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Sep 13 2020 9:00pm
Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Take This Job and Love It!" from Cheryl Blossom (Get a Job) #3: https://riverdalereviewed.wordpress.com/2020/09/13/comics-take-this-job-and-love-it/

Sep 13 2020 9:57am
Tuxedo Mark: Yeah, its more than $1. Family Dollar is another chain which was recently bought by Dollar Tree.

Sep 12 2020 9:59pm
ASS-P: Is Dollar General the dollar chain that sells stuff more expensive than a dollar, then, of the big dollar store name brands? I sort of thought it was Family Dollar.

Sep 10 2020 11:03am
Tuxedo Mark: Probably that.

Sep 09 2020 5:15pm
ASS-P: What Was it selling for? It's $3.99? cover pric

Sep 09 2020 12:57pm
Tuxedo Mark: I saw an issue of Life With Archie 10th Anniversary at Dollar General months ago, but that's it.

Sep 08 2020 4:20pm
ASS-P: ...? Prior to these last six month Or during present upended circumstances?

Sep 08 2020 4:19pm
ASS-P: Once and for all, are traditional comic-book sized Archies - not digests ' seen by anyone here at any non-comics shop place? Anywhere

Sep 05 2020 6:15pm
Tuxedo Mark: So you're saying Betty and Veronica Best Friends is the pre-revamp Betty and Veronica Spectacular of the digests? :D

Sep 05 2020 4:06pm
DeCarlo Rules: Digests seem to be being released at an accelerated schedule to make up for the missing months earlier in the year. Despite letting my subscriptions lapse I haven't missed any. Betty and Veronica Best Friends now looks almost identical to the original B

Super Suckers: The Haunting of RHO RHO RHO House

Started by PTF, June 29, 2016, 04:05:29 pm

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Doing something a little different for fun...and two of my documents are not working and I have to redo them and I don't want to go insane from rage.

Super Suckers is written by Darin Henry and drawn by acclaimed Archie artist Jeff Shultz. It's really good and I've written up reviews on the issues. So you should really check it out. The issues are super cheap and much better written. And drawn and colored and edited and...


So go the site and check it out. Other titles are available as well.


Super Suckers: The Ha-Ha-Haunting of RHO RHO RHO House

Page 1:

Caption: Drawn in front of a live studio audience.

Panel one: The setting is the Dixon College Café. Jess and Kelly are sitting at a nearby table with Jess looking over her Shakespeare text book as she is sipping from a 16.9 oz bottle of blood. Kelly is on the other side as she is in fang mode as she looks over at a nearby football player (in full gear minus the helmet) talking with a cheerleader as he drinks a bottle of Fuss Soda  At another table an overweight teen is eating a giant burger as the patty, tomato, pickles, and ketchup all slip out of the bun onto his table, splattering his shirt. At another table, two female college students are holding hands as they share a soda. Walking past the girls is a male college student reading a book titled Hang Gliding 101

Up front of the café is a bar and grill where a cook is flipping over patties with ease as several people wait for their burger be put together. At the salad bar a college student is sneezing past the guard as everyone in the line takes a step back and pulls their plates or bowls back as they now change their minds.

Jess: So, A Shakespeare tragedy is starts with the cast together and splintering off...

Jess: ...And a Shakespeare comedy is the cast apart and brought together. Understand, Kelly?

Kelly: Yeah, Jess--it's sad that my fangs are not in that mountain of beef's neck, and I'll be laughing when they are.

Panel two: Jess shoves the bottle of blood in front of Kelly's face as Kelly snaps out of her blood lust.

Jess: Here, you're not yourself when you're bloodlusty. Have some Stewartade.

Panel three: Kelly begins to drink several gulps of the bottle of blood as tilts her head back.

Kelly: Cover the fangs, down my tummy; keeps me from eating someone hunky and yummy.

Panel four: Jess smiles in amusement as Kelly puts the bottle to the side of their table.

Jess: Better?

Kelly: Yepper doddle-doo.

Jess: Bring yourself back to normal by guzzling a cold shower.

Page 2

Panel one: Jess and Kelly eavesdrop as the quarterback is talking to two offensive linemen (also in football gear) walking up to congratulate him. The QB reaches back and puts his Fuss energy drink bottle next to the bottle of blood.

O-line guy one: Hey, Zack Attack! Coach just named you captain!

Panel two: Zack pumps his fist as he is excited as the cheerleader gives him a kiss on the cheek. The second O-line guy motions for Zack to follow them. Behind them, Jess rolls her eyes as she couldn't care less, but Kelly listens intently.

Zack: Alright, babe! Now I know for sure my sorority brothers will elect me King!

Second O-line guy: C'mon, brah. Let's put your picture on the Wall of Honor and save some time!

Panel three: The QB follows after the o-line guys and the cheerleader as he reaches back and grabs the bottle of blood instead of the energy drink as Jess looks on wide eyed. Kelly is sad as she looks away with her left elbow on the table and her left face cheek in her open palm.

Zack: Ch'yeah! I'll be immortalized!

Kelly: (Sigh) It must be nice to be immortalized.

Panel four: Jess turns to talk to Kelly as Kelly raises her head up to talk with Jess. Just at the end of the panel as spray of blood can be seen as a disgusted teen wearing glasses and a flack jacket looks on with his tongue sticking out in disgust. Jess sarcastically replies.

Kelly: I mean what have we done here in Dixon College that matters?

Jess: Yeah. Improving our academics and receiving degrees to help insure financial benefits in a setting that promotes social skills and free thinking is not what college is about.

Panel five: Kelly waves her arms as she obviously did not get that Jess was being sarcastic as Jess gives the reader an aside glance.

Kelly: Exactly!

Page 3

Panel one: Jess and Kelly are walking away from their table as Jess has her Shakespeare text book under her arm. A guy not paying attention while using a selfie stick is slipping in the leftover pool of blood caused by the QB spitting it out.

Jess: Look, I know I'm not the most social sort--

Kelly: Yeah! No kiddin'!

Panel two: Jess turns her head and glares at Kelly as Kelly realizes she spoke without thinking.

Panel three: Kelly, has her eyes closed, smiles with her two index fingers over where her fangs should be on her mouth, and looks just adorable as Jess rolls her eyes and smirks as she is amused by Kelly's adorable expression.

Kelly: BVFF. Best Vampire Friends Forever.

Panel four: Jess and Kelly are walking outside of the café and onto the campus. An elderly campus cop on a golf cart is driving recklessly as he adjusts his thick glasses as several college students and a professor jump out of the way.

Jess: What I was getting at is that I'm pretty sure every frat or sorority has some sort of bronzed keg or plastic tiara they give out.

Panel five: Jess looks on as Kelly runs down the sidewalk as she is overjoyed and pumping her fist in the air..

Kelly: You're right, Jess!

Kelly: And I'm going to win it!

Page 4

Panel one: Kelly is opening the door to the RHO RHO RHO Sorority House as she has a determined look on her face. Kelly is slamming the door open with one hand to show how she's not going to hold back in her quest.


Kelly: I'm not going to rest until I find what I'm searching for!

Kelly: I'll dig through the archives, scale the highest peaks, look between the cushions of the couch...

Panel two: Kelly takes a step inside to see a glass display showing various pictures of various girls throughout the year with the last one ending in 1996. Above the glass display is a banner reading: GOOD SAMARITANINA.

Kelly: ...Or I'll just turn my head slightly to the left.

Panel three: Kelly is looking over the glass display as she sees all the different pictures of girls from all the years as each have their own different hair styles and clothing pertaining to the year. The most important one is the girl from 1996 who is has brown hair, beady eyes, a smirk across her face, and is wearing a multi-colored blouse (Basically an evil Kelly from Saved by the Bell)

Kelly: "GOOD SAMARITANINA". This must be what I'm looking for.

Kelly: But what is it and why did it stop twenty years ago?

Panel four: Summer, Lyric, and Paisley are walking up to Kelly as Kelly stares at the glass case curiously. Summer and Lyric are super excited like normal while Paisley is deadpan as usual.

Summer: Kels-Bels, what are you looking at?

Lyric: What are you doing by the award case?

Paisley: The answer is the other's question.

Page 5

Panel one: Kelly is talking with the trio as Lyric points to Paisley as Paisley gives her a death glare.

Kelly: Just looking at this award case. You gals wouldn't happen to know what the Good Samaritanina is, would you?

Lyric: Paisley's pretty boring, so I bet she knows.

Paisley: I do know, but not because of that reason.

Panel two: Paisley is explaining what the Queen of RHO is.

Paisley: To put it simply, the Good Samaritanina was a created to help prove RHO RHO RHO was not just where girls partied and were idiots.

Paisley: The winner was voted on by who did the most charitable work and community projects throughout the year. And for all of her hard work, she just got a picture in a glass display.

Panel three: Kelly's happy reflection can be seen reflected in the glass display as she happily thinks about winning the award.

Kelly: So it's an award and the winner is remembered forever.

Paisley: You never heard of it until I just explained it to you.

Panel four: Lyric and Summer suddenly become alarmed as Kelly and Paisley continue to talk as Paisley shrugs her right shoulder.

Kelly: Well, I'd have remembered if they hadn't stopped.

Kelly: Um, why did they?

Paisley: That I don't know.

Summer: Wait I heard about this--!

Panel five: Summer and Lyric huddle together as they shake and their knees buckle. Paisley face palms at the notion of the supernatural being real while Kelly whistles innocently and rolls her eyes away from Paisley.

Summer: It's because of the ghost of Fran Wright!

Paisley: (Sigh) There is no such thing as ghosts or anything else supernatural.

Page 6

Panel one: Kelly and Lyric are listening as Summer tells her story. Paisley folds her arms and is ignored by the other girls yet again.

Summer: It began twenty years ago and every day was dark and every night stormy!

Paisley: That is astronomically and meteorologically impossible.

Panel two: Flash back panel of Fran Wright (Who has long big black hair and is wearing ringer tee with (blue with red on the ribbing at the sleeves and collar) and black knock off track pants as she helping collect can food at a food drive. Nearby is a kitten brushing up against a green recycling bin.

Caption: Fran Wright was this super nice pledge to RHO house who saved kittens from trees, organized food drives, and recycled because back then TV preached that all the time.

Panel three: Flash back panel as several other 90s dressed sorority members are gathered round her and thanking her. Two girls have old fashion game boys and have them connected by a USB cord. One girl is wearing a red shirt with a green cute lizard on it while the other is wearing a green shirt with a red cute turtle on it (Pokemon reference) On the wall is a poster of Shawn Michaels and the movie Fargo. In the background glaring at her, is the girl from the glass display, Emma Dotson.

Caption: Everyone loved her and she was a shoo-in to win...

Caption: ...Well, save for charter leader Emma Dotson, who swore to win by any means necessary. And she schemed up a devious plan to rid her of her rival.

Panel four: Flash back panel as Emma Dotson is pushing Fran Wright off the roof of the sorority house.

Caption: She told her a kid lost his kite on the roof and pushed her off.

Fran Wright: You'll pay for this! You and every RHO member as long as the Good Samaritanina exists!

Emma Dotson: Ch'yeah. Like, when and how, Little Miss Victim of Gravity Loser?

