two and ruins the moment. Kelly and Jess yell at the random nerd in protest.

Fat random nerd:  Those are the fakest looking fangs ever.

Kelly:  They are not!

Jess:  We can prove it!

Page 21

Panel one: Stewart turns to talk to the girls as he annoys them with his talk.

Stewart: Hey, you don’t bite anyone unless it’s for promotional purposes!

Panel two: Stewart is talking with the girls as they glare at him.

Stewart: Look, when we get to our booth just act natural. Your normal vacant smiles and usual flintiness should do the trick.

Panel three: Same panel only with Jess and Kelly looking at each other and nodding their head.

Panel four: The girls are walking away as they have thrown their trench coats over Stewart’s head as he can’t see and is about to stumble into a Star Battles toy collection table as a skinny wookie roars in alarm.

Jess: Don’t push it, geek boy.

Wookie: mmmrrraaahh

Panel five: Kelly is trying to cheer up Jess as Jess looks over at a group of wanna bee Avengers posing in their pretty horrible costumes.

Kelly: C’mon, Jess, don’t be a Frowny Frannie. We’re getting a month’s worth of blood and everyone else seems to be having the time of their lives.

Jess: Yeah. Well, the blood sure…but I just have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind telling me that something bad is coming our way.

Kelly: Oh, c’mon, Jess…

Page 22

Panel one: A right angle view of the Dung Hill Hall.

Panel two: A cloaked figure with her head down (Videl) with a black cat on her shoulder is coming into view. In her right hand she has her broom. In her left she is holding a piece of paper

Panel three: A close-up on the cloaked figure with her face shielded in darkness and Pagan having her eyes closed.

Panel four: Videl raises her head up as her eyes a glowing bright red to reveal she looks middle aged with her blond hair now having heavy weight streaks in it. Pagan opens his eyes as they are pure yellow with no pupils. She is now holding up the Dracula Woman and Fang Girl flyer in view of the reader. The flyer has a tear at the right corner showing it’s the flyer that went the opposite way of all the others.

Caption: ….What’s the worst that can happen?


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