Panel five: Still a flashback only inside of the living quarters of RHO house as all heck has broken loose. Emma Dotson has her head rammed through the ceiling. A whirlwind spitting out hail is attacking various members. One member is flying through the air doing loops. Windows and doors are banging shut to show that Fran Wright's vengeful ghost is extracting her revenge.

Caption: Then bad stuff happened the next day.

Page 7

Panel one: Summer is finishing the story as Kelly and Lyric both have worried faces. Paisley is looking out a window where we can see sunshine and a bright blue sky despite the thunder sound affect. Paisley is the only one who pays the thunder coming from no where any attention.

Summer: ...And they decided to drop the whole Good Sammie contest before they dropped dead.


Paisley: Thunder--?

Panel two: Kelly is thinking as she has her index finger at her chin and has her tongue sticking out on her right cheek.

Kelly thinking: Okay, I need to process this information and think things through before I act.

Panel three: Kelly looks anxiously at the empty space near Emma Dotson's picture and imagines her photo there with her dressed like Cinderella with her picture being three times larger than the rest and having a jewel embedded golden frame.

Panel four: Kelly is enthusiastic as she makes a declaration to the girls. Summer and Lyric are instantly happy as Paisley looks on in disbelief.

Kelly: Spread the news, girls! The Good Samaritanina is back! Starting now and ending at the end of the week!

Summer: What a great idea!

Lyric: You're the best, pres!

Paisley: ...You two were scared out of your wits just two seconds ago.

Page 8

Panel one: Lyric and Summer are running out of RHO house as Paisley follows behind. Paisley has her smartphone out as she is sending a text to the RHO twitter account while the other two run out like lunatics. Paisley smiles at the girls entertained by their fruitless, optimistic attitudes.

Summer: I'll tell everyone on the left side of campus!

Lyric: And I'll take care of the right!

Paisley: They do their best.

Panel two: Kelly is overjoyed as she pumps her fists in the air and jumps high enough to nearly hit the ceiling.

Kelly: Hah! This is great! All I need to do is win, and I'll be remembered in the halls of RHO RHO RHO forever and ever and ever...and ever!

Panel three: In the background, Kelly is walking away from the display as she sniffs the air as she picks up an aroma. In the foreground, the display case is suddenly filling up with blood with the image of a skull in lighter red being seen in the middle of the pool of plasma.

Kelly: Sniff Sniff.

Kelly: Umm. Where's that wonderful scent coming from...?

Caption: And now for a few brief messages from our sponsors!


Hey you should do another one PTF, that was awesome!



Panel one: A late teenage big brother (about three years older than his kid brother) has his little brother face first on the ground and in the mud and is using his foot to keep his face in a puddle of water while posing like he's a rock star. The kid brother is thrashing his legs and arms vainly.

Caption: Are you a big brother and do you know how to teach your younger sibling respect and want to show the world?

Panel two: A shot of several other teens around the first teen's age (six or seven will do) as they are all in front of a house on a set as they are elbowing each other, skidding the back of each other's shoes and just being obnoxious to each other.

Caption: Then register for the new season of BIG BAD BROTHER.

Panel three: Inside of the living quarters as two big bad brothers are having a tug of war contest with a little brother dummy. Two others are behind two game show booths as another big brother is holding a card and reading it. One teen's booth is lit up reading: KIDNEY PUNCH. The other is lit up reading: KILL THEIR IMAGINARY FRIEND.

Caption: Various physical and mental contests to see who here is the best big bad brother ever of this season!

Panel four: Suddenly eels, various weights, and piranhas are dropping from the ceiling as the big bad brothers begin to scramble. One big bad brother is being shocked to the point of his skeleton being seen and another (the very first big bad brother) has his head crushed into his sternum. Another has his thumb being bitten by a piranha. Other big brothers are running around scared out of their minds.

Caption: And a twist that you won't see coming!

Panel five: In a secret booth with a computer control panel in front of them, the younger brothers are controlling everything that is going on as they watch their big brother tormenters being tormented as they all nod and smile. The leader is the little brother from the first panel, wearing a mud and dirt covered shirt, as he is turning a knob. On a screen we can see the Big Bad Brother house on fire.

Caption: Sign up for the live stream and never miss a single moment of people laying about, drinking, and napping all day all summer long!


Panel one: Two small children, a bother and a sister, are sadly at the kitchen table, as they are making cool-aide in a giant pitcher. The little sister is dejectedly pouring in an entire pink of sugar to try and make the pink cool-aide good.

Brother: Water is lame and putting in this stupid dust isn't much better.

Sister: And I can't get enough sugar in it! I sure wish we had some Fuss Soda.

Panel two: Mr. Pep,  a giant living purple and blue can of soda, is bursting through a wall of the kitchen as he is holding a twelve pack case of can Pep soda and eight pack bottled soda in his other. He has black dots for eyes and a curved line for a smile as he talks to the kids.


Mr. Fuss: Someone say FUSS SODA?!!

Siblings: Wow! Mr. Fuss!

Panel three: Mr. Pep is throwing a bottle of soda to the girl and a soda can to the boy as he is shooting a laser out of his eyes at the cool-aide and evaporating it.

Mr. Fuss: You kids need something refreshing.

Mr. Fuss: Have some Fuss soda! It's tasty explosion straight from the can, down the throat, in the stomach and away we go!

Panel four: Set in the living room. The kids are now hyper as the boy is racing a small race car around the house while the sister is running up and down a nearby wall as the parents look on dismayed. Mr. Fuss is looking on while doing the cabbage patch.

Mr. Fuss: 256 grams of pure sugar in each citrus sip! Never get tired! Never run down! You'll have energy to burn and your pee will be blue!!

Panel five: Mr. Fuss is bursting through the living room wall as he runs down a suburban street. In the background, back inside of the house through the Mr. Pep shaped hole, the parents are using tranquilzer guns to try and stop their children.

Mr. Fuss: Fuss Soda! Quench the thirst, feed the beast, diabetes is a problem for another day!!

Caption: And try our new energy drink HUMANGASOUR. Roar like a flippin' dinosaur!!


Panel one: An Archie Andrews expy is pressing a gun at the temple of a Jughead Jones expy as he points at a freckle on his face to illustrate his point. Lunchbox Johns is wearing a sweater with the letter V on it and wearing a derby hat with various feathers attached to the brim. Artie Adams has blond hair with a checker pattern in them and wearing a black vest over a white shirt with the letters PM on it.

Caption: Pond Meadow is a town with a dark secret.

Artie Adams: You see these dots on my face?! They're not freckles--THEY'RE DEATH SPOTS, YOU @$%^!!

Artie Adams: Now tell me why where she is, Lunchbox Johns!!

Panel two: An expy of Betty Cooper has a Veronica Lodge tied to a table and has her head in a vice press and she cranks it even more as Victoria Hodge's head begins to cave in. Patty Keeper has orange hair and her hair in pig tails. Victoria Hodge has long blond hair.

Patty Keeper: He loves me!! He always loved me!! NEVER YOU!

Patty Keeper: Never again.

Caption: Teens are crazy.

Panel three: An expy of Ms. Grundy has a knife at the throat of an expy of Mr. Weatherbee and is preparing to kill him. The setting is the principal's office as the principal has a folder on his desk reading: BLACKMAIL. These are the expies that look the least like the originals as they are not old, ugly, or fat and look more like super models.

Caption: The adults are worse.

Ms. Hundy: No one will know I used to strip at the pickle factory now.

Panel four: A shot a traditionally drawn 1960s style Archie panel as the characters are drawn in their original, family friendly selves. Artie is sharing a banana split with Patty and Victoria while a Lunchbox Johns is eating a steak with his bare hands. Ms. Hundy and Mr. Rainywasp shrug their shoulders at the teens.

Caption: Based on the family friendly, long standing series of Artie Comics that you grew up reading.

Panel five: Back to the TV show as Artie and Ms. Grundy are making out in detention hall. Looking through the doorway is a crazed Patty who has the battered severed head of Victoria Hodge held by her hair. Patty has a deranged, broken smile as she looks on.

Caption: Pond Meadow. This is not the funny pages.


Panel one: A ten year old kid wearing jeans, a blue and white jacket over a green shirt and a blue cap is carrying a small red cute turtle monster in a bucket as he happily skips along. The Turire (turtle + fire) happily spits out a small speck of fire to show off its power. The setting is a forest area with various different cute monsters (butterflies, caterpillars, months, bats) peering out of tall grass, trees and bushes.

Caption: It all began 20 years ago with the story of a ten year old and his fire breathing pet monster out to capture all the bucamons.

Panel two: The kid is having his Turire beating a grass type cute dinosaur monster to a pulp as the kid begins to scoop what is left of it in to the bucket.

Caption: Which can only be done by turning a friendly creature into a thug to use to cripple and enslave others of its kind.

Panel three: The Turire has evolved into a giant Godzilla like monster around ten feet tall as it lets out atomic fire breath at a gang of bucmon thiefs modeled after Team Rocket (Jessie and James) The surrounding town is on fire as Officer Francine is crying as a school burns. The kid has a slasher smile on his face.

Caption: Evolve your bucamon into a murderous rampaging monster to strike fear in your enemies and the general populace to gain money and immediate respect.

Panel four: The kids is holding up a DVD of the Bucamon show, a card trade pack, and a manga issue. Behind him, his Turire is stomping after a cute monster that's just a puffy pink ball.

Caption: The hit sensation that is not only the top video game--but also a 12, 000 episode and going anime, a manga, and a card game.

Panel five: The kid is struggling now as his evolved Turire is inside the bucket which is pure darkness save for burning piercing eyes. The bucket is dragging on the ground as the kid struggles with both hands. Over head in the sky is a white wormhole and a purple vortex that is reeking havoc on the environment. In the distance is the town as it burns. On the dirt road is the charred skeletons of the Bucamon thieves.

Kid: Buy and collect everything...or we will come for you.

Caption: And coming soon Bucamon wormhole and Bucamon Vortex. Each with a single monster the other game doesn't have.


Quote from: daren on June 30, 2016, 05:01:31 am
Hey you should do another one PTF, that was awesome!

Another one? It's a three part story...with commercials. :)

And thanks. :)


QuoteEach with a single monster the other game doesn't have.

You saved the best line for last.


Page  9+ 10: Double splash page of all the good deeds that Kelly is rapidly doing around Dixon college and the nearby community. Nine panels three rows by three.

Panel one: Setting is a staircase to one of the Dixon buildings.  Kelly is carrying a five hundred pound student who is sweating and about to pass out up a flight of stairs with ease as various students move out of her way and look on in awe. Kelly has her backpack and the fat student's back pack in her teeth as she happily skips along.

Panel two: Just outside of Dixon College, Kelly is carrying four eighty pound bags of contract mix to two construction workers near a cement mixer as they both look on in awe. Kelly gives them a friendly wink.

Panel three: Settting is a co-ed dorm room as Kelly has apparently went in and started cleaning up. The male is trying to vainly explain to his girlfriend he doesn't know who Kelly is to no avail. The girlfriend is cracking her knuckles as she prepares to wallop her boyfriend. Kelly is at a dresser and organizing the boyfriend's underwear as she doesn't notice the trouble she's caused.

Panel four: Kelly is pushing a school bus towards an elementary school as the kids are sticking their heads and arms out the windows and motioning for her to stop. The engine of the bus is smoking showing it had broken down. The bus driver looks out his window in bafflement at Kelly's feat of strength.

Panel five: Kelly is giving a small handful of four leaf clovers to a student who is in a wheelchair with a broken leg as two friends struggle to get him up a set of stairs into Dixon College. The student gives Kelly a nod of approval.

Panel six: Kelly is on the ledge of a building cleaning a window as Biology class dissecting a cow's eyeball is going on. A guy at a science station looks on happily at Kelly, not noticing he is missing his cow eyeball in its tray and is about to stab his hand. Nearby a college girl looks at her cow eyeball and looks like she'll throw up.

Panel seven: Kelly is sweeping a hallway in Dixon College with a giant sweeper as a janitor is taking a nap and letting her do all the work. He has a dream balloon of a super model rinsing out a mop.

Panel eight: Kelly is in a classroom surrounded by several college students. She is serving as a judge as two male students with their babies they brought into the college during sessions and have stacked cherrios on the sleeping babies' noses. Each baby is asleep in their carrier and on a separate desk in the front of the classroom. The parents have stacked around fifty to fifty-one star shaped cherrios on their respective baby's nose. Kelly is holding up the victory to the father on the left who wins by one. A student is eating the remainder of the Ninja Eating Star cereal while everyone else silently celebrates by clapping one hand. (Behind their four fingers into the palm.)

Panel nine: Kelly is sitting on a concrete bench as another college girl is crying on her shoulder as she points at her ex-boyfriend with the girl he cheated on. Overhead a bird is about to poop on the boyfriend, who is turning his head to make faces at his ex-girlfriend. Kelly is half paying attention to the girl's plight as she is taking a selfie of herself trying to comfort the girl as Kelly gives a toothy grin.

Page 11

Panel one: Lyric is looking at the tweet Kelly had just sent of her with Kelly "comforting" the college student with a broken heart as it looks for panel nine of the last page. The tweet reads: Mending broken hearts! PLMK what I can do to help! #GoodVotes4Kel. Looking over her shoulder at the smartphone is Summer.

Lyric: Wow, Kelly is awesome!

Summer: No way we can beat her!

Panel two: We see that the setting is just outside of RHO House as the sky is a perfect blue, cloudless day. Paisley is behind a group of RHO sorority girls as she tries to talk but is interrupted by Summer and Lyric.

Paisley: Technically, you all have a vote so if you simply combine your--

Summer: We'll all have to work super hard to be nice to be competitive!

Lyric: Right!

Panel three: Paisley looks on as all the other sorority girls run off with smiles and grins on their faces as they go out to be nice to whomever. In a window a silhouette of a female can be seen, as the first indication that something supernatural is about to happen.

Summer: I'm going to find a hobo to clean!

Lyric: I'll give out cardboard boxes to the homeless!

Other sorority girl: I'll acknowledge ugly people!

Panel four: Paisley shakes her head as the sky suddenly turns dark around her and RHO house.

Paisley: Ignorance must be bless because I'm the only one with migranes...

Panel five: Paisley looks around and is surprised to see the radius around her and RHO House is darkened while everywhere else looks like the normal happy summer day as before. Paisley reaches out past the darkness and sticks her hand out and wiggles her fingers.

Paisley: ??

Panel six: Paisley is looking up to see that a single huge, ominous black cloud is forming over RHO House. Inside of the cloud, small purple flashes of lightning spark. In the air, a person on a hang glider (the student from the very first panel) tilts his head in confusion at what he is seeing.

Paisley: Weird weather we're having.

Page 12

Panel one: Jess is sitting on a bench just outside of the Dixon Library as she looks around to see various RHO sorority members doing various kind acts. One sorority girl with black hair and a blue blouse is carrying a nerd's book for him as the nerd looks on in a love gaze with his jaw dropped and glasses falling to the tip of his nose. Another member is helping worker paint the library as the worker holds the ladder and looks up lovingly and giving the OK hand signal even though the RHO member is using the wrong color paint and is just making a mess. Another is helping an elderly female college student put on excessive amounts of make up. Almost walking in front of her, is a hunk carrying a RHO member in his arms as she is plucking his nose hairs with tweezers.

Jess: I thought sorority girls were supposed to be mean?

Panel two: Jess looks on with a fangy smile as she looks at the hunk as he winces slightly as the RHO member pulls out a surprisingly long nose hair.

Jess: Hmm. Something yummy this way went.

Panel three: Jess begins to shake her head as she walks inside of the library.

Jess: Keep your pointers to yourself, Jess.

Jess: (Sigh) Guess it's time to say those five horrible words...

Page 13

Panel one: Inside of the library on the second floor, Stewart is playing Bucamon card game (Homage to Pokemon.) with three other college kids. One is wearing a red shirt with a short brown crew cut. Another is chubby with black glasses and curly hair. The last is skinny with blond hair and a sever overbite. All of them look hatefully at Stewart and obviously don't like him. The one with the red shirt is reaching for a pile of money as Stewart folds his arms and crosses his legs as he tries to play losing money on a children's card game as cool as possible.

Caption: "I have to suck Stewart."

Red shirt: Hey! You're forty dollars short!

Stewart: Chillax, bro. I'm good for it.

Chubby guy: No. You're not. You owe me fifty dollars, pee boy.

Panel two: Jess walks up the stairs to the second floor and is surprised to see Stewart with other people.  Stewart is pointing behind him at Jess as he leans back in his chair and tries to show off.

Jess: There you are! I need a quick fix or I'm--

Jess: Huh?

Stewart: See that, boys? The man o' men has the ladies flocking to him like flies to a piece of poop and leaves them speechless.

Panel three: Jess retorts as Stewart falls backwards.

Jess: I was thinking of a stronger term than "poop" to describe you.

Jess: I'm just surprised you have friends. Or other people being around you by choice.


Panel four: The three nerds at the table protest as Jess looks down at the crumpled mass that is Stewart with a grin. Stewart is still lying on his back with his cowboy hat tilted to the left of his head as he gives Jess a weak smile.
Overbite nerd: Hey! We're not his friends! He's just an alpaca we fleece!

Jess: Well, well, well.  So what goes around, comes around.

Page 14

Panel one:  Jess is dragging Stewart away by his shirt sleeve as Stewart gives the nerds at the table a double thumbs up as he hops on his left foot as he tries to kick the chair off his right foot. The chubby nerd stands up and bends one his cards to show Stewart what he thinks of him.

Jess: You're coming with me.

Stewart: Sorry, gents. The lady can't get enough of me. I'll be back later.

Chubby guy: Be back with our money, or we do this to you!

Panel two: A close up on the children's section of the library in the basement as Jess and Stewart are in the middle of two shelves filled with various children homage books. Nearby is an old timey computer with dial-up with a window reading: Connection: Dial-up Download: 2% Time Duration: 5y 8M 15D.

Jess between shelves: Mmmm

Stewart: Selling my body to pay off a card game and buy comics. Not a bad life.

Panel three: Jess is sucking on Stewart's neck as she rolls her eyes up at him as Stewart just takes it all like nothing as he is looking opening a King Arthur pop up book as a knight with a long spear pokes him in the eye.

Jess: I'm paying for your blood, not your body--and that includes your lips.

Stewart: I'll throw the lips in for free.

Panel four: Jess suddenly jerks away from Stewart's neck as Stewart puckers his lips.

Jess: Uck! I just lost my appetite.

Panel five: Jess is walking of the library with Stewart as Stewart suddenly percs up at what Jess tells him.

Jess: Everything is weird. All the sorority girls are doing whatever anyone wants. You have a clue what's--

Stewart: REALLY?!

Page 15

Panel one: Stewart has his hands over his mouth as he yells out.

Jess: I didn't mean it exactly like--


Panel two: All the RHO members and two guys wearing sweaters and scarfs all answer a resounding NO as Stewart folds his arms over his chest and turns away and pouts. Jess tries not to giggle.

RHO members and two guys: NO ONE!!!!

Panel three: A close-up on Jess's Dorm. Flying over head is the college student with the hang glider as he is leading a flying V of ducks.

Jess thought balloon in dorm: Maybe Vera knows. She's a "pledge" after all...

Panel four: Trev is sneaking out of a corner of the hallway as he approaches Jess as Jess hands her right hand on her room's door knob. Trev is on his tippy toes with his arms straight out with his palms pointed downward.

Jess thinking: ...Of course, I'm still in "remedial deciphering what crazy people mean", so lots of luck.

Panel five: Jess is surprised as Trevor wraps his arms around her and feels her muscles.

Trev: Hi, Lamb's spinach. It's Trevie Wevie!

Page 16

Panel one: Jess elbows Trev as it sends him flying all the way through the door of the room on the other side of hers. Trev's body is bent with his arms and legs sticking out with his mouth open and his tongue sticking out to show how much force Jess hit him with.

Jess: Trevor, not now.



Panel two: Trev is lying in a smiling ,crumbling heap with a heavy crack on the wall behind him as has a goofy grin on his face. On a bed is a female college teen with blood shot eyes and eating brownies in bed. On the wall above his head is a poster of an old fashion clock showing 4:20 and alarming.

Trev: Just when I think I couldn't love her more!!

Panel three: Jess looks back concerned as the door begins to open as a pair of eyes (Vera's) can be seen in the darkness.

Jess: Cripes! I didn't mean to elbow him that hard! I'd better see if....

Panel four: Vera's hand grabs Jess's wrist and pulls her inside.

Vera inside of room: Roomie! Just the prude who needs the new 'tude!!

Jess: Yow!

Page 17

Panel one: Vera is showing Jess a picture as Vera is all smiles and Jess's face turns green, her lips trembles and her eyes are wide in horror.

Vera: I'm doing good to be RHO Good Samaritanina and what greater deed in helping you get your thang on? Even drew visual aides.

Vera: Here's a position I call "The Nasty But Nice!" I think a snowflake like you can handle it, but you might need lubrication.

Panel two: Jess runs out of the room with her face cheeks puffed to show she's become physically ill out of the room as Vera scratches her head as she doesn't understand what Jess's problem is. Inside of the other room, Trevor looks lovingly at Jess as she runs away. Trevor has several small heart with massive flexing biceps over his head.

Vera : You try to liven up a girl's Saturday nights...

Jess: thinking: Stewart's lips, make room in my nightmares for your new best friend!!

Panel three: Vera shrugs her shoulders as she heads over to a window where another dorm can be seen outside.

Vera: Eh. This Fairy Godmother can help elsewhere.

Panel four: Vera is leaning out the window where it almost looks like she's going to fall out the window.


Panel five: Several boys are running out of the dorm including one girl with red curly hair.

College boy one: I'm suddenly a vegan!!

College boy two: We all signed a petition for this not to happen again!!

College girl: I'm not taking chances!!

Page 18

Panel one: In one of the park lots of the college, Kelly is holding up the back end of a car as a college student gives her the okay to lower it as he has put on his new tire. The old deflated tire is next to the car.

College boy: Thanks for the help with the tire. Couldn't have done it with my jack busted. How are you--

Kelly: I'm tendon strong!  Just be sure to tell anyone at RHO RHO RHO what Kelly did for you!

Panel two: Jess is walking up to Kelly as Kelly waves goodbye to the college boy as he drives off. Jess has her arms folded as she looks at Kelly as Kelly turns her head and smiles innocently.

Jess: You do know in a world of social media where every phone has a camera, a vampire lifting a car in broad daylight is a bad idea?

Kelly: No good deed goes unpunished. It's the price a future Good Samaritanina bears.

Panel three: Jess rolls her eyes as Kelly defends herself.

Jess: Figures. I knew it had to be something stupid.

Kelly: It's not stupid! With my super strength and endurance I'm going to win good and good! And I'll be remembered! Everyone who sees my picture will go, "That's Kelly!"

Panel four: Kelly defends herself as Jess looks sternly at her.

Kelly: I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm doing right. Lot's of right.

Kelly: Tell me one thing that's wrong with what I'm doing.

Panel five: Jess is calmly responding as she is walking away as Kelly yells at her.

Jess: I just believe you shouldn't do good deeds expecting anything in return.

Kelly: Yeah!? Well--well...why don't you tell that to soldiers receiving purple hearts!?!

Jess: Nice. You should try for sainthood next.

Panel six: Kelly folds her arms and pouts as Jess's words deeply affect her as she struggles continue her stance. Kelly shifts her eyes to her right. To her left, in the background, the hang glider kid has crashed in the parking lot.

Kelly: Don't see what the problem is...

Kelly: If not me, then who deserves to be remembered...right...?

Page 19

Panel one: It is turning dark out as Kelly is walking into the living quarters of RHO house as she waves her hand to get everyone's attention. She is beginning to pull out a paper from her pocket.

Kelly: Everyone here? Super! Okay, I know I said to the end of the week, but I just thought we'd end the contest early and I'd like you all to...

Panel two: Kelly looks around. As she talks, her air can be seen in the air to show that the temperature has dropped signicantly. Kelly is shivering as she pulls her arms close to her sides.

Kelly: ...Turn the thermostat up. It's frigid in here.

Lyric: Um, we can't.

Kelly: Why not?

Panel three: Over the shoulders of Kelly as she looks to see Summer, Lyric, Paisley, and several other members of RHO house floating in the air along with various furniture zipping through the air. In the middle of the chaos is a blue orb with a female face in it that none of the other girls save Kelly acknowledge. A loveseat is being launched directly at Kelly. Heavy winds are swirling around the room and kicking up Kelly's hair.

Lyric: Something came up.

Summer: Us!!

Kelly: eeper jeepers.



Quote from: daren on July 01, 2016, 07:02:40 am
QuoteEach with a single monster the other game doesn't have.

You saved the best line for last.

Thanks. :)


Great Vera scene, she's my favorite and you did her right!


Yeah. She's special. :)

Fun fact: I hadn't bought the latest issue of Super Suckers when Trevor grabs Jess, she was a lot more angry with Trevor in the first draft instead of feeling bad about possibly injuring him.


Part II

Page one

Panel one: Jess is lying on her bed reading a book titled THERE IS NO LAME POWER as Vera is in front of her strutting her stuff as she showcases her body. Jess isn't even paying her one bit of attention. Vera is moving about in four continuous separate motions. The first she is acting like a headbanger and nodding her head up and down. The second she is acting like a ballerina doing a twirl on her tippy toes. The third she's transitioned to the cabbage patch. Fourth she is doing the dinosaur.

Caption: Audio captioning for the visually impaired.

Vera first dance: You know what your problem is, Jess?

Vera fourth dance: You don't flaunt what you got and attract the boys.

Panel two: Jess puts her text book down as Vera is now doing a mix between Walking like an Egyptian and a moon walk as she approaches the door as it is being heavily banged on.

Jess: And those gyrations will?

Vera: They'll be knocking our door down.


Panel three: Vera begins to open the door as she looks back at Jess as she smirks in victory at her. Jess sits up startled as she raises her right eyebrow and her lips curls to her right.

Vera: See? When you got it, you got it.

Vera: Now I'm gonna get to getting.

Page 2

Splash page as Jess looks on in shock as Kelly, Summer, Lyric, Paisley and several other members of RHO RHO RHO begin to rush into Jess's room. All of the sorority girls look like they're being chased by the hounds of hell. Vera tilts her head in confusion at seeing all girls.

Vera: Did I just find something out about myself?

Kelly: Hey! Mind if we crash? No? Super duper!

Page 3

Panel one: Jess stands up as several RHO girls begin to jump on her bed and just mess it up. Three of those girls are Paisley, Summer, and Lyric. Other RHO girls are sitting on the ground or standing.

Jess: Okay? What's going on?

Panel two: Kelly is still shaken up but trying to hide it as she puts her right arm around the shoulder of Vera as Vera smiles ear to ear. Vera doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

Kelly: Well, we have an...infestation, so we thought our newest pledge could room us for a bit.

Vera: Just bring the boys and we're cool like Frosty.

Panel three: Jess tilts her head in confusion as the three RHO girls listen on.

Jess: Infestation?

Jess: You mean like roaches and rats?

Panel four: Jess goes wide eyed as Summer talks and Lyric nods her head and points at Summer to show she agrees with her. Paisley shakes her head in aggravation.

Summer: More like manifestation and ghosts and ghoulies.

Lyric: Our sorority house has turned into a haunted house.

Panel five: Jess glares at Kelly as Kelly feigns innocence.

Kelly: Um, I'm pretty sure you need more than one ghost to make a haunted house.

Page 4

Panel one: Trevor is peeking out from the room he was knocked in earlier. On the bed, the girl who was eating brownies is lying on her bed and is mesmerized by the back of her hands. Stewart is walking towards Jess room in the hallway.

Jess in her room: WHAT??!

Trevor: Sigh. Those lung muscles are amazing.

Stewart: Trevor? What are you doing in there?

Panel two: Trevor glares at Stewart as Stewart is startled and jumps back

Trevor: I'm watching the woman I love without her knowing about it! It's romantic as hell!

Panel three: Stewart walks past Trevor as he shrugs his shoulders at Trevor's actions and just decides to leave it at that. The girl now has her feet and hands up in the air as she wiggles her fingers and toes and giggles.

Stewart: Looks like breaking & and entering and stalking to me.

Trevor: How about my fist breaks your nose, enters your face, and stalks for your eyes?

Stewart: Nah. You just remain a law abiding citizen....

Stewart: ...while I serve and protect the ladies the twit-chat said came this way.

Panel four: Stewart enters the room as all the girls, Vera, Jess, and Kelly look at him.

Stewart: I'm here for you, ladies!

RHO Girl: You mean...here for your girlfriend, Vera, right?

Panel five: Stewart rolls his eyes at Vera as he reluctantly acknowledges her. Vera has the exact same facial expression.

Stewart: Oh. Yeah. My beloved butter donkey. Yipee.

Vera: Nice to see you to, bladder spaz.

Panel six: Trevor is kneeling at the now closed door as he has a glass against it. A college girl going into his dorm room looks at Trev with a confused expression as she unlocks her room.

Trevor: Let's hear what's going on.

Page 5

Panel one: Jess is talking with Kelly as Kelly sheepishly rubs her right arm.

Jess: I can't believe you people! You all can't stay here!

Jess: --And why would you have a ghost now all of a sudden??

Panel two: Kelly responds as she can't even look Jess in the eye. Jess puts her thumb on a throbbing vein on her forehead as she tries not to lose her patience.

Kelly: Well...you know that "Good Samaritanina" thingie? Turns out someone was killed for it and is now a ghost reaping unholy vengeance.

Kelly. Oopsie doopsie whoopsies.

Panel three: Jess turns to Paisley as Paisley is very straight laced about everything Jess is saying.

Jess: Paisley. You have a good head on your shoulder, firm grasp of reality, right?

Paisley: Indubitably.

Panel four: Jess has calmed down as she stands in front of the sitting Paisley.

Jess: And you know that the idea that ghosts is just nonsense.

Paisley: It's preposterous.

Jess: So what do you say about helping me get you girls back to your abode?

Panel five: Paisley keeps the same facial expression as the previous panel with Summer and Lyric nodding in agreement with Paisley. Jess gives the reader an aggravated aside glance.

Paisley: I wouldn't go back there if Zac Efron was waiting with a million dollars and a thousand kisses.

Page 6

Panel one: Trevor takes the glass of the door as he snickers.

Trevor: Heh. Typical girls. Saw their own shadows and got spooked. What they need is a man to protect them.

Panel two: Trevor has a very dimly lit cracked light bulb over his head to show he has an idea.

Trevor: Say, when I protected Vera from that fat loser psycho, Jess couldn't keep her hands off me.

Caption: Not totally accurate, but see episode two anyway.

Panel three: Trev is running back into the room as the girl is now eating a bag of Doritos and drinking Fuss soda as she finally notices Trevor.

Trevor: Hah! I'm going to prove that my second biggest muscle is between my ears, not between my legs!

Panel four: Trevor has a white sheet as and is using a black marker to draw in two black dots at the bed of the girl as she looks on in confusion as she is still zoned out.

Trevor: I'll sneak in to RHO house and when my Jess comes, I'll prance around like a ghost, run off...

Panel five: Trevor has the sheet over his head as it only covers up to his ankles and he has his arms sticking out making the costume even more stupid. The girl tilts her head in confusion as she pinches her arm to see if this is really happening.

Trevor: ...Then I'll trounce the sheet, show my machismo, and I'll have Jess holding my hand and picking my nose hairs in no time!

Panel six: Trevor keeps the costume on as he runs into the door frame of the room. The girl goes back to eating her chips as she decides she's just seeing things.

The Stoned Girl: Heh. I need to make another batch of special brownies.

Page 7

Panel one: Jess is talking with Kelly as they are in front of Vera's occupied bed with only the middle part left as Vera looks on trying to figure out how to get in between all the girls.

Jess: You really believe ghosts exist?

Kelly: I threw a sofa at me. That's proof enough for me.

Panel two: Kelly is whispering to Jess as Jess begrudgingly agrees with her as she feels her own fangs. In the background, Vera is leaping into the air and rolled up like a ball as she jumps towards the open spot in the bed as the other girls panic.

Kelly whispering: ...'Sides, vampires are real and we have the fangs to prove it. So why can't ghosts or even unicorns be a thing, too?

Jess: Good points...

Panel three: In the foreground, Stewart is trying his best to charm one of the RHO Girls who frowns and looks away. Stewart is flexing his no existent muscles at her. Kelly and Jess are walking towards him. In the background, Vera is in her bed while the other girls were knocked off of it and lying on the floor around the bed like rag dolls.

Jess: Okay. We'll check with an expert about the validity of ghosts.

Kelly: And unicorns.

Jess: And no.

Stewart: When they made me, they broke the mold.

RHO Girl: Yeah...I wouldn't want to make that mistake again either.

Page 8

Panel one: Jess grabs Stewart by the shirt collar as he leads her and Kelly into the hallway. The RHO smiles as she's glad Stewart will be away from her.

Jess: I need this for a moment.

Stewart: Sheesh! Can't you just ever say, "Stewart, come here please"?

Panel two: Stewart straightens out his shirt as he glares at Jess as Kelly carefully closes the door and waves back at her sisters.

Kelly: Hee. No worries. Leave everything to us.

Stewart: Okay, what do you want?

Jess: We need conformation on a particular matter.

Panel three: Jess is talking to Stewart as Stewart takes a step back away from Jess.

Jess: Stewart, Kelly says she has a ghost in her frat. Is that possible?

Stewart: Course. Ghosts are real. Haven't you watched primetime late night reality shows?

Panel four: Stewart is explaining about ghosts.

Stewart: Ghosts are souls given power through current or past emotion and bound to the earth by unfinished business. Or they're really peeved off about something.

Stewart: Don't take my word for it. You girls are vampires now. Supernatural. So you should be able to see ecto slime or orbs or shifting shapes.

Panel five: Stewart holds his arms at Kelly as Kelly to prove he was right as Kelly makes an O shape with her right hand.

Kelly: Yeah. I saw an orb. And I don't think the other girls saw it. Course they were busy screaming in terror.

Page 9

Panel one: Jess is talking with Stewart as Stewart sticking his finger in his nose as he thinks.

Jess: Well, what can we do about it? Sharing a room with Vera is bad enough, but an entire sorority house--?

Jess: No thank you.

Panel two: Stewart explains what they can do as Jess agrees as Kelly is nervous.

Stewart: Well, like I said. You're supernatural. So you might actually be able to hurt it.

Jess: Good enough.

Kelly: Good enough how?

Panel three: Jess holds out her fist as she encourages and builds up Kelly as Kelly begins to smile.

Jess: C'mon, Kel. You're the president of RHO. You're a vampire who can break down a door! You really going to let some spook put the screws to you, or are you going to fight back??

Panel four: Kelly extends her fist only with her thumb stuck in the middle as she agrees with Jess.

Kelly: I'm going to fight back!!

Panel five: Jess grabs Kelly's hand and begins to move her fingers around to form an accurate fist.

Panel six: Kelly looks in awe at her now perfect fist as Jess looks on nervously.

Kelly: Oh.

Kelly: Nifty.

Page 10

Panel one: Stewart is trying to walk back into Jess's room as he waves goodbye to the two vampires.

Stewart: Have fun being female Ghostbreakers. Hope the feature presentation looks better than the trailers.

Stewart: I'll just keep the girls company while you two bruisers are away...

Panel two: Kelly's hand and Jess's hand grab an arm of Stewart's respectively.

Kelly off-panel: Oh, you'll be keeping girls company...

Jess off-panel: ...It'll just be us!

Panel three: Jess and Kelly are dragging away Stewart as Stewart vainly tries to kick and squirm his way free. The stoner girl from across the hall looks out into the hallway as she is mixing another batch of brownies in a bowl and is whisking it.

Stewart: Why couldn't I know gargoyles?!

Stewart: They sleep during the day, don't involve others in their problems, and make any building structure look classy!!

Page 11

Panel one: Vera is standing in front of the other girls as Vera as Vera soaks in their appreciation. Summer, Lyric, and Paisley are sitting on Jess's bed as the other girls are sitting down behind them or on the ground in front of them.

Lyric: Vera, you're great for letting us stay here.

Vera: I'm great every way, shape, form, perception, angle and thought.

Panel two: Summer is talking with Vera as Vera has a smirk on her face.

Summer: How can we ever repay you?

Panel three: A close-up on Vera's face as it looks devious as her eyes flash and her smiles goes from ear to ear as several shades and shadows make her look even more villainous.

Vera: Yeah. I was thinking about that? How about a few little chores?
Panel four: A shot of all the RHO Girls as the all have the same fearful expression as they realize they've gotten themselves into something possible far worse.

Panel five: Same panel only with Summer and Lyric smiling and happy as they agree. Paisley hangs her head down as she knows she's in for some bad times.

Summer: Sure!

Lyric: It never hurts to help~

Paisley: That's what my cousin said when she needed a bone marrow transplant.

Paisley: She lied.

Caption: Back to the show after these messages!



Panel one: A close-up on a man wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee as he reads a newspaper. He shifts his eyes as he sees a camera lens pointed directly at his face.

Caption: Meet Frank, TV's newest reality TV star!

Panel two: Frank is shopping for groceries as he is at the dairy section. Frank is looking at a two gallon bottle of milk as he is looking at the expiration date. Walking by Frank is a mother and daughter with a grocery cart as the girl points at the reader/camera man.

Caption: Watch as Frank carefully examines the expiration date of his milk! Is that skim? Tune in to find out!

Panel three: Frank is sitting at his couch looking through his DVR (Which contains six episodes of Super Suckers, two episodes of Blue Baron) and shrugs his shoulder.

Caption: Cheer for him as he deals with life's many disappointments...

Caption: ...Like not setting his DVR timer correctly and missing a movie he wanted to see!

Panel four: Frank is walking out in the rain to get his newspaper at that is only ten feet from his front porch. Walking across the street is a man with an umbrella who is trying to walk around two camera men focusing their complete attention on Frank.

Caption: Marvel as Frank braves the elements for the scripture of daily knowledge!!

Panel five: Back in the house as Frank is trying to sleep but two camera men have their camera's right at his face as a stage hand has a spot light over Frank's head shining a bright light on him.

Caption: From the producers who brought you Dogs Chasing Their Tails and Man Aging a Day at a Time--

Caption: --This fall. The Wonderfilled Life of Frank!


Panel one: A shot of Planeteer expies the Earthlings summoning General Earth as they shoot their ring's beams high into the sky. The Ma-ti expy is at the end of the line shooting his pink beam.

Chopper: Volcano!

Lydia: Hurricane, da!

Mattie: Love.

Panel two: The other Earthlings and General Earth are pointing and laughing at Mattie as he sheepishly rubs his right forearm and holds his head down in shame.

Earthlings and General Earth: HA HA HA HAH!!

Caption: Are you a super hero with a "lame" power? Do you feel like you're the weak link of your team?

Panel three: A dorky looking hero dressed as a time clock is taking Mattie by his arm and leads him away. His clock is lit up with the second hand at the twelve showing him using his power to turn back time.

One Minute Man: I'm One Minute Man. People told me that being able to rewind time by a minute was stupid. And my name went along with my relationship with most women--

Panel four: Mattie is reading a self-help book titled POWER IS GREATER WHEN SMALL. One Minute Man is winding the clock on his chest back a minute as the background turns blue.

One Minute Man: But there's no such thing as a "lame" power. Just one not properly used!

One Minute Man: But with my self help book, THERE IS NO LAME POWER--for only 14.95, you can show how great you truly are!

One Minute Man: Don't take my word. Here's a demonstration....

Panel five: Back to the original panel as the Earthlings are summoning General Earth only Mattie has his arms crossed and not joining in. General Earth is forming but he is looking more demonic showing that without Mattie's love, he's turning evil.

Panel six: Mattie is paying One Minute Man for his self-help book. In the background, an evil General Earth is using heavy winds, lightning, and earthquakes to massacre the other Earthlings.

One Minute Man: Read my book and you'll believe...

Mattie: ...That there is no lame power!

Jersey Rude Dudez.

Panel one: A shot of a timid man wearing a business suit as a line of people are complaining or trying to make him buy something. One guy is wearing a light blue shirt, purple shorts and is holding up a giant picture encyclopedia on apples. The next is a girlfriend who is holding out her hand wanting money. Another is a fat guy wearing a tank top too short for his fat hairy gut.

Salesman in purple shirt: Learn about all apples. Look! Pictures!

Girlfriend: Gimme yo' monah! I don't get beautiful cheap!

Relative: No need me as'ing if I can stay with yah fer a month. Got any good food?

Caption: Are you too nice for your own good? Can't say "no" to horrible, annoying people?

Panel two: A red van blinged out and spray colored with RUDE DUDEZ on the side. Opening up the van are three jersey types. One is a Snooki expy with tall hair that she is spraying with conditioner and looks like a rock solid mass, the other is smaller, wearing a black vest and jeans, and has a blond Mohawk an tattoos over his body and the last one is wearing no shirt and is using weights to work out as he kisses his muscles. All Rude Dudes should be heavily tanned so they are a bright orange.

Caption: Then it's the Jersey Rude Dudez to the rescue!!

Jersey Rude Dudez: Boom Shakalaka!!

Panel three: The tattooed Rude Dude is knocking the apple encyclopedia out of the salesman hand while trying to act tough. The Rude Dude female is spraying the girlfriend in the eyes with the hair conditioner and it burns the girlfriend's face, The Muscular Rude Dude is just tossing the annoying relative off-panel. The timid guy is doing the cabbage patch as he rejoices that his problems are over.

Tattooed Rude Dude: How you doin'?

Female Rude Dude: Take a step, tease!

Muscular Rude Dude: Flex the muscles. toss the flab, batta-bing!

Caption: Don't try this at home. You can't teach this.

Panel four: The Rude Dudez are celebrating with the timid guy as they are up in his grill. The Rude Dudette's hair fumes are making the timid guy sick, while the muscular guy has the timid guy's head on his flexing muscles as he shows off his tan. The smaller Rude Dude is climbing up on the timid guy's shoulder, making him unsteady.

Rude Dudez: Bubbies, you got a problem---? We're Brick City hardcore with a side of disco fries! Hollah hollah, ring a ding ding, and what you got goin' ain't no thin'!

Caption: Certified G's guaranteed.


July 13, 2016, 12:48:04 pm #11 Last Edit: July 13, 2016, 07:38:00 pm by PTF
Page 12

Panel one: Trevor wearing his ghost costume stumbles through an open window to RHO House as the entire environment of the house is gloomy and creepy. Trevor falls flat on his face. On a nearby wall, a spider is working on a web and so far has spelt out the letters "CHAR" on it.

SFX: whump

Trevor: Hah! Stealthy!

Panel two: Trevor stands up and puts his hand on the window seal as he tries to act cool as he boasts to himself. With his free hand he is pulling the sheet off his head. The window begins to shake to show that something is about to happen.

Trevor: Climbing two stories and only fell twice. Even steven.

Panel three: The window suddenly slams on Trevor's hand as Trevor just turns his head to it like it was nothing.


Panel four: Trevor looks at his hand still under the window and gives a small smile.

Trevor: Pfft. It'll take more than that to hurt me with these hand muscles.

Panel five: The window begins to come up and down and just crush Trevor's hand repeatedly as is face turns bright red and his lips are sucked in as his entire body tenses.


Page 13

Panel one: A low angle view of RHO House as it looks extremely creepy as the win dblows and a thunder cloud over head strikes with lightning that lights up the sky and makes the remaining clouds look like scary images like skulls and vampire bats. In a second floor window we can see a silhouette of Trevor reacting in pain as he clutches his hand.


Panel two: High angle view as we can see the previous panel was from the view point of Jess, Kelly, and Stewart. Stewart is struggling to keep his hat on as the heavy winds nearly blow him down while Jess and Kelly are just fine.

Jess: I don't remember this place being this...eerie.

Kelly: Well, it is night, the deathly bellow, the lightning striking overhead, the ominous wind blowing clouds to deadly images...

Kelly: Oh. And we didn't have a ghost before a few hours ago.

Page 14

Panel one: Jess is about to enter the house as Kelly stops her.

Jess: Nothing to it, but to do it.

Kelly: Wait! What if the ghost set up booby traps??

Jess:  What? You think we're dealing with The Phantom of the Home Alone?

Panel two: Jess and Kelly turn and look at Stewart.

Jess: Fine. We'll assume the worse.

Jess: And when you suspect there are booby traps, send in the biggest booby you can find.

Panel three: A confused Jess and Kelly looks on as Stewart stares at Jess' chest.

Panel four: Stewart does the same as Kelly looks over at Jess for any hint on what Stewart is doing.

Panel five: Stewart points at Kelly as Kelly smiles. Jess is much less amused.

Stewart: Kelly's the winner.

Panel six: Inside of the RHO House as Jess is kicking Stewart inside.

Stewart: Sore loser.

Page 15

Panel one: Trevor is looking from behind a corner as Stewart motions for the girls to come inside. Stewart is dusting himself off with his hat as he looks back towards the door with an annoyed expression.

Stewart: Okay, I didn't die, so you girls can come in!

Trevor thinking: Heh heh. Perfect. I'll have them scared out of their wits and right into my loving arms.

Panel two: Trevor, as he puts the sheet back over his head, tilts his head as he thinks about what he said. Not noticing a bright glowing blue light just behind.

Trevor thinking: ...Well, Jess mainly and maybe a quick comfort hug for Kelly. Stewart touches me, I break his twig arms.

Panel three: Trevor notices the blue light shining on him.

Trevor: Wha--

Panel four: Stuart is rubbing his rear end as he looks back at the doorframe as both Kelly and Jess peek in.

Kelly: You're sure it's safe?

Stewart: Look, if something was gonna happen it woulda happened!

Panel five: Trevor (still in full costume) is running over Stewart as he makes his way to the door as he is scared out of his wits. Stewart is hit hard enough that he turns a complete flip while his hat spins in the air. Nearby a spider has spelt out LOSER on a web as it looks at Stewart.



Page 16

Panel one: Trevor runs out of RHO House and dashes past Kelly and Jess as they both look on. Jess points at the fake ghost as Kelly waves her arms denying that he was the ghost.

Jess: Please tell me that was not your ghost.

Kelly: No, I swear there's a real ghost, Jess! That's just a guy with a weird laundry fetish!

Panel two: Stewart is picking himself up as he smirks at the approaching Kelly and Jess.

Stewart: Hah! I knew there wasn't a ghost. You girls probably told yourself a ghost story or saw a shadow and got spooked.

Panel three: From the point of view of Stewart as he is suddenly three feet taller than both girls as Jess and Kelly look on wide eyed with their jaws dropped.

Stewert: ...Did I just have a growth spurt?

Panel four: Jess and Kelly look up at Stewart as Stewart is levitating with his head just a few inches from the ceiling of the room. Kelly is pointing at Stewart and smiling at Kelly as Jess sarcastically acknowledges Kelly was right.

Stewart: Oh crud. I'm Peter Pan.

Kelly: Hah! See?? A ghost!

Jess: Fine. The talking mystery solving dog had it wrong. Score one for you.

Page 17

Panel one: Stewart looks around as he doesn't see an immediate threat as he he's just hovering a few inches from the ceiling.

Stewart: This isn't so bad. Maybe this one of those weak, sissy ghosts that can only do lame stuff like make doors creek or pull down sheets.

Panel two: Stewart's head is rammed into the ceiling.


Panel three: Kelly and Jess look on with concern as Stewart is repeatedly rammed up and down on the ceiling. Behind Stewart a blue ghost orb is beginning to form as Kelly and Jess focus on it.


Panel four: Jess and Kelly squint there eyes as they focus their eyes.

Kelly: You see that?

Jess: Yeah...

Panel five: Jess dashes and punches the blue ghost orb from the end of last issue as it is just behind Stewart's legs.

Jess: ...I do!!


Page 18

Panel one: Jess looks at her fist as the ghost orb ricochets down a hallway. Stewart falls to the ground as he has several stars over his head as his hat is heavily dented. Stewart's eyes are glazed over. Kelly rushes over to grab Stewart and stop him from falling to the ground.

Jess: Hh. Vampires can punch ghosts. Awesome.

Stewart: Grrllk mmmphh geeerrkk

Panel two: Kelly pushes a heavily dazed Stewart towards the door as he wibbles and wabbles as he is completely unsturdy.

Kelly: Stewart. I really appreciate your help--but maybe you should go back to your room and lie down...

Stewart: Brllrrrk

Kelly: Oh. Sure. I'll buy that trade pack for you. It's the least I can do.

Panel three: Kelly looks on worriedly as Stewart zigs and zags as he walks outside

Kelly: You think he'll be fine on his own?

Jess: No, but I didn't think that before he became a human hand ball.

Panel four: Jess goes down one hallway as Kelly nervously goes down another.

Jess: Okay, let's split up. If you find the ghost, text me.

Kelly: I don't think this is a good idea.

Jess: Kel, we are vampires who can punch ghosts. We're good.

Page 19

Panel one: Kelly is smiling as she notices a book hovering as she enters a room with a book shelf nearby.

Kelly: Jess' right. I mean. Super strength and one little book is all the ghost's got?

Panel two: Kelly looks on wide eyed as the entire book shelf is being launched at her. On the bookshelf is a teddy bear with an afro wearing red karate gear as it falls to the ground.

Kelly: Aw nertz.

Panel three: Jess is in front of a door as she is being to open it as she turns her head back as she hears a loud noise.


Jess: Kelly?? That you?!

Panel four: Jess turns and sighs as Kelly responds off panel.

Kelly off-panel: ...yeah. Just catching up on my reading.

Panel five: Jess is still looking off panel not noticing the door is opening behind her all the way with a bright blue light shining.

Jess: Stop messing around! If you've ever seen a horror movie, you know what happens to the person who is distracted by a noise!

Panel six: Jess is pulled into the room by an invisible force as the blue light shines even brighter.

Jess: HEY!!

Page 20

Panel one: Kelly is in the living room quarters of her dorm as she carefully kicks the love seat with the tip of her toe to make sure it's safe. The entire room is a mess with pictures knocked down or out of place with furniture turned over everywhere.

Kelly: Okay. It's not flying. It's dead. Dead carved tree and cushion and not flying at my head. That's good. That's normal. Super duper.

Panel two: Over the shoulder of Jess as she is looking into the living room from the door frame as Kelly breathes a sigh of relief. Jess has her eyes closed as she walks towards Kelly. As Kelly puts the loveseat back in place with one hand.

Kelly: That you, Jess? Seen the ghost the last few minutes?

Kelly: Me neither.

Kelly:  I'm thinking maybe the ghost got bored and left, right? Or just gave up and found a new place to live.

Panel three: Over the shoulder of Kelly as Jess opens her eyes to reveal them glowing bright blue. Kelly has a look of fright on her face as she shifts her eyes to her left shoulder as she sees Jess has been possessed by the ghost. Possessed Jess is baring her fangs and her face tightens to make her look slightly demonic.

Possessed Jess: You're half right. The half you'd rather not be right about.

Kelly: (Gulp) Different sounding voice and glowing blue eyes are never good. Never ever.



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Thanks to everyone who is reading. :)


Page 1

Panel one: Upward angle Kelly is backing away from a possessed Jess who is shrouded in darkness with only silhouette and blue eyes in view of the reader. Possessed Jess' hand is the only thing out of the shadows as she is motioning with her index finger for Kelly to come to her. Possessed Jess does not have her fangs out. Near Kelly is a fallen chair that is beginning to vibrate.

Caption: Made possible by viewers like you.

Kelly: Okay...Fran Wright, right? That's you in Jess...? Good, we can talk.

Kelly: Like why you are being so oogie boogie scary angry!!?

Panel two: The chair moves towards Kelly's legs and trips her as she falls backwards. Possessed Jess is now out of the shadows and in full view as her eyes are glowing blue (To show she's possessed).

Possessed Jess: Let's see...

Panel three: A close up on angry Possessed Jess' face as she looks on totally enraged as she points at Kelly with her left index finger and herself with her right thumb at her nose.

Possessed Jess: You resumed an award that lead to my imminent demise by head into sternum after a fifteen foot drop--

Possessed Jess: Because of you I met a guy who smelt like burnt koosh kins put out with New Coke--

Possessed Jess: Oh. And your bestie punched me!!

Panel four: Kelly is struggling to her feet while she tries kicking the chair away from her legs.

Kelly: Um, sorry?

Possessed Jess: Not yet you're not.

Page 2

Panel one: Kelly is back on her feet as she tries to use the chair to hold off Possessed Jess as she continues to stalk towards her.

Kelly: I didn't mean to hurt anyone! I just wanted to be remembered for something special!

Panel two: Possessed Jess narrows her eyes at Kelly as Kelly bumps up against a wall as she's cornered. Possessed Jess is knocking away the chair as it sails across the room as Kelly looks on with increased fear.

Possessed Jess: Don't worry. Everyone will remember the girl who got ripped apart.


Kelly: Yikes

Panel three: Kelly regains her confidence as she points ahead.

Kelly: Hah! I'm not worried!

Kelly: Jess is my BVFF! She wouldn't let anything happen to me! I'm sure of it!

Panel four: Possessed Jess is staring right at Kelly.

Kelly: Definitely!

Panel five: Possessed Jess leans closer to Kelly as Kelly is less confident.

Kelly: Probably.

Panel six: Kelly realizes how much trouble she's in as Possessed Jess leans in closer as Kelly begins to slide down the wall.

Kelly: Maybe...?

Panel seven: Kelly has slid all the way out of view as Possessed Jess begin to reach downward.

Kelly below panel: eep.

Page 3

Panel one: A still battered but walking better Stewart is walking in the hallway leading to Jess's room.

Stewart: I oughta charge Jess and Kelly for all the blood that seeped out of my ears.

Stewart: Can't even remember what reboot BS Comics is on...

Panel two: Stewart is knocking on the door as Vera answers on the other side.

Stewart: But I know where I can get some TLC and lovely ladies to tend this warrior's wounds.

SFX: Knock Knock.

Stewart: It's me. Stewart. Vera, you there? If not, that's cool. Preferred even.

Panel three: Stewart gives the reader an aside glance as Vera answers. Stewart has a thought balloon of a rat kicking a small pebble angrily.

Vera on other side of the door: Ugh. What do you want?

Panel four: Stewart begins yelling at the door as he takes off his hat to point at a giant lump on his head where he got rammed into the ceiling of the RHO house.

Stewart: Darn it, Vera! Let me in! I need the real ladies to check out my warrior wounds. My lump needs kissing.

Vera on other side of the door: I can't. The door's stuck...

Panel five: Stewart is listening to the door as he hears various scrapping noises as he has a confused expression on his face.



Panel six: Stewart's eyes go wide in shock at Vera's response.

Vera on other side of the door: Yeah. I'm remodeling the room and I decided "furniture against the door" keeps the feng shui in and keeps out the chuan wei.

Page 4

Panel one: Inside of Jess's room as the girls begin to move the beds back as they struggle to do so. Paisley looks angrily at Vera as Vera is eating a bag of chips watching them. In the background, a girl is spit shining a pair of Vera's shoes.

Lyric: So you had to push all the beds against the door because...

Vera: Principle.

Panel two: Vera looks on as Lyric, Summer, and Paisley struggle to put Jess's bed back in place. In the background, two girls are struggling to put up new wall paper as the paper keeps slipping one girls head as the other is using a roller to place glue on the wall. Background is to show that Vera is working them to the bone.

Summer: And you're not helping because...

Vera: Well, I did my job putting them at the door. Don't see why I should do all the hard work.

Vera: Plus, you are getting free room and board or the night. You're really taking advantage of me.

Panel three: Lyric and Summer nod and agree with Vera's logic as Paisley just falls across the bed to show she's just given up trying to reason with anyone.

Lyric: That make sense.

Summer: Yeah, we're being ungrateful.

Paisley: You have to be kidding me--

Panel four: Lyric and Summer are talking to Vera as Vera throws the bag of potato chips across her head as it hits another RHO member across her head as she is pushing the other bed back in place. Another member is vacuuming where the other bed was as there is a rectangular dust outline showing underneath the bed has never been cleaned.

Lyric: But don't you want to see your boyfriend?

Vera: Oh it's a game we play. Hide 'n' No See. As long as I never lock eyes on him, I win.

Panel five: Summer is asking Vera a question as Vera flops down on her bed as the other girls have put it back in place and are exhausted.

Summer: Vera, you think Jess and Kelly are fine?

Vera: Sure.


Panel six: Vera gets cozy as the other girls look angrily at her for hogging the bed and making them do unnecessary work.

Vera: Jess is a prude, a sour puss, boring, and she has a boy's haircut, but she's capable and strong. I bet she's handling things just fine.

Lyric: Yeah! And Kels-bels has a good head on her shoulders!

Page 5

Panel one: A close up on Kelly as she is in a headlock and grimacing in pain.

Kelly: Ow Ow Ow!

Kelly: Quit it!

Panel two: The reader can see Possessed Jess has Kelly in a headlock and is grinding away on her neck as Possessed Jess sneers down at Kelly.

Kelly: This really hurts my neck, y'know!

Possessed Jess: When I said, "what bone you want broke first" you shouldn't have said neck!

Kelly: I meant left pinky toe!

Possessed Jess: No take backs.

Panel three: Kelly is looking up and trying to see if she can get Jess to break free of her possession.

Kelly: Jess! It's me, Kelly! You've got to fight her! Think of all the good times we've had!

Kelly: ...Like when we both dated Dragos Ferferferfer! He was great, right?

Panel four: Possessed Jess begins to rub her knuckles against the top of Kelly's head as Kelly cries out in pain.

Possessed Jess: This is more here than it is me.

Kelly: Wah! Why am I so horrible under pressure?!?

Page 6

Panel one: Possessed Jess continues to grind the headlock as Kelly struggles to free herself.

Kelly: I thought you were a nice person!! Does dying make you a jerk!!?

Panel two: Possessed Jess snarls as she looks down at Kelly.

Possessed Jess: It does when some bimbo doesn't respect the curse you put on the award that got her--

Panel three: Possessed Jess has a baffled expression on her face as she looks down.

Panel four: A close-up on Kelly's face as she enraged with her teeth gritted and her eyes with small flames in them to show how angry she is.

Kelly: Bimbo?

Panel five: Kelly in a feat of rage, breaks free of Possessed Jess's grip.

Kelly: BIMBO??

Page 7

Panel one: Kelly hits Possessed Jess with a forearm across her face.

Kelly: I hate hate hate it when people call us blonds bimbos!


Panel two: Kelly knees possessed Jess in her midsection causing her to bend over.

Kelly: We blonds are just as smart and capable as brunettes...and we have more fun!


Panel three: Possessed Jess looks up as Kelly has the wooden chair over her head and is prepared to strike her with it across the back.

Kelly: It's a horrible stereotype!

Panel four: Kelly hits Possessed Jess across the back with the wooden chair, breaking it in several pieces.

Kelly: Kristen Wigg is our generation's greatest actress!


Panel five: Possessed Jess is staggering and has her back to Kelly as Kelly wraps her arms across Possessed Jess's waist. Several feet away is a nearby coffee table that is conveniently placed for a professional wrestling table spot.

Kelly: I bet you didn't know that Elvis Presly was a natural blond!

Kelly: And blonds have founded several cities and communities like Brock Lesnar and--

Page 8

Panel one: Kelly release German suplexes Possessed Jess into the coffee table as it shatters into several pieces.



Panel two: Kelly is looking at the seemingly unconscious Possessed Jess.

Kelly: Huff Huff. Wow. I'm awesome when I'm mad.

Panel three: Kelly turns her back and begins to pose like Hulk Hogan as she celebrates.

Kelly: Yay! Did it! I stopped the ghost!

Panel four: Kelly does the ear pose as she continues to celebrate. In the background, Possessed Jess begins to sit up like the Undertaker from the WWE.

Kelly: What'cha gonna do when the president of RHO RHO RHO Ghostbusts on you!?!

Panel five: Possess Jess is sitting up and turning her head to Kelly as Kelly stops posing as she's scared stiff.

Possessed Jess: I may be controlling your friend's body, but that does not mean I feel the pain inflicted on her person.

Page 9

Panel one: Kelly begins to back away and feigns a smile as she looks to her left to the nearby hallway. In the foreground, Posssessed Jess is dusting herself off like nothing had happened.

Kelly: Oh. Wow. Wish I had known that earlier...

Panel two: Kelly points ahead as Possessed Jess looks at her.

Kelly: Look! Taylor Swift!!

Panel three: Possessed Jess continues to look straight ahead at Kelly.

Possessed Jess: I have no idea who that is.

Kelly: ...

Panel four: Kelly continues to point as she has mouth wide open as she cannot think of any words as she shrugs her shoulders. Possessed Jess is taking a step towards her.

Kelly: I'm not my mom. I have no idea who was famous in the 90s.

Possessed Jess: That's no problem. I'll hum a few Hanson tunes while I break your face.

Page 10

Panel one: Possessed Jess is approaching Kelly with clenched fists as Kelly extends he arms trying to get her to back off. Kelly is pointing at her with her right index finger.

Kelly: Okay, Fran, you need to step off right now, or I'm going to have to get tough.

Possessed Jess: As if. How are you going to do that? Point at me with two fingers?

Panel two: Kelly extends her fangs to show off that she's a vampire.

Kelly: I was thinking of two different pointers.

Panel three: Kelly leaps at Possessed Jess as Possessed Jess takes a step back as she begins to raise her right arm.

Kelly: All fangs bulletin coming your way, Samara!!

Page 11

Panel one: Kelly still has her arms stretched out as she does not yet notice she's stuck in mid air as Fran keeps her right arm raised to show that she's using her ghost powers to suspend Kelly.

Kelly: Any second now...

Panel two: Kelly notices that she's stuck in the air as she tries to kick herself out of place like kicking a motorcycle into starting.

Kelly: Okay, I'm new to this vampire thing--do I have air breaks that I don't know about?

Panel three: Kelly looks down as Possessed Jess begins to put the pieces together.

Possessed Jess: You're a vampire. Like that old Buffy movie I rented on VHS.

Kelly: "VHS?" Is that a disease?

Possessed Jess: ...And that's why this girl was able to hurt me earlier. You're both supernatural.

Panel four: Possessed Jess goes into vampire form as her fangs are out. Kelly looks on with dread as she struggles to break free.

Kelly: Gulp. I have a bad feeling I'm going to be even more supernatural.

Caption: Jess is possessed! Kelly is in trouble! Will Stewart come back to help? And where is Trevor? Nonstop action and answered questions are about to happen!...

Caption: After these messages.


TITLE:  Kung Punch Bear Brigade.

Panel one: A close-up on four different types of humanoid bears wearing karate gis. One is a giant brown grizzly bear wearing a red gi and red bandana over his head. The next is an eye piece sporting polar bear wearing a black gi as he is holding out a bo staff made of ice. The next is a very human looking female bear holding out two war fans with a red paw print on each one. Next is a smaller than the rest, brown bear wearing an orange gi with bushy hair, cross eyes and is hitting himself with his nunchuks.

Caption: Based on an ultra violent comic created by two drunk frat guys, comes the latest installment to a franchise that we must all grin and BEAR IT!


Panel two: A close-up on the bear with the red bandana as he punches a ninja lobster as the lobster's two eyes bang into each other.

Caption: Rex. He's bold. He's bland. He's the one wearing red. He's the leader!

Rex: I don't steal picnic baskets, I deliver knuckle sandwiches!

Panel three: The polar bear humanoid (Felix) is using his ice staff to ward off an evil doctor and vicious mutated fanged apple. Felix has a mini-computer out as he is doing calculations while fighting for his eyes.

Caption: Felix. He's the smart one and wearing glasses so you can tell.

Felix: ...Carry the decimal, the diameter of the equator plus twelve feet...a pinch of pepper--

Felix: Excelsior! I just cured the common cold!

Panel four: The female Kung Punch (Cammie) is using her fans to force the smell of an evil garbage man with various bits of junk for a body back at him as he begins to gag.

Caption: Cammie. The girl and the one who most looks like a human and who lonely furries will dedicate their fan art too!

Cammie: Guy, like, I know I'm an action girl, but FYI, I just had a pedicure--so no I am not dealing with his!

Panel five: The smaller, dumber bear (Bounce-bounce) has just pushed a red button in a high tech lab as red lights begin to flash and several nearby computer monitors read: DANGER. SELF DESTRUCT ENGAGED. Bounce Bounce's pants have fallen down to reveal him wearing blue boxers with rockets on them.

Caption: Bounce-Bounce. The one that appeals to kids, has a nifty catch phrase, and is dumber than dirt.

Bounce-Bounce: I pawed it up again!

Panel six: The Kung Punch Bear Brigade are standing in front of an evil alien hand being carried by a seven foot tall robot, a middle age safari hunter with a net, a female panther twirling a lasso, and body builder evil veterinarian who is holding out clamps and a scalpel.   

Caption: The Kung Punch Bear Brigade! Watch the cartoon, and the older cartoons, and the new movie, and the old movies!

Caption: Oh! And buy the toys! That especially!!


Panel one: A teenager wearing blue jean shorts, a red shirt, and a white baseball cap is walking down a sidewalk sadly in a suburban area. Behind him, on the street, is a traffic jam with various size and brands of cars each with a demonic driver who is beeping their horns like lunatics.

Caption: Can't ride a bike. No license and parents won't take you anywhere. All you can do is just plain ol' walk from place to place. Such wasted minutes...

Panel two: The teen looks at the reader and shrugs his shoulder to show he has no clue.

Caption: You know what you need?

Panel three: The kid is now wearing a pair of rocket shoes (with mini pulpulsars in the heel of the shoe) as he zooms in the air above the traffic jam.


Panel four: The kid is zooming around the world over and over as the world has a face and eyes. The earth's eyes are rolling rapidly as it tries to keep up with the kid.

Caption: Subsonic in the atmosphere. FTL capabilities in space so tie those shoes in double knots and go, go, go, go!

Panel five: The teen is reentering earth's atmosphere in a blaze of fire that is not causing him harm as a group of other teens are waiting outside of a teen gathering place called THE HUB.

Caption: You'll never need travel any other way--

Panel six: The teen is being carried on the shoulders of the other teens as they celebrate how amazing he is.

Caption: --unless everyone loves you for buying rocket shoes and carries you around like a god!


Nut Punch Guy.

Panel one: A giant robot dinosaur is stomping through a metropolis, smashing buildings with his metallic tail, throwing buildings aside, and stepping on cars. In the background, smoke and vast explosions are happen randomly. On the ground, a villain wearing purple armor has an old man's mouth on a curb and preparing to stomp his head.

Caption: Metropolis XYZ. Super villains curb stomp old people. And giant beasts of destruction ravage the streets on a daily basis.

Caption: Who can save the day.

Panel two: A red gloved hand taps the purple armored villains on the shoulder.

Panel three: Nut Punch Dude (Wearing a dopey orange and green uniform with a small string of blond hair on his head) does a leg split as he punches the purple armored villain in the crotch so hard that is shatters  his armor and the villain is down to his undies as he flies off while holding his crotch as he is in tremendous pain. The background is completely blue with white stars.


Panel four: Nut Punch Guy is upper cutting the robot dinosaur at its crotch as the robo dinosaur's eyes buldge and cross as it tries to reach for it's crotch but can't because of it's too short arms. The background panel is just flannel (mix of colors that make no sense, but it's an anime, so who cares)


Panel five: Nut Punch Guy is standing on the street yawning like nothing out of the ordinary happened as the old man tries to shake his hand while taking out his dentures to show they're okay. In the background the formerly armored villain and the robot dinosaur are both in the fetal position as they are still feeling the affects of their low blows.

Caption: Rochambeau is the power and responsibility of the greatest anime hero ever.


And I'll put the rest of the story up tomorrow. :)


Page 12

Panel one: Stewart is leaning in his doorway with a smug look on his face.

Stewart: Hey, Trev. How's the date going?

Panel two: Zoom out to see Trevor is all covered up in the middle of his bed in a trembling ball as he is hiding after being frightened by the ghost. Stewart still has the smug expression.

Trevor: This is not that, pleb! This is ghost camouflage!

Panel three: Trevor peeks out from his cover as he looks over at Stewart as Stewart is acting as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening as he lies down and begins to read a Z People comic.

Trevor: ...Say, weren't you with Jess and Kelly?

Stewart: Was, and now I'm not.

Panel four: Trevor bursts out of the bed in full clothing and wearing rocket brand shoes as Stewart continues to just read his comic unapologetically.

Trevor: You left those helpless girls alone in that haunted dorm?! What if they need help?!

Stewart: What have you seen from me that leads you to believe I can or want to help with anything?

Panel five: Trevor's hand grabs Stewart by the front of Stewart's shirt collar and drags him off the bed by his stomach.

Stewart: C'mon! Why does everyone keep yanking me around?!?

Panel six: Trevor is dragging Stewart out of the room as Stewart vainly thrashes and protests.

Trevor: I'm gonna save the girl I love and the catoptrophobiac whose make up I do!

Stewart: Why do I have to come?!!

Trevor: Because I'm going to throw you at the ghost, and while it's tearing you apart like a granola bar wrapper, I'll save the two people who actually matter!

Page 13

Panel one: Lyric and Summer are dusting the wall with its new wallpaper as Paisley is cleaning under Vera's bed and pulling out dirty underwear you could hang on a pole as a flag. Paisley sticks her tongue out in disgust.

Lyric: Paisley, me and Summer feel bad.

Paisley: Understandable.

Panel two: Lyric and Summer are talking with Paisley as Paisley kicks the dirty underwear back under the bed with the heel of her shoe. In the background Vera is checking the dust on a wall as an exhausted sorority sister with a duster looks on.

Summer: Kelly's our president and our friend, shouldn't we be helping her?

Paisley: No, because we could die. And dying is the worse thing that can--

Panel three: Paisley turns her head as Vera show her non dust cover finger at the sorority sister as she tries to reason with Vera. Nearby two other sorority sisters, look on as they clean the nearby window.

Vera: Look at this! A speck of dust! You've got to pull my weight if you want to stay!

Vera: And don't look at me, look at those spots you missed! Make like magician with ODC and make them disappear, presto!

Panel four: Paisley leads the way as all the girls drop their brooms, wash clothes, spray bottles, and dusters as they follow her lead. Lyric and Summer hold hands and celebrate as they are excited at going back.

Paisley: On second fault, better a quick death than a slow torture.

Panel five: Vera chases after them.

Vera: You can't leave! I've got corn fields that need proper tending!! Spinach in my teeth needing flossing! I need someone to play Bucketmon Went while I nap!

Page 14

Panel one: Possessed Jess is pulling the suspended helplessly in air Kelly towards her as Kelly tries to break free. Possessed Jeff has her fangs out in a sardonic grin.

Possessed Jess: I think I'll bite your throat out.

Kelly: "You think"? So no final decision, right??

Panel two: Possessed Jess notices a small piece of paper hanging out of Kelly's left pocket.

Possessed Jess: What's this? Knowing your selflish kind, a victory speech for your "award." Pathetic.

Kelly: But it's not. It's--

Panel three: Possessed Jess grabs the paper out of Kelly's pocket.

Possessed Jess: Don't lie to me! I heard you earlier! All you care about is winning! Just like Emma! Just like everyone!

Panel four: Possessed Jess begins to read the letter as she rolls her eyes as it goes how she thought it would.

Possessed Jess: "Hi, girls. It's your president, Kels-Bels. I want to bring a matter to order about the Samaritanina award. I have a nomination I'd like for us all to support."

Panel five: Possessed Jess's eyes widen and her mouth gaps open as she continues..

Possessed Jess: "...Fran Wright."

Page 15

Panel one: Possessed Jess continues to read the note as Kelly is gingerly lowered to the ground.

Possessed Jess: "I did some research and she helped out the community, youth centers, and painted phone booths (whatever those are)."

Possessed Jess: "She was humble and kind and did it never expecting anything in return. Not only should we vote her as the winner...but we should rename the award the Fran Wright Award..."

Possessed Jess: "...She deserves the praise and it's a much better name."

Panel two: Possessed Jess looks at Kelly.

Possessed Jess: You...you were going to do this for me...?

Kelly: Yeah, did some thinking after Jess reamed me out earlier...and did some research.

Kelly: I read about all you did and thought it wasn't right you're remembered as a scary ghost instead of a good person.

Panel three: Kelly smiles sincerely at Possessed Jess.

Kelly: And I decided that, yeah, I'd like to be remembered--but how I'm remembered matters the most.

Panel four: Possessed Jess closes her eyes and smiles.

Possessed Jess: I...I've been so angry...weighed down--but it's gone. Finally. I can move on.

Possessed Jess: Thank you, Kelly.

Panel five: Kelly looks on as the ghostly image of Fran Wright waves goodbye to her as she ascends from Jess's body and disappears into a white light just above her.

Kelly: Bye!

Kelly: And if you see my grandmother, tell her I'm really sorry for stopping giving her kisses when her face turned ultra wrinkly!

Page 16

Panel one: Kelly is looking at Jess with a relieved smile as a bewildered Jess is droggy and getting her bearings back together.

Jess: Whu...? What happened? I remember a blue light and lots of red flashes and--

Panel two: Jess' eyes widen and her lips sink into her mouth as Kelly looks on confused.
Kelly: ??

Panel three: Jess begins to cry out in pain as she bends over and holds her back and her jaw as she is now feeling all the pain Kelly had afflicted on her when she was possessed.

Jess: Owwwwww!!

Jess: My ribs are killing me and I can taste my shattered vertebrae in the back of my throat--and my jaw!! Is it cracked??--awwwh--!!

Panel four: Kelly feigns innocence and looks away she tries to change the subject as she turns her head.

Jess: There is something very, very important you want to discuss with me.

Kelly: Well, sure, um...hey, do you hear a small girl screaming?

Panel five:  Stewart is flying in the air over the two as the both girls just ignore him as Kelly sinks in her face as she doesn't know how to answer an angry Jess.

Jess: It's just Stewart.

Jess:  Now why do I feel like a ten car pile up bodyslammed me?

Page 17

Panel one: Trevor runs up to Jess as the rest of the RHO sorority girls and Vera follow after him. Vera's face is distorted rage after she hears Trevor's comment. On the ground, Stewart looks like a crumbled up rag doll as he has stars circling his head.

Trevor: Yeah! How you like that, ghost? Next I toss the fat girl at you! Just come within two inches of me!

Vera: WHAT?!

Panel two: Kelly calms Trevor down as she looks back at the girls to ease their tension.

Kelly: Trevor! Girls! Wow, you won't believe this--but it was really just a gas pipe leak! We were all just hallucinating eerie lights and floating.

Panel three: Kelly looks back at Jess who is on her knees as she is holding her back as she grimaces in pain while giving Kelly a death glare. Stewart is beginning to pull his battered and tossed body off the ground.

Kelly: And then gas pipe fell on Jess while we were fixing it. That's what happened, right. Winkedy wink wink.

Jess: Yes. That's what happened.

Panel four: Lyric and Summer are happy and cheerful as Paisley is skeptical.

Lyric: It makes sense!

Summer: It does.

Paisley: No it doesn't. We don't have gas in our home and--

Panel five: Paisley shrugs her shoulders and gives in as Summer and Lyric give her a hug.

Paisley: Forget it. As long as I'm not murdered in my sleep, I'm content.

Lyric and Summer: YAY! CONTENTMENT!

Page 18

Panel one: Jess is still holding her head and back as she is hunched over as Trevor reaches to help her.

Trevor: Hot Thang, you're in no condition to walk. I'll carry you back to your dorm.

Jess: Thank you, Trevor. I really, really appreciate it.

Panel two: Trevor is carrying Jess over her shoulder as Jess winces in pain. Jess has several red pain stars and orange lightning bolts to show how much pain she's in. Trevor has a smile ear to ear as he thinks he is being super romantic. In the RHO house, various sorority sisters are waving goodbye to Jess as they don't see she's in pure agony.

Jess: And I thought being a vampire would be why I'd need a coffin.

Panel three: Kelly is talking to the RHO members as they are all excited. Lyric and Summer are the happiest while Paisley just sighs and gives in to the fabrication with a smile. Vera is dragging Stewart out of RHO house as she waves off the idea of helping clean up. Stewart is leaving with her as he quips at her.

Kelly: Okay, gal pals,  let's make our home pre-gas pipe! It won't take long if everyone helps!

Vera: Forget that! This ain't my mess! 'Sides I need my beauty sleep.

Stewart: No arguments here.

Panel four: Kelly is clapping as she is signally for everyone to get to work.  In the background is the glass display with all the winners of the Good Samaritanina award.

Kelly: Alright! Let's get to it!

Kelly: And while we're at it, there's something I wanted to talk to you all about--

Page 19

Panel one: A shot of Kelly and Jess staring ahead. Kelly has a smile ear to ear as Jess has a bandage wrapped around her head, but is pleased with Kelly.

Kelly: So...you're not mad at me, are you?

Jess: Nah. Vampires heal fast and concussion dreams are amazing. And everything did work out in the end.

Panel two: Kelly and Jess are walking out of RHO house. The glass display now has a banner reading The FRAN WRIGHT AWARD: A GOOD DEED HERE FOR HER. With the glass case now having a new photo next to Emma Dotson's, an old picture of Fran Wright who has a small smile on her face.

Kelly: Say, Jess, me and the girls are organizing a food drive. I was wondering if maybe--

Jess: I've got a helping hand and a few cans of corn.

Panel three: A close up on Fran Wright's picture next to Emma Dotson's.

Kelly off-panel: Great! And we've got other projects lined up, too! Washing stray dogs, Listening to old people, tying shoes for the fat fingered...

Panel four: Same shot only with the picture of Fran Wright has her eyes rolling towards the photo and frame of Emma Dotson.

Panel five: The picture of Emma Dotson falls flat as the picture of Fran Wright has an even bigger smile on her face.


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